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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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stabbed to death near at&t makes a tearful plea.. for justice.
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i dope know how this will end. i only know i lost my son too soon. >> the family of a dodger's fan stabbed to death makes a tearful plea for justice. a pair of burglars realize far too late they are being watched. >> now, a bay area homeowner is fighting back on youtube. plus ... >> a big party on the peninsula tonight is not exactly getting rave reviews from neighbors. and good evening. the two-day raid is winding down at shoreline amphitheater. and brian webb is there where neighbors are ready for peace and quiet. >> reporter: the heart pounding music stopped.
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there were 100 complaints yesterday but today, down to 50. >> reporter: a string of people waited in the long lines to blow off some steam. >> i am promise you, this is the next step of rap and hip hop. >> reporter: this is video tonight from inside of the venue beyond wonderland featuring music attracting 50,000 people in all shapes, sizes and costumes. >> nobody judges anybody. so it is pretty cool. >> reporter: these are the closest homes to the rave, 10 blocks away. you can easily hear the music tonight. residents tell me it was worse last night. >> it drives me crazy. all of the boom, boom, boom. >> yes. loudness, i never heard it that loud before. >> not only the noise. the police arrested 100 plus people in two days. fairly typical according to
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this brother and sister who work security. >> anything that can soak up some sort of drugs they -- they will use to get high. >> reporter: the promoters who do not like that told us to take our camera and leave. >> we only get negative press any way, no sense in allowing you access. [music] >> reporter: drinking and drugs may come with it. but most of the people here insist it is about being numb and having fun. >> we all love music. that is it. >> reporter: the police tell us average number of medical calls typical for this type of venue. now that it is over they can return to relative peace and quiet. kpix-5. >> mountain view police did try to help concertgoers staying
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out of trouble. no questions asked. it will do your body and rap sheet goat, was tweeted. lsd does being blamed for a wild ending to a party. paramedics and firefighters were called to a home on reed boulevard about a boy having a seizure after taking acid. they were greeted by a teenager covered in blood who bebegan to attack them. when more partygoers got involved they called for back up. in the end three people were arrested and the host of the party was cited. >> we are following breaking news out of southern california southern california. there are no survivors of a plane crash at the santa monica municipal airport. it was coming in from idaho when it crashed into a storage hangar and burst into flames. it is unclear how it happened or how many people died. the jet is registered to a malibu address, corporate owner is a real estate company out of
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alabama. an emotional plea at at&t park from a family of a dodger's fan stabbed to death after a giant's game. >> i don't know how this will end. i only know that i lost my son too soon. >> kpix5 was there as jonathan denver's father made a tearful plea for witnesses to come forward. >> i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> robert and his family and friends held a news conference to ask for help in the investigation in his son's death. sanfrancisco police say the stabbing death came after a series of confrontations between denver's group of dodgers fans and a group of giants fans including 21-year- old michael montgomery. the 24-year-old denver was killed in a fight after a giant/dodgers game oned with night. >> today i am making -- on wednesday night. >> today i am making a plea to
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the public, asking anyone who may of witnessed the incident to come forward so that both families can have some measure of chosure. >> reporter: the police initially -- closure. >> reporter: the police initially placed mike montgomery in custody as a witness, now they are confidept he is the man. they had him down in the interview room quite a long time. >> reporter: but his father said his son acted in self- defense of the the self-defense claim prompted a direct attorney to seek additional witnesses before filing charges. month tkpwoplry was released late friday night and returned to lodi. >> we have reason to believe someone may of videotape today or witness today and we need the people to come forward and talk to the police. >> reporter: the district attorney office nor the san francisco police department responded to our request for
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additional information today. in san francisco, kpix5. >> his death is the latest stemming from the dodgers/giants rivalry. a fan was beaten almost to death. he suffered brain damage. the giants have been fund- raising for him early estimates set it at $5,000 for him. [dropped audio. [. a student was shot and killed getting off a muini train. 20-year-old valdez was a swimmer before heading to sf state. a 30-year-old man has been arrested and charged with his murder. and friends of a san francisco teen killed in a violent car crash held a memorial today at a spot where he died. 16-year-old kevin sann died when a car crash into his mom's
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minivan. the driver of the car was spreading and running lights when she rear ended the family. a small explosion at crown beach left two woman badly hurt. fire officials say an aerosol can blew up after it was left near a hot bbq grill. nobody else was hurt. a homeowner is fighting back against burglars who broke down his door. his weapon of choice, youtube. he posted a surveillance video of the suspects in action. the men are seen knocking on the door and then they kick it in when nobody answers. now, then they noticed they were being watched. someone tried to smash the camera with a tool. call the police if you recognize them. well, a group of children stumble period across a loaded handgun playing at golden gate park. the kids found it in the bushes were they were attending a
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party. nobody was hurt and no word where the game came from. an ordinance is being considered to get tough on gun and ammunition sales. among the requirements, gun dealers would need to get the police permits and store owners and employees would need to pass a background check. there are currently four gun dealers in the city. they are scheduled to look at the ordinance tomorrow night. concord's cover california call center opens in just days t is dedicated to answer questions about the affordable care act and helping people to find health plans. all uninsured americans are required to sign up or pay a penalty. republicans are still trying to delay. it now, that is the big sticking ponent. the bundleet showdown is getting closer and closer to a federal government shutdown. law enforcement -- budget showdown is getting closer and
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closer to a federal shutdown. but, now, today, senators were not around. >> taking aim at the majority leader for not holding a session two days before a possible government shutdown. >> that needs to act. why are they wait something why aren't those doors open? >> reporter: bill passed side for funding federal agencies with a 1-year delay in parts of the affordable care act. >> we are asking them in good faith come back and do what is required in a democracy, negotiate and work with us. >> reporter: but president barack obama and senate democrats say they will not support any legislation that cuts the health care. >> we are not going to pass it. it is wrong to do a shutdown of the government as the leverage to make change. >> reporter: democrat dick durban does not believe they are looking for a compromise. >> almost 45 times now the
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house republicans have went to abolish it not change it. >> reporter: and with the tuesday morning deadline inching closer, president barack obama met with his staff on monday. cbs news, capitol hill. >> and, if this is a shutdown it is going to be noticeable. >> i think it is the government's job to look for solutions to funding problems. and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> coming up, the popular bay area attractions that will seem more like ghost towns. renegade software pioneer is promising to keep the nsa out of your business for a bargain basement price. it was a picture-perfect weekend. a beautiful day. but changes are on the way. already seeing showers on hi- def doppler on the north bay. what it means for your commute,
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coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but we'lll definitely notict here, too. kpix 5's john ramos shows us: the bay area stands to lose a lot of tourism dollars.. if the government can't pay the bi.
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with the federal government hurtliing toward insolvency, you gotta federal spreufpb a national park. it is a must-see for visitors to the city. [dropped audio ] on tuesday morning the rock may be closed by the federal government. less known victim could be the home in martinez, lopez from los angeles says he is fascinated by being able to touch history. he is as it would be a shame if
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the place closed up because politicians were delaying a compromise. >> people say we will take care of it. when the moment comes, oh, we did not take care of it. it seems to be one of those moments now. at the national park in richmond the volunteers have not been told what to do on tuesday. >> reporter: but visitors here is a the can-do message of the place seems to be lost on capitol hill. >> i think it is the government's job to look for solutions to funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> reporter: it is ironic that political squabbling could shutdown a place that memorylizes a time when america pulled together to achieve a common goal. >> different things come together to solve problems, that say valuable lesson that we can all stand to learn or
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teach those that have not learned it. >> reporter: in the 1940s the government was challenging the citizens to do their part, today that finger could be pointing in the opposite direction. in richmond, back to you. >> if there is a shutdown some of the things that would not be effected include social security payments, they will still go out and so will unemployment, medicare will still take claims but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed and you will still get your mail, other federal government services like airport security, law enforcement, will be uneffected. he built software so why not build something to keep the government from snooping in on americans. there is a plan to create a device called descent ral to stop the nsa from monitoring people. it would fit in someone's pocket and sell for less than $100. they claim the first prototype will be ready in 6-months.
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barring the unforeseen, brown will enter as california's longest serving governor. he was first elected in 1975 and he served two terms, now in the middle of his third term he is about to pass waren. he made it to a third term but in 1953 stepped down so he can become the chief justice of the supreme court. and from capitol hill,. [dropped audio ] previously serving as homeland security secretary and before that governor of arizona. but the new job does have the perk of a pay raise. make 571,000 a year. that is 3 times her salary for leading the fight against terrorism. heavy rain and gusty winds pounded the forth west this weekend, downed power lines left about 17,000 people in portland without power.
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a fund advisory was in effect and forecasterred predicted gusts -- forecast gusts at 45 miles an hour. julie is in tonight, got a little rain in our forecast but nothing like that. >> no, they are breaking 140- year-old records there. can can you believe that? for the month of september? so much rain, more rain ahead for the next three days before they get a break. high winds tomorrow. we will see nothing of that nature here. although we are already seeing just the southern tip of the same system impacting the bay area. the north bay specifically. we will get to that in just a minute. outside right
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[lost connection ]
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tomorrow evening we dry things out. take a look at the rainfall totals and you will see what i mean here. [lost audio ] fire danger, once again. we will keep a close eye on that.
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going from drizzle and damp tomorrow to dry, warm weather by the end of week. a little something. >> yes. >> almost 90 degrees on saturday in some parts. >> will be warmer. okay. thank you. straight ahead, terrified tourists in london their tent goes up in flames. nasa is banking on a california company to pick up where the shuttle program left off. and straight ahead on "gameday," pryor was out and matt was in. >> couldn't do the things that we needed him to do. giants fans give a huge send off to zito. and the golden state warriors tip off the season. >> we would love to have it this year. >> "gameday" kicks off in a few minutes ,,,,,,,,
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amateur video captured the more than two dozen tourists ended up in the river today after their tour boat caught fire. amateur video captured the scene on this boat. 30 people were forced to jump into the water but nobody was seriously hurt. the count down to the 2014 olympics is officially on. the traditional torchlighting ceremony took place today in
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greece. the games are set to begin in february in russia. the first time the country has hosted the winter olympics. the torch will embark on a 123 day journey that is supposed to include a journey into space. l straight ahead, how a machine, the size of a toaster, can change. [indiscernible] the tribute to heroes of september 11th. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flight company space-x succesfully launched a
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rful rocket into s 3, 2 ... lift off. >> and with that the company launched a powerful rocket into space. the falcon 9 placed a satellite in orbit along with other smaller ones. it is eventually going to carry astronauts to the space station. that is not the only technology. nasa plans to send a 3d printer into space next year. serving as a flying factory for equipment and replacement parts and reduce the need to load up every space trip with tons of tools we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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