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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a rivalry that apparently went too far. >> it's just senseless. and i'll just leave it at that. >> reporter: wednesday night police say the victim's group was leaving the giants stadium at the 8th inning to hit a bar. the group, mostly family, two brothers, their dad, his girlfriend and a male friend of the family. police say 11:30 p.m. the group of victims left the bar and they made their way up harrison street. that's when they came fast to face with a group of suspects right here on stillman street, the scene of the first fight. >> there was a back and forth about the giants-dodgers rivalry which deteriorated in a physical fight. >> reporter: police say no serious injuries at fight 1. but this sports feud did not end there. >> it becomes a little unclear now as to who followed who away from the initial altercation. but there was a second fight. >> reporter: and it was here at harrison and 3rd the scene of fight 2, that denver got
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stabbed and later died at san francisco general. family members say denver was a plumbing apprentice who was working the last couple of years in fort bragg. he had come to san francisco to meet family members for the game. family members were apparently wearing dodgers gear but they say denver was not. now police want the public's help. they are going door to door tracking down surveillance video. they say the more video the better to solve this heinous crime. so this investigation is still ongoing. there are still two suspects police are looking for. if you can help out at all in this case, call san francisco police. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the dodgers confirm tonight that denver's father works for dodgers stadium as a security guard. we learned he was working the night giants fan bryan stow was severely beaten outside the stadium back in 2011. we'll have much more from the victim's family in our 6:00 hour and why tonight was supposed to be a special night for them.
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police are stepping up security inside and outside at&t park. kpix 5's linda yee joining us live from the ballpark with the changes that fans can expect to see and some they might not notice. linda. >> reporter: that's for sure, allen. the san francisco police chief is saying tonight, while the giants and dodgers rivalry is intense and usually at games out here when that happens, they have extra officers. well, tonight, they are going to step it up even more. they are going to bring back undercover decoy officers. they will be dressed in dodger jerseys. and they will be mixing among the fans. the chief warns there will be zero tolerance for fights. anyone hassling someone else arrests will be swift. the mayor said he was disappointed to hear about the stabbing death of a dodger fan. >> it is horrible. it's unacceptable. we're hopeful that these are exceptions to eye trend that we all too often abhor as bay area residents. we don't want this to happen regularly whether it's a 49ers
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or giants game or any great event that we host. >> reporter: the giants team issued a statement saying their thoughts and players are with the family of dodger -- prayers are with the family of dodgers fan jonathan denver. before the first pitch there will be a moment of silence in his memory. fans from both teams say there is no room for violence in a baseball game. >> sadness, disgusting. wishing that people would just be friendly and get along. come to a game and enjoy it to support your team. >> support your team and be friendly. it's just a game. >> reporter: police say they will maintain this extra security inside and outside the park until the end of the season. allen? >> all right. it just doesn't make sense. linda, thank you. the family of bryan stow's responding to last night's deadly attack. he is the giants fan who was brutally attack and put into a coma outside dodger stadium two years ago. his sister bonnie released this statement saying, we are
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saddened by this senseless killing and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's family. well, the giants are holding fundraisers this week in fact for bryan stow. this video from june of this year, you can see he is still recovering from injuries. the team is donating $10 from each ticket sold in certain sections of the ballpark to the bryan stow fund. now, this started with last night's game and includes tonight's game against the dodgers and then sunday's game against the san diego padres. scary new details about the man accused of killing an sf state student on muni monday night. police say he was somewhat of a survivalist. officers arrested 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone tuesday and have charged him with murder and assault weapons violations. they say he pulled a gun on two other people before randomly shooting and killing 20-year- old justin valdez. police found all kinds of high- powered assault weapons and survivor gear inside the suspect's home. he was carrying $20,000 in cash
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at the time of the arrest. >> two assault weapons, an m and m, m10 7.62 cal-goer and a ruger mini 14.223 caliber firearm. backpack and top lap computer, combat knives, razors, first aid kit, sewing kit and flashlight. commonly referred to in total as survival gear. >> san francisco state students will hold a candlelight vigil for valdez tonight at 7:00 at the students center. a bay area politician convicted of abusing taxpayer dollars now wants taxpayers to pay for his legal defense. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa is asking for a public defender. shirakawa resigned in march says he is broke. he pleaded to a dozen political crimes including using taxpayer money to pay for food and gambling. a judge is considering his attorney request. bay area fire crews on high alert for a second day. meteorologist paul deanno with
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more on the red flag conditions. paul. >> fire danger is high especially in the higher elevations where we are seeing strong winds. these are the peak wind gusts from today. another day at sfo where we had a 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts strong at mount diablo also 45 miles per hour. napa and point reyes with a 36- mile-per-hour wind gust so at the coast and the bay and our higher elevations it is windy. it will stay windy tonight and early tomorrow. so the red flag warning continues through tomorrow morning. and it's dry air, warm air moving in so that relative humidity tomorrow will be down below 20%. just like today. and those wind gusts will continue to range from 30 to 50 miles per hour. so watch out if you are heading to the higher elevations. fire danger is high to extreme. we'll talk about when this wind is going to relax and there is a chance of rainfall coming up in the forecast. let you know when that's going to happen in a few minutes. >> thank you. bay area workers learn how to survive a mass shooting. >> we as individuals have two choices. we can hide and submit and be passive or we can do what we
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can do to resist. >> the new tips on how to distract a shooter and when to fight back. >> if you want to stop transit workers from streaking, at last a petition here. >> one man takes a stan to stop a bart strike. his last ditch plan to prevent another commute disaster. >> iphone users say apple is making them sick literally. the queasy complaints about the new operating system. ,,,, ,,,,
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commuters and another bart taking a stand for all bart riders. kpix five's john ra, on how he wants to change t balance of power and protecy area with the threat of another bart strike looming one man is taking a stand for all bart riders. kpix 5's john ramos on how he wants to change the balance of power and protect bay area commuters. reporter: the only reason the orinda bart station looks so quiet is because there's no more room in the parking lot. every space is taken by commuters hustling off to work. >> hello. >> reporter: that's where steve glazer was this morning. >> if you want to stop transit workers from striking it's a petition.
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>> reporter: he is running for state assembly tapping into public anger over the bart impasse by circulating a petition to make it state law that transit workers cannot strike. >> even in san francisco, you cannot have a transit strike. but in california, there is no law and therefore, they have this ultimate punishment to us the riders if they can't find agreement. >> reporter: glazer had no trouble finding people who are angry about the bart workers' ability to bring the bay area to a standstill. >> they just know that we're all pretty vulnerable and that we rely on it so much and they're just kind of yanking our chain i think. >> they are forcing us to an extreme situation. >> there should be restrictions because like i said, i have friends that lost their jobs because of it. so the last time around. >> if they didn't have the power to strike, what power would they have? >> reporter: dean henry brady at the goldman school of public policy at uc-berkeley says the power of public employees to influence the negotiating
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process makes the bargaining situation tricky. but he says banning strikes would remove much of their leverage. >> that's just no question about it. if you have lost the power to strike, you have lost probably the biggest and best weapon that a union has and that would be a problem. >> reporter: so would you expect unions in sacramento to be -- >> the chance of passing through the legislature is zero given we have a democratic assembly and senate and a democratic governor. >> reporter: but steve glazer who is a democrat is pushingjoon it's not going to be easy. the public is behind it. we have a chance. >> reporter: he may be buck the unions and his own party but he knows where his support will lie. in orinda, john ramos, kpix 5. >> here's an example of how things have changed. the power of public employees to unionize has only been around since 1959. and one of the staunchest opponents of the idea was democratic president franklin delano roosevelt. it is just two weeks and a
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lot of talking to stand between commuters and the bart strike. bart and the unions have until october 10th to sign a deal. so far, things look bleak. bart reps say they are still $112 million apart. >> the board has said previously, we need greater movement from the unions to feel as though we are making progress because bart has come much further from a 4% pay increase -- actually from no pay increase to a 10% over the four years. >> bart and the unions will be back at the table tomorrow to discuss details such as wages and pensions. well, life or death scenario ripped from the headlines. >> bay area employees trained how to survive a workplace shooting. we learn just when you should stop hiding and fight back. >> and dreaming of driving a tesla? how one of the most buzzed about cars on the market can be yours for a few days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the worst. kpix 5's ryan takeo with the strategr survivin days after the deadly navy yard shooting a bay area company is helping its employees prepare for the worst. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo with the strategy for surviving a workplace shooting. reporter: this chilling surveillance video shows aaron alexis prowling through the navy yard building through the third and fourth floors with a sawed-off shotgun. at the end of the hall office
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workers appear to be looking to escape as the gunman runs toward them. >> it's sickening. it's horrible. >> reporter: safety instructor kerry harris teaches how to limit the damage during mass shootings. today's first example was at a workplace where workers tried to hide. the second scenario involved the classroom type environment on lockdown. >> he is at the other side! >> reporter: then harris added in what his company teaches. "alice ] by the end of the day instead of trying to duck and cover, they were fighting back. >> we as individuals have two choices. we can hide and submit and be passive or we can do what we can do to resist. >> reporter: harris insists
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fighting back is the last resort. he says countering can mean more than tackling. >> get down on the ground! >> it's a hard target to use distraction devices or as a very last resort fight to defend yourself. >> reporter: his students today were a mix of bay area school officials and security for local companies. they will be passing on these new lessons. they hope they never have to use them. in emeryville, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> biotech company novartis hosted today's training. they were one of the several companies and school districts that showed up. you drive a toyota, you better listen to this. the company is recalling more than half million minivans over a gear shift issue that could cause the car to roll away in park. the recall affects 615,000 siena models like this one made between 2004-2005 and 2007- 2009. there have been 21 accidents
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related to the problem. they will be notifying affected owners by mail. if you have been dreaming of driving a tesla, you can rent one. the electric model s and roadster are offered at hertz at sfo and l.a.x. it will be $500 a day. the cheapest model s sells for $70,000. tesla will be part of hertz's new line-up of luxury cars including farry and lamborghini. and if you have been using your. phone with apple's upgraded ios 7 operating system and felt a little queasy you're not alone. complaints have flooded an apple online forum for a week about the system's paral.a.x. and zoom features. people are getting motion sickness, vertigo, nausea, headaches. sounds like the warning on the label of medicine now. this is the on screen motion effect. when the zoom feature cannot be modified you can shut off the par l.a.x. motion by ajutting the settings. at least 200 million people have downloaded it since it was
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available eight days ago. there will be no need to google this. the company that's synonymous with looking up things on the internet turns 15 tomorrow. google was born in this menlo park home on santa marguerita avenue. a couple of stanford ph.d. students hatched their idea to simplify browsing in the garage. what emerge was google search and the rest is history. >> a few graduate students working in their house. >> to celebrate the company unveiled an overhaul to the search engine. the company has come a long way since its garage days. it now has offices in more than 40 countries. >> it went from a company to a suburb. >> you know when you're in a dictionary with your company's name on it, you made it. >> big day. >> say this every day.
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but every day continues to be gorgeous. we warmed up and we're not hot. we were a little chilly this morning. did you get chilly outside when you were walking the kids to school? i did. mount vaca nothing but sunshine. it was a chilly start but a beautiful sunny finish. we'll have more on the fire danger coming up in a minute. right now it is all about sunshine looking from oakland back toward the city. we have cooled off in san francisco. you did touch 70 earlier. currently 63. 71 comfortable degrees for oakland. san jose 73. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar every day of the year is looking for rainfall. now this time of year most of the time we come up dry and we are right now but there is a new rain chance in the seven- day forecast. hang on for one minute. i'll let you know when we may see some showers especially in the north bay. north bay tonight another chilly one upper 40s low 50s for you in napa. vallejo down to 55. fremont 52 and 55 for your low for san jose. sunrise now 7:03. couple more days of this, this would be low pressure off to
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our east. winds going counterclockwise around that low pressure kind of a rule of nature so it depends where the low is what kind of wind we'll get. it's a northeast to north wind an offshore wind. that's why we're so dry. that's why fire danger is high and also why we warmed up today and it will be a few degrees warmer friday and saturday. sunday that moves out. a different low pressure system is diving down from the gulf of alaska and some of the rainfall from this may make it into the bay area on monday. the weekend will likely stay dry but monday morning when you go back to work and kids go back to school there could be showers. nothing heavy like last weekend. we have a chance monday. winds relax tomorrow night. good news for the fire danger. sunny warm through saturday. little more cloud cover on sunday with a shower chance on monday. upper 70s low 80s tomorrow. really comes in the south bay. san jose 78. mountain view 77. hayward 75. 82 for pittsburg. san ramon 82. vallejo 80. mill valley 82.
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71 in the city beautiful friday for you. petaluma 81. ukiah 79 degrees. st. helena 83. the extended forecast warmest day saturday. we'll see a slight increase in cloud cover on sunday especially in the afternoon. slight chance of a shower on monday. it will be cooler and cloudier definitely and then toward the middle of next week, back to normal mid-70s near the bay. low 80s inland. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab in dublin tonight. roberta gonzales reports on the fire danger. >> reporter: i'm a breezy windy bluff in dublin looking out over mount diablo in the foreground here. currently lots of clear skies. visibilities with lots of clarity and currently temperatures at 68 degrees, winds up to 15 miles per hour stronger gusts up to 20. we are being joined today by battalion chief jim watkins from station 25 of castro valley also, oh, where are you guys from? >> station 16. >> i can't hear you >> southwest dublin. >> station 16. >> one more time.
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>> station 16. >> w dublin! >> thank you for joining us. >> reporter: so many people hear red flag warning it goes in one ear out the other. what would you like to say to homeowners? >> well, summer may be over, but fire season isn't. you still need to have defensible space around your home. it's important. people recommend 10 to 15 feet. we encourage more than that. >> reporter: so about 100 feet is what you recommend? >> right. clear gutters, clear leaves and dead materialer from around the house, as well. >> reporter: that is so important. what about water hoses if you have them around your homes. >> water hoses are okay but we don't recommend that you do any active firefighting. we suggest that you quickly call 911 and allow us to take care of it. >> because a small brush fire can grow rapidly. >> absolutely. >> reporter: especially under these conditions. and smokers, we are seeing cigarette butts even out here. >> if you smoke, we ask that you do not discard them into dry vegetation. we ask that you dispose of them properly. >> reporter: red flag warning
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is in effect for much of the bay area all the way through about tomorrow afternoon. extremely dry conditions, extremely breezy and windy conditions. we'll talk more about that coming up again tonight coming up at 6:00. reporting for mobile weather in dublin, roberta gonzales kpix 5. well, forget mystery meat. the bay area college ranked one of the best in the country for cafeteria food and you don't even have to be a student to try it. ,,
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"also" getting national attention for their food. julie watts on the they may be known for academics but two of the bay area's top universities are also getting national attention for their food. >> this is what the kid care about. julie watts on the qualities explains you don't even have -- on the consumerwatch explains you don't even have to a student to dine at par began prices. reporter: the decor is modern, food organic and fast service. welcome to cal where the cafeterias were ranked 16th in
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the nation for college dining where students and staff dine or certified seafood, ranch burgers and asiago pizza. >> this is the best i have ever had. >> mystery meat really went out in the early '90s. >> reporter: sean the head of cal dining says school foods come a long way in the past few decades. >> we tried to emulate what everybody else in the restaurant business we think focuses on, fresh, healthier for you foods, farm to table. >> reporter: that fresh food is not just for students and staff. in fact, the school estimates 5% of all diners don't live or work on campus like sam, who wandered in by accident. >> it was a complete surprise. >> reporter: he gives his vegetarian meal an "a. "but some aren't as enthusiastic. the all you can eat prices are always delectable. breakfast 8, lunch 9, dinner 10. while you will have to bus your own dishes, most agree cal
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berkeley is a smart choice for a cheap meal. now, four of berkeley's cafeterias are open to the public and stanford is also ranked high on the daily meal survey with 9 cafeterias open to the public. we have more information about local college dining on our website. head to >> come a long way from the coleslaw. >> yeah. >> reporter: better than what we had in college. >> better nutrition is one thing but when you consider where tuition has gone? the food should get better for that kind of money. that's what i'm thinking. >> should at least be healthy. >> reporter: this is all organic so they are getting their money's worth. now for a look at what's ahead on "cbs evening news. scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: in a new study airline pilots admit they have fallen asleep in the cockpit and many say when they awoke, the other pilot was asleep, as well. we'll have the story tonight on the "cbs evening news." for a store near you go to
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starting at $29,900. [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. ♪ for a store near you go to i'm len ramirez in the san joaquin valley where road warriors and super commuters are making a comeback. just ahead, what's happening in small towns around the valley that are causing people to jump into their cars for the very long commute into the bay area. >> it's bad enough getting pulled over by police but it just got worse. why some bay area police officers are posting incidents of drivers behaving badly on the internet. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on have a good night. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm >> pelley: tonight, a breakthrough for peace. a deal is reached to avert a u.s. air strike on syria. we'll talk to the secretary of state about that and about the sudden opening that could head off an iranian nuclear bomb. but the united states would look favorably on relaxing or eliminating the sanctions if the iranians were serious about abandoning their nuclear weapon. is the world getting warmer? on the eve of a major new report on climate change, mark phillips reports a surprising discovery. it's making headlines in britain-- airline pilots admit they'd fallen asleep in the cockpit. we'll talk to captain "sully" sullenberger. and want a salad with that burger? jim axelrod talks to the c.e.o. of mcdonald's on his bid to make america a healthier place.


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