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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is happening near the intersection of market and 24th street. we have a crew that's in route and bring you a live report in short order. >> let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> looks like the wind starting to kick up. a breezy day today. numbers in the 50s and 60s. more on the forecast coming up. >> we're watching a big rig fire. blocking one right lane northbound 680 just beyond highway 84 exit. plus a check of area bridges. >> all right. thank you, liz. 4:30. some developing news as you wake up. washington d.c. and police have identified the navy yard gunman as a deck raided officer. aaron alexis. susan mcginnis says 13 people are dead including the gunman.
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>> reporter: the investigation into monday's deadly shooting on a navy base continues through the night. one question that remains unanswered is why. >> we don't know what the motive is at this stage. >> alexis opened fire inside a building. from his position, he had a sniper's view overlooking the atrium below. >> we were out in the open. >> 12 people were killed in the attack. all of them civilian contractors. he became the 13th killed. >> they are looking to the public to find out more information on his whereabouts and activities in his days leading up to the shooting. >> the fbi released a poster to ask the public to call. >> they've already had numerous acquaintances come forward.
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former co-workers, current co-workers and they've learned a lot. >> his family says he had little to do with them and monday's events came as a surprise. >> no one saw it coming. it's shocking. >> authority ies do not believe alexis has ties to terrorist organizations. susan mcginnis. kpix 5. >> the gunman used a valid pass to get on to the navy yard. the oldest u.s. navy installation and sits three miles from the white house and across the river from the pentagon. he was armed with ar-15 assault rifle, a shotgun and semi automatic glock. dianne feinstein is renewing her call. when will enough be enough? congress must be shrink ing its responsibility. >> new offers on the table. the unions want 4
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.35% raise every year for the next three years. what does bart management think of that? >> that is a tiny, tiny, tiny movement down half a percent. it's just not enough. >> kpix 5s' phil says don't expect the state to step in. >> don't look for the governor to weigh in. law makers won't try to ride to the rescue. >> special session was considered and rejected in the legislature. so i think the folks at bart and the union better sit down cause it could be a real problem. >> what are you going to do if they don't? >> i've exercised by power. >> as to the proposal to outlaw strikes and have a mediator force a deal on the two sides. >> the matter was discussed and
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rejected. >> why was it rejected? >> decide when to do it. the manager or the union have shown appetite. i do not want to see a strike. i urge the parties to get real. >> kpix 5. >> well, another strike could happen as early as october 11th if the two sides can't figure it out in the next three or four weeks. time to get busy. >> we'll see what happens there. so summer is coming to an end. >> finally winding down. we'll get heat before it's over but showers before summer ends as well. you'll notice the changes. patchy fog. the winds starting to kick up a little outside. it's breezy around the bay area this morning if you are headed out the door. west southwesterly winds at 13 to 17 at sfo with gusts of 26. you get the idea. the winds blowing pretty good.
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southwesterly winds at 22 miles per hour. breezy start to the day. patchy fog along the coastline and the temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, cooler day as a weak trough slides through. highs in the 70s inland. a lot of 70s, sunshine in the bay and because the system is cool, going to see sunshine out toward the coastline. more on your forecast in a moment. >> thank you, lawrence. only thing major going on is the big big fire blocking one lane. it is coming northbound 680 around highway 84. fire crews are on scene and they are blocking one lane. the big rig is off to the right hand shoulder. there are a few brake lights. approaches to the bay bridge look great. there is some lanes blocked. about 5:00 this
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morning on eastbound 80. more overnight road work. this time the southbound lanes. looks good once you get closer towards the oakland coliseum. up to five lanes are blocked northbound 680 up towards monument. westbound 24 you are cruising towards the caldacot. back to you. >> thank you. millions more californians wille access to healthcare as a result of the obama administration's reform. the affordable care act can be confusing so the state set up call centers to explain how it works. visited a call center where turns out some of the employees don't currently qualify for healthcare benefits. >> reporter: there were 7,000 applicants and only 135 spots for customer service agents at this call center. the job? to explain obamacare to anyone who
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called. >> i think the addition of this call center has been great for the economy. >> keith green was one of the lucky few who got the job. >> the call center opened up, gave people jobs. also gave them an opportunity to get insurance themselves for those who didn't have it. >> but we found out that is not entirely true. >> not all of the employees who work here educating the public are eligible for it themselves. >> i was denied by three of the major carriers in california and i was not able to get insurance at all. >> hi, my name is mike. >> as a part time employee, michael tells us he is still not eligible for insurance through his job. we wanted to know why. >> i'm not sure. >> a spokes person told us the same thing by phone. >> when a part time employee be eligible for health benefits?
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>> i don't know. >> all michael knows is he needs health benefits and since his job hasn't provided them, he along with millions of other uninsured californians will have to look for obama care. >> i'm actually a great candidate. >> information on the affordable care act and how it may affect you is available at >> city of san jose's crack down on gang activity seems to be working. an usual spike in homicides in the city. new numbers show a 19% drop in gang related crimes compared with the same period last year. gang related homicides are down 43%. the overall pace is higher than normal. san francisco parks worker who ran over a young mother says he drove away from the scene because he didn't realize he hit anyone. thomas is now offering that explanation through his
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attorney. he was driving on asphalt path in the park on september the 5th and cut across the grass. a woman died of head and chest injuries. the baby girl who was with her was not injured. add a surcharge to the price of mattress to pay for disposal. in response to the mattress dumping problem. the tribune reports the city spends half a million dollars a year collecting 5,000 mattresses that are dumped on city streets. >> 5:39. not everyone is feeling patriotic about the chinese flag flying at the city hall. why it comes down to dollars and cents for the council. >> would you like to have student loans wiped out? congress passed a program but nobody seems to know anything about it. how to see if you are eligible to have your debt forgiven when we come back. [z
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lo tion a live look at the cruise
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ship off the coast in italy after a very long and complicated operation. now up right and ready for next move. the crew called monday he's engineering perfect and say there is no damage to the environment. took 19 hours to right that ship. we have time lapse video. 32 people died in the crash including two americans when it ran aground and tipped over in january of 2012. now that the ship is up right, crews will have to repair the gash or wait until spring to tow it where it will be dismantled. >> there is clear and convincing evidence chemical weapons were used in syria last month. the un reports says turned up 85% of the blood samples. the report does not specifically assign blame but un ambassador says only the regime
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could carry out a large scale attack. >> 4:42. the flag of main land china will fly over san leandro hall. there are critics who say the city is selling out. >> the city council voted 4 to 3 to raise the flag on october 1st. china's national day. the chinese consulate has said they might stop by to visit on that day. it was council member benny lee's idea. >> if we close our doors, that closes our opportunities to be an influence with them. the partnership allows us to grow quicker. >> an overwhelming number of comments about china's human rights records. >> this flag is a symbol. >> i hope they will come to
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their senses and refrain from flying this flag that is stained with bloods. >> either the dollar bill or the chinese currency above city hall. >> and promise to be back. >> the people and their allies will be protesting that bloody flag. they think they heard an ear full, they'll hear more on october 1st. >> kpix 5. >> the city of alameda and san francisco have raised chinese flags in the past. >> 8 people are now dead in the flood in colorado and hundreds are still unaccounted for. the search for victims picked up after the sun came up yesterday. 1,000 people are stranded because roads and bridges are washed out. once the evacuations are complete, it could take months to finish searching for victims. here's what the rescue victims look like. this crew had a camera
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rolling as they scoured a cut off community looking for stranded people and also pets. that clean up is going to take a long time. >> at least some relief is on its way. they are going to have blue skies there. >> partly cloudy skies. should stay dry. temperature s in the upper 80s. finally catching a break there. around the bay area shift gears and head into fall. we're already shifting that way. outside right now a weak system sliding through the bay area bringing clouds and breezy conditions. 50s and 60s out the door. cooler temperatures well below the average. maybe low 80s. a lot of 70 s and breezy inside the bay. should mix out a lot of low clouds. here's a system sliding on through. the low anchored well to the north and a weak system bringing with it. a chance of showers in far northern california. we're going to stay dry. breezy
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conditions and not as warm throughout the day today. numbers around the state. 80s, maybe 90s. chance of showers in forward eureka. around the bay today, looking at the numbers a little cooler but not bad. 77 in morgan hill. 72 in san jose. 65 in pacifica. east bay numbers in the 70s and low 80s. and breezy in through the golden gate 67 in san francisco. 64 in daly city and 79 in santa rosa. next couple days start to warm things up on wednesday and thursday. one little summer bash and start to cool things down. clouds roll in on friday and saturday with a slight chance for sprinkles. let's check out the roadways with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside right now we're doing okay except for this one problem spot. if you are in south bay, this is a live look at 101. as
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you can see taillights and headlights are moving at the limit. i'll show you what we're talking about. northbound 680 right past highway 84 it's a big rig fire. looks like it's in the clearing stage now. we were seeing slowing on our sensors. and that is no longer the case. we'll check in with police there. in the meantime, if you are coming towards the bay bridge toll plaza, no delay. 80, 880, 580 and 24. and no metering lights at the pay gates itself. across the nimmits freeway, still lanes blocked on northbound and southbound 880. you'll see the overnight road work. this is the usual stuff they often do at this time in the morning and everything should be cleared in the next 15 or 20 minutes. westbound 92 no problems in either direction. you can see this is a flat
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section of the bridge just past the san mateo toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. house republican leaders will meet to avoid a federal government shut down. president obama spoke in the white house on the 5th anniversary of the start of the financial crisis. the president warned republicans they could trigger new economic chaos if they demanded the delay of affordable care act. >> federal reserve begins a two day meeting to set interest rates. most economists believe the feds will take the first step towards reducing stimulus program and helped economy rebound. on wall street the dow rallied after larry summers took himself out of the running. the dow was up 118 points. s&p also went up. the nasdaq dragged down by shares of apple since the company unveiled new iphones
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just a week ago. forbes says bill gates is still the richest person in america for the 20th year in a row. worth $72 billion. warren buffett is a distant second with $58.5 billion. and larry ellis is third again worth $41 billion. strong stock in real estate markets help the rich get a whole lot richer. >> the federal government is trying to get college grads to take advantage of a student loan program. people who work in the public sector or non-profit and regularly make student loan payments. after 10 years, the entire remaining debt could be forgiven. >> teachers, first responders, and so many other public servants are graduating with debt but not earning high wages. and many of them are considering leaving public service because they can't afford the loan payments. >> only applies to federal
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loans, not private loans. >> scrambling to fix a new multi million dollar system that was supposed to help reduce truancy. it's just not working. so the district has to count heads manually. staffers tell kpix 5 the problem has been fixed at one school and hopeful it will work district wide. >> the new president of the uc system is getting a generous housing allowance. this is secretary back in july. the la times now reports uc is shelling out nearly $10,000 a month for her new oakland residence. she starts her new job on september 30th. debating whether to renovate unused 1920s style mansion called the blake house. been the home of uc presidents until five years ago but needs a lot of work. repairs could cost
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up to $3.5 million. >> 4:50 on your tuesday. where you can buy them at cost coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. let's check out your micro climate forecast today. we're expecting temperatures to go up to 79 degrees in pittsburg. warmer tomorrow could see 87. summer one last gasp before the fall. outside a couple patches of fog. mostly clear in the valleys. breezy outdoors though. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a pretty nice day ahead as we're
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expecting mild temperatures. maybe not quite as warm as yesterday but still comfortable in the valleys. 60s toward the coast. >> out to the east bay too. here is a live look. 5:00, magic hour when the lanes reopen. still the overnight road work northbound and southbound. and again once you reach san leandro. the drive time still in the clear. farther south on 880, the 237 commute looks good heading out towards sunnyvale. mass transit all on time. >> okay. thank you, liz. 4:54 now and just got a lot cheaper to buy beer. wal-mart is selling beer almost at cost. the markup at some stores is less than 1% compared to 30% for other beverages. wal-mart is trying to become the biggest beer seller in america and hopes
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people stop in for beer and also buy other stuff. >> for christmas remember you gave me a case of beer. >> i did. >> thanks for letting everyone know. >> i don't have a pack for that will. >> it's been 22 years since metallica hit the charts. >> joe shows us they've gone from making heavy metal to making a movie. >> it's not just a concert movie. it's a 3d heavy metal explosion. and 24 cameras capture the band performing epic hits, the film called metallica has a plot. >> we consider ourselves a bay
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area band. we're going to have u.s. premiere here. >> three of the four members live in the bay area. they walk the red carpet and answered questions before their film premiered tonight. >> the big question, why would a band that has won 9 grammy's risk millions of dollars of their own money to put out a feature film? >> we have absolutely no answer for that. once we figure it out, we'll let you know first. three years ago, it seemed like a really good idea. it's been one fun crazy ride since. >> it's a mind blowing electric chair based on one of the band's albums. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> second album. are you kidding me ? >> this is the most dangerous stage that has ever been. >> the filmmakers worried the lightning would strike the band or crew. >> it's not over yet, you know.
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it's not 4d where electricity comes out into the audience. >> kpix 5. >> opens in theaters september 27th. >> all i want to know is i have three kids lifshing in this house and this is all contaminated. >> flood waters reseed in colorado. why it could take weeks to account for all those missing. >> reporter: the unions for bart employees make a move. what their proposal is to avoid a strike coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a mass shooting on the grounds in the navy base leaves 13 people dead including the shooter. >> no one saw it coming. no one knew anything . all this is just shocking.
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>> so far there's no motive and little information about the shooter. >> i urge the parties to get real. >> bart and unions with no new movement. >> the flag of main land china flies over san leandro city hall. >> i was denied by three of the major carriers in california and i was not able to get insurance at all. >> the state set up call centers to explain to people how obamacare works. but not all the employees that work there are eligible themselves. from across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> that's a tremendous play. >> good morning, it's tuesday september 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up right now. a man killed 12 people at a washington naval yard. the gunman was treated by u.s.


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