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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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1,000 feet. still seeing gusty winds there over 40 miles per hour right now mount diablo. could gust to 45. so we have to watch that but they should subside by this afternoon and the red flag warnings coming down about 3:00 in the afternoon, as well. outside we have mostly clear skies. the temperatures kind of all over the map this morning. we have some cool numbers in the north bay down to the 40s. 50s elsewhere. but by the afternoon, i think they all end up warmer going to be very nice. 80s making a return to the valleys, a lot of 70s inside the bay and 60s toward the coastline. still a bit breezy. the weekend looking good. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> the morning commute looking great. so far no major accidents out there. if you plan to make the drive to and through the peninsula, we have pictures now our sensors are picking up very light traffic for both 280 and 101 between san francisco and the south bay. you can see there traffic on 101 flowing well passing sfo. highway 92 has been a great option this morning. that continues. it's very light traffic both ways between hayward and foster
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city. all bridges looking good at this hour including the bay bridge toll plaza and 880 we have this same roadwork. just watch out for work crews that are out there in the northbound direction of 880. they're there approaching high street in three lanes of traffic so take it easy out there. the south bay drive 880/237 interchange this is it! southbound traffic looking good with no problems approaching 237. lawrence is twerking over there on the side. [ laughter ] >> he is? >> thank you. >> that's traffic. >> all right. liza, thank you. kpix 5's elizabeth wenger is following some breaking news right now in san francisco. a father and his 2.5-year-old child have died in a house fire. elizabeth, what's the latest? >> reporter: fire crews are continuing their investigation. streets are closed at 18th right around the 1900 block of 18th avenue. so as you said, we have confirmed a 2.5-year-old toddler was killed, the father was also killed. the mother was able to get out
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okay and the grandfather right now in critical condition. this is video after the fire broke out at 1:30 a.m. this is 18th avenue near pacheco. firefighters saw smoke coming from the second floor when they arrived. firefighters believe the fire started on the ground level where the father was sleeping. there's an in-law unit down there. the mom smelled smoke. she came downstairs and that's when she discovered the house was on fire. firefighters had a tough time fighting this. there's a metal security gate. they had to breakthrough that. there are double paned windows that kept the smoke in. two people died including a toddler. one person in critical condition. i was able to talk briefly to the fire chief and she says preliminary reports say that the toddler was found in the bathroom. so it is a little unusual. we are not sure what that means. again, the toddler died once it was brought to the hospital.
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we still don't know whether the baby was a boy or a girl. and again, streets are blocked here around 18th on the 1900 block. frank and michelle, back to you. >> so sad, elizabeth. okay. right now live pictures of a big hay fire burning in the town of winters in yolo county. this is actually a reporter here from our sister station in sacramento. but you can see the flames right behind her. people can see the heavy smoke and the flames for more than 30 miles. the fire started around the 10:30 last night at the hay king done farm off highway 505. the firefighters are going to let it burn out. fire crews tweeted this photo of the fire four hours ago and they will continue to monitor it this morning. firefighters say it could take days before the fire is out. they are trying to figure out what the cause is. 5:03. the father of the man suspected of killing a dodgers fan says his son was acting in self- defense. 21-year-old michael montgomery
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from lodi is charged with homicide for the deadly stabbing near at&t park on wednesday night. 24-year-old jonathan denver seen on the far left there was killed. he was at the game with his family for his father's birthday. kpix 5's cate caugiran is over at at&t park now this morning and cate, the suspect says he used the knife in self-defense. reporter: this morning, we are getting the suspect's side of the story from his father. we know that this incident happened just blocks away from here at at&t park. the suspect's father marty montgomery told the lodi news sentinel, quote, michael got jumped. denver and friends started swinging chairs and he stabbed denver. quote, denver mouthed off about the san francisco hat. it wasn't even michael's hat. now, police collected that hat in question. you can see it here. an officer taking it into evidence. and as you said earlier, frank, montgomery said it was his son who told them that this was
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self-defense and that the fight started when denver yelled, quote, giants suck. cate caugiran, kpix 5. stabbing led to increased security at last night's giants- dodgers game. there was extra uniformed officers at at&t park. there were also undercover officers wearing dodgers gear. fans we talked with did not think the violence was typical of most baseball fans. >> two individuals or a group of individuals that let their emotions get away from them, not the whole fan base of l.a. or the giants. >> it was disapointing to hear. it's a fun rivalry. it's not about what happens after the game. >> both the giants and the dodgers released statements saying they were saddened and shocked by the killing. the victim lived and worked in northern california in the small town of fort bragg in mendocino county. jonathan denver was an apprentice at north coast plumbing and heating. those who knew him said he was
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a hard worker and a part of the family. his dad is a security guard at dodger stadium and many are having a difficult time wrapping their minds around what happened. >> i don't understand who could even do that over giants or dodgers. it's just ridiculous. >> i was at work when i found out. it just doesn't -- i don't believe it yet. it just going on facebook and seeing all his pictures i just it just doesn't seem real. i just feel like i'm going to see him later. >> kpix 5 spoke to denver's family. his grandmother says they are heartbroken and they appreciate all the love and support they are getting. the killing comes the same week as the giants are raising money for another fan who was brutally attacked. bryan stow was beaten outside dodger stadium two years ago. this is stow back in june. he suffered a traumatic brain injury and still has a lot of difficulties. the giants are donating $10 from each ticket sold in certain sections. ballpark to the bryan stow fun.
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the man accused of killing the san francisco state student will be arraigned today. investigators say 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone shot justin valdez monday night as both men got off a muni train in the ingleside district. officers found a cache of assault weapon as well as survival gear and $20,000 in cash. >> you would be hard pressed to understand why someone would possess this sort of fire power and then be capable of carrying out homicide. >> family and classmates remember justin valdez during a candlelight vigil at san francisco state last night. 20-year-old valdez a southern california native was on the water polo team and the environmental club at the school. an antioch family has lost its fight to save their two pit bulls. the dogs mauled a 10-year-old boy last month. owners roderick and courtney de la cruz claim one of the pit bulls did not attack the boy and should not be put down. but an appeals board ruled yesterday that both dogs are vicious animals and should be
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euthanized. the boy who was attacked needs more cosmetic surgery but he is back in school. two women have told san rafael police they may have been drugged at a downtown bar and raped. one woman says she was at the nickel rose september 11. she has no memory of what happened after she left the bar until she woke up the next morning. the victim of a sexual assault. the or case happened nine days later with a similar story. so far, no suspects. time now is 5:08. coming up, she is not your average schoolyard bully. how this woman managed to steal millions of dollars in lunch money. plus -- >> i thought it was a passenger. it was a little bit more nerve- racking to see it was a pilot. >> a big air scare. a pilot suffering a heart attack midflight forcing an emergency landing. >> designer duds at a steal. the massive $210 million bust in southern california. >> fire danger still running
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high but the weekend is looking good. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's still "friday light" over at the san mateo bridge. all bridge commutes moving well. i'll have an update on your drive into work including information on mass transit in just a few minutes. ,,,, female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep train's during sleep train's inventory clearance sale. save 10, 20, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing
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emergency landing. the plane was headed to seattle from houston last night. it landed in boise, idaho, around 8:00. word of the pilot's condition spread through the cabin and several passengers were quick to help. >> people helped give him cpr all the way down. and then they got the emts on there and got him off. >> some passengers say a radiologist was helping the pilot as the plane landed in boise. the pilot was rushed to a local hospital. the flight resumed its trip to seattle shortly after that. the pilot's condition is unknown. and we are getting some disturbing reports of pilots sleeping on the job. last month two pilots fell asleep on a british flight and the plane was left on autopilot. the survey of the british pilots revealed more than half admitted to actually sleeping during a flight. and nearly 30% say they woke up only to find the other pilot was also asleep. we asked sully sullenberger out of danville what pilots are really up against.
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>> as airplanes are kept flying longer flights and more flights per day, all hours of the day or night, it's very predictable that because of fatigue, short- term memory diminishes awareness alert initial diminish, judgments diminishes and the mental necessary to intervene and act effectively diminishes. it's insidious. it's not obvious to the pilots at the time that they are being as badly affected by fatigue as they are. >> the pilots on that british airways flight said they had only gotten five hours of sleep in the past two nights. sleepy pilots is being talked about on twitter. also trending at this hour wendy davis the texas democrat known for her 13 hour filibuster against an abortion bill is planning for running for governor now of the state. michael jackson jury deliberations resume in the singer's wrongful death trial. mcdonald's fast food chain now offering healthier options and its value molds including salads and bill gates microsoft
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founder says the control alt delete combo was a big mistake. >> a mistake? i don't know. >> how about one button? >> how about checking in with liza on the traffic. >> okay. good morning, be. we are going to talk about the 880 commute as it rolls through oakland. all the roadwork on the nimitz is picked up. so all lanes are open, traffic fine approaching high street in oakland. now, the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights still off. traffic fine at the pay gates leaving the east bay. and highway 4 in antioch we are seeing some slow traffic leaving antioch. once you pass antioch speeds increase with no delays through pittsburg into concord. the peninsula drive 280-101 good both ways. no delays or construction between san francisco and san jose. 580680 commute even the altamont pass is looking okay this morning. so far we are not looking at any backups leaving grant line road and that continues fine as
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you head through the livermore valley. the 880/237 interchange in the south bay we didn't have any major construction overnight so all lanes are open for you and traffic is looking good in both directions there. the mass transit scene, also very nice. no delays for bart, caltrain, the ferries or the altamont commuter express. that's a look at your friday drive. now to lawrence. >> high pressure now building in overhead. we are going to see some beautiful conditions today. but fire danger going to be elevated as we are seeing some of those northerly winds and a dry wind across some of the mountaintops. some of the gusts over 40 miles per hour but down below not too bad at all. around the bay area today mostly clear start to the day a little breezy as we head in toward the afternoon and then sunday any skies and high fire danger continuing but i think the weekend will be beautiful especially saturday. speaking of winds, not too bad this morning. down in the valleys really fairly calm. mountain view and hayward northwesterly at 3 miles per hour and san francisco a little stronger through the delta up to 12 in fairfield but over the mountains still gusty. high pressure building in overhead today looks like it will bring -- looks like it will bring with it lots of
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sunshine and warmer weather here and around the state. looking at 80s into the central valley. about 68 degrees in yosemite and 71 in monterey bay. mostly clear today. tomorrow cloudy late in the day and then toward sunday clouds beginning to gather and move back onshore. so cooling things down as we head in towards sunday. saturday looking fantastic. sites and 80s into the south bay. 60s at the coastline a little breezy still there. you will see 70s and 80s in the interior valleys. and inside the bay mostly sunny skies about 78 in oakland. 76 in richmond. and 79 degrees in san rafael. next couple of days, we are going to warm up the temperatures through saturday. cool back down with a few more clouds coming in late in the day on sunday. in fact, there's a chance we could see showers sunday night into monday. not a big system moving through but at least a slight chance then a return to dry weather but the temperatures staying fairly cool toward tuesday and wednesday. but saturday looks like a spectacular day. >> you are delivering! looks great. >> we like it. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> you're welcome. happening today, the senate
5:17 am
will likely vote yes on a bill to keep the government from shutting down at midnight monday. the senate is also expected to remove a house provision defunding obamacare. house republicans will try to attach other stipulations to chip away at the affordable care act. >> there will be options available to us. they are not going to be any speculation about what we are going to do or not do until the senate passes its bill. >> we want a clean cr and will have one. that's what we're going to vote for. we're not going to play any of their games. >> lawmakers are expected to work through the weekend to try and find a resolution. two people are arrested and charged in connection with a cantaloupe food poisoning that killed several people. people from colorado are accused of selling contaminated them in 2011. they say the brothers didn't clean them. they pled not guilty to the misdemeanor charges. authorities have completed
5:18 am
the autopsy of navy yard killer aaron alexis but the results of that medical examination have not yet been made public. his body was released but it's not confirmed that it was his mother who claimed it. 34-year-old shot and killed 12 and wounded 4 in the navy yard shooting in washington, d.c. in mid-september. six of the people who trashed this former nfl player's home in new york turned themselves in to police. this is some of the destruction left behind after more than 300 partiers vandalized brian holloway's home in steventown last month. those six people will face charges including burglary and criminal mischief. investigators are sorting through the case and hundreds more could be charged. a southern california school district accountant is accused of stealing more than $3 million of lunch money. judith oaks was arrested last month. investigators say she took the money over 14 years. she handled deposits of student
5:19 am
lunch money. she was captured on video stuffing cash into her bra. oates hasn't officially been charged with a crime. they looked glamorous and had those designer labels. but boxes of air maze handbags coming into california were fakes. customs seizing some 16,000 of them at the ports of l.a. and long beach. they came in from china and hong kong over the past couple of months. most of the shipments would have likely ended up at swap meets. so how can you tell if it's a fake? >> sometimes these bags are wrapped -- these handles are wrapped in plastic. and air maze does not do that. >> real air maze bags can sell for as much as $18,000. all of those confiscated bags could have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars here in the states. the phonies will eventually be destroyed at the end of the investigation. 5:19 now. coming up, surprised on the red planet. curiosity's latest discovery that's wowing scientists. >> i'm kim coyle. coming up in sports, the 49ers
5:20 am
were due for a win after scoring just 10 points over the past two weeks. they look to get back on track in st. louis. sports is next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it has found molecules of w in the soil. nasa says that nasa's curiosity rover has
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made a big discovery on mars. it's found molecules of water in the soil. nasa says that means water particles are likely to be found around the entire planet. but there is not a lot to go around. they make up only 2% of the red planet's surface. good morning, everyone. the 49ers have lost 2 in a row for the first time in the jim harbaugh era. last night they would have to get it done without patrick willis. colin kaepernick got help from frank gore with his first 100- yard game in fact year. down 3-0 in the second, boldin dives in for the touchdown. 7-349ers. gore had a huge night, 20 carries for 153 yards. his 34-yard touchdown run before the half makes it 14-3. the 49ers defense played well like the 49ers defense. holding the rams offense to under 200 yards. navorro bowman collects the sack as the 49ers win 5-1 1. is this tim lincecum's
5:24 am
final start as a san francisco giant? timmy strikes out a player three times. 7 innings, six strikeouts left with a no decision. pagan to the top of the wall. it goes out for a home run. the giants beat the dodgers 3- 2. andy pettitte and derek jeter removed mariano rivera from last night's game in rivera's final game at yankee stadium. it was a huge love fest for the greatest closer in baseball history. he even took a little dirt with him on the way out. and that's a look at sports. have a great day. thank you, kim. play of the day is about who will not play tomorrow at the texas a and l versus arkansas football game in arkansas. he asked to play at halftime but the razorbacks said i don't think so. apparently there's not enough time at halftime for the aggie band to perform. the band had to cancel more than 100 hotel rooms. not fun. and the members are disappointed they don't get to go on the road. >> that would be disappointing.
5:25 am
5:24. coming up, feeling the heat. who a new report points the finger at for climate change. >> and a dodger fan stabbed to death near at&t park now the suspect's father reveals why his son did it coming up. >> an active fire investigation going on now in san francisco's sunset district after a father and 2-year-old child were killed in a house fire. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. ,,
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but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. chevron with techron. care for your car. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald a father and toddler die in an overnight house fire after firefighters pull the family out of the burning home. we're gathering the latest from the scene. >> we have new details in the stabbing death of a dodgers fan
5:29 am
near at&t park. how fans from both sides are reacting. >> and we're seeing some more gusty winds over the mountaintops. still high fire danger but the weekend has changes. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are seeing brake lights now heading towards the altamont pass. we have more friday traffic for you still ahead. good morning. it's friday, september 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:30 now. some breaking news here in san francisco. a family of four pulled out of this home after a fire overnight. a father and 2.5-year-old are dead this morning. two others rushed to the hospital. kpix 5's elizabeth wenger at the scene has the latest. liz. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, this is an awful scene here. the fire started around 1:30 this morning and it was put out in a half hour too late for the family of four. the father was killed. his 2.5-year-old toddler, also. the mother got out okay. the grandfather in critical condition at the hospital at
5:30 am
this hour. at 1:30 this morning firefighters arrived and saw smoke on scene here near 18th avenue and pacheco in the city's sunset district. firefighters believe the fire starting level where the dad was sleeping. there's an in-law unit next to the garage. the mom smelled smoke. she went downstairs and discovered the house on fire. firefighters say double paned windows inside the home sealed the smoke in very tight. also making it harder to fight there was a metal gate that firefighters had to breakthrough. >> the entry to the house it was difficult. it's a very secure home. the fire wasn't that bad of a fire. the ground floor is destroyed. the challenge was getting in. >> reporter: investigators don't think there was anything suspicious. but at this point they still don't know exactly how the fire started. so right now, two people dead, a dad and his toddler. and the grandfather still in
5:31 am
critical condition with some pretty serious smoke inhalation. right now fire crews are still out here cleaning up. in the meantime 18th is closed in the sunset district. elizabeth wenger kpix 5. fire crews in yolo counting are letting this big hay fire burn out. it's burned 8 acres at hay king done kingdom in winters. it started 10:30 last night. it could be seen for 30 miles. it could take days before it's finally burned-out. they are trying to find out what started it. a comment about a giants hat started a fight that ended in the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan. 21-year-old michael montgomery is accused of stabbing jonathan denver to death near at&t park after wednesday night's game. montgomery's father says his
5:32 am
son told him it was self- defense telling the lodi news sentinel, michael got jumped denver and friends started swinging chairs and he fought back. cate caugiran is at at&t park with a step the giants are taking to prevent more violence. >> reporter: michelle, as the giants take off padres tonight here at at&t park, blocks away from that incident, security continues to be a priority. giants fans hope that as this investigation moves forward, that this incident does not reflect poorly on the fans and the city. >> the giants and the dodgers would like to give our deepest sympathies and prayers to jonathan's family during this difficult time. >> reporter: there was a moment of silence observed at last night's final giants-dodgers game at at&t park. there were extra officers on hand, some of them obviously
5:33 am
dressed in uniform and others were undercover cloaked by team jerseys. the stadium divided in colors of orange and blue but both sides shocked over the senseless stabbing. sparked over outfits as if they were rival gang colors. >> just a game. you have to live your life and be happy for the other team. it's nothing personal. i don't know why it gets so sparked. it gives us a bad name. >> it was disappointing to hear. it was a fun rivalry. it's a lot of fun when it's about the game. it's not about what happens after the game. >> reporter: san francisco police say security was also increased outside of the park. this incident happened near 3rd and harrison four blocks from where denver and his family were watching wednesday's game. giants fans at last night's game asked to us make a plea to dodgers fans saying, quote, we're not all bad people. reporting live at at&t park, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the giants released a statement that's saying in part we want to be clear that there's absolutely no place in
5:34 am
our community for this type of senseless violence. the giants are working with the san francisco police department to step up enforcement in and around the ballpark tonight and throughout the rest of the final home stand. a statement from the dodgers says, quote, the dodgers are shocked and saddened to learn of the death of jonathan denver who is the son of one of our security guards. there is no rational explanation for the senseless act which resulted in jonathan's death. the pain that this has caused his family and friends is unimaginable. >> jonathan denver lived and worked up in fort bragg. he was an apprentice at the north coast plumbing and heating company. those who knew him say he was a hard worker and a part of the family. his dad as we said a security guard at dodger stadium. many right now are having a difficult time wrapping their minds around what happened. >> wish i could tell you how this happened, why this happened. i have no clue why anyone would do it to any family. >> that's denver's sister speaking to our sister station
5:35 am
in los angeles. 5:34 right now. let's check the weather. apparently fire danger? >> yeah. you know, it's that time of year. we start to see a little bit of an offshore wind and that can be dangerous. things are dry now. red flag warnings continuing around the bay area. at least until 3:00 in the afternoon. then looks like those winds will start to subside. but right now we are seeing gusts over 40 miles per hour across some of the mountaintops and well, it could gust to about 45 so you have some lower humidities. not the worst fire conditions we have seen but dangerous so be careful. otherwise mostly clear skies to start the day. temperatures all over the map. a little chilly in parts of the north bay this morning into the 40s. 50s elsewhere but by the afternoon we are enjoying some sunshine and temperatures up in the 70s and 80s in the south bay. east bay back into the 80s in most spots there with sunny skies and as you get inside the bay about 78 degrees in oakland, 72 sausalito. and 71 degrees a little breezy in san francisco. more on the weekend forecast. right now let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> hey there, lawrence. good morning, everybody. 580 is going to be a slow
5:36 am
commute at this hour leaving the altamont pass. it's just the normal drive no accidents or anything. but westbound 580 is going to be slow for you beyond grant line approaching the livermore valley. once you pass livermore avenue traffic does okay through pleasanton. 580/680 interchange right here westbound traffic still flowing okay. there's still some room in between those cars, that westbound direction the headlights and the san mateo bridge fine no construction from overnight so all lanes are open for you. this is a great option for making the drive out of the east bay towards the peninsula. mass transit also a good option, as well. no delays for the bart system. ferries are on schedule. no problems for caltrain or ace. that's the friday commute. >> thank you. right now rescuers are in a race to save dozens of people trapped in this rubble in mumbai, india. the five-story residential building collapse. rescue workers rushed to the scene to help pull out anyone they could find. authorities have rescued 25 people so far including a baby. at least 50 people are reported
5:37 am
to be trapped in the debris and so far, three people have been found dead. syria says it will hand over its stockpile of chemical weapons. the country reached an agreement with the five permanent members of the united nations security council. but there's a catch. the deal removes the threat of a possible u.s. air strike. president obama was pushing for a possible strike after a chemical attack killed more than 1400 people last month. authorities will begin the weapons inspection on tuesday. secretary of state john kerry met with his iranian counterpart in new york yesterday to talk about the crisis over iran's nuclear program. in an interview with scott pelley for "60 minutes," kerry said the u.s. will not lift sanctions on iran until they can make sure no weapons can be produced. further talks between the u.s. and iran are planned next month in geneva. new this morning, a united nations report published today blames humans for at least half of the global warming that's been going on since the 1950s. they say this past decade was
5:38 am
the warmest one on record. >> and it should serve as yet another [ indiscernible ] that our activities today will have a profound impact on society not only for us but for many generations to come. >> the report also predicts global temperatures will rise by up to 8 degrees fahrenheit this century. we are two weeks away from another possible shutdown at bart and one man is making it his mission to prevent a strike from happening altogether. orinda city councilman steve glazer is circulating a petition to make it against the law in california for transit workers to strike. he says the strike would have enormous consequences for the bay area's economy. bart's decision to shut down cell phone service a couple years ago has led to a new california law. starting january 1, court order will now be needed to interrupt wireless communications services. back in august of 2011, bart pulled the plug on cell phone service at some of its san
5:39 am
francisco stations because of protests there. state senator who authored the bill says arbitrarily shutting on cell service could put people in danger since they would be unable to call 911. governor brown signed a bill ensuring more rights for domestic workers. under the law those including nannies an housekeepers are now required to get overtime pay if they work more than 9 hours a day or more than 45 hours a week. time now 5:39. coming up, a menu makeover. the changes mcdonald's is making to help you cut calories. plus -- >> keeping you safe behind the wheel now. which crash avoidance system works the best. >> and one wrong step, how bystanders risk their own lives to save this man. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:42 am
several people immediately jumped down and lifted him watch as this 33-year-old man walked off the edge of a subway platform in boston on the t. several people jumped down and lifted him to safety. according to police, the man said he had a couple of drinks to celebrate passing the medical boards and was waiting for the train home. he doesn't remember anything else. >> makes me feel better being in boston knowing there are people looking out for everyone. >> it was awesome. they ought to be doing it. they are doing the right thing.
5:43 am
>> authorities say the trains were stopped at the time so the man was never in danger of getting hit. the man was taken to the hospital with no serious injuries. but soon to be a doctor, he is a lucky guy. >> very lucky. >> i guess. stock futures suggest the latest wall street rally will be pretty short. >> they are lower this morning. wendy gillette of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. the dow and s&p 500 finally snapped the five-day losing streak yesterday. news from the labor department helped push stocks up. unemployment claims fell to their lowest level in six years last week. the dow finished 55 points higher. the nasdaq climbed 26. j.c. penney plans to offer $84 million worth of shares through a public stock offering. the struggling retail company expects to raise more than $800 million. j.c. penney's stock dropped to its lowest point in almost 13 years this week. and the world's largest hamburger chain wants to become healthier. mcdonald's will start offering
5:44 am
customers a choice of substituting fruit, salad or vegetables for fries in their value meals. the new items will be offered in 20 countries including the u.s. and only water, milk and juice will be shown on menu boards for children's happy meals. >> got to make everyone happy. all right. i guess we got some big tech news too for a silicon valley company, right? >> reporter: yeah. google has quietly altered its formula to change the way the internet search engine answer complex questions. called hummingbird it was rolled out this month affecting how the website responds to 90% of the search requests it gets. today is also when google executives celebrate the company's birthday. the business was launched 15 years ago from a garage in menlo park. can you believe it, frank and michelle? >> i wish i bought stock about 5 or 10 years ago. >> after the fact. >> we would all be retired. >> all right. wendy gillette of, thank you. have a great weekend.
5:45 am
>> reporter: you, too. toyota is recalling more than half a million minivans because of a gear shift issue. it could cause the car to roll away when it's in park. the recall affected 615,000 siena models like this one from the model years 2004, 5, 7, 8, and '9. toyota represents say there have been 21 minor accidents related to the problem and they will be notifying affected owners by mail replacing the device for free. the insurance institute for highway safety is releasing its first ratings of crash avoidance systems focusing on cars and suvs with front crash prevention systems and auto breaking braking. alexis christoforous reports. >> reporter: systems that warn drivers they are about to hit system and auto braking systems that make cars stop by themselves can add $1,000 or more to cars.
5:46 am
which systems work best? the insurance institute for highway safety put more than 70 new cars and suvs to the test staging crashes at 12 and 25 miles per hour. researchers say the safety systems that performed best combined a warning system and auto braking. [ beep beep ] >> there's the warning. [ tone ] >> and there's the auto brakes. the vehicle stopped by itself. >> reporter: researchers say a crash at 25 miles per hour between a mercedes c class and a chevy malibu can do more than $28,000 in damage to both cars. cut the speed to 12 miles per hour and give the mercedes an auto braking system and the damage is about $5,700. so which vehicles do researchers say performed best? at the top of the list are subaru's legacy and outback which researchers say earned perfect scores. the institute for highway safety wants consumers to get
5:47 am
the littlest bang for their buck. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. >> think it's time for traffic, right? >> think i so so. let's check in with liza. good morning. happy friday. we are going to talk about the commute where there are no accidents so far this morning and traffic is very light especially for the peninsula drive leaving san francisco heading for san jose. you're looking at our sensors which are picking up very light traffic for both 101 and 280. if your plans this morning include the south bay all our silicon valley freeways are extremely light. 280 looking good approaching downtown san jose with no problems either for 101 leaving morgan hill bound for the silicon valley. so it's been a nice start to the friday commute. and that continues on over at the dublin interchange. there are more folks in that westbound direction. that's why you see all those headlights there but so far, no major delays approaching 680 and the bridge commutes have been okay so far this morning. san mateo bridge is really cuff yesterday with that accident. this morning it's all good. free and clear of any problems
5:48 am
for westbound 92. 880 in oakland, the overnight roadwork has been picked up so all lanes are now open for you approaching high street. close by over at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic still very light leaving oakland and heading into san francisco. if you are heading for the 880/237 interchange, this is it right here, we haven't had any problems for milpitas commutes, 237 rolling well as with mass transit. bart trains still on time. that's the good news all around. lawrence? >> all right. we have some great weather ahead here. we have elevated fire danger and that's because we have seen a strong northerly wind and some lower humidity. so fire danger going to stay elevated throughout the day. finally going to see things decrease toward the latter part of the day and the weekend looking good. out the door we go skies mostly clear a little breezy in spots in the mountaintops. down below not so bad. sunny skies fire danger still staying high today. a beautiful fall weekend on tap for the bay area especially saturday. let's check the wind speeds. not too bad down in the valleys. in fact, we are seeing fairly calm winds but up above we are seeing some gusts over 40 miles
5:49 am
per hour on some of the mountaintops. 12 miles per hour to the north- northwest right now in fairfield a little breeze there and 8 miles per hour into antioch. probably going to see that sea breeze kicking up toward the afternoon but nothing too bad as high pressure settling overhead. so sunny and warmer weather today not only here but around the state. you're looking at 80s into the central valley, 71 degrees and sunny into the monterey bay. if you are traveling today, no delays expected at sfo. plenty of sunshine there. and about 74 degrees by the afternoon. looks like around the country, not a bad day either although we may see some thunderstorms popping up into houston about 88. the possibility of some rain and some thunderstorms in denver at 63. 69 and sunny in chicago. and 68 and cloudy in new york. around the bay today looking at temperatures in the 80s in the interior valleys a lot of 70s and sunshine inside the bay. breezy toward the coastline. into the 60s. next couple of days, we are going to see plenty of sunshine and warmer weather on saturday. that's probably the nicest day of the week. clouds begin to move back in, temperatures cooling down on
5:50 am
sunday. a chance of showers overnight sunday into month. then looks like a return to mild but dry weather toward the middle of the week. for your kpix 5 schoolcast for briarwood elementary school in santa clara. a little cool to start out but not bad. mostly clear, sunshine by lunchtime 71 degrees. and when you head out on a -- by the afternoon looking good on friday. beautiful day, 77 degrees outside. and should be very nice. if you would like to nominator school for a schoolcast, go to 77 on a friday afternoon? getting out of school, that feels pretty good. >> if only they could have half a day today. >> that would be nice. >> and monday off. [ laughter ] >> monday too, right. thank you. there is a new warning about telephone scams involving police impersonators. san francisco police say a man is calling people to say he is with the police and collecting overdue loan debts. he says they will avoid trouble by making $500 payments.
5:51 am
the other scam involves unpaid parking tickets with another demand for money. both ask for prepaid cash cards. 5:51 now. californians may soon get to vote for the legalization of marijuana again. a ballot proposal to decriminal it has the green light to collect signatures for next year's ballot to legalize use and distribution of marijuana as well as ban state and local governments from enforcing federal laws against it. california voters rejected a similar initiative back in 2010. a new state survey finds the majority of californians support legalization though. record of 52% of adults say pot should be legalized 60% supporting the idea. 57% men and 47% are women. time now 5:51. angry at apple. why some users say the iphone's new operating system is making them sick. >> and a halloween costume targeted at toddlers has some
5:52 am
parents a little upset. we'll show you what's causing sum a stir coming up. you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron.
5:53 am
5:54 am
the arts and crafts fall festival at menlo park this weekend. sunny and warm about 78 degrees. delays on muni. the eastbound f line is blocked right now because of police activity at the intersection of markets and ninth. i'll give you alternatives to this and a complete look at your friday drive in just a few minutes. if you have been using your iphone with apple's upgraded ios 7 operating system and felt nauseous, complaints have flooded into the apple onlin forum.
5:55 am
people are getting nauseous while zooming. you can shut off the motion by adjusting your settings. a beaverton oregon grandmother passed away last year but she still lives on in cyberspace. a google street photo of her home near portland shows her sitting on her front porch reading a newspaper. the woman's grandson saw the photo and knows the photo will eventually be updated but hopes it won't happen for years. apparently it was taken a year before she died. >> a keepsake. >> yeah. a halloween costume for toddlers at walmart has parents stunned. they say the naughty leopard costume for little girls is inappropriate. the costume is also available at but you won't find the word naughty on the packaging. instead it says leopard child halloween costume. >> people might say naughty means you're just misbehaving. that doesn't -- that's not impression that the name gives for a costume. >> the outfit is cute.
5:56 am
but naughty leopard doesn't sound like that a kid should be wearing. >> news stations in oregon are reporting walmart stores are pulling the costumes now from shelves and have apologized to their customers. can it's 5:56. the 21-year-old charged with murdering a cominger fan after wednesday's giants-dodgers game. why the suspect's father says his son was protecting himself. >> and a family in san francisco is grieving this morning as fire sweeps through their sunset district home leaving two people dead including a 2.5-year-old baby girl. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. ,,,,
5:57 am
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that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. >> i have been crying all day. >> reporter: a dodgers fan celebrating his dad's birthday stabbed to death in a fight near at&t park. >> we have learned police have two people in custody. they are still looking for two more. >> i think those are just crazy people who take this game too hard. >> terrible. >> a deadly house fire overnight.
6:00 am
firefighters broke into the home and rescued five people. >> i can't make sense of any of it. >> friends and family mourn a san francisco state student's senseless killing as the suspect is ready to face the judge. >> i saw there was a passenger and it was a little bit more nerve-racking to see there was a pilot. >> midair emergency a pilot has a heart attack during a flight. >> it was pretty rough. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> touchdown, san francisco! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, friday, final here here, september 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing now at 6:00. a lodi man charged with homicide. san francisco police say 21- year-old michael montgomery stabbed a dodgers fan after the baseball ga


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