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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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explosion. >> it was like a big boom. car alarms started going off. >> reporter: it was bad. even san francisco's top cop was stunned. >> this is as bad as i've seen. it was an ugly crash. >> reporter: what seemed bad from chopper 5 proved worse at ground level. it killed a 16-year-old boy. his mom as life-threatening injuries. five others were injured in the four-vehicle crash. police say a woman in a mercedes sped westbound uphill on pine street just before 7:00. one witness thinks the woman was driving 80 miles an hour. witnesses also said she was running red lights and bouncing in and out of traffic. one cop saw her speeding just seconds before the crash. >> the officer saw the vehicle cross polk street two blocks away. the car was going so fast they didn't have time to activate the lights and sirens before the had the accident. >> reporter: the teen died, his mom and sister.
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witnesses say the impact was so hard the cars flew up in the air. >> she came and hit that incline, she hit the -- like having a jack. lifted up. >> reporter: the crash scene and potential crime scene is now cleared up. what isn't clear is what caused the driver to hit at such a high-speed on a city street. the driver at fault is in her 60s. witnesses said she was holding her head going to the ambulance. she is out of the hospital and now being questioned by police. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> now, the sister of kevin san is in serious condition. a catering van at the same corner was also hit and the three people inside that van we're told were not seriously hurt. let me show you all that was left of a car after it hit this tree after the chase by a sheriff's deputy. the chase began on marsh creek road near clayton. one was killed, the other
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seriously hurt. no word on what started the pursuit. the case of a dodgers fan stabbed to death blocks from the at&t park is in the hands of the district attorney. cbs 5 reporter mark kelly joins us live with where the investigation stands. >> reporter: liz, san francisco police have released the second suspect today. as for 21-year-old michael montgomery, he is set to be arraigned next week as claims surface that the stabbing here on 3rd street was an act of self-defense. less than 48 hours since jon denver died in a stabbing, reports swirled that michael montgomery claimed self- defense. san francisco police chief greg suhr sat down with our phil matier friday morning. >> i can't get into what the conversation was in the
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investigation. but everybody that commits a crime usually has a rationale. >> reporter: friday denver's relatives heartbroken by the loss addressed the self-defense claim. >> anything about a chair and hitting him, i -- that's just i don't know anything about that. >> that's not your grandson? >> no. >> you can't envision your grandson throwing a chair at somebody? >> not at all. >> reporter: the victim's family said, "we do know that our family, our son, and our grandson jonathan have calm level headed personalities and not the type to initiate a confrontation." san francisco police are preparing a report for the district attorney's office which gets the case today. >> we have an admission. i mean, they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> first of all, i don't want to -- [ indiscernible ] we don't know one way or the other. once we are able to view the evidence and we may be able to speak to that issue.
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>> reporter: the fatal stabbing happened here, the intersection of harrison and 3rd following the giants game wednesday night. police say there was a verbal exchange between the groups over the long-standing dodgers giants rivalry. but both groups were just leaving local bars and police say alcohol played a role. >> probably related more to alcohol than it was to baseball. >> reporter: this sports rivalry stabbing is still an ongoing investigation. police say witnesses have come forward but they still need the public's help. police say two suspects are still out there. >> like to have them come forward so that we can interview them and get the full story. >> reporter: montgomery is being held tonight in a special section of the jail away from the general population. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> we just spoke to one of jonathan denver's best friends. >> i can't believe it.
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[ crying ] >> he's gone. [ crying ] >> the whole town just feels like there's a silence. >> the stabbing has shaken residents in fort bragg where denver lives. that part of the story ahead in a live report at 6:00. the man accused of shooting a san francisco state student to death made his first court appearance today. nikhom thephakaysone was arraigned this afternoon for the murder of justin valdez. it turns out his own sister identified him in the muni surveillance video sfpd released tuesday. immediately following the arraignment, george gascon had this to say. >> there's no other way to describe this case but simply to say this was a cold calculated murder. this individual went out hunting that night. and unfortunately, mr. valdez was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> several of the suspect's family members attended the arraignment. an aunt tells us the whole family is in disbelief. the suspect is now being held in a jail ward at sf general.
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new at 5:00 a diplomatic breakthrough. for the first time in more than 30 years, an american president has spoken with the president of iran. president obama spoke by phone with hassan rouhani about iran's nuclear program. mr. obama believes they can come to an agreement but acknowledges there are hurdles. he plans to consult with allies throughout the process. but the phone call itself marks a big step forward. >> the very fact that this was the first communications between an american and iranian president since 1979 underscores the deep distrust between our countries but also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. >> iran suspected of trying to produce nuclear weapons a claim it denies. time is running out to avoid a government shutdown. today the senate passed a bill to keep the government running a few more months.
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but just like a hot potato it goes back to the house for a weekend showdown. congress has just three days left to prevent the government from partially shutting down on tuesday. cbs reporter tara mergener is live in washington where hundreds of thousands of federal workers could be told to stay home next week. tara. >> reporter: this is true. good evening, allen. yeah, what a week here on capitol hill. well, the senate did pass that bill today straight down party lines. this after senate democrats removed language that would have defunded president obama's healthcare law. now, to the chagrin of some gop members, house speaker john boehner says he will not support the senate version of the bill. instead, republican leaders are now considering a new bill that would delay the healthcare law for one year. but the president meantime says he will not negotiate. allen, we are now looking at less than three days until the
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deadline. >> bargaining sessions and having a breakthrough this weekend? >> reporter: well, perhaps. the house has a meeting scheduled tomorrow where they will mull over the senate bill and try to put their heads together and figure out who to get to get 218 members to sign on whatever new route they decide to follow. there's a lot of politics here and rift now within the republican party over this. so allen they are going to have to put their heads together and work it out or not. meantime this potential government shutdown continues to loom and frighten people. >> are we talking critical services? i wouldn't think so, national parks, things like that? >> reporter: exactly. who will affected is one-third of federal workers. the national parks and museums would shut down including in washington, d.c. and services that are critical though to
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national security health and safety would continue. also military personnel on normal duty status would keep their jobs. civilian employees would be temporarily furloughed. there could be problems for some home buyers seeking government backed mortgages and other problems and programs people could start seeing some delays the longer the potential government shutdown goes on. allen? >> that's not good. tara mergener i washington, thank you. wall street getting smacked by the fighting in washington. the dow jones industrial average fell 70 today, nasdaq, s&p also down. there could be a bloodbath next week according to analysts if the government shuts down on tuesday. a midair medical scare causes panic on a united flight. >> i thought it was a passenger. and it was a little bit more nerve-racking to see it was the pilot. >> he said pilot. how passengers stepped in to help the man who was supposed to be landing the plane.
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>> we're all in shock. it's a horror. >> the smoke alarm went off buy a bay area father and his daughter could not escape. the home repairs that may have contributed to a deadly fire. >> blue sky all afternoon with temperatures comfortable once again ranging from san francisco's 74 to calistoga's 81. but remember this word: pa book. find out what pa book has to do are rain chances in our forecast coming up. >> they have this amazing immune system that keeps them -- >> the latest weapon in fighting breast cancer could come from under the sea. what scientists hope to find inside the body of a shark. ,,,,,,,,
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early morning house fire in francisco. the fire broke out around o- we're just getting word a third person has died following an early-morning house fire in san francisco. the fire broke out at 1:30 this morning in a home on 18th avenue near pacheco. a father and his 2-year-old daughter died in the fire. a grandfather who was rushed to the hospital died this
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afternoon. the home was recently renovated with double panned windows that trapped the heat and smoke inside. firefighters also had to breakthrough a metal security gate. >> we're all in shock, total horror. it was surreal. >> the victims are raymond and his 2-year-old daughter chloe. the mother got out through a back door. no word on a cause. traffic in the area of el camino and woodside moving again after a propane tank exploded and caught fire. firefighters sprayed water on the tank in redwood city to keep it cool as they let the propane burn itself out. you can see the size of the tank. it took most of the day to do that. no word yet on what caused the blast just after 8:00 this morning. we are told nobody was hurt. san jose police department grew by 40 recruits today. a graduation ceremony held at the convention center. the next step, field training. that will last about four months. the city is looking to add more than 200 officers over the next
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four years. a gunman walks into a crowded mcdonald's and police can't explain what happened next. >> we are days away from the launch of obamacare but the government exchange isn't your only option. how private brokers can help you navigate the confusion. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pilot had a heart attack mid-air. the 63-year-old pilot was fg
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the a united airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot had a heart attack in midair. the 63-year-old was flying from houston to seattle when he passed out. they landed in boise. some passengers jumped into action and performed cpr. >> i thought it was a passenger. it was a little bit more nerve- wracking to see it was a pilot. >> some people helped give him cpr all the way down and then they got the emts on there and got him off. >> an off-duty pilot landed the plane safely. the 161 passengers were put on another flight. the pilot was taken to the hospital, but he did not make it. the incident now renewing the debate over age restrictions for pilots. enrollment for obamacare begins on tuesday. >> good morning. is christopher home? >> we're not selling anything. >> do you currently have insurance? >> health insurance workers are going door to door to spread
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the word. a new poll from the kaiser family foundation found 43% of uninsured americans still have no idea about the new exchanges. the government is not the only place where you can sign up for obamacare. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports that the uninsured can also turn to insurance agents and brokers. reporter: >> i just say there's no substitute for human interaction. >> reporter: consumers are singing a tune that's music to the ears of insurance brokers everywhere. as the obamacare exchange goes online, nationwide brokers are emerging as major players in healthcare reform. >> think of us as the of health insurance. >> reporter: ehealth ceo gary lower heads up the nation's largest private online insurance marketplace one of six online brokers approved by the government to sell plans in the new subsidized insurance market and he admits he has lobbied hard to grab a piece of the obamacare pie. >> obamacare at the end of the day either succeeds or fails based on enrollment. >> reporter: californians who don't need a subsidy don't have
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to use the government's insurance exchange. they can go directly to a broker online or in person and it woken cost a penny. >> "covered california" and obamacare needs agent. they have to have them. >> reporter: agents and brokers are crucial to help guide consumers through the complexity of obamacare. hidden fees? there are none. brokers get paid by the insurance companies. >> every carrier has their own nuances, their own pricing and their own way of doing business. and looking from one to the other, there are some similarities but there's a lot of differences, too. >> reporter: ehealth's ceo lauer says competition is good. brokers offer guidance and more options. >> put those two things together, you are going to have more people enrolled than if we're not both doing this. >> reporter: now, some critics worry that commission-based brokers might push clients towards higher paying insurers and they also worry that because of the ensurers are paying brokers it may eventually lead to higher premiums. on the consumerwatch, julie
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watts, kpix 5. >> now, there are many questions about this new healthcare law. next week, we'll bring you the five things you need to know about signing up for obamacare. those special reports all next week on kpix 5 news at 6:00. sharks could lead scientists to a new treatment for breast cancer. researchers in scotland are looking at a type of antibody found only in shark blood. scientists think it could have a similar impact in humans. by stopping molecules in breast cancers from telling cancer cells to grow and divide. >> they have this amazing immune system that keeps them well even in kind of dirty oceans and things so we might be able to use that to help people. >> findings could help scientists develop new cancer drugs. all right. what i don't want to see develop is a change in the weather. but i'm sure it's going to happen. i hope the weekend is like today. >> it's going to be very close. what beautiful weather. this is kind of noncomplaint weather. sometimes we could argue and you would be right that san francisco is a bit chilly.
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sometimes you could argue that inland is too hot. right in between and everybody sharing in on it. wait until you see the current temperatures. south bay gorgeous day blue sky from start to finish. it was chilly this morning, but the afternoon has been fabulous. golden gate crystal clear once again. look how consistent the temperatures are, everybody in the 70s including oakland at 76, concord 78. santa rosa 77, san jose 76. let's just throw a bay area- wide party. it's that nice outside right now. some temperatures in the 70s, naturally thinking about snow, right? the folks in the sierra, the folks in tahoe are. boreal getting ready to make snow. why would they do that now? because last year, they opened up on october 26 and they want to build that snow base. it is cold enough and it is now dry enough they can start making snow in the sierra and they are even on a day like today. overnight tonight we'll have lows chilly once again concord 51, san rafael 51, san
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francisco down to 55. you will start your weekend in san jose tomorrow morning with a low of 52 degrees. big, big, big time storm to our north stretching from seattle and portland west 1200 miles offshore. they are going to get about 4 to 6" of rainfall to our north. that will have an impact on our weather. it's the remnants of an old typhoon that hit the philippines a couple of weeks ago. all that moisture is now spilling into the pacific northwest. we avoid it. saturday and sunday sunshine. some of the rain will make it into bay area next monday. that's courtesy of the typhoon pabook. sunny and warm tomorrow, even warmer than today. clouds will increase late in the day on sunday ahead of that front moving through that will give us showers on monday mainly for the north bay although we have a chance for rainfall top of next week. san jose tomorrow gorgeous.
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palo alto 78. los altos 81 tomorrow. hayward sunshine 76. mid-80s for concord, pittsburg, san ramon, livermore 85. 81 for mill valley. novato 82. another beautiful day in the city with a high of 71. 84 your high on saturday in cloverdale. cooler and cloudier on sunday but still very pleasant. monday that's when we had that rain chance highs in the 70s but it quickly moves out tuesday the sunshine is back and more comfortable sunshine coming up next week. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab on the move again tonight. roberta gonzales live at the oakland museum of california. >> reporter: yes, and we are moving an grooving because the music is now playing. it's currently 72 degrees. we have full-on sunshine near oakland. winds were blowing out of the west at 17. they have died down. we have so much activity going on here at the oakland museum of california that we brought in louise the senior curator of history here at the museum. first up, tell me about your brand-new exhibit. >> it's called above and below stories from my changing bay and the first major exhibit about the environment and history of the bay area. >> reporter: what would make me
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so interested to come to your museum? >> we are telling all kinds of amazing stories about the bay. we worked with incredible scientists and artists and we have everything from live fish to a nike missile launcher to an incredible 2.5-hour scan of the bay taken from a helicopter. >> reporter: so sounds like something for everybody from the kids to the adults. >> there are. and there's all kinds of interactivities if the gallery programming in the gallery tonight. every other friday we do chats in the gallery about things ripped from the headlines. >> reporter: so to could see the exhibit it's $15 except for tonight. >> every friday half off. >> reporter: so 7:50 plus it's friday night. so we have music, we have libation and, of course, we have all of these food trucks. tell me about those. >> our food trucks are coming to us from off the grid and we get a different set of them every friday. >> reporter: it's amazing because in less than an hour we are anticipating a couple of thousand people here to come and feast and drink and dance to all the music. in fact, we made it really easy. if you watching this at home now or maybe at the office sneaking a peek and you want
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more information about friday nights right here at the oakland museum of california, you can visit us online at and click on "links and numbers." reporting with louise, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. back to you guys. >> looks like fun. >> thank you, ro. they are calling it the mcdonald's miracle. a massacre averted. >> and the chilling turn of events is caught on camera. what happened with the suspect's gun that saved several lives.
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mcdonalds. a jammed gun prevents a manm shooting customers in forth worth texas. it's being called a miracle at mcdonald's. pretty amazing. a jammed gun prevents a man from shooting customers in fort worth texas. we'll show it to you. cameras show the man walking in tuesday asked for a cup then pulled out a semi-automatic handgun. one of the customers wrestles with this man while the customer runs out. the suspect pulled the trigger but the gun doesn't go off. he went outside in the parking lot and he fired the gun.
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it worked. he came back in, the gun jammed again. in a jailhouse interview, justin joseph says he was hearing voices and lost his mind. >> my intentions was not to like go in there to do this. that's what i'm trying to tell you. like my intention was just to get a cup of water and get out of there. somebody said something and then i lost it. >> at least 15 people were in the restaurant at the time. officers still cannot explain why the gun jammed twice. >> incredible. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. we heard the surprise announcement from the president late today. we are going to have a look at his new push to reach a nuclear agreement with iran and we'll sit down to talk to the secretary of state. plus, with time running out on a budget deal, the president warned congressional republicans today that a national default would destabilize our economy. we'll have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how a once promising college football star... ended up bd bars, for a terrifying bay his whole life is just -- is gone. >> new at 6:00 tonight how a once promising college football star ended up behind bars for a terrifying bay area crime. plus -- >> it felt like our family had the worst luck in the world. >> how bay area brothers both with a rare deadly disease are raising the bar in the battle against cancer. >> incredible story. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, a surprise announcement from the president. >> just now i spoken to phone with president rouhani of the islamic republic of iran. >> pelley: major garrett on the new push to reach a nuclear agreement. we'll talk to the secretary of state. rouhani said he'd like to have a deal in three to six months. is that possible? the click is ticking toward the government shutdown. nancy cordes has the politics. chip reid the real-life impact. >> are you kidding me? are you freaking kidding me? again? seriously. >> pelley: how well does accident prevention technology work? jeff pegues has the test results. and "on the road." a woman is mugged, a suspect arrested. then the story takes a steve hartman turn. >> so first time you see that picture, do you recognize who that guy is? >> yeah, in detail.


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