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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hour. so far one structure has been burn, but several others are threatened. >> here's a closer look at where it's burning specifically in solano county just south of highway 12 near suisun city. >> team coverage tonight tracking how multiple fires are causing bad air quality. first we start with mark kelly with the thick haze in the east bay. >> reporter: we are live in the oakland hills. earlier we were on the city side and you could just see the haze hanging over these hills. since then, it has died down a little bit here. but if youlook over my shoulder, to the south the haze is moving in that direction. you can even sort of smell it in the air at this point. now, here's video from earlier. this is our rooftop cam atop kpix 5 in the city. earlier the folks at bay area air quality management put out a smoke advisory to the entire bay area. this is wildfire smoke from the fire as we mentioned currently burning in solano county. in fact, oakland fire put out a message that they had ash and
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heavy smoke and even put out extra patrols at this time. officials have some words of wisdom when dealing with this much smoke. for children for the elderly, of course, for those with asthma, it's best to stay indoors and as for the rest of us, close the windows to keep the smoke out. live in the oakland hills, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you, mark. let's head out to roberta gonzales in solano county where firefighters are now facing the problem of flare-ups. >> reporter: take a look at this right now. this is what it looks like after a fire runs through the hills here in the suisun city area. 1,000 acres already burned. the biggest problem now for the firefighters, not only the fire that continues to burn on the other side of the ridge there, a good two miles in, but the flare-ups that continue to pop up. in fact, my photographer scott and i were standing at this exact location just after our 5:00 newscast when we had indeed a flare-up immediately in front of us. we were able to capture some of
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the local residents trying to put the blaze out themselves because this indeed is their property. they tried with shovels. they tried with their own fire hydrant no success until we called the fire department. we were at a staging center. but i spoke to one resident about this flare-up and today's fire and here's what she had to say. >> i just got a phone call that our property was on fire and my dad and i came out. when we saw it, we were repairing fences and right as were you taking pictures of it, it kind of all started engulfing and coming back this way and we have to stop it because right now all our cattle are backed up on one part and fire gets to them, they are going to bolt either to the freeway or marsh and not going to be able to get 'em. >> reporter: the red flag warning remains in effect for this area until 6 a.m. tomorrow. we want to take you back to the very dire conditions right here in the bay area. it was at 12:45 this afternoon when the chp called in a fire
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that had just started right here off highway 12 in the suisun city area. that fire grew very quickly because the winds have been blowing out of the north up to 30 miles per hour. currently winds are sustained up to 22 miles per hour. and this fire ran very quickly. due to the winds, due to the very low humidity, currently at 16%, and this terrain is just so favorable for these kind of conditions for this kind of a fire to run. notice the valleys, notice the hills, and remember, heat rises. so what's happening with these flames, is it preheats the conditions, the terrain in front of it, allowing it to spread more rapidly. so that fire right now is two miles on the other side of the hill. see this building right here? this is a pyro tech manufacturer. we drove on up to them. they would not allow us on their property but they did say they were so frightened earlier today because as you can see, it's all black around them.
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all the acres have burned around that pyrotechnic manufacturer plant out here in suisun city. again, 1,000 acres so far burned. the fire 50% contained. from suisun city, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. >> thank you. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is up on the rooftop tonight with more on the high fire danger. >> reporter: we had low humidity, we have warm weather, we have dry conditions for like 10 straight months and then the wind. it all just added up to several fires burning north of the san francisco bay area. and all that smoke blew back towards the city and this is what we saw earlier today. first camera i want to show you is from mount vaca. look at the lack of visibility from a couple of hours ago. things are improving vastly and also from earlier today, our dublin cam trying to look toward mount diablo, a lot of haze and smoke. this all really billowed up, if you will, right around the time that moms and dads were picking up their kids from school and it went from sunny to smoking in very short order.
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all these fires today followed strong winds that may have woken you up out of your sleep last night. we saw wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. here's a report on all the damage that the wind caused earlier. >> reporter: she was just about to go to bed in her rockridge home when this happened last night. >> noise. and this limb came and pushed --knocked the door off its hinges. and you see the --what it did here. >> reporter: and that's not all. the tree came right through the roof of her cottage. tree branches surrounded by drywall and insulation just one of several trees knocked over by strong winds. >> time to clean up now. >> reporter: henry's house in the oakland hills was just feet away from where several trees fell overnight. he says hopes the worst is over. >> the winds, these trees are just swinging, yeah. it's terrible. >> reporter: debris still scattered across roads and in san francisco, this tree masonic and fell streets blocked three lanes of traffic. now, downed trees aren't the only things keeping authorities busy.
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>> these dry offshore wind conditions is bad. >> reporter: these fires have been popping up all across the bay area. one near livermore and manning and highland. cal fire battalion chief mike martin says the major challenge in livermore was trying to get in quicker than the flames spread but they got a bit of luck. >> this fire ran in a plowed field. had it not, it probably would have been at least 1,000 acres. >> reporter: it took firefighters nearly 2 hours to contain it this morning but not before the flames burned across 150 acres. tell you what lots of fires, lots of wind, lots of problems caused by mother nature. did you hear that wind last night? did you smell the smoke from a fire in napa county last night? that was blowing down here. take a look at these wind gusts from earlier this morning at the port of richmond by the richmond/san rafael bridge. 64-mile-per-hour wind gusts, tied right by the golden gate bridge at crissy field you also had a 64-mile-per-hour wind gust. in the oakland hills where a
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number of those trees fell this morning, 54 miles per hour. and travis air force base near that big fire that roberta was talking about, 45-mile-per-hour peak wind gusts. it's not just the wind, it's the dry air that was moved in, as well. take a look at these relative humidity numbers earlier today. santa rosa your humidity was 8%. napa 11%. livermore 13%. san francisco also 13%. anything below 20% of relative humidity is deemed critical. there are changes coming to the forecast. the wind is already beginning to relax. we'll talk about the warm weekend and a major cooldown. we'll that coming up in my seven-day forecast. adding to the thick haze in the skies is another fire in benicia. this grass fire broke out near 780 around 3:00 this afternoon. for a time flames prompted chp to shut down the east 5th street off-ramp. some nearby buildings were threatened but there were no evacuations. if a disaster like the
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"rim" fire hits the bay area, f says their response will be crippled because of the government shutdown. that's because the bill to keep our military running doesn't include the national guard. as a result, nearly half the state's 5,000 full time guard workers are furloughed tonight. the hid of the guard sent a stay -- the head of of the guard sent a scathing letter to washington saying lives are at stake. >> the national guard must be ready to respond in emergencies to train our soldiers and must be able to maintaining our equipment and aircraft and the way that law is interpreted now it prevents us from doing that. >> major general david baldwin says members of the department of defense are leaning on congress to re-fund the national guard during the shutdown. we're less than a week away from a possible bart strike. that's when the 60-day cooling- off period ends and workers have threatened to walk out. but an exclusive kpix 5 poll tonight reveals mixed feelings about how this stalemate should
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be resolved. when asked which side has made the better case for its position, respondents favored management. and when asked based on what they know and what they think should happen, the majority said the unions should accept the offer being made by bart. kpix 5's ryan takeo tells us how our exclusive survey differs from another recent survey that got a lot of attention. ryan. >> reporter: hi, liz. first a quick recap on today. both sides have been meeting inside the caltrans building since 9:30 this morning. they have not really come out and provided any real updates either side. so that's a surprise. they are still tens of millions of dollars apart. both sides cannot agree on just how much that split is. and now pollsters can't even agree on public opinion. everyone has an opinion about bart. >> i think it's like holding the city hostage to people that want to make more money. >> it's important to bart
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strike to the workers. >> certainly it is not benefitting the people that don't work there. >> $70,000, people should get a fair shake. >> reporter: yesterday the bay area council a pro-business organization released a public opinion poll. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez asked the unions about it. >> 63% of people who live in the bay area counties say you should just take the deal, be done with it, take bart's deal and let's reach a settlement. what do you say to that? >> i would say that the bay area council is made up of large corporations that have a history of trying to drive down working family wages. >> reporter: we showed last night's story to the council. >> we have 275 members who are major employers in the region. some of those members are actually public agencies. so if people think we're just made up of big corporations as what's stated, it's actually not the case. we also include public agencies. >> reporter: jim wonderman says the bay area council used an
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independent pollster. the unions think it was designed to sway public opinion. >> who did they ask, 1% or 99%. >> residents of the bay area, democrats, republicans, men, women, people who use bart, people who use other means of transportation. >> reporter: we did our own poll today. our surveyusa pollsters found different results but still comes down on bart's side. in our survey 40% think workers should accept bart's offer. the bay area council explained that their pollsters they only focus on people who live in counties that are served by bart which they think could account for the higher support for management. live in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> san francisco bay ferry is ramping up in the event of a second strike. it will add 4 boats to its fleet and run service the entire day. an additional landing will be used at the ferry building to reduce congestion. you may recall there were long lines in july during the last
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bart strike. as a's fans gear up for tonight's kickoff to the post- season, how a nondecision today over the team's future in oakland is actually a significant development. >> it's a different game now. >> overhauling the state's standardized school testing and that's not the only change affecting every student here in california. >> and coming up at 6:30, trial is under way for the bay area teen accused of stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini. tonight for the first time, we hear from the suspect's mother. plus the extraordinary tactic to make sure the accused mobster wannabe does not escape. ,,
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one of the biggest battles facing the team might not b the field... but in a court room. san jose is eball to allow the as the oakland a's get ready for the first game in the play-offs one of the biggest battles facing the team may be in a courtroom. san jose is suing major league
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baseball to allow the team to move to the south bay. kpix 5's len ramirez was there as mlb made its first pitch to get the lawsuit tossed out. len. >> reporter: definitely a lot going on with the a's. they are in the play-offs. san jose is suing major league baseball. they went to court today. because the a's just wrote a very large check to the city of san jose, this land where i'm standing just about a block away from the s.a.p. center is still very much in play as a future home for the oakland a's. this $25,000 check just written by the oakland a's made out to the city of san jose keeps the option agreement open for the team to buy downtown land where it hopes to build a new baseball park. >> that option is alive and well and we are still trying to work with the a's to bring them to the south bay. >> reporter: but whether the deal can move forward is a question for federal judge ronald white who heard arguments today in san jose's lawsuit against major league baseball. the suit seeks to force the league to allow the a's to move
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despite success on the field, the team has lost money and wants to leave the aging oakland coliseum for a state-of- the-art facility near the large and wealthy fan base of silicon valley. but the san francisco giants long ago claimed san jose as part of its territory and despite appointing a blue ribbon panel to study the move four years ago, baseball has yet to decide. san jose's case hinges on overturning a 1922 supreme court ruling written by justice oliver wendell holmes that gave baseball an exemption from antitrust laws a ruling that's been upheld by three other supreme courts. >> anybody thinks that baseball is just an exhibition as stated in the 1922 case hasn't been to a baseball game. baseball makes 8 to $10 billion a year. >> reporter: this attorney represents san jose. >> this exemption they claimed is long past, gone and is irrelevant to the economy of
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today. >> reporter: when do you expect a ruling? >> judge said he would do it soon. >> reporter: attorneys representing the league did not want to comment on the case. but in court they argued to allow the precedent setting case to stand, that san jose has no standing to bring a case and that the so-called business of baseball includes how the league is structured and where teams call home. the judge did not make a ruling today as you heard from the attorney. the judge said he would decide soon. that could mean anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. whatever way it goes, elizabeth, this is likely to be decided by the ninth circuit court of appeals if san jose loses, they will appeal and probably the same would happen if major league baseball loses. so you might say we're in the early innings in this case. >> yeah, no kidding. it will be very interesting to see what happens. >> reporter: yup. >> thank you. meantime, we are about 15 minutes away from "oaktober" baseball. vern glenn is live at where fans are waiting to watch
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the a's and tigers in game one of the american league division series. vern, i saw a tweet today from somebody who said, keep it in the bay. let's keep that trophy here. >> reporter: i like that. i like that. you know, fans, they are creative as they show up but this guy certainly takes the cake. would you look at this costume? what do you call yourself,er? >> the big a's. >> reporter: may i simply call you a? >> absolutely. >> reporter: wow. man, you wear that well. this is a leader in the clubhouse right here. as game time is fast approaching, let me just kind of show you some of the flower around the ballpark as the yellow towels are being handed out to a crowd of almost 50,000. it is the tigers, they are the big dogs, it is the a's, the best team, nobody knows going right at 'em in this rematch of a post-season from a year ago. it is matt scherzer the 21-game winner against colon.
6:19 pm
in the case of colon, he will have almost 50,000 right behind him. >> yeah, whoo! >> i expect a colon cleanse. >> reporter: a colon cleanse? >> definitely. >> reporter: i didn't know you could say that. how much thought went into your hairdo? >> a matter of minutes! >> reporter: let's look at it. >> whoo! >> they know what the crowd s you can hear in the interviews that they are will go thinking about it. so i think we get in their head and, you know, just go back to detroit and take this thing in four. >> reporter: all right. the fireworks have just gone off. the big "a" just walked out of the shot to his seat. i just wonder, ken, how in the world he is going to be able to sit down through this thing. >> you know what? a goes where a wants to go. before b, c and d. he goes first. >> reporter: big "a." >> you got it. vern, thank you. he is bringing his a game. >> there you go. >> all right. >> we can go on as long as --
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>> we're here all week. the week's wrapping up. >> awesome costume. colorful fans, why not? they are in the play-offs, dude. not bad. here's a look at what we have. fire danger relaxing. we can joke around. the worst of the fire danger is going away. if you want warmth, you're going do get it. oakland close to 90 degrees today in portions of oakland today. here's a live look from our rooftop toward the beautiful bay bridge. the smoke isn't wafting towards san francisco and oakland as strongly as before. very rarely das richmond top our highs of the day. but today you did it. 89 in richmond. santa cruz rarely do you get near the top but you did it 87. san jose and oakland 82. livermore 81. downtown san francisco one degree shy of hitting 80 degrees. let's talk about the fire and smoke that we have going on. still an issue this evening although not as bad as earlier. northeast winds it's the offshore wind blowing that
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smoke from the northeast toward the southwest. now, the wind direction is not going to change. the intensity will. it's not as strong. any smoke that's remaining will be blowing in the same direction and we are still under a red flag warning for all our elevated areas above 1,000 feet. north bay, east bay hills, santa cruz mountains through 6:00 tomorrow. winds are going down but very, very dry. so what to expect? low pressure off to the east, warm weather this weekend. all the way to the coastline line with an offshore wind everybody warned up. high pressure moves in monday. you think warmer in not when it's to our society. an onshore flow comes back and a big pattern change next week. some of you will be 20 degrees cooler by the middle of next week compared to this weekend. highs over the weekend tomorrow, saturday, san francisco 77 degrees. san jose and concord 83. oakland 80. hopefully celebrating that victory that we'll get tonight. napa your high with sunshine 82 degrees. warm on sunday, as well.
6:22 pm
then we start cooling down on monday the transition day a little cooler. look at tuesday. forget 90. barely 70. that's where we'll stay. we'll be bona fide chilly for much of next week after a very toasty weekend. >> going to start feeling like fall. >> very well might in mid- october finally. >> thank you. coming up, how the state standardized school testing has just been overhauled. and the other big changes that will affect every student in california. >> the terrifying encounter for nonprofit homebuilders getting ready for a bay area visit from a former u.s. president. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives.
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kpix 5's ann notarangel governor brown signed a bill this week officially ending star testing in the president bush schools. kpix 5's ann notarangelo shows us how bay area districts are
6:25 pm
already making the shift to a national curriculum called "common core" for public schools. >> reporter: it's the beginning of the "common core" era and the end of the much maligned star testing in california. while it's designed to evaluate our educational system, teachers are undergoing their own learning curve. >> we did arguments of writing across all curriculum, what a smarter balanced test looks like. we did a two-day training for all teachers. >> reporter: it's a small district of four schools but no matter the size every district in the state is making changes to classes and instructions so students can take a test that judges how they use information not just what they memorize. >> swimmers are racing in a race. and they hear the time they finished. if i rounded the number to the nearest hundredth or tenth, what would change in the outcome? now who is first, second, third or fourth? >> reporter: getting ready for
6:26 pm
the spring 2015 unveiling of the smarter balance test is not easy or cheap and the state only gave them $200 for each student. >> a little over $300,000 which isn't a ton of money to do a ton of work. so you have to get very creative. >> reporter: when buying computers and quality internet access, since that's how students will take the test. the biggest investment is professional development. one of the key points of this "common core" planning session, teachers here meet each wednesday many staff attending conferences and they have in- service days throughout the year. every discipline even music is affected. >> instead of just listening to music and, you know, rehearsing, we'll take the time to write a paragraph or two about what we're hearing in terms of texture and form. >> reporter: they say we'll notice a change in the classroom because there will be more class discussions so students really understand the subject and the rest of us need to understand california schools are undergoing a seismic shift. >> it's a different game now. it's a different instructional game. it's a different assessments
6:27 pm
game. >> reporter: educators are eagerly embracing the change but it's a game in which we won't know if the students win or lose for quite some time. in crockett, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> california's upset the feds by opting out of any standardized testing this year to concentrate on learning the new way of educating and testing students under the "common core" standards. but many districts will take practice tests this spring. coming up in the next half hour, a trial is under way for the bay area teen accused of stealing guy fieri's lamborghini. how they are taking steps to be sure he doesn't escape from court. >> getting ready for a bay area visit from a former u.s. president at habitat for humanity sites. >> and why the government shutdown is shuttering some of the bay area's best known attractions. coming up. ,,
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lamborghini. what they didn't see is an unusual ta, to prevent this accused aspg mobster from getting away. jurors get a look at the man accused of stealing a lamborghini. the fact of the celebrity chef's lamborghini and possible murder plot all to get the attention of a girl. kpix 5's don knapp was in court today as prosecutors laid out
6:31 pm
the wild crime spree they are trying to pin on max wade. two years ago a yellow lamborghini was stolen on van ness avenue in san francisco. the thief rappelled from the fourth floor into an open window and made off with the $200,000 car belonging to a celebrity chef. marin county prosecutor said that crime led to another a year later. >> max wade already had the flashy yellow lamborghini. but he wanted the beautiful blonde to go with it. >> reporter: the blonde was a woman. the prosecutor says the 17-year- old wade was infatuated with the woman. when he learned who she was dating, he plotted to kill the man. he dressed in black and pulled aside the truck. >> then in his waistband pulled out a loaded revolver and shot five bullets directly into the passenger compartment of the truck. >> reporter: no one was injured. shortly after that, a detective made a connection to max wade.
6:32 pm
wade sat quietly in court, his legs shackled because of the concern that he might attempt to flee. last year someone cut through a chain-link fence in juvenile hall and tried to bust him out. now 19, he is being tried as an adult charged with six felonies including two counts of attempted murder and auto theft. the prosecutor used images of the black motorcycle black clothing the lamborghini and a handgun found in a storage container to attempt to link wade to the crimes. >> you have to set aside >> reporter: the defense attorney says there is no physical or dna evidence to link max wade to the crime. >> you have to breathe life into these theories, presumption of innocence, beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: during a break his mother came to his defense. >> describe me son in the opening statement, it's cruel and disgusting and it's not true. >> reporter: the trial is expected to take six weeks. and the young woman that wade was supposedly infatuated with is expected to testify.
6:33 pm
in marin county, don knapp, kpix 5. >> the trial is scheduled to resume monday. you would think that people are doing good things in the community would not be targets of crime but a group of volunteers at the oakland habitat for humanity were robbed at gunpoint. da lin tells us what they are doing now to make sure that it doesn't happen again. reporter: it's the sound of progress after a gunshot on tuesday abruptly stopped work at this habitat for humanity construction site. >> shocking, you know? you don't expect it. >> reporter: four gunmen held them, eight workers, and robbed them of their cell phones, wallets and tools. one man even pistol-whipped a worker and later fired a shot on the way out. the gunmen took brad allen's phone and wallet. although scary, the robbery didn't stop him and others from coming back. >> reiterates why we're here. this community isn't perfect, obviously. and we need to be here to make
6:34 pm
it a better community. >> reporter: they are building 12 townhomes on edes avenue for low-income families. habitat for humanity in 20 years has built 1 15 homes in this part of east oakland. >> one in 17 people that live in this neighborhood lives in a home that was built, renovated or repaired by habitat for humanity. >> reporter: it's the first robbery at habitat for humanity sites. they don't think they were targeted. rather, it was a crime of opportunity. since the robbery, habitat has increased security at the site. a locked gate and two security guards at all times. and security will be even tighter monday when former president jimmy carter, his wife and 300 volunteers come to help finish these homes. >> and the carters are number one volunteers in terms of how hard they work. >> reporter: the presidential visit is a nice boost. brad says the biggest reward comes when they see the family reactions. >> always nice at the end to hand over the keys and see them move in. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
6:35 pm
>> those 12 townhomes will be move-in ready early next year. an opening ceremony for former president jimmy carter and some famous singers will take place this sunday night at the oakland paramount theater other bay area headlines, a man suspected of running a worldwide drug trafficking website was in court this morning. a federal judge has postponed the bail hearing for alleged criminal mastermind ross ulbricht. he is accused of cheating -- creating an online marketplace called silk road, which sold illegal drugs and offered hit men and hacking services. police arrested him tuesday at the glen park library. in oakland, several cars collided on interstate 580 as they were trying to dodge a pedestrian. in pajamas walking around the freeway this morning. at least one car hit the 12- year-old autistic boy as he walked in traffic. three drivers with minor injuries and that boy were
6:36 pm
taken to the hospital. the boy, whose name hasn't been released, is in a medically- induced coma. his parents reported him missing shortly before the incidents. coming up, we ask why the government shutdown really needs to close some of the bay area's best known attractions. >> and big changes to medicate and medi-cal. how more than a million californians are eligible for coverage that they could not get before. ,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you.
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the government shutdown head up today with a war of word capitol hill. house speaker john boehner angrily blamed democrats.. n't a game and the government shutdown heated up today with the war of words on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner angrily blamed democrats saying it isn't a game and demanded a sitdown with other top lawmakers. but the president responded saying, they can talk after the house passes a bill that
6:39 pm
reopens the government. republicans say congress will be in session tomorrow so it can pass bills to selectively fund certain parts of the government. but the white house is threatening to veto those measures. we get it after five days of this mess you're probably sick and tired of hearing about government dysfunction. so let's take a brief pause. step outside. and enjoy the bay area on this magnificent friday. >> my name is susan. i'm from york maine. >> minneapolis, minnesota. >> southeast texas just north of houston. >> yeah, we're locals. our first choice was crissy field. that was closed. so we decided to come out here. i didn't realize that so many of our parks in the bay area were national federal parks. >> we came from that bluegrass thing. what's going on to the cliff house, supposed to be neat have lunch there. not thinking that it was -- it's a restaurant. how can they be closed ? >> we had reservations at crater lake lodge last night which we had to cancel.
6:40 pm
today, we were trying to go to the bay area model or to muir woods which is also closed. >> they posted a guard at the entrance so he won't let you stop and look. >> all national parks are closed. federal land is closed. >> we were able to look at one tree. [ laughter ] >> closed, no good because business very slow. >> really disappointing that our congress can't get it together and -- >> been self-employed for 25, 30 years. if i ran my business like the government runs theirs, i would have been out of business long ago. >> and i don't know how long this takes, couple of weeks, one week, nobody knows, huh? >> i'm at a total loss. >> do the job, get it done, figure it out. >> it's just an insult to the citizens. >> if only essential people are working, and congress is working, that must mean they are essential but they are not really doing anything right now
6:41 pm
so i wonder how essential they are. >> yeah. one quick note. we saw a lot of people show up at muir woods. it's closed whether you're in a car or on foot. expanding coverage under the affordable care act. the big modifications to medi- cal and medicare coming up next in our special five things you need to know. >> amazing how quickly the smoke from the fires moved in and now looking live outside also moved out. visibility improving once again. live look from san jose. we'll have the extended forecast coming up. hey, here in oakland, a's, tigers it is on! stick around. about 10 minutes, i got some serious game. don't move. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
under the new affordable ca act, california has accepted federal in the evident to get millions more people covered by health insurance under the new affordable care act, california
6:45 pm
has accepted federal money to expand medi-cal. more people than ever will qualify. and there's good news for seniors covered by medicare. here's part 5 of our series of the five things to know about the new law. changes to these programs. >> reporter: even if you never qualified for medi-cal before, you might now. >> i think one thing that's not well understood is that a lot of people even if their incomes are quite low are not necessarily eligible for medi- cal now. they are primarily covering parents and children but adults, whether they are married or single, if they don't have kids, then they are generally not eligible for medi- cal. >> reporter: larry leavitt of the kaiser family foundation says under the new affordable care act, everyone under the poverty level or near it will be eligible. californians for patient care president carmella gutierrez says it's a big change for medi- cal. the california version of medicaid. >> there's an additional 1.4 million californians who will be eligible for the medication
6:46 pm
expansion. >> reporter: here are the numbers. a single adult making less than $15,000 a year could get free medical cover the. so could a family of four with an income less than $31,180. this is for people under age 65. for those older or with a permanent disability, medicare coverage is only getting better. >> anyone who currently has medicare do not worry. your coverage is safe. your benefits are safe. not only that, they're enhanced. >> reporter: medicare will now cover annual physicals and free preventative care. in fact, free cancer screenings, vaccines and other wellness care has already been activated. and the infamous donut hole of drug coverage is going away. >> if you hit the donut hole you had to pay the full cost of prescriptions and it meant pretty high out of pocket costs for many seniors. the affordable care act has closed that donut hole over time. so seniors should see some relief in their prescription costs. >> reporter: the gap in
6:47 pm
coverage will shrink over the next several years until 2020 when medicare beneficiaries will only have to pay the usual drug copay. there is more information about medicare, medi-cal and all the programs related to the affordable care act online. we have linked the resources to you can also find all our stories there on the five things you need to know. beginning to clear up a little bit outside. >> it is. >> i stuck my head out the window a little while ago. some of the smoke is beginning to dissipate. >> what a change from 2:00 this afternoon when you couldn't see anything and now at 7:00 it's better because the fires are burning out and there's for more flame there's no more smoke so even though the winds are elevated visibility is better. take a look. case in point, look at the view from the cliff house. camera still on, thanks federal government for keeping the camera on. upper 70s at a minimum at ocean beach today. what an excellent weekend for the beach.
6:48 pm
santa cruz, capitola, half moon bay looking good. and looking good toward mount diablo. right now it is 78 degrees in downtown san francisco. believe it. we don't see an onshore flow cooling us down yet. santa rosa 82. these aren't the highs. this is right now. oakland 81. and concord currently 78 degrees. here's the setup for what we have going on. got ourselves some baseball. well, a little bit of smoke still in the air to start the game but we are staying in the 70s for several innings this evening. more on the tigers and a's coming up with vern live from the stadium in a second. but game 1 forecast is looking quite pleasant. going running this weekend? if you are going to run in san jose on sunday morning it will be warm in the 70s. so maybe not the best running weather if you like to run in cool stuff. speaking of cool overnight tonight upper 40s in the north bay, santa rosa 48, napa 49. oakland 57. redwood city 53. the biggest headline for tonight it's not going to be as windy and it won't be as windy coming up this weekend. the same low pressure area
6:49 pm
giving us the offshore wind here in california is bringing a monster snowstorm to montana and to the dakotas. some parts of south dakota got 22 inches of snowfall today! that's on one side of the low. on the other side, offshore winds southern california santa ana winds fire danger will remain high even as the red flag warning expires tomorrow morning. so we are warm this weekend because of the offshore flow, saturday and sunday well above average. big change though like it's turning on a dime. monday retransition. by tuesday it's going to be chilly all because low pressure moves out, high pressure moves in, we get a stronger on show flow. the ocean is at about 55 degrees right now. it's aing about pattern change next week -- it's a big pattern change next week. overnight tonight, less wind, warm, sunny on the weekend, short sleeves and sunscreen and sunglasses. next week humidity up, temperatures down. it will feel like fall.
6:50 pm
union city will hit 80. redwood city 84. sunshine for walnut creek, warm, 85 degrees. pleasanton 85. another day in the upper 70s in the city. sonoma 81. richmond will be close to 80. lakeport tomorrow sunshine 81 degrees. you get the point. it will be warm tomorrow. warm on sunday. not as warm on monday, need a jacket tuesday morning. we'll cool down even more toward th middle of next week. vern has sports next. ,,
6:51 pm
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baseball and vern glenn has this sports report. >> reporter: all right. at the old, the giants, well, they are at home in the off season watching the a's go to work against the detroit tigers and the a's right now in a 3-0 hole early in the 1st inning. but we'll give you the big news of the day. as the winningest manager in san francisco giants history, looking for work. remember dusty baker? well, the cincinnati reds showed him the door today. fired after losing their final six games of the regular season. forced to play in the national league wild card game they lost that one. here's the big number. after three straight 90-win season, 19-26, that's his post- season record and they couldn't get past the first round. now, his career as manager
6:54 pm
is over, baker won over 1600 games with three teams. he won roughly half of them with the giants. which produced his only trip to the world series in 2002. and we all know how that one ended. of course, the pirates they beat baker cincinnati reds in the wild card game and they have certainly given the cardinals a run for their money. no stopping them! glen hurtle blown out in game one but in game two jared cole making his first post- season start. it's 1-0 after alvarez beat the throw and then it's alvarez in the third with a two-run homer. off st. louis starter lance lynn. 3-0 pirates. break 'em up! that was plenty for cole who struck out matt holliday in the fourth with a 97-mile-per-hour fastball. john jay goes down swinging in the 5th. swinging. two hits, one run, five
6:55 pm
strikeouts for the ucla product. pirates win 7-1 to even that series at 1. boston has been strong this season going from worst to first. the rays had all sorts of trouble in the outfield at fenway. will meyers let's a david ortiz flyball bounce over the short wall in right. this play would be costly. next batter jonny gomes banged one off the monster in left. ortiz and pedroia scored to tie the game at 2. 5-2 boston if the 5th. saltalamacchia another shot off the wall. sean rodriguez with a misplay. two runs score 7-2 boston and they win 12-2! 1-0 series lead for boston. magic johnson dodgers trying to take a 2-0 lead against the braves. but in the 7th, atlanta already
6:56 pm
up a run. jason hayward off rodriguez two runs score on the single. and the braves win. we go from that switch it over to a little football for ya. as the often injured darren mcfadden is injured again, he strained his hamstring last week against the redskins and was officially listed today as doubtful for the raiders game against the chargers. rashad jennings will go if mcfadden is unable to. incredible game between iowa state and texas last night on consecutive plays the longhorns runningback jonathan gray fumbled at the goal line both times officials saying the ball and the play was over before the ball came out. texas won by 1, 31-30. it didn't sit well with iowa state's head coach. >> to make a play on the 1-yard line with our backs against the
6:57 pm
wall, clear to everybody, and have it taken away from 'em, that's hard to express! you don't just put an arm around a guy and tell him it's okay when that happens to him. >> reporter: as we send it back to studio, the a's could use some of that energy. they need to make a play out here against the tigers to make something of it. we'll have a wrap-up later on in the late show. take care. >> all right. sounds good. >> go, a's. thanks, vern. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on >> snows in iowa too a lot. nasty winters. it's going to be a long angry time there. captions by: caption colorado licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. female announcer: save up to 35% female announcer: on a huge selection of clearance mattresses.
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