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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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games for violence. nobody's life should be at stake whether the they're at the game leaving the game, whether it's a six blocks away and an hour and a half after the game. >> one of the suspects was wearing this giants baseball cap when the fight broke out. it has now been taken as evidence. also tonight, one other suspect is still in custody and police are looking for two more individuals. it was supposed to have been a special night for the victim. jonathan denver and his brother had come to san francisco to see the dodgers play the giants. it was hey reunion and birthday -- a reunion and birthday celebration for denver's dad. dave lopez spoke with devastated family members. >> we're just trying figure out what's going on with this country. >> reporter: a grief-stricken grandfather robert priest, sr., reacting to the stabbing death of his 24-year-old grandson jonathan denver. >> i guess this was a father- son outing? >> they had planned it for a week. >> reporter: it was to be a
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special father and two sons outing for a very good reason. >> today's my brother's birthday. >> reporter: it was a birthday trip? >> yeah. >> reporter: jonathan, his brother robert, and their dad robert priest, who also works as a security guard at dodger stadium, made the special trip to the giants-dodgers game last night to celebrate their dad's 49th birthday. the family said they had a great time at the game and then they were walking back to their car. >> all i know is that they were walking back to their vehicle. they were going to get into their vehicle, a giants fan made a comment, comments were exchanged. and an altercation broke out. >> you said your brother is not the kind that would want to fight back? >> none of them were fighters. >> reporter: mr. priest said that his son was at dodger stadium working as a security guard the night that bryan stow was beaten opening day at dodger stadium, dodgers and giants, more than two years ago. he says his son often talk about that incident telling his dad he was on the opposite side of the stadium when it
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happened. he told you he was going to san francisco, did you -- >> told him, no, we never -- it never dawned on us to worry or be upset frightened for them. >> i wish i could tell you how this happened, why this happened. i have no clue why anyone would do this to any family. >> reporter: the grandfather said jonathan and his father hadn't seen each other in quite some time that's why this day was supposed to be so special. from covina, dave lopez, kpix 5. >> security is being increased for tonight's giants-dodgers game. both inside and outside the ballpark. but what happened last night has left fans and both teams shocked and wondering how this rivalry on the field has become so heated off the field. kpix 5's linda yee is at mccovey cove. linda. >> reporter: well, liz, this giants-dodgers rivalry is so intense that san francisco police always have extra officers when they meet in this game here at this park. well, tonight they are stepping it up.
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decoys will be added and officers say anyone caught hassling anybody else will be quickly arrested. for this family, it's a friendly rivalry. but news of a dodger fan stabbed to death during a post- game fight disappoints them. >> sadness. disgusting. wishing that people would just be friendly and get along. >> come to a game and enjoy it. >> support your team. support your team and be friendly. it's just a game. >> reporter: san francisco police will step up security tonight both outside and inside the park. and they will use decoy officers mixed in with the fans. >> we'll add additional officers obviously we will have an increased presence also well after the game up and down 3rd street and we'll have san francisco police officers wearing dodgerwear at the game. >> reporter: the san francisco giants released a statement condemning the senseless violence. >> it's out of control. it's ridiculous. it's just a baseball game. >> reporter: some dodgers fans
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say they endure abuse during the game. >> yeah, get trash talked good. came last year i came last may, these past two games, every time i been here, beer, fries, something last night it was a ping pong ball. >> reporter: thrown at you? >> yeah. just for my jersey. >> reporter: others say it's usually just taunts. >> i know a lot of good fans, there's a lot of good people out there. it's not that big a rivalry where people are going to hurt each other. i think it's just for fun. but i think it is just, you know, alcohol is probably involved in that for sure. >> reporter: again, the san francisco giants say they condemn this type of violence. tonight, they will have a moment of silence in memory of dodger fan jonathan denver right before the first pitch. at at&t park, in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> and you saw bryan stow being mentioned by dave lopez down in los angeles. the family of bryan stow is responding to last night's killing. his sister bonnie released this statement saying, we are saddened by this senseless killing and our thoughts and
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prayers go out to the victim's family. stow wound up in a coma after he was beaten outside dodger stadium two years ago. coming up at 6:30, the latest on the police investigation including where detectives are looking for what they hope will be key evidence in the case. new tonight the return of the super commuter. they are the people who work and compute to the bay area but living close to 100 miles away. kpix 5's len ramirez on what is fueling their surprising comeback. >> reporter: for the michael ybarra family of mountain house, the morning routine goes quick. good-byes to his wife and their 2-year-old son connor then off to the freeways for everyone. general, any and connor are off to work -- jenny and connor are off to work and michael is a regional manager for a company. >> he put on 200 miles in a day. >> reporter: he is part of a
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group of new super commuters commuting long ways to the bay area for work. >> you leave before 7:00 you're okay. >> reporter: he spends 4 hours a day driving but it's a sacrifice he is willing to make. >> we're in a new built home and i couldn't get something like that inside the bay area. >> reporter: bay area housing prices are on the rise again and for the mid $500,000 for a two-bedroom condo in san jose you can buy a four-bedroom home with a yard in mountain house a place turning its way around from the recession. >> mountain house is the number one community in the nation for homes under water and now it's going gangbusters. >> reporter: home places here and other towns are rebounding. there are fewer bank-owned homes more regular sales and multiple offers. >> they are selling out. people are waiting to buy a house here overnight sometimes. >> reporter: construction crews are building the next phase of a 1,000 new homes. the long-awaited high school is finally being built.
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but major pieces are still missing. one of mountain house's original developers was going to build a major shopping center right here complete with a major supermarket plus a lot of other support services. but those plans fell through when the recession hit. and this land has been vacant ever since. the nearest grocery store is still in the next town tracy. for michael ybarra, he is getting what is most important to him, room to grow and equity. >> i feel good about making the purchase here. >> reporter: the new houses on his block are already being priced $30,000 more than he paid back in june. and that makes all the miles worth it. in mountain house, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> residents of mountain house will be meeting on october 19th with the new developer to find out what kind of new supermarket the town wants. parts of the bay area under red flag warning today. chief meteorologist paul deanno explains why the fire danger is so high. getting kind of late in the year but this is it. >> this is the season where we see these offshore winds. that's the key. it's the time of year when the wind shifts from the west to the east. weather we get that it's windy
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and a dry wind. it drops that relative humidity down. we had it below 20% today. we'll do that again tomorrow. it is going to stay windy in the higher elevations so everywhere above 1,000 feet we have a lot of real estate that fits that category, currently under a red flag warning through tomorrow morning as wind gusts will stay between 30 and 45 miles per hour. these are your wind gusts from today. mount diablo 45 miles per hour at sfo also 45 miles per hour. napa you have been windy 36- mile-per-hour peek wind gusts and point reyes also a 36-mile- per-hour peak wind gust. the winds will relax starting tomorrow. and there are some pretty significant changes as we work our way through the weekend. details on the weekend forecast and beyond coming up in a few minutes. >> already, paul, thank you. governor jerry brown signed a bill granting domestic workers more rights. in the law workers including nannies and healthcare workers will receive overtime. domestic workers must be paid time and a half if they work more than 9 hours a day or more than 45 hours a week.
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the governor vetoed a broader version of the bill last year. coming up, why some bay area police are posting their encounters with drivers behaving badly on social media. >> i'm allen martin. we are going to take you on board the winner of the america's cup. we'll show you exactly what oracle team usa did to turn things around. >> only on 5, we discover why hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area are getting the runaround when they call 911. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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student who was murdered oni night. this as we less than an hour san francisco state university students will hold a candlelight vigil for a fellow student murdered on muni monday night this as we're learning a scary new detail about justin
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valdez's accused killer. police say that 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone was somewhat of a survivalist. he was arrested tuesday and has been charged with murder and assault weapons violations. police found all kinds of high- powered assault weapons and survival gear inside the suspect's home. he was carrying $20,000 in cash at the time of his arrest. >> two assault weapons an m and m, m10, 7.62 cal-goer and a ruger .223 caliber firearm, back pat, computer, combat knives, razors, first aid kit, sewing kit and flashlight commonly referred to in total as survival gear. >> police say he pulled a gun on two other people before randomly killing valdez. the america's cup may be done but tonight a lingering question remains. what did team usa do to turn it around and win? kpix 5's allen martin went
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straight to the oracle team headquarters to ask, how did do you it? > the comeback of 2013 is complete. >> reporter: after the comeback was in the record books, the boats now out of the water. >> what are we standing under right now. >> ac72 looks like a spaceship. >> reporter: paul designed oracle team usa's under water parts of the winning boat. the wing dagger boards and rudders. they all knew down 8 races to one something had to change. >> we got to a point where we with desperate and we had to change and we started changing a lot of things every night, night after night. >> reporter: what was the single biggest change you made overnight. >> we were changing a lot of things so it's hard to say. >> reporter: hard to see, too. >> when we're going fast we would have a bubble of water vapor that would form basically roughly in the shape of this bulb.
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>> reporter: that bubble was slowing the boat down so while the team was losing races, he came up with a better design. >> it reduced the drag of the boat at high speeds by about 30 kilos good enough to increase the speed by about .4 knots 100 meters around the course. >> reporter: and some say most importantly, team usa copied how team new zealand was sailing faster into the wind. >> so we went into the cup having spent a lot of time on down wind sailing not enough time on up wind sailing. >> reporter: oracle's man in charge of tactics russell says getting the boat get into the wind was what turned it around. >> one of the things about the series is the team that learned the most won. >> reporter: and for those who argue changes could have broken the rules here's larry ellison after the win. >> the boat measures. so they are going to measure it again. they can measure it again.
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>> reporter: even if the ac72s never, ever sail competitively again. in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> team new zealand wouldn't give allen a comment about anything today. the america's cup authority would only tell him the boats were indeed measured and inspected every day. some big worries for walnut farmers this year. they are dealing with not only the weather but another threat. thieves. in fact, one farmer says he has lost almost $100,000 in product already. we explain why orchards are a hotbed for crime. >> reporter: the price of walnuts has gone up drastically. they used to be 60 cents a pound. now they are $2 a pound making them a big target for thieves. >> reporter: it's bad for all of us out here. you see more and more fences going up around the fields too. >> reporter: in the back of this truck, skip says he has almost $100,000 worth of
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walnuts. >> just gotten worse here lately because the price of the walnuts are so much higher now. >> reporter: thieves are finding inventive ways to steal. skip says if he leaves this out overnight, the semi will be the only thing will evident. >> come with a truck and hook them up and steal it all. >> reporter: he has 24 hours security puts all his equipment away at night and even locks the bins filled with walnuts but because there's the possibility of a big payout, the criminals are taking greater risks. >> there's trucks that come in with phony paperwork, hook up to a set of trailers and sign for it and then take off. >> reporter: it's a huge loss and if it keeps happening consumers will pay more for walnuts at the grocery store. it's why skip doesn't mind paying to protect his orchard. >> thousands of dollars. but it's cheaper than losing it. >> reporter: the farm says the different farmers will actually get together telling each other about the ways that they have been conned by thieves so that the farmers can look out and
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protect their investment. i'm cambi brown for kpix 5. >> another thing affecting the harvest is the weather. farmers are okay if it's windy but rain could put a real damper on things. and rain is not something we're probably seeing in the next week or so. do you think? >> next couple of days there is a little change. we have a little change. one day sticking out now. not the heavy rainfall we had last weekend but there are a few showers that snuck their way -- sneaky little showers -- into our extended forecast. that's coming up in a second. right now we'll talk about the beautiful weather that we have outside currently. couple of great live shots one from dublin looking toward the diablo range over the 580/680 corridor. it's nothing but sunshine really comfortable temperatures. many of you didn't hit 80 degrees away from the water. look who has sunshine ocean beach low cloud cover? not right now. sunshine with temperatures in the upper 60s. you will hit the 70s tomorrow at the coast. highs today nobody hit 80. sonoma 79. san rafael, livermore, 78. oakland, san jose, a comfortable sunshine-filled 74 degrees. fremont your high today 72. how about this for you in san
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jose? you have had two-thirds of an inch of rainfall so far this month that all fell on one day so it will rain one day the entire month and it will end up being the wettest september you have had in 24 years. 1989 the last time we had this much rain in september. and it all fell in one day. no rainfall for the next couple of days. low pressure is giving us a northeast wind. it will keep the fire danger up because it's a dry wind and will warm us up. when you eliminate the pacific ocean influence, when it's sunny we warm up efficiently and we'll do that tomorrow and saturday. by monday -- sunday we'll see an increase in clouds. monday the next low farther south and the rain no rain line will make it down to the bay area. showers are possible coming up for the top of next week when the kids go back tole school and you go back to work on monday. monday showers. friday wrapping up the week on a beautiful note. concord tomorrow 82. san jose 78. san rafael 81. 71 with sunshine in the city
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tomorrow. saturday a couple of degrees warmer. sunny skies everywhere. 70s at the coast. more cloud cover on sunday. pleasant, a few showers. tuesday, wednesday, thursday we have the sunshine returning. the only thing that would happen on monday is kids have an outdoor event or a roofer coming to your house -- thanks for saying that. >> then that could be a problem. nothing too heavy but there will be some showers. >> ken will be up on a ladder with plastic. >> rain slicker. coming up, why some bay area police are posting their encounters with drivers behaving badly, on social media. >> they are yanking our chain. >> fed one bart's labor dispute in how this guy's on a one-man mission to stop transit agencies from going on strike.
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all of the technology that s changed our lives over the couple generations. so what happens when the p palo alto is virtually synonymous with all the technology that's changed our lives over the last couple of generations. so what happens when the palo alto police department decides to get a little crazy with its twitter account? brian webb tells us just don't get a ticket. reporter: it's high noon and university and bryant where the sergeant waits, watches and waits. and then it happens. >> cell phone while you were driving. >> reporter: it's a common violation. >> people checking their email, checking their facebook accounts. >> reporter: backing up the sergeant today a lieutenant who
6:23 pm
is live tweeting the event. >> law enforcement is a pretty insular field and it's pretty mysterious to most people. and we are trying to be as transparent as we can. >> reporter: and it wasn't just this poor guy getting bust the reit in front of the apple store. if you got stopped in palo alto today there's a good chance the worst part of your september 26 was splashed all over the internet by police. >> maybe it will make someone drive safer pay a little more attention to what they are doing. keep that cell phone out of their hands. >> reporter: then in a metta media moment that's truly palo alto, the police tweet a picture of a television producer interviewing the police officer whose traffic stop is being live tweeted in front of the apple store. >> cell phone violation does nothing to your driving record. >> reporter: we had to ask. isn't this all just a little embarrassing? >> you know, that's a really good question. what's the best way for me to answer that? uhm -- [ pause ] >> i think it's important to note that as we have been
6:24 pm
tweeting photos today of people receiving citations or receiving warnings from our officers, which they also give, we're not tweeting pictures of the actual violator, we're not tweeting pictures of their license plates. so there's no real way for the public at large to identify who is actually getting the citation. but i can tell you one thing. we're probably gaining a lot of new twitter followers after this event. >> the reason police want to develop twitter followers is they plan or twitter being a critical line of communication in the event of a disaster. two weeks and more than a million dollars apart, bart and its unions have until october 10th to ink a deal. otherwise, a strike could very well happen. so far, both sides are barely budging. >> as the board has said previously, we need greater movement from the unions to feel as though we are making progress because bart has come much further from a 4% pay increase -- actually from a no
6:25 pm
pay increase to a 10% over the four years. >> we have made significant movement in our proposal. our proposal has been mischaracterized from day one. so our actual reality right now, it doesn't matter what happened in april. what's on the table right now is a very small difference that can be resolved if they come to the table to bargain with us to get a contract instead of putting in strike contingencies. >> bart and the union will discuss details tomorrow such as wages and pensions. an orinda city councilman is making it his mission to protect bart riders from another strike. steve glazier is circulating a petition to make it state law banning transit workers from striking. >> even in san francisco, you cannot have a transit strike. but in california, there is no law an therefore, they have this ultimate punishment to us the riders if they can't find agreement. i think it's not going to be easy but the public is behind it and we can rally that
6:26 pm
opinion, we have a chance. >> critics say the power of public employees to influence the negotiating process makes the bargaining situation tricky. but banning strikes would remove much of their leverage. i'm mark kelly. coming up on kpix 5, the evidence recovered from last night's fatal stabbing following the giants game. >> 911 emergency -- >> only on five we discover why hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area are getting the runaround when they call 911. >> and why these finally some relief for tens of thousands of californians after several painful weeks without payments. ,,,,,,
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now at 6:30: the giants dodgers rivalry turns deadl the fact that anybody got in any sort of a beef over the giants and the dodgers and somebody lost his life, it's just senseless. >> now at 6:30, the giants- dodgers rivalry turns deadly after last night's game at at&t park. police are closing in on who may be responsible for the deadly stabbing of 24-year-old jonathan denver. they have now arrested one suspect. kpix 5's mark kelly is at the scone with more on the giants
6:30 pm
fan who is now in custody. mark. >> reporter: liz, we have recently learned police have charged 21-year-old michael montgomery from lodi with homicide. and there is a second suspect in police custody tonight following the fatal stabbing here on harrison and 3rd. a giants baseball cap is one piece of evidence of a rivalry that apparently went too far. >> it's just senseless. i'll just leave it at that. >> reporter: witness fight police say the victim's group was leaving the giants stadium at the 8th inning to hit a bar. the group mostly family, two brothers, their dad, his girlfriend, and a male friend of the family. police say 11:30 p.m. the group of victims left the bar and they made their way up harrison street. that's when they came face to face with a group of suspects right here on stillman street. the scene of the first fight. >> there was a back and forth about the giants-dodgers rivalry which deteriorated into
6:31 pm
a physical fight. >> reporter: police say no serious injuries at fight 1 but the sports feud didn't end there. >> it becomes a little unclear as to who followed who away from the initial altercation. but there was a second fight. >> reporter: and it was here at harrison and 3rd the scene of fight 2 that denver got stabbed and later died at san francisco general. family members say denver was a plumbing apresent test who was working the last couple of years in fort bragg. he had come to san francisco to meet family members for the game. now police want the public's help. they are going door to door tracking down surveillance video. they say the more video, the better, to solve this heinous crime. so this investigation is still ongoing. police say there are still two suspects they are looking for. if you have any information about this, you can call san francisco police. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> now, police say the first and second fight between the victims and suspects happened
6:32 pm
within minutes. we have learned the 911 system in oakland is way behind the times stuck in the 20th century in fact and that means that people in oakland have to wait longer to get help. christin ayers tells us, even if you don't live in oakland or never go to oakland, oakland's problem affects you, too. >> shock, like, you know, did this really happen? >> reporter: she doesn't like to talk about the time she was assaulted at this oakland laundromat. but she has plenty to say about her call to 911. >> they asked me where i was. that's when they started transferring my call to somewhere else. >> reporter: what jasmine did not know was that because she was using a cell phone her call did not go straight to oakland police. >> 911. >> reporter: instead it came here to the california highway patrol's regional call center in vallejo. after several seconds she was transferred to oakland's dispatch center where she was put on hold. >> it was really scary. it felt like forever.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the same thing happened to me last summer. i witnessed a man firing a gun on this corner in west oakland not 20 feet from me. when i called 911 from a cell phone, critical seconds passed before i was connected to highway patrol. then oakland dispatch. then put on hold again. turns out, if i had been in any other city in the bay area, i would never have had to deal with that kind of runaround. >> i don't know why oakland is doing that. >> reporter: brian is with the national 911 association. he says all cell upon 911 calls used to go through the chp. but five years ago the state spent almost $8 million of taxpayer money on rerouting them. >> it saves time and in response to emergencies, time matters. >> reporter: the only holdouts in the state tiny atherton and oakland. >> unfortunately, we are not accepting cell phone calls here. >> reporter: regina harris gilyard runs oakland's 911 call center. every other city in california
6:34 pm
has figured it out. why not oakland? >> we don't have the staff or capacity to manage it. >> reporter: it's already bad enough. oakland is six seconds over the recommended industry time of 10 seconds for answering a 911 call. add to that the 9-second average to get through to the chp first. >> that's the total of 24, 25 seconds that people are waiting. >> it could be. yes. >> reporter: that's a lock time. >> it is a long time. it is a long time. >> are you in oakland? >> reporter: that's just average time. we were at the chp dispatch center when someone in oakland who just saw a robbery called 911. >> i'm going to get oakland on the line. try to stay a safe distance away, okay? >> reporter: it took a full 28 seconds -- [ clock ticking ] >> reporter: before the dispatcher was able to transfer the call to oakland. >> chp, here of a caller on 11th and fruitvale. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: for jasmine who gave up after oakland dispatchers put her on hold for five minutes it's all very
6:35 pm
frustrating. >> they should definitely be on top of it. i love oakland. i hate to say that. but oakland has more crime than most places. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the chp said if it didn't have to take those 911 cell phone calls for oakland, it would free up dispatchers to take more calls from drivers on bay area freeways. last year, almost 13% of the calls to the highway patrol's bay area call center were dropped. there's new hope for thousands of californians in desperate need of cash. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why state payments are finally on the way after being delayed for weeks. >> summer may be over but what time of the year is it now? >> red flag warning! >> red flag warning and homeowners, we have tips you need to know as the news continues on kpix 5. >> it's premier week here on cbs. here's what's on tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
of thousands of californiano haven't received their
6:38 pm
unemployment benefits becauf a computer snafu. as julie good news for tens of thousands of californians who have not received their unemployment checks because of a computer snafu. as julie watts on our consumerwatch explains, help is finally on the way. these -- they can't stretch it out. they have to have the check to eat. >> reporter: for some the money won't arrive for a few days. the state has begun paying about 80,000 backlogged claims. troubles started labor day weekend when the employment development department upgraded its 30-year-old computer system. instead of streamlining the process it malfunctioned forcing state workers to manually approve claims. the backlog all but stopped payments to some forcing thousands into financial hardship. today the state announced it will start paying all the backlog claims now and then review them later. fixing the backlog will take a couple of days.
6:39 pm
toyota is recalling more than 600,000 siena minivans because they could shift out of park and roll away inadvertently. it involves older models from 2004-2005 and 2007-2009. it has received reports of 21 minor accidents and two minor injuries. siena owners will be notified to take their vans to the deal for a replacement part. hundreds of items sold in supermarkets and drugstores may soon be getting a makeover. today state regulators unveiled a sweeping new program aimed at getting read of toxic chemicals in consumer products. under the new rules, manufacturers will have to make a detailed analysis of their products to justify whether the hazardous chemicals are needed and identify any substitutes. the new rules take effect october 1. the review of each product could take somewhere between 9 months to a year. and remember, if you have a consumer complaint, give us a
6:40 pm
call, 888-5-helps-u. >> all good stuff, julie. thank you. still ahead, what happened inside the bay area home 15 years ago that forever changed the way we surf the internet. >> even though it rained five days ago we are still windy in the higher elevations with a high fire danger. red flag warning continues through tomorrow morning. we could use some rainfall to teller that fire danger. we have it. what day is looking wet next. >> i'm kim coyle, coming up in sports, cal is ready for its trip to oregon. >> i feel like we are about to go and shock the world. >> the raiders might be making a change at quarterback. >> if i can't lead the guys to a win, matt's definitely going to be the best guy to do it. >> and the two oakland linebackers who have been teammates for over 20 years. >> all of our relatives are smiling. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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internet is turning 15 tomo. 've heard this the company that changed how we search for things on the internet is turning 15 tomorrow. it seems like we have heard this before about the silicon valley biggest companies it was a garage where google was born.
6:44 pm
a home on santa marguerita avenue in menlo park is where it all began when two stanford ph.d. students named larry page and sergey brin thought to improve the web browsing experience. their creation became known as google search. the company that started in a garage now has offices in more than 40 countries. >> really proud of how far we have come but more importantly we will never lose sight of the fact of that there's work to be done. >> google is celebrating its anniversary with tweaks and upgrades to the search engine. >> we'll have to google the upgrades. >> never heard of google. [ laughter ] >> nobody on earth can say that. >> no. >> we are going to see some changes weather-wise. there's one day that stands out. when you see the extended forecast you will see six days look similar, one that doesn't. we'll talk about that one coming up. but that one day is not today. what a great day to get outside. a fantastic evening. you can see the silhouette of the construction crane just
6:45 pm
right off the bay bridge when you touch down in san francisco. it is going to be another gorgeous sunset this evening. there it is live from the top of the pyramid. right now 73 in concord. 72 in livermore. santa rosa the warm spot once again 77. you're already in the upper 60s in san jose and san francisco holding steady at 63. nothing on the radar. i do not expect that to change through the weekend. next week we'll see some changes. and tomorrow morning when you walk the kids to school it will be chilly. vallejo 55. fremont 52. 55 san francisco and pacifica. santa rose 50 degrees. schoolcast, morgan hill kids out for lunch recess 73 degrees. they are the eagles at crossroads christian. kind of cool a couple of weeks ago they saw that fire at yosemite. the kids and teachers maiden couraging posters and goodies. some goodie packs for the firemen at yosemite. and also this is the fifth grade garden box helping teach the kids about science at crossroads christian school in
6:46 pm
morgan hill. let's get your school on television. now to the forecast moving forward we have a low pressure area off to our east which is giving us an offshore wind so we were chilly this morning but mild in the afternoon with sunshine. we'll be warm tomorrow. we'll be warm on saturday. because this guy is still with us for a couple more days. the fire danger will be elevated but you will be able to enjoy a lot of sunshine the next few days even at the coast. now that low pressure system moves out sunday. enter the next low pressure diving down farther to the south so we'll see an increase in cloud cover on sunday but still dry. it is monday the top of next week that some of that rainfall will likely make it into the bay area especially the north bay and we will likely see some showers around on monday morning. now, the winds are going to relax. you probably noticed it was windy today. not as much wind by tomorrow afternoon. sunny and warm through saturday two more days. a bit cloudier on sunday and showers will move in for the top of next week. upper 70s low 80s look at the lack of a temperature spread. oakland at 78. livermore 81. san jose 78. palo alto 76.
6:47 pm
redwood city 78 degrees. sunshine in san ramon high of 82. brentwood 83. vallejo 80. 71 san francisco. kentfield 81. sonoma 80. cloverdale high tomorrow 82 degrees. here's your extended forecast. warm saturday, increasing cloud cover especially sunday afternoon. monday couple of showers. north bay will get the most rainfall but we all have the chance of a few showers cooler too. sunshine back next tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we have the fire danger elevated tonight. roberta gonzales is in dublin with the mobile weather with more on the fire danger. >> reporter: it is so amazing because when you think red flag warning you don't think cool conditions. as soon as the sun begins to set, which officially sets at 7:01 it cools down rapidly especially when you have winds picking up now about to 9 and 11 miles per hour stronger gusts. air temperature right here in dublin 62 degrees. tonight, we are being joined by battalion chief jim watkins
6:48 pm
from station 25 the castro valley and also, gentlemen. >> station 16! >> from? >> dublin. >> all right. thank you for being here tonight, general. this is one of the areas in which we are under a red flag warning. that goes in and out of the ears sometimes especially of homeowners. >> fire season is still in effect. you stumbled on to a fire today we were working a vegetation fire along eastbound 580. what was going on there was a fencing company cutting a metal pole sparks got into the dry fuel started a vegetation fire. >> reporter: it's that simple. a spark started a fire. we are look at a beautiful mount diablo right now. the northeastern side 3200 acres burned on september 8. homeowners very concerned what do you have to say to them tonight as far as advice? >> again, certain things that we do routinely can lead to fires and one of them is mowing lawns. if you are mowing, you don't mow dry dead vegetation.
6:49 pm
it's only for lawns and -- you do that usually during red flag warning warnings around 10 a.m. > i have to say okay so there's been a lot of cutting back of all this dead dried stuff. this is called duff right here. but what happens if the smoker throws out a cigarette butt? >> it happens quite often someone discards a cigarette out of the window lands there sits there and protected from the elements, wind blows it, gets a very hot and starts a fire. >> reporter: so we have to be very mindful during red flag warnings. we have to think extra during this particular time. if you want some homeowner tips or just how you can be a better citizen during red flag warning time visit us online at reporting for mobile weather and where am i guys? >> west dublin! >> that's right. roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. right, guys? >> right. ,,
6:50 pm
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baseball commissioner bud s called the coliseum "a pit". got a lot going on ton. for what the at the present time time now? bud selig says he is quitting. >> he is really going. >> now he is really going? >> family members about two months ago he was talking about leaving and it was a tough decision for him and people are already jockeying for position
6:53 pm
to try to get that spot. yesterday, major league baseball commissioner bud selig called the coliseum a pit and tipped his hand about the stadium issue being resolved. >> before i leave i'm satisfied we'll work out something. >> bud selig you're on the clock! the commissioner will ride off into the sunset and retire after next season when his contract expires. the 79-year-old selig took over in 1992. sharks forward raffi torres had surgery for a torn acl earlier today and will miss three to five months. the team is hopeful he will return this season. san jose will play its season opener a week from tonight. college football now and sonny dykes won't get to ease his way into the pac-12. the bears open up conference play saturday night in eugene against second ranked oregon. bear raid will have his hands food trying to keep up with the ducks offense averaging 61 points a game as
6:54 pm
if jerry geoff needed more pressure heading into his first career road game. >> i'm sure they are going to be yelling all sorts of things at me. i'm expecting that. so in high school, i mean, the most i probably play in front of was maybe 5 to 10? and that was an away game and they are pretty excited. but nothing like this. this will be interesting. >> if we are trying to go to the rose bowl this is the game that we have to win. and, you know, it started yesterday weather we started practice. so i think this team is focused and i feel like we're about to go there and shock the world. terrelle pryor returned to practice this afternoon but is still not fully cleared to play after suffering a concussion. if he can't go, matt flynn will start against the redskins. pryor admits it's in everyone's best interests for him not to rush back. >> i cannot put my team in harm's way. if i can't lead the guys to win, matt's definitely going to be the best guy to do it if i'm
6:55 pm
not in good condition. >> please plenty of new faces on the raid he is defense this season but for two-line backers on the raiders there was no need for introduction. teaming up in oakland was a reunion. >> i love it. it's a dream come true. >> reporter: the burnetts are the first set of brothers to ever play for the silver and black. >> every position he play i play. running back, safety, linebacker through the pee wee to high school to college now here. >> reporter: kalin has always looked at kevin as more than his big brother. their dad died in a car accident months before kalin and his two sisters were born leaving the 5-year-old kevin as the man of the house and father figure to the triplets. >> it was a big shock. it's like i can't even compare it to having your favorite toy taken and then once they were born, and we started to grow up and i really found myself
6:56 pm
trying to guide them not even knowing what i'm doing myself. >> he gave me a progress report every thursday. he would pick me up at school on friday. let me see your progress report. he would worry me sometimes but if the grades weren't up to par, then i'm going to hold on to that until you get your grades right or no football, no videogames, none of that. if the grades wasn't right you couldn't have fun. >> it's all about the role you wanted to take. i could have taken it really negative. my family didn't allow that. my mother didn't allow that. and, you know, now i can say my father's proud of man i have become the man he's become. i think all our relatives are smiling at what we've become. >> perfect catches! >> reporter: kevin has become one of the most consistent linebackers in the nfl. starting every game the last three seasons. and now with a family of his own, kevin will have even more advice to pass down to kalin.
6:57 pm
>> i'm currently dating yes. >> reporter: you are? okay. oh, wait a minute. >> i don't know. >> kalin has been living with kevin and kevin has four children ages 1 through 8. so now kalin has a place of his own but i'm sure he will miss his brother. great kids. >> what a fantastic story. before we go we want to wish good luck to the hubbards from burlingame as they compete on family feud next. don't miss it. >> hubbards, go get 'em! >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on >> see you at 11:00. >> go, hubbard! s! captions by: caption colorado [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive hun"
6:58 pm
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