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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> murder. the incredible things police found in the suspect's home next. ,,,,,,,,
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>> this is kpix5 news . a dodgers fan stabbed to death in a fight near at&t park, but tonight, the story is changing. good evening, i'mly elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. this man, 21-year-old michael montgomery is charged with homicide for stabbing jonathan denver. he was at the giants dodgers game last night for his father's birthday. just a few hours ago, we started hearing the suspect's side of the story. >> his son said it was self- defense. marty montgomery says michael gone jumped. denver and friends started
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swinging chairs. denver mouthed off about the san francisco hat. it was not even michael's hat. you can see the hat being taken into evidence. we have team coverage beginning with brian webb at at&t park. >> we learned the victim's father works as a security guard for the dodgers down in la. here in san francisco tonight, a lot of worry this incident might reflect poorly on the team, the fans, and the city. tonight's game began not with an at bat, but a moment of silent. >> the giants and the dodgers would like to extend our deepest sympathies. >> i just read about it this morning. it is really sad to have that happen here. >> reporter: the stadium
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covered with orange and blue and people still in shock. >> it is nothing personal. you know. i don't know why it gets so far. it gives us such a bad name. >> reporter: at this game, extra officers on hand wearing uniforms you can see, others wearing team jerseys you cannot. >> you feel safe? >> yeah, i feel safe, but after this, i do kind of think about it. >> reporter: fans from both teams insist that killing is not about all baseball fans going bad or even a less tolerant society because even a little leaguer knows it is only a game. >> i think those are just crazy people who take this game too hard. >> reporter: both teams released statements saying they were shocked and saddened by what happened. a giants fan asked me a couple of hours ago to to say tell the dodgers fans we are not all
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bad. >> jonathan denver lived and worked in the town of fort bragg. we sent our joe vasquez more to find out more about him. >> reporter: liz, his friends called him john. his boss says he needed a little time off. and he gave it to him to go to the game with his dad and brother, now no one here can believe he is not coming home. >> i don't understand who could do that other giants or dodgers. it is just ridiculous. >> gisella says that john denver was an easy going guy. he always had a smile on his face. she and her friends just can't believe he was killed. >> i was at work when i found out. i just don't believe it yet. i just go on facebook. seeing all his pictures, it just doesn't seem real. i feel like i'm going to see
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him later. >> reporter: but she won't. john was 24 years old, an apprentice here at north coast heating and plumbing. he was a part of the family there and there is a lot of raw emotion right now here in fort bragg over his loss. >> we are just trying to figure out what is going wrong with this country. >> reporter: in southern california, john's family said they are trying to figure out what is happening last night. >> all i know is they were walking back to their vehicle, a giants fan made a comment. comments where exchanged and an altercation broke out. >> and you said your brother is not the kind who would want to fight back? >> none of them were fighters. >> when he told you he was going to san francisco? >> it never dawned on me to be worried. i wish i could tell you why
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this happened. i have no clue. >> reporter: we saw john's brother tonight and his mom and his grandmother. they didn't want to talk about it on camera, but john's grandmother says he is a sweet kid, they are heartbroken and they know a lot of people are praying for them and they appreciate it. reporting live. >> this video was from june. you can see how much trouble stow still has. the giants are donating portions of tickets to the brian stow fun. we have breaking news out of beverly hills tonight where a fire has completely gutted a multimillion dollar mansion. the fire swayl load up the house, but no one was hurt. also tonight, linda yee has
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new information on the man police say shot and killed the san francisco state student. for no reason at all. linda was also with the victim's friends and family tonight. >> he was there for me personally. >> reporter: family and friends remember 20-year-old justin valdez. >> it makes me so happy to see you all here and know you continue to love and support him. >> reporter: earlier police revealed startling information about the gunman who killed justin after following him off a streetcar monday night. investigators say nikhom thephakayson seen here in a surveillance video pulled a gun on two other people first and openly flashed the weapon on the streetcar right before shooting justin. after arresting him right outside his home, police made a shocking discovery. >> at the time of his arrest, he had $20,000 in cash. >> reporter: and inside his
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house, a cache of weapons. assault knives, a computer, a first aid kit. what officers called survival gear that hinted at something more sinister in the suspect's plan. >> we don't know that other than, you know, you would be hard pressed to understand why someone would possess this sort of fire power and be capable of carrying out a homicidal act. >> reporter: the victim and his attacker didn't know each other but both attended the same school. >> i'm heartbroken. i'm numb to everything. >> reporter: investigators have no information, but they say the suspect is due in court. >> the suspect is facing assault weapons charges. police are asking for anyone with information about him to give them a call. >> a would be bank robber led
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police on a game of cat and mouse that ended with this. a bomb squad blew up two suspicious packages in monterrey. a man who was arrested for trying to rob a bank downtown tole officers he left explosives all over the city. downtown streets were closed and people evacuated as the bomb squad moved in. >> 29 years, we have never had an event where there was more than one device. so yeah, it is pretty extensive. >> police have not said what was inside the packages or if they were even a real threat. the flight was packed but both pilots where asleep in the cockpit. what is more alarming is how often it is happening. and watch out mayor, someone is coming for your job. how this political rookie is going after the oakland mayer. >> and helping americans lose weight. the changes you will see at mcdonalds.
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changes also coming to the forecast. high fire danger for the higher elevations for a few more hours top morning but rain returns to the forecast. find out which one day is looking wet. i will have that next. ,,,,,,
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>> your life is in their hands, but we learned that two pilots fell asleep in a cockpit in a british flight last month. the plane was left in auto pilot and the really scary thing is how often it happens. a survey of british pilots revealed that more than half admitted to sleeping during flights. we asked what pilots are up against. >> as airplanes are kept flying longer flights and more per day, all hours of the day or nigh, it is predictable that the cause of fatigue, short term memory diminishes and the ability to act effectively diminishes. it is not obvious to the pilot at the time they are as badly affected by fatigue as they
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are. >> the pilots said they had only gotten about five hours of sleep the last two nights. >> just two weeks, another possible shut down against park. orinda county steve blaze re wants to make it state law banning transit workers from striking. the power to employees to influence the negotiating process makes bargaining a little tricky. banning strikes would remove much of their leverage. tonight, a name you don't recognize is now the front runner in fund raising for the mayor. christin ayers dells us it is how he raises that money that sets him apart. >> reporter: at 44 years old with no political background, brian parker is the only
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relative unknown running for mayor. he calls oakland his adopted home and he is quick to say he is already making history. >> we were the first campaign in america to use crowd sourcing as a use of raising nones in a mayoral race. >> reporter: he put this challenge to oaklanders. >> if people would contribute $20,000 over a 10 day peer, we would be in the race. >> reporter: parker launched a kick starter style cash campaign. >> we raised $59,000 ore those ten days. >> and he kept raising money. parker raised a total of 108,000-dollars over six weeks. mayor quan only raised 66,000 since january. being a good fundraiser doesn't necessarily translate to being a good leader. >> that is exactly right. money is only a proxy. >> reporter: part of what does make him a good leader is his
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unique perspective on violence. his sister kendra was murdered in 1998. >> i have been through what this city is going through. the pain of violence. >> reporter: a former volunteer in president obama's campaign, he talks about broad hope and change, but he hopes the homicide rate will start with number crunching. >> we study data and based on the data, we will make some decisions. we are not going to tolerate a culture saying it is okay to kill. >> well mayor quan has stated that she will run for reelection. all throwing his hat in the race is former kpix political analyst joe tuman. domestic workers are now required to get overtime pay if they work more than 45 thundershowers a week or more than nine hours a day. who would have thought that the
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guy who was once addicted to big macks would convince mcdonalds to go on a die it. mark kelly talking about the big changes coming to a fast food restaurant near you. >> reporter: while mcdonalds meals have always been happy, healthy is a different story. but next year, mcdonalds customers will be able to substitute fruit salad or a vegetable instead of fries in their value meal. >> we feel the pressure to continue to evolve for customers. any business that is not doing that won't be a business. >> reporter: the vegetables will be rolled out in 20 countries including the united states. only water milk and juice will be shown on menu boards for kids happy meals. advertising directed to children will feature messages about nutrition. >> this is the first time a big player in the food business has made a commitment in the united states to change advertising
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directed at children. >> reporter: the idea is a result of the partnership with the clinton global initiative and the alliance for a healthy generation. that's right, the former big mac loving president turned vegan helped convince mcdonalds to slim down. >> this stow exactly the group we want to work with. we cannot solve the obesity problem without working with the companies that provide the bulk of the food that the children consume. >> reporter: this week, burger king released new lower calorie fries. >> we don't think we are the problem related to obesity, but we think we can be part of the solution. >> reporter: get this. in france, nearly two-thirds of fruit eaten by children is eaten at mcdonalds. can it happen here? it has to mean passing the salad while passing on the fries.
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>> 85% of the sales at mcdonalds is the fries. 75% of the people were happy with theweather today. if you didn't like it today, you will like it tomorrow. sunshine from the coast all the way to the sierra. we have a live look. not sunny, because it is dark. clear in san jose. san francisco, not a single cloud in the sky. you, will be sunny tomorrow with highs in the 70s . a chilly night if you were walking the kids to school the morning. you might have wanted to bring the jacket. it will be just as cold tomorrow morning. napa 51. look at the lack of the temperature spread. sausalito, 71. san ramon. tomorrow, beautiful sunshine. a little breezy in the morning. a high of 80, we are getting
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warmer. great day to get outside. a high of 83 degrees in the beautiful south bay. the reason we are getting warmer is the offshore wind will get cranking tomorrow. a north to northeast wind warming us up and keeping us sunny and dry. a fire danger winds down tomorrow. that may change next monday. low pressure, the next one to move in will dive down a little further to the south bringing the rain line all the way down to the bay area. the north bay, you are guaranteed a chance. the workweek will start off soggy. but we are wrapping things up sunny this week. sunshine, warm tomorrow and saturday. a little cloudier on sunday. still nice. showers likely coming up monday morning. highs tomorrow very close to average. livermore 81.
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fremont 75. sunnyvale, 77. dublin 71. san rafael, 81. santa rosa, 80 degrees. warmest day will be saturday. a little warmer. still, monday morning is when the showers move through. highs in the 70s clearing out sunshine tuesday and thursday of next week. >> great, thank you. >> sounds good. coming up, they looked good and had designer labels but thousands of handbags coming into california were fakes. for a store near you go to
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mayor re >> a big ribbon cutting ceremony in san jose tonight. mayor reed and silicon valley business leaders celebrated the expansion of the mchenry center. it adds thousands of square feet of meeting space and it will officially open october 10. they look glamorous and have designer labels. >> but boxes and boxes of handbags coming into california
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were fake! customs seized 16,000 of them at the port of long beach. they came from china, hong kong over the past few months. most of the shipments would have likely ended up at swat meets. so how do you spot a fake? >> sometimes, these bags are wrapped, the handles are wrapped in plastic. we do not do that. >> no, no, no. real bags are up to two and $75,000. these phonies will be destroyed at the end of the investigation. >> nothing upsets me more than that. i tell you. [ laughter ] >> you are very tore up. i can tell. >> i hate those fake bags. >> you know. you only wear those part of the time. well frank gore destroyed the rams defense. how the team turned jim's frown upside down. we will hear from the coach coming up in sports. ,,,,
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get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ten points in their last two games, the 49ers found the answer to get their offense back on tracka >> 49ers. >> it was a must win. teams that started 1/3 did not make the playoffs so vital for them tonight after scoring two
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points in their last ten games. the 49ers finally got their offense back on track. colin kaepernick might want to buy frank gore dinner tonight. colin kaepernick to anquan boldin. before the half, gore breaks through and never looks back. a 34-yard touchdown. 353 yards. third quarter, the 49ers build on their lead. colin kaepernick to vernon davis. bowman playing without his tag team partner patrick willis had two tackles. the 49ers defense held the rams to under 200 yards. a scary moment late in the game when joe staley gets shoved to the ground. he was down for a few minutes but ended up walking offer the
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field. he would be able to walk it off and it was nothing serious. the 49ers easily take care of the rams 35-11. >> nobody does it better than frank gore. >> we lost two in a row and we know we couldn't lose again. >> just playing for pat, you know, just raise the game. if a link gets taken out of the chain, someone has to step up. >> also getting vernon davis back. so having him back out, it opened things up. >> we were excited to have a short week. >> we played as one, we played as a family and we put it all out on the field. we had a great week of preparation and we knew that we had to win this game no matter what. >> is this tim lincecum's final
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start as a giant? he strikes out yasiel puig three times. he left with no decision. pagan sends one out for a home run and the giants beat the dodgers 3-2. after the game, brian wilson was reportedly looking for his world series ring. andy pettitte and derek jeter came out and got mariano rivera on his last night for the yankees tonight. torres of the sharks is expected to miss three to four months. they open up against vancouver. >> we have to get with larry and find out what that conversation what about.
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>> stacy slaughter said it was about his ring. >> they sent tout the dodger so i'm sure he will get it back. he is going to get lincecum back. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30.
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>> letterman is next with bono. >> we'll see you tomorrow. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. >> and now, goes great with brown gravy, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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