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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a fight in which the accused michael montgomery, left the scene, tossed the weapon and confessioned to the stabbing but claimed he acted in self- defense. >> we want to make sure we get to the bottom of this. unfortunately, we're still unable to determine who started the fight, you know, how the fight enveloped. >> so now the cops are out looking for many evidence. >> we do have some video that we've taken from some of the bises in the area and reviewing those -- businesses net area and reviewing those thoroughly. >> in the meantime, michael montgomery is out of jail. >> this is a case that is of great concern to us. there was a loss of life, but we also have to be very mindful when we file a case and we have a case that in good faith we believe it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> where is the knife? >> we're still searching for the knife. we have not located it yet. >> i understand he confessed.
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>> he made some incriminating statements, yes. >> tavern person goes what more do you need. >> you don't have a confession to murder. you have a confession to a self- defense claim. >> what is it you still need? >> well, we need cook ration. right now we have two -- corroboration. right now we have two different group and their statements are significantly different as to how the fight occurred. >> the public would wonder aren't there other charges, involuntary manslaughter or something else. >> the standard of proof is different for voluntary manslaughter and murder. it would be easy for me to bend over to opinions without any basis, but then i would not be doing what the people are paying me to do. >> reporter: and, what comes next remains to be seen. the police are out there looking. the district attorney has even sent investigators out to talk with homeless people that may have been there that night to try to get some more evidence.
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they are going over whatever video stores have in the area frame by frame. ken. >> yeah. you hit it. that's the key word, evidence. that's needed in this case to charge. i think the district attorney is right in telling us that, but is there something going on behind the scenes? are they trying to gather that evidence right now? >> reporter: yeah, as you know, in case like this, sometimes there is a certain amount of tensions between the police and the district attorney about what constitutes early part tight case. the police say look, we have a guy. we have a statement. we have witnesses. thed goes yes. we have all that but we have conflicting stories from those witnesses. ken, i think that is that a lot of it comes down. the you have alcohol, a knife and conthicketting stories and he has to sort it out before he makes the charge because if he over charges or undercharges and goes for a quick one, that could come back do you want this him. >> not as open and shut as we think. phil matier in san francisco
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with the latest. new at 6:00, it is one of the darkest sides of the bay area building boom. kpix 5's mike sugar sees construction signs a windows of opportunity. >> reporter: liz, you're right. construction has not been like this for years in the bay area. it is good for construction workers, but as it turns out, it's good for thieves, too. >> san francisco is going through a building boom construction cranes said to be the san francisco city bird $55,000 building permit issued last year. 2013 seems like it will be even better. driving around without seeing construction workers and trucks, you can't drive around without seeing them. it's tools thieves want. smart thieves. >> if i am walking town the street and i start rooting through the trucks people will notice because guys like this dressed like this generally don't go to construction
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trucks. >> now i look like a guy who belongs in a construction truck. i can could take things and no one would know. in fact, i did it. >> play the role very well. then he goes into a different construction truck and starts taking the tools out. >> police say this guy in the vest and hard hat filled that repsyching bin $5,000 worth of tools on fridays from a truck behind that tree and simply walked away before other workers and officers caught up with him. >> i have heard about that. >> word travels around construction circles. some vets say this is an old scam they have seen over and over years. >> it is something that happens all the time in construction sites. people will, you know, come and steal whatever they can if it's easy. >> i always put the things in my truck close to where i am working. >> lock up all the food box.
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>> police say pattening to your crews for guys -- so guys like this don't end up where they are supposed to. >> we are not trying to give you a how to. everybody knows this is going on in the construction industry. police, in fact, say it is a good lesson for people to keep things locked up and nearby. it is kind to have close to home. how did we find out about this story? someone stole tools in a truck right outside of channel 5. in san francisco, mike sugerman kpix 5. >> currently about 40 building projects happen -- 140 building projects in san francisco, much of them concentrated on the east side of the city. three hours until government shut down. the fight and the standoff is overspenderring bill. live look at the floor of the u.s. senate tonight. leaders have the next move. that's because in the past hour the house approved a spending plan but it would delay the
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individual mandate part of the obamacare plan for a year. democrats in the is that the have said no way. kpix 5's len ramirez joins us just one place that will feel the fall out from a government shut down. len. >> reporter: ken, federal workers don't know if they will be coming to work tomorrow morning. but it's not just affecting those federal workers. in fact, it's going to affect a lot of tourist and a lot of people who work around bases like this. >> government shut down would affect everyone from the front gate guards to the scientist who study marshes at the nasa 75s research center. eve tennessee golf club is warning customers that the course may be closed. one union official said more than thousand names and employees could be furloughed for an indefinite period of time. >> horrible. government, they should be doing their job. >> but you don't have to work
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for the government to be affected. this lady managee manages a coffee house and worries about slower sales due to furloughed nasa workers. >> every little business in this economy makes a difference to us. they are customers. they come during the day. they come on weekends. we don't want to see them closed anymore than they do. >> all across the bay area, the impact is big. popular locations like alcatraz will be closed. >> when we talk about being closed, that means the visitors center will be closed, roads that are part of the park wood system will be closed. the hiking trails. when we say it's going to be closed, that mean there is is really no access to the
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seashore. >> even things that seem unrelated could take a hit. the meals on wheel program which provides food for the elderly relies on federal reimbursements to keep on moving. but with no federal dollars coming in, food money would have to come from somewhere else. and that's on temperature of cuts that already came with the sequestration. >> this is art breaking to realize there are people out there, elders who have no other viable means of receiving a daily nutritious meal and we are not able to serve them revenue reductions from donors. >> reporter: wax here at nasa aims, a couple dozen workers will be able to come in even if there is a shut down because they are involved in critical missions, like the one studying the moon right now. they need people here to make sure millions of taxpayer dollars don't get waste the that thing goes off course or
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somehow crashes into the lunar surface. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> coming up at 6:30, the heated message president obama has for congress and the bay area lawmakers weighing in on the stand off. crews spent hours mopping up this mess this big rig left behind. freemont police say the big rig crashed into upheaps then ended up in a ditch near freemont boulevard and bernanke bernanke drive. freemont boulevard was shut down for several hours during the cleanup process. a kitchen fire destroyed this house in palo alto this morning. nobody lug luckily -- luckily was hurt. threatens take tonight hospital and later arrested after what police are calling an lsd party gone bad. emergency use were called to a home early sunday morning about a 16-year-old boy who had taken
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acid overnight and was having a seizure. when they arrived, officials say the teen then started attacking them and two others got involved. all three were later booked into the ma rep county juvenile hall. police hope someone recognizes these crooks and calls them. last tuesday these two guys burglarized a house on cutting boulevard. when no one answered the door, they kicked in the door. the other man saw a camera on the origin and smashed wit a crowbar. oops. a little late. no word on what they got away with. bullets pierce a bay area bus this afternoon. coming up, the specific clues police are serging for right now. with construction booming and gridlock getting worse in san francisco, imagine the traffic if b.a.r.t goes on strike again. tonight, we ask how will anyone get around this town if there is a disaster like an earthquake. and, showers in the north bay. now we go with an on shore flow. that means fog into the golden
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gate this hour. it is pouring through. either that or this is the heaven bureau from kpix 5. we have the forecast coming up and changes just ahead. >> this is historic moment for california. just a few hours until enrollment begins under the affordable care act. tonight, what you need to know about your medical insurance options and the exceptions for millions of californians.
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oakland: a blown-out window marks where someone opened on an a-c transit bus. at l t developing news out of east oakland. a blown out window marks where someone opened fire on a transit bit. at least one man was shot. the suspect or suspects are no where to be found. police say it all happened on a 1r rapid bus this afternoon as it made its run known -- down international boulevard. the driver stopped the bus and called for helmet cameras a few
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block away. 5's ann notarangelo joins us live with the latest on this investigation. ann. >> reporter: elizabeth, there were dozens of passengers on board this ac transit bus. they were panicked when their bus was fired upon. the incident actually ended here at 15th. started up the street at 2800 block of international boulevard. ac transit says the driver was going down international boulevard about 2:15 and he heard about four shots fired outside the bus. the driver kept on driving. when he stopped, he saw that one of his passengers had been injured. police are saying that that was a 20-year-old who was shot. police are also telling us, though, that there was another victim, apparently somebody who was getting off the bus at the bus stop. one of those victims was shot in the leg. another person was injured in the shoulder. we are told both are doing okay. the contra costa times reports three people were apparently the target of these gunmen.
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they were not hit. police told us, though, they are still looking into whether or not there is a correlation between the gunman and the passengers. >> we're trying to figure that out. part of it looks like it may have taken place on the bus and part of it may not have. >> the bus operator, as he is trained to d tried to move the bus to a safer location which was about five or six blocks away. >> reporter: we are told that bus was heading to the bay fair center. ac transit told us the bus driver was shaken up after this incident and was immediately relieved of his driving duties for the day. police are telling us, elizabeth, that there are no suspects in custody at this time. >> all rightings ann. thank you. we have breaking news in san francisco this hour. a hotel on fisherman's warf is being evacuated because of a hazardous material spill. this is at the radison hotel. we don't know what the substance is. crews are still investigating. you can see members of the fire department there.
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some hazmat people. as many as nine people have being treated at the hotel in sort of makeshift triage area. you also saw ambulances there taking people to the hospital. it's unclear what their symptoms are. as soon as we get more information we will bring it along to you. breaking news from uc berkeley. the crystal cam -- the cal campus is canceling its classes for the evening. the threat of another b.a.r.t strike continues to loom as we move closer to the end of this so-called cooling off period. afterred to, there are just 10 days left to negotiate. workers can walk off the job if a deal is not reached before october 11th. that in mind, we started thinking about bay area traffic. we don't have to tell you, it's been pretty hellish lately. so what can be done to prevent a total melt down if the
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b.a.r.t strike resumes? well, not much. >> it's not just you or your frustrated spouse or your irate coworkers. everyone is well aware of what's happening. >> there has been an increase in traffic, no doubt about it. >> construction, growth, new jobs, more tax revenue, all good things in the long term. >> but in the short term, it's making for tough sledding for people trying to get around. >> at san francisco's transit head quarters, they are busy drawing up plans for how to manage even more traffic if there is a renewed b.a.r.t strike. >> time, 11:56. >> while they can beef up service along mission street, beg people to car pool and even stop some of those street projects that block lanes, there is nothing they can do to prevent inevitable. >> our best efforts while effective, in certain times and certain locations will not
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begin to diminish the impact that we saw last time on people delay just had a very difficult time. >> with the potential for a prolonged traffic nightmare and limited mobility for everyone, what happens if there's real disaster like an earthquake. >> it will be tough, but we would have to work with our partners to make sure it happens. it is part of what we do in working with the city and other agencies is to plan for the what ifs. >> so for now the real what if is threat of life without b.a.r.t again. and it's not ravens pretty picture. >> too many good things are happening in the region and in the city. b.a.r.t strike, not good. >> try driving around fourth and fifth impossible in the san francisco. the sfmta can deploy traffic. police to help keep the traffic moving, but those efforts would primarily be targeted at the streets and intersections that
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feed up to the bay bridge. so, you're on your own. >> there was plan to put a freeway in san francisco. >> yeah. >> who was that. >> edmond g. brown jr. >> shut it down? >> what i was told, too, is herb cane. >> yeah. >> 1950s. >> we could argue who was more powerful then. >> that's right. >> that's this thing called a newspaper he wrote. >> reporter: starting out with high surfs. surfs up in the bay area. not necessarily good news. strong rip currents are possible. moderate breakers. you can see where we show you the point, waves are breaking up to about 15 feet in spots. and it is mighty cold out there, too. water warms to 9:00 by the time you get to monterrey bit. until tomorrow morning, have a bit of a care because the surf will be up awhile.
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high def doppler shows things have died upmostly. light rain did not make it to the top of the golden gate bridge. you can see there is plenty of blue out there. livermore at 54. santa rosa at 70 degrees. satellite, watch this dye in the vine. just doesn't have the support it needs to really produce rain. so by the time it got down to marin counteraction there wasn't much left. high surf through tomorrow morning, though. sunshine through the weekend. temperatures will be near 90 degrees by friday. if you're heading out of sfo tomorrow, it looks nice. san francisco 67. keep you kind of cool the next
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couple days. 90degrees inland. by the end of the week we can we will have red flag warnings again. in a moment, what you need to know about your options under the affordable care act. what we found out about the suspect in a horrific bay area crash. the first time we hear from the father of the teen ager who died. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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marketplace.. officially ops tomorrow. enrollment counselors are ready for it are you? covered california. the state's new health insurance marketplace fully opens tomorrow. more than hundred agents inside this call center in concord will be taking your calls. they are expecting to get about 4,000 calls a day.
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when you call, they'll ask for your family size for tax filing, your current access to health care, and your age. covered california says about 400,000 people right here in the bay area alone eligible for obamacare. >> during that six months, no insurance company can turn an individual away for any reason, for no health status reason. and during that six months you can come to covered california and get that financial leg out, that federal subsidy to help make health care affordable. >> reps say the best thing you can to is do your research and be ready. >> there are key things you need to know about your health care options. this week we will show you five important components of the affordable care act. starting with one that makes people nervous, the individual mandate. having medical insurance is about to be a federal law. >> coverage takes effect on
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january 1st. as many people know, january first is the time at which everyone will be required to have some form of coverage. >> that requirement is the individual mandate in the new affordable care act. get insurance or pay a penalty. consumers union special projects director says there will be exceptions. >> something about 2 million people still in california who won't be covered, either they are undocumented immigrants or they slipped between the cracks. they can't afford any of the programs that are available. >> besides undocumented immigrants, there are exceptions for those in prison, anyone whose religion is opposed to the benefits. members of indian tribe, or if your family income is below the threshold for filing a tax return. if you make more but the insurance would cost you more than 8% of your income, you're also exempt. but the new system should make coverage possible for more californians than ever. >> this is really an historic
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moment for california. the first chance probably since medicare that we have a gigantic expansion coverage possibilities. and with the subsidies that can help make it really affordable. >> a policy you already bought or one from your employer, a veterans program, medicare or medical can satisfy the requirement. medical is expanded to include more californians. so you may quality if i even if you haven't before. the biggest addition is the insurance marketplace or exchange. >> california was the first state in the nation after the federal health care reform was passed to set up its own what we call exchange. and in california, the new name it has is called covered california. >> welcome to covered california. >> covered california say hows you to compare insurance plans and get financial assistance. all the plans are required by law to offer a list of essential benefits and company esiason can't cancel or deny your policy because of a preexisting condition or if you
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get sick. >> the penalty for not satisfying the individual mandate in 2014 is $95 or 1% of your income, whichever is more. it goes up the next year and the next until it will cost you almost $700 or 2.5% of your income. tomorrow, how to pay for your coverage. in the meantime, this information and more is on our website click and, coming up in our next half hour, the greg memorial for the teenager who was killed in this bay area crash. and, for the first time tonight, we hear from his father. they're calling it a crime from his past. why a bay area police officer was arrested. >>est riding my horse on the trail coming over here and i said somebody grounded up this week. yeah. why sheriff's deputies dumped a huge pile of pot along a popular california hiking trail.
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the 58-yea now at 6:30, we hear from the father of the teen ager killed in a horrific bay area crash. the 58-year-old driver who police say caused the crash was arrested over the weekend, book and then released on bail. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the high school where the father of the 16-year-old who was killed spoke a short time ago. ryan. >> reporter: we brought you some of that press conference live at 5:00. in it, the father said through
6:31 pm
translator that he cannot believe how someone could be doing 80 miles an hour on a city street. >> he spoke through a translator, but his green loss as a father were clearly visible. >> these past few days have been a blur for the family. everyday his family will accept and wishes it was all just a nightmare and we can still hug and see kevin's warm smile. >> his son kevin was a student here at lincoln high school. the 16-year-old was in a car with his mom and sister friday. police say jenni slammed her suv into their m ini van. san francisco police raced and book her on a vehicular manslaughter charge and two other traffic violations. a judge set her pond at just more than $300,000 and she made bail. a background check we did shows she has an otherwise clean record. police say she was speeding about 80 miles an hour in and out of traffic until she hit three other vehicles. 16-year-old lincoln high school student kevin died in the crash. there has been a memorial greg
6:32 pm
at the site, include -- growing at the site, including notes and mobile weather mentos by the classmates. we left business card at the suspect's home. neighbors say she lived here with her husband and two daughters more than decade. this woman said she would never think her neighbor would be involved in crash like this. >> probably something is wrong with the car because it's so untypical for her. >> instead of kevin, it could have been any one of our children in our community. so please, everyone, slow down. please keep kevin's mother in prayer is she is still in political condition and is in coca. >> reporter: their caught services also in serious condition in the hospital. he also wanted to thank his son's classmates and the school district. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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>> the da gets the case tomorrow. we're still waiting to find out when jenny will formally face charges. a heyward police officer facing accusations of abuse several girls. 38-year-old richard mccloud was arrested saturday. the alleged abuse happened over period of 10 years while he worked at an afterschool program in livermore. program is called kid zone. it is run by the livermore area recreation and park district at numerous locations including here at christianson middle school. police say the abuse happened between 1998 and 2007 before mccloud became police officer. >> we haven't found any evidence that suggest after he departed with the kid zone he has perpetrated any sexual assault related crimes. >> police say the investigation started a few months ago when hange an alleged victim walk speed the station to report a sex assault. police say there could be more
6:34 pm
victims. the police department has placed mccloud on administrative leave. hours until a government shut down. congress is at a stand still over a temporary spending bill that would prevent the shut down. here is a live look at the senate floor. they're voting right now on a plan approved by the house. that plan would delay the individual mandate part of obamacare for a year. democrats in the senate have already said they would not pass it. al mar tip joins us now. he has been following the shut down all day. allen, has there been anything else? >> reporter: the president has been ramping up pressure on republicans saying a shut down would throw a wrench in the gears of a recovering economy. in the meantime, local congress members are expressinger that
6:35 pm
frustration. >> republicans he says threaten to stall the economy. >> the idea of putting american people's progress at risk is the height of irresponsibility and it doesn't have to happen. i'll repeat this. it does not have to ham. >> after the senate rejected the house measure that would have kept the government running while delaying implementation of obamacare for a year, house minority leader nancy pelosi called out the gop backers of that bill. >> my republican colleagues n is the major leagues. this is is about the functioning of the united states government, and, by the way, what will come next. the full face and credit of the united states of america. >> california senator barbara boxer called for support for her bill introduced in january that would prevent congress from getting paid in the event of a government shut down, specifically speaker john boehner. >> act like speaker of the house, not just like a speaker of the republicans and pass my bill so your people don't get paid. you'd be surprise how fast they'll come to the table. >> east bay congressman told kpix 5 he's among a handful in
6:36 pm
congress who voluntarily delay their pay. >> i am sure ravens lot of american people want to say why don't you all do that. why don't we make that permanent. any time there is a budget issue congress shouldn't get paid. >> i can't speak for what my colleagues will. do for the workers in my district, i stand with them. i'll continue to do my job. i hope we can avoid this so it never gets to that. >> as for the go p breaking tim pass without a delay of obamacare, speaker boehner's five word answer. >> that's not gonna happen. >> senator cruz two tried to stop the implementation of obamacare said he will donate his paycheck to charity during the shut down. the senate has passed a bill to pay members of the military in case the government shuts down. we will see if the president signs it. >> we have been down this road 17 times. since 1976 the government has shut down. now the real debate will start overnight and into tomorrow to see how long if indeed it does shut down. >> well, on the 17th we have the issue of raising the debt
6:37 pm
ceiling. this isn't over. >> yeah. b.a.r.t could go on strike, too. >> it could be a disaster. >> all right, allen. thanks. onee hikers knew something wasn't right. coming up, how they stumbled upon a huge stark of marijuana and why it was dumped there by the sheriff's department. we go under cover to see how wall green's shoppers don't get the discounts advertised at stores. ,,,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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the wilderness. but that's what some folks discovered g a popular trail in nevada cou and as cbs reporter rob a bunch of pot plants dumped in the wilderness. that is what some folks discovered along a popular trail. as cbs reporter rob mcalister tells us, sheriff's deputies put it there. >> hikers were walking along this trail north of nevada city when they smelled something other than pine trees. when they looked down, they say marijuana plants. >> i was riding my horse on the trail coming over here and i said somebody ground up this weed because it is on the
6:40 pm
trail. >> the buds were put there not by a grower but by the nevada county sheriff's department. >> they went up to where the forest service told them they could dispose of it and put it on the ground believing that it should be useless. >> the pile was quite a surprise for melissa who works at a deli. >> they said there was a big pile of marijuana. >> deputies typically bury confiscated plants. the marijuana goes bad once it is in the ground, but this time they shredded it in a woodchipper and then left it on the side of the trail. >> because of all the product that went through that and how the machinery break it down, it would be useless to the general public who may wander by. >> even so, melissa says the deputies put kids and animals in dare. >> we have a lot of kids that come through here and a lot of people on the trail. >> we're taking steps to insure we will follow the same property complete and they will bury it in the future.
6:41 pm
>> in nevada county, rob mcalister, kpix 5. >> sheriff said it is too expensive to take those plants to a disposal site so he will continue to partner with the tahoe national forest because it is cost effective. we would like to correct something. we reported about the largest gift in national park history to help create 10-acres of parkland. that $25 million grant is from the becktel foundation, not the becktal company as we reported on friday. we apologize for the error. discount signs all over the store, but are walgreen's shoppers actually getting the deals they are promised. coming up, why you should check your receipt before you head out the door. >> reporter: and, why you should check your forecast before you head out the door. the fog going to make for a cool evening close to the shoreline. and changes ahead. we have it coming up after a break. i am dennis o'donnell.
6:42 pm
what is the secret to success. >> we stayed away from chicken and beer. forget the week how about some low hanging fruit. >> nobody likes to lose. you won't believe what this guy was doing from his car. and why sunday night is going to be a huge night for bay area football, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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retailer has been sued, fin and reprimanded for over shopping at your favorite drugstore chain could cost more than you expect. the nation's top retailer has been sued, fined and reprimanded for over charging customers across the country. as consumer watch reporter julie watts encores it hasn't stopped the pricing mistakes. >> reporter: a sea of sales tags advertising bus discounts. but buyer beware you may want to check your receipt before you head out the door. from dallas to missouri. >> having to go back in. >> to oakland california. more and more often the price
6:46 pm
here doesn't match the price here. part of the problem, expired tagged. we went shopping this weekend and found one after another. stores are supposed to honor any sales price as long as they are on the shelf. but we were over charged on five out of seven items we purchased for a total of $12.10 more than we should have paid. >> here is one right here. number seven. >> cvs stations across the country are conducting similar investigations with similar findings. and so are attorneys general. >> investigators from the attorney general's office documented overcharges and deceptive price esiason at nearly every store we visited. >> the missouri attorney yen recently filed a lawsuit against walgreen's. earlier this year walgreen's had to pay more than 1 and a half million dollars in fines for over charges in both wisconsin and california. >> this tag expired last month. >> the california settlement also required that walgreen's gives you any overcharged items for free or a gift card
6:47 pm
depending on the price, but we weren't offered either. and considering all our overcharges, if they had, we would have walked away with a nice chunk of change. >> when we brought one overcharge to the manager's attention, she did givetous sale price. but according to that settlement, because the item was under 5 dollars we should have received it for free. walgreen's wouldn't comment on that but says, quote, if customer believes they were charged incorrectly, we are happy to resolve it. remember, give us a call for a consumer complaint. on the consumer watch, julie watts, kpix 5. fog's in. >> reporter: it is, in fact. >> yeah. >> reporter: if you good, climb to the tallest sky scraper in san francisco, which is. >> trans america building. >> reporter: in is what you will see. just about getting toward sunset now. boy, that fog is really coming in big time and smashing across the east bay shoreline.
6:48 pm
else where, we have clear skies but also hazardous surf advisories are posted for strong swells and sneak away possibility rip currents as well. moderate breakers up to about 15 feet. so have a care if you are by the coast. that will be lifted tomorrow morning. numbers right now are nice and mild. 70 in santa rosa. a little wit of light rain over the past dame santa rosa has 72 degrees. that cold front that came down from the pacific northwest, it just completely washed out by the time it got to san francisco. so tonight, clear and cool conditions for the most part and temperatures in the 60s. increasing sunshine tomorrow. we will be near 90 degrees by the weekend with an offshore push by the weekend. with those winds heading offshore, that is very dry direction. that is not good in the fire weather department. so it's possible by tend of the week we will have fire weather, rip warnings posted in. low pressure goes out. high pressure builds in.
6:49 pm
sunny and mild conditionses. from here, there is not a drop of rain in sight. we have small craft advisories posted offshore. future cast entwineds looking like 14 miles an hour tomorrow morning. i point forecast out of the bay, doesn't look bad. temperatures in the central valley will be in the 80-degree range. monterrey peninsula, lots of sunshine. temps in the 60s. 67 in the city. cooler than average right now. that will change by weekend. south bay tomorrow, the numbers are about 8 degrees below average for this time of year. 71 in san jose. 67 at los altos. still in the mid 70s inland. that's going to look very nice. north bay on the mild side tomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid 70s. up in the far north, looking like we will be having temperatures in the mid 70s as well. scattered forecast. this is where things really change. high pressure is on. temperatures come up beginning wednesday. so that by thursday and friday
6:50 pm
the numbers will be in the mid 80s inland and even warmer on saturday. so, our legendary warm weather at this time of the year is going to be kicking in in the next week. will be a good beach weekend. going to be a good look at sports with mr. o'donnell coming up after a break. stay tuned. ,,
6:51 pm
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there are know lawns mowed this welcome, ken. you have the baseball playoffs friday and saturday. the 49ers playing sunday night and the a's playing later sunday night. >> okay. no lawns being mowed. >> this is amazing. the raiders will not kick off against the chargers until 8:35 p.m. next sunday nigh. if you are a raiders fan on the east coast, you are in for a long ride. that is because the a's will be on friday and saturday night for games one and two of the division series against the tigers. gape someone at 6:30. game to is at 6:07. grounds crews will need time to convert the field to football. this will give the raiders more time to find fends phillipmen. meanwhile, the individual mandatee indians will host the wild card game. a much better september for
6:54 pm
their manager terry francona in boston after the red sox collapsed in 2011. why no collapse this time around. >> we stayed away from chicken and beer. that helped. i will get that out of the way. >> great emission. >> 49ers linebacker patrick willis told us he expected to play sunday night when the 49ers host the texans at 5:45. beats 8:35, right? playing on the road might be a good thing for houston quarterback matt schaub after fans were burn his jersey yesterday. the texan blew a 20-3 lead. the defensive end didn't mask his dispintment with the loss. >> i'm pissed. off. this sucks. nobody likes to lose, especially like this, in your own building. this isn't fun, man. i was sick of it after one loss. >> the mood isn't much better
6:55 pm
in new york where the giants are 0-4 for the first time since ronald reagan was in the oval office. >> it was coach's decision. he makes the all candle sticks. i just have to go out there and abide by his rules. >> defensive end tuck is told the new york daily news, quote, if anyone turns on our coach i will be the first one to punch him in the mouth. the marlins season ended with alvarez throwing a no hitter yesterday. but miami is still trying to sell over 9,000 tickets for that game at $15 a pop so fans can have a souvenir from alvarez' no hitter. >> good night. that is a huge fish. okay. anyone can fish from a boat, but this guy apparently fished from. >> i call it bs. >> it did not happen? >> that fish is dead. >> that's because he drug it along the bank.
6:56 pm
>> if he caught this fish the fish would be moving, at least a gill. >> that's real. >> that is a real fish, real catch lop. >> i didn't put that in there, just so you knowing ken. if you were busy popping champagne this weekend because your team won the fantasy baseball championship, here is what you missed. >> winston stays on his feet. launches one into single coverage. and it is caught on the final play of the half. >> florida state remains undefeated after beating boston college. remember flute did that. defense couldn't get a grip on the high flying duck. addison turns the corner and cuts back. he takes the route to the end zone to become the fourth player in pac-12 history to have two punt returns for
6:57 pm
touchdown. oregon blow out cal 55-16. ouch. the brave and phillies. tying run on second base. rollins with the diving stop. chris johnson's decision to slide into first did not go well with the first base coach. wow. emotional. >> most people like bit on their popcorn. this guy prefers a little rain. have another. half price for him. back to houston for a good old- fashioned tip drill. earl thomas comes up with the pick. seattle secondary. the seahawks' first 4-0 start in franchise history. that's big because the seahawks would have been 4-1. >> see you at 11:00. aren't you sweet!
6:58 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: you did it. you finally did it, man. 20,000. how are you folks? thank y'all for coming. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and you know what? we got a good one for you today. i love this. they're returning for the third day. what a great family. with a total $20,795, from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the hatcher family, and from, uh-oh, right here, atlanta, georgia, it's the scott family. >> yeah! hey! hey, hey! >> ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! steve: well, hey, everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly a shot at driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion right


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