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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a 10-year-old girl is hit as bullets fly through her home. now police want to know why it took hours for her family to report it. good afternoon, i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get right to the developing news out of hayward.
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kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo with the stray bullet that injured a 10-year-old girl and the search for the shooter. ryan. >> reporter: hi, michelle. police called those suspects cowards for opening fire overnight. you can see there are still detectives right here who are combing the scene. investigators are trying to find out why the family called hours after gunfire. >> we're still trying to locate the suspects. we know these cowards came out in the middle of the night and fired aimlessly. >> reporter: there are traces of the overnight trouble on 27,000 block of tampa. the house has holes and the car's back window is barely holding on. >> a 10-year-old girl was shot in the buttocks with one round. multiple rounds were shot. >> reporter: the 10-year-old was sleeping when the gunfire started. >> around 1:00 in the morning 4 to 5 gunshots. >> reporter: it was loud enough to wake up neighbors but the family cannot call police until 7:30. investigators want to know why. >> were they aware that there was a the shooting occurred in
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the early-morning hours or were they oblivious to it? if they were, how come we weren't called? >> reporter: detectives say it's too early to say if someone targeted the house. police say the area is gang- infested and this woman is worried about what might be in ex- >> they told us it was a 10- year-old girl. i have a daughter 4 years old. and it's dangerous for me and for my little girl to live around here because -- >> reporter: as we come back here live to the scene, at this house you can see at the feet of the detectives you see glass splattered all over that goes for the driveway, as well. we showed you those bullet holes in the house. the 10-year-old is recovering at the hospital. there, that's where police are questioning her parents, asking why it took so long for them to call police. live in hayward, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> as ryan said, police are still investigating asking anyone to come forward with information in that overnight shooting. developing news out of
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washington, d.c., the navy yard reopened for business today. some workers held each other as they walked back to work. the narked has been closed since monday's deadly shooting by a former navy reservist. >> i got to focus on the victims right now and carry on as best we can. >> the best thing is for us to just pick up the pieces and go on with our daily lives and be proud of what we're doing. >> the building where 12 people were shot and killed remains shut down. and new details about a boston connection to the suspected gunman. aaron alexis. worshippers at this buddhist temple spent the night there a month ago. he said noises in his head prevented him from sleeping at hotels. it looks like he also left behind two short phrases on the side of the shotgun used in monday's attack. one of the messages scratched into the gun's million tal reads, better off this read in the gun's metal. the other says, my elf weapon.
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investigators are trying to find out what that means. a meeting happening right now to decide on safer lane barriers on the golden gate bridge. these yellow plastic pylons are the only things separating northbound and southbound traffic on the bridge right now. but as we first reported yesterday, the bridge district has picked a vendor to replace the pylons with a steel and concrete movable barrier. that will mean a 52-hour closure of the bridge next fall. the median barrier is designed to prevent head-on collisions. also new this noon, a landmark decision in san francisco on ridesharing companies. the public utilities commission approved a slew of new regulations. companies like lyft, uber and sidecar will have to make sure drivers have training and criminal background checks. they will also have to have commercial liability insurance. the commissioner said the new rules are needed to ensure public safety. with less than two weeks until a possible government shutdown, house lawmakers plan to vote tomorrow on a bill to keep the government running. but as danielle nottingham
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tells us, the measure would also gut funding to one of the president's signature programs. >> reporter: the republican- backed resolution extends government funding for three months but cuts money needed to pay for the president's healthcare overhaul. >> obamacare is driving up the cost of healthcare. it's destroying millions of american jobs. it a train wreck. it has to go. >> reporter: president obama says the house speaker caved in to a small group of conservatives. he says the affordable care act won't be used as a bargaining chip. >> a lot of what we've done is starting to bear real fruit. and it has an impact on the bottom lines of american businesses as well as the american people. >> reporter: the senate is expected to strip out the healthcare provision and send the funding bill back to the house. lawmakers acknowledge that even a partial government shutdown would be disastrous for the economy. >> look what happened last time they threatened this.
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stock market dropped. 2,000 points. >> reporter: but some republicans see this as their last chance to stop a government healthcare takeover. >> if we don't draw this line now, then the implementation begins. it's chaos. >> reporter: the obama administration told government agencies to be prepared for a lapse in funding. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> also on the horizon is a showdown over the debt ceiling. the house is expected to take up the issue over how much money the government can borrow next week. still ahead at noon, the art of line skipping. and how it's turning into a booming business with the release of the new iphone. >> beaten, broken and left for dead. the rough rescue and the recovery of a pit bull. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. sunny and bright around the bay area now. some warm temperatures too, but by tomorrow, could we actually see some rain? we'll talk about it coming up. >> reporter: will today be the last day of america's cup or will the winds once again play key factor in the postponement
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop! [ pop ]
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but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! east bay campaign to put thg on the road to recovery. package ((nats - c'mon!)) phinneas, or finny as he's called, a brutal beating left a pit bull's mouth sealed shut. anne makovec with the east bay campaign to put the dog on the road to recovery. >> reporter: phineas, or finny as he's called, looks like a normal one-year-old dog until you see him try to eat. try to play with a toy. because finny can't open his mouth. he came into the shelter as a stray and after x-rays vets determined -- >> he had been beaten with a
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baseball bat. >> reporter: it happened when he was a puppy multiple fractures in his jaw eventually fusing together and calcifying closed. now he is living with foster mother megan. >> i just immediately fell in love with him because you could see that he was trying to be so loving. even though he couldn't necessarily show it. >> reporter: she feeds him twice a day through a syringe on the good side of his mouth that he can open just enough. >> he has been so amazing through it all. he's not mean. he's not scared or shy or anything. he's just who he is. >> so the contra costa humane society is raising money to get his jaw fixed. >> he was so young when it happened, he hasn't had his first kiss yet. we want him to have his first kiss. >> reporter: let's face it pit bulls get a bad rap. we have done stories about them killing people and pets but people who know phineas say he is one of the good ones. >> i don't think this dog has a mean bone in his body.
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>> reporter: the surgery will likely cost about $1,600. but the contra costa humane society says phineas is worth it. >> it's hard to pass up a dog with such a good temperament who is so young and so deserving of a chance in life and just has never been given that. >> reporter: she looks forward to the day phineas gets a permanent home and so much more. >> he will be able to get kisses. he will be able to get treats. and chew on chew toys and be a normal dog. >> reporter: in pleasant hill, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> you can find out more about how to adopt him or donate on our website, just click on "links and numbers." san jose along with at&t are telling drivers who like to text it can wait. overfelt high school students, elected officials and law enforcement authorities are calling on drivers to make the pledge to not text while driving. the campaign is taking over oakland and berkeley, as well. mayors are competing to see who
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will take on the challenge. it's the new iphone 5s and 5c are being released tomorrow and the lines are already forming outside their stores. some customers have been out since tuesday waiting to get the phone but the dark days of waiting in line for hours is over for a price. the odd jobs zoitask rabbit launched an app letting users pay line sitters. users can set their own rates but the company suggests $14 an hour for people to wait in line. a task rabbit spokesman says apple's fine with that practice. >> 14 bucks an hour? that's not a bad way to make a little cash. >> and they wait for days. >> that's cheating. >> maybe those guys want the money. >> guess so. >> good for them. around the bay area today we have one of those beautiful summer days outside. a lot of sunshine all the way to the coastline. looking good. just a gentle breeze blowing right now and not much of that.
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the temperatures starting to warm up outside. we are into the 80s into concord. got 83 in livermore. it is 69 in san francisco and 78 in san jose. so looking like a great afternoon. we'll see mostly sunny skies throughout the day today and again, just a gentle breeze blowing into the afternoon hours. and then it looks like these temperatures probably going to be the warmest of the week. tonight, we are going to likely see some patchy fog beginning to return to the coastline maybe a patch or two inside the bay. i think the interior valleys will stay clear and then tomorrow, a chance of late in the evening hours. and then over the weekend there's a chance we could see a few raindrops. so high pressure sitting overhead right now bringing us that beautiful sunshine. you can see the cold front off the coastline. that will be dropping in for tomorrow. so we'll see some increasing clouds then. for today, enjoy that sunshine. it will be beautiful around the state, as well. 92 in sacramento. about 94 in fresno. 88 degrees in yosemite. 72 degrees gorgeous into the monterey bay. and about 61 and dry and sunny in eureka. i think around the bay today you will notice a lot of sunshine, then the patchy fog returns tonight and then through the day tomorrow, the
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cold front begins to drop down. you can see not a lot of energy with this system. kind of falling apart as it moves on by. that's typical of a system at this time of year. in fact, this one is kind of early. then it moves on by into saturday bringing a chance of showers, not heavy, a little wet at times on saturday, as well. and then it looks like we'll start to dry things out into sunday. numbers in the 80s and 90s into the south bay today. some 60s, maybe close to low 70s toward the coastline and then in the east bay 80s and low 90s this afternoon. so looks like those temperatures going to get hot in spots inland. very nice inside the bay 78 in oakland, 78 san francisco, 88 santa rosa. so looking out over the next couple of days we are going to see some major changes coming in our direction today so sunny, bright and warm tomorrow. the temperatures really going to take a hit increasing clouds clout the day and chance of showers by friday night, chance of showers continuing into saturday. dry on sunday.
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but cooler temperatures as we start out this fall. mobile weather and roberta gonzales are live at the america's cup race where this could be the final race today. roberta. >> reporter: this is it. this could certainly be it, lawrence, as you were saying. this could be the fine day of america's cup in the city of -- the final day of america's cup in the city of san francisco on races 12 and 13. for the past couple of days the second race has been postponed due to windy conditions. so let's take a look at pier 27 relate now. the current winds out here under 5 miles per hour. that's a good sign. air temperatures jumped up to 75 beautiful degrees right here off the embarcadero. we are today forecasting the west winds up to 18 knots for the very first race that kicks off at 1:15. for the second race we are expecting similar conditions to yesterday so indeed if there is a second race, there could be a postponement.
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tim jeffrey is the director of promotion and also athletes pr and you're here to explain to us race one and race two for everybody at home what can they expect today? >> so this is decision day, destiny day. emirates team new zealand the challenger if they win the first race, game over. the america's cup leaves america goes to new zealand. if oracle team usa the defender, the current champion, if they win, well, we have a second race of the day and if they win that race as well, then we have to come back tomorrow. >> reporter: so certainly team oracle is thinking about the winds of yesterday and the possibility of an exact weather pattern today. >> yes. you can feel the breeze just starting to come through. whistling from the golden gate. so things are looking really good for the first race of the day. small question mark for the second race of the day. >> reporter: how does tide come into play? >> so tied because it kicks up a wave, what we do if there's a tide flowing out against the wind, we subtract the speed of
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the tide so second race we got 2.7 knots of f tide so it limits the wind a little. >> reporter: so this first race very important 1:15 today. if the kiwis win, it's over. we are expecting 20,000 people out here at pier 27. reporting for mobile weather at america's cup, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. there was a winning ticket for the powerball jackpot but it's not from around here. the winning ticket was sold at the murphy usa gas station in lexington, south carolina. the ticket is word around 400 -- is worth about $400 million. the fourth largest jackpot in powerball history. here are the winning numbers. two tickets sold in california matched five numbers but not the powerball. coming up, news flash from the vatican. why the pope says the catholic church should ease up on gays and lesbians. >> a very active 98-year-old
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shares the key to her longevity. meet this week's jefferson award winner a san francisco woman honored for doing what she loves. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he elaborated in a lengthy interview with an italian jt magazine. he said the ful, pope francis is saying the catholic church needs to be more inclusive. he elaborated in an interview with an italian jesuit magazine. he says the church needs to be merciful and more welcoming.
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he called for balancing rules on various doctrines with the need to show mercy otherwise the church's moral structure might fall like a house of cards. what's the secret to a long life? this week's jefferson award winner says volunteering keeps her young. sharon chin reports, she is almost a century old. >> this is everybody's favorite. >> reporter: 98-year-old phyllis cecchettini is always on the go. >> that's my life. yes. volunteering. >> reporter: if it weren't for arthritis in her hip, on this day she would be out serving others. every monday and wednesday morning for nearly 60 years, she has volunteered at the janet pomeroy recreation and rehabilitation center in san francisco. it serves hundreds of developmentally disabled people each week. >> when you see people smiling and you're making them happy, naturally it makes you happy and all your little endorphins start running around and making you healthier. >> reporter: phyllis started volunteering at the center in 1954 along with her son and daughter in the boy scouts and girl scouts. when they outgrew scouting she continued to come here. >> i loved it and i loved the people.
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i loved helping. >> reporter: from dominos to exercise, she comes alongside two dozen disabled senior citizens a day in the recreation program. >> how are you doing today? >> fine. >> reporter: this participant says phyllis has made her feel special for 47 years. >> she talks to everybody in our group. she's really nice. >> reporter: frank grassi says phyllis brightens the whole room. >> she makes this place lively. she makes everybody happy. >> reporter: and she steps in with creative ideas. when the center needed a greenhouse in 1999, she paid for a quarter of the building costs. how? >> it came out really good. everybody liked it. >> reporter: she won a national cooking contest and donated the $5,000 prize from her sausage eggplant and polenta recipe. phyllis inspires recreation services director cindy blackstone. >> she is busy and active all the time and a lot of different things. she lives life to its fullest. >> reporter: and volunteering
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fuels her life. >> i just love doing it. >> reporter: so for making life brighter for disabled seniors for nearly 6 decades, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to phyllis cecchettini. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online. click the logo at the top of the page then jefferson awards to find the email nomination form. and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and today's flavorful dish includes mushrooms. tony tantillo and his daughter stephanie are in the kitchen. the dish includes mushrooms today. >> we saw some beautiful white mushrooms today at the market what kind of pasta are we using? >> ziti regatta. it's very rich, it catches the flavors and it's a mild sauce so you want a pasta that takes everything around it. >> we sauted mushrooms with white wine and butter and we put in some extra virgin olive oil and some garlic and red peppers. we'll add basil. let's plate it. put that on top. and now every pasta should be
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complete with a little bit of grated cheese. a little bit of cheese on top -- a lot. i love cheese. perfect. >> there we go. >> i like it. >> thanks, dad. >> thank you,bella. ciao. >> one last day to enjoy summer. right, lawrence? >> after this maybe some rain toward the weekend. >> thank you, lawrence. see you at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado
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