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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  September 21, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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aldon smith. and a san francisco 49er arrested after crashing his truck. what the team's head coach has to say about alvin smith and suiting up for tomorrow's game it. and now for something completely different, rain on the way for the bay area. we're going to have the forecast in a minute. i'm going to be doing some dancing. >> the music glamour and star power of hollywood's big night. how everything is coming up emmys. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, september 21st, thanks for joining us, i'm an macovic. >> you're relieved to know i'm not doing dancing, i'm brian hafney. high doppler, a little bit of rain on the way for the bay area. not a lot, but it's a first, first for the season. you can see up there on the north coast, the rain is just beginning to touch point rays and marin in sonoma county.
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the rest of of the bay area at the moment dry. that is going to change. it looks like we'll all get wet. we'll have the details in a few minutes. first let's get the latest. here's ann. yeah, we were talking about a star nfl player hit left and right with legal trouble. linebacker alvin smith is out of jail this morning after he was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. police say he crashed head on into a tree in front of his san jose home. the homeowner heard the loud crash and then called police when she saw his pickup in her yard. smith was booked on charges of dui and a marijuana possession. 49ers coach jim harbaugh says smith is expected to play in tomorrow's game. >> disappointed and it felt like he needs to go to work, face his teammates and, you know, soldier through it. >> smith lives eight miles away from the home he crashed into. and this is just the latest legal trouble for smith. last year in miami he was
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arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. he's also facing two lawsuits stemming from a party he threw in june of 2012. he was stabbed at that party, but that injury was not serious. well, as bart braces for another possible strike, its managers are working behind the scenes to try to avoid a complete transit shutdown. can r linda yates takes us inside the warehouse where bart is now training the managers to run the trains. >>reporter: the bart cars sit inside the warehouse. this is the staging ground for training managers to operate bart just in case workers strike october 11th. bart says some are former train operators and what they're doing is not in violation of the contract because they are not driving on the rails. >> we have two trains that are off of bart property on mere island that we have set up. there's no tracks out there, there's no third rail power, but it's mainly so employees that may want to be certified are z or the ones that are certified and want refresher courses can really go and
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refamiliarize. >>reporter: leaders say operating a train is a skill that takes more lessons than what the managers are getting, and they insist what bart is doing could be dangerous for passengers. >> they don't operate the trains on a regular basis. i worry about something happening, needing to evacuate a train, do they know those intricate procedures? do they know what happens if a train derails or a switch splits? they don't know any of that and it's unconscionable that they would even do this. >>reporter: bart insists they need to plan for a strike they hear could last a month and if the bart board approves, management driving the trains, if there is a walkout, it would only be on a limited basis. >> it would only be a few trains going through the transbay tube during the peak of the peak commute, but it's really on bart to make sure we have some sort of backup plan. >>reporter: the union says bart's backup plan proves management doesn't expect to have an agreement. >> what they need to be doing is putting in the efforts that they're using to train these managers to get a deal done, that's what we're doing.
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>>reporter: both sides insist they don't want to see a strike. negotiations begin again on monday. on mare island, linda ye, kpix5. >> negotiators say the parties are still tens of millions of dollars apart. if the two don't agree to a new contract by october 10th, a second strike could be in the works. backers of prop 8, the same-sex marriage ban invalidated are setting sights on a different issue. the national organization for marriage wants to put a referendum on the ballot that would repeal a recently-enacted state law that allows transgendered students to allow students which school rest rooms they use or whether to play girls' or boys' sports. they have until november to get half a million signatures. president obama struck back against those willing to force a government shutdown. >> some are willing to plunge america into default if they can't fund the affordable care act. think about that. they'd actually plunge this
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country back in the recession, all to deny the basic security of healthcare to millions of americans. that's not happening. >> the president wants the public to pressure congress to stop trying to undermine his healthcare reform law. governor brian sandoval of nevada gave the republican response. >> when it comes to growing jobs, it is my responsibility to leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting nevada working again. can you just imagine what our economy would look like today if washington would just take that approach? like washington, nevada has a politically-divided government, but that hasn't stopped our efforts to grow nevada's economy. >> as the two parties seem to talk past each other, the republican-led house has now passed a spending plan. kpix5's kristin aers shows us what's at stake. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. [ cheers ]
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>> the joint resolution is passed. >>reporter: every house republican but one voted for the bill, along with two democrats who jumped ship. it keeps the government running but defubleds obamacare, setting the stage for another government shutdown, d-day october 1st. if lawmakers can't work something out, national parks, museums and monuments will all close. essential government employees like air traffic controllers and u.s. troops will have to temporarily work without pay. workers considered nonessential will be furloughed, causing delays on services ranging from irs refunds to passport processing. >> this place is a mess. >>reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi says republicans aren't just flirting with a shutdown, they're trying to deprive millions of americans of affordable health insurance. >> either you don't know what you are doing or this is one of the most intentional acts of brutality that you have cooked up with stiff competition for
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that honor. >>reporter: the house plan has no chance of passing in the democratically-controlled senate. tonight both sides say they expect the fight to continue until the 11th hour. kristin ayers, kpix5. the house plan has no chance of passing in the democratly-controlled senate. both sides say they expect the fight to continue until the 11th hour. by the way, this is the 42nd time the house has voted to repeal obamacare. new this morning the organization that polices the global treaty outlawing chemical weapons is reviewing more documents from syria. this comes a day after a preliminary submission. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says it's reviewing the latest disclosure between a deal -- under a deal between the u.s. and russia. syria has to provide a full list of its chemical weapons and production facilities by today. and a proufl -- look at this, a powerful typhoon battering parts of the philippines and china. the typhoon caused that empty building to collapse and fall
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into a rushing river in taiwan. and in the philippines the storm triggered triggered landslides and power outages. the storm has maximum sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. it's expected to make handfall in hong kong later today. so far, unbelievably, there's no reports at least, of any injuries. the south bay teen has come clean and confessed to shooting bb pellets at several cars during the morning commute. more than a dozen cars were hit wednesday night as they drove southbound highway 101 near the key exit in san jose. a 15-year-old boy told investigators yesterday that he and his 11-year-old friend just started firing their bb dpns. an officer from the california highway patrol says while the boys are old enough to know better, they didn't seem to realize the danger of firing a weapon at speeding vehicles. >> they admitted to firing numerous bbs at the motoring public. they were not aware of how many vehicles they did strike. >> the boys are facing felony
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vandalism charges by the santa clarita district attorney's office. in this morning's bay area watch, a shotgun a man had stashed in a bush near a pittsburgh courthouse apparently went off yesterday morning. and as he tried to retrieve the gun, it fired at least another shot that struck the window of a jury assembly room. nobody was hit by the gunfire. surveillance footage revealed the man then ran off into a red chevy sports car. police are still looking for the suspect. three dozen police officers will soon hit the streets of oakland. yesterday was graduation day and from one graduate -- and for one graduate law enforcement is a family affair. lindsey calvin's grandfather graduated in the 1950s, matthew's father, also a police officer, presented his son with the badge and a hug. is it the end of the line for team oracle. how the team survived to see another race in the america's cup today. >>reporter: and i'm dennis at mission creek in san francisco. 3,000 people will walk this morning to find a cure for alzheimer's. we're going to speak with the man looking to find that cure
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when we come back. again, we've also got the latest on high definition doppler. we've been slaving over a hot weather computer all morning with the latest forecast which is coming up in about two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's california s largest volunteer event of the year. there's one coastal clean-up nl happening today the 29th annual california coastal cleanup. it is california's largest volunteer event of the year. there is one coastal cleanup event at richmond's shoreline this morning. volunteers are meeting at the shamata friendship park at 9:00. and if you want to get involved, check online, events going on all over the bay area for that. or dhp acle team usa still alive in the america's cup finals. it beat emmer et, new zealand in a race yesterday, but new zealand still leads the finals 8-3 and remains one win away from clinching that cup. two races are scheduled for this afternoon, starting at 1:15. of course that depends on the
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wind speeds. so, brian, fill us in on that and then this possibility of rain. what's going on? >> really looks like it's going to. i mean, we're not going to get a heck of a lot out of this, but it does look like much of the bay area after a little bit of a system pushed through and dropped .10 in the north bay overnight, looks like everybody will get wet today. right now rain is confined to the marin and sonoma county coastlines as you can see on high definition doppler. we'll take a close look at this. some of these cells are looking good and that's how it's going to look for much of the bay area. when it rain comes through, there will be times when this rain does come down, but by the time it's all done, 1/3 inch in the north bay, but it does look like it's going to spread over the central and south bay as well later in the morning and it all should be done by tonight. but as it spreads south, it's going to get wet. temperatures will be in the low 60s to start out with. there's already clouds and drizzle in the north bay. south of the golden gate it's not that bad, ceilings aren't that low. there's a little bit of sun here and there, but that's going to degrade quickly as the day goes on.
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so out the door we get a mix of sun, a little bit of drizzle and temperatures in the low 60s. later in the day it gets wet. nevertheless it still looks like a not bad day for the art and wine festival at lafayette, 72 degrees. the temperatures will be fairly mild with this. and then down in what we used to call santa clarita county, they have the silicon valley fall festival, cupertino chance of showers. here's what we have next, clouds, it'll be cool, there'll be drizzle, and then showers will spread south later today, mostly around the midday period. of course it's north to south, so the farther south, the later in the day. but then tomorrow looks crystal clear with plenty of sunshine for the bay area. so once we wr this anemic storm, we will get high pressure building back in. this is that second impulse, by the way, that's coming in off of this low. this impulse to come through it what's going to produce more rain a little bit later in the day. heading out of the bay area, thunderstorms at tahoe, yosemite. go north, it gets wet. by the time you get down to monterey, there's not much left. it may not rain all the way down to monterey. today the numbers not bad, 73 in san francisco, but we're
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about 14 degrees below average in san jose with just 68 degrees today. out on the east bay, numbers look like this, low 70s, what a difference a week makes. 71 in pleasanton. up in the north bay expect wet, 71 in san rafael. five-day forecast we got wet today, look at the rest of the week, though, there's nothing just about except friday, sunny side up, sunday through friday. today is beautiful, tomorrow is a little bit wet, not bad and welcome to autumn. >> yes, today is the last day of summer. >> that's right. the equinox tomorrow. >> thanks, brian. later this morning there's going to be a walk to end alzheimer's in san francisco. organizers hope to raise $1 million. the money will go toward patient care and also support for family members. the college student says he's walking to do something proactive as his grandmother suffers from the disease. >> she doesn't know who she is, she doesn't really speak
7:16 am
anymore. she doesn't know who her family is, she can't get around in her day-to-day life. she has to have someone around 24/7. >> in san francisco alone more than 17,000 people have alzheimer's and that number is expected to double by 2030. dennis o'donnell is live at mission creek park in the mission bay neighborhood where the walk begins in two hours. dennis, good morning. >>reporter: and good morning. my father had alzheimer's, and sometimes you feel so helpless because you can't figure out what to do. there is no cure. so we're going to tell you about something this morning you can do to help, and it's walk for alzheimer's. i'm with ceo bill fisher. and, bill, we've been meeting like this for 13 years and i'm still waiting for a cure. >> i know, dennis, you and me both. thanks so much for being after it like this. >>reporter: what can people do this morning? >> well, come out to walk to end alzheimer's. register. we have a virtual walk, by the way, if people are sitting at home with their laptop and they don't think they'll be able to make it, they can still go
7:17 am
online and fundraise and contribute. walk to end alzheimer's accounts for about 25% of our budget here every year, so it's an important piece of revenue to us. >>reporter: you can also contact your congress, your senator because there's $100 million appropriated right now for alzheimer's this year, but it's a matter of getting it pushed through. >> that's right. federal funding for alzheimer's is about $500 million compared to say $6 billion for cancer. so the administration has a new $100 million, that's about a 20% increase in the budget for alzheimer's science. we'd love to see that survive. absolutely, as you say, people should contact their elected official, their congressman, their senator, feinstein, boxer, et cetera and let them know they care about this. >>reporter: i know this is a long answer, but give me the short version, why can't we find a cure? >> it's an incredibly complex issue and it's important to know we've only been at this since about the early '70s, and most of what we know we've learned in the last 15 years. so we are absolutely making
7:18 am
progress. we know more than we have ever known. >>reporter: let me just tell the viewers out there, you can still come out, you can still register. the walk starts at 9:30, and for every dollar you put in, that dollar goes towards research. and i've been to some of these meetings where scientists will give his hypothesis. they try and get a grant, they try and figure out a cure to end this horrible disease that is getting bigger and bigger as our population grows older. we'll have more from mission bay coming up a little bit later on. let's go back to ann and brian. guys. >> thank you, dennis, a very worthy cause. i think we all know somebody who has been afflicted by that disease. counting down to the emmys tomorrow night. kevin spacey drama that's turning heads among the nominees and your sneak peek at one of the biggest awards in hollywood coming up next. ,, [ phone ringing ]
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lots of awards to give out, some great performance, elton john, carrie underwood, i'm going to be doing some dancing. >> neil patrick harris hosts tomorrow night's emmy awards, the "how i met your mother" star kicks off the festivities at the nokia theater in downtown l.a. we're dishing everything emmys now, fern ando joining us now. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure to be here. >> big show tomorrow, what are the things that are going to stand out to people? >> i think one of the first things that many people are watching this time around is the shows that are on netflix that have been nominated like "house of cards." you've also got "arrested
7:22 am
development," jason batheman getting an emmy for the first time. there's a show you can only watch on the internet or netflix, specifically, has been actually nominated for an award or several awards, actually. several gives it some validity and really backs up these shows as being something real and not just kind of something out there. >> it is really interesting because only a smaller segment of the population has the ability to watch or the gumption to go ahead and order that flu netflix, that -- through netflix, that has been even been exposed. >> you gotta want to watch these shows to actually go and put your remote down and access netflix to watch any one of these shows. it's pretty impressive. they're doing -- the shows that netflix has released have done really well as far as viewership and as we see now, award nomination. we'll see how that turns out tomorrow night as far as actual awards. >> and you're one of the more mainstream shows that is up for an award, "big bang theory." we've seen that one with
7:23 am
several awards. that's a great show. >> my partner loves this show. if there was a marathon on, it would be on 24 hours a day. >> what is it about that show? >> i don't know. is it sheldon? he's actually pretty amazing actor, and i was just reading about him. he's won this award, actually, a few times in the past. >> for best actor. >> for best actor. and he fell in hoff with the way they use these huge -- he fell in love with the way they use these huge words, but he can spit them out incredibly well. i think that's part of the charm of the show. >> most of the people on the show are people we really can't relate to per se, it's a bunch of nerds and then penny, i guess you can relate to her a little bit more, but why do we all love it so much? it really has become a favorite over many years >> it really has. it's amazing how many places you can watch this show. i mean, you can turn on just about any channel and it's got "big bang theory." it is all over the world as well. you travel to other currents and you'll see the show. it's -- other currents and
7:24 am
you'll see the show. >> the other show "homeland." >> this is one of my favorites. in the drama category for outstanding drama, chalk this cat -- toughest category to predict who's going to win because there are so many great shows. but "homeland" is the show that will keep you on the edge of your seat every single week. not only are you trying to get whether broli -- brody is a terrorist or not every single week, but you got clare danes and her issues that you're trying to figure out as well. this show is nonstop intensity. dism speaking of clare danes, it's another part of the phenomenon that we see the movie actresses moving into television. >> i think many of the actresses are just finding that these projects, these tv shows are such a higher quality these days that they're -- i guess maybe in their minds they're just as good as movies. >> they become mini movies, just split up. >> for me personally a movie is is two hours and you're done.
7:25 am
you sort of invest into one of these tv shows, and they are that good that they will hook you week after week after week. and, you know, that just kind of goes to show how many people are watching tv these days. it's all binge watching. you know, you're not just going to sit and watch one. it's like a potato chip, you can't just eat one. you sit there and watch. >> and your weekend is shot. it happens very quickly. the other contenders for best lead actress is tina fey, love her. >> tina fey. this is in the outstanding actress in a comedy series. i think tina fey could win. "30 rock" is done, they may want to give her an award saying thank you very much for years of a fantastic show. i think lena dunham is going to get the award for this. >> i don't know her. >> she's in a show called "girl." it is a fantastic show and it's definitely another one that will make you laugh, but you'll be uncomfortable when you laugh about what goes on on this show. but it's fantastic. she not only writes this show, the script, she directs at
7:26 am
times, and she also -- what else does she do? she stars in it, of course. duh. but she does a lot on this show. it is basically her baby and i think that this will be the year that she scores an emmy. >> between these hbo shows, the netflix shows, a a lot of interesting nuances this year. the 65th primetime emmy awards will air here on kpix 5. an encore showing at 8:00. fernando from it 99.7f.m. thank you for being here. the wait for the new iphone ended with fist flying in southern california. plus why the new apple update has a lot of ipad and iphone users freaking out. and the secret operation inside this warehouse on mare island, all to make sure you can get around, even if there's another bart strike. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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to try to avoid a complete transit shutdown. as bart braces for another possible strike, its managers are working behind the scenes to try to avoid a complete transit shutdown. rchltd and here comes that rainy day feeling again. get ready to get wet in the bay area. we have the forecast just ahead. and plenty of people excited about the just-released iphone, but they may not be ready for the changes. why the jury is still out on the gadget's new look. welcome back, it is just
7:30 am
about 7 cho 30, september 21st, last day of summer. thanks for joining us. let's take a quick look at the kpix 5 high definition doppler. we still have some showers off the marin county and sonoma county coastline. those showers will march south during the day. we're expecting. 10 to 1/3 of an inch, mostly favoring the north bay, but we'll all get wet today. most of it will be over with by this evening. it's coming our way. we'll have the complete forecast in just a minute. but first let's get the latest from ann. problems for 49ers linebacker alvin smith. it looks like those problems will not stop him from playing in tomorrow's game. the linebacker is out on bail after being arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. he kra shalled -- he crashed head on into a tree in the san jose, damaging several areas of the yard. the owner of the home heard the loud crash and then called police when she saw his pickup in her yard. smith was booked on charges of dui and marijuana possession. smith's actions come as a real disappointment to his
7:31 am
teammates. >> it comes to a -- there comes a point in time where you have to really just say, okay, this is it, i have to get myself on the right track, i have to shape up and just do the right thing. so i think as a young guy he'll learn, he will learn. >> smith's teammates say they're going to try to have a heart to heart with him tomorrow after the game. he is is expected to play in tomorrow's game. and one other note, governor brown just signed a bill that requires police to give a search warrant to take blood samples in dui cases. now that means suspected drunk drivers who refuse to get their blood drawn are no longer forced to submit it. >> it's turning out to be bart's worst-kept secret. managers are being trained to run the trains just in case there's a strike. this warehouse is the training ground. bart says that instruction taking place there doesn't violent the current contract because the training is not taking place on the rails. >> we have two trains that are
7:32 am
off of bart property on mare island that we have set up. there's no tracks out there, there's no third rail power, but it's mainly so employees that may want to be certified or the ones that are certified and want refresher courses can really go and refamiliarize. >> do they know what happens if a trail derails or if a switch splits? they don't know any of that. and it's unconscionable they would even do this. >> union leaders say that also what bart is doing is dangerous for passengers. negotiators say the parties every still tens of millions of dollars apart. if both sides don't agree to a new contract by october 10th, a second strike could be in the works. the republican house has passed a bill that would keep the government running, but would defund the president's healthcare law, and that sets the stage for another government shutdown if lawmakers can't come to an agreement. essential government employees like air traffic controllers and u.s. troops could work without pay and nonessential workers would be furloughed, causing delays on services like irs refunds and passport
7:33 am
processing. of today president obama and the republican governor gave competing visions. >> they'd actually plunge this country back into recession, all to deny the basic security of healthcare to millions of americans. that's not happening. >> when it comes to growing jobs, it is my responsibility to leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting nevada working again. can you just imagine what our economy would look like today if washington would just take that approach? >> lawmakers face a deadline of october 1st to figure something out. happening today, four men are expected to enter a courtroom in london to face charges in a multi-million dollar banking fest scheme. the men were arrested on friday after authorities suspected them of installing a device on the bank's computer system used to steal information. british police say cash, jewels and thousands of credit cards were found in related searches. it was once so big that its adherence were called crack
7:34 am
berries but now blackberry is slashing its work force, 4,500 employees will lose their jobs. blackberry reports nearly a billion dollars in losses for the second quarter alone, hammered by the competition. analysts say that things are just grim for the company, research in motion. >> they've essentially said you win, apple, you win, samsung, and so now they're saying we're going to focus just on these phones that are aimed really at businesses and what they call prosummers, it's unclear what that means and why the appeal would be there and why people would buy them. as you know, most people want to use the same phone for work and home. >> blackberry used to own half the phone market and now it has just 3% and analysts say it probably won't catch up. many believe the company will be sold. and bad behavior made for some sour apples in southern california. >> move out of the way. move out of the way. >> can you believe it? three people arrested in pasadena while waiting in line for the new iphone 5. a man
7:35 am
promised to pay a group of homeless people to wait in line for him. in the end he refused to hand over the cash. customers lined up at apple's flagship store in san francisco's union square yesterday to get their hands on the new iphone 5c. we didn't see or hear of any fights. the cellular device features a better camera than the old model and people seem to be drawn to the new design of the phone. >> the actual look and feel of it is just cool. it's modern, it's new. >> one big difference, you unlock the phone with your fingerprint instead of a four- digit password. apple says it's a security improvement, but at least one u.s. lawmaker is worried that hackers could steal that information and impersonate you. well, a very active 98- year-old shares the key to her longevity. meet this week's jefferson award winner, a san francisco woman honored for doing what she loves. and we've got the high definition doppler up and running this morning.
7:36 am
there's rain on its way to the bay area. we'll have the timing and the forecast coming up. ,, there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day.
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life? this week's jefferson award winner says here's a question everybody is is asking, what is the secret to a long life? this week's jefferson award winner says volunteering keeps her young. and as kpix 5's sharon chin reports, she is almost a century old. >> this is everybody's favorite. >>reporter: 98-year-old phyllis chicktini is always on the go. >> oh, yes, that's my life, volunteering. >>reporter: if it weren't for arthritis in her hip, she'd be out serving others. every monday and wednesday morning for nearly 60 years she's volunteered at the janet pommero recreation and rehabilitation center in san francisco. it serves hundreds of developmentally-disabled people each week. >> when you see people smiling and you're making them happy, naturally it makes you happy and all your little endorphins start running around and making
7:40 am
you healthier. >>reporter: phyllis started volunteering at the center in 1954, along with her son and daughter and the boy scouts and girl scouts. when they outgrew scouting, she continued to come here. >> i love the people, i love helping. >>reporter: from dominoes, to exercise, she comes alongside two dozen disabled senior citizens a day in the recreation program. >> how are you doing? >> fine. >>reporter: participant sanford fernandez says phyllis has made her feel special for 47 years. >> she talks to everybody in our group. she's really nice. >>reporter: frank grassi says phyllis brightens the whole room. >> she makes this place lively. she makes everybody happy. >>reporter: and she steps in with creative ideas. when the center needed a greenhouse in 1999, she paid for a quarter of the building cost. how? >> it came up really good, everybody liked it. >>reporter: she won a national cooking contest and donated the $5,000 prize from her sausage
7:41 am
eggplant and palenta recipe. phyllis inspires recreation services director cindy blackstone. >> she's busy and active all the time in a lot of different things. she lives life to its fullest. >>reporter: and volunteering fuels her life. >> i just love doing it. >>reporter: so from making life brighter for disabled seniors for nearly six decades, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to phyllis chickitini. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> what a gal. you can nominate your local heros for a jefferson award online at click the logo at the top of the page and then jefferson awards to find the e-mail nominations form. weather now because we have been talking about the possibility of rain today. and, brian, you say it looks like it's really going to happen. it is. it's already spread onto the marin and sonoma county coastline. we'll show you the high definition doppler in just a minute. we are looking for showers to spread south throughout the bay area. the amounts won't be much, but it'll be the first good dousing of the season as we head into
7:42 am
autumn. the equinox is tomorrow. and we are looking for cloudy conditions over much of the bay area today. the high definition doppler right now is showing the showers that are spreading right to around point rays and south and getting ready to move into santa rosa and then mill valley and then sa u.s. salito. right now the south bay is clear -- well, it's not clear, but it's not raining yet. but it will later in the daivment as you go from north to south, the rainfall amounts will diminish. nevertheless we're looking for 1/3 inch up here and by the time it gets to the south bay, maybe. 10, and it should dry up completely as it gets down to monterey. right now numbers in the bay area starting out relatively warm, low 60s for the most part. we're already getting the drizzle and a few showers up in the north bay and everybody looks cloudy this morning. but not bad. at 9:00 this morning, it shouldn't start raining yet, down in loss gatos for the dog fest rock and roll and the polk street blues festival is in the city midday today some showers, actually it, earlier than midday, around 10:00, 64 degree its in the city.
7:43 am
so we get clouds and drizzle, the showers spread south by 10:00 this morning and then sunny skies tomorrow. this will really rinse out the atmosphere and give us a beautiful conditions, but this low pressure will push all of the rain south today and that'll be followed by high pressure that's offshore. that will give us a crisp and clear sunday. in fact, the rest of the week too. in the meantime expect wet later today. heading out tomorrow looks okay, northwesterlies at the airport and sunshine at sfo. again, this is is tomorrow. southland is okay too, but thunderstorms in denver and 77 degrees. back in the bay area 68 in san jose, cupertino has got 69. numbers today are about 15 degrees cooler than they were last weekend, just low 70s in the east bay and in the central bay, the city today 63 degrees. extended forecast, after we get wet today, we'll bring in the high pressure and clear things right out. it's going to be sunny the rest of the week. the numbers are not going to be near seasonal. it'll be a very pleasant week ahead, just a little bit cooler than we're used to, especially
7:44 am
tomorrow, a nice, crisp day. today the walk to end alzheimer's, that walk gets under way in san francisco this morning, organizers helping to raise $1 million. the money will go toward patient care and support for family members. dennis o'donnell is live at mission creek park where the walk starts in less than two hours. good morning, dennis. >>reporter: hello and good morning, everybody. if you are anchoring a newscast this morning or you're watching from home and you're thinking what am i going to do today? well, why don't you come out and help us raise money and help us find a cure for alzheimer's. the walk starts at 9:30 this morning. there will be a walk called memory walk here in san francisco. organizers hope to raise a million bucks. the money will go toward patient care and also support for family members. a college student says he's walking to do something proactive as his grandmother suffers from the disease. >> she doesn't know who she is. she doesn't really speak anymore, she doesn't know who her family is. she can't get around in her day-
7:45 am
to-day life. she has to have someone around 24/7. >>reporter: in san francisco alone, more than 17,000 people have alzheimer's and that number is expected to double by 2030. bonnie bullwinkle is alongside and bonnie works for the alzheimer's association. i want you to look at her shirt down here. she has written in all the members of her family who have been associated with alzheimer's. so she is at higher risk to get the disease, and if you are at risk, you think you might be, there's something you can do. bonnie, tell them what it is. >> okay. you can sign up for our program called trial match, and you can go to our alzheimer's website, and click on trial match. and what i've done is signed up for trial match, they call you. you answer some questions and then they will match you with a
7:46 am
trial. if you do not have the disease, i'm in a healthy brain trial, two trials, actually, ucsf and other people with the disease can sign up and be matched to a drug trial, their caregivers can be matched to a trial. >>reporter: so we're moving slowly in the right direction. the bottom line, though, is we still do not have a cure and that is frustrating, especially for us, my father died of the disease, and you and so many members are being afflicted. >> absolutely. i decided i needed to be proactive, and since i couldn't prevent these, i can exercise, exercise, exercise and get in some trials and eat better and try to do what i can. >>reporter: bonnie, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >>reporter: there are ways that you can help. even if you don't know somebody with this disease, come on out, walk, let's put some money into the research for alzheimer's and find a cure. reporting live from san
7:47 am
francisco in the memory walk, i'm dennis o'donnell. back to brian and ann. guys. >> it a worthy cause. such a terrible disease. thank you, dennis. we're going to be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:48 am
7:49 am
good morning, everybody. i got more. i got star wars night in oakland last night. the a's and twins and sespotis to the twins, he was the fall ball. a home run in the 2nd,' rolled the twins 7-0. they could clinch the a.l. west today. the giants bombarded by the yankees from the strength of this bases-loaded jam from alex rodriguez, 24th time in his career. he has cracked a grand slam. the yankees beat the giants 5- 1. yesterday oracle racing, one on a restart, they beat new
7:50 am
zealand, they stay alive. they're down 8-3, forcing action today. the kiwis win, it is all over. as you may have seen in our broadcast 49 linebacker alden smith was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of drunk driving and possession of marijuana. alden practiced with the team yesterday hours after being arrested. coach jim harbaugh did say that smith is expected to play tomorrow against the indianapolis colts. where can you catch that game? how about kpix 5. yeah, a 1:00 start. colts, niners, right here on channel 5, followed by the "5th quarter" on the cw, scheduled to air right after the game, roughly about 5:00 p.m. that is sports at this hour. be good. >> always. in this weekend's edition of tony's table, tony tantillo and his daughter stephanie
7:51 am
share their tips on whipping up risotto. >> now, stephanie, this is a labor of love for you. you've been standing here for the last 30 minutes making this risotto because it takes time, huh? >> risotto takes a lot of time, a lot of dedication and a lot of arm power. here we start with the risotto, you have to start with the white wine, the garlic and the olive oil and the onions, you actually add the broth and add it in half cup at a time and you keep doing it until it absorbs and you add it again and again and again and again. >> so now we're going to put in some spinach. >> yep. >> basil. >> and some romo tomatoes. they are local romas and they are delicious. >> you'll add a little bit more moisture in there because it's going to absorb just about everything in here. look at this risotto. and to finish it off, add just a little bit of olive oil. >> that's perfect. >> beautiful. >> i'm so very connected. >> it feels good. she did all the work and i'm
7:52 am
going to eat. caio. understanding man's best friend. the owner of happy massage bar learns how to decode a dog's body language. >> generally speaking, dogs do have very distinct stats of communication styles. dogs generally don't like it if you come at their face. she's getting used to me, so she's going to tolerate this, but a lot of times if you walk up to a dog with your hand to pat them on the head, they'll turn their head, they'll duck, they'll get down really low. they don't like that. to a dog it's very rude. dogs generally don't like their feet touched. see? she'll pull away. and it's not something i want to insist on doing. it's just going to irritate her and get her to not trust me. if you go to the dog park and you sit and you watch very carefully, you can see dogs doing this all the time, especially with their guardians and their owners. so one of the most common ones that you see dogs doing are
7:53 am
averting their eyes and turning their head. i see dogs do this with people all the time. they do it with each and they expect us to understand it. most people don't, and what they're telling us by doing that is that we're either moving too fast according to them or in their realm of what's polite behavior, we're encoaching on their space or we're doing something that they're deeming as aggressive and they're trying to tell you to calm down, basically. it's their-would-you-please- chill attitude. >> we have a guy in the studio right now who is extremely chilled. check him out. this is peyton and peyton is is looking for a home. sherry franklin with muttville dog rescue in san francisco, thanks for joining us, thanks for bringing him in today. >> you're welcome. >> tell us the story. how did he end up with you guys? >> actually, his guardian passed away, and he was left at the shelter for quite some time before we found out about him and brought him under our wing. >> poor baby. he's already suffered other issues. i can see he's missing an eye.
7:54 am
>> yeah. he came to us missing that eye, so i don't know if there is -- there's probably a story there. he's a great dog, he's house trained. i had to pull him out of bed this morning. he likes to sleep in. >> so very calm, older dog. >> gentle, calm, easy on a leash, just an easy-going dog. >> so great. you guys specialize in older dogs. >> that's right. >> very good. a big event coming up tonight, it's your big fundraiser for the year. tell us about it. >> it's a wonderful gala called mula for -- moolah for mutts. it's 6 cho 30 tonight, yummy food, great auction items. we have some wonderful wine tasting. we have a deejay and an auctioneer. >> not too late to sign up? >> you can go -- you can get tickets online. you can go -- i'm sorry, the tickets are not online anymore, you have to go directly to our event on harrison street. but at there's all the information you need. >> great. we have a link to on our website,
7:55 am
we wish peyton the best of luck. i think somebody is going to snap him up. he seems like a really easy acquisition into almost any household. a sweetheart. thank you. sherry franklin from muttville senior dog rescue. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
7:56 am
charges of d-u-i and marijua here's a look at this morning's top stories. go right ahead. >> thank you. the 49ers linebacker faces charges of dui and marijuana possession. alden smith crashed into the yard of a san jose home yesterday, hitting a tree head on and damaging the property. smith is still out on bail and he is expected to play in tomorrow's game. president obama is making it clear today he is not happy with house republicans. they voted yesterday to keep the government running past october 1st, but linked it to a defunding of healthcare reform. mr. obama says that's not happening. they know it's not happening. and here is a live look at
7:57 am
mission creek park in san francisco. in about an hour and a half a walk gets under way aimed at ending alzheimer's. this is the largest event of its kind in the nation. organizers hope to raise more than $1 million. and they are going to possibly have some rain to contend with. >> probably in the next 90 minutes minutes. in the central bay we've got showers getting ready to move into the golden gate. as you can see it's already powering south in marin and sonoma county. when it rains it'll power a little bit. we'll -- it'll pour a little bit. we expect totals .10 to half inch. we'll be getting wet today. the rest of the week sunday and on looks good. so let's just expect things to get a little bit wet in the next couple of hours. by tonight it'll all be cleared out. tomorrow morning could be a beautiful day. >> i know coastal cleanup is today. a lot of people participating in that, so bring an umbrella possibly. join us tomorrow morning. be here with phil starting at 7:30 a.m. on kpix 5. have a good one.
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