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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> the navy family today suffered a horrific attack. >> you never think something like this is going to happen in your building. captioning spons this is the cbs evening news with scott pelly. for those of you just joining us, this is a special expanded edition. we begin with the latist on the massacre at the washington navy yard. the flags at the white house and the u.s. capital have been lowered to half staff in honor of those who died in the shootings this morning. at least one gunman open edward snowden fire at the head quarter -- opened fire. when the shooting was over, at least 13 people were dead, including that alleged gunman,
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identified tonight as aaron alexix, a 34-year-old naval reservist and naval contract torment more than a dozen others were wounded, including a washington, d.c. police officer. the motive for the shooting is not known. chip reed is at the washington navy yard for us. chip. >> reporter: this street was a very different scene earlier today. it was a scene of utter chaos. hundreds of police, federal agents, emergency medical responders were here. that i know arrived people were running for their life, including at the guy named todd who ran and saw the gunman as he was running from the building. >> it was maybe two or three seconds. we got a look at the guy. as we were going out the dark he turned and he started shooting. we immediately made a left to go down out of the building. >> the horror for him was not
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over at that point. he said he wept out into an alley where he thought he could seek cover. he talked briefly with another man who he did not know. he heard two gunshots. he looked up to where they came from, looked back and the man he had just met was on the ground with a bull tote the head. many of the victims of this shooting were shot inside the building in the first floor. they were fired upon by the shooter from a third or fourth floor overlook above the atrium. the employees tell us it is easy to get weapons in there if you have the appropriate id. they simply do not check for them. you can simply drive right in. scott, the mayor of the district of columbia, vincent gray tells us that there is still the possibility of a second shooter still out there, somebody who was caught on video tape. they may just want that person for questioning, but they haven't ruled out the possibility that she a second shooter. if you can imagine in this area, people are on edge.
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they've been told to stay in their homes with the doors locked. >> the building, chip, that the shooting occurred in, has about 3,000 people in it on any given day, essentially a large navy office building. what's going on there this evening. >> reporter: well, it looks quiet from today, scott, but we are told that there are still employees in there who are still being questioned. at least for those people it is still lock down. >> chip reed, thanks very much. three of the victims who were shot were brought to med star washington hospital center to be treated for gunshot wounds. nancy curtis is there. nancy. >> reporter: scott, ac police officer has the most serious injuries. she was shot in both legs. then there are two female naval employees here. one was grades by bullets in the head and hand. she amazingingly will not require surgery. tore was hit in the shoulder. she is recovering nicely tonight after an operation.
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according to the hospital's chief medical officer. >> she is in very good spirits. she was ordering the doctors and nurses around. we told her that we were in charge here. >> have the victims been able to communicate with nurse? >> all three of the victims came in talking. they came in. they were speaking from the get- go. i have actually personally talked to all three of them. >> the navy suffered a horrific attack. we are a family. civilians who do the critical work that has to be done suffered just a stunning and
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horrific blow today. >> reporter: the injured dc police officer has spent most of the day in the operating wound. he has wounds to blood vessels and bones in his legs. tonight we are told he is expected to survive. >> thank you, nancy. the fbi has put out a poster of aaron alexix, the -- alexis. homeland security bob orr has been talking to his correspondent. what is the latest? >> reporter: he may have been a man with anger management issues. that is one theory investigators say they have to run to ground. criminal records support that. they show he was involved in two previous minor shootings. he was arrested in seattle in 2004 for shatting out another man's tires. she was then arrested in 2010 in texas for firing a weapon into the ceiling of his texas
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apartment. he was not prosecuted in either case. also, he had trouble back in the navy. he was full-time researchist from may 20/07 to january 20/11, but when we looked at the record it shows a pattern of what we call misconduct. turns out he received a general discharge rather than an honorable discharge. one more thing, he also may have been a bit of loaner. he was in fact active in social media and not in close touch with his own family. alexis brother-in-law anthony little spoke to us this afternoon. >> it is a shocking experience. nobody expected this from what i understand when they did get in contact. it wasn't something to bay harmed about. no one saw it coming. no one knew anything. all it is is just, you know, shocking. >> reporter: he also told us 58 exis' sister had not been in contact with her brother for years. the family is talking to agents and fbi is doing the obvious thing, tracing the three guns
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found near his body. also, they are mapping the trajectory of all the shots, scott, to better understand how the assault played out. >> bob orr in our washington newsroom. thanks very much. senior correspondent john miller is joining us. former assistant director of the fbi. from what he is saying, doesn't sound like the authorities know much about this man. >> hen you see them put out a poster like that, usually you see it go out as a wanted poster. what they're really saying here is we're looking for someone who really knows this person, because we're not seeing a motive come up quickly. >> what do we know about him? >> reporter: it's interesting. for a guy who has almost zero presence as bob orr said on social media, his real core skills were as an i.t specialist. that is where he did a lot of his work before being in the navy. for someone so involved with computers, he is almost invisible in the web. the first thing you can find on him is a mug shot from the time
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he shot out the neighbor's ceiling in texas. >> we're likely to know a lot more by tomorrow, john. thanks. >> reporter: thank you. you saw navy secretary and than sierra cortis' report tonight w. talked to the secretary a short time ago about the tragedy. >> mr. secretary, i understand that you have met with a number of the shooting victims, and i wonder what they had to say to you. >> well, i was able to meet with one young woman who is a shooting victim at med star hospital here. first thing she asked about, which shows the closeness of her navy family, was her friends and their status anded had they made it out okay. met with their family 6789 also met with the husband of another victim who was in surgery at the time. this was a horrific day for our navy family. we want to thank the first responders. want to thank the police and fire and medical folks that did such a great job. >> has everyone been accounted
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for in the shooting? >> we have done a mustard. we're going through the list in any muster, emergency or otherwise, takes about 24 to 36 hours to account for everybody. we're actively doing that as we speak. >> have all of the families of the dead been notified of the deaths? >> the casualty assistance team that does such notifications has informed chaplains and counselors have been notified, whether the families have been notified, i don't know. >> we know this has been a terrible day. so, thank you very much secretary of the navy, ray mavis, former governor of mississippi. thank you. >> thank you. this is the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. since 26 people were killed, including 20 first graders last december in newtown connecticut.
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that, of course, followed the aurora colorado movie shooting in july of last year. 12 died there. it is the deadliest shooting on a u.s. military base since 13 were killed at fort hood in 2009. seen year white house correspondent bill plant has the president's reaction to this latest massacre. bill. >> reporter: well, scott, the president's day began, once again w a series of updates on the tragedy. this one from his homeland security adviser lisa monaco as events were unfolding just a few miles away where here. it was, as he suggested in his speech, all too familiar. >> we are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital. it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who we are going to work, doing their job protecting all of us. >> despite the president's efforts after tragedy like the
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attack on the member of congress in arizona, a massacre at a colorado movie theater and the slaughter of school children connecticut, he's been unable to get stricter federal gun laws. >> obvious lurk we're going to be investigating thoroughly what happened as we do so many of these shootings, sadly, that have happened. >> bill plant in the white house brief room for us tonight. bill, thank you very much. united nations inspectors today put out a report showing what they call plan to kill people on the 21st. the obama administration says
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more than 1400 civilians died. they say the nerve agent turned up in 85% of the blood samples tested. the inspectors did not assign blame, but america's u.n ambassador said only the dictatorship could have carried out such a large-scale attack. after the attack, as you'll recall, president obama threatened military action to punish the syrian government, but under a compromise worked out with russia to head that out, the syrians agreed to give up their chemical weapons by the middle of next year. to date, we spoke with a man with great experience in disarming countries from chemical open with upons. he is u.n arms inspector richard butler. we asked him whether the deadline is feasible.
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>> and i groom is being done that said it's over. you must get it done by the international process. >> would it ever be possible to know as this process goes forward that the syrians have given up everything that they have. >> this is serious. this is really serious as the framework from geneva sets forth. they'll see that and they'll
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cooperate with that. if they don't, then there is going to be serious trouble. >> now, of course, syria is still right in the middle, in the thick of the civil war. that must complicate this effort for the inspectors. >> absolutely. securing the inspectors will be paramount. securing the sites that they visit, where these sites are and what they contain is a declaration that will be taken over by the rebels. we have not had to do this kind of thing previously in the thick of the civil war. all of this can work in your estimation as long as you have 1 sew% cooperation from the syrian government. >> absolutely. >> richard butler thank you very much. a flood victim in colorado tells a heroing story of her escape. and, engineers begin the delicate work of riding the stranded costa concordia hen this expanded edition of the
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cbs evening news continues.
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>> pelle a break in the weather today helmet camerases 70 rescuers in -- helped rescuers in colorado. carrying flood victims to safety today. it is the largest air evacuation since hurricane katrina. >> this is what it looked like outside kathryn stanford's house. she took this video thursday. she already had about 3 inches of water in her house and it was rising. >> we knew at that point time to pack a backpack and get our cars across the bridge because we saw how high the water was in our creek. >> it is completely washed out. >> stanford's only bet was to make a dash with her house mates to the home that belonged
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to her boyfriend's father. they spent two days there before being spotted by an army helicopter. >> that moment when you step foot inside the helicopter. >> yeah. >> what was that like? >> i had tears in my eyes. all i wanted to do was get to my mama. >> wesley died a hero. >> others have not been as luck i can. >> wesley just grab each of us and look -- grabbed us and looked at our faces and said we have to get doubt of this car. >> nathan jennings and emilie brigs were trying to make their escape. a torrent of water surrounded their car. >> wesley screamed her name and dove into the water after her. he saved her. he frabbed her and got her -- grab her and got her out. then the current was just too much. it was going 50 miles an hour, and they all just got swept away. but he did everything that he could. >> can you believe that your ear alive and able -- you're
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alive and able to tell what happened? >> it just seems so unfair that four of us went up there and only two of us get to come back. >> reporter: the full scope of this tragedy is still being revealed as more people arrive at emergency shelters. scott, just today, school buses brought about 300 evacuees to this bolder ymca. >> manuel, thanks very much. next month, former army captain william swinson is going to the white house to receive at the medal of honor. four years ago he was training afghan board police when they were am burbled by the taliban. swinson went back into gunfire several times risking his life to recover the dead. easy does it. in the most expensive salvage operation ever attempted, we'll take you there, next. it would charge overnight. sourc. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today,
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>> pelley: off the coast of italy, today, crews began the off the coast of italy
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today, crews began the difficult task of riding the costa concordia, the cruise ship truck struck a reef and tipped over in january last year. 32 people were killed. this is a live picture. the engineers say they have one shot to do this right so they are working slowly and carefully. mark phillips is there. >> reporter: slowly, almost inperceptibly, the line of concord yeah showed chefs rising from the rocky -- she was rising from the rock i can shore. tilting the ship upright has been the most expensive operation salvage in history and was supposed to take all day. now it's going to take all night as well, at least. salvage master nicholas sloan had to delay the start three hours because of overnight storms. >> okay. we're going up 10%. >> and, with that command, machines began pulling on the chains running under and around the ship to try to pull it
6:23 pm
upright. containers welded to the high side are designed to be filled with water. their weight needed to help set it will ship on a huge undersiege platform that's been built. in the coming months, more containers will be attached to the other side of the ship. they'll all be filled with air to work like water wings. that's the plan. but time lapse images show the ship has so far moved just a fraction of the distance it has to go. this ship, big though it is, is like a 950-footing with a cracked shell. the trick has been to try to roll it over without having it fall to bits. >> the chief italian engineer explained the problem. >> to bring the wreck in floating condition to be taken for demolition in one single piece, it was the target, the two main goals.
6:24 pm
>> do you think you've accomplished it, or is it too soon to tell? >> so far so good. >> the accident when the correspondent cord yeah saled too close to shore and 32 people died took just a few minutes. the captain is still on trial for manslaughter, and they're still trying to clean up the mess his rash decision left behind. mark phillipsings cbs news, italy. >> we'll be back in just a moment in an update on the washington navy yard shootings. ,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: investigators continue to search for a motive in the massacre today at the washington navy yard. at least 13 people are dead, including an alleged gunman. more than a dozen others were wounded. the suspect is identified as aaron alexis, a 34-year-old navy reservist who worked for the american computer company h.p. as a contractor for the navy. he was arrested in connection with minor shootings in texas
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and washington state but was not prosecuted in those cases. today, the navy yard remains locked down as the investigation continues and flags will fly at half staff at the white house and the capitol to honor the victims. that is our special expanded edition of "the cbs evening news." there will be more about the shootings tomorrow on "cbs this morning." for all of us at cbs news around the world, goodnight. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by millions of dollars spent..n brand-new technology that 't working. good evening, i'm allen ideas a coastally setback in the bay area school distrig's plan to tackle truancy. millions offed there dollars spent on brand new technology that isn't working. i am allen martin. i am elizabeth cook. >> only on 5, kpix 5's mark kelly is in san francisco where a computer system to track
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school attendance so far hasn't worked. mark. >> reporter: lids, they haven't been able to accurately take attendance all year so far, but tonight we're told there are three very smart tech i can people working hard, and that administration building to get all these kinks figured out. >> school officials acknowledge it is mess. its brand new computers can't track students attendance. no one knows if students are showing up or not. >> i agree it is our highest priortism we are working to resolve it. >> the i.t department is trying to count heads manually by having staffers scan all these paper attendance cards. it is all they can do. without a computer in every classroom, that would cost $6 million. teachers resort to taking attendance on these old- fashioned paper cards. then the cards are put into a scanner. staff says the scanners inside many schools just aren't working, not powerful enough for the new computer system.
6:29 pm
so many of those cards are getting dumped right here at administration. and this one grand dade of scanners must translate the information onto the computer. it maintains all kinds of records on thousandsover students. >> anywhere from demographics to attendance to schedules, to discipline, to health information, we have it all in one system and one place. >> staff says they are close to a solution. until then, attendance can't get taken. but messes like this can happen when told world of paper must combine with the high-tech world of computers. >> reporter: so the scanner is just one problem. the other one is the computer system itself is actually recording the same student in two different classrooms. of course, we know that's not possible. so hopefully this all gets worked out soon enough. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> staff tells us they fixed the probable at one school, but they are crossing their finger are also it works district wide. staid lawmakers are making
6:30 pm
it prety clear they will not step in to avoid another b.a.r.t strike. we could see another strike as early as october 11th in a deal is not reached. today, governor brown told our phil matier he has done all he can. >> reporter: that's right. necessary san francisco to count electrical cards, but he definitely had a message for bay area commuters. he said okay, this time it's on you. >> i am concerned about b.a.r.t because they are not negotiating. they better get back to the table. >> well, today they difficult but both sides remain tens of millions of dollars apart on such key issues on pay raises, pensions and health care. now b.a.r.t is upping the ante with talk of using manages as drives if there's another strike. >> why would i train someone in such a short amount of time to do my job? it's not fair. >> if there is a strike, don't look for the governor to weigh in. ed to, he made it clear that lawmakers won't try to ride to the rescue. >> the special session was considered, and rejected in the legislature.
6:31 pm
so i think the folks at b.a.r.t and the union better sit down cause it could be a real problem. >> what are you going to do if they don't? >> well, i've exercised my power, and that was the cooling off period. now, within the framework of collective bargaining. >> as for the proposal to outlaw future strikes by transit workers and instead have a mediator force a deal on the two sides. >> the matter would you say discussed and rejected. >> why? >> they didn't want to do it, neither side. the manage nor the union have shown any appetite for aup arbitration. i cannot want to see a strike. i urge the parties to get real. >> translation, the unions have the port-a-pottier in sacramento to prevent any kind of legislation that would bar them from striking and neither management or union are willing to sit down and have them cut the deal because both sides are afraid they will come out on the losing end. >> exactly. that i know don't want that. this whole thing b.a.r.t is talking about with the with manages driving the trains,
6:32 pm
what are we supposed to read into that. is that a series deal? >> it is. what you should read into that is b.a.r.t is prepping for an extended strike. not just the four day affair we saw last time but possibly a longer one. if they do, they're talking about all right what that they going to go to try to move people? things are going to get a lot more serious because these two sides are very far apart. if the governor has privately does what he said publicly today, then they are on their own. >> okay. phil, thanks. turns out, there might be something more messy and complicated than managing the american economy, but tonight we have a new front runner, and she is a bay area local. >> it is definitely one of the most economic decisions i will make in the remainder of my presidency >> i don't remember any discussion about something so wide ranging that involve sod many topics that weren't
6:33 pm
monetary policy or financial regulation at all. >> the president gets to pick a replacement for ben bernanke. his referred candidate was this man, lauren summers, one of the president's closest economic advisers from day one. >> he can also have a sha prickly personality -- sha prickly person that willty. >> then there is the fact that the federal reserve has almost always been run by a man. >> i think a call fid woman would be a very positive thing for this administration. >> so, after headlines like sex, money, and funny how gender never came up during bernanke's nomination, we got a new headline today. >> lauren summers has withdrawn his name from consideration to be careman of the federal reserve. >> clearly, the front runner now again is janet. a faculty member here at the business in berkeley, the president and ceo of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. she's band the bay area for many years. >> and while a chair manciple
6:34 pm
are also was expected to as up on fed policies designed to pump up the economy, a chairman could keep the foot on thes gas. >> i think she would very largely carry on the successful federal reserve policies of ben bernanke. likely to remain little bit lower a little bit longer than they would have been. i think that will help the economy along a little faster. that's going to be good for all of us. >> well, the market sure liked the news. stocks shot up in what is being called the yellen rally. the dow jumped 118 points. s&p also rose. the nasdaq fell. dragged down by apple. bay area headline. a stolen car smashed into a house in san francisco after ramming into a police cruiser today. officers arrested the driver. they are still looking for a woman who stole a nearby car at the same time. that car was later found abandoned. unclear if the two were working together. >> also in san francisco, at
6:35 pm
least four people were hurt this afternoon after the muni bus they were riding in stopped suddenly to avoid a wreck. police say the driver slammed on brakes to avoid hitting a car making an illegal. the everyone is expected to be okay. mount diablo park shut down. parts of the park are off limits after more than 3,000- acres burned. cal fire says the flames were started by people target shooting. you ever forget to feed the meter or rush back after it expires. coming up, how bay area drivers can actually predict the chances they'll get a parking ticket. turning pack the hands of time. how bay area scientists say they have unlocked the secret to living longer. wish we could turn back today. sunshine and temperatures warm, but not h. beautiful weather out there. pleasantton, 86. mid 80s for santa rosa. 73 for union city, was we have
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overstaying your welcome in francisco? your smart phone can te what do you think youred ofs are for getting a parking ticket for over staying your welcome in san francisco? well, your smart phone can tell you. >> pretty gad. there is an app that uses prior history totem your chances of getting a ticket. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us how it works. mike. >> reporter: all right. coming to sap franks park at this meter. bucks for of 3 minutes. or you don't have to pay anything at all. just take your chances on getting an $80 ticket. what are those chances? there's an app for that. >> parking in san francisco, it's a game. roulette. >> you have to ask yourself one question, do i feel luck i can? well, do you, punk. >> lucky enough not to feed the
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meter or rush back one minute, two minutes after the meter expires? >> it's almost a bit of a revenue generating thing for the city. i don't know if their number one prior city set out to be fair. >> the city does make $70 million a year on those of us who don't feed the meters at the right time. would you like to know the chances of you getting a ticket. >> well, do you? >> craig dingle thought you might. >> put in your address tonight website. youcan see how many patrols have gone by that address in the past. >> this request got him 3 million tickets over the past two and a half years. where, when, what time? he put it in a language you and i can understand at www.parkroulettedoing. >> predictablythecommercialzonesar y -- street cleaning in the city. that is a big red zone on the
6:40 pm
parking roulette map. >> never a good time to not pay the meter. always pay the meter. that way you avoid getting a citation >> all roads of the transit aagency charges the meters. he says his department is app happy, too. paid for on that very same mobile. >> we'd much rather have people pay a meter than pay a fine. that's what a lot of the programs we're doing are aimed to do. >> there are a lot of times when you definitely shouldn't take your chances. there are also times where it looks like you could. >> outside, there was a 13.8 chance of getting a ticket at an unpedometer. >> 's one in 70ish. city hall is closer to 65%. >> more than half. bring change. >> let me tell you a coup elizabeth things about greg. he doesn't have a camp he just wanted to do this. he doesn't even want to make money. he just did it for his buddies. what's he working on next? latinos are the chances you're
6:41 pm
going to get audited by the irs? i love this guy. in san francisco, mike sugerman kpix 5. >> just rememberrings the house always wins. the program just started a couple weeks ago, but we posted a link on turns out, you might be able to slow down aging. how bay area scientists think they've uncovered the secret to help you live longer. and, it's not the place you may think of buying your brewski. coming up at tonight's consumer watch, why you might be tempted to buy beer next time you go to walmart. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news out of our nation's cal tonight: where authorities are still looki for a we're continuing to follow developing news out of our nation's capital tonight where authorities are still looking for a gunman who may have gotten away after this morning's shooting massacre at the washington navy yard. the rampage left 13 people dead
6:44 pm
including one of the suspects. at least a dozen more are injured. all federal buildings were on high alert. several schools locked down, and flights grounded at reagan national airport. 34-year-old aaron alexis is the suspect that was killed after a shoot outwalnut creek officers. it is believe he entered the secure nigh victims building with someone else's id card. alexis is a former navy reservist from fort hood texas. he has a past criminal record. convicted serial killer joseph naso deserves to die. that is what a marin county prosecutor said in her closing argument. the 79-year-old was convicted last month in the death of four prostitutes and two other women in california between 1977 and 1994. the prosecutor told the jury the question is what punishment does naso deserve for killing six people. in a rambling closing argument, naso who is representing
6:45 pm
himself, asked the jury to spare him the death penalty. san francisco firefighters and paramedics prepare for a large disaster today with the help of two new marine aircraft. the mb 22 awspry ry flies like an 75. you may p able to turn back the handsover time. for the first time bay area scientist demonstrated how accept life style changes can slow down the aging process. what'sb anybody can do it. >> like many working moms, lisa alafaris crams a lot into life, leaving her with scant room to breathe. >> i just think this can't be good for me to be living this way all the time. >> she has reason for concern. too much stress over time can shorten your life. by shortening the proat this time caps found at the end of your chromosomes. now, a break through finding by
6:46 pm
bay area scientist may change that. >> it is an anti aging program with no side effects. >> seen here in green, the protective caps fray as you age, putting you at a highest risk of cancer, heart disease. chronic stress speeds up the process. >> in a small pilot stud discrimination scientists show how you can actually boost the size. >> these results are really very provocative. >> this doctor is one of the researchers. for five years her team followed 35 when early stage prostate cancer. those who change their life style saw a significant increase in the length. what did they do is this they eight more unrefined, unprocessed foods, walked 30 minutes a day six days a week, tried yoga and meditation, and attend group support meetings. >> life style changes are things that we want to do anyway. we want to eat better. we want to be socially
6:47 pm
connected. we ant to be less stressed. >> e while this study is too small to draw any long-term conclusions, doctor rapel feels encouraged. >> this study shows us the power of our daily behave your. >> in the study, the men who did not change their life style had measurably short telameres after five years. parked right next to the electrical charging stations, all to set the stage for the governor to drive home a message h. said california is leading the way when it comes to electric cars. >> this is main stream america in california promoting electric vehicles, electric charging, and changing the very nature of how we live together. california is reducing its climate footprint, and we are a catalyst not only to the united states, but for the entire world. >> the governor says there are two bills in the legislature he's going to sign. one will continue to incentive
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for purchasing electric cars. the other will sponsor research for energy related programs. allotted of college graduates are deep in debt with student loans. many of those entitled to help aren't taking advantage. on the consumer watch, julie watts with a new push about a payment program that could leave students debt free in a decade. >> reporter: that's right. it's estimated that 25% of working college graduates are entitled to make lower monthly payments and vallejo their remaining debt wiped out after 10 years. trouble is, many don't know about the program. consumer watchdog is trying to spread the word. public service loan for given the program open to college graduates who work for a nonprofit or in the public sector. teachers, firefighters, police officers, those who qualify are required to make on time payments towards their federal student loans for 10 years, and after that, the remaining debt goes away. now, this only aflies to federal debt, not private
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loans. find more information on our website slash consumer watch. got beer? if not, walmart wants to be the place you go do bite. the big box store is reportedly selling beer nearly at cost. that's the price the retailer pay esiason for the product itself. according to bloomberg the parkup on beer in some of its stores is less than 1% comb pair toad a 30% markup on over beverages. walmart reportedly plans to double its the alcohol sales by 2016 and hopes consumers will come for the suds and stay for other things. speaking of big box store, a shopper at this san francisco costco got a big surprise when he purchased a samsung tab l. when he got home and opened the box, he discovered not one, but five tablets inside. the honest consumer did the right thing and brought four back to the store. his reward, a $50 gift card. costco says a new employee of the store accidentally gave him a carton of tablets instead of a single one.
6:50 pm
talk about buying in buck. they say it hasn't happened since -- bulk. they say it hasn't happened since. >> i hope the guy still works there. hope he didn't get fired for this. >> fingers crossed. at least he was an honest consumer and bringing it back. >> nice to hear somebody doing the right thing. although, a $50 gift card i would expect more. >> at least 100. maybe a tablet. maybe we can press this weather forecast a couple more days before we get a chance of rain. >> reporter: what a fantastic weekend. >> it was. >> reporter: today was good, too. we've been talking about for six months, eight months how we could use the rainfall. not going to see a huge pattern change, but all seven days are not free. live look outside, mount vaca beautiful shot. knock but blue sky inland. also oakland looking back toward the city, that marine layer pretty nonexisting currently and really comfortable outside right now.
6:51 pm
oakland, 72. livermore, 78. concord, upper 70s. santa rosa, the warm spot. 84. concord, you are our stop for our kpix 5 school cast. cambridge elementary school. coyotes. ain principal at cambridge nominate your school by heading to our website forward slash school cast. we may put your school on television. here is why it's going to be so nice tomorrow. it will still be plenty pleasant outside. any train this low will stay. our high pressure builds in on wednesday and thursday. temperatures go back up. some of you inland may hit 90 near the bit. close to 80. that will also move o. then is low pressure number two. this one will be stronger. going to get closertous. that will be the catalyst for that rain chance. we have a chance over rain every where in the bay area. late friday, early saturday. at a minimum, we see an
6:52 pm
increase in clouds and temperatures will be cooler. some of us will get rain early in the day on saturday. highs tomorrow, little bit cooler. concord 81. the city 67. oakland you'll hit 726789 nappa 79 degrees. extended forecast, the warmest day wednesday, thursday. close to 80 near the bay. showers to start off the weekend. the drier choice will be sunday. the vain in the forecast. >> wow. >> we need it. >> reporter: yeah. well, i don't know what the 49ers needed yesterday. >> whoa. >> they needed something different. >> i played in a golf tournamented to. >> yeah >> the happy folks, raider fans. >> yeah. >> 49ers, look at it this way, 49ers fans, six days from now you will be talking about the colts game. just ask colin kaepernick.
6:53 pm
these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer.
6:54 pm
they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. niners have to pick up the pieces after being blown ou seattle " " richard sherman and the seas
6:55 pm
defense puffed their chests last night as they forced fe 49ers. >> i think you guys expected a little more kaepernicking. we didn't. >> sherman if you find their chest out last night. they forced five turn overs. the most by the 49ers under jim harbaugh. they held san francisco to just three points. >> couldn't dissect it here. i prefer not to. >> momentum plays were made by seattle's defense. >> the hole in the dyke got a little big and finally caved? >> more bad news. defensive tackle williams will miss the rest of the season after break his ankle here. he underwent surgery earlier
6:56 pm
today. williams was making his first career start. giants outfielder was named national league player of the week after getting these video game numbers. hit .444, six homers, 19 runs batted in. second time this year the golf tournament has come and. go guess who? roberto gonzalez. check out goodridge. she likes it. this to benefit cancer research. myself, and juliette raised almost 1100 today. >> good for you. >> from that one hole itself.
6:57 pm
>> wow. >> yeah. >> you guys all look great out there. >> nice tease. >> i had to lock the camera down. >> yeah. only one thing at a time. >> excuses, excuses. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> good time was lad by all. >> like you said, raider fans were happy. >> 9er fans. >> they'll recover. >> what's up, man. >> the 9ers. come oranges you're playing. go it is a beautiful day. >> cheep that chin up. turn that frown upside down. >> for the latest on our website. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month.
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