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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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lawmakers still butting hea over how to keep the govern from running out of money at midnight.... and it's not . all eyes are on washington. lawmakers still butting heads over how to keep the government from running out of money at midnight. it is not looking good. >> i am frank mallicoat. we begin with the breaking news. nine hours away from a possible government shut down. thirty minutes ago, they rejected conditions that house republicans attached to a
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temporary spending bill that would have a verdict to shut down. but contained a one-year delay for parts of the healthcare laws. these are the numbers. the dow lost more than 150 points. this could be the first partial government shutdown in 17 years. a cbs reporter, susan mcginnis, tells us republicans and democrats are blaming each other. >> senate democrats wasted no time talking about the mention of an affordable care act that would keep the government running. >> they just cabled the radical bill that the house sent over to us. it was deliberately designed to be politically provocative. >> earlier, john boehner defended the bill that the house passed over the weekend, that included a one-year delay in the healthcare law, arguing it is not ready for prime time. >> nobody knows what the rules
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are. employers are scared to death to hire new employees. cutting hours of many of their current employees. >> president obama addressed the deadlock after a meeting this morning with israel's prime minister. >> i said before, congress has two responsibilities. to pass a budget and pay the bills. >> unless one side blinks, the government faces a partial shutdown at midnight tonight. the first in 17 years. >> about 800,000 federal workers will be forced off the job without pay. passports and visas will be delayed. mortgage applications will not be processed. neither will gun permits. and national parks were closed. air traffic control will keep running. and the u.s. military will stay on the job. cbs news, capitol hill. >> some religions are calling on conservative house members. >> down. >> if the government shuts down, what would happen in
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california? melissa griffin kane breaks it all down. >> if the federal government does a shut down, it will hit california particularly hard in several ways. number one, we have 159,000 federal employees who would be subject to a furlough. in addition, we have 14,000 contractors who would not be paid under a federal shut down. and that is not counting the project that would be halted if federal agencies are no longer able to work on this. things like the folsom dam improvements and the oakland harbor improvements, through the army corps of engineers. and the nuclear power plant is scheduled for a safety upgrade. that would also be halted, if the government were to shut down. >> for a complete breakdown of what services will and will not be impacted by a shut down, go to and look at the homepage. new details are emerging in a crash on december -- in san francisco that killed a teenage boy last week. police have identified the driver who they say was responsible. 58-year-old jennie zhu was arrested saturday on suspicion
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of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. she posted $300,000 bail. police say jennie zhu was driving her mercedes at speeds up to 80 miles per hour friday morning when she rear-ended a minivan. both vehicles rolled over. inside the van, 16-year-old kevin san was killed. his mother and sister suffered serious injuries. jennie zhu has minor injuries. three people in another band that was hit in the same crash were also injured. friends of the boy held a vigil yesterday. it is a spot -- it was at the spot where he died. kevin san was a student at lincoln high school. the principal says grief counselors will be available to students all week long. and an entire display pace on the schools main floor want of the young man. there will also be a summit the poster where students can write down my thoughts. developing right now, police say acid and alcohol fueled a party that got way out of control. three teenagers are under arrest now. kpix5 reporter tells us they are accused of physically confronting sheriff deputies.
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>> neighbors tell kpix5 it happened at the home behind me on the 100th block of read boulevard. the sheriff's office said it started with a small group of teenagers whose party got out of control. >> paramedics were called out at 730 -- 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning. there are reports of a 16-year-old boy who was having a seizure after taking acid or lst. when first responders got to the home, they were confronted by another 16-year-old boy covered in his own blood that refused to allow them inside the home. other people at the party also try to get the paramedics do not go inside. but they were able to go in and respond to the 16-year-old boy. when deputies arrived, they found more drugs including marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. one neighbor we spoke to said he is shocked and hopes that the children's parents and make sure this does not happen again. >> children's will -- kids will do what they want to do. the parents are responsible. somebody had a party here and it was unsupervised. >> the question most neighbors are asking is, how does a group
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of teenagers like this get access to those kind of drugs? this is certainly one question that authorities will be trying to get to the bottom of. were -- kpix5 news. >> all three of the teenagers arrested were taken to the hospital for treatment before being booked into juvenile hall. charges are still possible against other partygoers. a family of a man stabbed a guess is pleading for -- stabbed to death is pleading for help. police named 21-year-old michael montgomery as a suspect. he was released for lack of evidence. >> i will always cherish the time my son and i spent at the game. more than once that night, jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> montgomery father said that his son acted in self-defense. the stabbing happened after a baseball game. we have new information
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about a deadly small plane crash in santa monica. you can still see the tail of the twin engine cessna sticking out from the hangar. the vice president of santa monica-based, says the company's ceo mark benjamin and his son luke were killed. fire crews will use a crane today to lift the hangar off of the wreckage. dozens of people were hospitalized after a train crashed during a morning commute near chicago. at least 48 people were hurt after the train was hit by a runaway train on the same track. chicago transit authority officials believe there was some kind of mechanical problem on the train. no injuries were serious. skipping school can cost the state. >> i and meteorologist lawrence karnow. a lot of clouds around the bay area. we have has some scattered
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showers. we may not be done yet. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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capital of america. . robberies have surged to such an extent an open, the east bay city is considered the robbery capital of america. opal -- oakland tops a list of cities with the most number of robberies per capita last year. new federal statistics show the city had nearly 11 robberies per 1000 residents. this year is even worse. there have been more than 3800 robberies. a 24% jump compared to this time last year. police say the criminals have figured out they can make more money robbing people them selling drugs. some other headlines. police are looking for two men caught here on surveillance
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cameras breaking into a home. it happened at 11:00 a.m. last tuesday on cutting boulevard. one man kicked the door in. after nobody answered, the other man saw a camera and smashed it with a crowbar. police arrested more than 100 people at a rave the concert over the weekend in mountain view. about 40,000 people turned out for the two day beyond wonderland concert at the shoreline amphitheater. most people were charged with providing or using illegal drugs. california's attorney general says state elementary schools have in attendance crisis on their hands. this study by the department of justice find one in four students, nearly 1 million total, have unexcused absences each year. school districts lost $1.4 billion in attendance funding just in the 2000/2011 school year. truancy can also lead to increased crime and poverty. big news from the vatican today. pope francis says he will grant
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sainthood to two -- two former popes. >> alphonso van marsh has more on how this decision is somewhat against the rules. >> catholics rallied for pope john paul ii to be named a saint less than a week after his death. >> in the 2005 the funeral, they chanted, sainthood now. eight years later, pope francis said to the date as he met with cardinals in rome. >> next april, francis will canonize pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii. appointing two popes saints in one day is a vatican first. in another first, two popes may participate in the ceremony. a vatican spokesman says he does not see any reason why retired pope benedict would not attend. catholics and john paul ii's native poland said this is news they have been waiting for. >> she says, we already know the teachings of john paul ii. it will be a good time to learn the teachings of john the
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23rd. church rules say that to become a saint, somebody must have performed two miracles. in july, pope francis approved a second miracle attributed to pope john paul ii, putting him on the fast track to sainthood. pope francis is bending vatican rules for pope john xxiii. he hoped -- help reform the church but is only credited with one miracle. alphonso van marsh, cbs news london. >> the choice to name both popes saints is seen as a move to help unify the church. we had a little bit of rain. i think you call that water vapor this morning. >> yes. it is muggy out there. >> there is a chance we could see light showers. other than that, we have some improving weather over the next couple of days. temperatures will be heating up. the high on the doppler radar -- starting out with showers early on. right now, it is fairly quiet. we could see a couple of pop-up showers, especially north of
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the golden gate bridge. some of those clouds continuing to rotate through. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the cold front dying as that goes into town. the temperatures in the 60s and 70s right now. it is very muggy outside. we will see some partly cloudy skies. a slight chance of a shower to the north tonight. some clearing skies overnight. and in full sunshine to make your return for tomorrow. temperatures will start to heat up. by next weekend, it is looking like a special fall we can. a strong cold front making its way into the pacific northwest. not much energy left by the time it gets here. cold front kind of limping through the bay area. keeping things a little unsettled. temperatures staying very mild. as we go throughout the afternoon, the clouds come through. the possibility of a light shower. and overnight, we will watch skies clearing out. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine coming our way. temperatures will start to heat up. further north, the better chance of a couple rain drops. around the bay today, you will
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see numbers moving up to the 60s and a few 70s. and looking out over the next couple days, here we go. getting the dirty work done early in the week. than we will clear out the skies. more sunshine coming tuesday and wednesday. look what happens on friday. the wind will turn off shore. if that happens, some of those temperatures well into the 70s, toward the beaches, will make a lot of people happy. it has been a gloomy summer along the coastline. >> this looks like summer. >> yes. this is a nice time of year. >> i think we should all take friday off. >> we should. the state's new health insurance marketplace officially opens tomorrow. enrollment counselors well-versed and obamacare will answer thousands of questions as kpix5 kelly tells us they are ready for questions. >> come tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., it is a short time. agents inside this covered california call center have to be on their toes, ready to sign americans up for the of --
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affordable care act. >> i am ready to take calls. >> jan dugger is one of 135 agents inside the call center in concord. when you call in the agent in this room, they will ask first and foremost, for three simple pieces of information. one, your family size for tax filing. two, your current access to healthcare. and three, your age. >> it is just a matter of getting their ages and putting that into the magical website at covered >> it sounds simple enough. come tuesday, this single call center alone is anticipating 4000 calls. that is 25 up to 30 got -- up to 30 calls per agent. staff has been training center early july -- since early july. >> they have the tools. they have the computer systems. we are ready. >> they also have a protocol for the hot button political statements too. >> we try to stay clear of
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getting involved in political responses. >> on the eve of sweeping healthcare legislation, the history of this moment in healthcare, no matter the outcome, good or bad, is not forgotten on many in this covered california call center. >> in concord, mark kelly, kpix5. >> call center workers are prepared to answer inquiries in 13 different languages. covered california says about 400,000 people in the bay area alone are eligible for obamacare. finally, airline fees you might like. coming up, the new options for flyers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from experts as cold and flu season is around the corner. . if you are sick, stay away from work. that is the word from experts. cold and flu season is right around the corner. the number one reason you can make your coworkers sick, of course. they also say you are less efficient while you are sick so you are not likely to do a good job. and if you try to work through the sickness, your recovery will take longer. parents who refuse to vaccinate their children might be partially to blame for the 2010 whooping cough throughout the state. some parents believe the shots are linked to rising disorders like autism. studies have shown that is not the case. another study found young children who missed some of the whooping cough shots or received them late, are at increased risk for catching the diseases. airlines have made about as much money as they can by adding fees for services like
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checking bags. now they are looking to sell more services. but these, you might actually like. an ipad a loaded with movies. first-class hot meals in coach. you can also buy an empty seat next to you. you can have your luggage delivered directly to your home or work. and prices differ by airline and by route. even without steve jobs, apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world. that consulting firm puts the apple name value at more than $98 billion. ogle jumped up to number two. pushing coca-cola to the number three spot -- from number three down to number one. a comedy about four overlake confident dysfunctional guys that are all fresh from breakups or divorces. we're told the real-life story of the show is based on this.
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>> the real-life loss was recently divorced. he moved into a temporary furnished housing facility. and was very depressed because his marriage just broke up. he met a group of men who were also going through a divorce. and they formed a support group for each other. that is how, we are men, was born. >> the series premiere is tonight at 8:30 p.m. right here on kpix5. a new world record is set by an international diver. how long did he hold his breath underwater? >> if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline. we have people standing by right now to take your calls. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. these grapes where picked a couple of months ago. they were put in cold storage rooms. let me tell you something. they taste great. otherwise, they will be better -- bitter. you have to buy them at a beautiful color like this. if they have more of an amber color, that is better. when the stem is nice and green, that is also important.
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store them in the refrigerator right away. if they are at room temperature for too long, they will break down and lose the beautiful favor -- flavor. seedless grapes in the fall, if you pick the mike, they could be the best once you have had all year. hours to go until it possible government shutdown. we asked the bay area congressman about the political bickering in washington. and why he will be refusing a paycheck. that story and more coming up at 5:00. i have to ask. what is the longest you can hold your breath? >> maybe a minute. >> i am about 15 seconds. >> we can't beat this guy. this diver set a new world record for holding his breath underwater for 20 minutes. nearly the entire noonish owe. beating the previous record by eight seconds. he already holds records for swimming while holding his
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breath. >> we do not recommend you do this. >> i would literally pass out. >> we can have a contest. >> that is a long time. >> can you do your forecast and 20 seconds. >> i can track. more sunshine as we go toward the afternoon. a slight chance for sprinkles. more sunshine on the way. and warmer weather as we get toward the weekend. >> i am liking that. >> you did pretty well. >> have a great afternoon everyone. ,,
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