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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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between fans led t >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. the giants dodgers rivalry turns deadly. we just learned a street dispute between fans led to a stabbing blocks away from at&t park. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. kpix 5's elizabeth wenger has more. i know you just got an update from the police. what did they say? >> reporter: yeah, we literally just got out of this press
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conference. so this was a case of giants- dodgers rivalry. excuse me. giants, dodgers rivalry. kind of a reverse of the bryan stow case where of course he was severely hurt, a giants fan down at dodger stadium. so this was a similar thing that happened out here pretty close to at&t park. so i want to show you some exclusive video. we just got this. this is as investigators walked out of the police department with evidence from that stabbing. you will notice a giants hat in there. chief suhr was able to confirm that the suspect one of the suspects was wearing that giants hat. also, local neighbors in southern california were able to confirm that the victim, 24- year-old jonathan denver, this is his mugshot. this is taken several months ago. this is when he got a dui. we still don't know exactly where that victim, where mr.
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denver is from. but police have confirmed that he was killed. there are four suspects. there was a group at a nightclub near tony tantillo. the victim group was a father, girlfriend and brother. they left the game around the 8th inning so before the game wrapped up and went to a bar. so they left then there was a fight that started between these two groups of people around 11:30 and right around 3rd and harrison when that giants-dodgers rivalry started getting out of hand. one victim was fatally stabbed. he died at the hospital. let's get an update now from chief greg suhr. >> becomes a little unclear now as to who followed who away from the initial altercation. there was a second fight. when the fight ended, one member of the victim group, jonathan denver, 24 years old, realized that he had been stabbedded. there is no place at these games for violence. nobody's life should be at
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stake whether they're at the game, leaving the game, whether it's six blocks away and an hour and a half after the game. >> reporter: so two suspects are in custody. i want to make it clear that they have not been arrested yet. they are being interviewed. they are still talking to witnesses. but there are still two other suspects that police are looking for. in fact, they are making a call out to the public. if you saw anything last night around 3rd and harrison, there also may be looking for surveillance video. at last a lot of local businesses and bars -- there's a lot of local businesses and bars around the neighborhood about a quarter mile or so from at&t park. frank and michelle, back to you. >> liz, i know that giants and dodgers have another game tonight. are they going to beef up security for that ballgame? >> reporter: they are. in fact, they knew this was an intense rivalry so they have been beefing up security all week long since the series started on tuesday. but they are really going to beef it up tonight. in fact, they are going to have undercover officers wearing giants and dodgers gear.
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>> elizabeth wenger, live in of is, thank you. san francisco giants tweetedded this statement just a couple of minutes ago. "we are deeply saddened to learn of last night's incident that resulted in the tragic death of jonathan denver before tonight's game. the dead they will observe a moment of silence in memory of denver before tonight's game. now, the deadly stabbing comes as the giants are holding a three-game fundraiser for bryan stow. he was the giants fan who was beaten after a dodger game in l.a. the opener in 2011. this is stow in june of this year trying to move around. he suffers from a variety of physical problems and memory loss. a portion of the money made from the ticket sales this week will go towards the fund in stow's name. the fire danger is heating up in parts of the bay area. meteorologist lawrence karnow has more on a red flag warning. >> this is that time of year
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when we start to see those offshore winds developing right now it's more of a so breeze down at the surface but in the mountains, those winds have been blowing hard. we have seen gusts over mount diablo of over 40 miles per hour. that's a dry northerly wind. you can see down in san jose, 10 miles per hour to the northwest. 11 miles per hour in san francisco. really just a breeze so far. nothing too heavy but you get in the mountaintops above 1,000 feet or so and that's where the red flag warning is located. we have gusts up to 45 miles per hour. so we are going to have to watch this the next couple of days. for more on that we want to go to roberta gonzales live with our mobile weather lab. roberta? >> reporter: we are in the oakland hills near the zoo. you were talking about those dry northerly winds. let me show you what a dry northerly wind looks like. visibility unlimited from oakland to sutro tower. across the bay we can see the oakland coliseum. if you peek around the trees you can see the golden gate
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bridge. beautiful, right? yes and not so much because these are the winds that lead to the potential of fire hazards. we take you back to sunday september 8. mount diablo in flames. 3200 acres were charred all due to a wildfire burning out of control. now, the weather conditions on that day very similar to what we're experiencing today here in the oakland hills. and in fact, all the way through the weekend. so we are happy to see up here in the hills that a lot of this dry brush has been trimmed back but underneath it you still have this. this is called duff. this is a ground covering that if you get a spark under it, it can smolder and cause a fire. i just found this cigarette butt that could lead to the potential of a fire here in the oakland hills while we have a red flag warning in effect. more on how you can preserve your neighborhood, your homeland, visit us online at reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales kpix 5. >> thank you. san francisco state students will hold a
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candlelight memorial tonight for a fellow student who was gunned down at a muni stop. 20-year-old justin valdez was shot and killed as he got off a muni light rail monday night in the ingleside district. he was on the water polo team and the environmental club. he was once voted most likely to change the world. >> he is just, you know, an innocent bystander wrong place wrong time. a girl said he texted me every, single night and said goo night to me. they were just friends not a girlfriend. he was just a good loving person. >> police arrested nikhom thephakaysone hours after releasing the surveillance video. investigators say the attack was random and unprovoked. the vigil is at 7:00 at the students center. an 18-year-old is named a person of interest in the brutal beating that put a pleasanton father in a coma. david lamont attacked saturday night after asking a group of teenagers outside his home to quiet down. officers are also talking to three underaged witnesses.
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so far no one has been named a suspect. the first responders on the scene of the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo are getting recognized for their efforts today. geary boulevard merchants association in san francisco is presenting its humanitarian award to the police officers and fire crews. the asiana flight crashed on july 6 killing three chinese students and injuring dozens more. some new details now. italian divers may have found the remains of the two missing passengers that were aboard the costa concordia cruise ship. dna tests are needed to determine their identities. one is believed to be a woman celebrating her 50th birthday on board. the other was a waiter who reportedly gave up his life jacket to another passenger. the costa concordia sank in january 2012. 32 people died including two americans. still to come at noon, happy birthday to google. how getting information on the internet has changed over the last 15 years. >> plus a new kind of online
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shopping experience. the service that delivers to your doors in hours. not days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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white background helped re-define they way we use t internet. google turns 15 tomorrow. the search engine has helped six colorful letters on a white background redefined the way we use the internet. google turns 15 tomorrow. the search engine helped millions research homework, find jobs and explore the planet. >> kpix 5's cate caugiran takes us inside the peninsula home where google was born. reporter: this home on santa marguerita avenue in menlo park looks just like any other on this street. but 15 years ago, inside this house, two stanford ph.d. students created a household name. google search.
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for founders larry page and sergei bren, the original mission was to provide a great search experience for users starting in a garage. >> i didn't know about it. working in the house. >> reporter: this home not for sale stands as a tribute to the renowned search engine. we got a look at the first google swag and tour of the original headquarters. i'm sitting at the humble beginnings of google search right down to the server that started it all. and the original desk the founder sat at that was fashioned out of an old door. >> i remember the desks that you saw inside was my first desk. we actually bought these simple cheap doors as desks because they were the cheapest desks we could buy for our employees. >> reporter: from this house google has expanded to 70 offices in 40 countries with more than a million servers and data centers around the world. >> we are really proud of how far we have come but more
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importantly we will never lose sight of the fact that there's so much work to be done. we are just getting started. >> reporter: there's much more to come. users can expect upgrades to their search engine like a new search result layout improvement to voice command questions, developing natural conversation with the googler, and trying to anticipate user needs. >> okay, google. tell me about impressionist artists. >> reporter: the company is hoping to continue what the founders started in this garage and maintain high standards to the answer for most questions, google it. in menlo park, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> well, believe it or not, search engines' first name was back rub. the homepage used to describe itself as the web crawler designed to traverse the web. i think i like google better. >> google's new home delivery service is now available for bay area shoppers. it's called google shopping express. the company is partnering with more than 15 local retailers so you can purchase anything from
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beef jerky to underwear. price for delivery five bucks and your online purchase will be at your doorstep within 3 to 5 hours. >> google made our life a little easier. >> they do everything. >> going tell. >> incredible. hey, guys, we're seeing some changes in the weather. the breeze blowing and, of course, we have the red flag warnings up there. it looks like more sunshine the next couple of days. and some warmer temperatures too. a look back toward the city of san francisco from oakland and the winds kind of shaking things around a little bit with the camera there. but the temperatures now just beginning to warm up nicely. it is 70 degrees in livermore. 68 in san francisco. 65 in san jose. and sunny 70 degrees in santa rosa. well, it looks like those winds will get a little blustery throughout the afternoon especially along the coastline and through some of the mountain gaps and over the tops of the mountains. mostly clear again tonight and breezy in spots. looks like less wind and a nice weekend on tap for the bay area. high pressure now trying to build in overhead as that ridge starts to move in, of course, the difference between these two pressure systems going to
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cause some gusty winds but finally that ridge will settle in over the weekend but for now, elevated fire danger over the mountaintops above 1,000 feet and temperatures warm up nicely heading into the weekend. computer models showing you the winds picking up throughout the afternoon. some of those winds may be over 20 miles per hour near the coastline gusting at times over the mountaintops up to 45 and then looks like toward tomorrow, things begin to subside. around the state, you will see some 70s and sunny skies into the central valley about 68 degrees in the monterey bay. around our bay we'll keep those temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s in the south bay, 60s coastside and windy at times. mid- to upper 70s the warmest spots inland and then inside the bay winds blowing. 70 in sausalito and 69 in san francisco. next couple of days warming up a bit. the weekend looking good although next week we have a couple of clouds coming our way and it looks like there's a slight chance of showers on monday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. robin williams is back on the small screen tonight in the
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new cbs comedy the crazy once. he plays the head of a powerful ad agency with unorthodox methods and his daughter played by sarah michelle geller is right by his side. >> he is a guy that if there's a line he will step over it and she is there to either bring him back or if he steps over the line going what do we do next, dad? it's an exciting dynamic especially for someone like my character, who has had an interesting life, multiple marriages, rehab, done the research. so i think there's a lot to play with here. >> he is so funny. singer kelly clarkson joins the premiere of the crazy ones tonight at 9:00 here on kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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together, mary and vic ojak (oh-jack-ee-ahns) have rais four children, built succesl careers.. this week's jefferson award winners are a formable team. together mary and vic ojakian have raised four children an each built successful careers. vic was even mayor of palo alto. kate kelly says none of that prepared them for what happened nine years ago. >> i was very naive thinking, boy, i have great kids and i'm a good guy and everything is just fine. >> reporter: that's when vic and mary ojakian learned that their 21-year-old son adam a student at uc-davis died by suicide. >> most people ask the question, why? >> reporter: what vic and mary learned after talking with adam's friends and professors was that for the first time adam was dealing with depression. >> he did show some signs but
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nobody had ever been trained to recognize these thing. >> reporter: not adam, his friends or teachers knew enough to get him the help that was available. suicide is the second leading cause of death among college aged students and 70% don't seek treatment. vic and mary realized there was a lack of awareness of. people didn't want to talk about mental illness and there had been cutbacks. >> a lot of campuses were cutting back on things and the first thing they decide to cut back on is their mental health services. >> reporter: so the ojakians lobbied for millions of dollars through a statewide initiative so that all uc, state and community colleges could expand student mental health services. >> vic and mary have made talking about mental health an okay thing to do. >> reporter: stephanie welch oversees the state student mental health program. >> we want to make sure that we provide resources, education, that we teach people about the warning signs and that people know that suicide is preventable. >> reporter: in santa clara county, the ojakians helped
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create a countywide strategic plan for suicide prevention. and when a palo alto school experienced a rash of suicides, they work on a prevention program that's being adopted by school districts around the state. >> things can change. so there are things we can do. we don't have to suffer in silence. we're just there to help save a life. >> reporter: so for helping to save lives in their community and across the state, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to vic and mary ojakian. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> the ojakians gave us a lot of resources to share and we have posted them online. go to, click on the logo at the top of the page, and jefferson awards, to find the story. he walked into the oval office -- >> bono started it, now former president clinton is finishing it. how he is striking back. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem out there or
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just a question, give our hotline a call, 888-5-helps-u. we have volunteers standing by right now to take your calls. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tony take it away. u-2 rock star bono showed us earlier this week he isn't t great at putting on a show. it's lunchtime. now what that means. tony, take it away. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with pomegranites. you know it's fall in the air when you see promise granites in the market and right now the quality is good for
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pomegranites at the beginning of the season. you have to select and store them right. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, red like this all the way around. if it has a little bit of cracking that's okay. that means the seeds inside are loaded with liquid, ready to burst. that beautiful juice that they have. when you bring them home, very important, store them on the counter do not store them in the refrigerator. if you store them in the refrigerator that cool temperature will deplete the nutritional value and flavor. plenty out there, some great prices and they are loaded, i mean loaded with nutritional value. they are a superfood. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. u-2 rock star showed bono isn't just good at putting on a show. his other talent includes impersonating former president bill clinton. >> right now we have affordable aids drugs for everybody all over the world so these talking chops sometimes do some good. >> that's what happens when
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you're late for your own panel during the clinton global initiative but mr. clinton fired back. >> i'm irish, you know. [ laughter ] >> we're irish, we can imitate anybody. >> he went on actually. he was good. it's all in fun. clinton and bono have been friends for a long time. bart workers and unions can't seem to work out a deal and now one small town city councilman is taking a stand to prevent a strike. that and more at 5:00. the weekend is almost here. >> it is. the winds are blowing. the big story today with the red flag warnings over the mountaintops. looks like we are going to see those winds howling maybe to 45 miles per hour. but below lots of sunshine and the weekend looks spectacular temperatures in the 80s and cooler on sunday but showers a possibility as we get into monday. >> it's a good thing they weren't doing the america's cup race today. >> yeah. boy, what a comeback by the american team. they made it really exciting at the end. >> i was down there.
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i tried to get down there. i parked and ran down there and i saw the boat go by for about 15 seconds. and said, okay, i was there. >> that's about how long the race lasted. >> i was down by the st. francis yacht club. it was cool. >> just because they came back that may have saved the america's cup here. people were bored in the first place but what an exciting finish they had. >> we'll see if it comes back next time. >> hope so. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> brooke: so, how was your trip? >> katie: well, it wasn't exactly a vacation, and i'm sure you know all about it since bill had my followed. >> brooke: he was concerned. he wasn't sure when you'd be back. >> katie: so, when i do surveillance, it's criminal, but when bill does it, it's concern? >> bill: everything okay in here? >> brooke: yeah, we're fine. aren't we, katie? >> will: [ crying ] >> bill: i'm gonna go put him down.


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