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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a night!! >> reporter: san francisco has plenty of hotel rooms. >> hello, hotel diva? hotel griffin. hotel vertigo. >> reporter: san francisco is virtually booked. unless you don't mind being taken to the cleaners while going to a hotel. four seasons. $745. you could pay more. that's the lowest price. >> it's the quality of the hotel, you're still paying over $500. >> reporter: mark from london is playing that for the prescott with his pal tony from scotland. they got here early and got a deal sort of. >> $250 first couple of nights, $500 conference night. so it has doubled. >> reporter: hotels if they have rooms are doubling their prices. not just the four and five stars. >> it went from $200 to $400 u.s. dollars. in one week. >> reporter: that's for one of the places that line lombard street where normally you could stay a workweek for that. >> nothing now.
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we're full. >> reporter: mike ellis could find you a room at the lombard for $200-ish. why? take a guess. >> we booked up our rooms probably two months ago and it was all 99% was oracle. >> reporter: it's a good time to be in the hotel business in san francisco, not such a good time to be looking for a room. san francisco lost fleet week this year. that really kind of hurt hoteliers. they are not hurting this week. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> rooms are booked at the convention which ends on thursday. not too long ago it seemed the kiwis were going to sail away with the cup. today team oracle forced a final winner-take-all race tomorrow by tying it up today. dennis o'donnell is at the america's cup pavilion with one of the biggest comeback stories
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of all time. dennis, this is a storybook ending. >> reporter: it's incredible, ken. tonight in new zealand, i think the kiwis are pondering perhaps the biggest collapse in america's cup history while in america, and certainly right here in the bay area, sailing fans are thinking, this might be the biggest comeback in sports history. and not the collapse. how much worse could it get for the kiwis? they were penalized for bumping team oracle as they jockeyed for position at the start line making it a wire-to-wire victory for team oracle and in the second race team oracle came storming back to win by 54 seconds and even up the series at eight apiece setting up a winner-take-all race tomorrow afternoon. so i watched the race from the marina green today while our fellow reporter don ford was right here at the finish line at pier 27 and to get it all from the fans after yet another improbable victory.
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>> whoever could have imagined this? >> reporter: it is a stunning victory. >> just can't -- i can't fathom it! i can't imagine it! they have to be devastated right now. >> reporter: even stunning the announcers. >> i think even these guys are shaking their heads going you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: this afternoon's two-race win boards team usa in the position to make history. after being down 8-1, they set a new record for consecutive wins. >> to see two great teams evenly matched battling it out to the end. >> reporter: new zealand fans are tired of losing. they consider the team manager grant dalton their lucky charm. they win when he is aboard. to add more mojo, fans did a ceremonial dance. for the kiwis, it's personal. >> it's not over yet. we only have one more race and
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then the country is behind us. >> reporter: the oracle fans are pumped up. >> they are going to keep the fire going. mr. spithill, he is burning up! >> reporter: race one and the kiwis fouled oracle hitting the american boat just a bump but it cost them the race when oracle jumped ahead. the second race started better for new zealand but in the end, oracle won both races of the day. >> wahoo! >> reporter: oracle coming back from the dead the series tied 8- 8. after years of effort by thousands of people worldwide, not to mention the amazing amount of money involved, it all boils down to a 30-minute contest that will happen tomorrow. at the america's cup, don ford, kpix 5. >> thanks a lot, don. and by the way, larry ellison is hosting 60,000 of his private friends tonight here at pier 27 where the america's cup finish line is taking place. and i just have a feeling, ken and elizabeth, his speech
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tonight is going to be a little different than it might have been had his team lost earlier today. >> wow. huge comeback for usa. we'll see tomorrow winner takes all in the america's cup. thank you. new tonight a second northern california county has voted to secede from the state. the supervisors voted unanimously this morning joining neighboring siskiyou county in trying to form a new state. organizers say they are tired of urban outsiders passing environmental regulations and other laws that harm local industries like logging and ranching. modoc is hoping for a dozen counties to join them. but state legislatures and congress would still have to approve any moves. butte county is now considering joining the movement to form the state of jefferson. supervisors are set to vote next month. governor brown signed a bill today that will develop a statewide earthquake early
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warning system. the goal, to give people a few seconds heads up before a destructive quake hits. it expands the current system processing data from a wide range of sensors throughout the state and then providing up to 60 seconds advance warning. the office of emergency services has until january 2016 to develop the system and find some funding. it is expected to cost about $80 million. for all the talk about a strike, we are finding out tonight just how in demand bart jobs are. kpix 5's ryan takeo tells us the benefits package brings workers in but it's a contentious part of the negotiations. >> reporter: erica counts herself lucky as a part-time bart worker. she switched jobs last year and took a pay cut to become a bart driver. the pay is great. 31 bucks an hour. that's not all. >> all about the benefits kind of like all about the benjamin.
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>> reporter: worker is going to college part time and a single mom raising two kids. she hopes to become full time at bart to take advantage of the district's full-time benefits. those benefits include a pension bart pays for and a great medical plan that starts at $92 a month. that's why bart jobs are in such high demand. last year there were more than 19,000 applications for about 500 bart openings. >> and even if you go to the bart website, they sort of tout the generous benefits offering. >> reporter: this cal state east bay economics professor says they are great jobs with great pay requiring only a high school diploma to start. it's a boost for middle classworkers. but he says the job's perks come at a price either through taxes or higher fares. >> it's obviously great for the people with the jobs but it costs money so that has to be financed somehow. >> reporter: sua thinks show and her fellow bart workers get a bad rap. >> bart is a very complex system. you know, a lot of people think that, okay, yeah, fire these
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employees, and just hire joe schmoe off the street. it's not that easy. >> reporter: but jed thinks bart workers need a reality check. >> what would be their chances of replacing their current position with something that's sort of equally attractive in terms of compensation? and i think it's probably low for many of the bart workers so in that sense, they are doing pretty well. >> i don't feel like i'm being greedy. at the end of the day, it's about my family. >> reporter: there's no doubt those who operate these trains have benefits worth fighting for. the big question is, at what cost? in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> she hopes it's only a matter of time before she becomes full time and can get though full time benefits. san francisco home prices climbing faster than practically anywhere else in the country according to a key index. prices jumped almost 25% from a year ago. and that's one of the biggest jumps in the country. second only to las vegas. meanwhile, u.s. home prices jumped the most in 7 years up
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almost 12.5% from a year ago. but the month-to-month climb is slowing down. there's a stronger push to impose a curfew in oakland following the death of an innocent driver. police blame his death on teenagers who they say drove away from officers and smashed into the victim's car. kpix 5's cate caugiran on the nearby shooting that police think could be connected to the crash. >> reporter: a violent night in oakland started about 10:20 mon night at this home near 82nd and rugsdale. police say the house was targeted. officers were nearby and heard the gunshots. then they heard a car speeding away. that car then crashed less than two miles away near the taco bell at church and bancroft. it rolled and collided with another car killing the 75-year- old man inside. the two suspects are 17-year- old boys. >> the juvenile system is really set up to try to intervene and figure out, you know, what it is that these kids need and hopefully we can figure that out and find out
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exactly, you know, what is putting them at risk for this type of behavior. >> reporter: this comes two days before oakland city councilman noel guy i don't is expected to propose a youth curfew to cut down on crime. the proposal would prohibit people younger than 18 from being out in public areas after 10 p.m. >> we definitely want to remain open-minded and do the research that needs to be done in order to look at whether or not that would be effective. >> reporter: in the meantime, the investigation into last night's shooting is ongoing. it's still too soon to call it gang-related. as we were following this story this morning, we heard shotspotter technology detected shots fired in the same neighborhood as last night's shooting. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> since the suspects are minors, police are not releasing their names. oakland police also investigating a gruesome discovery. somebody found a man's body in the street late last night. the person flagged down a chp officer on 89th by macarthur boulevard. they say that man had been shot
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in the head and tonight there are no suspects. scary moments for a couple of homeowners in piedmont today. intense flames torched one house and spread next door this afternoon on max welton road. firefighters got the fire under control within 15 minutes. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is unknown. "san jose mercury news" is selling its iconic headquarters to a tech company in silicon valley. super micro computer incorporated is buying the property on ritter park drive. the newspaper is moving its 300 employees to a new site after it cashes out on the $30.5 million deal. beaten so badly, a bay area father is in a coma. coming up, the moments leading up to the attack and the one clue that could crack the case. hidden in the earth for decades, tonight a look at the stuff from world war ii uncovered during the doyle drive project. did you hear somebody say this today? it is so nice outside! for good reason.
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look at these high temperatures. 79, sunshine in santa rosa, sunnyvale 79, walnut creek 78. the oakland hills at 70. it's not going to stay this way. find out which way we're heading coming up. >> is this something you think has to stop? >> coming up at 6:30, a kpix 5 exclusive. how we caught california lawmakers breaking the rules over and over again. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of customers. san leandro police looking for the man who attacked a safeway store manager in front of a group of customers. it was all caught by surveillance cameras. the suspect in the gray sweatshirt there is seen walking through the store on bancroft avenue yesterday morning. the manager approaches. there's a brief exchange and then he is punched in the face. the suspect takes off running. >> really not much to go on at
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this point. he was in the store a little prior to so we don't to for sure what his intent was and then the exchange between him and the manager was brief like you see on the video, then one strike and he was out the door. >> that manager is hospitalized tonight with serious injuries. police hope that someone will recognize the attacker and come forward. a bay area father who went outside to check on some kids making toys ended up being beaten into a coma. the attack happened saturday on a normally quiet cul-de-sac in pleasanton. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at eden medical center and talked to the victim's neighbors and family. mark. >> reporter: liz, i also spoke with the victim's wife just hours ago. now, understandably, she did not want to go on camera. she is just devastated over her husband's condition. 51-year-old david lamont is here at eden medical center tonight in critical condition
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in a coma. neighbors who know the lamont family well say this is all just very upsetting. david rodriguez asked we do not show his face. >> a state of a little disbelief. >> reporter: he lives near the victim, 51-year-old david lamont who says a group teenagers beat into critical condition. rodriguez was devastated when he heard what happened to his neighbor saturday night. >> kind of in shock because david is a nice man, an older man, so i don't see why he would have any issues with people. >> reporter: when emergency crews got to the scene they found david lamont lying unconscious in front of his home his wife at his side. neighbors report an suv driving off. >> that car is not usually here on a daily basis as far as i know. but i guess i didn't think too much of it because it wasn't speeding away. it was just coasting down the street normally. so -- >> reporter: according to police, lamont went outside his home after hearing loud noise. police say several people likely teens were causing the commotion. locals tell us it's common for teens to hang out on this hillside at the end of the cul- de-sac.
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police are now questioning students from nearby high schools saying they are persons of interest. >> we don't know exactly what occurred except for the injuries sustained to the victims. >> reporter: days after the beating, neighbors who caught wind of lamont's critical condition drive past his home concerned for his family and the neighborhood they love. >> i don't feel safe now in my own hometown . >> reporter: so no arrests have been made yet but mrs. lamont says she has faith that the pleasanton police department is doing its job. tonight she asked for the public's prayers. live in castro valley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> pleasanton police are looking at surveillance video from the neighborhood hoping to find more clues. the doyle drive replacement project is at the halfway point. as allen martin shows us, look closely when you drive through
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and you can see right into the past. >> even driving on doyle drive coming towards the city if you look over to the left you can see the big hole being created. >> reporter: this hole will become the drive out of san francisco on the golden gate bridge but for now provides a window into the past of the presidio. >> part of a nationwide coastal defense program. >> reporter: call it the "star wars" of its day. a coastal defense program. for a time when america feared the possibility of a naval invasion right through the golden gate. but these batteries were quickly overrun. >> between their completion in 1902 and world war i in 1916 these batteries were already technologically obsolete. >> reporter: so obsolete that they were immediately decommissioned. then buried under the original doyle drive. the parts that weren't buried became a playground foray grants and taggers. now they will become part of the new presidio landscape. >> these things will stay. they will be uncovered and
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rehabilitated, cleaned up, graffiti removed. it's really a great aspect. project. >> reporter: a project that will eventually allow you to walk from the top of san francisco national cemetery over two tunnels concealing 101 and on the bluffs that overlook the bay. >> and then users of the park will have all this new acreage open space for picnics and just enjoying the view and the bay. >> you get history, nice beautiful landscape, the view behind me. all in one. >> that was allen martin reporting. all that new landscaping and trail work will be coming up after the highway itself is completed. and we won't see that until about 2016. >> get a look at those bridge pictures, though, in his story? unbelievable day today just crystal clear. >> kind of interesting because we had the onshore flow but we didn't have the clouds to drag in so we have the cooler temperatures. but sunny and some would argue this is about as perfect as it gets with highs in the 70s just about everywhere even the beach. you got close to 70 degrees
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today. live look outside. i want to show you some great shots. dublin looking toward mount diablo. count the clouds. you don't have to waste that much time because there are none. another shot here i want to show you with mainly sunny skies throughout the bay area. there is a live look from our rooftop toward the bay bridge and also crystal clear blue skies. one spot made it to the 80s today, that would be you in napa. concord a high of 78. nice and comfy for you. 75 for both stay and richmond. oakland 74. a little cooler and breezy in the city especially in the afternoon. that breeze helped out team oracle though. 67 degrees in san francisco. the breeze kicking up in the afternoon. our helicopter was up taking some video. chopper 5 and some beautiful shots from ocean beach. a gorgeous day to take a stroll with your family on the beach with temperatures in the mid- 60s but the waves kicking up a bit increasing tomorrow as winds stronger than today. but the radar stays clear. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing nothing on it. i don't have any rain in our extended forecast. and with the lack of rainfall, with the winds increasing and low humidity levels, starting tomorrow night through friday,
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a fire weather watch is in effect for all of the higher elevations of the bay area beginning tomorrow night lasting through friday. tomorrow, you keep the sunshine. temperatures even be a little bit cooler as the onshore flow gets stronger, storm system passing by to our north but the same low pressure area that's giving us the west wind tomorrow will give us a north wind by friday. now, a north or northeast wind, that counts as an offshore wind. and that's going to warm us up. at the coast you will be in the 70s. near the bay, you will be in the 80s coming up this weekend. and that's a change from my forecast for tomorrow where some of you will barely make it to the 70s. san jose 70. consumer report 73. 66 for san francisco. and san rafael 72. your extended forecast warmer after tomorrow. look at the weekend. sunshine both days 80 near the bay mid-80s away from the water. so looking nice and warmer as we get toward the weekends, and concord 73. lawns torn up, snorting, fueling frustration. coming up, how the problem of wild pigs is spreading in the
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bay area. >> the potential consequences for some bay area property owners who suddenly stopped construction projects and let them turn into eyesores.
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wild animals is to blame. kpix 5's ann notarangelo jos us live in these lush green fields in danville have been torn up, terrorized in a group of wild animals is to blame. combination 5's ann notarangelo joins us live from -- kpix 5's ann notarangelo joins us live from san ramon. where do they come from? >> reporter: they are coming down from the hillsides around the neighborhood and there is a ravine that borders these home
6:25 pm
so they come into the yards. some of these pigs, 300 pounds or more. and look at the destruction they create. these neighbors who live in the henry ranch subdivision in san ramon would probably tell you, the story of the three little pigs got it all wrong. the wolf wasn't the problem. the pigs are. >> they come down here and they fight with each other. and they snort and they do all their pig noises and make a mess. that's what they're good at. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the pigs during a recent visit. for the past few weeks, just about every night, scores of pigs have moved from the surrounding hillsides into the neighborhood. the state fish and wildlife department says pigs have become part of the habitat and it's not usually a problem until they can't find food. >> they want to uproot our nice landscaped watered lawns and get the grubs and everything else that they eat in there. >> reporter: trudy cook has been out just about every day patching up her lawn. she spotted 30 pigs at one time! >> you could just see all the way down the street pigs were just walking back and forth across the street. they are not --they don't seem to be daunted by a car or
6:26 pm
lights or noise. >> we have the same pig problem. >> reporter: willie robertson is a maintenance worker at a training center a mile ago. -- a mile away. the pigs showed up there mid- august well before they invaded people's yards. >> wake up in the morning your lawn looks like somebody drove through it. >> reporter: just like the neighbors found, fencing doesn't do much unless you do what willie did and put barbed wire on the bottom so the pigs can't dig under it. they spent nearly $1,000 making this fence pig-proof and when it was completed, the pigs did leave. they went through the ravine and into the residential neighborhood. the city of san ramon and the homeowners association have split the $8,000 cost to trap them. they have caught a half dozen but you can see, most root around the cages. the pigs are also unfazed by halloween masks, lights, fencing and sprinklers. all things the state suggests people try. even a liberal sprinkling of chili powder didn't work.
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>> maybe if that bothers them, maybe they won't come back? i don't know. [ laughter ] >> you get desperate. you just try anything. >> reporter: these are piggies with power. the only solution seems to be to wait for them to leave. >> i don't know if they are really dumb or smart. but they're just really annoying. >> reporter: the city of san ramon says the contract with the trapper runs out in a day or so so they will have to meet with the homeowners to find out if they want to continue contributing money for the effort. but if you push these pigs out here they will just go somewhere else. in san ramon, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> the laborers at the training center say they did get a permit to shoot on their 395 acres and the manager tells kpix 5 he is going to contact hunters. neighbors in palo alto finally winning the battle over blight. areas with chain link fences, torn tarps and unfinished construction have become havens for illegal activities.
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homeowners have complained for years about the eyesores. city council last night voted unanimously to put timeless on construction projects. what those time limits are is still being worked out. currently scenes like this are stalled for years. coming up in our next half hour, caught in the act. only on 5, california lawmakers breaking their voting rules again and again and again. what happened when we confronted them. >> i was weak in the knees and i almost passed out. i almost fainted. >> how fire torched a symbol of hope in a bay area city plagued by crime and how parishioners see this tragedy as an opportunity. >> it's so much potential for abuse. >> scammers already starting to prey on potential customers for "covered california." the red flags to watch out for. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the state legislature todayo your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. now at 6:30, the watchdog group common cause calling on the state legislature today to adopt new voting regulations in the aftermath of a kpix 5 investigation. we caught state assembly members redhanded breaking the rules and wait until you hear what they told our mark kelly
6:32 pm
when he asked them about it. take a close look at california democracy in action. l.a. assemblyman jimmy gomez's seat in the foreground is empty. he is not there. but assemblyman reggie jones from l.a. is voting for him. now, rewind. in the background you will see anthony rendon from l.a. county reaching back to vote for burbank's mike gatto and rewind again, there's assemblywoman diane harkey from san juan capistrano voting for another teammate from huntington beach all this in less than a minute for bill to regulate outdoor advertising. but we saw it happening again and again on dozens of other bills. republicans an democrats regularly voting for somebody else. remember sawyer voting for gomez? here's gomez later that day
6:33 pm
voting for sawyer and then there is another person from san francisco casting multiple votes. watch this. >> so we're just asking this body to support it. >> reporter: he stands up to speak in support of a gun control bill. then right away, he rushes back to his desk to vote not only for himself but also adam gray of modesto and another person from van nuys. what's going on? it's called ghost voting. it's is it not allowed in california. it couldn't be more clear. a member may not operate the voting switch of any other member. hi. >> reporter: rendon didn't even know there was a rule. >> it's a custom and something you're allowed to do. >> reporter: we saw him ghost voting all day long. >> it's perfectly fine. >> reporter: from others, we heard various versions of what's okay and what's not. this is isidore hall from camp ton. >> members are required to be
6:34 pm
on the green carpet. >> a member can't be in his office. >> oh, no. >> reporter: even richard gordon of los altos, the head of the assembly's rules committee, was confused. >> give me the definition of ghost voting. >> you know, actually i don't know. >> reporter: once i explained it, he clarified. >> that practice is that a seat mate may vote for you if you have given them permission to do so. >> reporter: can you lean over and push the person in front of you? >> essentially the people in your immediate area like the floor around you you can do that. so want fill ting? are you allowed to vote for other members. >> we follow everybody who -- we follow the same protocols in the building. >> reporter: what is that protocol? >> the assembly rules. i'll give them to you. >> reporter: the rules it says you're not allowed to vote for other members and we saw you voting for other members. >> we all follow the same protocols in the assembly. there are strict rules. >> reporter: he even argued
6:35 pm
that ghost voting makes floor sessions run more efficiently and left it at that. we saw you ghost voting we saw other members ghost voting. is this something you think has to stop? >> thanks a lot for your time. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> making it up as they go along. even if it's done innocently, ghost voting can lead to mistakes obviously and sometimes it may not be so innocent n2008 there was a big scandal in 2008 when then democrat assemblywoman carole migden cast a vote for a republican fellow lawmaker without his permission. reached over and hit the button. common cause commented on that in reaction to our report. >> that does surprise me because we were told by leadership that that activity has ceased and we hope the legislature will remind themselves of the history of what happened in 2008 and crackdown on this practice. >> yeah. log on to or our
6:36 pm
facebook page and leave your comments there. a new test of faith for church members who watched their house of worship go up in smoke. they were stunned yesterday as firefighters worked to save what they could. but the flames caused nearly a million dollars in damage. zion first church of government in christ has been a neighborhood refuge and landmark in west oakland. john ramos with what the church meant to the community and whether there's a chance to rebuild. >> reporter: when oakland's zion's first church of god in christ went up in flames monday afternoon, neighbors were stunned by the sight. >> when the firemen went to take the gate off, all of a sudden the programs that blew the flames blew out. >> reporter: church members were stunned by the loss. >> lord, our building is really on fire. >> i walked you every up the bart station i was weak in the knees and i almost fainted. >> broke my heart.
6:37 pm
almost like a member of the family had died. >> reporter: the zion church has been at this location since 1916. what started out as a tent eventually became this building in 1977. and it was all built by church members like gus dobyns. >> they just built it with cakes and pies and barbecue dinners. >> reporter: amazingly the church only has 20 members. but still, they held food giveaways twice a month and the neighborhood showed its respect by keeping the walls graffiti- free. this was a place of refuge even for people who never worshipped here but now the walls look like this. despite this, people here have the strength to see this as an opportunity. >> so you have 97 years, the lord blessed, we're going to have another 97 years. we're just going to have a greater structure. >> they say god doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
6:38 pm
this something you can handle? >> through god, we can do anything. we can overcome any obstacle in life. >> reporter: church members vow to rebuild even if they are not quite sure how that will happen. it's a reminder that faith isn't just believing in god. it's believing things will work out no matter what happens. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> very resilient people. fire investigators don't know what caused the fire but plan to check the church's electrical system. we are still a week away from the start of enrollment but obamacare is already bringing out the scammers. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, what to watch out for. >> plus a retailer already looking to hire thousands of workers for the holidays. >> this is premier week on cbs! and here's what's on tonight.
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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exchange a week from now. oe consumerwatch, julie watts explains what to look out f. if you start getting phone re to scammers r coming out of the woodwork as california launches its healthcare exchange in a week. on the consumerwatch julie watts tells us what to look out for. >> reporter: it happened the mortgage crisis. it will happen with this. if you start getting phone calls, emails, any pressure at all to sign up now, beware, they could be peddling bogus insurance. tim brace is already bombarded with calls from scammers peddling phony medical services. >> really repetitive and really annoying. >> reporter: since may alone the ftc has received thousands of complaints about fraudsters looking for victims on obamacare. >> they cast a wide net. >> reporter: experts like emily peters warns be on the lookout for scammers trolling four your
6:42 pm
social security number or cash. they are posing as medicare agents, government officials or offering to enroll you in exchange for a fee. no one should ever call you asking for personal information and you should never be charged a thing. likewise, be on the lookout for phony websites. >> a lot of them will have very official sounding names. it's a scammer. >> reporter: the legitimate site for the healthcare exchange is "covered california." and for information on obamacare, go to kim brace is prepared for the increase in scams once obamacare goes online next week. he just hopes others are, too. >> there is so much potential for abuse. >> reporter: and beware of scammers trying to convince you, you need a new insurance or medicare card. in fact if you are on medicare you don't need to do figure at all. the healthcare exchange doesn't impact you. and remember, if you have a consumer problem or hear from one of these scammers, give us
6:43 pm
a call 888-5-helps-u or head to >> you probably will be hearing from some. >> i'm sure we will beginning monday. coming up, the toy store hiring thousands of holiday workers. >> maybe only 91 shopping days until christmas but it feels like summer. the sun is setting over the city. look at the gorgeous picture right there. we'll talk about the prospects for sunshine sticking around and when we are going to warm things up, that's coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell at america's cup headquarters. they are having a huge party for oracle. are they partying too soon? the latest in the incredible comeback continues coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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toys r us is hiring. it's looking to fill 45-thousand positions for the holidays nationwide. hiring starts this week. the toys 'r us is hiring. it's looking to fill 45,000 positions for the holidays
6:47 pm
nationwide. hiring starts this week. the company is looking for sales associates, inventory workers as well as people for its distribution warehouses. sometimes the opportunities are bigger. last year 15% of seasonal workers stayed on permanently after the holiday season ended. >> if you can build a bike, that's a bonus. >> your chances of staying go up. >> you have an edge. >> that or doll houses. >> those are tricky. >> which is is harder bike or dollhouse? >> your dollhouse. you're always missing one part. >> the bike too. >> we're not missing any weather-wise. perfect, did you love at a? i hope you enjoyed it because we weren't warm. we weren't cold. right in the happy place in the 70s. cooler tomorrow. tonight the on show flow is rushing in but you can't see it because we have no cloud cover. beautiful shot from mount vaca home of kpix 5 hi-def doppler. perfect spot to see that rain moving into the north bay coastline first but there is no rain out there tonight. but there is or will be a
6:48 pm
gorgeous sunset. temperatures falling. we have the onshore flow and that makes things cool off rapidly in the evening. consumer report you're at 68. livermore 69. downtown san francisco a breezy crisp 63 degrees. jefferson elementary school hello to you. kpix 5 schoolcast school your forecast for tomorrow in san leandro, clear and cool tomorrow morning. breezy tomorrow afternoon with the final bell temperature right around 70. 550 students at jefferson elementary school. they have an urban school. go to for your forecast on tv. i'm showing you a lack of cloud cover. we have the onshore flow but if we don't have the cloud out here they won't move in here. we were cooler and sunny and we are going to do that once again tomorrow but the onshore flow actually a touch stronger. the breeze will increase and temperatures will drop a couple of degrees. about a dozen degrees below
6:49 pm
average away from the water but then the same low pressure area giving us the west wind tomorrow will crank up a north to northeast wind by friday. that's an offshore wind. even though it's the same low pressure system the weather can be different and it will be. we are going to be warmer 70s to the coast. 80s near the bay. the fire danger is going up as well because we are going to see that relative humidity drop like a rock. wind drops down and it's going to be a warm weekend of remember last weekend when your picnic outside was canceled or messed up by the rain? this weekend 80s near the water. tomorrow we are going to struggle to make it to the 70s. livermore 72. san jose 70. it will be a sunny day in mountain view but cool. pleasant hill 73. livermore 72. fairfield 73 degrees. about a dozen degrees below average. novato you will hit 70. daly city 65.
6:50 pm
and santa rosa tomorrow upper 60s with sunshine. extended forecast milder on thursday, still sunny on friday getting warm. look at the weekend near the bay. saturday and sunday, thankfully that offshore wind will have highs around 80 and we'll stay mild next week. say hello to fall with a sunshiny warm weekend. sports is next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
and dennis o'donnell is up with sports. dennis. >> that's right, allen. we are at the black tie affair at pier 27 home of america's cup where oracle is hosting a huge party tonight. and why not? since they made considerable changes to their boat, team oracle has won 9 of the last 11 races to pull even with team new zealand. the latest a doubleheader sweep coming on a very breezy day in san francisco. here's how it came down all eyes on the san francisco bay forays 17 and 18. drama at the start. team oracle tried to make a late hook to catch the kiwis off guard. the two boats collide. team emirates would be penalized allowing team oracle to open up a huge lead. they never looked back for their sixth straight win. second race the two nearly collide again at the start. it looked like the kiwis would
6:54 pm
snap their losing streak. they open up a light of over 100 meters only to see it disappear by the third turn. team oracle came charging back. they open up a big lead of their own. they win by a whopping 54 seconds to even the series at 8 apiece setting up a deciding 19th race tomorrow. so where would this comeback rank? only 4 teams in major league professional sports have won a series after being down 3 games to none but you could argue that team oracle had a much steeper hill to climb after falling behind 8-1. incredible! meanwhile, all eyes on kaepernick this week as the 49ers offense has looked out of sync. the capper is aware of the criticism he has been posting tweets of people ripping him. and after his latest press conference, you can see why he prefers the 140 character
6:55 pm
platform. >> it helps me. >> in what way? >> it just helps me. >> any motivation? >> i guess you could say that. peyton manning's latest masterpiece left the raiders defense searching for answers. the future hall of famer completed 32 of 37 passes, 374 yards and 3 touchdowns as the broncos simply blew out the raiders 37-21. >> coming and playing a team like the broncos you don't really have room for error playing against jacksonville you have some room for some things and you can make up for it but with him you can't. he is going to find, you know, whatever weakness you have out there. what you have to do he is going to find and exploit it and he did it tonight. the night didn't go as well forayeders quarterback terrelle pryor. he was knocked out in the 4th quarter with concussion. pryor admitted on twitter that morning he doesn't remember
6:56 pm
about the hit but will play sunday against the redskins. he will still need to pass the tests this week before the team can clear him to return. lions receiving nate burleson will miss the rest of the season after suffering a broken arm in a car accident. burleson lost control of his car when he reached over to the passenger seat to try and keep his pizza from falling. two words: free delivery! >> jim harbaugh's press conference, although a little uncomfortable at times, it could be worse. you could be covering patriots head coach bill belichick. >> i don't know. [ indiscernible ] >> going into the day was there a chance he would play or did -- >> he was inactive. >> how about danny? >> he was inactive, too. >> so i know that they were
6:57 pm
inactive. >> inactive. >> i think you have an idea -- right? >> they weren't able to play. you want something for [ indiscernible ] >> you would in -- >> i don't know. they couldn't play. they. >> did you know they wouldn't play? >> they were inactive. [ beep ] >> answer the question? >> they were inactive [ beep ] >> simple as that. >> reporter: these coaches really do amaze me. this is not syria we're talking about. it's not afghanistan. it's the nfl for crying out loud! have a little fun with it. we are having a lot of fun at america's cup, ken, because it's going to come down to a final decisive race tomorrow and we will be there. reporting live, dennis rodman, let's go back to you guys. >> captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you kids doing? thank you very much. how you folks? come on. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, got another good one for you today. returning for their third day from west orange, new jersey, it's the rondinella family. [cheering] and from maplewood, new jersey, it's the burns family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that fuel-efficient ford fusion right there. let's play the "feud." give me chaz. give me laura. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays]


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