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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 16, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> tonight, a dozen murdered in the washington shooting. >> the navy family today suffers a large los. >> a gunman attacks the historic washington navy yard. >> you don't think it will happen in your building. >> police have identified the alleged killer but no motive. >> chip veed on the scene. >> bob orr and john miller are on the investigation. in colorado, the largest air evacuation since katrina is lifting victims out of a massive flood. and, anne werner is on the scene. >> and today the united nations called the sarin massacre a war crime. >> david martin has the new investigative report. >> captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening. for the third time in just over a year, we are beginning the broadcast with a deadly mass shooting in this country. this time, the scene was the washington navy yard in the nation's capitol, at least one gugunman opened fired this morng at the naval sea systems command, 13 people were killed, a number of others, including a police officer were wounded. one of the dead is the alleged gunman. he is identified as aaron alexis, a 34-year-old navy reservist who also worked as a navy contractor. he does not appear to have links to terrorism and the motive for the shooting is not known. we have extensive coverage tonight from a team of correspondents. we are going to go first to chip reid at the navy yard. chip. >> well, good evening, scott, there are still a lot of unanswered questions here tonight, especially the question of why, but we do know how this
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tragedy unfolded. >> shortly before 8:30 a.m., minutes after the shooting began, hundreds of dc police, federal agents and emergency first responders converged on the washington navy yard, where naval employees, including todd brundage were running for their lives. >> everyone went down the stairs and pushing and shoving and people were falling down, and came outside and people were climbing the wall trying to get out over the walls, to get out of the spaces, it was just crazy. >> navy commander tim jairus was in an alley just outside of a building when a man he did not know told him there was a shooter inside. >> i said, well that is news to me and that was about the extent of our conversation and i heard two shots. and he got hit. >> as officers went door to door looking for gunman employees still inside like captain mark vandroff were told to take shelter in their offices. when someone yells something about a shooter or shooting, and
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one of the folks in my office walked the search, locked the exterior doors and everyone went either into the interior offices and locked themselves in or into the conference room with us. >> many of the victims were on the first floor of the building in an open atrium as alexis allegedly rained down gunfire from a higher floor, employees at the base say they are not checked for weapons and getting guns through security is not difficult for anyone with the proper id. >> i just walk in with a weapon any day i wanted to if that was my disposition, you hope everyone else you work with doesn't do that and doesn't start shooting people in your office. >> dc mayor vincent grey says it is possible there could be a second shooter still at large who was caught on a surveillance camera. >> that was a person in the video who was wearing a drab olive uniform around 50 years of age, around five-10, african-american man, we are continuing to look for him. to determine what, if any
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involvement he may have had. >> reporter: the shooting led to security shutdowns across the nation's capitol, less than a mile away on capitol hill the senate went into lockdown and flights were briefly grounded at national airport so they wouldn't interfere with police helicopters flying over the scene of the shooting. >> as you can imagine, scott, the possibility that there is still a second shooter at large has people in this part of washington on edge. they have been urged to stay in their homes with the doors locked. >> chip, thank you very much, bob orr has been talking to his sources to find out more about aaron alexis, bob, what do you know? >> well, scott, aaron alexis joined the navy reserves we are told back in may of 2007, it was one day before his 28th birthday. he then spent four years working as an aviation electrician mate, most recently as a naval air station at fort worth, texas.
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we looked at the military records and they show what is called a pattern of misconduct, in a january 2011 alexis received a general discharge. >> after leaving the service, alexis worked as a defense contractor and sources say he did spend some time working at the navy yard i can't the shooting played out today. >> police reports also tell us alexis has been involved in two minor shooting incidents before, he was arrested in seattle back in 2004 for shooting out another man's tires, then we found out he was arrested in texas in 2010 for firing a weapon into the ceiling of his apartment. he was not prosecuted in either of those cases. alexis also was not a big presence on network sites and so far they cannot connect him in any way to any known threats or terror groups but this is important, the motive for the shootings remains unknown,. >> mr. simpson: scott that general charge is one step below the usual the honorable
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discharge, bob, i wonder, how much who do we know about how this attack was carried out? >> actually, quite a bit and we start with the guns. sources tell us a lex situation was armed with three weapons, an assault rival, shotgun and pistol and all of those guns were then recovered near his body. we are told he worked his way to the third and fourth floors of a building which then looked down on an open atrium which chip reid was talking about. sources say we have got an assault rival which we believe is an ar-15, alexis was essentially a sniper able to easily target his victims from a high vantage point he fired a large number of shots in a relatively confined area, right now the investigators are working to trace the weapons, they are also mapping the trajectory of the shots, scott, to better understand exactly how the assault played out. >> bob, thanks very much.
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now let us tell you more about the washington navy yard, it is the oldest navy installation established on the bakes of the river in 1799, it is about three miles from the white house, and across the potomac river from reagan national airport and the pentagon. the yard was long used for ship building and to defend the capitol, the shooting was in the headquarters of naval sea systems command, which handles design engineering and construction of ships and weapons. about 3,000 people work in that building. >> the fbi is looking for help to learn more about aaron alexis, they have put out this poster asking anyone with information to telephone 1-800-call-fbi, 1-800-call-fbi. senior correspondence miller is a senior, former correspondent. >> the million-dollar question right now is why, and i think that poster is emblematic of how
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little they really have about that in this investigation, scott. if you look at the idea that they have run through all of their traps and databases and see that aaron alexis doesn't turn up in any investigations, not mentioned in any terrorism probes, then they are still stuck for what is the motive, and one of the lessons learned from the boston marathon bombing case was, put out a wide net early and go to the public and you are likely to get answer as lot faster than you think, that's why the poster, and that is where they are going with this right now strncht you learned anything else out about alexis. >> very interesting to look into his background, we looked at his resumes, he was an electrical engineer within the navy, but then did contracting work and
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maintained a secret clearance but seemed to be working looking for work as a student at embry. >> everything about the shooting, he seems to have anger management issue, one shot was fired in fort worth through the floor of his building into the apartment of a neighbor who made noise complaints against him. the shot where he shot out the tire in the construction workers, he said he blacked out and didn't remember doing it. his father said he suffered from ptsd from being at ground zero on 9/11, going through his resume we see he was at manhattan community college which was right across the street and he claims to have suffered from ptsd since being a part of the rescue lines in the early hours of that, so that is his story. >> we will want to know where
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did he sleep last night? how did he get to the navy yard today? when did he get to washington? they will want to go backwards through every minute and see if they can find the motive. >> we will follow up with you tomorrow, john, thank you very much. >> families of people who worked at the navy yard gathered he's standing here with you. what do you think? when you look at him, you see him here? >> i think we are really happy that he's home and we're going to let him go home and have just one drink. >> a lot of families relieved and elated to see their loved ones but the buses behind me are still coming in and some families are still waiting for word. scott. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. we're going to have more about the shooting in the second half hour of this expanded edition of "the cbs evening news." in colorado, today, the rain finally let up, and that gave
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rescuers the break they needed to resume the largest aerial investigation since hurricane katrina. nearly 12,000 people have left their homes. many neighborhoods are buried under several feet of mud. at least seven people have died. about 650 are still unaccounted for this evening. more than 17,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. in jamestown, colorado, neighbors colleen williams and leon hill were overcome by what they saw. anna werner is in the flood zone. >> clearer skies allowed the military's air rescue to go into full gear. more than 2,200 people have been plucked from towns and homes cut off by rushing water or washed- out roads. we went with the search-and- rescue team as it went door-to-
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door outside of boulder. jeff hatcher was looking for people who were trapped or holding out. you think they need to get out? >> we would prefer that, yes. >> otherwise, what are they facing? >> winter coming. we don't know the destruction that's done, we don't know what winter will bring, we don't know that they will be able to get out. >> i've spent four days in bed with anxiety and not knowing. >> a rescue team from utah found ellen hatfield stranded with her pets. you think you should leave? >> i probably should, because the roads are down. we have no way to get medications. food for the animals. >> the state estimates at least 30 highway bridges have been destroyed. another 20 are seriously damaged. it will take months to repair. this man was spotted in weld county. his home an island in a coffee- colored sea. emergency officials are telling stranded residents to use white sheets or mirrors to signal rescue helicopters.
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there is also an effort under way to save livestock. kevin oxner spent much of the weekend pulling horses and cattle. -- much of the weekend pulling horses and cattle out. up until now the rescues from the air have been a bit random looking for people who can signal from the ground. tomorrow, scott, the military tells us they will begin a more intensive search using a grid pattern really searching for anyone who might not have been able to signal that they need help. >> pelley: anna werner in colorado for us this evening. thank you, anna. the u.n. has confirmed today that chemical weapons were used in syria. a 12-year-old girl is laid to rest after police say she was bullied to death. and, we'll have the latest on the navy yard shootings. on this special one-hour edition of "the cbs evening news." hungry for the best?
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5:47 pm
give up its chemical weapons. david martin tells what the u.n. inspectors found. >> martin: all collected and interviews with doctors and survivors. all collected separate and apart from intelligence the obama administration used to conclude the nerve agent sarin had killed more than 1,000 civilians. the chief inspector old strom of sweden reported to secretary-general ban ban of korea. >> >> ba. >> 85 percent of the blood samples tested positive for sarin. >> he said it was the worst weapon chemical attack since saddam hussein attacked the kurds with gas years ago. >> the report nor he said who
5:48 pm
was to blame. >> bashar al-assad or the opposition. >> the inspector was not allowed to reach conclusions about responsibility but that didn't stop powers, the ambassador to the u.n. that it confirmed what the obama administration has been saying all along. >> the technical details of the u.n. report make clear that only the regime could have carried out this large-scale chemical weapons attack. >> martin: an appendix included photos a short-range rocket known to be manufactured by russia which has long sold weapons to the syrian regime, a second rocket manufactured to hold a large amount of chemical agents and in the inspectors' opinion could not have been made by amateurs. >> the weapons obtained on the site, on the scene of this monstrous crime were professionally made. >> reporter: inspectors were able to measure the angle at which rockets had struck and project their likely trajectories back toward areas which on u.s. maps were labeled as government controlled.
5:49 pm
that stopped short of a smoking gun and did not change the russian ambassador's mind. >> the allegations from the opposition who used chemical weapons cannot be simply shrugged off. >> reporter: after the report was issued, president obama signed an order allowing the u.s. to provide chemical- protection gear both to u.n. inspectors who will go back into syria, and to members of the opposition. >> pelley: david martin in our pentagon bureau tonight. david, thank you very much. the centers for disease control warned, today, what it called a public-health catastrophe is looming because of the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. the c.d.c. says that each year more than two million americans are infected with bacteria that resist antibiotics and the report urged immediate action to develop drugs to fight these strains. there was a funeral today for a 12-year-old girl.
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police say she took her own life to escape bullying. that story is next. ,,,,
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>> pelley: rebecca ann sedgwick was laid to rest today just shy of her 13th birthday. she was known as beca and she took her life after being bullied relentlessly by kids from the internet. she left behind a message about the power of words.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: many of the teens at rebecca ann sedgwick's funeral wore t-shirts to drive a message. rebecca's mother. >> what was said to rebecca that you will never be able to erase from your memory? >> "if you haven't killed yourself yet, jump off of a building." because that's what she did. sorry. >> in the hours before she jumped from this tower, rebecca left phone and online messages to her closest friends to say goodbye. does this grieve you that she didn't open up to you that it had started again? >> it makes me angry and it hurts, because she always came and told me everything. >> reporter: the worst taunts came from a group of 15 students. they began last year. >> i started seeing her and then she went to counseling three or
5:54 pm
four months after that. her last appointment, the counselor asked her how she felt and she said she felt she was doing a lot better. >> she changed schools. her mother took her cell phone away and monitored rebecca's online accounts but police say the bullies began to target rebecca on social media her mother didn't know about. authorities are looking at whether they can file cyber stalking charges against the middle schoolers. >> where do they get this hatred from? who is teaching the hatred to these kids that they're going to be that mean to somebody? i want them to pay for it. because they took my baby away. they took her confidence away. they took her self-worth away. and now she's gone from me. >> reporter: rebecca ann kept a journal. in it, she wrote, "how many lives have to be lost until people realize words do matter?"
5:55 pm
michelle miller, cbs news, lakeland, florida. >> pelley: as we mentioned earlier, one parking lot at the washington nationals ballpark is being used as a staging area for families and those who work at the navy yard just a few blocks away. the nationals have postponed tonight's game with the atlanta braves. they hope to get back to playing tomorrow. we'll have an update on the shooting in a moment.
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help you live longer. next kpix-5... weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: president obama today called the shooting at the washington navy yard a cowardly act and said that the victims were patriots. he's been getting briefings from his homeland security advisor, lisa monaco. at least 12 people were killed, a number of others wounded. the alleged gunman was also killed. he's identified as aaron alexis, a former navy reservist who was 34. investigators do not know yet what the motive might have been. some cbs stations will be leaving us now for local programming but for many of you "the cbs evening news" will continue in just a moment. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ,,,,,,,,
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>> the navy family today suffered a horrific attack. >> you never think something like this is going to happen in your building. captioning spons this is the cbs evening news with scott pelly. for those of you just joining us, this is a special expanded edition. we begin with the latist on the massacre at the washington navy yard. the flags at the white house and the u.s. capital have been lowered to half staff in honor of those who died in the shootings this morning. at least one gunman open edward snowden fire at the head quarter -- opened fire. when the shooting was over, at least 13 people were dead, includin