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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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especially near the coastline and inside the bay 12 miles per hour at sfo. winds picking up this afternoon some of those winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures 50s outside right now mostly clear skies. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine coming our way but it will be windy and cooler out there highs topping out in the mid-70s in the warmest spots but about 75 degrees and mostly sunny in santa rosa. 72 in san jose. and about 66 degrees and windy into san francisco. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. let's get right out to mobile5. they are showing a nice look of the new eastern span coming into oakland right now. looks the coolest at night if you ask me. there you go. you can see traffic is moving just fine out towards the east bay all across the span even on the san francisco side. we still have a high wind advisory in effect in the bay
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bridge, san mateo bridge and richmond/san rafael bridge. they were all issued before 3:00 this morning. the only accident we have now is fender-bender northbound 101 approaching brokaw in san jose. no big delays to your drive times in the south bay or east bay. you can beat the rush all free and clear on our traffic sensors. same thing up and down the nimitz freeway. you will find the usual roadwork out there. it should be picked up right about now actually between embarcadero and high street. bart systemwide on time more than 30 trains all reporting no delay. that's the latest from here. back to you. the final america's cup set to sail today. oracle team usa takes the cup, it would be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.
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>> as they come to the line the comeback is complete. >> yesterday's finish even shocked the announcers. they are tied up now with emirates team new zealand at 8- 8. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on the american team's big win and why some fans are a little suspicious of this monster comeback. cate. >> reporter: frank, look at it this way. last week it looked like team new zealand had it in the bag ahead 8-1. now the score is tied at 8-8. now, even the kiwis war dance couldn't help emirates team new zealand yesterday. a slight fender-bender at the start of the first race slowed down the team so much that they couldn't recover. perhaps the war dance ironically added a little more
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wind to team oracle's sails. they sailed to victory twice winning its 7th consecutive race yesterday. we caught up with new zealand fans who aren't throwing in the towel just yet. instead, they say they got the americans right where they want 'em. >> yeah. we just thought we would play with you guys for a while and getting you all excited an and build up the interest in this cup and tomorrow we are going to smoke you 1 1/2 kilometers lead. >> actually to come back and whether it's rigged or whether it's just luck, whatever it is, it's been really phenomenal and i think san francisco is finally gotten behind it. >> reporter: the score is tied with nine races to win the cup. that final showdown is scheduled today for about 1:15 this afternoon. but you can bet even though that race is later this afternoon, die-hard fans will be here in just a few hours flooding the area, flooding piers 27-29 because as you mentioned, frank, today it's winner-take-all. live in san francisco, cate
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caugiran, kpix 5. >> that's right. the final-final. team oracle is the defending champion. the team won 10 races but was penalized two points before the finals for illegally modifying boats for exhibition races last year and earlier this year. had that not happened they would have already have won the cup. even oracle's ceo larry ellison skipped work to watch the races. he was supposed to give the keynote address at the oracle openworld conference yesterday. one of the biggest company events that's going on in the city. instead he was on his yacht watching his team win two races and perhaps regain the cup or get the cup again today. >> we'll see what happens later today. federal investigators are looking to asiana airlines' response to a deadly crash at sfo in july. they are checking to see if asiana followed federal laws about helping the families of passengers on the plane. specifically, they want to know if asiana had an adequate family assistance plan that included offered loved ones a toll free number to get information as well as
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transportation and a place to stay. this is the first investigation of its kind. more than 100 volunteers will be on the runways of sfo this morning looking for foreign objects debris. that includes rocks or airplane parts that could get sucked know an engine and cause problems. the clean-up is not expected to cause any flit delays. a well-known safeway manager is attacked and he is so badly injured friends say he doesn't even recognize his own wife. everyone at the san leandro safeway knows the manager as mo and right now, he is in intensive care with a head injury after a man in the store sucker punched him on monday morning. san leandro police hope someone will recognize the suspect from the store surveillance video. the man was wearing a gray sweatshirt, dark knit cap talked briefly with the manager and then for no reason hit him in the face. mo fell to the floor and the suspect ran out the door. >> he was in the store a little polluter so we don't know his
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intent there and then again the exchange between him in the manager was extremely brief like you see on the video and then it was really one strike and then he was out the door. >> anyone with information is urged to contact san leandro police department immediately. a couple of high school students in pleasanton have been questioned in connection with a brutal beating of a father. 51-year-old david lamont was found unconscious outside his house saturday night. investigators say he went outside to ask most likely a group of teenagers to keep the knows down. his wife later found him in the street. he is now in critical condition and in a coma. no one has been arrested. santa clara high school math teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old. hugo cortez guzman was booked yesterday on multiple counts of unlawful sex with a minor. police aren't saying if the teen was a student at the school. guzman has been placed on a leave of absence by the school officials there. some other bay area headlines on this wednesday. officers arrested a man for
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allegedly stabbing his friend after the 49er home game over the weekend. police say the 28-year-old got into a fight with his friend at their hotel room monday morning and stabbed him. he is in stable conditions after an operation. officers say both men traveled from santa barbara to cheer on the 9ers and both were drunk at the time. a hayward girl who was shot and wounded while she slept last week is said to be recovering well. the 10-year-old had special visitors in the hospital yesterday. the head coach and four players from the cal state east bay softball team delivered a gift basket to an upcoming team practice. police have no suspects for the shooting. it happened last thursday morning. developing news on the rescue operation inside a kenyan mall. new video shows an officer crawling on the floor to reach hostages. you can see him persuading the woman and her kids that it's safe to come out of hiding and escape. this happened just minutes after gunmen opened fire inside the mall saturday. kenya's president said the westgate mall in nairobi is
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secure this morning. right now security is tight there. and it's getting tighter here at home, as well. reporter: a large plume of smoke rose up from kenya's westgate mall this morning. security forces report there could still be terrorists or booby traps inside the building even though kenya's president insists all of the attackers are dead or arrested. >> we have ashamed and defeated our attackers. that part of our task has been completed by a multi-agency security team. >> reporter: dozens were killed in this weekend's attack and four-day standoff and the death toll is expected to climb. three floors of the mall partially collapsed during tuesday's military raid. the red cross says there are still 65 people unaccounted for it. it's unconfirmed if americans were involved in the attack but al-shabab has success recruiting young americans and
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has security experts here concerned. >> after receiving the training that they were getting in somalia, they might well return and try to conduct similar attacks here in the united states. >> reporter: police officials in new york decided to deploy counter-terrorism units in the days following the kenya attack. >> you know in the back of their mind they are thinking, is there a companion piece for a domestic attack here from the same network? >> reporter: minnesota's mall of america is just one of many shopping centers that has also increased security. the militant group behind the takeover says government forces set off explosives on the building burying hostages inside. kenya is observing three days of mourning for the victims starting today. 5:09. the earthquake that hit pakistan was so powerful it actually created a small island off the coast there. some video here from inside an office building when the 7.7 quake hit yesterday. you can see everything just start shaking. at least 210 people were killed in the quake. rescue crews in mexico have found eight more bodies after
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tropical storm manuel triggered flooding and mud slides in the country. 130 people have died. soldiers and emergency workers still looking for victims as heavy rains washed away homes and turned roads into lakes last week. this storm plus hurricane ingrid marking mexico's worst weather crisis since 1958. >> for us to endure it it should be intolerable for the american people. >> a live look right now at the senate floor where republican senator ted cruz is trying to outfilibuster some of his political peers. his marathon talking session is viewed as an attempt to stop obamacare. his kids were watching him on c- span so he played to his audience. >> on a saturday or sunday morning when your dad is making pancakes it is very cool when he can like flip them and make them do a flip high in the air and catch 'em. i will credit my father, he invented this wasn't for the restaurant, but he did it anyway, green eggs and ham. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and
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ham. eight white castle restaurants a year, i like their little burgers. >> well, the federal government will run out of money to pay its bills next tuesday october 1. it's also the day the affordable care act goes into effect. so the big question, how much will your premiums be under the new healthcare law? the obama administration has released some numbers. the price for a midrange plan will average $328. and in california, with one of the highest uninsured populations, the midrange plan will average around $373. americans will now have some 53 plans to pick from as well when the markets open october 1. 5:11. coming up a bay area soccer field was turned to a battlefield. the close call when a tank came crashing through a concrete barrier. >> plus, who is to blame for michael jackson's death? the billion-dollar question facing a jury. >> and forget the license plates. how inmates in one prison are getting a new leash on life. coming up.
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>> a little breezy now but windy weather headed our way but a lot of sunshine. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and the overnight roadwork has been picked up on the nimitz freeway. we have several high wind advisories posted by chp. more coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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keep cruzing - republican senator ted cruz has spent than 17 hours on the senate floor protesting president obama's health care law. kenya - mall attackers clai7 hostages were buried in rube trending now this morning keep cruz'ing. republican senator ted cruz has spent more than 17 hours on the floor protesting obamacare. kenya, 137 workers buried in rubble as kenyan forces demolished the building. miley cyrus always trending. the 20-year-old woman on rolling stone. america's cup team oracle ties -- the winner takes all race today. >> they tied new zealand today. wenger birthday is trending as well i see. >> you started that, didn't you? >> i might have. i see at least two tweets out there. >> there are two?
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both originated by elizabeth wenger. >> it's my birthday, that's right! [ laughter ] let's go out live towards mobile5. we'll talk to brian kylie behind the wheel this morning and just right there on schedule he is heading towards the richmond/san rafael bridge. so thanks, brian, for that perfect timing as we see him going through the pay gate right now. the reason we sent him to the richmond/san rafael bridge is because there is a high wind advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge, chp issued that early this morning. there's also one for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. so again, just be a little extra careful if you are starting your morning commute. let's go out live now towards our maps and other live traffic cameras. this is what it looks like right now approaching the dublin interchange. our sensors are still all in the green this morning if you are heading towards the dublin interchange. and westbound 580 through the altamont pass, just kind of your usual brake lights right now if you are passing 205 out of tracy. 15 minutes though so it's not enough to impact your drive time. still all free and clear but once you got past that north flynn speeds improve slightly. look at this picture of the new eastern span. traffic moving well even though once again that high wind
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advisory is in effect this morning and if you are approaching the pay gates, no delay, of course no metering lights. give it another hour and this picture will look a lot different. 5:15 this morning, though, things are nice an quiet down the eastshore freeway. and the san mateo bridge, the right side of your screen all this traffic, that is the commute direction. things looking good out of hayward. that's your latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your windy forecast, let's toss it over to lawrence. >> that's the main weather story for today. we are already seeing breezes kicking up outside out the door. we have mostly clear skies this morning. it's a little breezy already toward the coastline and inside the bay. the temperatures are in the 50s. i think toward the afternoon, expecting a lot of sunshine but those winds will be whipping toward the coastline even gusty winds inside the bay 20- to 30- mile-an-hour winds even some higher gusts possible. 70s as you look toward the valleys. we have low pressure passing to our north and that's what's helping to whip up these winds. today motors of that rain is going to stay to the north but looks like those winds will be kicking in with most of the
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rain staying to the north. high pressure building in tomorrow with drier warmer weather. those winds on our computer models being picked up showing you really seeing that really on the rise toward the afternoon over 20 miles per hour in many spots toward the coastline and even inside the bay. temperatures into the 70s in the south bay 60s toward the coastline. east bay maybe only in the mid- 70s and then inside the bay you will see some blustery winds at times into san francisco through the golden gate and 60s and low 70s. next couple of days, we are going to watch high pressure building in. the winds will start to calm down and the temperatures warming up. in fact, it's next weekend, that is looking spectacular! mid-80s in some of the warmer spots, guys. >> looks good. thanks so much. closing arguments in the michael jackson case today. the late pop star's mother has sued concert promoter aeg live for negligence. that promoter was putting together jackson's big london show when he died in 2009. the suit claims aeg hired dr. conrad murray whose actions led
5:19 am
to the king of pop's death. the promoter says jackson insisted that murray treat him. the family wants $290 million but damages could run in the billions. imagine taking your dog to work with you and having him groomed from nails to tail to teeth while he is there. i think the dog would like it. it all part of the program that gets prison inmates a new leash on life. inmates giving dogs the full spa treatment in southeastern ohio. they are learning job skills that they can use once they get out of jail. the dogs are the pets of the prison employees. they bring them in. dogs with a history of growling at groomers do just fine there. >> a few people brought dogs in to regular grooming rooms. we have nothing but time to work with them. so that's the best part for us. >> one inmate recently got a job with a vet and that vet called the prison to say thanks, nice job. 5:19. coming up, wayward tank.
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how a military vehicle crashed into the complex of a bay area sports team. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. the giants had an old friend for dinner last night. and the angels put the hurt on the a's in more ways than one. we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tanker came crashing onto t flied... narrowly missing a player. fighting vehicle a military tank shook things up during a san jose earthquakes practice session. the tanker came on the field narrowly missing a player. a bradley fighting vehicle like this one was on a test run next to the soccer field. the tanker lost control, crashed through a barricade and stopped just 10 feet away from a goalie, john bush. >> luckily there was like a, you know, awning so you couldn't see through. if you could have seen it, it probably would have been more frightening. >> no one was injured. bae systems has been testing the vehicles at its san jose facility next to the soccer field for years. the company says the tank that crashed was not speeding. good morning, everybody. the oakland a's are 23 games over .500 at home, just 7 games over .500 on the road and that's why getting home field advantage throughout the play- offs is so critical. bob melvin's team was one game behind the red sox for the best
5:24 am
record coming know play last night against the angels. jason vargas, that's all he would need. he pitches a four hit complete game shutout striking out 5 in just 110 pitches. oakland is a game back of boston for home field advantage. brian wilson back at at&t wearing dodger blue and having a good time. tie game in the 6th when kemp took matt cain deep for his 6th homer of the season. cardinals rookie pitcher michael walker was an out away from a no-hitter against the nationals but he couldn't get the throw off in time. zimmerman breaks it up. the cardinals still win. terrelle pryor admitted on twitter yesterday he doesn't remember much about the raiders loss in denver. he suffered a concussion. he will have to pass tests in order to play sunday against
5:25 am
washington. once again, it's the big day for the america's cup winner-take-all. we'll be there and see you tonight with all the results and post tournament talk on the 6:00. okay. thanks. our play of the day coming from cincinnati. frazier thought he was a hit but the shortstop makes a great dives catch in the four inning. the mets beat the reds 4-2 dropping cincinnati 3 games back in the central division race. about five games to go. giants pitcher sergio romo has a new ice cream flavor that came out. it's unique. teamed up with bay area-based three twins and they dropped off some for us today. it's called mexican chocolate. [ laughter ] >> they say it only tastes illegal. remember his t-shirt in the world series victory parade? the giants host the dodgers tonight at at&t park and we are going to taste some of it.
5:26 am
hey, you're not even sharing. >> i'm sorry. >> hello. >> it's got cinnamon in it. >> it's good. >> the newsroom attacked it before it came up here. >> it's delicious. >> yum. >> a little spicy. >> not bad. >> mexican chocolate. >> it would have tasted better last year. >> you think so. >> when this were winning. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> true. >> but it's all good. 5:26 right now. the new iphones are a gold mine on ebay. wait until you hear just how much one person handed over. plus -- >> doesn't matter the quality of the hotel. you're still paying $500 plus. >> it's not even the height of the tourist season right now. what's sending san francisco hotel rates through the roof. also ahead -- >> do you like green eggs and ham? i do the not like them, sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> and story time in the senate? the senator's all night talk-a- thon is pushing 18 hours. ,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive
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and you could save hundreds." call or click today. am no longer able to stand. political protest. can the senator from texas make a difference your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. political protest. can the senator from texas make a difference with his marathon speech? >> and call it the ultimate comeback. all eyes will be on san francisco's bay for today's winner-take-all race of the america's cup. >> winds are going to be whipping around the bay area today likely the coolest day of the week. that means we're only going up from here. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and those wind advisories are already been posted on the bridges. how is it impacting your morning drive? that's coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, september 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:30. even the president who is
5:31 am
in love with his obamacare -- >> happening live on capitol hill right now is a filibuster. republican senator ted cruz's filibuster is entering its 18th hour. he took the floor just before noon yesterday. did he stop talking a few minutes ago -- he did stop talking a few minutes ago. right now it's rand paul. ko im with more on cruz's fight to stop funding for obamacare. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. reporter: senator cruz wants his colleagues to support the house bill to defund the affordable care act while trying to delay senate democrats from making changes to the bill that allows the healthcare law to go forward. >> when you have a law that is causing more and more people to lose their health insurance, you have a law that's not working. >> reporter: cruz called the healthcare act a job killers
5:32 am
that's expensive and bad for business. president obama said the healthcare overhaul would save consumers thousands of dollars. >> it turns out that their rates are up to 50% lower than what was available previously if you just went on the open market and tried to get health insurance. >> reporter: senator cruz had plenty to say about the president's healthcare plan. but with plenty of time to fill he took a break from capitol hill politics and read a bedtime story to his daughters. >> do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> reporter: but in the end, senate democrats will not allow the healthcare act to be defunded. and cruz's fellow republicans are worried they will get blamed for a government shutdown. they say this is not a winnable battle. ko im for cbs news, washington. >> despite cruz's efforts, a vote on the bill will happen. it's expected today but that all depends on how long the texan can keep talking. also happening today, u.n.
5:33 am
chemical weapons inspectors have just arrived in syria. they are hoping to complete their investigation into whether chemical weapons were used on civilians during last month's attack. the obama administration says the syrian government is responsible for the 1400 people who died in the attack near damascus. the president of iran says his country is ready to talk about its nuclear program. president obama and iranian president hassan rouhani spoke separately at the u.n.p yesterday. there was talk they might meet in person but white house officials say iran considered it was too complicated. still iran's president did talk about the nuclear issue. >> nuclear weapon and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in iran's security and defense doctrines. >> president rouhani says his country still wants to have nuclear power. according to a new cbs news poll 44% of americans disapprove of the way president obama is handling relations
5:34 am
with iran. 39% approve. the america's cup finale is expected today if the weather cooperates. oracle team usa is the comeback kid. they closed a major deficit and are looking to take the cup. >> as they come to the line, the comeback is complete! >> the american team sailed through the finish line yesterday. they are now tied with emirates team new zealand which had its 8-1 lead over oracle just last week. and the comeback is giving the city of san francisco a nice boost. with the america's cup and the openworld oracle convention there are thousands of people cramming into san francisco this week. that means hotels are raking in the money. at the "w" hotel rooms are going for more than $700 a night. at the four seasons it's $745 a night and even cheap options are going for more than $400. hotels, they booked up months ago. >> we booked up our rooms
5:35 am
probably two months ago to 99%. >> the openworld convention ends tomorrow. bart workers may not like their benefits but apparently the package is attracting new workers. the free pensions and affordable medical plan are all attractive. those benefits are a contentious part of the ongoing contract negotiations though. the job's perks come at a price either through taxes or higher fares. >> it's all about the benefits kind of like all about the benjamin. >> it's obviously great for the people who have those jobs but it costs money and so that has to be financed somehow. >> benefits are a big reason why bart jobs are in high demand right now. last year, there were more than 19,000 applications for about 500 openings at bart. some other bay area news on this wednesday morning. one person is accused of two similar crimes in san francisco in the last few days.
5:36 am
33-year-old john franklin pleaded not guilty yesterday. he allegedly tried to break into an atm at a bank on san bruno avenue in san francisco and fell through the roof friday morning. franklin is also suspected in a break-in in the bayview district just they days earlier. a fire at a two-story home on max welton road. firefighters kept that fire from spreading. 5:36. let's get another check on the weather. america's cup finale could be today. >> i think it's going to be similar to what we had yesterday so it's going to be breezy. winds picking up throughout the day. they may get the last race in if they race indeed. all right. today we have some mostly clear skies out the door. temperatures cooler than yesterday. everybody is in the 50s outside right now. so nice clear start. starting to see breezy conditions. we have had winds over 20 miles an hour already at sfo. by the afternoon some blustery winds coastside and some of the
5:37 am
winds showing up inside the bay. some 70s in the south bay. east bay temperatures probably mid-70s in the warmest spots. so even cooler than yesterday. then inside the bay it will be blustery into san francisco about 66 degrees and about 70 in oakland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. we are going to go driving this morning with mobile5 and right now they are traveling in the commute direction over the eastshore freeway. this is westbound 80. we just saw them pass golden gate field coming in berkeley. that may be the university avenue overcrossing. traffic is at the limit this morning 18 minutes westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze. we'll continue to check in with brian throughout the morning. in the meantime, those wind advisories are still posted. we have them for both directions of the san mateo bridge. highway 92. the bay bridge interstate 80 and the richmond/san rafael bridge interstate 580. so here's a live look outside. the nimitz freeway, everything is at the limit. northbound and southbound 880 this is right by 66 and the oakland coliseum. so checking your travel times,
5:38 am
you will notice that 880 freeway still if the green. it's coming through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. our usual delays are just beginning towards vasco road. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. governor jerry brown has a bill signing ceremony planned in the east bay at noon today. the bill will raise the minimum wage in california to $10 an hour by 2016. it's currently $8. the governor says the increase is overdue. he will sign the bill at the cypress mandela training center in oakland. the changing face of the modern family has prompted a new state law. it expands the paid family leave program to include workers who take time off to take care of sick family members. currently it is only a child, spouse, parent or domestic partner. that change starts in july. a new law will make it tougher for the paparazzi.
5:39 am
governor brown signed legislation increasing penalties on people who take pictures and videos of children of celebrities and other public figures without the consent and in a harassing manner. actress halle berry and jennifer garner testified in support of the bill. federal judges have extended the deadline to reduce california's prison population. thousands of inmates were set to be released at the end of the year but judges pushed that back to january 27. governor brown says early release jeopardizes public safety. the three-judge panel wants a long-term solution to california's prison overcrowding problem. a second northern california county has voted to secede from the state. modoc county supervisors voted unanimously yesterday. they are joining neighboring siskiyou county in trying to form a new state. organizers say they are tired of urban outsiders passing environmental regulations and other laws that harm local industries like logging and ranching. they are hoping for a dozen counties to commit their support. but state legislators and
5:40 am
congress would still have to approve any move. butte county is now considering joining the movement to form the state of jefferson. 5:40. a brush with the wild. one california man becomes face to face with a bear. what he did next as that black bear headed straight for him. coming up. plus, thieves foiled. how an observant gas station owner helped bust a multi-state crime ring. >> and too good to be true? the warning apple has for customers about this new iphone app coming your way. ,, female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep train's during sleep train's inventory clearance sale. save 10, 20, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses.
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about what's happening withe budget in washington. cbs stockton futures are lower this morning as wall street worries about what's happening with the budget in washington. stock futures are lower. wendy gillette joins us live with the latest from >> reporter: global markets are down today. investors around the world are concerned about pay potential shutdown of the u.s. federal government that's looming next week. two key reports released yesterday give a mixed view of the economy. home prices in july rose the most in 7 years. but the other report shows americans are less confident about the economy. the dow fell 66 points. the nasdaq rose nearly 3. the department of transportation is facing a lawsuit filed today by consumer advocates for repeatedly delaying a rule that would require backup cameras in new cars sold in the u.s. the
5:44 am
rule was originally supposed to be implemented in 2011 but was pushed to 2015. consumer advocates say the cameras would have prevented hundreds of deaths an thousands of injuries. samsung is looking to stay ahead of the competent it is by introducing a smartphone with a curved display next month. the global smartphone leader made the announcement today in south korea. and a bit of a scary retail forecast this halloween. the national retail federation released the survey that says fewer people will celebrate the holiday this year and that they will spend less. about 158 million people plan to take part in halloween activities this year down from 170 million last year. they are expected to spend an average of $75. frank and michelle? >> all right. guilty as charged. oracle's ceo annoyed some people here in san francisco but i can understand why he did what he did. >> yeah, you can understand. about 60,000 people are in san francisco to taken oracle's biggest annual customer conference but the man many of them wanted to see yesterday was a no show of oracle ceo
5:45 am
larry ellison was supposed to deliver the keynote speech. instead he was on a chase boat on the san francisco bay to watch the boating team as he tries to come from behind. ellison delivered a planned speech on sunday however. priorities, right? >> i think he hosted a party, too, for oracle and what not down by the waterfront. i think that was a lot of fun last night. one win away. >> one win away. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: did you go? >> he is watching. >> i'm going, yeah. 1:15. it's a hop skip and a jump from the station. so -- >> when wind -- >> reporter: today it is. have fun. >> yes. it will be fun. have a great day. it is 5:45 now. you can't believe everything you see online even if it's a professional looking sales pitch. this fake ad had some people ruining their iphones. the ad says update to ios 7 and make your phone waterproof. it does a smart switch will
5:46 am
shut the phone's power supply off and protect the phone. they hundreds of people believed the ad and their phones are now history. >> it doesn't make sense. >> it's kind of foolish. the new gold iphone are back ordered until next month but somebody with money decided he couldn't wait. the anonymous bidder bought one on ebay for $10,100. iphone 5s went on sale friday and sold out. shoppers bought 9 million a few days and their stock has been on the rise, too. gold iphone. >> $10,000. >> just an iphone. >> come on. >> throw it in water. >> that could have gone to charity. >> these iphone buyers can't wait. the gold ones are pretty. though. let's go out live to the bay bridge. because we have our usual delays now much day so we have to get through our wednesday morning commute and you can see the delays are beginning to build. especially in those outer lanes. the cash lanes. if you are a fast track user you can still get by just fine because the metering lights
5:47 am
haven't been turned on yet but the other backups looks like they extend yeah not quite yet to the end of the parking lot but, of course, those will continue to grow and as soon as they switch the metering lights on then it's anybody's guess. san mateo bridge we have the wind advisories still in effect. we have three of them for you for the bay bridge the san mateo bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have been traveling around with mobile5 throughout the morning. it's really just a problem if you are a high-profile vehicle. otherwise just two hands on the steering wheel and be a little extra care: westbound 580 through the altamont pass speed improves past north livermore avenue but it is enough to impact your drive time up to 21 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and if you are heading towards the dublin interchange, this is what it looks like all these headlines, that is the commute direction. once you get past this area things flow nicely towards 238 and the castro valley y. that is the latest "timesaver traffic." with more on your windy forecast, everyone is watching the winds today, here's lawrence. >> liz, is that what you want for your bird day a gold
5:48 am
iphone? >> i do like them. yeah. $10,000? >> a hello kitty case? >> me and jessica. [ laughter ] >> throughout the bay area today, the winds are going to be the weather story. we are going to see those blowing pretty good kicking up right now in spots especially near the coastline and just inside the bay. 50s if you are headed out the door. by this afternoon, becoming mostly sunny but windy along the coastline. gusty winds inside the bay. some of those winds 20 to 30 miles per hour some gusts even higher than that and only mid- 70s in the warmer spots inland. that area of low pressure passing to the north of us enough to kick up the winds and then high pressure begins to build in behind that. that will mean some warmer days are ahead. much warm he toward the weekend and staying dry right in the beginning of the next week. today clear start at sfo. we have winds out there but no delays expected. looks like around the u.s. not a bad travel day. 95 degrees and sunny in houst84 in denver 72 sunny in new york. around the bay today we'll see temperatures only in the 60s coastside but some blustery
5:49 am
winds. 60s and 70s inside the bay. and maybe some mid-70s the warmest valleys. next couple of days, the temperatures begin to warm up. we are going to see those winds decreasing down below but watch out up above. we have some high weather watches in effect this evening through about friday with some northerly winds. fire danger going to be running higher above about 1,000 feet or so. looks like it stays nice through the weekend. hey, we have our schoolcast for today. this one for richmond charter academy in richmond. the morning bell yeah mostly clear start. those winds will be picking up by noontime. now what that means, all those wrappers appear everything on the playground whipping around outside. windy in the afternoon for the final bell and looks like you can nominate your school for a forecast at >> that was candy wrappers, right? >> mine, yeah. >> we were thinking. all right. we got you. thank you. only on kpix 5, a bay area man captures his encounter with a
5:50 am
black bear on his cell phone. kevin burton was hiking alone through kings canyon near fresno two weeks ago when he came across a bear on the trail. burton an avid backpacker knew what to do. he announced himself and made himself appear bigger and assertive. >> with a black bear, you kind of actually want to i am intimidate them. >> if you come across a grizzly bear you should play dead. >> and pray. >> and run. feral pigs are going wild in san ramon. people in the henry ranch area say the pigs are coming down every night from the surrounding hillsides. they are looking for food and they are ripping up everyone's landscaping in the process. >> you could see pigs all the way down the street walking
5:51 am
back and forth. they are not daunted by a car or lights or noise. >> wake up in the morning, your lawn be look like somebody just drove through it. >> look at those lawns. city and homeowners association have spent thousands of dollars on traps but they have only caught 6 pigs so far. in palo alto, areas in blight have become havens for illegal activities. homeowners have complained for years about the eyesores. the city council monday voted to put time limits on construction projects. what they are are still being worked out. currently scenes like these are stalled for years. a big time crime ring may have been busted with help from a convenience store owner kansas. police have suspects in custody for a series of thefts. surveillance video shows two men making off with $1,600 worth of cigarettes from a kansas city store. the owner matched the video with credit card transactions to identify the suspects.
5:52 am
and when they came back, he followed them. the police came in and recovered all the cigarettes and receipts of i think between 9 to 11 states is what they hit so it was a big ring. >> the suspects allegedly used aluminum foil to block satellite connections to prevent credit cards from registering. time now 5:52. f-16s flying all by themselves? the air force's unmanned flights coming up. >> and it's not your typical blank canvas. what college students do every day now that her doodles have gone viral coming up. what yo. always use gas that cleans.
5:53 am
5:54 am
with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. all right. we have the america's cup. this could be the last race today. sunny and windy at times especially in the latter part
5:55 am
of the afternoon, winds 15 to 25 knoted. >> those winds already causing an issue on the bridges this morning including the bay bridge, san mateo and richmond/san rafael bridge. here's a live look at traffic coming into san francisco on the bay bridge. and you can see traffic still moving at the speed limit. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. the air force testing a fighter jet unmanned. it's being flown by remote control from a ground station. it climbs up to 40,000 feet, fly faster than the speed of sound and turns so sharply you might black out. the unmanned f-16 will be used for pilots during target practice. well a college student in massachusetts's body doodling is a sensation. jody steele had no choice. >> so the next available canvas
5:56 am
was my legs. >> there you go. jody's thigh art includes famous actors, characters, animals even. you name it. the downside of her art though she says she has to shave every day now that the photos of her work have gone viral. >> she is in the wrong business. she should be an artist. amazing. 5:56. in the next half hour a hayward girl is recovering from a gunshot wound. the special visitors helping her feel better. >> reporter: team oracle makes a major comeback and today's race is winner-take-all. we'll have the details coming up. ,, ,,
5:57 am
goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
a bay area grocery store manager was just doing his job when someone came up and attacked him. >> it was really one strike and then he was out the door. >> the terrorist attack on the westgate mall in nairobi is over. but as the investigation begins, the body count may be rising. >> kenya's president says he cannot confirm yet that americans were involved in the attack. but the al-shabab terrorist
6:00 am
group has had success with recruiting americans and that has security experts here concerned. >> do you like green eggs and ham? >> senator ted cruz is still talking this morning his goal delay a vote to fund the government in order to stop the funding of obamacare. >> we are getting bored. i was like, we just thought we would play with you guys for a while. >> reporter: today is the day. will oracle team usa pull of one of the greatest comebacks in american history and win the world cup? from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado c m >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, september 25. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. developing now at 6:00, kenyan forces are looking for any remaining hostages or terrorists after a mall massacre. the westgate mall in nairobi is


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