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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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they are still miles apart. when talks began, bart was offering no raises plus asking workers to pay more into retirement and healthcare plans for a savings they estimated of about $140 million. in an effort to prevent the four-day strike in july, however, bart went from no raises to an offer of 8% raises over four years. now with a second strike looming, bart is offering 10% raises to the workers over four years with little change in the retirement and healthcare packages. total cost? $34million. in short, bart has gone from trying to save $140 million over four years to a package that could cost the system about $34 million. the unions meanwhile have barely moved at all from their call for a 21% wage hike over four years at a cost of about $86 million. >> i feel that we have moved too far too fast. >> reporter: not that the unions see it that way. >> they started way below where they should have in april. they started at minus 12%. you know, net. so if you look at that, they
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had a long way to go. so the movement they have made where they're at now they should have been months ago. >> reporter: at this point the big question is whether bart is willing to give even more. >> that's hard to say right now. i can't discuss what's talked about in closed session. but we are wanting to see more movement on the other side. >> reporter: right now, however, riders don't seem to care which side moves so long as there's not another strike. >> not looking forward to it, not at all. >> very, very discouraging. it was not fun, those four days. >> reporter: it's interesting to note, i was talking with some union leaders over the weekend and they are a little nervous too, because their rank- and-file having seen bart move so much says hey, why can't they move a little more in the final weeks? and that's why it's going to be tense. elizabeth? >> phil, say it was settled today, bart would still have to come up with $34 million. where's that money going to come from? is it going to come from
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riders? >> reporter: well, one way or the other they figure it's going to be about $10 million a year over the next four years. one, they are not going to have as many people cleaning the trains. they are not going to be able to afford it. they are not going to be do the improvements they had hoped to do. whether or not they will actually have to raise fares remains to be seen. that's the question the bart board has and there's a split in that group as well so you have splits within splits right now as we come into the final weeks. >> all right. phil, thank you. new tonight, the largest convention of the year under way in san francisco as we speak. mike sugerman reported. >> reporter: if you are looking to add to your built-in visualization to add to your consolidation tools, this is the place. if you are looking to get crosstown, this is not. there are 2 types of people who live in this world those who
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know what oracle does -- >> software company and [ indiscernible ] company. >> reporter: those who don't. >> it's murder. >> reporter: 60,000 of those who know what oracle does are attending oracle world this week at moscone center. the ones who don't are stuck here south of market where howard street is closed off. 15,000 cars daily would normally go through the area that oracle blocked off for its convention. added to the construction all around here it's going to be one long week for drivers. >> kind of sucks in a way because it causes all this. >> reporter: but it also causes, according to the oracle figures, $120 million to be spent in the bay area economy by far the largest convention in the city all year. daniel will be spending about $5,000 out from daytona beach, florida good chunk of change. >> it is. it is. >> reporter: coming out of your pocket? >> uhm, no. >> reporter: it's worth it to this man to soak up whatever he can. >> oracle is the leading technology company offering a lot of jobs and products and services and you know you come
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here to learn what the latest and greatest is. >> reporter: local businesses love it like the gold club strip club just down the street. they have offered an open bar and free seafood buffet if you have a pass. might helped one oracle employee accused of spending $30,000 on a company credit card on another strip club. city government loves oracle openworld. >> it's huge for the city. it takes about five ongoing days, takes over the whole moscone center. i understand that it contributes to the scarcity of hotel rooms in the city. >> reporter: rooms full of people who know what oracle does. those rooms are costing from $300 to $600 a night. you know how they are making $120 million? bottle of coke $4.50 inside the venue. want to park around here? 35 bucks. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> everybody is parked on the street behind mike if you noticed there. on wednesday, oracle is taking the is taking the park to
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treasure island where marine 5 and the black keys will be performing. the a's may have clinched a win for the weekend but their stadium is seeing big signs of failure. kpix 5's john ramos on the issues plaguing the 60-year-old facility and the one thing everyone can agree on. >> reporter: when the oakland a's clinch their division sunday night the champagne was flowing but something else was flowing the day before, as heavy rain postponed the game causing a visiting player to tweet this photo of a flooded dugout. and there were reports that raw sewage was bubbling up in the coach's offices. >> i think maybe that's a lot of overblown. my understanding is no sewerage involved. it was just rainwater. >> reporter: but there have been problems with sewage backing up in the lower areas of the 60-year-old stadium. chris dobbs is a member of the public steering committee for the facility and says home plate is about 6 feet below sea level. so it's not surprising there would be drainage issues. its just one reason he would like to see a new stadium built
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but here, not in san jose like the a's would like. a's management didn't want to talk. one said this is an old story and i was tired of regurgitating it but there are people in the community who have something to say about it. >> i don't want to go nowhere. i want it to stay here. i don't want everything -- i want everything to stay intact. then i'm just -- the sewers are backing up. >> i don't care. i don't care. i like my tailgating. >> they just use it as a ploy just to try to get out of their contract here in the coliseum. >> we have loyal fans here in oakland. give us something we'll be proud of and something new. >> reporter: that's the one thing that everyone agrees on. the a's and raiders need new stadiums. and they have been pushing for that long before the pipes began backing up. >> if that is an excuse to get a new stadium, we'll take it but i think there's bigger issues. >> reporter: the big debate now over a new stadium is where and how soon and it's not surprising that when sewage begins flowing, some people
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smell an opportunity. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the hope is that there will be no incidents as the play- offs begin next month. here's something that governor brown's administration does not want you to see: prison guards tossing chemical grenades at mentally ill inmates and then pepper spraying them in their cells. this week, a federal judge is set to decide if the public has a right to see those videos. governor brown's administration says those videos could be misleading and violate the privacy of guards and inmates. attorneys for the prisoners say the videos prove the state's mentally ill inmates don't get adequate care. drivers have to make room for bicyclists on the road under legislation signed by the governor today. the law requires cars to give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing on a state roadway. if they are caught not doing that, they will face a $35 fine. governor brown vetoed similar bills over the last two years. in about an hour an east
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contra costa community will hold a candlelight vigil for a 12-year-old boy killed outside a middle school hit while riding his bicycle this morning near the excelsior middle school in byron. the driver of an suv told officers she dropped off her own children and then hit something while turning around. she got out and saw the boy underneath her suv. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> it's unfortunate, we just remind people to look twice each direction because it's something that can be avoided. the traffic that you don't see that can kill you, it's the traffic that you don't see that could you potentially kill. >> speed and alcohol were not factors in the crash. the boy is from discovery bay. tonight's vigil will be at the timber point school. smoke pouring out of the roof of this oakland church a few hours ahe do. firefighters worked from the top down breaking apart of the
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roof, the zion first church of god in christ on 8th street. just when it looked like things were calming flames erupted on the other side of the church. most is visible on 880 all the way to san francisco. no word on how it started. a gas leak scare in san bruno. a contractor smashed into a two inch gas line at a caltrain construction site last night. pg&e crews worked all nice to fix the leak and cap the line this morning. that leak briefly shut down caltrain service. so mosquitos in antioch have tested positive for west nile virus for the first time this year. contra costa mosquito and vector control district says a group of mosquitos found by 8th and a streets tested positive for the virus. this year in contra costa county, 13 groups of mosquitos, 63 dead birds, and 6 chickens have all tested positive for west nile. coming up, how casual carpooling turned into terror for commuters in an affluent
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bay area neighborhood. >> it could happen to anyone. >> how a bay area woman forced abercrombie & fitch to change its well known look policy. >> radar is clear but we had record rainfall over the weekend and that one day will lead to the wettest september in 24 years. so the question is, do we have any more rainfall in the seven- day forecast? i'll answer that coming up. >> coming up at 6:30, the surprise parking problem at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. and the proposed fix upsetting athletes and animal lovers. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and gunfire after an illegal sideshow in oakland early saturday morning -- on midd harbor road, near the port. [ shots and screaming ] >> cell phone video recording screams and gunfire after an illegal sideshow in oakland early saturday morning. on middle harbor road near the port of oakland. people were kicking, jumping on a car there because the driver
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apparently crashed into another car that was doing donuts as part of that event. when police showed up they found shell casings and both vehicles but no one around. they are still investigating. armed robbers terrorizing a group of bay area casual carpoolers today. >> oakland police say the victims were robbed at gunpoint in the city's rockridge district this morning. kpix 5's ann notarangelo joins us live from that area. ann, what happened? >> reporter: well, we are at the intersection or near the intersection of claremont and hudson. in fact, this is the sidewalk where the robberies took place this morning. this is a real popular spot for casual carpool commuters because the entrance to highway 24 is right behind me. and we did talk to one of the victims and she told us what happened this morning. >> today there were about 15 of us lined up on hudson street here. we were all looking at our phones and three men with guns came over and said, we're taking everything. >> reporter: this oakland woman did not want to be identified
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and she is still shaken after being robbed at gunpoint this morning. she says she has been a casual carpool rider for 25 years and it's always been safe. this morning, as the three suspects approached, some people in line were able to walk away. but several others were robbed at gunpoint. the suspects got away with bags and electronics. >> i just gave them my cell phone. they walked past me. they didn't take my backpack but they took everyone else's backpacks and bags. so i was very lucky in that i didn't lose everything. >> reporter: witnesses apparently gave good descriptions of the suspects though because about 2.5 hours later, the police were able to locate a suspect vehicle and they reported they detained three suspects. this victim said she couldn't describe the men. >> i was just looking at a gun. i was scared. >> reporter: the opd would not talk on camera today but in a news release said the investigation is continuing. they also said officers understand the amount of concern this causes area 2 which is north oakland and the
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oakland hills. a lot of people rely on casual carpool to commute to and from work and it's growing in popularity especially during the bart strike. and casual carpool really has an excellent reputation for safety for both the drivers and passengers. i spoke with another man who carpools. he arrived moments after the incident this morning. i asked him, are you going to take it tomorrow? he wasn't sure. he said he was going to sleep on it. he was going to watch the news and going to make his decision in the morning. but clearly, this has made many casual carpool users very uneasy. in oakland, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> a clothing retailer concerned about its look is paying up for how it treated two bay area women. kpix 5's cate caugiran on the lawsuit over religious head scarves. >> reporter: hani khan sat with ak look of satisfaction. for her this started out as a fun after school job but turned into a 3.5-year battle. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about the policy and i was fired because of the look
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policy and now they have had to change it and i'm happy. >> reporter: in 2010, khan was fired from her stockroom job at the hollister store inside the hillsdale mall for wearing a hijab, religious head scarf. parent company abercrombie & fitch said it violated their look policy and the head scarf hurt business. kahn said it hurt her more. >> if it could happen to me in the bay area it could han to anyone. i'm not anyone different. i felt like it was right for me to stand up and say something about it. >> reporter: now civil rights litigators are hoping this paves the way for changes in other companies and encourages others to step forward. >> we're here to applaud miss khan's courage for standing up and for hopefully amplifying the voices of other women suffering this way. >> reporter: the company claims they have changed and abercrombie & fitch's spokesman said today, quote, as part of our commitment to fair hiring practices and fostering a diverse workplace, we continually evaluate our existing policies. with respect to hijabs in
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particular, we determined three years ago to institute policy changes that would allow such headwear." in addition to the money the corporation is required to allow employees to wear them, let employees and applicants know the company has a look policy, but exceptions can be made based off of religious beliefs and employees can appeal to hr if they are denied. now, miss khan is 23 years old now. she said back in 2010 abercrombie & fitch did offer her, her job back. she declined and continued on to college and says she doesn't plan to pursue retail jobs in the future. in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the settlement gives money to another bay area woman, halla banafa claims she wasn't hired at an abercrombie store in milpitas because she wore her head scarf at her interview. paul, first full day of fall and i don't think we could have asked for prettier day. >> winner, 1-0, us versus mother nature. not hot, no. not cold. no, it was just about right. highs around 80 degrees.
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i hope you enjoyed it today because tomorrow it's going away but not for long. live look outside now. two things i want to show you the lack of cloud cover over oakland and treasure island and san francisco. but you see that off in the distance just waiting ever so patiently. the marine layer which will move back in tonight and cause a cloudy start tomorrow and the onshore flow gets stronger so temperatures drop tomorrow, as well. highs today though right in that comfort zone. livermore 85. almost exactly normal. napa 83. oakland 81 warmer in oakland today than san jose. san francisco downtown 76 degrees. nice day there. even that half moon bay made it to 70. things will change. kpix 5 hi-def doppler drying out but boy was it wet. did it pour at your house on saturday? it did mine. ak look what it did in the mountains. in the sierra, not just rainfall. above about 6,000 feet we had a dusting of snow. snow coming down steadily at times on saturday. we had i-80 closed for a time. chains were required. but now things are calming down but another round of snow last
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night and early this morning. that drenching on saturday will likely be the only day all month we get rainfall but it rained so much, it will also be one of the wettest septembers in 24 years in much of the bay area. now the rainfall is up in the pacific northwest but that's key for us because there's another storm moving in up there. even though the rain will miss us, it won't miss us. then that moves out. a north to northeast wind is an offshore wind. we will be warming up as we hit the weekend. some of you near the water may hit 80 degrees on saturday and sunday. highs tomorrow cooler. concord 76. san jose 74. redwood city 73. napa 77. not cold, but it will certainly be cooler with some morning clouds. same story on wednesday. we start to warm back up on thursday. next weekend what a difference from this weekend. we'll have highs widespread in the 80s even near the bay. and we'll have an offshore wind and temperatures running well above normal. last weekend was the rain this
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weekend the warmth. >> good stuff. >> thank you. still ahead, why police say a party at this bay area restaurant turns turned know a shootout scene like out of the wild west. >> and why experts think that california drivers will soon pay a lot less to fill up their gas tanks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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saturday night shooting out a mexican restaurant in sou san francisco. two people we wo . police cars, bullet casings and caution tape were left after a saturday night shooting outside a mexican restaurant in south san francisco. two people were wounded, one critically. police say it happened outside
6:23 pm
a bar in broadmoor on the 7400 block of el camino real. authorities have since arrested six people from an outlaw motorcycle gang they think could be connected to the shooting. kpix 5's mark kelly on how this normally quiet community is dealing with trouble from motorcycle gangs. mark. >> reporter: we have two names of two games one called vagos, the other called the wanted. they are from the stockton area. authorities call them outlaw motorcycle gangs and arrested six members saturday. on everything from an outstanding warrant to weapons possession. can authorities link them to shooting this weekend that landed two in the hospital? the donut shop on el camino real in broadmoor has leftovers from saturday's shooting all over the parking lot. these circles mark where shell casings once lay. authorities are looking into whether this weekend's shootout was between two rival motorcycle groups. customers are quick to show us
6:24 pm
where the bullets hit. according to police, gunshots went off here at a mexican kitchen 7:50 saturday night. today we find the restaurant all locked up at lunch. locals tell us that's unusual. when the shots fired, pasquale was working in his motel. he heard it all. >> i heard the sound of bullets. >> reporter: how many bullets did you hear? >> i heard two rounds. >> reporter: when authorities got to the scene, they tell us not a suspect or victim in sight. but the story doesn't end there. 10:30 that night two victims showed up by themselves at the hospital. according to police, the two victims ended up here at san francisco general hospital. one a 37-year-old man in critical condition with a wound to the and then. -- with a wound to the abdomen. the other, a 41-year-old man in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the arm. folks who live and work along this road tell us it's a safe area and have no idea why the bikers were here or what the shooting was over. do you ever see a lot of bikers out here? >> no, no.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: so what's the deal? what happened? >> honestly, i have no idea. no idea. >> reporter: as authorities continue their investigation, residents hope the rival gangs are from out of town. it won't be back on their quiet street ever again. >> this is a safe place. i never seen like this. >> reporter: so we reached out to the broadmoor police department to see if we could find out more about the investigation. they said the chief is the only one who can comment and he won't be available until tomorrow. live in broadmoor, mark kelly, kpix 5. san francisco getting one million dollars to combat crime in the bayview neighborhood. the district attorney's office announced a three-year federal grant today. the goal is to help victims of crime and prevent others from becoming criminals themselves. city officials want to address the root causes of crime.
6:26 pm
look at the medical aspects of the impact of violence. >> we're stepping beyond the age-old rally cry of, we need jobs. but actually using evidence- based practices to look at the entire systemic problem as it relates to crime and violence. >> the grant was one of 10 awarded nationally. it will also help support other neighborhood revitalization programs. the pain at the pump could ease up in the next few weeks. prices could drop as much as 45 cents a gallon by the end of october. says gas prices fall 23 cents this time of the year but it will be twice that for california drivers thanks in part to a light hurricane season in the gulf, easing of tensions in the middle east and fixing of some refineries in the state. why america's cup will continue on the bay for another day. >> the unexpected parking problem at the new 49ers stadium in the south bay and
6:27 pm
the proposed fix upsetting soccer players and birdwatchers. >> and how you and someone else can watch 2 different shows on the same tv at the same time. ♪
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the america's cup race is sl going on. team u- s-a will . now at 6:30, it seemed like inevitable defeat for oracle a few days ago but now several days later the america's cup race is still going on. the cup is up for grabs. oracle team usa will be back on san francisco bay tomorrow. the defending catchs recorded their fifth straight win today over team new zealand. dennis o'donnell is here now with more on today's action. you can't write this script. >> you know what? it's a late build. all the momentum is really growing very late. if you haven't had a chance to see it, get down to pier 27. it's coming to an end. we just don't know when. there was only one race this afternoon because of a wind delay. kpix 5's don ford was out with sailing fans as oracle closes new zealand's lead to 8-6. >> reporter: day 17 of the america's cup. and the tension is stronger than ever.
6:31 pm
oracle team usa fans supremely confident finally showing up in force. >> team usa! >> four more races all we got. they only got four more chances to lose. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after four straight losses, fan fatigue is settling in on some of the kiwi fans. what do you want this day to look like? >> yeah. i just want this day to be finished. done. finished. you know? i been here every day and i'm getting tired of coming here. >> reporter: emirates team new zealand still needs only one win to claim the cup. and while super yachts moved into position to watch the rain, the race director was concerned. >> it's a very long day. the breeze is out of east right now. >> reporter: after a 30-minute delay, the race finally started. and for the fifth time, oracle won the start beating the kiwis at the marks and won the race keeping the race alive for at
6:32 pm
least one more day keeping the cup in san francisco for at least another 24 hours. [ applause and cheers ] >> we love it! we'll see you tomorrow! >> yeah. >> ha ha ha ha! >> reporter: the team's records are being broken every day. the fastest boats now the longest lasting america's cup in history and tomorrow should oracle win, they have a chance to set a new record of the most continuous wins in the history. america's cup. we'll see. at the america's cup, don ford, kpix 5. >> don's last shot there was as the boats were coming in pier 27. the next race is 1:15 tomorrow afternoon. new zealand will take the america's cup with a win. if oracle wins, there's another race scheduled for 2:15 tomorrow. we could be here talking about a tie and it would all be decided wednesday. >> wow. >> let's hope for that. that would be great. >> thank you. we got breaking news out of southern california tonight. we got some live pictures to
6:33 pm
show you of a new brush fire that just started in the angeles national forest as we speak. in just the las few minutes -- in just the last few minutes, flames second up a huge column of smoke. you can see the battle going on there. fire crews now just responding to this one. there are homes nearby but they tell us they are not sure at this point if they are in danger. we will keep an eye on this fire and report back as it progresses. we are less than a year away from the opening of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. but now comes word the stadium is coming up short on parking. kpix 5's len ramirez on how that has triggered an outcry from soccer players and environmentalists. reporter: the santa clara youth soccer park is already overshadowed by the 49ers stadium, its big new neighbor but now is football about to give soccer the boot? >> get out of here! >> reporter: that's what soccer supporters are afraid of. >> they should play around our facility. it's our soccer park. it was their first. -- it was there first and it's
6:34 pm
time they abide by the regulations they made. >> reporter: deborah of "santa clara plays fair" is one of the groups gearing up for a fight against the 9ers and the city of santa clara. the issue is not enough stadium parking. the 49ers have 20,000 stalls but is looking for 6,000 more that has the team and eyeing the soccer park for more parking. >> if we had to move the soccer field which we have not yet determined, we had to do some brainstorming on where it could be put around the city. >> reporter: then they got in hot water the with environmentalists. >> see the tall trees in the back? they are all going to come down. the soccer field footprint would take out over 370 trees. >> reporter: chris says he is worried about plans to put soccer fields plus fieldhouses in parking in an open space a half mile from the stadium. it's also the location of ohlone burial grounds. >> when they put in the boulevard, they unearthed over 100 ohlone bodies and the soccer field will be going on the site.
6:35 pm
it's the fifth largest archaeological site in the state of california. >> we have the email address there. >> reporter: and neighbors are weighing in too saying traffic and year round field lighting would decrease property values. >> we chose this for the open space and we enjoy the outdoor life. we walk, we bike, we run. we just don't want to have artificial lights in our eyes and just it would be really disappointing. >> reporter: they say they need 41,000 parking spaces. the extra 6,000 are for special events the team wants things like concerts that would help pay for the stadium. in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> santa clara officials are urging people to be patient saying this is not even close to being a done deal. the plans will be studied
6:36 pm
further in the coming months. death toll stands at 63 tonight in the kenyan mall massacre. more than 170 people hurt including a woman with ties to the bay area. elaine dang is a graduate of uc- berkeley. the san diego native works for an online restaurant guide in nairobi and was inside the westgate mall when gunfire broke out. dang had injuries to her chest, arms and legs. she posted a picture on twitter to update friends and family. >> just got out of surgery. i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be alive. >> and dang says the two of her kenyan friends were killed in the attack. here's where the situation in kenya stands right now. officials believe all the hostages have been freed but security forces continue to sweep through the mall to search for survivors or attackers. al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attack that began on saturday. ten suspects have been arrested
6:37 pm
so far. before the group's twitter account was suspended, it claimed three of the attackers were from the united states. the fbi is looking into those claims but so far has not been able to confirm them. no more fighting over that remote. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the cool new tvs that let two people watch two shows at the same time. why the new iphone's fingerprint security system could actually turn out to be a big embarrassment for apple. ,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart.
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is here.. and get ready to be thrown for a curve. not only is the viewing experience differe the next generation of tv is here and get ready tore thrown for a curve. >> not only is the viewing experience different, but julie watts shows us you will never have to fight over the remote again. reporter: it stands out in the showroom a curved screen amid a sea of flat panels. >> it's almost three-
6:40 pm
dimensional. >> it's alive. >> reporter: it's an oled, organic light-emitting diode tv. it's being touted as the next big thing in the world of consumer electronics. cnet's brian cooley says some of the hype is justified. >> it's a big breakthrough in picture quality. >> reporter: that's because the tv's individual pixels are the best yet at reproducing black on a screen. >> all the other colors look richer and sharper and have higher contrast and that is one of the holy grails of tv design. every pixel is producing its own light and its own color. >> reporter: and with samsung's version of the tv there's no more fighting over the remote. special glasses allow two people to watch two different shows at the same time. so what's not to love? the price starting at around $9,000. cooley says the curve which is supposed to envelope the viewer doesn't live up to its billing. >> our initial tests have found you don't notice much of a difference. >> reporter: still, many predict oled is here to stay. >> the next tv you buy will very likely be an oled.
6:41 pm
>> i would look at something like that for the future. >> reporter: and right now the future looks bright for oled. now, critics say the curve is basically a gimmick that doesn't have much impact unless you're watching a giant screen. but the oled technology is a game changer. and you should expect cheaper lighter and more energy- efficient models in the near future. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. >> most companies know a review on yelp can make or break their business. now there's a movement afoot to filter out the fakes. paying for reviews is a clear violation of yelp's policy. the new york attorney general is also making it clear it's against the law. 19 companies were agreed to pay $350,000 in penalties for either writing fake online reviews or paying others to do it for them. >> users are clearly relying on consumer reviews to find a great local business which is a tremendous incentive to game
6:42 pm
the system. >> they have a way to spot the bogus posts. security experts say it could open a new window for cyber attacks. coming up, how hackers claim to have already cracked the new iphone's fingerprint scanner. >> sun is setting on a fantastic first day of fall. did you spend some time outside? hope you did. highs around 80 degrees just about everywhere even the 70s in the city. it's not going to last. find out whether we're going up or down in temperatures in the forecast next. i'm dennis o'donnell. as maureen mcgovern once sang, there's got to be a morning after. >> we have some adversities, no question about it. >> you will never guess who is now part other than of the sacramento kings. >> worry about the sacramento queens. >> you ever feel like you're juggling jus a bit too much? open up your eyes, watch sports coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for $199 a month. ♪ for $199 a month. when it's time to talk butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. world-- blackberry has finay found a buyer. the struggling company announced a tentative deal sell itself for 4- point-7 airfax . once a dominant player in the smartphone world, blackberry is announcing a
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tentative deal to sell itself for $4.7 billion in cash to fairfax financial. the shareholders are expected to get $9 per share. the buy-out comes days after they announced they are slashing 4500 jobs. security experts are concerned the new iphone fingerprint security is not as secure as customers would like. hackers in germany say they found a way to crack the system with fabricated fingerprints. apple had promised the technology would better protect the devices from crooks and cyber attacks. apple hasn't commented on the matter. but that's not stopping customers from buying the new iphone. apple says it's sold more than 9 million iphones over the weekend. the company claims that's a record. those sales helped boost apple stocks. shares gained more than $23 or 5% coming close to $500 in afternoon trading. palo alto police used the find my iphone app to track down a burglary suspect. they say 48-year-old mario
6:47 pm
zargoza stole an ipad out of a home in san jose. police later found several stolen electronic items and jewelry as well as prescription drugs at zargoza's home all thanks to that app. >> more times than not, it's useful for, you know, the loss or misplaced item. but in certain circumstances and in this case especially, we were able to resolve this case and at least get one item back for our victims. >> zargoza has been booked on four felonies. detectives want to know if he is connected to other bay area's that have been happening in palo alto. paul, changes are coming. >> it's going to get cooler. we have to remind folks it is fall. today the first full day of fall felt like a beautiful late sumner day although fall can be toasty as we'll see in the extended forecast. chilly in the morning for kids walking to school. live look shows clear sky even at the coast.
6:48 pm
low cloud cover just now beginning to move in. live view from the cliff house looking toward ocean beach where you had a nice day and highs around 70 at the beach fade. what a beautiful sunset over the city. that marine layer moving in overnight. upper 70s currently for concord, livermore. oakland 78. san francisco 68. san jose 75. santa rosa 80. beautiful in northern california. we have a problem in southern california. i want to show you some pictures from the angeles national forest. this is breaking news. these are live pictures from our helicopter from our l.a. station down there and we are looking at a big time problem there because yes, we got rain over the weekend. we even got some in central and southern california but this is still the driest year in california history at least through mid-september. so we still have that elevated fire danger even with rain over the weekend. live pictures from southern california yet another brush fire there. let's talk about our school cast. we'll take you to castro valley our lady of grace school. it will be a mainly clear start. a nice finish.
6:49 pm
the breeze will increase in the afternoon highs around 70 degrees. they are getting ready for the big school festival this upcoming weekend in castro valley. the weather will be excellent coming up on saturday and sunday. let's get your school on television. head to our website, we feature one different school each weekday evening. your microclimate forecast now taking you to oakmont. morning fog, afternoon sunshine, cooler than today high of 78 same on wednesday with highs in the upper 70s a few degrees below normal because the on show flow will get stronger. this storm from the north will miss us. but what won't miss us is the onshore flow. we'll bring in some morning cloud cover and drop temperatures down tomorrow and wednesday. the same low pressure area is going to move. then we get a north to northeast offshor wind. that's going to warm us up. by the weekend, saturday and sunday, that same low will give us warmer weather because the winds will turn from the land,
6:50 pm
an offshore wind developing on friday and warm weekend weather. no rain this upcoming weekend. highs in the 80s near the bay. livermore 77. san jose 74. sunnyvale 72. union city with afternoon sunshine 70. mid- to upper 70s for pittsburg and pleasanton, livermore 77. 67 for the city tomorrow. oakland 72. santa rosa 73. lakeport 74. cooler than normal through wednesday, warming up thursday. look at the weekend, 80s. that's your kpix 5 forecast. we'll be right back with sports.
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6:53 pm
. this thing was supposed to be over. it was supposed to be done by last weekend. the u.s. had no chance to continue and here we are a few days later. >> you're right. >> still up for grabs. >> it does beg the question, if team usa wins the america's cup, is it the greatest comeback in the history of sports? i think it is! sorry, red sox fans. not enough wind coming through the golden gate and that delay the the race for 30 minutes. team oracle first to the start line and by mark 4 they opened up a 21-second lead on team emirates. there's your finish line. that's pier 27. they are going crazy. they would win by 33 seconds. the second race was postponed. so if team oracle can sweep them all, we are going to be
6:54 pm
all tied up. after a horrible loss, mike singletary used to say, he has to look at the film. jim harbaugh had a very different theme on the morning after the debacle against indianapolis. >> i thought the effort was very good by our offensive unit. precision needs to be better. i'm not going to put it on one spot. precision offensively, you know, needs to improve. the precision in that part of the game, you know, as well needs improving. going to say the same thing i just said. we're working on our precision. [ every time he says precision, a bell goes off ] >> we all have other fingerprints on it is. the work to improve the precision, that's where we're at. >> precision is the word! the 49ers have scored the fourth few he was points in the nfl after dropping 34 in the packers in week one, they have
6:55 pm
been outscored 56-10 in the last two weeks. >> i'm not worried about the sacramento queens. write it down. take a picture. send it to them. i don't care. >> well, well, well. shaq certainly feels differently about the kings now. the former laker has bought a minority share of the team to become part of the shaq ramen tow's new ownership group which purchased the team last spring for over $530 million. this is the annual ragnor relay concluded weekend in napa. teams of 12 covered over 200 miles from golden gate park to calistoga. team jessica is made up of newtown turned san francisco residents who run to raise money for one of their high school classmates whose daughter jessica rekos was killed in the sandy hook shootings. >> you have this overwhelming feeling to want to do something and to support, you know,
6:56 pm
jessica's family and our community, frankly. >> we are a very tight-knit group of friends so i think that alone will help carry it through. we have already registered for the next year's cape cod and i imagine, you know, as soon as registration is available for the napa again next year we'll do it and be registered. >> good for them and a great cause. if you were busy keeping tabs on your fantasy teams this weekend, here's what you missed. >> coming up with his right hand right here. >> line from bilking, holy toledo! how about that! yeah, he was talking about john madden when bill king said that. that's alonso russell. the mets are making a late season charge to fired every finish third. utley and new york sweep philadelphia. >> the most important part of playing quarterback handling the snap. florida's tyler murphy takes one off the face. tries to recover the football. joe salter didn't put his best
6:57 pm
food forward in the quad cities marathon. he ran it backwards while juggling three balls. nobody is questioning jay cutler's toughness this week. the bears quarterback picks up the first down lowers the boom and drops steelers safety robert golden. look at the film! chicago wins in pittsburg to improve to 3-0. the steelers are 0-3. i think, you know, when you look at the first couple weeks of the nfl, the new york giants 0-3, the washington redskins 0-3. the pittsburgh steelers 0-3. washington, pittsburg, play-off teams last year. >> rg iii. >> fall from grace. >> what happened? >> 1-2, you know, doesn't look so bad. silver lining. >> there you go. >> this is premier week for cbs. here's what's on tonight. full hour of how i met your mother and two broke girls coming up. captions by: caption colorado call 1-800-progressive.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's it going? come on, let's go, let's go. how you folks doing? thank you very much. thank you. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. and like always, got another good one for you today. returning for the second day from west orange, new jersey, it's the rondinella family. and from austin, texas, it's the ellison family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that head-turning ford fusion right there. hey, i'm gonna give away some money! let's go get it! give me burt, give me laura. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays]


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