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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 29, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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of a dodgers fan--- stabbedo death at a giants game. good evening. i'm ann notrarangelo. raw emotion from the parents of a dodgers fan stabbed to death at a giants game. >> i don't know how this will end. i only know i have lost my
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son too soon. >> now the family needs your help. kpix 5's don knapp is at the ballpark where the family pleaded for witnesses to come forward. >> many folks are arriving for the giants' last game of the season today, were reminded of the painful aftermath of fan violence reminded by a family that's living through it. >> reporter: as thousands of excited giants fans arrived at at&t park for the last game of the giants' season, a small group of family members and friends gathered outside willy mays plaza to mourn the stabbing death of dodgers fan jonathan denver. >> i'll always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> reporter: robert preese, his family and friends held a news conference to ask for help in to investigation of his son's death. san francisco police say the stabbing death came after a series of confrontations between
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denver's group of dodgers fans, and a group of giants fans, including 21-year-old michael montgomery of lodi. the 24-year-old denver from fort bragg was killed in a foig -- in a fight near 3rd and harrison after the game thursday night. >> tonight i'm making a plea to the public, asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forth so that both families can have some measure of closure. >> reporter: please initially named michael montgomery as a suspect and placed him in custody. san francisco police chief sounded confident montgomery was their man. >> we do have an admission, i mean, they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> reporter: but montgomery's father told the lodi news-sentinel that his son acted in self-defense. that prompted the district attorney to seek additional independence witnesses before filing charges. montgomery was released late friday night and returned to lodi. his release apparently
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upset denver's family and they quickly put together this news conference. >> i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. >> reporter: preece says he was with his son the whole time, including the time of the confrontation and gave police his statement. when asked about montgomery's claim of self-defense, he deferred to his sister. >> what we want to say about the allegations regarding self-defense, that's why we're here today. we're looking for the public's help. we have reason to believe somebody may have videotaped it or witnessed it and we need those people to come forward and talk to the police. >> neither the district attorney's office nor the police department today responded to our request for additional information. reporting live in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. injured fan brian stowe attended tonight's game. he was injured at the stadium two years ago and ended up in a coma.
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a fundraiser donated portions of tickets sales. the money was raised to $5,000. a group of teenagers held a vigil for a 16-year-old boy killed friday morning in a car crash. they left flowers, letters, and lit a candle for kevin. he was a passenger in his mother's minivan when they were struck by a speeding driver at the intersection of pine and goff. the fire department says the driver who has only been identified as a woman in her 60s or 70s was running lights and going up to 80 miles per hour on city streets. in washington, lawmakers from both parties hit the talk show circuit to blame each other for the budget stalemate which will likely end with a partial government shutdown. house republicans passed a spending bill that ties funding for federal agencies with a one-year delay in parts of the affordable care act. but senate democrats they they will not support any spending legislation that cuts
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in to obamacare. >> we're asking them in good faith, come back and do what is required by democracy and that's to negotiate and work with us. >> we're not going to pass it. we're not going to pass it because it is wrong to do a shutdown of government as the lever to make change. >> the senate isn't expected to meet again until monday afternoon and that's just 10 hours before a possible shutdown of some government services. and even as congressional republicans try to delay obamacare, california is getting ready to implement it. on tuesday a call center opens in concord to answer questioned about the federal affordable care act. it's one of three call centers in the state to help eligible people find healthcare flans. open enrollment runs from october 1st to march 31st. coverage can begin as early as january 1st, 2014. it's not just government offices in washington that would close if there's no budget agreement. as shown, it could
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affect tourism. >> reporter: with the federal government hurdling toward insolvency, you have to wonder about people who planned a trip to washington, d.c. this week. not much is likely to be open. tourists of the bay area are likely to be surprised by what could be affected here as well, like alcatraz. people line up every day to visit the former federal prison which is now a natural park. it's one of the must-see attractions for visitors to the city. >> they shouldn't do it, close down some of the other stuff that's not important. >> reporter: nevertheless, come tuesday morning, the rock may be as hard to get in to as it was to break out of. a lesser known victim of the political stalemate could be john muir's old home. jose lopez from los angeles says he's fascinated by being able to actually touch history. he said it would be a shame if it closed up because
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politicians are delaying a compromise. >> people say we'll take care of it. then when the moment actually comes, we need to take care of it. seems to be one of those moments now. >> reporter: at the rosy the riveter national park in richmond, volunteers haven't been told what to do yet on tuesday. visitors say the can-do message seems to be lost on capitol hill. >> i think it's the government's job to look to solutions for funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> it is ironic that political squabbling could shut down a place that memory or -- memorializes a time to come together. >> i think it's a very valuable lesson we could all stand to learn or teach those that haven't already learned it. >> reporter: in the 1940s, the government was challenging its citizens to do their part.
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today that finger could be pointing in the opposite direction. >> if there is a partial government shutdown, some of the things that would not be affected include social security payments. they will still go out. and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed if the shutdown goes on for a while. you'll still get your mail. tomorrow the uc system will have a new president, former homeland security secretary janet napolitano is set to take the reins. the job change comes with a significant pay raise for napolitano. her annual salary is $571,000. three times what she made working in washington. she's already survived her first test even before taking over the position, some uc students sought a no-confidence vote but failed. they don't mind the tourists but say the buses have to go. why neighbors in this
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tourist areas --- al san francisco is considering a ban or at least a limit on tour buses around one of its most popular tourist areas, alamo square. residents complain buserize -- buses are jamming the roads and say it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. >> reporter: alamo square, one of the skylines of the city, it's must-see san francisco. he came from atlanta to take a few shots. >> it's one of the more scenic places of san francisco so i had to check it out. >> reporter: it doesn't take long to spot dozens of tour buses buzzing by carrying tourists and congesting the area. people who live here like kelly edwards don't mind the tourists but don't like the buses. they put a sign suggest alternate plans for visitors and now the sign itself has become a tourist attraction. >> i love talking to the
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tourists. i don't like how a lot of them are arriving in the buses. it's not safe for the neighborhood. >> reporter: transit officials tried to designate drop-off spots to keep the tour buses on the edges of alamo ger. -- square. they say so far it hasn't really worked. they're steering toward new road rules around the square, either restricting buss to one street without stopping or banning big buses from the square all together. >> this corner is dangerous. people are going to die out here soon. it's no joke. >> reporter: july -- julius admits he wouldn't want buses driving by his home all day either but he knows this is what tourists like him come to see. >> very beautiful with the skyline and painted ladies. >> reporter: with his pictures, he can now take the beauty of san francisco back home to atlanta. brian webb. it was so exciting, he wants to do it again. what san francisco mayor ed lee is
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contemplating to get to america's cup in the bay area again. >> it was a beautiful day, but some changes are on the way. a live look outside shows changes on the horizon and a look at high def doppler shows changes in the form of a few showers. take a look at the north bay. ,,,,,,,,,,
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goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. an invitation... will the america's cup races return to san francisco? first mayor ed lee has to extend an invitation. the mayor has 90 days to make an offer to host the event, which could be held in 2016. lee seems all but certain to submit a bid based on
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statements he made last week. there are economic uncertainties. they didn't make the money they expected. the waterfront could look different as well if the warriors build an arena at peers 30 and 32. an ambitious cross country journey. john plans to pedal 4,000 miles over the next two months. his goal is to raise $50,000 for research and testing. he knows first how devastating tick-borne illness could be. the 24-year-old contracted lyme disease when he was 9 years old. >> as i've been meeting with other people, i'm realizing just how complicated these diseases are, and just how much more we need to know about them. >> donnelly says lyme disease and tick-borne diseases are frequently under reported. last year 300,000 people nationwide were infected with lyme disease, 10 times more than researchers
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previously thought. wear the long sleeves, long pants, repellent. today would have been a good day to get out. maybe not as much tomorrow. >> not going to be a total drencher but certainly a shift in the forecast. we'll see increasing clouds and showers for some. let's take a live look outside. you can see changes are on the horizon. that's pretty clear from this look at the golden gate. those changes are coming from the north. another perspective, however, shows we still see some blue skies out there and current conditions are relatively mild. in fact we're in the 70s for much of the bay area right now. 67, san francisco. 64, however, in santa rosa. and that's where our changes begin. turning to high def doppler, not a lot of activity at first glance but take a closer look at the north bay. we'll put in a loop the last three hours. scattered showers just beginning. very light in nature. not talking heavy downpours but certainly going to see some wet stuff up there. here's why. we had this upper level low.
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it's been pretty stationary, just hammering the pacific northwest, bringing very high winds and heavy rain. for us, not going to see the downpours. not going to see the flood warnings and all the rain they're getting up there but we will get some of the tropical moisture as the system slides south overnight tonight and in to tomorrow. just the southern edge impacting us, and that means a little drizzle on the roadways and sure, some showers for folks in the north bay. most of the rain going to be north of the golden gate. take a look at future cast. we will see some of the peninsula overnight tonight, in to the east bay. this is 7 a.m., your morning commute. not heavy rainfall but certainly enough to make for split conditions where we do see the drizzle. haven't seen a lot of rain lately. could see oil, ponding on the roadway. be mindful of that tomorrow morning. showers do taper off. maybe a few lingering showers up north. overall not talking huge rain totals. maybe .1 of an inch for folks in santa rosa.
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we're lucky if we see measurable rainfall for the east and south bay. temperature-wise we're a little below average. 69 in san francisco, close to average for this time of year. a look at the temperatures tomorrow show pretty much upper 60s to low 70s area wide with a few outliers like livermore tomorrow at 7. your 7-day forecast shows changes on the horizon. we gradually warm tuesday in to wednesday. more and more sunshine, dry things out. friday in to saturday, plenty of sun. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for the warmest locations. offshore flow means a return to fire concerns. so showers tomorrow then fire concerns once again by the end of the week. >> thanks for coming in for roberta tonight. watch this video. it's not for the faint of heart. that's american daredevil jeff plunging
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between that gap. at its widest point it's about 60 feet. 10 feet at the narrowest. if he plummeted from a helicopter, you see there the landing a little hard but he's okay. >> better landing than the raiders. >> oh. wow. it's a game the raiders should have won, without their starting quarterback who did not play today. why this celebrity was going crazy watching the silver and black. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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terrellye pryor began showi on like symptoms l after passing concussion tests friday, pryor began showing concussion-like symptoms last night so he was held out of today's game against washington meaning matt flynn got the start. darren mcfadden leaving the game with a hamstring injury. early 1st quarter, oakland gets a push on the punt. jennings blocks it. stewart picked it up. touchdown, raiders. they led 7-0. strike to riv era. there's his first career touchdown. sister from glee likes what she sees. from that point on, all redskins. 17 unanswered. 3rd quarter, robert griffin. raiders now down by 3. matt flynn lost the quarterback competition because he wasn't mobile. today he could not
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avoid the pass rush. he was sacked seven times. there's the fumble. one of three turnovers by the raiders. and the redskins put it away off that fumble. roy helu, jr. they lose to the redskins 24-14. >> i told players in the locker room that one hurt. that one stung. i thought the way we were able to start out the game, block a punt, get to 14-0, when we had all the momentum, then we let them back in the game. >> alex smith and the chiefs trying to remain undefeated. smith rolls out, hits jamal charles here for one of his three touchdown passes. 31-7. they're 4-0. new york by the way is 0-4 for the first time since the regan administration. seattle is 4 -0 after a win today. two things came to an end for the giants. a disappointing season and a career of barry
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zito in san francisco. brian stowe made his return to the ballpark. zito struck out spz-- kotsay . in the 9th, a big deal. expectations of a big contract. a walk-off single, he ends the year with 99 runs batted in. giants score two in the 9th to come back and beat the padres 7-6. >> that was surreal. that was more adrenaline than the world series. it was difficult thing to control myself there, throwing in the bullpen and stuff and missing high the whole time. the hardest part in this game when it gets like that is containing your emotions. you have fine tune movements. so that was tough. as rookie getting the ball. made a strong case to be be one of
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oakland's starters in the playoffs. blew it open with a four-run 5th. that's the double down the right field line. as beat the mariners 9-0 to finish the regular season with 96 wins and they will host detroit friday in game 1 of the alds. marlins starter henderson alvarez ended his season on a high note. he capped off a no-hitter through nine innings but the game was still scoreless. bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, alvarez on deck, a wild pitch. giancarlo stanton scores the winning run. marlins beat the tigers 1-0 as henderson alvarez becomes the third pitcher to throw a no-hitter this year. ron washington's rangers had to win to keep pace with the as. bottom of the 8th, beltre with a solo shot to dead center field. 30th home run for him. rangers win their seventh straight as they beat the angels 6-2. here's what it all means. the rangers will host the rays
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tomorrow night with the winner traveling to cleveland on wednesday to face the indians who have won 10 straight to get in there. and by the way, this just in. outfielder matt kemp will not play for the dodgers in the postseason because of swelling in his left ankle. his season is over. >> that's going to do it for us. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: syria's the problem from hell. there don't seem to be any good solutions. >> well, we have a lot of problems from hell right now. >> pelley: secretary of state john kerry is responsible for handling some of america's most precarious problems, but this week he helped achieve what appeared impossible. we were with him at the u.n. when he struck a deal for the surrender of syria's chemical weapons and when he started the talks that could diffuse iran's nuclear threat. rouhani said he'd like to have a deal in three to six months. is that possible? >> sure it's possible. >> basically all my voices i have are just thoughts, just voices telling me to harm myself or harm other people or kill people. and that's why i think i need to


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