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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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details were overlooked including wash rooms and out front was a stanley cup. thanks for joining us. ow. wild weather for the last day of the summer. the bay got drenched with rain while the sierra is celebrating a fresh festing of snow good and good evening. clear skies tonight over san francisco as the city dries out. hours ago it was a much different picture. kpix reporter shows us what happened. >> reporter: when it rained, cars wrecked like this one. a jeep loses control and slides across three lane of traffic in santa rosa slamming into a big rig. several people were hurt. it hasn't rained for months now of the the roadway's full of vehicles and it's extremely slick. on 880, near jack london square,
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northbound traffic slowed then stopped even a two-hour rain delay couldn't upon to the oakland a's from getting closer to the al west title, now one game away after another win over the twins. >> we were here in the rain. it was pretty tough. >> but that's the price you pay for being a fan. >> and a soggy celebration in newark for the city's parade and carnival. and there's no such thing as a rain delay. >> we came up here to support her. was it any fun? >> brian webb, kpix 5. >> and the rain turned to snow and caught some people unprepared for temperatures in the 30s. earlier, chains were required at donner's summit and their very first iron
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man in tahoe tomorrow, making up to temperatures in the 20s for that first leg of the iron man which is a swim over six 10th of an inch today, shattering an old record in the 19 hundreds. this is our live high deaf doppler. not too much immediately seen but when you look towards the eastern foot hills, in and around the mount hamilton area, otherwise we have to head towards the greater lake sacramento area to find some moderate rainfall at this hour. the cold front is now moving due test and moving in tomorrow is the first official day of autumn. and we it, we'll have that forecast coming up later on in this newscast. >> thank you
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and a daring rescue to save hikers in northern california today. three women were hiking when the rising tied made the trail impassable. one woman with was swept into the surf. a coast guard worker spotted them police have arrested a man they believe danny coleman crashed and killed two women. the chp reported seeing coal coal coleman driving unsafely. they say coleman crashed into carmen's car killing her and her passenger. police
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tonight an al-qaeda linked militant group remains in a stand off with police a day after a deadly attack at a mall in nyrobi kenya. we show you casinos on inside that chaos. >> shoppers tried to escape today. the sound of gunfire could be heard for hours as police searched for the gunmen. terrorists killed dozens of people including members of his own family and injured hundreds more. >> a u.s. state department official says four americans were wounded in the attack. this mall worker barely escaped. >> i went to help the man and he
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shot at me and miss the. >> people carried the wounded to ambulances. other shoppers ran for safety. >> we had to jump to the other building. >> people trapped inside the mall hid in wall spaces and behind counters. officers went from store to store to evacuate hundreds of people. witnesses say they saw at least five gunmen. some shoppers claimed the attackers said they would only target nonmuslims. a s ashgs lshgs. >> we shall get them and punish them for this heinous crime. >> the the military cornered the terrorists but the stand off continued through the night. marley hall for cbs news. the group said on twitter it warned the government of
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severe consequences if it does not pull troops out of consequences and today, chemical surrendered over arsenal to gather equipment in a damascus suburb. it is examining the evidence collected. it was the deal between u.s. and russia to head off u.s. strikes against syria nine days and counting until a possible government shut down. congress is working on budget bills. this kpix 5's reporter tells us politics are getting in the way. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. >> strong wordings after the passed the republic an bill that defunds the president's healthcare law. >> the americans don't want the
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obamacare and the government shut down. east day congressman got so announced he said this on the house floor this week. >> wake up from this radical idea logical wet dream and come back to reality. >> we caught up with him today soaking wet after a bike ride. >> i couldn't bite my lips any think longer and perhaps i won't use such vivid descriptions, but it's very real. >> if lawmakers can't make something work, national parks, museums and monuments will close. essential government employees like air traffic controllers and u.s. troops will have to work without pay, and furloughs will be required ranging from irs refunds to passport processing.
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>> the in his weekly address, president obama once again said he would not sign any bill that defunds his healthcare law. both sides dig nothing their heals. is this going to hurt innocent americans to repeal the affordable care act and that is just crazy the senate which is controlled by democrats is expected to vote on its own version of a budget bill early next week. in the news room, kpix 5. >> officials say without raising the debt sealing, the nation faces a default on its bills 20 more bay area volunteers are on their way to help in colorado. they join hundreds of other red cross volunteers providing shelter and supplies to the thousands effected. this weekend more highways are reopening as intensive clean up
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gets underway. schools are also making arrangements for students in flooded towns to head back to class just weeks before the nation takes on a new healthcare system, how many californians are still scratching their heads over the changes. and this bay area home could soon be considered historicalic. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi.
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hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ healthcare under the afford care act is set to begin int a few days. but as reporter carte . explains... many california are still confused about hoe law affects them. open enrollment is for the affordable care act is set to begin in just a few days. many californians are concerned about how the law will effect them. california is pushing for the new health plans. it's a tough sell says community organizer. many people know you have to get insurance, but they're not sure where to it get it and how much it will cost. >> 75% of californians have no idea you how it could effect them. >> why do you think so few people understand what's going
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on? >> i feel like we need more marketing and information out there. >> welcome to cover california. >> the state's $45 million multi pal ultimate plan is going on the air today. how much of a distraction is the bickering? >> the pressure is already high. the law rears all americans to have health insurance by january 1st. >> it's really those who have been on the margins who most benefit, but that's who we have to target and inform the benefits about this. >> this 23-year-old's self-employed in los angeles. i do have auto insurance, dog
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insurance, and auto insurance it's frustrating. what would happen if i was injured? she's in limbo pill the new plans kick in. >> for a complete list of affordable care act resources and to learn how the program impacts you go to families waited in line, boarded a plane at jfk's airplane. the autism speaks held an event to prepare children for you you a off autism hundreds walked in san francisco to raise money for the
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fight against alzheimer disease. this is the 7th year. they raised $1 million for the care special support of people with the disease. >> as the baby boomers move into the population, it effects 43% of the population over 85. >> today's walk raised about $800,000 and that is short of the organization's goal but the group is still accepting donations and bay area coastal areas are a lot cleaner tonight thanks to thousands of volunteers. events were organized for the california coastal clean up at the san mateo rider court park where riders collected shopping carts and furniture, and in oakland, people collected buckets of litter along the martin luther king water way and unsettling winds on the
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bay canceled today's america's cup races. they're not happy. that was the reaction from fans when the word came down this afternoon. america's cup officials said the wind was coming from the wrong direction. races are set to resume tomorrow. we'll have more on the america's cup later in sports. >> let me ask you, what do you think about the wins tomorrow? >> i was reporting twice this past week. it was so enjoy able. both days the race was canceled. i'm going with both races tomorrow where forecasting the winds out of the west 15 to about 18 knots. the boundary is right around 20 to 21 nods of the the second race is the one that becomes in jeopardy as the winds pick up along the bay. >> and it's the last day of summer. anne, this is near the two bean park. you know it very well. we had more than a little bit of
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snow in the high sierra today. 28 degrees there tomorrow, warming to 57 degrees under sunny skies. the skies will clear out. we already know because we're seeing the 91% moon on its way to becoming a new moon. check this out. six record rainfall amounts across the bay area today. san jose with over six 10th of an inch of rain. when you look at these numbers, even sfo, that's more rain than we typically experience during the entire month of september. quite remarkable. live on the radar, looking for some rain showers at this hour. a little bit of light drizzle around the eastern foot hills, also some pockets in and around the rainfall. lake of the pines now beginning
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to clear out after a thunderstorm about 60 minutes ago. today's high 64 in pacifica, to 72 in livermore and this number was averaging 15 degrees below average for this time of the year. we're 8 degrees under normal in san jose. tonight into the 40s and 50s. we'll realize those mid-and high 40s to the north and also in allen. tonight, a concert was taking place about dry conditions. currently in san francisco, in the upper 50s, we do have the clearing of the skies in san jose. tonight, some gradual clearing. we'll see some pockets of fog. tomorrow, autumn officially arrives and we'll see sunshine. area of low pressure pushing out of the bay area, right behind it high pressure building in. we'll see some gradual sunshine. how will this effect your a's
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game for tomorrow? low 70s and hopefully the a's will clench that game tomorrow. now we have one more event taking place with sunshine if san francisco polk street blues festival. 60s at the coast. 78 degrees in morgan hil. east of the day, numbers up to the mid-and high 70s. low 70s to the north. 64 degrees in you can iia -- eukia. we cool down on tuesday, wednesday due to a trough north of the bay yeah and high temperatures sets up very quickly. a dry weather pattern. >> let's go through it one more time. see how we can do that? dry weather pattern, offshore flow which means high fire change danger. >> all right. thank you the house where steve jobs is being considered for historic
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property preservation. the house is the place where jobs and apple cofounder built the first 50 apple 1 computers in 1976. monday, the historical commission is scheduled to discuss a historic property evaluation for the ranch style home. >> some dame r day we'll be talking about -- day we'll be talking about your house and stanford in its 29 point lead at the half, was it enough to win a pack 12 opener? that al 12 title champagne is going to have to chill at least another day. ,,,,,,
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set to throw up the tarp ov e lockers... they 12 opener? that al 12 title champagne is going to have to chill at least another day. one more a's win or a range baseball up front, i know the champagne is ready. clubhouse guys set to throw the tarp up, can all they need is what the rest of us are waiting for. one more a's win for a rangers loss for al west honors. they had to wait through the rain a couple hours, and then 26,393, saw jerry parker do his thing. six strong innings, no walk, gave up a strong. second inning, cespedes smacked a single to the left. a five run second inning. cespedes later on in the game, callespo got into the act with a two run bomb.
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the a's beat the twins 9-1, then they kicked back in the clubhouse and watched the ranger game because of the rangers lost, the al west would have been there. against the royals, beltre up the middle. that was the eventual game winner. the rangers beat the royals 3-1, so, the magic number is 1. it could all happen tomorrow, folks. in that finale between the twins and the a's. meantime, giants paid a visit the. look what nunez did. yankees led 5-0. evan nova brought the paying pitch to complete shut out, then the yankees to keep the wild card hopes alive shutting at the
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giants 6-0. and the associated press to number 5 and number 23 ranked teams, the only game this week featuring two top 25 teams with the final score, probably not what cardinal backers expected. give the fence bombs all around tonight. dominated in the first half already up 13-0. here's anthony wilkerson down the far side with a 12 touchdown run. he has 68 yards on the ground. more carnage in the second. hogan up top. time for a touchdown. 17 ford led 29-0 at the half, and it took their foot off the gas a little bit. stanford would win to score an arizona state come back. >> for that, spartans coach four point under dog at minnesota
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spartans rallied in the second. beautiful pass to jones, that's a 76-yard play. san jose state joined closer into this one, but too much of this mitch light er. that's four rushing touchdowns then the spartans kicker got all hot and bothered. thought he got bumped and then he just goes right after the special teams defenders. ended up getting kicked out of the game. when was the last time you heard a kicker being kicked out? 43-24, final. >> and we'll be back to wrap things up in a nice little bow right after this. ,,,,,,,,
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handed out tomorrow night, los angeles, and you can see show right here on kpix 5. the stage is set for tv's big night. the emmy awards will be handed out tomorrow in los angeles and you can see it right here on kpix 5. neal patrick harris is hosting again and he'll be just one of
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the entertainers on stage. >> lots of great awards, kerry underwood, i'm going to be doing some dancing. >> he's the best host. >> game of thrones leads with pack with 16 nominations. the 65th prime time emmy awards at 5:00 right here on kpix, followed by kpix news 5 at 11. so you already have your favorite? >> breaking bad, game of thrones. >> hope you'll be tuning in. have a good night. not even a two hour rain dey today could slow down ,, for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours.
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