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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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weekend. we have some great weather coming our way this weekend in fact lots of sunshine still red flag warnings are up in the bay area. the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. we'll have more on that coming up. >> easy for you to say, lawrence. we are going to talk about the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic is all good fine at the san mateo bridge, no accidents out there and very light traffic all around. we'll have another look at the drive into work in a few minutes. >> so far, so good. thank you, liza. 4:30. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco at this hour. a father and his 2.5-year-old child have died in a house fire overnight. the fire started about 1:30 on 18th avenue near pacheco. firefighters broke in and found heavy smoke. they pulled out a family of four. the mother and grandfather were taken to the hospital, they are in critical condition. investigators are not calling the fire suspicious. we have a crew gathering information. they are at the scene right now. we'll bring you the latest coming up at 5:00. some live pictures of a big hay fire in the town of went in
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yolo county. people can see heavy smoke and flames from more than 30 miles away. the fire started at the hay king done farm off highway 505 in winters. they are going to let it burn. fire crews from davis and winters tweeted this photo of the fire about 4 hours ago. it's monstrous as you can see. they will continue to monitor it. firefighters say it could take days before it's out. they are trying to figure out what caused that fire. a lodi man is charge with homicide as the rivalry between the giants and the dodgers turned deadly. san francisco police say 21- year-old michael montgomery of lodi stabbed a dodgers fan after the game wednesday night. the victim was 24-year-old jonathan denver from fort bragg. that's him on the left. denver was at the game with his family celebrating his dad's birthday. montgomery had not been at the ballgame. he was in san francisco to go to nightclubs. >> his father says his son told him the stabbing was in self-
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defense and the fight started when denver yelled out, giants suck. marty montgomery tells the lodi news sentinel, quote, michael got jumped, denver and friends started swinging chairs and he stabbed denver. denver mouthed off about san francisco hat that he was wearing and it wasn't even michael as hat. police collected the hat. you can see here an officer taking it into evidence yesterday. kpix 5's brian webb was at last night's game with the dodgers which began with a moment of silence for denver. >> giants and dodgers give our deepest sympathy and prayers to jonathan's family at this time. >> it's sad. reporter: the stadium covered in orange and blue with fans still in shock over the senseless stabbing spark over team outfits like rival gang colors something this husband and wife fans of opposing teams can't understand. >> it's nothing personal. i don't know why it gets so
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far. it gives us a bad game. >> reporter: at that game extra officers on handsome dressed in uniform as you can see, others wearing team jerseys you cannot. >> do you feel safe? >> yeah. i feel safe with the people. but you know. after this it makes me think about it. >> reporter: fans from both teams insist the killing is not about all baseball fans going bad or even a less tolerant society. because even a little leaguer knows it's only a game. >> i think those are just crazy people who take this game too hard. >> reporter: brian web, kpix 5. >> and both teams released statements saying they were shocked and saddened by the killing. >> jonathan denver lived and worked in mendocino county in the town of fort bragg. those who knew him are in a state of shock. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez has more. >> i don't understand who could even do that over giants or
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dodgers, it's ridiculous. reporter: giselle says john denver was an easy-going guy not the type to get in fights that he was the kind of guy who was always smiling. she and all his friends have been posting pictures on social media just can't believe he was killed. >> i was at work when i found out and it just doesn't -- i don't believe it yet. just going on facebook and seeing all his pictures, i just -- it just doesn't seem real. i feel like i'm going to see him later. >> reporter: but she won't. jon was 24 years old, an apprentice here at north coast plumbing and heating. his boss describes him as a hard worker. one of his coworkers says he was part of the family and there's a lot of raw emotion now here in fort bragg over his death. >> we are just trying to figure out what's gone wrong with this country. >> reporter: in southern california, jon's family told our sister station they are also trying to wrap their heads around what happened last night. >> all i know is that they were walking back to their vehicle.
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they were going to get into their vehicle. a giants fan made a comment. comments were exchanged. and an altercation broke out. >> reporter: and you said your brother is not the kind that would want to fight back? >> none of them were fighters. >> he told you he was going to san francisco, did you -- >> no, we never -- > it it never dawned on us to be worried or frightened for them. >> i wish i could tell you how this happened, why this happened. i have no clue why anyone would do this to any family. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> kpix 5 spoke to denver's family. his grandmother tells us they are heartbroken and they appreciate all the love and support they are getting. >> this happened during the week the giants are holding fundraisers for bryan stow. he is the fan who was attacked outside dodger stadium two years ago. this video is from this past june. you can see how much trouble stow still has. giants are donating $10 from each ticket sold in certain sections of the ballpark to the bryan stow fund. meanwhile, in other news, huge flames completely gutted
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this multi-million dollar mansion in beverly hills. the fire was reported just after 9:00 last night and within two hours had engulfed nearly a $5 million home there. firefighters kept it contained to one home. everything is a total loss. no injuries. 4:36. it's finally the weekend -- well, almost. >> can you believe it? we're that close. looking like it's going to be a really nice fall weekend but fire danger still high as we are seeing some of those winds over the mountaintops gusts to 42 miles per hour across the higher peaks. we have red flag warnings continuing until 3:00 in the afternoon. looks like those winds are going to be easing up throughout the day but still a chance of some gusty winds to 45 miles per hour, mainly above the mountaintops at about 1,000 feet or so. nonetheless, it is going to be very nice down below. mostly clear skies outside right now. the temperatures kind of all over the map. we have some cool numbers in the north bay down to the 40s, 50s elsewhere. i think by the afternoon, warm sunshine making a return, some 80s beginning to pop up in
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livermore and concord, a lot of 60s and 70s inside the bay, 60s at the coastline. the weekend will be nicer. we'll have more on in a moment. liza battalones has the traffic report. >> we are looking at a "friday light" commute so far for bay area roads including 101 as it rolls through the south bay. no traffic delays as of yet. no roadwork from overnight so 101 moving free and clear of any problems right here approaching trimble. that continues light in the northbound direction towards palo alto. san mateo bridge westbound traffic looking good at the toll plaza. and 880 rolls well in both directions through oakland. we have the same roadwork at high street but it's not delaying traffic just heads up for the work crews. 580/680 interchange looking okay. it's a little crowded in that westbound direction. those are the headlights but so far no major delays as you leave the altamont pass. that's a look at your friday drive. now to michelle. >> thank you. the man accused of killing a san francisco state student is expected in court today.
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investigators found a stash of weapons and cash in the suspect's home. as kpix 5's linda yee reports, he could have been planning something bigger. reporter: >> there for me personally and -- >> reporter: family and fellow students remembered 20-year-old justin valdez. >> it makes me so happy to see all your faces here and to know that, you know, you all continue to love and support him. >> on monday, september 21. >> reporter: earlier police revealed startling new information about the gunman they say killed justin after following him off a muni streetcar monday night. investigators say nikhom thephakaysone seen here at a muni surveillance video pulled a gun on two other people first and openly flashed the weapon on the streetcar right before shooting justin. after arresting thephakaysone outside his home near san francisco state, police made a discovery. >> at the time of his arrest he had $20,000 in cash on his person. >> reporter: and inside his house a cache of weapons including several assault
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rifles, combat knives, a backpack with a computer, and a first aid kit, what officers called survival gear that hinted at something more sinister in the suspect's plans. >> we don't know that other than, you know, you would be hard pressed to understand why someone would possess this sort of fire power and then be capable of carrying out a homicidal act. >> reporter: police say the suspect and his victim did not know each other, but both attended sf state. justin's friends can't believe what's happened. >> i can't make sense to any of this. >> reporter: investigators say they have no motive for the shooting but the suspect will be charged with murder and is due in court tomorrow. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the suspect also faces assault weapons charges. police are asking anyone with information about him to give them a call. 4:39. would-be bank robber led police on a wild goose chase down in monterey that ended with this.
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[ bang ] >> a bomb squad blew up two suspicious packages. a man who was arrested for trying to rob a bank downtown told officers he left explosives all over the city. downtown streets were shut down. people evacuated as the bomb squad moved in. >> in 29 years, we have never had an event where there was more than one device. so, yes, it's pretty extensive. >> police have not said what was inside the packages or if they were even a real threat. we're two weeks away from another possibly bart strike and one man is making it his mission to prevent a strike from happening. orinda city councilman steve glazier is circulating a petition to make it against the law in california for transit workers to strike. he says a strike would have enormous consequences for the bay area's economy. it is 4:40 on your friday. your life is in their hands but we have learned something
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alarming. they are catching zs in the skies a lot more often than you think, coming up. >> a menu makeover. the changes mcdonald's is making to help you cut the calories. ,,
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agreement with the five permanent members of the un il... but syria says it will hand over its stockpile of chemical weapons. the country reached an agreement with the 5 permanent members of the united nations security council but the deal removes the threat of a possible u.s. air strike. president obama was pushing for a possible strike after a chemical attack killed more than 1400 people last month. secretary of state john kerry met with the iranian counterpart in new york yesterday to talk about the crisis over iran's nuclear program. in an interview with scott pelley for "60 minutes," kerry said the u.s. will not lift sanctions on iran until they can make sure the weapons can't be produced there. further talks between u.s. and iran are next month. the senate will vote on a
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bill called a continuing resolution to keep the government running tuesday after the current budget runs out. cbs reporter susan mcginnis explains the senate bill would face a tough fight in the house. reporter: the senate will likely vote yes on a bill to keep the government operating through mid-november averting a shutdown at midnight monday. lawmakers will remove part of the bill that kills obamacare, something house republicans demand. >> will you accept the bill? >> no. >> reporter: instead, house republicans will try to attach other stipulations to try to chip away at obamacare. they are said to be considering a one-year delay of the healthcare law on repealing a tax on a medical device that helps fund it. >> there will be options available to us. there are not going to be any speculation about what we're going to do or not do until the senate passes their bill. >> reporter: democrats say republicans are wasting time. they insist they won't negotiate while the clock ticks down to a partial government
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shutdown. >> we want a clean cr. we are going to have a clean cr. that's what we're going to vote for. we are not going to play any of their games. >> reporter: thursday the president said republicans should forget about trying to kill his healthcare plan. >> that's not going to happen as long as i'm president. >> reporter: as the deadline approaches, federal workers will get notices today letting them know whether they will keep working during a shutdown or if they will be furloughed. in. what, susan mcginnis, kpix 5. >> lawmakers are planning to work through the weekend to try to find a resolution. asleep in the cockpit. pilots do it more often than you think. just last month two pilots fell asleep on a british flight and the plane was left on autopilot. british pilots admitted to more than half of them sleeping during a flight and 30% woke up to find the other pilot sleeping. we asked hero on the hudson pilot sully sullenberger from
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danville what pilots are up against. >> as airplanes are kept flying longer fleets and more flights per day, all hours of the day or night, it's very predictable that because of fatigue, short- term memory and alertness and judgment diminish and the mental capacity to act that's necessary is diminished. it's not obvious to the pilots at the time that they are affected. >> the pilots on the british airways flight said they had only gotten five hours of sleep in the past two nights. >> that's scary. when we drive home in the afternoon after a long day here -- >> yes. >> say on a thursday or freud. >> i put my car on autopilot. >> we've seen you drive. >> don't you wish? [ laughter ] we have chance coming up for the weekend. we have more sunshine headed our way. should be a beautiful fall weekend. fire danger elevated as we are seeing more northerly dry winds over the mountaintops. nonetheless outside you can see as high pressure tries to build in more of a northerly component to the wind just above so yeah, the fire danger going to be running high
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through 3:00 this afternoon. the winds will be decreasing throughout the day and sunny skies. the temperatures going to be a little warmer and should be a beautiful fall weekend especially saturday. by sunday we start to see some changes. down below in the valleys winds aren't so bad. it's calm into mountain view hayward right now just gentle breeze in san francisco at 3 miles per hour. about 7 miles per hour out of the north in vallejo and 12 in fairfield. but you get the idea now, high pressure building in. we'll see winds calming down the next couple of days and then this cold front drops foot bay area late sunday to bring some increasing clouds. around the state we'll find plenty of sunshine some 80s into the central valley, 70s monterey bay. clear today and the better part of saturday looking good. then clouds beginning to gather especially sunday. that's when we are going to see more changes in the forecast. temperatures expecting some 70s and low 80s in the south bay, 60s coastside, still breezy there. 70s and 80s inland. and inside the bay breezy this afternoon about 71 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we'll warm up the temperatures before
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cooling down with more clouds on the way late in the day on sunday slight chance of showers on monday. all right. let's check the roads now with liza battalones. >> hey there, lawrence. good morning, everybody. the early drive leaving antioch still looking okay at this hour with westbound traffic moving at the speed limit. westbound leaving antioch towards pittsburg down into concord. likewise if you plan on making a bridge commute this morning, chances are, you'll be on time to work if you leave right now. westbound traffic very light at the san mateo bridge. that's a good option. as with the dumbarton bridge leaving the east bay towards the peninsula. if you are heading for the 580/680 interchange or 880 actually, 880 in oakland there is roadwork now in the northbound direction approaching high street. so watch out for construction crews. they have set up shop in three lanes of traffic. that's northbound. they will be out there for about the next 30 minutes or so. 580/680 interchange this is it. all the headlights would be those folks leaving the altamont pass area tri-valley bound for the silicon valley with that westbound 580 commute
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still looking okay just a brief delay as you head through livermore. and the 880/237 interchange in milpitas, that's still looking good with no problems there. even our first bart trains are out of the yard on time. no delays reported across the board for any of our local transit systems. that's traffic. now to news. 4:49. for the first time this week, the dow will open higher than it did the day before. the five-day losing streak for blue chips ended as new jobless claims hit a six-year low. the dow up 55. nasdaq up 26. and if you held on to facebook stock since it went public at 38 bucks a share you are making some money now. facebook stock has topped $50 a share for the very first time. it's now up 88% for this year. the company stock fell following the ipo in may of last year but now it is 32% above the ipo price thanks to success in selling ads on mobile devices. toyota is recalling more than half a million minivans because of a gear shift issue.
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it could cause the car to roll away even when it's in park. the recall affects 615,000 siena models like this one. they are from the model years 2004, five, seven, eight and nine. toyota reps say there have been 21 minor accidents related to the problem. they will be notifying affected owners by mail and replacing it for free. mcdonald's menu is slimming down. mark kelly on the changes coming to a fast-food restaurant near you. >> reporter: while mcdonald's meals may be happy healthy is another question for decades. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: but next year, mcdonald's customers will be able to substitute fruit, salad or a vegetable for fries in their value meals. >> the only pressure that as a mcdonald's we feel is the pressure to continue to evolve with customers and their changing needs and eating habits. any business that's not doing that won't be a business. >> reporter: the veggies will be rolled out in 20 countries
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including the united states. only water, milk and juice will be shown on menu boards for kids' happy meals, not soda. advertising directed to children will feature messages about nutrition. >> this is the first time a big player in the food about has made a commitment in the united states to change advertising directed at children. >> reporter: the idea is the result of a partnership with the clinton global initiative and the alliance for a healthier generation. that's right. the former big mac-loving president turned vegan helped wednesday mcdonald's to slim down. >> it's exactly the group that we want to work with. we can't solve the obesity problem without changing what children eat. >> reporter: this week burger king introduced new lower calorie fries but mcdonald's feeds 69 million people a day. >> we don't think we are the problem related to obesity. but we think we can be part of the solution. >> reporter: get this. in france, nearly 2/3 of fruit
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eaten in restaurants by children is eaten at mcdonald's. so can the same thing happen here? it will have to mean passing the salad while passing on the fries. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> by the way, u.s. restaurants account for 85% of mcdonald's sales worldwide. time now is 4:52. these bags of everything to suggest it's the real thing but don't let the designer label fool you. how thousands of fakes are making their way into california
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all right. looking for something to do with one of your best friends? dog fest walk and roll taking place at spring lake park in santa rosa. should be sunny and mild, about 65 degrees. >> and it is still "friday light" at the san mateo bridge
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with no traffic delays leaving hayward heading for foster city. in fact, all bridges looking great at this hour. i'll have more friday traffic for you in just a few minutes. san jose's hoping a big convention center will mean big business for the city. mayor reed and silicon valley business leaders celebrated the expansion of the mcnearry convention center with a ribbon- cutting last night. the $130 million upgrade adds 125,000 square feet of meeting space. it officially opens october 10. they looked glamorous with designer labels but boxes of fake handbags came into california. customs seized 16,000 in long beach and l.a. from china and hong kong over the past few months. most of the shipments would have likely would have ended up at swap meets. how do you spot a fake? >> sometimes these bags are
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wrapped in -- these sandals are wrapped in plastic. >> real items sell up to $18,000. they could have sold for hundreds of thousands here in the states. phonies will be destroyed at the end of the investigation. 4:56. coming up, new details in a deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan. the suspect's dad is coming to his son's defense. what he says happened wednesday night. >> reporter: a tragic fire this morning in san francisco's sunset district kills two people including a toddler. what firefighters said made it harder to fight. a live report from the scene coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i have been crying all day. >> reporter: a dodgers fan celebrating his dad's birthday stabbed to death in a fight near at&t park. >> we have learned police have two people in custody. they are still looking for two more. >> i think those are just crazy people who take this game too
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hard. >> terrible. >> a deadly house fire overnight. firefighters broke into the home and rescued five people. >> i can't make sense of any of it. >> friends and family mourn a san francisco state student's senseless killing as the suspect is ready to face the judge. >> i saw there was a passenger and it was a little bit more nerve-racking to see there was a pilot. >> midair emergency a pilot has a heart attack during a flight. >> it was pretty rough. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> touchdown, san francisco! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, september 27. i'm michelle griego. >> friday is here! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. let's get you out the door with a little weather, the weekend. >> getting ready for the weekend mostly clear skies. we have been watching those northerly winds and the high fire danger over the mountaintops. red flag warnings continuing across bay area mountains above
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1,000 feet. still seeing gusty winds there over 40 miles per hour right now mount diablo. could gust to 45. so we have to watch that but they should subside by this afternoon and the red flag warnings coming down about 3:00 in the afternoon, as well. outside we have mostly clear skies. the temperatures kind of all over the map this morning. we have some cool numbers in the north bay down to the 40s. 50s elsewhere. but by the afternoon, i think they all end up warmer going to be very nice. 80s making a return to the valleys, a lot of 70s inside the bay and 60s toward the coastline. still a bit breezy. the weekend looking good. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> the morning commute looking great. so far no major accidents out there. if you plan to make the drive to and through the peninsula, we have pictures now our sensors are picking up very light traffic for both 280 and 101 between san francisco and the south bay. you can see there traffic on 101 flowing well passing sfo. highway 92 has been a great option this morning. that continues. it's very light traffic both ways betwe


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