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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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obama care works but not all the employees that work there are eligible themselves. from across the bay, to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> that's a tremendous play. >> good morning, everyone. it is tuesday september the 17th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. new developments in the washington navy yard shooting. the gunman was treated by u.s. officials for serious mental illness and hearing voices. 34-year-old aaron alexis died in a shoot out with police. the yard was locked down through the night as investigators worked. officials say he used a valid path to gain access to the yard and alexis apparently carried three guns. he acted alone. he worked for a defense contractor. he had been a full time navy reservist in texas and 3,000 people work at
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that navy yard. susan mcginnis is in washington where investigators are trying to learn more about the shooting. >> reporter: authorities are focused on one gunman. we're learning more about his past and about a history of mental illness that includes hearing voices. the investigation into monday's deadly shooting on a navy base continued through the night. one question that remains unanswered is why. >> we don't know what the motive is at this stage. >> police say 34-year-old aaron alexis opened fire inside a building on washington's navy yard. >> it was like pow, pow, pow. >> from his position, he had a sniper's view. >> it wasn't really no cover to take. we were out in the open. >> 12 people were killed in the attack. all of them civilian contractors. alexis became the 13th person killed when he died in a shoot out with police. >> because police can't
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question aaron alexis they are looking to the public about his whereabouts and activities in the days leading up to the shooting. >> the fbi released a poster asking the public to call about any information. >> by putting that out, they've already had numerous acquaintances come forward. former co-workers, current co-workers and they've learned a lot. >> his family says he had little to do with them and monday's events came as a surprise. >> no one saw it coming. no one knew anything . all it is is shocking. >> authorities do not believe alexis has ties to terrorist organizations. >> in one hour the secretary of defense will lay a wreath at the u.s. navy memorial to honor the victims. susan mcginnis back to you. >> the fbi says aaron alexis used a valid path to get on to the navy yard. that's about three miles from the white house and across the river from reagan
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national airport and the pentagon. investigators say the gunman was armed with ar-15 assault rifle, shotgun and semi automatic glock. dianne feinstein is renewing her call. she said quote when will enough be enough. congress must be shrink in gbs responsibility. >> in oakland, cate caugurian is gathering new information from the scene where a fire has burned two homes overnight. >> reporter: unfortunately, firefighters tell me there were four people who will need to find a new place to live. one of those homes burned is a complete loss. take a look at this void i don't see we shot earlier. the flames were shooting well above the roof. right now they believe the fire began in the back of the home in the washroom and quickly spread to the second floor. and once the flames got to the roof, it
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jumped to the homes next door. firefighters say they had to work quickly to keep it from spreading to a third home. >> this was an aggressive fire. >> firefighters say they evacuated 12 people total. there were five pulmonary people in the home. the good news is no injuries have been reported. we know the red cross is here on scene providing assistance to those forced out of their homes and firefighters are here to make sure no flare ups pop up. reporting live in oakland. back to you. >> let's check in with liz for a check on our morning commute. >> overall things look great. no big issues or major accidents. a live look at the south bay. 101 near the trimbol
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exit. we sent our photographer out there. showing us live traffic conditions. and so far we haven't seen much of a delay. towards santa clara, a different story over at the bay bridge. they just turned on the metering lights. back ups now in the cash and middle fast track lanes. there's also a stall. they are working to clear it. they have that new shoulder. it's westbound 80 right before the island. it is causing things to stack up a little bit. in the meantime, let's talk weather. here is lawrence with the latest on that. >> yes, let's talk weather. the wind is kicking up a bit. a weak system sliding to our north. we're ushering in a cooler day. still not a bad start to the day. a couple patches of fog. the wind is blowing over 20 miles an hour. 26 at sfo. 20 out of the west at san francisco. into the
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delta 24 in fairfield and 21 in antioch. just a couple patches of fog. the east bay hills. looks like the numbers right now in the 50s and 60s in most spots. back down to 48 in santa rosa. this afternoon temperatures running well below the average. comfortable and breezy. that's the latest. back to you. >> 60 :06 now. the clock is ticking to another bart strike. negotiations ended with a small amount of movement towards an agreement. another strike could happen as early as october the 11th. sue kwon is over at the pleasant hill bart station with an update on what the governor as well as bart riders are saying about the labor dispute. >> reporter: all the parties involve know the clock is ticking. october 11th is when another strike could happen. and only 9 more negotiation
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sessions happening. yesterday a little move. if you look at it like a game of chess, the employee's unions did put forth a proposal making their move and now bart is going to consider it and get back to them today with an answer. in a statement, the spokes person says bart sees little change in the proposal. basically employees went from a 5% wage increase to 4.5 wage increase which is about 17% over three years. but bart is still holding firm. it wants a 4 year contract and 10% increase over that period of time. riders this morning that we talked to says that what we should do is actually outlaw strikes by transit workers and to have a mediator cut a deal for both sides. >> can't shut things down like this. it's not good for anyone. everything loses. it's unfortunate.
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>> and you know what, talked to governor brown yesterday kind of asking the same question, why can't we just have a deal cut and the governor says he's done his part with this cooling off period. law makers made no indication they want to step in and propose a bill that would require mediation. they are going to have to deal with this and negotiate in good faith. today they come to a table in oakland. reporting live, i'm sue kwon, kpix 5. >> they have had a lot of time to think about it and talk about it. what's at the top of the agenda today? >> reporter: well, you know what, from what we hear, now that the union has made a move, bart will have to come back with feedback and possibly another offer. but even from the start is that bart is going to hold firm. sending a message last week, we're going to use that
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for improvement. they are holding firm. it will be interesting if bart comes out with anything different. >> this might go the distance. sue kwon, live for us in please avent hill. thank you, sue. bay area news now, the board of supervisors will consider a plan to bring affordable housing to the county there. the proposal calls for rezoning to allow affordable housing and north of san rafael. more affordable housing is badly needed. critics are concerned about overcrowding. city council set to vote this evening aiming at vandalism. it would make it illegal for protestors to carry hammers, clubs and other. gave it preliminary approval in july. >> the rains have stopped. but search and rescue s are still happening in colorado. in many communities, only roof tops are
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rizable -- visible. at least 1,000 people are stranded because roads and bridges are washed out. so far 8 people have died. once the evacuations are complete, could take months to finish searching for victims. here's what they look like. this crew had a camera rolling as they scour a cut off community looking for stranded people and pets. they hoisted up a small animal crate. a colorado flooding could cause environmental problems. the state department and natural resources says it's too early to know but checking the possibility oil and gas facility were damaged. there are 45,000 oil and gas wells in the state. many were shut down prior to the flooding to avoid problems. >> new this morning, hayward police arrested two people after a short chase. here's the video they banged up two police cruisers. started about 1:00
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this morning when an officer spotted a stolen truck and tried to pull it over. the driver revved the truck up, rammed into the police car and took off. the truck crashed at a deadened. police arrested the suspect and a passenger inside trying to runaway. one officer was hurt during the arrest. 6:11. coming up, some celebrities are more dangerous than others to search on the internet. the actress you don't want to go searching for. >> all it takes is one second with your eyes off the road and could find yourself in major danger. the devices that keeps your attention on traffic. >> low pressure passing over north. the winds are kicking up. what does it mean for the rest of the day? >> turns out it's a stalled truck. on the new eastern span in the commute direction heading towards the bay bridge, a live look at the toll plaza. latest traffic conditions after the break. and you could save hundreds."
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ingredients for life. hemsworth called off their engagement. the two were almost four yea miley cyrus is trending this morning. she's officially single. called off their engage many. the two were together for four years. cyrus is no longer following him on twitter. unfollowed him. the couple gotten gauged in may of 2012 but no more. also trending now grand theft auto. one of the most popular video games ever. the newest installation comes out. nfl, three games this season have be disrupted by weather. the navy yard shooting and nothing was the same. follow us on twitter at cbssf. searching for lily collins could cause you problems. the celebrity most likely to lead
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you to a malicious site. the computer company says you could get dubious links searching for her and the risk increases by searching free apps or nude photos. all women after lily, avril, sandra bullock, kathy griffin and zoey. >> i didn't know who lily collins was either. >> i didn't. and i usually know a lot about that stuff, unfortunately. a little bit of everything. thank you, guys. let's go out towards the bay bridge. it is our problem spot right now because of a stalled truck. we're trying to confirm exactly where it is. sounds like it's right before you get to the tunnel. and it's blocking the off ramp. not that great for traffic behind it. from the view of our camera, not seeing much slowing. ch p is reporting a few brake lights. they may
6:17 am
have just cleared it. they had to turn the metering lights on. 5:53 this morning is when they turned the lights on. it's stacking up beyond the over crossings. the carpool lanes off to the left, everything looks good. westbound 580 pretty busy beginning 205 out of tracy and continuing out towards isabell exit. 26 minutes between the altamont pass and dublin inter change. that is the latest time saver traffic. for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> arriving flights over an hour delay. winds up to 38 miles per hour. the winds are
6:18 am
going to blow today as we transition. get ready for fall. a little breezy toward the afternoon and not as warm. then we're going to see brief warming before the end of summer before we cool things down and bring in rain drops. one area of low pressure passing to our north now. could touch off a few scattered showers in far northern california. going to see the breezy conditions and the temperatures are going to stay down. a little gusty in spots. going to struggle to get to the 80s. sfo a couple clouds. arrival delays of over an hour. a little on the breezy side. around the country, possibility of thovrms. houston at 95. partly cloudy. 88 degrees. 73 degrees. a few clouds in chicago. feeling like fall in new york. around the bay the numbers in the 70s. a little sunshine there as well. 68 and breezy all day. 70s and low 80s inland. inside the bay,
6:19 am
temperatures in the 60s and 70s. start to warmup on wednesday and thursday. clouds rolling in on friday and saturday with a slight chance of some sprinkles as we head toward the end of summer. it will be exciting. >> make sure the windshield wipers are working. >> get them ready to go. >> thank you. 6:19. car accessory companies are working to project navigation now on your windshield as you drive the car. >> the goal of the head up displays is to improve safety. the garmin hud is already on the market. same technology that exists on fighter planes. b measuring w and gm already offer -- bmw and gm offer such displays. >> if you are heading over to oakland as game, get there early. why it may take longer to get inside coming up. >> good morning, everybody. a little baseball for you.
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the as, not invincible. they are going to be okay. the raiders and 49ers. how hurt are they? we'll update. ,,,,,, ready?
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the pirates' clint (bar-mist the pl good morning, everybody. we'll lead you off with a little baseball. just a matter of time the story of how the as win the west. their last home game, they were hanging on to a game and a half late. last night 6.5 with the angels coming in. probably should have stayed in head. angels teed off on him. let's give him a 4-0 lead. cole found a hole . that's going to score two more.
6:24 am
parker up for 7 runs and the as lost 12-1. the magic number is 7 to clinch. out for the rest of the season after breaking his ankle on sunday in seattle. surgery yesterday, raider's time on branch. according to reports, suffered a broken leg in the win over jacksonville. and look out cincinnati. last night here's the key moment in the steelers game. rookie bernard, here's the second of 2 touchdowns a 27 yarder in the third. the bengals won it 20-10. pittsburgh 0 and 2. the final round in the championship, all about zach johnson. key shot at the 16th hole for his first win of the season. speaking of wins, frank, i got your little email about fantasy football game, much appreciated. rematch coming.
6:25 am
>> you beat him. >> i did. vern had a couple 49ers. play of the day. pirates at the plate . gyorko there at second and gets his man off the glove. the second, the dive scoop from the knees. winning on the road 2-0 for play of the day. >> the as fans get for the playoff game. have to get used to new security measures beginning with thursday's game. fans will have to enter through a metal detection system similar to those at airports. fans will have to empty out pockets and have bags searched. major league baseball hopes to have them in place in all stadiums by next year. frj the america's cup finals continues today with two races. team new zealand leads usa 7-1.
6:26 am
and the first team to win 9 races takes the cup. if new deland wins -- new zealand wins today, it will be the new champion. 6:26 now. been almost four years since the shooting rampage at fort hood and while awaiting trial, nadal hasan was collecting with military salary. what he's done with all that money. >> reporter: and we're live in oakland after four people are homeless after a fire destroyed two homes. what firefighters are saying may have started this. ,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news.
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>> as bart contract negotiations pick up again today, riders have a message for all involved. >> plus getting a new comfy mattress and a good night sleep is going to cost you a little extra. >> gusty winds around the bay area to start out the day. a big change in the forecast coming to. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> we are in the red sadly on westbound 580. heavy traffic from tracy out through livermore. the latest travel times coming up. >> good morning. it's tuesday september the 17th . i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is 6:30. cate caugurian is gathering new developments out of oakland where a fire has forced several people out of their homes this morning. >> reporter: it appears they have prelimb nary pinpointed --
6:31 am
preliminarily pinpointed. 55 firefighters to put out the flames. we'll show you video we have from earlier. there were flames coming out of the roof. oakland fire says they got the call before 3:30 this morning. they believe the fire started in the back of the home in the washroom because there was a lot more damage concentrated in that area. then the flames quickly spread from the first house to the second floor, then spread to the home next door. firefighters say they had to do an aggressive interior attack. because of that, they were able to keep the flames from spreading. the biggest challenge was just how close each home was to the other. >> the homes being close together, the involvement of the fire. i had a look at the entire building and the rear part of the building, there's a rear part of the damage that went up stairs in the original building. and traveled to the next door neighbor and got into
6:32 am
the addict. the firefighters stopped it. >> reporter: now, the good news is no injuries were reported. firefighter say 12 people were forced out of the home. four people in the home were evacuated and exr evacuated a third home. all of them are safe and okay. firefighters told me they don't believe this was arson. at this point they believe this was an electrical fire. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> we're learning more this morning about the gunman accused of killing 12 people in washington d.c. yesterday. aparticipately treated for serious mental illness and had been hearing voices. 34-year-old aaron alexis died in a shoot out with police. officials say he used a valid pass to gain access to the navy yard. defense secretary chuck hagel will lay a wreath in honor of the victims today. alexis worked for other navy offices and had issues about his pay.
6:33 am
>> he was wondering if i could help him out because they were slow to pay. the company did not pay him what they said they were going to. >> alexis was a navy reservist until he was discharged following a pattern of misconduct. the former army psychiatrist who went on a shooting rampage in fort hood texas collected $300,000 in military pay while awaiting trial. almost all that money has been given to charity so won't be accessible to the families or survivors. sentenced to death last month for killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others in 2009. >> a new offer on the table in the bart labor talks. the union wants 4.5% raise every year. the new proposal just doesn't cut it. >> that is a tiny, tiny movement down. a half a percent is not enough. >> with that, talks ended with
6:34 am
a slight bit of movement. sue kwon is at the bart statement with an -- bart station with an update. sue. >> reporter: you know what, it's early but they did have a lot to say. extremely frustrated. and they just want this deal done. and as you just mentioned, basically that one proposal on the table will be discussed today as negotiations pick up again for another session. as you could hear, bart was not happy. it was not enough movement. they are making concessions and going from 5% down to 4.5% wage increase over three years. that's a 17% increase. bart wants them do go as low as 10% over a four year period. riders we talked to shared nightmare stories of having to stay in the city, being stranded, three hour commutes and they want to outlaw strikes by transit workers and
6:35 am
have a mediator cut the deal for both sides. >> live over here and i work in the city. go back and forth. >> last time what did you do? >> i slept in the city. >> you slept in the city? >> yeah, i slept in the city. >> he slept in a hotel for five days because work was just that important. and another person we talked to said he had a three hour commute to hayward. it is a big disruption. people are paying attention and they do know the strike is october 11th if they cannot get through these negotiations. there are nine more sessions including today. starts in oakland around 9:00. reporting live, back to you. >> thanks. both sides running out of time. another strike could happen as early as october 11th if they can't get something done. >> time now 6:35. another check on the weather. >> summer winding down and
6:36 am
getting breezy outside. gusts over 30 miles per hour. we'll get those winds on and off throughout the day today. let's take a look now and see the wind speeds around the bay area. in fremont, the 26 sustained at sfo. 20 in san francisco. the winds through the delta. 24 in fairfield and 21 in antioch. the breezy condition throughout the day and mix out low clouds and fog. and just patchy fog out there in the distance. the temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. 40s inside the bay. keeping the temperatures down . by the afternoon, going to keep the numbers cooler than normal but comfortable. that's a look at the forecast. let's check out the roadways with elizabeth. >> the right lanes are the busiest. the left lanes are clearing out and the carpool lanes looked good as well. a truck blocking that off ramp towards treasure island. that looks like it's gone now. everything is back to normal.
6:37 am
it is stepping up in the far right lanes. checking elsewhere, there was an accident westbound 37. it is already cleared off to the right hand shoulder. actually off the freeway and seeing a few break lights westbound 37 out of vallejo. westbound 580 one of our busiest drive times through the pass and the valley. still looks pretty good. here is a live look at the westbound 580 drive. a little crowded as you approach 680. everything looks good until you get towards 238. that is traffic, back to you. >> thank you. the city of san jose's crack down on gang activity appears to be working. launched the effort in june after an unusual spike in homicide. the latest numbers for 2013 show a 19 percent drop in gang related violent crime compared to the same period last year.
6:38 am
homicides are down 43%. the overall homicide pace is higher than normal this year. a san francisco parks worker says he didn't stop when he ran over and killed a young mother because he never knew he hit someone. thomas says he was driving on an asphalt path on september 5th and cut across the grass. the 35-year-old woman died of head and chest injuries. the baby girl was not injured. could cost you a little more to get a good night sleep. a bill sitting on governor's desk would add a surcharge to pay for disposal. the measures in response to the mattress dumping problem. the city spends half a million dollars a year collecting 5,000 mattresses dumped on city streets. >> never a good time to not pay the meter. >> it is 6:38. parking in san francisco can get costly. when to feed the meter and when to risk getting a fine. >> back to school shopping is
6:39 am
done and holiday shopping is beginning. why shoppers are visiting fewer stores this year. >> and the market opened up about ten minutes ago. take a quick peak at the early numbers. great day yesterday and out of the gates with green lights as well. jason brooks is going to crunch the numbers and much more after the break. ,,
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shopper trak says it expects a research firm is projecting holiday sales will be slow this year. shopper track expects retail revenue to rise 2.4% november and december compared to last year. the increase from 2011 to 2012 was 3%. expected to visit fewer stores as they research purchases. costco has the music and the whole shebang right now. >> with the brand new numbers, here is financial reporter jason
6:43 am
brooks to chat all things business. good morning. >> good morning frank and michelle. the labor department's consumer price index was up only a tenth of a percent. if you go back over the prior year, rising only 1.5%. and wholesalers are doing a good job not passing it on. have an easing back. we are expecting an announcement regarding bond purchases totalling $85 billion a month. most economists are expecting to pull back by around $10 billion even though monthly employment gains haven't been as strong as they have averaged
6:44 am
over the past year. shown improvement and the fed is trying to react before we see stronger improvement. coming up, a solid day yesterday. way down by iphone concerns for apple in china in regards to pricing and sales. apple lost about 3% yesterday. it is rebounding today and the market off to a good start. dow up. s&p up by 3 . apple shares 1% higher. back to you. >> all right. jason brooks, thank you. >> thank you, jason. >> an app is helping you determine your odds of getting a parking ticket. a web site called enables users to put in an address and find out how many have gone by. to enable people to pay with smart phones. >> we'd much rather have people pay a meter than a fine. >> there are a lot of times when you shouldn't take your
6:45 am
chances. there are also times where it looks like you could take your chances. >> right outside our station, the chances of getting a ticket is about 1 in 8. but outside city hall, it's about 65%. the program started two weeks ago and we did post a link on >> if you are going to park in front of the sfpd to feed the meter. >> yes, unfortunately looks like a parking lot if you are heading towards the bay bridge. it is pretty busy almost jammed up through the maze. i want to show you this look of the traffic on the upper deck. very slow going. as you approach treasure island, another stalled report near the fremont exit. our second stalled morning coming in to san francisco. that's what's jamming up. between oakland and the city. down the east shore freeway, westbound 80, it is a little sluggish through richmond. we start to see some
6:46 am
brake lights westbound. the commute on 580 through the altamont pass. started earlier than usual. up to 32 minutes between the wind turbines and 680. once you get past isabell, then the speeds do increase out towards the caster valley wide where you slow down again. here's a live look at silicon valley commute. westbound 237, pretty heavy this morning. you can see some of those cars making the way out towards zanker road. that is the latest time saver traffic. here's lawrence. >> the winds kicking up around the bay area. the weather begins to change and shift into the fall pattern. starting to see some of that now. the gusts over 30 miles per hour this morning. a breezy beginning to the day. and not as warm.
6:47 am
preforming trend in toward the next couple days as we wind down summer. low pressure passing to our north. that is cranking up showers. in far northern california. we're going to stay dry. the winds blowing around here. and that will help to hold down some of the temperatures. around the state, 80s and 90s in the central valley. 83 in re dpshgs ding. chance of showers in eureka. and 67 in the monterey bay. temperature wise, 70s, maybe low 80s inland today. 60s and 70s around the bay and 60s toward the coastline. but a little more sunshine. by tomorrow, return of warmer weighinger through thursday. and -- weather through thursday. and even a slight chance of sprinkles. we're going to check out your schoolcast for today. for steven millard. cloudy and breezy and middle of the day, sunshine and breezy conditions.
6:48 am
go to and love to get that on the air. back to you. >> apple announced two new iphones last week. >> what do you think? >> when we were here last week talking about the new iphones coming out. the new 5 s would be the flag ship and come in in colors but then it would be a lot cheaper. turned out to be somewhat pricey. a beautiful blue and green and white and the orangey color. the yellow sold out first of all colors. i wouldn't have guessed that. these phones are not as dramatically cheap as we hoped. they are $100 or $200 with activation. that's not night and day difference. they are not aimed at the prepaid market which is the market where you
6:49 am
pay by the month. that's the hottest part of the smart phone sector. it's over a third of smart phone users are on prepaid and this is not aimed toward that. only 32 gig, not 64. not the 128 everybody would still like to see. and the new technology on the 5s. that's not in here. kind of like yesterday's iphone. slightly cheaper with colors.. >> wasn't the idea to get people in the game at least and give them the prototype. >> right. the idea is it's not as cheap as we'd hoped. if you buy this off contract, it's 550 or 650. you are going to pay a ton of money to do that. it still feels like i bought less. so for $100 more, don't you want the flag ship. >> the average customer do the smart phone users do they really use everything the smart phone
6:50 am
has to offer? >> no. it's like your computer computer. out of the features. we like to know we bought the capacity. what we have here is part of the reason apple has not announced their first week in preorder sales is i think they've split the baby. between two new phones at once. so that's part of where you are hearing. where is the first weekend preorder numbers. >> and the stock's down 10%. >> the stock's down quite a bit. a lot of that was built in advance. this was not the best kept secret. >> no. we were talking about it way before. >> the price surprised me how high it was. >> remember more of the tech watch segments on a look for what's coming up later. >> norah joins us live with more of that. good morning. >> good morning to you.
6:51 am
former fbi insider john miller joins us on details with a possible motive and the psychological state for the man believed responsible for the yesterday's shooting. and looking into the former navy reservist background and criminal record. and chip reed is gathering information on the 12 victims including these two killed in the attack. the news is back in the morning. see you guys at 7:00. >> thank you so much. >> 6:51. days of heavy rain and flash flooding have wreaked havoc. the hundreds of people still unaccounted for. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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offer is on the table in the bart labor talks. the 4 and a half here are five things you need to know at 6:55 on this tuesday. a new offer is on the table in the bart labor talks. 4.5% raise every year for the next three years. another strike could happen as early as october 11 if the two sides can't hammer out a deal. >> we've learned the number of people unaccounted for in the colorado flooding has been cut nearly in half. 1200 to 595 this morning. clearing skies are allowing crews to intensify search efforts today. could take weeks or months to do a thorough search. un inspectors have released reports saying chemical weapons were used on august 21st. the report does not say who carried out the attack but the evidence clearly points to the assad regime. authorized the u.s. to
6:56 am
begin sending nonlethal aid. >> took 19 hours to rise the coasta concordia ship. now that the ship is up right, crews will have to wait to spring to tow it where it will be dismantled for scrap. there is no damage to the environment. the motive remains a mystery today as a man killed 12 people. the suspect aaron alexis died in a shoot out with police yesterday. that yard remained in lock down through the night address investigators worked. -- as investigators worked. >> reporter: a city waking up sad and still in shock after the shooting here. as authorities focus on a loan gunman. 34-year-old aaron alexis. we are learning more about his past which includes arrest and a history of being treated for severe mental illness including
6:57 am
hearing voices. we are learning that he suffered ptsd after being a first responder for 9/11. some factor that may weigh in a possible motive for this shooting. one other question mark is if alexis did carry three major weapons include, ar-15 into the navy yard, how did he do it? we know he had valid credentials to get in but don't know how he could have carried these weapons in. that is the latest here from washington d.c., i'm susan mcginnis. back to you. >> a live look at the u.s. navy memorial plaza where in a few minutes, defense secretary chuck hagel will lay a wreath to honor the victims. will be placed next to the loan sailor who represents all people who have served, are serving now or yet to serve in the navy. crews are cleaning up a
6:58 am
three alarm fire. a home caught fire first before the flames quickly moved to the second home. fire crews were able to stop the fire from spreading to a third house. also new this morning , a police cruiser is pretty banged up following a chase overnight. an officer tried to pull over the driver of a stolen truck. the driver revved the engine, rammed into the police car and took off. the chase only lasted a couple minutes before the truck crashed on a deadened. police arrested the suspect and a passenger trying to runoff. one officer was hurt during the arrest. >> and a final check of the bay bridge toll plaza. couple minutes ago chp issued a traffic alert heading towards san francisco. there's a stalled bus, a stalled tour bus. so traffic is back up through the tunnel and up the incline and behind the pay gates. the
6:59 am
metering lights were turned on before 6:00. looks like some of the approaches are beginning to back up as well. they are looking to clear that stall. in the meantime, still blocking one lane and might be out there for a while. just a couple minutes ago issued that alert. we are watching breaking traffic news in san jose. there was a chase that led to this accident. you are looking live at the photographer. we know lanes are blocked at coleman. they are continuing the investigation now. >> outside we have breezy conditions. a little sunshine. that is so nice of you. >> i was a little sarcastic. >> looks like it's going to be a nice day. the winds will be kicking up. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 40s in santa rosa. maybe low 80s inland . warmer on wednesday and thursday. sprinkles by friday and saturday. >> hug it out.
7:00 am
>> ray of sunshine. >> all right. have a great morning, everyone. >> take care. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, september 17th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." one gunman, 12 victims killed, and many questions in the knavy yard shooting. john miller and bob moore with new details about the attacks. plus, stories of survival and heroism. >> rescuers still searching for hundreds in colorado. floodwaters start to recede with devastation. >> and a new government warning about antibiotics. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we do now feel comfortable that we have the single and sole person responsible for the loss


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