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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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unemployed or this is a better job. >> reporter: the county will fill 207 positions over the next few years with a voter- approved tax. most will go to the new county jail for women and to handle obamacare officially these positions considered temporary. but long-term, who knows? >> if they are successful in the county there may be a future for them. >> our job growth is beating the national avenue, our wages are beating the national avenue. >> reporter: this economist tells me the bay area economy is bouncing back. san mateo isn't the only local government hiring. san jose plans on hiring 109 workers this year. marin county has already hired 187 new workers this year with plans for more soon:so it looks like a hiring boom. home prices run, construction projects are up, home prices are up. but in the same breath he warns this rising tide is not lifting all ships. many of the middle class and working poor are left out to sea. >> this is a hot area if you
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have skills. okay? if you work in mcdonald's, it's about the same. although you have more customers. >> reporter: he says the higher minimum wage will help the working poor and jobs like this in san mateo county will help the middle class. brian webb, kpix 5. >> while some counties aren't hiring, others are, just to staff the "covered california" insurance rollout. a key part of the affordable care act kicks in two weeks from today. starting october 1, people will be able to start signing up for health plans. reporter camby brown tells us how prepared state call centers are when it comes to educating the public about their options. >> reporter: the countdown is on and "covered california" is hoping they are ready for their call centers to open on october 1. >> we are learning every, single day. >> reporter: not all call center agents are prepared. hundreds still need to be trained so they can answer the broad range of questions people
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across the state will have. >> people don't buy a car on the first visit to the lot. they want to kick the tires. they want to ask questions, make some comparisons. >> reporter: a "covered california" spokesman says they aren't expecting a lot of calls in october because even with all the television ads and outreach, most californians still don't know they are required to have health insurance on january 1. >> people don't know about this new option. they won't be able to use it. >> reporter: they are bracing for some growing pains and hoping to learn from the inevitable mistakes. reports showing call volume enrollment numbers and demographics will come in weekly. that will show who is not signing up and who may need the most help. >> for every day that we didn't get people enrolled, it's a day that there's money in washington, d.c. that is not coming into our healthcare system. >> reporter: one of the big concerns is language. california is so diverse and "covered california" is worried about having at least one person who speaks any of the various languages for people
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who call in to the call center. for kpix 5, i'm camby brown. >> for a complete list of affordable care act resources and to learn how the program impacts you, go to our website, the booming bay area economy might help explain something that seems to be slowly down. we are talking about your commute. ask anyone who drives it and they will swear the new bay bridge is slower than the old one. but figuring out exactly why that's about as complicated as building the bridge itself. >> fleet meet are on. we're backed up to west grand avenue. >> metering lights are on. >> reporter: another day another morning rush hour that stretches into the lunch hour. >> traffic is backed up down 580 worse than ever. ever since they opened this. >> reporter: numbers released just today by caltrans prove what you probably suspected: every bridge in the bay area is now carrying more cars than they were this time last year and there's a reason why. from july of 2012 to july of
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2013, the bay area added more than 95,000 jobs and added jobs means added commuters. >> not only in san francisco but also in the north bay in the east bay, on the peninsula, it's -- this is region-wide. it's a good problem to have. >> reporter: it doesn't take much of a good thing to cause a bad thing. last year we told you about some stanford university research into highway congestion and we learned that it doesn't take much traffic to create traffic. >> most systems work fine 85, 90% loading. it's the last 10% that makes the problem severe. >> reporter: let's apply that logic to the bay bridge. according to caltrans on the average workday, traffic over the entire span is up about 2% from last year. 2%! so can that explain the backups? >> aggregate numbers like 2% higher daily counts over the course of a day aren't going to tell us what's important here. >> reporter: uc-berkeley traffic jermichael cassidy says
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it's not about counting cars. it's about how quickly the cars get over and off the bridge something called discharge flow, according to the traffic engineer. >> if we want to figure out why we have to look for points along the bridge upstream, middle, downstream, where there's a restriction, where queues are forming, where congestion is forming. >> reporter: maybe that's all the construction in downtown san francisco. maybe it's those 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. lane closures on the lower deck that leave 101 slow, morning, noon and into the night. the fact is, for now at least, that new expensive and slow bay bridge remains a bit of a mystery. >> think about this analogy of a water hose. check for where the pinch s once you find the pinch, maybe you can fix it. >> actually the increase in traffic is the first such jump in eight years. meantime san francisco international airport, bart and bay area highways are all seeing record traffic. a landmark decision by the stated public utilities
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commission, california the first state to legitimize ridesharing. kpix 5's mark kelly tells us about the new rules that come with official recognition. reporter: a long and bumpy road, new high-tech "rideshare" companies duking it out against the established taxi industry. now "rideshares" are claiming the state handed them a big win. >> why they made decisions they did today. >> reporter: trying hard to stay upbeat taxi drivers are focused on the next battle. >> i believe our best shot is in a court of law which is largely not political. >> reporter: kirby blames the public utilities commission for politicizing the issue and handing ridesharing drivers like doug brockmeyer a reason to gloat. >> exciting because this is historic legislation. >> reporter: california is recognizing "rideshare" companies as legitimate businesses. it means regulating an industry that's operated freely on city streets. the industry phase a laundry list of new rules including a of new rules, including a permit from the puc, a criminal background check on each driver, at least one million
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dollars in commercial liability insurance, a 19-point vehicle inspection of each and every "rideshare," and unlike a taxi, "rideshare" drivers can't accept a street hail from a passenger. before this decision, "rideshare" advocates and opponents lined up outside the puc and packing the public hearing for a one minute opportunity to give their two cents. taxi drivers say "rideshare" is just like a taxi. you charge passengers for rides and should get regulated just like one. "rideshare" companies say, not quite. the business model is different. it's app-based. although many taxi drivers see "rideshare" as a blow to the taxi business, others are staying upbeat seeing new "rideshare" regulations in a positive light. >> as far as i'm concerned, it created a level playing field. >> the puc plans to revisit today's decision one year from now to see whether it has affected anything from safety to environmental quality here in california.
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another round of job cuts at wells fargo. today the company announced it is slashing 1800 jobs from its mortgage business citing a slowdown in refinancing and home sales. the cuts are nationwide. it's not clear whether jobs will be lost in the bay area. just a week ago they eliminated 2300 jobs from the same unit. today we learned the cyclist killed near woodside yesterday afternoon used to be the chief financial officer for amazon. 50-year-old joy covey most recently served on the board of trustees at the san francisco- based national resource defense council. chp says that she crashed into a minivan that turned right in front of her from skyline boulevard on to elk tree road. it's unclear whether the 22- year-old driver of the van faces charges. shattered glass along highway 101 shows the spot where someone fired bb or
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pellet guns at passing cars. police say the gunman fired at as many as 10 cars last night. no one was hurt. no suspects have been identified. update on a story kpix 5 first brought you yesterday. the golden gate bridge district has picked a design for the new median barrier. today the bridge's board voted to replace those plastic yellow pylons with movable steel and concrete barriers. the goal of course to reduce the chance of head-on collisions. to complete the project, the bridge would have to close for a 52-hour period sometime next year. we know these cowards came out in the middle of the night and fired aimlessly. >> coming up, the bay area manhunt for the gunman who shot a sleeping girl and why the child's father told kpix 5 he didn't call police. >> how the car of the future might not even be a car. how you can check it out for yourself this weekend. >> speaking of the weekend, fall officially begins just before 2:00 on sunday afternoon. but after you see my seven-day forecast, you will be convinced that fall really begins on a
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different day. it will be sooner. my forecast next. saying there are things that he wants people to hear. >> coming up at 6:30, how bay area catholics are reacting to comments from the pope about gays and abortion. ,,,,,,,,,,
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there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day.
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do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ inside.. got caught in the gunfire. but in a bizarre the back window of a car nearly shattered a house filled with holes and a 10-year-old girl sleeping inside caught in the gunfire but in a twist, her family did not report the incident until hours later. it happened on tampa avenue on sumatra street in hayward this morning. kpix 5's da lin asked the girl's father why the family waited so long to call 911. da. >> reporter: allen, the father says, he didn't know about the shooting and he didn't know
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that his daughter was shot. police questioned both parents and tonight they are still wondering why it took the family so long, 5 1/2 hours, to call for help. someone sprayed multiple rounds into this house, bullets pierced a car, walls and windows. one shot struck a 10-year-old girl in the buttocks while she was sleeping in her bed. >> fired, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> that's how it sounded? >> yeah. >> reporter: it was loud and woke neighbors up. but police say no one not even the family called the cops. the shooting happened around 2:00 this morning. the family called around 7:30. >> the victim was still at home when we arrived, when i arrived. she was being loaded on the ambulance. >> reporter: police say the girl came inches from losing her life, aside from trying to find a shooter and motive hayward police also want to know why the family waited so long to call 911. the father came home late this afternoon from the police department. >> we didn't know what happened. >> reporter: you guys didn't know what happened? >> no. >> reporter: you didn't hear the gunshots? all the neighbors said they heard them.
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>> we thought that was --you need to leave. >> reporter: your daughter didn't complain about getting shot in the -- >> she thought she was having her period. her first period. thank you. >> reporter: but she is only 10, though, sir. >> reporter: this is the landlord she lives in the back of the house and rents the front to the victims and her family. two parents and four children. the family moved in three months ago. did you hear the gunshots? >> yeah. we heard it. four times. >> reporter: four times? >> yeah. >> reporter: why didn't you call then if you heard it four times? >> no, because we are at the back and -- >> reporter: the landlord says she was feeling sick and didn't call. and neighbors say they hear shootings all the time so they just went back to sleep. >> we don't want to get involve in none of those things. >> reporter: the girl is expected to live. now, police say this is a gang-
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infested area. they don't know if the shoot something gang-related and they do know why the shooter chose this house. live in hayward, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> hayward police say they might reinterview the girl's parents and if they have evidence that the parents intentionally waited to call police they could file charges against the parents. several bay area cities sending a clear message to drivers: it can wait. today san jose high school students learned about the dangers of texting and driving and they pledged not to do it. it's part of a nationwide campaign. authorities say it's important to teach young drivers, it's not worth it. >> just wait because 99.99% of the time it's not a real emergency not one that could potentially cost somebody his life. >> oakland and berkeley also joining the challenge with a little friendly competition. both cities are trying to see who can get more people to take on the no texting while driving pledge. well, your future ride around town might be something that looks like it came out of
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the jetsons. the cost won't be out of this world. try less than $7,000. it's going to be here soon. kpix 5's mike sugerman takes us along for a test drive. >> reporter: the future of the american car may not be a car at all. ground control to major tom, ready for take-off! it may be this futuristic motorcycle dressed up like an automobile. >> for the benefit of those commuters that use hov lanes, she is technically a motorcycle so you can drive it single passenger by yourself in an hov lane but it has the creature comforts of a car. >> reporter: jerome and his team are on a road show up from detroit showing off the helio a front drive three-wheeledder that goes 50 miles an hour in any city and goes for $7,000. >> we are reinventing the way people get to and from work in their vehicles. >> reporter: it's not for families although there is a back seat and not for a trip to costco. it's not for everyone. >> you have a big car. >> i do. >> are you ready for a car like
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that? >> me no, although my boyfriend would probably enjoy it. >> in every generation we come up with a car new with the market. volkswagen did it with the beetle years ago. this is another version of it. >> reporter: production will start next year at an old hummer factory in louisiana putting 1500 autoworkers back to work. where it stops it gets stares and some thumbs up and already thousands have put down deposits. >> there are other concepts with three wheels. most of them are motorcycle related, handle bars no enclosure. in one is enclosed with three -- this one is enclosed with three airbags and a radio. >> reporter: if i want to just drive to work and back or putt around the city, i'm looking for something not to like in this. i'm having a hard time. it will be on display this weekend at ghirardelli square. the elio may be the car of the future. it's not even a car.
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mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> now, the manufacturer says don't let the elio's look fool you. it appears small but the company says it's had people as tall as 6'8" try it out. paul, you and i fit. >> good to know. >> a little tight but driving in the city, it could be very useful. >> smaller is better in some urban areas. 75 in the city today second day in a row in the 70s. you could call it warm in san francisco. live look outside now there's the shot from the city from the pyramid looking back toward the golden gate and a little dust on the lens there. not much of any marine layer to talk about but that will change come tomorrow. we all will be mostly cloudy. live shot from san jose. air quality not perfect today but it was sunny and warm. 90 in san jose. livermore 94. morgan hill 95. got close to 90 in kentfield and redwood city. fremont 84. and as i mentioned in the city 75 degrees. warm. it is very summer-like and it
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is gone after today. let's talk about rainfall in september. we get some. santa rosa a third of an inch for the month. san jose and san francisco a little less than one quarter of one inch so on average it does rain in september. but typically not this early. we're talking about rainfall because we have a rain chance moving in as soon as tomorrow. strong area of low pressure the actual low center will stay north of the washington-canada border but will drag a cold front toward us and it will make it to the bay area by this time tomorrow. cloudier, cooler, windier, with rain moving in friday night throughout the day on saturday. so the green is over the bay area for the first time a widespread rainfall since before easter. it's been more than five months and that wait will end coming up tomorrow night. so the window of opportunity if you get rain it's going to happen this time tomorrow until this time saturday. about a 24-hour window. at most a tenth to quarter inch so it's not going to be a gully- washer. just showers. but at a minimum cool, cloudy and breezy saturday feeling like fall on the final full day of summer.
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concord tomorrow big temperature drop about 15 degrees cooler 78 for you. san jose down to 78. cloudy in the afternoon for redwood city, your high 78. in the city 67. san rafael your high tomorrow 77 degrees. even chillier on saturday. look at the highs about 10 to 15 degrees below average. now, sunday we gain the sunshine back but a cold start 50s away from the water highs scratching and clawing our way back to the 70s and 80s. that's where it will level off. it won't be warm or cold but each morning once we hit sunday, each morning will feel a little brisk. the afternoons will be pleasant. but just a nice little reminder from another nature, yes, we are changing seasons this weekend. >> thank you. still ahead, the two reasons why the america's cup competition will continue for at least one more day. >> he jumped up on me and tried to give me a kiss on my cheek but he couldn't open his mouth. >> the very troubling reason this bay area pit bull has such a hard time eating. ,,
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ending. kpix-5's anne makovec on the pit bull pup. still it's a terrible case of animal cruelty. but this story could have a happy ending. kpix 5's anne makovec with an east bay campaign to put the dog on the road to recovery. >> reporter: phineas, or finny as he is called, looks like a normal one-year-old dog until you see him try to eat or play with a toy because he can't open his mouth. he came into the shelter as a stray and after x-rays, vets determined --
6:24 pm
>> he had likely been beaten with something like a baseball bat. >> reporter: it happened when he was a puppy. fractures in his jaw fused together and calcified closed. now he is living with foster mom megan. >> i just immediately fell in love with him because you see could see he was trying to be so loving even though he couldn't necessarily show it . >> reporter: she feeds him twice a day through a syringe on the good side of his mouth. he can open that just enough. >> he has been so amazing. he is not mean. he is not scared or shy or anything. he is just who he is. >> reporter: so the contra costa humane society is raising money to get his jaw fixed. >> because he was so young when it happened he hasn't had his first kiss yet. so we want him to have his first kiss. >> reporter: let's face it. pit bulls often get a bad rap. we have done stories about them killing people and pets. but people who know phineas say he is one of the good ones. >> i don't think this dog has a mean bone in his body.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: the surgery will likely cost about $1600. but the contra costa humane society says phineas is worth it. >> it's hard to pass up a dog with such a good temperament who is so young and so deserving of a chance in life and never has been given that. >> reporter: she looks forward to the day phineas gets a permanent home and so much more. >> we hope he will be able to get kisses and treats and clue on chew toys and be a normal -- and chew on chew toys and be a normal dog. >> reporter: in pleasant hill, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> and you can find out more about phineas, how to adopt him and how to donate on our website, just click on "links and numbers." passengers waiting for their flights at mineta san jose international airport learned how to save a life today. southwest airlines brought in experts to train people how to do cpr. >> we think this makes a difference. i think word of it is going to spread. cpr is very easy. put your hands in the middle of the chest, push down fast and
6:26 pm
hard at about 100 beats a minute. >> it's very good because it can be kids or even adults that can do it. so very good thing to know. >> waiting four your flight it's a good thing to learn. about 400 people took advantage of the training. why? earlier this month the san jose police officer and two good samaritans used cpr to resuscitate a passenger at the airport. coming up in our next half hour, the pope pushes for gay acceptance in the church. >> these are well crafted words that express his deep he was thoughts for the church and for the world. >> how bay area catholics are reacting to the pontiff's provocative remarks. >> the two factors allowing the america's cup to stay in the bay. at least one more day. >> and how an upscale retailer is shaming shoppers who want to return clothes they have already worn. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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moral struct he says, i'm a son of the church, i know what those teachings are, now what those teaches are. -- you know what those teaches are but there's something deep over it get across. >> now at 6:30 saying the moral structure of the catholic church hangs until the balance,
6:30 pm
the pope urges catholics to show compassion a message from a different pope. pope francis is saying, it can't just be all about church rules. our len ramirez with reaction to a pope who is preaching that the catholic church needs to change its ways. >> reporter: at st. joseph's cathedral catholics pray. for this person it's been for a more inclusive catholic church. >> sometimes we focus too much on the different rules and forget about that the human person. >> reporter: those prayers may soon be answered from rome pope francis giving a clear warning to the world today on what could happen if the church doesn't balance divisive rules on abortion, gays and contraception with a greater need to be welcoming and merciful. the church sometimes has locked itself up in small things and small minded rules the pope said in a jesuit magazine published in 16 languages. we have to find a new balance he said otherwise the moral ediface of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards.
6:31 pm
>> none of the words is accidental. these are -- these are well crafted words that express his deepest thoughts and hopes for the church and for the world. >> reporter: santa clara university threology professor and jesuit priest paul crowley is one of the millions around the world reacting to the statements. >> i think he is saying that from inside the church, we need to reimagine who we are. >> when i read this today i was amazed at the clarity and the bluntness of the statements. >> reporter: this pastor of guadalupe parish in san jose says it's an indication to him that the pope wants to open up the church instead of driving people away. >> i think this is a strong affirmation for those of us working in -- in the progressive community, working with the lgbt community, working with immigrants. i think it's a very positive affirmation that we are also part of this church and we need to work together on this. >> reporter: nothing the pope
6:32 pm
said actually changes church teachings. it does set a new tone and seems to set a new set of priorities that differ sharply from those of previous popes, benedict and john paul ii. in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> there will be backlash in the u.s. because conservative bishops have been call on the pope to be more vocal about fighting gay marriage and abortion. facing elimination, oracle team usa won the first america's cup race today. as don ford shows us team new zealand fans can already taste the victory. reporter: kiwi fans poured into the america's cup park pier believing that today would be their day. the day that they would finally win back the america's cup. so excited that some came in costume. >> going to be the end of the america's cup today. >> reporter: how do you know? >> emirates team is racing. >> reporter: says the man hiding his face? >> exactly. >> reporter: the cup itself is on display being prepped for the expected new zealand win while kiwis fans cheered.
6:33 pm
[ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: other fans were more cautious. >> races-wise, we are definitely in the dumps. >> reporter: then something unusual happened. oracle won the start of the race and nenever looked back. they won and the surprised oracle fans got to cheer finally. the second race was cancelled due to high winds. and the kiwis will have to wait one more day to try to seal the deal. they only need one more race to win the cup. and team usa still needs 6. oracle fans are still optimistic. >> this is sailboat racing, man. anything can happen. you cannot predict the ending of this. oracle team usa could come back and sweep the rest of the races. it's possible! >> reporter: one more day of racing. but unless neptune himself intravenous, it's going to be difficult for oracle to overcome an 8-2 deficit. at the america's cup, don ford,
6:34 pm
kpix 5. >> racing resumes tomorrow if the weather cooperates. out of control partying, late night drunk brawls have plagued north beach's broadway street for years but now calls to make the area safer and more attractive are finally being answered. today, district attorney george gascon joined community and business leaders in releasing a security plan for a safer broadway corridor. >> we have to make sure that all the neighbors that obviously the business owners that have signed on to this and continue the commitment to this work because none of this will occur if we don't have everybody working together. >> the announcement comes days after a man was hit by a taxi crossing the intersection of broadway and kearney. he was seriously hurt. have you ever returned clothes you have already worn? coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, how an upscale retailer is cracking down by shaming serial returners. >> it's a "star wars" type of concept, isn't it? >> how flashing lights could save your life.
6:35 pm
>> it's a whole new ballgame here at stadium. we are talking metal detectors. the details as the news continues on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on the consumerwatch tells , the idea is to make su a new push is on tonight to change the labels you see in the supermarket. julie watts tells us the idea is to make sure that the label reflects what's really in the food. >> we have been hearing this for years the food labeling system in the u.s. broken. now some lawmakers are trying to fix it. today they introduced a food labeling modernization act of 2013 requiring food companies to stop using deceptive or inaccurate claims on their products. claims like all natural and whole grain currently unregulated and would require that all ingredients be clearly
6:38 pm
visible on the label and mandate an fda regulated symbol on the front of the box. something like a star system or checkmark that at a glance will indicate just how healthy the product is. yo. >> it's designed to help the average person who doesn't have a ph.d. in label reading so somebody can go through the store, not be tricked, given good clear information. >> the bill seeks better labeling of portion sizers and disclosure of the amount of sugar and caffeine in a product. the grocery manufacturers association says it would confuse consumers. have you purchased a special occasion dress only to return it after wearing it? well, an upscale retailer is trying to put the kabosh on that. bloomingdale's is now attaching three inch plastic tags in very conspicuous places on a dress that costs more than $150. the tag can't be reattached and once removed, bloomies won't
6:39 pm
take it back. 65% of retailers say shoppers return used clothing last year. it's a practice nicknamed wardrobing and it is illegal. finally carnival is trying to lure customers back on board with a new advertising campaign and a new guarantee likely hoping people will forget last february's so-called poop cruise. the world's largest cruise ship operator is offering a great vacation guarantee. any passenger who isn't happy with his cruise can ask to get off within 24 hours of the ship's departure and carnival says it will give the passenger a 110% refund a quick trip home and a $100 credit for a future cruise if you choose to use it. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, call us, 888- 5-helps-u. >> kind of forgotten that cruise until -- >> you forgot the poop cruise? >> if you are out in the cruise in the middle of the ocean, though -- >> reporter: how do they get yo
6:40 pm
home? >> they didn't say. [ laughter ] >> it's a guarantee. >> good. thank you. well, tonight lines are already forming outside the newly remodels apple store in palo alto and other stores around the country. they are in line for the new iphone 5s and 5c which will be released tomorrow. some people even started camping out yesterday. >> another like in union square wrapped around the corner of the new nike store today. the grand opening of the six- floor store on post street kicked off with the ribbon- cutting this morning. nike also invited the public on a two-mile run through san francisco with former 49ers and raiders great terry rice. that was fun. >> sounds good. >> free pair of shoes, too. it's like a strobe light meets r2d2. how a new hospital robot protects patients from invisible threats. and could even save your life. >> weather-wise this is the final thursday of summer and it felt like summer. just about everywhere away from
6:41 pm
the waters in the 80s and 90s including 92 for livermore. san jose hit 90 and it's all going away like that. find out when it gets cooler and wetter next. i'm dennis o'donnell. the giants finally started playing good baseball. but it was too late. can the same be said for team oracle? we'll let you know if the united states is still alive in the america's cup coming up. ,, ,,,,
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when it's time to talk security for your business.. talk to the business security leader. tyco integrated security. we'll do a security review of your business to understand your needs, customize an integrated solution that meets your specific challenges. and deliver it all with responsive local service, and a personal passion to help you protect your business. we'll even give you the power to manage it all... right from the palm of your hand. call us for a free security review.
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california hospital, that l like it's straight out of star wars. c-b-s reporter "chas it's a medical device in a california hospital that looks like it's straight out of "star wars." this next generation germ fighter -- >> reporter: she is a little noisy to be such a lightweight weighing in at 150 pounds and standing just 5'2", in robot nicknamed sadie can kill. >> devastating infections for patients. >> reporter: the chief medical officer welcomed this germ zapping robot to the hospital even though some have joked that sadie like a combination of rosie from the jetsons and r2d2. >> it's a "star wars" type of concept, isn't it? you look at the device and
6:45 pm
think, wow, this is unique. >> reporter: the robot produces ultraviolet light and in 10 minutes wipes out every bug in the room. because it's so powerful and can kill so many germs, you wouldn't want a person inside the room while the machine is at work. so if someone were to stumble into the room, it has safety features built in to turn it off. still, it's the safety of patients that's top priority. and that's why the group spent $125,000 on little sadie. >> infections in general orthopedics means the patient have to go back to surgery and sometimes have multiple operations which can be very costly and very traumatic for the patient. so anything we can do to minimize infection rates is a very, very critical thing for us. >> chase cain reporting. we are told the robot also environmentally-friendly friendly because it uses a safe
6:46 pm
xenon bulb instead of bulbs were mercury. the rain is coming. >> yes. we got new computer model information every six hours. i'm looking for something to change because fronts don't make it this far south this early but closer to the event it looks more likely we'll see widespread showers coming up as soon as this time tomorrow. that means you mount vaca. much cooler and breezy. at last the golden gate. will not look that clear tomorrow but let's enjoy tonight. it is a fantastic night to get outside albeit warm away from the water. livermore at 88. concord 86. the city is now down to 69 degrees. but a high of 75 and san jose a very comfortable 79 degrees. hi-def doppler showing dry conditions right now. this time tomorrow rain showers moving in from the north and mendocino, lake county, even northern napa and sonoma counties will have showers this time tomorrow. no rain for our schoolcast tomorrow heading to san jose, san antonio elementary school.
6:47 pm
clouds will increase, not as warm. the 90s, no, not that tomorrow. 76 for a high. big book fair at san antonio elementary school through next monday and the kids shoul enjoy lunch at 70 degrees. to put your school on television go to we put your school's forecast on television. microclimate forecast in windsor showers tomorrow 78 for a high. saturday breezy on-and-off showers mostly cloudy and high of only 72. steady slow progress toward the bay area. cooler cloudier and breezy not nearly as as much. some of you may get .25" of rainfall in the north bay tomorrow. here's the futurecast showing
6:48 pm
clouds moving in friday at 7:00 showers in the north bay and scattered everywhere on saturday and even shower chances throughout the afternoon. arena window of opportunity friday afternoon through -- rain window of opportunity friday afternoon through saturday afternoon. from .10" to an inch of rain. cloudy, chilly and breezy. tomorrow milpitas 77. chillier at the coast, pacifica only 64 degrees. upper 70s for pleasant hill and san ramon. vallejo cooler 76 degrees. not even hitting 80 up north with a chance of showers for ukiah tomorrow afternoon. your extended forecast calling for showers through saturday afternoon. it will be chilly too as at least relatively speaking. sunshine comes back on sunday. and we'll stay a couple of degrees cooler than normal as we say hello to the first week of autumn next week. the mobile weather lab and
6:49 pm
roberta gonzales at oakland coliseum for tonight's a's game. >> reporter: yes. coliseum. where today's high temperature was 82 degrees. it's a great night for baseball clear skies. currently 73 degrees. you can feel the excitement in the air because the oakland a's magic number 5. as in kpix 5. but you can also feel in the air some change. see right behind me here? metal detectors for the first time in a's history. here to tell us why is the director of public relations, bob rose. good evening, sir. >> good evening to you. >> reporter: i don't see this as anything to be concerned w people are saying why the metal detectors? >> actually, it really is the industry standard, you know, most events have these already. major league baseball is giving us guidelines. i think everybody is moving towards this. warrior fans, raider fans are used to this. so i think it's something that we want to do and we wanted to start it before -- if we get to the play-offs this year we wanted people to get used to t
6:50 pm
next season it will be something you see all the time. >> reporter: it's a whole new ballgame as far as the world and security is concerned major league baseball is rolling it out. besides the new measures of security and telling people to get out earlier, what can we expect inside the park? >> i saw you say about the imagine number at 5. that works well with your station for the magic number. [ laughter ] >> we don't. we are in a situation now where it is getting exciting. we are starting to see a finish line. we have four games against the minnesota twins. we could clinch it during the home stand. we hope we can. >> reporter: we need you out here. we are expecting over 20,000 people tonight. we want a full house. keep up with the oakland a's and weather. we'll be right back.
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6:53 pm
dennis ayeaye captain o'donnell at the america's cup. >> reporter: i'm the leader in your america's cup coverage, thank you very much. the united states will live to see another day thanks to the first race today and the second race which was canceled by mother nature. it started out as a picture- perfect day on the bay and it started even better for team oracle. skipper jimmy fiddle pulled off a great start to overtake new zealand and set the tone for the 12th race. oracle led wire to wire crossing the finish line 31 seconds ahead of team emirates
6:54 pm
as they stave off a elimination for a second day because the second race was postponed because of heavy wind. >> we love a challenge. we are certainly getting what we wished for. the boys this morning it was a bit of excitement because they really embraced it and they just ran a fantastic race. we have to focus one at a time and keep chipping away. >> reporter: tim jeffrey is the america's cup communications director. and tim, i thought they pulled off a critical maneuver at the beginning of the race. how did he do that? >> a really strong start by jimmy got into a great position what we call in the business the hook so he was able to push team new zealand into a tack, means team new zealand did two slow maneuvers right before the line. >> fantastic beginning of the race there. they never gave it up. it's 8-2 now in terms of the standings for new zealand. it looks like oracle finally
6:55 pm
got it together but they may have done so too late. >> that's a very good point. if we started last weekend instead of the week before, we would see day after day of stunning racing which is what we have now. the score line is 8-2 the challenger. it's very team new zealand and the cup's destiny is hanging by a thread. >> the champagne is on ice for a few days. why don't they just start the races earlier so. -- so the wind isn't an issue? >> the teams discuss the rules of the game and the regulations before racing started. and to change midway through the competition that's really a tough sell. you need two teams to agree. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. maybe we'll be here again tomorrow night. >> there's a real chance of it. >> reporter: you got it. let's talk another team that isn't getting much of a chance right now. and that is the oakland raiders. terrelle pryor will be in his first monday night football
6:56 pm
game against the broncos. he seems pretty loose, though. >> i started off with a joke. [ laughter ] >> they said terrell, you really are like a rudolph, you know, because they say i run like a deer and looked at my nose and they said, take off the red nose. not a good joke? all right. >> reporter: monday night will be pryor's fourth career start or 223 less than broncos quarterback peyton manning and while the broncos have the better team on paper, there's an old saying that anything can happen in a rivalry game. >> this has been one of the biggest rivalries in the nfl dating back to the willie brown area since he has been playing and it's just man when these two teams clash you don't need a monday night, a sunday night. it could be really on a tuesday afternoon, in a safeway parking lot and this thing would be just bananas. >> reporter: you can see the raiders and broncos monday night on the cw on pre-game
6:57 pm
coverage beginning at 5:00 with a countdown to kickoff. stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter. >> at least one giants fan is still having fun. this guy certainly didn't have a good day at the park. have a nice trip. see you next fall. scoreless in the fourth perez base hit to right sanchez scores. three hit day for the new york native in his return home. madison madison baumgarner doing his part at least to finish the season a high note strikes out the side in the fifth. ten strikeouts for the day for madison baumgarner who picked up his 13th win. giants beat the mets 2-1. you are looking right now at a table. they are going to have a little surf and turf aboard the kia loa which has gone 55,000 nautical miles second trip around the world. captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: ok. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one today. returning for the second day from pittsburg, california, it's the coniglio family... and from hyattsville, maryland, it's the chambers family. everybody is here trying to walk out of here with a lot of cash and the possibility of driving away in a fuel-efficient ford fusion right there. let's go. give me safiya. give me salvatore.


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