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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news. >> i don't know how this will end. i only know i have lost my son too son. >> raw -- raw emotion from the dodgers fan stabbed to death. >> cal toll hill -- capital hill on the verge of of a shut down, and the milestone that has jerry brown going into the record books. >> good evening. outside the giants game just a few hours ago, tearful parents made a heart felt plea to get the suspect that killed their son behind betters. >> reporter: it was a bizarre
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contrast of emotions today. while fans arrived, a family devastated came to try to find some answers. as thousands of excited fans arrived for the last game of the giant's season, a small group of family and friends met outside the mourn jonathan denver. >> i will cherish the time me and me son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> reporter: his family and friends held a news conference to ask for help in the death. it came after a series of confrontations after a group of dodgers fans and giants fan met. denver was killed in a fight
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near third and hair son after a game thursday night. >> tonight i'm making a a plea asking that anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward so both families can have some measure of closure. >> reporter: montgomery was officially named a suspect. police chief sounded confident he was their man. >> we have an admission. they had him down there interviewing him a long time. >> reporter: but they came he acted in self-defense. they are looking for more witnesses. he was released thursday night which upset denver's family and they put together this conference. >> i believe someone video
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taped the incident. his father has given the police his statement. he was with them while the fight was happening. >> anything we want to say about the allegation of self- defense are not why we're here. we're looking for the public's help. we believe someone may have video taped it or witnessed it and we need them to come forward and talk to the police. >> reporter: neither the district attorney's office or police department responded to our ask for further information. injured giants fan stowe attend the game today. he was brutally beaten last year and ended up in a coma after a game.
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they raised $5,000 for him today. >> reporter: new tonight a vigil for a 16-year-old boy killed friday in a car crash. he was a passenger in his mother's minivan when they were struck at an intersection. the driver who has only been identified as a woman was running lights and going up to 08 miles an hour. time is running out for congress to avoid a government shut down tuesday. tonight both republican and democratic law makessers are playing the blame game -- makers are playing the blame game. >> reporter: house republicans are calling on the senate to prevent a partial government shut down. >> we're asking them in good faith, come back and do what is required which is negotiate and
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work with us. >> reporter: the latest house bill ties funding for federal agencies with a one year delay in the affordable care act. >> reporter: but democrats will not support anything cutting into obamacare. >> it is wrong to do a shut down as a lever to make change. >> this is totally unnecessary. >> reporter: conservative republicans say obamacare is wrong and needs to be fixed. >> the senate majority leader isn't willing to talk or negotiate. >> reporter: they are expected to meet just ten hours before the shut down. >> if there is a shut down some
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of the things that would not be effected would be social security payments. they will still good out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors may be delayed. john shows us a federal government shut down could effect one of the bay area's biggest industries, tourism. >> reporter: you have to wonder about people who have planned a trip to washington dc this week. not much is likely to be open. but tour uses to the bay -- tourists to the bay area might be effected too. like al carcinoma as the. -- alkatraz. it is one of the must see attractions in the bay area. >> close down some of the other
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stuff that's not important. >> reporter: yet it may be hard to get into tuesday morning. a lesser known victim could be the home in martinez. it would be a shame if the place closed up because politicians were delaying a compromise. >> when the moment actually comes, oh, it seems -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: volunteers haven't been told what to do at the row see the -- rosie the riveter museum. >> it's the government's job not to inflict pain so others can agree with them.
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>> reporter: it's ironic a government stand off could substitute down -- shut down this place that celebrates coming together. in the 1960s the government -- 1940s the government was challenging it's citizens to do their part, today the if i canner -- today the finger points in the other direction. >> other countries could also feel the shut down. jerry brown is set to set a record as the state's longest serving governor. he's now in his third term and is set to pass warren. warren made it to a third term
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but resigned to serve on the supreme court. if you can't beat them, join them. what has one bay area city considering making fireworks legal again. and the ultimate goal behind the test flight of this rocket. and a beautiful day, but changes are on the way. find out dopplers showing the first sign of those changes coming up. ,,,,
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earthquake off the coast of pakistan. th quake >. we're getting our first look at an island created off the coast of pakistan from an earthquake on september 24th. the mud island rose from the sea floor. it appears to be 20 to 40 feet high and a hundred feet wide. they aren't sure how it came to
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be. the olympic torch is officially lit starting one of the longest relays in history. it started in greece and the games will be in russian, the first time the winter olympics have been hosted there. the relay will include a journey into space. and a touching tribute in new york today to those who gave their lives in 9/11. the run that supports firefighters and military personnel injured in the line of duty plus children who lost a parented. -- parent. it retraces the footsteps of those who helped. >> we're remembering steven ran
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through the tunnel to help people who he could have run the other way. he was on duty that afternoon, not that morning. >> firefighters from all over the world come and run with full gear on. wounded warriors also take part. they raised $35 million. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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3, 2, 1.
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and with that, they larged a powerful -- launched a powerful rocket. the goal is carry astronauts to the space station. city leaders are considering lift a a -- lifting a ban on fireworks. budget cuts forced them to give up the fireworks show four years go and since then people haved to illegal fireworks. they are looking into selling state approved fireworks. and you come with a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> i do, just a little bit of rain. not a huge amount, but it will switch things up. let's take a live look outside. the main story this evening is
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blue skies, although to the north you might see the looming changes. current conditions rite now -- right now, bit cooler up north. santa rosa 64 and that's where the changes are. you don't see a lot of activity but look near santa rosa and you see the beginning of sexual intercourse that will -- scattered showers and you'll see it. this weather maker to the north is hammering the pacific north west. just the tail end we'll see overnight. going to slowly slide to the south, we'll pick up some of that tropical moisture but not nearly as much rain, primarily just drizzle overnight on the and tomorrow. let's see just how much rain
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we'll see, mostly north of the godden gate -- golden gate. could make for a tricky commute in the morning. not a lot of downpours here. most of the shower activity will be -- will taper off in the afternoonful maybe a tenth of an inch up north. temperature-wise we are below average. san jose 74, san francisco topping out near normal, 69- degrees. most of us in the upper 60s to low 70s. now temperatures do rebound, we dry out rapidly, tuesday we're in the upper 70s near 80 on wednesday, but take a look on friday into saturday. that's when everything shifts.
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offshore floor could mean the return of -- return of fire -- return of fire concerns. thank you have much. and it was one last chance for fans of the orange and black to watch the boys of summer this season. giants fans showed up for the final game of the year. no postseason for the defending world series champions. the season might not have gone as planned, but fans remain loyal to their team. >> we love our giants. you have good years and bad years. >> i have to be quite hops, they've had such -- honest, they've done so great and i'm so proud of what they've done. it could be an interesting off season for giants fans. we should point out the fans -- as fans will be enjoying
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postseason. >> yeah, there will be a lot to talk about. there's another player who did leave and found greener pastures, smith. account chiefs replain -- can the chiefs remain undefeated? that's coming up. ,, chloe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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unexpected change for the raiders play book. >> but i good change. you should not play football the following week if you got a
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concussion, but the quarterback terrelle pryor began showing concussion like symptoms last night so flynn made his first start. early first quarter, oakland guess a good push -- get a good push and town. the raiders -- touchdown. then flynn would go, 80-yard one, his first career touchdown. she likes it! i like it too. raiders take a lead. but after that it was all redskins. roberter griffin, flynn lost the quarterback competition. he was sacked several times, rutting in a fumble, one of
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three turn overs. waving his way into the -- weaving his way into the end zone. they lose. >> that one hurt. that one stung. you foe, i thought the way we were able to start -- you know, i thought the way we were able to start the game, we had the momentum, but then we let them back in the game. >> seattle was down 20-3 in houston. sea hawks down 7. after the game type touchdown and -- time touchdown then sea hawks complete. they beat the texans for the
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first time in history. >> the chiefs employee out the joints hardship blow -- blow out the giants. >> two things came to an end today for the san francisco giants. the season and making his return to the ball park was stowe. zito, after seven years, he leaves san francisco on a high note. finally, the giants with a big deep of expectations, hunter walks off. # 9 runs batted -- 99 runs
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batted in and beat the padres. sunny gray getting the ball, strong case to be one of oakland's four starts in the playoffs. sikes out -- strikes out. can i have an amen? they beat the mariners to finish the regular season with 96 wince. they will host game one of the alds. anderson ended his season on a high note. no hitter through nine innings, but the game was scoreless. wild pitch, scores the winning run. marlins beat the tigers one to nothing.
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washington's rangers bottom of the eighth, solo shot, 30th home run of the season. the rangers win their seventh straight and beat the angels. here's what it means, the rangers are in and host the rays with the winner traveling the cleveland. cleveland won ten straight games to get into the playoffs so they got a shot, and sometimes you get to this stage, it's not the best team, it's the hottest team. right now that's cleveland. and game day tonight. >> we have a lot. the end of the giants season and the as chances. the last two times they've been beaten in the playoffs by detroit. >> that's it for us, we'll see you back here in half an hour.
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>> glor: tonight the looming shutdown, as the clock ticks toward a midnight monday deadline, a federal government shutdown looks ever more likely. we have reports from nancy cordes and jeff pegues. record rains across the pacific northwest, and some of the first snow of the season. special delivery, a successful docking for one private spacecraft, a test flight for another. we'll go inside today's doubleheader in space. and binging on bad, terrell brown tells us about fans playing catch-up before one of the most anticipated finales in tv history. >> it's a gr


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