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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. that's kind of a scary feeling just because there's a lot of parks and schools in this area. >> fears of another san bruno pipeline disaster in the making. why pg&e is accused of covering up a looming catastrophe. >> where thousands of workers are facing furlough because of the government shutdown, tomorrow. >> and the a's go at it again. the team's second attempt to tame the tigers tonight. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. fears of a second san bruno disaster have a peninsula city declaring a state of emergency. pg&e's own memos say a pipeline near britain avenue and alameda in san carlos could fail.
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kpix 5's anne makovec on what the city is demanding pg&e do immediately. >> reporter: as the sun shines over this neighborhood, concern about what lies beneath. >> it's not okay. there's families that live there. what about them? >> reporter: a major natural gas pipeline runs underground similar to the one that blew up in san bruno killing 8 people and destroying 38 homes in 2010. san carlos provided these emails from a pg&e employee concerned about line 147. >> whether or not it was damaged by their own testing process and whether or not we're sitting on a san bruno situation here in san carlos. >> reporter: so city officials met again today after declaring a state of emergency on friday when a judge issued a temporary injunction to shut it down. that still hasn't happened. >> we want our customers to know this line is safe. if it wasn't safe, it wouldn't be in service. >> reporter: pg&e has already admitted giving flawed reports
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about pipeline safety and faulty recordkeeping. but they feel confident in this pipeline. >> one of the facts is it was strength tested in 2011. that's one way of verifying the integrity of the line. >> reporter: they did reduce the pressure by 20% on friday to ease concerns. >> it's not okay. they need to remove it. >> reporter: britain avenue in san carlos is a well traveled street but most of the people we spoke with around here had no idea there was a potentially dangerous pipeline underneath it. >> that's kind of a scary feeling just because there's a lot of parks and schools in this area. >> reporter: pg&e is thinking of challenging the judge's injunction in court. >> how the company that claims to put safety first has not shut this line down already is beyond us entirely. >> anne makovec, kpix 5. >> a cpuc hearing on this matter is set for october 24.
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they are getting closer in the bart talks. we're now just five days away from the end of the cooling-off period and another possible strike at midnight thursday. both sides met again today but broke up midafternoon. the pension issue is settled and they are now getting closer on wages. they are now just $30 million apart. we'll talk to bart about why the two sides won't be meeting tomorrow. that's coming up at 6:30. some activity but no agreement to end the government shutdown. you're looking at a live picture of the u.s. capital where both houses were in session today. there it is. lawmakers did agree to bring back some furloughed workers and pay others but here in the bay area, more will be sent home. susan mcginnis on the work that was accomplished on capitol hill today. reporter: many of the workers furloughed during the shutdown will soon be back on the job. defense secretary chuck hagel says he can legally bring back most of the 350,000 civilian department of defense employees. as for the rest of the
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government workers sitting at home, the house unanimously passed legislation that would give furloughed employees retroactive pay once the shutdown is over. the senate and president are expected to approve. >> doesn't do me any good right now because i'm still not getting paid. >> reporter: darren is an i.t. manager for the national science foundation. he is encouraged about back pay but the bills are piling up. >> start praying really hard if we don't get paid in a couple of weeks. >> reporter: while hundreds of thousands of workers will go back on the job and others wait for pay there is no deal to restart the government. republicans say they want to negotiate healthcare with the president. >> this administration has been almost absent when it comes to discussions and working out our differences. >> reporter: but the president and democrats say there will be no negotiations until the government is reopened. >> this crisis would be over in hours. >> reporter: meanwhile, the family has a message for lawmakers. >> the house, the senate and
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the president all need to come to consensus. >> reporter: something many government workers hope for. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> defense contractor lockheed martin says it will furlough about 3,000 employees on monday because of the government shutdown. the company has 6400 employees in palo alto, san jose and sunnyvale. it's not clear how many of them will be affected. an innocent bystander may be the latest victim of deadly violence in oakland. police say a man was shooting at a couple about 1:30 a.m. near 13th and broadway. a woman who was waiting in a bus stop was hit by a bullet and killed. police say two officers were just down the street at the time of the shooting. >> and when they looked up, they saw a crowd, a large group of people, starting to disperse and start to run around. officers got out of their vehicle, came to see what was going on, what the gunfire was about. and they were directed to three
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shooting victims. >> no arrests have been made. and victim's name hasn't been released. checking bay area headlines, a loud and colorful crowd gathered outside nancy pelosi's office in san francisco for an immigration rally. it was one of several held around the country today for what was billed as a national day for dignity and respect. a rally is planned on tuesday for washington, d.c. take a good look at alameda's crown beach because it is about to get a much- needed makeover. the east bay regional park district plans to replace more than 80,000 cubic yards of sand that's been washed away over the years. is the goal is to restore the beach to what it looked like in 1987. the work will be done during the week and cost more than $5 million. ♪[ music ] well, this is the
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unmistakable sound of hardly strictly bluegrass this afternoon. the annual festival is in its second day and as always, a huge crowd has filled golden gate park. among the headliners today are boz skaggs and dixie chick's lead singer natalie main. crowds are also gathering at the coliseum where the a's hope to even things up in game 2 of their division series against detroit. kpix 5's vern glenn has been out talking to fans. >> i was out there a while ago and i would just say after last night's loss to the tiger, ah, the energy level i'd say would go from here to -- about right here. i mean, it's still up there. as for tonight when my cameras were rolling, the fans were putting up a pretty good front. >> let's go, oakland,. >> reporter: carumba, look at that! >> whoo! >> cy young winner, he is going to be a tough outing every time
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out. but tonight got verlander on the mound. he is going to be also tough but sonny gray is up to the task and team is going to pull together and tie the series up. >> how much thought went into this wardrobe today? not a lot. [ laughter ] >> i created it myself. >> whoo! >> got to feed the tiger. ♪[ music ] >> the a's need the same kind of energy that we saw in the little bit of video. struck out 16 times last night. >> i know. it was hard to watch. >> all right. we'll see you later in sports. >> thank you. well, alcohol blamed for a deadly head-on collision. what the chp says a driver on 101 did wrong that cost a taxi passenger his life. >> there are times when at 92 i
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feel like the only grownup in the room. >> lawmakers won't do their jobs, so she can't do hers. why this furloughed federal worker says time's up. >> 15 degrees, we are going to cool by a good 15 degrees. i'll pinpoint that. but first, gather round the tv set, take a bird's-eye view of the city of san francisco. the news continues here on kpix 5.
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facing drunk driving charge accused of causing a fatal h on 101. the c-h-p says 24-year old was going tonight a peninsula man is facing drunk driving charges accused of causing a fatal crash on 101. the chp says 24-year-old zachary cast was going northbound in the southbound lanes at 3:40 this morning. he hit a taxi carrying two passengers near sierra point parkway. one of the passengers who was not wearing a seatbelt was ejected and killed when a second car hit the cab. kass and the cab driver suffered major injuries. another victim of the government shutdown is the nations oldest full time national park ranger. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez talked to the 92-year-old bay area woman who is eager to get back to work. i don't have that much time
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left and those guys in washington are wasting my time. reporter: when betty soskin was born, warren harding was president. the great-granddaughter of a slave she spent her childhood in the south and richmond in her 20s. at 92 she is america's oldest full-time national park ranger and now she has seen it all. she is being told to stay home from work because the government is shut down. >> there are times when at 92, i feel like the only grownup in the room. and that has been true for the last week. >> reporter: miss soskin is on furlough from the rosie the riveter museum in richmond where they celebrate the contribution of women to world war ii victory. she worries that today's lawmakers don't seem to be basing decisions on common sense. >> i cannot imagine that this negative change can sustain itself because it doesn't have
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any patterns that are recognizable. i think it will fail of its own weight. >> reporter: miss soskin hopes the shutdown will end and she will be back to work here at the museum by october 12. that's because that's the date of the annual homefront festival a project she has been working on for most of the year. >> that would be just amazing if we could get back to work. having no sense of an end, of the uncertainty, is disheartening. >> reporter: in richmond, joe vazquez, kpix 5. perfect weather for fireworks. it won't be quite like this. but we'll tell you where you can catch some pyrotechnics tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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australia is celebrating 100 years since the royal austrn navy fleet first entered the harbor. th billed as "t quite the spectacle in the skies in sidney harbor today. australia is celebrating 100 years since the royal australian navy fleet first entered the harbor. the show is billed as the most complex ever seen involving fireworks launched from buildings to bridge and the decks of warships. there will be fireworks tonight and every saturday night in october off pier 39 in san francisco. it's an effort to offset the loss of business caused by the cancellation of fleet week events. perfect time now to ask roberta, are we going to be able to see the fireworks? >> i have to say, hands down, the weather will be better for the fireworks tonight than on the 4th of july. >> nice. >> october is always the best month in the city of san francisco. we will have nothing but clear skies, a starry night, black
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slate for the fireworks. and also temperatures in the 60s. wow! you can't ask for better weather. take a look at this right now. the coast is clear. that's what an offshore flow looks like. we have low tide and clarity at the beaches and the air temperature currently still in the mid-70s there. san francisco at 82. also in the low 80s in mountain view, oakland, san jose at 84. santa rosa today after a high of 87 degrees, 85 degrees. this is what it looks like in dublin? >> note much change except for the wind. they will begin to relax. less wind, cooler days. highs from the 70s in pacifica today to 10 degrees warmer than that in fairfield throughout
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the delta. 87 degrees in santa rosa. tonight light breeze. 53 vallejo. mid-50s will be common from redwood city through los altos and also mid-50s throughout the tri-valley. jet stream precipitation in the pacific northwest. one or two days we'll be under the influence of high pressure. one more day of unseasonably warm weather. if you are running tomorrow mornings 8 a.m. rock and roll half marathon, i'll be there with 16,000 other runners. 72 degrees at start time. that's wild. okay. 83 degrees for a high tomorrow in san jose. 70s around the coast through moss and montara beaches. low 80s in campbell. 80 in fremont through union
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city through newark. high temperature tomorrow 89 degrees in brentwood. so pretty much what you experienced today you will get again tomorrow mid 80s in dublin backing through blackhawk. north of the golden gate bridge 70s to low 80s. 80s in ukiah. check this out. we will cool down significantly by midweek. we'll bump up the cloud cover. there's only a slight chance of rain showers. i'm not even putting a raindrop in there. then we'll see some seasonal temperatures by this time next week. but we are going to all have the difference this week in the bay area. vern is back with the a's, tigers match. >> we are getting close. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. hey, the headliner may be the a's. the baseball play-offs. but it is college football saturday. unfortunately, we cannot drop the word struggling from the cal football program. ,
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female announcer: closed captioning female announcer: brought to you by sleep train mattress centers. a's in a 1-0 hole against t about 15 mis got to start with baseball. >> strike whinive while the iron is hot. baseball up top. a's in a 1-0 hole against the tigers. game 2 in 15 minutes. it's a five-game series so we have to get this one of the last night max scherzer 21-game winner started the all-star game just shackled the a's.
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at least the a's not name yoenis cespedes. scherzer had 11 strikeouts in his 7 innings of work. here's what the a's had to say last night after the offense collectively struck out 16 times. >> we had four days off from playing. so, you know, obviously, that might have had a little effect. >> for me, i felt like we were a little rusty in some areas especially myself. having a couple of days off, and, uhm, you know, coming out here tomorrow, with a positive attitude ready to win. >> just can't seem like the a's they can whack you around. >> didn't win that many games for no reasons. they are good. >> getting those early runs is good especially in post-season. allows our hitters to have confidence. >> good thing you don't have time to kind of chew it and digest it. you have to come right back. >> exactly. that's where we're great at putting the past behind us and
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looking forward to tomorrow. >> short-term memory, huh? >> it is what it is. it's unfortunate. we almost pulled it off. we battled a good team. so let this one go and start worrying about mr. verlander. >> ah, yes, mr. justin verlander six-time all-star, former cy young winner dated supermodel kate upton. on the field verlander's lass post-season appearance in oakland was a complete game shout that eliminated the a's from the play-offs last season. the a's beat them in august. sonny gray, he wasn't even in the bigs until july. 5-3 with a 6.27 e.r.a. he arranged a little more than a strikeout per inning. >> yeah. if there's anyone [ indiscernible ] he has electric stuff. he just needs to go out there and, you know, get ahead like scherzer. i felt like he was ahead of every hitter tonight. when you do that, you make it
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that much tougher for the hitters that you're facing. college football, 5th- ranked stanford entertains number 15 washington huskies under the lights. cal, washington state, well, the spirit was willing. >> played with great enthusiasm. play for each other. and let's grind out a win today,okay? let's get it done. >> coach sonny dykes should have said take care of the football. the pigskin. inside the 5 and driving the muffed handoff, washington state recovered leading to a score. early 2nd quarter trying to make it a one touchdown game. ripped away, wazzu another cal attempt stalled. jared geoff the calfresh man quarterback to harper cuts back, he breaks it open and ignites the crowd. an 89-yard touchdown. at this point, it was a 2-point game. 14-12. second longest play in cal
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history we understand. but the offense couldn't stop washington state quarterback connor halladay. 67 yards for the touchdown. over 500 yards of offense for washington state. final score, 44, 22. ouch. top 25 teams florida state and maryland. nick o'leary with the touchdown. and a james winston escaped the sack. he is going to finally do it again. carlos williams would follow up with a 17-yard run here. the seminoles run it up, 63-0! you rarely see that in a battle of two top 25 -- a one-sided landslide victory like that. >> that's amazing. >> 63-0! >> wow. >> i'm feeling for cal though right now.
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they are having such a tough time. sort of shaking off -- >> they're young. not ver deep. when the skilled guys are hurt, they can't go against the big dogs like oregon and some of the other pac-12 teams that are already there. but it's sykes' first year so he gets a honeymoon for a while. first pitch coming up. >> it's 6:57! >> so -- >> i mean 5:57 i should say. >> he is ready. we'll have more at 6:30. >> thanks. a day at the fair ruined for a fresno family. they say their 2-year-old was unfairly denied access to an amusement ride not because of his size or weight, because he is autistic. how the fair operators are responding. that's coming up in 30 minutes. that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half hour. until then our news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado
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>> glor: tonight, day five of shutdown developments. the house votes to reimburse furloughed employees while hundreds of thousands of defense department workers will return. jeff pegues is in washington. the the dakotas dig out from record snow, while in the gulf rain. in the west, it's wind. manual bojorquez and carter evans have more. the n.y.p.d. investigates the revelation that an off-duty officer was there when an s.u.v. driver was tracked down and beaten following a chase. and meet baxter. could he help bring overseas jobs back home? >> our employees would be happy to have several more baxters. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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