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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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more likely. things are getting nasty on capitol hill. the bickering on both sides making a government shutdown look more likely. we've always been told to turn off cell phones and tablets for takeoffs and landings. why that may soon be a thing of the past. and no longer in custody. why the man accused in the stabbing death of a dodgers fan has been released from jail. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. in washington, the clock is ticking toward a partial government shutdown. if congress can't agree on a budget deal. and tonight it looks like no deal is likely as tara merge they are tells us -- tara mergener tells us -- >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: the house appears close to a approving a budget to keep the government running
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but as expected republicans once again added changes to the affordable health care act including a one year delay for the mandate requiring all americans to buy health insurance. conservatives argue they're doing the president a favor. >> obamacare is not ready. >> we're going to give obama and his administration a little bit more time to get it right. >> reporter: but senate democrats reject the bill and so does the president. >> far right republicans in congress might choose to shut down the government and potentially damage the economy just because they don't like this law. >> reporter: the last time the house sent the senate a funding bill with health care changes the senate stripped the changes out and september it back. house democrats -- sent it back. house democrat steve israel is worried. >> this government is hurtling towards a shutdown and the american people deserve much better. >> reporter: if there's a shutdown national parks and passport offices will close and applications for government insured mortgages would be put
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on hold but most government functions will continue including delivery of the mail and social security checks. airport screeners and the military stay on the job and so would members of congress. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> if the government shuts down some 800,000 federal workers could be told to stay home next week. don knapp is in lodi where the man arrested is now staying with his father. don? >> reporter: ann once again the painful aftermath of an apparent sports fan violence case will play out in the community. this time in lodi where everyone heard of case or soon will. as we approach this home on a cul-de-sac here in lodi, two men sped away. we believe one was mark montgomery, father of 21-year- old michael montgomery. the man police say was involved in the stabbing death of dodgers' fan jonathan denver following a giants' game
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wednesday might. michael montgomery was released from custody late friday night. district attorney george gascone says more information is needed before charges are filed. >> well, first of all. i don't want to -- of this case that we're going to be looking at are involved in fan violence. once we are able to view the evidence we may be able to speak to that issue. >> reporter: friday morning police chief seemed confident police have their man. and in an interview with phil matier. >> we have an admission -- i mean they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> reporter: back here in lodi the two men returned within a few minutes. apparently to lock the door. i offered to do an interview and hear the family's side of the story. the older man told me to leave my card and again sped on. earlier, mark montgomery told the lodi news sentinel his son acted in self-defense.
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>> he's not loud, he's quiet and just keeps to himself. >> reporter: are you talking about the father or the son? >> the father. >> reporter: i see. you didn't know about the son though until recently -- >> no i just learned about because i knew him by name. but i didn't know a lost name. >> reporter: how do you think this comes out and how do you hope this comes out? >> that he's not guilty. but they have to find more evidence. >> reporter: another neighbor here was surprised the san francisco stabbing incident came to close to home. >> -- so close to home. >> this is generally a quiet town with quiet folks so just really kind of hard to wrap my head around knowing that i have somebody like that down the street. >> reporter: but of course the d. a. doesn't know the guy did anything and he wants a complete investigation before he files any charges. >> okay well you know. due process. >> reporter: the d. a. gascone says he wants to talk to more witnesses hopefully independent witnesses before charges are filed. reporting live in lodi, don knapp, kpix 5. a man was stabbed in his car vandalized after he stop today break up a fight -- stopped to break up a fight in san francisco. police were called to golden
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gate avenue just before 5:00 this morning. they found a man who had been stabbed several times. police say he was just trying to help. >> he -- the adult male victim was basically intervening in an assault on someone else who was trying to be a good samaritan. in turn the group that was assaulting the original male then assaulted the good samaritan. >> the man who tried to help is expected to survive. no arrests have been made in the attack. two 19-year-olds are in custody charged with robbing a reporter for kron 4 news. a security guard with the reporter shot one of the suspects. police say the reporter jeff bush. just finish an interview when two men appeared with gun and demanded his gear. the security guard opened fire. officers say two men one suffering from a gunshot wound showed up at san francisco general. they told police they had been fired on in the same area where
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the reporter was accosted. the reporter was not hurt. bay area tv stations including kpix 5 regularly hires security guards for news crews in areas that pose a security risk. support for the high speed bullet train that would link the bay area and southern california. it appears to be waning. the new "los angeles times" poll found that statewide, 52% of the respondents want the brakes put on the project. 43% would like for it to keep moving forward. the numbers are a little different in the bay area with 51% saying they want the bullet train to be built barring a court stepping in. construction could start next year. there are new details in the massive wildfire that killed 19 firefighters in arizona. an investigation released today found problems with the crew's radios including some that were improperly programmed. the report also found a three minute communication blackout
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right before the flames engulfed the men. this happened in june. the firefighters were a part of a hot shot team brought in to fight the flames. only one member survived. the grass fire in san bruno today closed some streets in the area. the fire broke out around 11:30 this morning along the 2100 block of st. lane. firefighters formed a line around the area and had it contained by around 12:30. no homes were damaged. streets in the area around the lane and edge value streets which had been temporarily closed have now reopened. it may no longer have to -- we may no longer have to turn off electronic devices on airplanes. the changes that have the faa considering easing those restrictions. >> the bay area laces up its shoes for one of the most important walks of the year. the annual avon walk for breast cancer awareness and it's not just women on the move. >> hopefully you and your family were on the move today out and about. we had lots of sunshine after a chilly start. some of you got up close to 90
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degrees including windsor at 88 and travis air force base 85. mountain view also in the 08s. it's going to be different starting tomorrow and find out when rain is going to move in. that's coming up next in my forecast. ,,,,,,
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sh is people lined up in their cars this morning to get flu shots. kaiser permanente held its first drive-thru clinic of the season in fremont. the hospital says at least 2200 people showed up to get vaccinated. if you missed today's event there will be plenty of other opportunities. they plan to run the clinic through the week and they recommend gaining a shot early and they remind people the flu can be deadly. thousands of breast cancer survivors and their supporters began a two day fundraising walk today. the northern california walk which kicked off early this morning in san francisco's fort mason is one of eight such events nationwide. walkers raised a minimum of $1,800 to participate. and it's not only women who walk. >> we have several hundred men here with us this weekend.
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walking and crewing with us. and men can get breast cancer too. that's a very important thing to -- to point out to people because i think a lot of people don't realize that's possible and so by the time men are diagnosed it's usually much further and more serious situation. >> nearly 2,000 participants have raised more than $4 million this weekend. the walk goes across the golden gate bridge to core that madder are and then returns to fort mason tomorrow. the familiar phrase make sure the seat belt is fastened and tray table is up and electronic devices turned off may be changing soon. the federal aviation administration is close to relaxing the policy that keeps passengers from using tablets, ereaders, portable music players and smart phones during takeoffs and landings. the faa admits that it needs toed modernize but not compromise safety. >> the most logical reason for lifting the ban is everyone else is using them. they're unpriest planes, they're everywhere -- on
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private planes. they're everywhere. they're at the airport. as soon as the plane touches down you can turn them on again. there was just no evidence. >> the change could happen next year. however passengers will still be banned from making calls while the plane is in the air. this gash opened up in flight on a southwest airlines jet two summers ago. what the final investigation blames on one mechanic. >> a typhoon that almost hit japan about a week and a half ago has translated into tropical moisture now slamming into the pacific northwest. and this will also impact our weather right here in the bay area. find out when some of the rain will move to the south on this beautiful sunny saturday evening. your changing forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in-flight. shoddy workmanship is blamed for a tear in the roof of the southwest airlines jet that happened in flight. now this is the five foot gash on the plane that was going from phoenix to sacramento in july of 2011. oxygen masks dropped and a flight attendant fainted. the ntsb reports that the -- says rivet holes along the panel that ripped away show quote extremely poor manufacturing technique. the report also says it was a one time error by a mechanic and inspections of other 737s found no similar damage. mazda is recalling tens of thousands of cars tonight because the doors can open while you're driving. the recall covers the mazda 6
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model, model year 2009 through 2013. a door latch screw can come loose and if that happens the door won't stay shut. a dashboard light should alert drivers but if the driver isn't paying attention, the door might come open. mazda will start notifying affected car owners next month. all right, strawberries may cost more for the rest of the growing season. one strawberry farmer on the central coast says half of the crop will be left to rot costing him millions of dollars? why? he says he can't find enough people to pick the fields. he blames tighter border security for cutting down on the number of people willing to harvest the crop. two months ago, that farmer had to throw out 400 of his 500 acres. and hundreds of people whose homes were destroyed by superstorm sandy may be looking for new places to stay tonight. roughly 350 people have been staying in new york city hotels. thanks to a city program that started after the storm hit last october.
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a court order kept the program going but city lawyers successfully argued it needs to end monday because that's when the federal government will stop reimbursing the city. just their weather starts turning cold. all right, meteorologist paul in tonight for roberta. glad to have you here. >> it's a beautiful day to talk about. what a great day. if you like a little bit warmer this was the warmest day we've kind of been gaining a few degrees. close to 80 near the bay. we're going back down temperature-wise after today. all about the sunshine right now from dublin looking to mount diablo the 680 corridor basking in the sunshine. it's a chilly start for you and you had a nice warm afternoon. looking from the pyramid toward the golden gate and once again, no marine layer. no low cloud cover sitting offshore. that will change tomorrow as well. so enjoy it today. san francisco you did make it into the 70s today but currently 66. oakland you're at 77 and warm inland. livermore currently 86. san jose 78 degrees. if you were lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine today on the
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water, you were joining these folks. so many sailboats on the bay today. did you see it? oh, what a great day to be close to or near the water or perhaps even in the water if you don't mind the chill. beautiful day on san francisco bay. clouds moving in tomorrow. rainfall, yes. i think by tomorrow night, kpix 5 hi-def doppler will show a few showers not far north bay and working to san francisco and san jose and livermore and everyone seeing a chance of rain by monday morning. you may have looked to the north today you had the sunshine here in the bay area but way to the north you saw the cloud cover. it was there. in clear lake we had a few clouds. that was the southern fringe of a low pressure area that extends all the way back to alaska big storm huh? look at all the rainfall impacting the cal game in eugene and also in seattle. u dub i believe is playing arizona. lots of weather up there with wind and rainfall. we're not going to see much rain or wind but we will see some something, that something
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gets close to us tomorrow. as the southern edge of this makes it close to the bay area and by monday when you wake up on monday morning, good chance we'll have some scattered showers out there as we'll get the southern edge of this big storm and no flooding here or no huge concerns but it will be wet for you when you wake up on respond. as soon as this time tomorrow, our futurecast says a little bit of rainfall for yucaipa. and down to heyward a few showers but really the rain moves in sunday night and monday. so most of us are going to be dry for the weekend. so we're wet in the north bay starting tomorrow and most of the rain will fall and stay in the north bay but everybody will have a chance of o showers coming up on monday. highs tomorrow much cooler with cloud cover moving in. livermore 77 and san jose 76 still really nice outside though. sunnyvale 75 and heyward 70. upper 70s for pittsburg and pleasanton. down to the 60s in the city. watch out for showers late tomorrow up to clear wake with a high of 66 degrees. extended forecast wet on monday. just a little bit of rainfall but some. tuesday the sunshine is back and once we get the sunshine
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next week looks like another great week to get outside. 70s near the bay and 80s -- we could use a little bit of rainfall and if it's going to rain let it rain on monday. we're going to get it. >> all righty. thank you very much. here's vernon a big day for hunter pence. >> man. boy -- this guy's going to get paid. >> chai king. >> big time. hey ahead an nba big man hint plays for the clippers, pitch man for a certain car is in town for one night. and he has done it in the field and he's about to do it with his pen. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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" " baseball up top and ha a sendoff into the off-season for hunter pence. who couldn't be more humbled. >> god you didn't bless me with grace. you didn't bless me with very much style. but thank you for giving me heart and a chance. >> fans are going to see him patrol the outfield and swing the bat another five years. this morning, pence reportedly agreed to a five year, $90 million deal. it includes a no-trade clause. pence has been the biggest right-handed bat they've had since jeff kent. the contract becomes official after pence passes a physical tomorrow. now on to the aforementioned pension against the padres, the game is tied in the 3rd but with pence up -- [ laughter ] no more. he delivers a big fly. number 27 for the year.
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the giants led 3-1. but rough 4th inning. served up a two run smash to guzman. four run inning for san diego. they take the lead. he doesn't make it out of the inning. pads tacking it on now but no no no says juan perez. fantastic throw to nail chase headley. they're playing hard to the finish folks. the padres put it away in the 9th. judd jericho. two run jot -- jed jericho. the padres win a final of 9-3. a's' business no cespedes again dinged up shoulder. he'll most likely rest until the playoffs begin. jared parker took a bad day to get out of bed. all over the place the last few starts. got the ball up and he got hit. 2nd inning he was smoked by justin smoak. then it's brad miller and then the knockout round house 5th inning. miller again with the bases
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drunk. a grand slam. 7-1 mariners. parker didn't make it out of the 5th and gave up seven runs. brandon moss line drive just over right field. his 30th for the year. as the a's cut the lead to 7-5. then with the bases loaded in the 8th for judd lowry. no -- jed lowrie. no caught looking, a's lose 7- 5. so the red sox lock up the number one spot in the american league. the a. l. wild card messy. the rangers are still alive. a. j. presin ski singles in a run. the a's beat the angels. they fell 7-2 to the blue jays. up north. so -- in control right now are the cleveland indians who have on a nice roll. michael bourn doubles in two. and the runner just beats the
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throw. the indians win it 5-1. what is it all mean vern? well the tribe they currently hold the top spot while the rangers and rays both one game back. the top two teams will meet in a wild card play-in game on tuesday. the final day of the regular season is tomorrow. local college football tonight. both of north cal a five touchdown underdog at oregon. stanford ten point favorite to win at washington state. alcatraz. the rock. from hardened criminals to tourist attraction to basketball arena. and tonight, is the fourth red bull king of the rocks basketball one-on-one tournament. they had rajon rondo on hand last year and tonight, clipper power forward blake griffin will see over 60 gays from 9 -- guys from 19 countries duke it out. i spoke with him just over an hour ago. >> finally crown the world's
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best one-on-one player. >> as i understand it, 64 guys -- >> yes. >> ma know i ma know and it all happens in one night. >> yes. yes. they take -- i'd actually been to some around l. a.. i take the best players from like big cities each city like guys come from all over. 64 guys make it here to alcatraz. they crown a champion. they're crowned in dunk champion and dunk contest champion. it's pretty sick. >> the work i had to do to get us both in the same frame. [ laughter ] dude is tall. >> you're about the same height though right? >> if i get way up here maybe. >> i have -- the same problem sometimes right? >> yeah. >> i see what you're talking about. people are just so much taller than us. >> all going down tonight. highlights perhaps tomorrow. because it will end late. >> you're going to swim over there and get the shot for us. all right. >> no problem. with no weather -- >> we'll see you back here in half an hour. good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, confusion on the fire lines. the official report on the deaths of 19 hotshots in arizona. carter evans says the communication blackout was partly to blame. down to the wire. jeff pegues explains why the idea of a government shutdown became a lot more real today. they tried to row across the arctic to chart the toll of climate change, terrell brown has the story of what these men found. and the car collectors field of dreams. barry petersen shows us vintage cars on the auction block. >> $140,000! to captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening, i am jim axelrod with a western


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