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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the roads with elizabeth. >> first accident of the morning. it's overcoming into san francisco northbound 280 by the alamaney road accident. 101 is looking good as well past candle stick towards the skyway. no brake lights in any of our traffic sensors. now we're coming on 5:00, a lot of the overnight road is being picked up. this morning was in san leandro approaching washington. once you get past there, all the cones should be picked up. drive times are still all in the clear including the westbound 3580 commute. no delay through the livermore valley. let you know when we start to see delays. bart continues to run on time. that is traffic, back to you. >> developing news in san francisco. a man has life-threatening injuries after being hit by taxi overnight in san francisco. cate caugurian
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is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the last we heard from san francisco fire was the victim was taken to a local hospital and in serious condition. here's video from the scene from earlier. the accident happened 10 minutes before midnight. officers say the pedestrian was near the intersection of broadway and kurney. it was a blue dosoto cab. that man was taken to san francisco general and he had life-threatening injuries. the owner of paris pizza didn't see it happen but says he heard the crash. >> we heard a sound. came out and the guy was on the ground. and looks like the taxi was going down the street and the guy was j walking and the car just hit him. >> reporter: we're still working on the details of what happened like where the man was when he was hit. back out live now. i want to show you if you
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take a look here because of the construction right now, the areas for safe walking for pedestrians pretty limited. that south side of broadway, you can see the sidewalk is gutted out. this is an area with high traffic because of the bar as and night clubs and constantly even early this morning we've seen people illegally walking across the street. the business owner we spoke to says j walking is common here even before the construction took over broadway street. back to you. >> it's dangerous. you have to pay attention. do we know what happened to the taxi driver? >> reporter: as far as we know that taxi driver is at home. police say he was not arrested here at the scene. again, more details as we continue to follow this story. >> okay. cate caugurian live in san francisco. thank you. >> new this morning, a man is in critical condition after being shot multiple times in oakland. police found him lying on a sidewalk last night. a short
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time earlier shot spotter technology detected gunfire on 5th avenue. the victim could have been shot there and ended up. three east bay women trying to escape thr burning home might have got out alive if they had little more time. found dead inside their building in pittsburg yesterday. two were in the kitchen. the other was just feet away from the backdoor trying to escape. firefighters found several smoke detectors inside but the devices didn't have batteries. >> the tragedy here is that three smoke alarms are $15 was probably the difference between life and death this morning. >> still unclear what may have sparked the fire. firefighters say it does not appear to be arson. >> it's a tense situation this morning in rain-soaked parts of colorado. more wet weather is hampering efforts to rescue thousands of people. at least four deaths are blamed on the
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floods. two others are reporting missing and presumed death. authorities are still trying to account for another 1200 people. mexico is being pelted by two deadly storms coming from different directions. tropical storm manual is drenching cities. up to 15 inches of rain is expected. mexico's gulf coast hurricane ingrid is causing mud slides and starting to reach the main land. mexican officials say it has caused 21 deaths. >> and a live image from the coast of italy where crews are removing the wreckage of that cruise ship. engineers say they have wrestled the haul from the reef. been imbedded since it capsized january of last year. the wreck killed 32 people and
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two of the bodies were never recovered. using a complex system of pulleys and counter weights. this kind of operation has never been attempted on a boat this large. >> developing news in the crisis in syria. a senior syrian official says his government welcomes the u.s., russia deal. and the obama administration is making it clear there will be consequences. >> the threat of force is real and the outside regime and all those taking part need to understand president obama and the united states are committed to achieve this goal. >> reporter: kerry briefed the leaders yesterday. syria will provide inventory of arsenol within one week. no later than november and all of chemical
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weapons must be eliminated by the middle of next year. a syrian minister called the deal that averted the strike a credit to russian diplomacy. there are others that feel president obama has given too much power to russian president. >> he got everything he wanted including taking away the president's advantage of a credible military strike. >> syrian forces bombed rebel positions sunday. rebel leaders hoped u.s. military action against the regem would tip the balance in their favor. senator bob says more has to be done for the forces. >> the opposition views this agreement as a set back. but the way to counter that, i think is to much more strongly train
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the opposition on the ground. >> he believed the inspector's report would show chemical weapons were used in syria but not say who is responsible. cbs news. >> happening today, bart contract talks get back to the major issues involving money. we are more than half bay through the 60 day cooling off period. sue kwon is at the bart station. they resume talks this morning and hopefully get something done in the next few weeks. >> reporter: right. with this cooling off period we're lukewarm. talking a lot about different things that had nothing to do with money and safety equipment. now it is down to pay, benefits and pay. bart is offering a 10% raise over 4 years. $21 million to the transit agency. the workers are saying not enough.
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they want 21.5% more. when you add this up. $130 million apart. >> they do a great job and work hard but their pay is high and their benefits are extremely high. >> we're asking for a living wage, decent healthcare and a pension we can retire on and live in the bay area where we were. >> currently, employees pay less than $100 a month and not paying into pensions right now. the unions say we gave back concessions. they say they need a living wage. we estimate they make around $80,000 a year. regardless, the cooling off period ends october 10th. and a strike could happen october 11th. we hope to talk to some commuters later on this morning. sue kwon, kpix 5. >> thanks. last week bart
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directors decided to use operating surplus money for equipment and not for employees. >> a computer glitch is making things tough for thousands of unemployed people. could take as long as ten days for some people to get unemployment benefits checks. the edd blames a glitch in the new computer system. the state says this is a one time problem. hopes to have everything fixed. >> 5:09. closing arguments set for this morning in the trial of joseph naso. the 79-year-old convicted in august of killing four women between 1977 and 1994. prosecutors have presented evidence that he committed at least two more murders. the jury is weighing whether he should get the death penalty. vrjts city college of san francisco continues to fight to keep accreditation. the
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effort that began last year. the examiner reports in july of last year, the interim chancellor asked state education officials for help. email records show her call was largely ignored for four months. launching three fund-raising campaigns in hopes of taking care of much needed park improvements. an estimated $115 million will be needed to take care of all the improvements that have been identified. measure a sales tax by county voters will cover 3.5 million. >> time now is 5:10. fueling 2016 speculation for joe biden was spotted over the weekend. >> why sarah palin is being sued over 9/11 photo coming up. >> and a new miss america is crowned. why the winner is facing a strong negative reaction on twitter. >> summer quickly winding down. will we have another heat wave?
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we'll talk about that. >> morning commute is starting to get underway on highway 4. your latest travel times and mass transit all coming up after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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miss new york.
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>> there she is. 24-year-old nina is miss america 2014. gorgeous. the second year in a row a miss new york has won. and she's the first indian american to be crowned. no sooner had the tiara been placed, racist tweets flooded the internet. she wanted to become a doctor. the first runner up, miss california and she's from california. her name is crystal lee. >> also trending this morning, the coasta concordia. last night 's episode breaking bad was one of the most intense of the season. larry summers who withdrew his name as ben is about to step down. you can follow us at
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twitter. cbssf. >> let's get a check on the roads. it's looking great. you can chill for a while and enjoy that extra cup of coffee. a couple earlier fender benders. our chp reports are quiet. we are going to see a few tap into the break lights. but other than that, westbound 580 still looks good through the livermore valley. starting to get more crowded on the roads now that we're past 5:00. usually see a few more cars. the headlights are -- out towards the valley. this drive time is still in the clear. it will likely change here shortly. right now only about 16 minutes. past the wind turbines. early morning flight to catch towards sfo. southbound 101 at 3rd. nice and light. plenty of space in between cars.
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and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, looks good. heading towards the new eastern span and continuing on to the upper deck. east bay travel times, westbound 580 and the east shore all still in the clear. 19 minutes on westbound 80 from the bridge down to the maze. and mass transit is also all on time including ferries and ace train number 1. i saw lawrence tweeting away about rain. >> yeah, there's a possible. no time to chill for me. getting ready for a transition as summer quickly winding down. yes, there's a chance we could see sprinkles near the end of the week. outdoor it's wet already. fog and drizzle early on. visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. 60s inside the bay and a couple low clouds stretching inland. this afternoon, becoming mostly sunny. the temperatures going to be mild inside the bay. and a little breezy too.
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mainly in the 70s there. 80s and sunshine in the valleys. tropical of low pressure along the west coast and pump in the cool air. briefly warm things up toward the middle of the week. right now a mild start to the work week. by the end of the week, a kuchle rain drops. low clouds and fog trying to breakup. it will take some time. pretty thick. as we head throughout the day, more sunshine and the temperatures going to be nice. 70s into san jose. 83 in morgan hill. 72 and breezy into hayward. and patchy fog into pacifica. 70s in through the delta and inside the bay, 74 in oakland. 71 in san leandr on and 73 in berkeley. looking out over the next couple day as, temperatures cooling down as we wind down with summer and warm things up on wednesday and
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thursday. those look to be the nicest day as of the week and all of a sudden a pretty strong trough of low pressure. unusually strong dropping in bringing clouds. wouldn't that be something? >> not on the weekend. >> i've got to change that. >> i'm going to go fix that. >> thanks. >> 5:18 now. happening today, president obama set to deliver a speech about the economy five years to the day since the collapse of the leeman brothers investment bank. today the president plans to talk about continued signs of recovery and warn law makers about potentially harmful fights over the budget and the debt ceiling. >> vice president joe biden spent the weekend in iowa. prompted rumors of a presidential run. gave a
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keynote address at annual stake yesterday. so far he hasn't said whether he'll seek the democratic party nomination for 2016. the international poll shows biden is far behind hillary clinton. she has 65% compared with his 106789 on republican side, chris christie has a slight advantage over wisconsin congressman paul ryan. sarah palin is the target of a lawsuit involving 9/11 image. the former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate used a photo without the company's permission. shows three firefighters raising an american flag over the rubble of the world trade center. accused of posting the photo on facebook page and web site of her political action committee. >> up next, tower of terror. you will not believe
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what this climber did after he reached the very top. >> coming up, i got great news for the as. great news for the raiders. did you see that disaster in seattle last night? if you didn't, you wouldn't have believed it. that coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? we want to know. you can submit your nomination on our web site. we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,
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well, you might get dizzy watching this video. it's a climber going up the side of a 900 foot tall tower in china. the man made the climb without any safety rope and after he made it to the top, the 23-year-old jumping from the tower and then floating to earth beneath parachute. >> wild man. >> good morning, everybody. in 2010 the seahawks won the nfc west with 7-9 record with embarrassing moment with a division completely turned around thanks to the coaches. first quarter in seattle last night had an hour delay. third quarter, rustle wilson.
5:24 am
12-0 seattle at that point. 4th quarter, here's lynch again. 19-3 at that point. they dominate the 49ers. back in oakland after being gone for 7 seasons. touchdown raiders. and they go on to beat the jaguars 19-9. they dominate and in front of a packed house in oakland. as looking for the three game sweep. three home runs on the day. as win 5-1. they have a 6 .5 game lead over the rangers with 13 games left. giants and dodgers. not any more. home run left field. the giants beat the dodgers 4-3 in a game. two more home runs. this is all good except for the 49ers who also had pretty significant injuries. we will update those for you tonight at 6:00.
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have a great day, everybody. >> thank you, dennis. play of the day. we're going to go back to baseball. nice behind the back. gets it. left handed club right there. that is sweet. but the reds fell. final was 6-5. not before their play of the day. >> 5:25 now. coming up. talking turkey. the big changes coming to the hotline this year. >> didn't realize probably some of the only ones left. >> raging flood waters. live to colorado where rescue efforts are hampered this morning. >> reporter: and with bart negotiations starting up again today, why workers got their feelings hurt by a board decisions. ,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> the question i had is how can we ever recover from this? >> cries cents in colorado. mother nature cooperate with rescuers. >> reporter: and with bart negotiations starting up again. a controversial plan to keep trains moving if there's a strike. >> summer almost over. will we see more sunshine and heat? we'll talk about it coming up. >> if your commute takes you into south bay. coming up your latest travel times plus a check of bay area bridges. >> good morning, monday is here. september the 16th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 5 :29. developing overnight, a man is rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries after he was hit by a taxi. witnesses say they heard a loud crash and found the man in the street.
5:30 am
happened just before midnight as the man was trying to cross the street. an area where sidewalks are closed because of construction activity. the count down continues before october the 10th the day before the cooling off period. the possibility of another strike hits us again. today a new round of talks on some of the more core issues. and sue kwon is with us now with reaction to the possibility of another strike. good morning. >> reporter: good monk. yes, seems far off . but a lot of people's minds are on this because of the term oil it creates for folks who are commuting. and one of the things they heard about was a budget surplus of over $5 million. this has got to go to
5:31 am
improvement. that has a lot of people thinking about money. about pay and money and benefit. now, bart is offering a 10% raise over the next four years over a cost of $24 million. the union say not enough. we already gave back a lot of concessions during the recession. they want 25.5% increase over 3 years. overall if you did the math, the deal is $130 million apart. >> the work. i don't think they should get more money. all they doing is sitting on their [bleep] driving the train tracks. >> if you don't like your job, do what everyone else does and look for a new job. >> reporter: one of the things is the planning is happening right now to have managers at the driver's seat operating. bart employees are saying wait a minute why are we thinking about
5:32 am
what's going to happen? and today negotiations beginning. reporting live, the latest for you. back to you. >> let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. how's it looking? >> we'll check in with bart and all trains are running on time. good to go this morning. they should have more than 30 trains at this point. and they are all reporting no delay. golden gate ferries set to start. cal train, ace train one. everything on schedule. in fremont, word of what smells like a bad crash. southbound 880 by the fullerton exit. we do know it is blocking the number one lane. we'll continue to watch it and let you know if you see traffic jams in that area. we likely will. start to see some delays in that area. also if you are heading towards
5:33 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. those are the cash fast track lanes. in the middle, everything looks good. carpool, also moving at the speed limit this morning and pretty quiet all the way through the maze. between san francisco and oakland. eastbound travel times westbound 3580 commute is beginning to stack up. begins on 205. about 20 minutes between the pass and the dublin inter change. 880 no delay this morning between san leandro and oakland. that is about a 15 minute drive time in the northbound commute direction. and we are problem free and delay free. if you are traveling to the maze, that is your latest time saver traffic, here's lawrence.. >> a lot of fog out there this morning. thick fog toward the
5:34 am
coastline, drizzle too early on. by the afternoon, we'll be looking good. 50s and 60s if you are headed out the door. a lot of heavy drizzle approaching the coastline. this afternoon, enjoying sunshine and mid 80s, warmer spots inland. breezy inside the bay. possibly into oakland and hayward. 70s into the south bay. temperatures are going to be in the 60s. big changes toward the end of the week. we've been watching the colorado area. looks like finally low pressure beginning to lift. it was right here. some of the clouds fading away. there's still a lot of moisture and could give rise to more thunderstorms. small stream flood advisories near the denver area. not that we're expecting a whole lot of rain but the ground is so saturated right now. if we see storms roll through, the waters will rise fast. potential for more flooding will continue.
5:35 am
that's the latest. back to you. >> right now let's go to jeff for the latest on the devastating floods in colorado. he joins us live from boulder. >> reporter: you can actually hear boulder creek roaring behind me as light rain to fall. officials are preparing for massive air rescue of people still stranded in their homes. entire communities are still isolated because of washed out roads. >> ready to be evacuated outlet of there as soon as we can play. >> with helicopters grounded, went into areas looking for victims. kristy and her daughter were evacuated in lyons. >> probably some of the only ones left. >> at this shelter, evacuees left messages for people unaccounted for. one read call mom. and there are cots for sleeping, food to eat and hugs
5:36 am
to be shared. the numbers are mind-boggling. 1500 homes destroyed. more than 17,000 damage. rescuers are shaken but the recovery has already begun. >> the question i had is how can we recover from this? i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by community. they are taken this stuff back. >> not everything can be rebuilt. four people are confirmed dead including wesley and his girlfriend. dozens attended a memorial service for the couple last night. >> everybody was their best friend. everybody was their best friend. >> the 19-year-olds were killed thursday when flood waters overturned their car. >> emergency officials say more than 12300 people are still unaccounted for. officials hope
5:37 am
they can reconnect soon. >> you mentioned that phone service. the people who don't have it, how is that going to affect people unaccounted for? >> reporter: the reason they want to reestablish phone service is so they can close the gap. what rescuers are saying today is they are hoping for the rain to clear up so they can launch he helicopters into the air. if people need to be rescued, trying to flag down the aircrews. all of the essentials ready to go. once they get in there get out of there quickly. >> already. thank you. and workers from the american red cross bay area chapters are among those helping in colorado. >> out of a town that's basically water locked at this
5:38 am
point. there's no electricity. >> the rescue efforts are continuing around the clock. >> cooler weather in california is helping firefighters take care of destructive wildfires here in northern california. upstate crews have contained the fire now. killed one man and destroyed 68 homes. nearly 13 square miles have been burn. >> expected to reopen finally today. now that the morgan fire has been contained. much of the weekend repairing buildings. the wildfire burned more than 3,000 acres last week. it was started by somebody target shooting. >> a former san jose woman is expected in court tomorrow accused of killing her two children. lived in san jose for much of the mid to late 90s.
5:39 am
edge was arrested for murder on saturday. she told police they would find the bodies of her 13-year-old son and 10 year old daughter at the hampton inn. she crash her car in an apparent suicide attempt. >> national park service beach patrol found the foot yesterday. no sign of the rest of the body. whatever happened, it was probably not recent. the foot was probably rolling around in a sea bed for quite a while. crews have completed repair work on tsunami warning sirens on the coast. a test in august found 5 of the 8 were not functioning properly. sheriff's department says the new system has the ability to deliver voice messages with possible instructions as well as a siren tone in the event of an emergency. today two 49er players will
5:40 am
give teenagers a lesson in financial planners. fresh outlet of seattle will present video games in a classroom curriculum developed by visa. it's called financial football. more than 40 students from mission and sarah good marshal high will gather in the locker room. quite a treat today at candle stick park. >> coming up, will the bulls be running on wall street? plus. >> oh, my god. go, go, go, go, go. >> and chaos. the shooting that played out in times square. >> five decades in the making. beloved comedian wins first emmy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the crossfire of a police shooting in oh, my god. go, go, go, go, go. get down, get down. >> two women are expected to recover after they got caught in the crossfire of a police shooting. this is in new york city. officers trying to subdue an agitated man trying to get out. ended up hitting the two bystanders instead. the suspect was threatening them.
5:44 am
>> he continued to allude the officers to reach into his pocket and took out his hand and simulated his hand as if he was shooting at them. >> police finally subdued the man with a taser. the women are going to be okay. u.s. stock futures are up this morning with a possibility of a new market. >> the market is watching the race for the top job. wendy joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. withdrawn name from consideration to be chairman of the federal reserve. considered the frontrunner. his withdraw growing critics need to back his nomination. had he say he's too close to wall street and not be tough enough on financial regulations. his withdrawal could open the door for janet. she would be the first woman to lead the feds.
5:45 am
quickly tapered the bond buying program that helped push down interest rates. the fed meets tomorrow and wednesday and could start making decisions about the program then. stocks have been good for the market. september is usually a losing month for investors. just this past week, the dow had best week since january rising more than 450 points. and here are friday's numbers. the dow is up 75 and the nasdaq added 6. this year, if you call butterball turkey talk line for help during the holidays, a man may give you advice. the 32-year-old talk line was staffed by women. starting today, the company is offering online application for men 25 years or older. the talk line has grown from 6 to about 50. >> it's about time, don't you think? >> my operator is my mom. i call her. did the company say why they are making the change? >> well, they say it was never a deliberate attempt to exclude
5:46 am
men. most of the hires are through word of mouth and through women. only got 9% of calls from men. but that has gone up to 1 in 4. we like it. more men in the kitchen. >> we cook turkeys too. >> we'll put our feet up. >> wendy gillette with good turkey tips today. >> new deland is two win -- new zealand is two wins away. new zealand taking the second by 17 seconds. now leads the series 7-1. the event is finally starting to draw bigger crowds. organizers claim 700,000 people have packed the stands in san francisco over the past two weekends. more other than ee for parking garages, restaurants and other businesses. >> everybody's getting in behind it and it's a wonderful atmosphere here. we're having
5:47 am
the time of our lives. >> san francisco police say so far the yacht racing fans have not caused any major security problems. journey will be rocking the crowd tonight. the races have attracted big acts. this is video from stings perform ance back in june. >> i love journey. >> liz, do you like journey? >> i do. the jonas brothers performed there too. they have all the big names. we want to take you out to fremont. we have an accident forming. we're sending a live crew. it's an overturned accident. traffic is beginning to stack up now. it looks like towards the exit for 84 for the bridge. there's a bunch of luggage and debris in the roadway. definitely expect a bit of a traffic jam this morning if you are heading through fremont. and the commute is certainly underway if
5:48 am
you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic pattern is starting to set up in anticipation of them. the middle lanes are looking okay. this will be the fast track lanes. we're seeing some break lights as you head up the incline section. these lanes are beginning to stack up getting close to over crossings. the meter goes lights are going to be turn on. westbound 580 through the pass looking good this morning. just your usual delays coming out of tracy tchlt 23 minutes between the pass and the dublin inter change. and a lot of fog this morning. no delays to your travel time. all the way out towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. that is your latest time saver traffic. here's lawrence. >> the thick fog settling in this morning. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in the santa rosa area, likely going to see that fog. and turning out to be a nice day. if you are headed out the door, gray start to the day approaching the
5:49 am
coastline. a few clouds in some of the valleys. this afternoon, mostly sunny inland and the temperatures up in the mid 80s inside the bay. a little breezy. mild temperatures into the 70s with clouds out toward the coast. trough of low pressure along the west coast. and probably tomorrow. this really a mild start to the work week ahead with breezy conditions expected the next couple day as. sfo, no reports just yet but going to have arrival delays. that should lift into the afternoon and clear things out. around the country, possibility of thunderstorms into houston and denver. also showers possible in chicago and new york. looks like around the bay today, low temperatures running in the 70s and 80s. 60s toward the coastline. a lot of 80s inland and 70s in through the delta. 80 in santa rosa. and 68 in san
5:50 am
francisco. the next couple days, cool down the temperature before warming up on wednesday and thursday. and clouds roll in on friday. pretty significant trough moves in toward the end of summer. even a slight chance of sprinkles. time to check out school cast for today. this allen elementary. a lot of fog this morning in san bruno. drizzle today. sunshine breaks through and sunny and breezy into the afternoon once you get out of school. if you'd like to nominate your school, go to and submit your entry there. >> 5:50. finally comedy legend bob newheart has been entertaining people throughout a century or more. hard to believe he's never won an emmy award. until now. he won the a award on the series the big bang
5:51 am
theory. it was hilarious. he was nominated 6 times before with his two shows. 65th annual emmy awards aired this sunday. >> best ending of a sitcom ever. >> 5:51. spying through your iphone. the new afeature. >> how one california district plans to keep tabs on students' social media. and you could save hundreds."
5:52 am
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researchers say teenagers a eating better, exercisin in your health watch, researchers say teenagers are eating better, exercising more and watching less tv. the study in the journal of pediatrics followed kids over the last ten years and found adolescents ate
5:54 am
more fruits and vegetables and less sweets. doctors say this may explain why childhood obesity rates are levelling off. another study finds bullying is a major problem. looked at data from around the world and found kids who are bullied have low self-esteem and poor grades and twice as likely to suffer from psychological problems. and high tech meets thermometer. this device has 64 sensors. can measure body heat, sweeting and blood circulation near the skin's surface. can provide more accurate way to different physical situations. >> when apple unveiled newest iphone, people had questions about one feature in particular, the fingerprint sensor. primarily, how does apple plan to keep it safe? security researchers say apple has a plan for that.
5:55 am
>> thought about this. the data is not going to be stored in the cloud. there isn't going to be a database of sensitive information.. >> iphone fingerprint sensor is built into the home button. unlock phone and making i tune purchases. >> a southern california school district says when it comes to keeping an eye on students, facebook is fair game. hired a private firm to keep track of social media activity. monitoring posts by 14,000 students for references to things like drug use, violence and bullying. aims to help identify problems before there's trouble. critics say it amounts to stalking. in the next half hour, a tentative deal to get rid of syria's chemical weapons is on the table. how the deal would work next. >> reporter: and we're live in san francisco where one man is in the hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a cab. we spoke with one business owner who
5:56 am
heard it all happen. ,,,,,,,,,,
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don't get no more money. >> they do a great job and work hard. >> weeks away from another bart strike unless both sides can workout differences fast. >> walked around the neighborhood today and probably some of the only ones left. >> officials are preparing for massive air rescue where people are stranded in their homes due to heavy rains and floods. >> the tragedy here is three smoke alarms are $15 was probably the difference between life and death. >> three east bay women die trying to escape their burning home. >> when the funds run out, i don't know what we're going to do. >> time to take out the trash in one bay area county. two locals taking matters into their own hands.. >> the large scale of these events having an affect. >> for some watching the america's cup isn't about who wins. it's about the birds. from across the bay, to around the world, the stories
6:00 am
that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> what a play to end the second inning. >> good morning, it is monday september the 16th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00 . >> we begin with breaking news this monday. police in washington d.c. are searching for active shooter in a military building at the washington navy yard. this happened 30 minutes ago. police say they received reports several people have been shot. you are taking a live look at the area right now. the washington naval yard is the home to the chief naval operations. continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. >> other developing news as you wake up. preparations are underway for massive air rescue. days of heavy rains and flooding have destroyed houses and turned roads into rivers. 1200 people unaccounted for this evening. >> and crews off the coast of italy are removing the


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