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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> $900,000. we have already secured buses for one week. and so we're working on a possibility of a second week now. so that money has already been deposited. >> reporter: so we have spent $900,000 just getting ready for this? >> that's correct. >> reporter: meanwhile talks continue today with bart saying the two sides are still $89 million apart a figure the union disputes. >> that $89 million gap they talk about is for all the workers at bart including management. that number should be much smaller. >> bart can't look at it just on two bargaining units. you have to expect that the other bargaining units are going to expect the same thing that these two get. >> reporter: and we're waiting to see the latest on the talks. we'll keep in touch with you. as soon as anything breaks, we'll let you know. the unions have scheduled a press conference for 5:00. we are waiting for them to show up. >> we'll be sure and get back to you. phil, first, a million bucks just for that? what's happened with training the managers to drive the trains? anything new on that?
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>> reporter: okay. they have retrained the managers and the supervisors a small group of them to run cell caltrains if the strike happens but they wouldn't go in and start doing that unless the strike lasted a week or more. they want to hold off initially to see how things go. i don't think they want to anger the unions or their questions about safety. so there's not going to be trains out of the gate. it's going to be buses and ferries. and it's going to be a lot of cars on the roads if they stay with the three days heads up. >> thank you, phil. new at 5:00, taxpayers could soon be picking up the tab for former three strikes inmates. santa clara county is considering a plan that could help ex-cons live rent free. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre is live in san jose to explain the thought behind this plan. mark. >> reporter: elizabeth, it was last november that voters approved a plan to release some 3 strikes inmates early and santa clara county says by giving them some financial assistance, that is could help improve public safety. reporter: as many as 3,000
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state inmates could be released from prison under the voter- approved proposition 36 once a judge finds they are no longer an unreasonable risk to public safety, they could be back on the streets. >> this one frankly is a little counterintuitive. it's not a natural by any means. >> reporter: santa clara county supervisor joe simitian says the program could save taxpayer money and also help improve public safety. >> because if they fail again, they will go back to state prison at a cost of $60,000 a year for those of house are taxpayers. and they may end up climbing through your bedroom window or mine at 3:00 in the morning and the that's not something we want to see. >> reporter: while the feel detains have yet to be worked out, it calls for house be subsidy up to $1,000 a month for up to a year. the money would be paid directly to participating landlords. simitian says the final version of the plan will have some tough controls. >> there needs to be a limitation on the amount of money. there needs to be a limitation on how long this help is provided for. we need, i think, to make sure
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that people are, woulding -- working at least after a reasonable period of time. >> reporter: with only about $200,000 budgeted for the rent assistance program, some residents were not too concerned. >> i think it's a great idea trying to integrate them back into society and be productive. i think that's a really great thing, positive. >> reporter: the board of supervisors is expected to take a final vote on this before the end of the year. the hope is to put the plan in place by january 1. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark say, kpix 5. >> the program is expected to help between 12 to 15 former inmates just in the first year. a hayward police officer has resigned after being arrested in a bribery scandal. 30-year-old romeo aberin is accused of not arresting a woman suspected in a prescription drug forgery case. instead, police say he tried to use the woman to get more information about other crimes. when she refused, he allegedly asked the woman for cash in
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exchange for not reporting her crime. >> we are not going to be come complicit. >> he is an army veteran, father of two and has an outstanding reputation for being diligent and ethical, according to his attorney. we are just getting word that the announcement that phil matier was talking about from bart and the unions is happening. let's join the press conference in progress. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. press. i'm antonette bryant, the president and business able to of atu local 1555. we will be reading a statement. we will not be taking any questions. thank you. >> thank you for joining us today. as you know, we have been engaged in discussions with the mediator, which the mediator has issued a gag order on.
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that said, we do want to take the opportunity to share with you the perspective on the state of play currently in negotiations. we have listened to the public and we share their concern about a disruption of service. it needs to be made very clear the unions do not want to strike. we do not want to strike. we do not want the disruption of service. and that is why we're not giving a 72-hour notice at this time because we want to leave every opportunity open to try and get this deal done. we are keeping all options on the tabl to the point of doing everything possible to avoid a strike over the last 10 days, the unions have moved publicly three times. the district has not moved. if this was a score in a baseball play-offs, it would be oakland a's 3, detroit tigers 0 and you know who is 3 and who is 0. if there is a disruption of the service at the end of the cooling-off period it would be for one reason alone our elected bart leadership has not
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shown their actual leadership. right now our country is being held hostage by a small group in washington, d.c. and here in the bay area, the public is being held hostage as well as the union membership by a small group of bart leadership who have refused to show that leadership. right now there's a failure by bart's leadership. the board of directors is holding the bay area hostage. they have stalled the process as they stood on the sidelines not taking appropriate action. we do not want a strike. we want that to be made perfectly clear. we understand the disruption. we understand the impact of everybody in the bay area. and we want it clear that we are not intending to do that. we want a deal. thank you. >> are you giving 72-hour notice? >> that is the bart union spokesman there saying that they do not want to strike and because of that, they are not giving the 72-hour notice of a strike. the deadline hits thursday at midnight. they could -- bart workers could walk off the job early
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friday morning. but right now, the union is saying it doesn't want to strike, that bart has not budged at all but the unions have given in three different times. they say they don't want to hold the bay area hostage. we'll be getting more analysis and i can tell you that our surveyusa/kpix 5 poll shows that among bart riders and the people in the bay area, they overwhelmingly support bart's position and not the unions'. whether that's playing into this, we don't know. but we'll get more analysis coming up tonight at 6:00. pg&e shut down a high pressure natural gas pipeline in san carlos from "becoming the next san bruno." a judge ordered an emergency shutdown of line 147 after pg&e internal emails surfaced questioning whether an 83-year- old seam weld is safe or not. that type of weld has been a problem. it runs through the san carlos neighborhood. pg&e did not know, it says,
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that the weld existed on that pipeline until crews discovered it last november while fixes corrosion. >> it's been shown since san bruno that their recordkeeping is shoddy and spotty at best and they just can't provide this information and until they look at that 3.8 miles that runs right through the middle of our city, i'm not going to be very happy until i see what the information is that shows me that that pipe isn't going to have a problem. >> the concern, of course, preventing a repeat of the explosion through years ago in san bruno. pg&e says customers should not experience a loss of service while it tests the line that shut down. we are now in the second week of the government shutdown and not much has change. it's been 7 days since the shutdown began and adding pressure to congress is the looming debt ceiling deadline of october 17. so what's really being done about the shutdown? not much publicly at least. republican speaker john boehner still won't allow a spending vote in the house even though
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there may be enough votes for it to pass. >> the truth of the matter is, there are enough republicans and democratic votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shutdown immediately with no partisan strings attached. >> this morning the senior white house official said the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. really?! >> the bigger concern is just 10 days away when the nation will reach the cap on borrowing. the speaker says republicans won't agree to raise the debt ceiling unless the white house agrees to some spending cuts. hammers, nails and presidential elbow grease. jimmy carter joins forces with two of the country's biggest names in country music. how they are giving bay area families a chance at the american dream. >> terrorist takedown. the top secret raid that nabbed one of the fbi's most wanted. >> and in the weather department, we got away with another warm day in the bay
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area. but that's not going to last long. tomorrow we are going to cool it down by about 8 degrees for the bay area and then even more midweek. we have the forecast coming up after a break. >> the deli worker dodges a robber's bullet. he pulled out a machete to defend himself. ,, ,,,,,,
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a project that is close to s heart. today he joined habitat for humanity volunteers in oakl kpix-5's mark ke former president jimmy carter is in the bay area tonight. he brought his wife with him today. >> smart man. he joined habitat for humanity volunteers in oakland. mark kelly shows us at 89 years old, mr. carter rolled up his sleeves and fired up the skilsaw. >> reporter: they say a home of your own is the american dream. of course, not too many can say an american president actually built their homes but this family can. >> thank you very much for working for us. >> reporter: former president jimmy carter with former first
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lady rosalynn carter worked alongside hundreds of habitat for humanity volunteers. building this affordable housing in one of oakland's poorest neighborhoods. the family plans to pay $900 a month for this slice of real estate. >> this is going to be wonderful apartments at a fairly modest cost at least for this area. >> reporter: but for habitat staff, working this construction site hasn't been all lovely. wednesday, four gunmen held up habitat workers getting away with cell phones, wallets and tools. >> it was a very unfortunate incident. but we're past it and i think that this week is making up for last week's drama. >> reporter: at this build site there's no shortage of high- profile habitat volunteers including country music legends garth brooks and trisha yearwood. two people dedicated to habitat's mission and the people it serves. >> just always say you this. >> thank you. >> all the time. >> yeah.
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>> they're the hardest working people here. >> amen. >> reporter: starting monday habitat for humanity with help from the carters will build homes like this for families from coast to coast and the new homeowners could not be more thrilled. what's the first thing you're going to do when you get in your own home? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> have a party! >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> construction on the site in oakland started last fall. it's expected to open in the next few weeks. fearless or crazy? what happens when a store clerk goes up against a robber with a machete? >> the story behind this northern california surfer's munched board.
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible.
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join us at and thrive. officials are questioning a captured al qaeda leader who spent the past 15 years on e run. a special forces team captud u ah-nas u.s. counter-terrorism officials are questioning a captured al qaeda leader who spent the past 15 years on the run. a special forces team captured abu anas al-libi over the weekend. in libya, in fact. he was on the fbi's "most wanted" list for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of two american embassies in africa that killed 220 people. libya's government is not pleased with the capture accusing the u.s. of kidnapping al-libi. he is expected to be put on trial in new york. it was a rough weekend for california's online health insurance marketplace. julie watts has been looking into the problems and what's being done to fix them. reporter: >> i like what i see.
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>> reporter: ricardo says california's online healthcare marketplace doesn't just look better; it feels better. >> it looks more user-friendly. >> reporter: and it should be working better, too. >> the speed is normal now. >> reporter: "covered california" says a 30 hour maintenance this weekend should have addressed many problems users have been complaining about like recurring error messages and slow response times. >> the functionality for most users should be right about where it should be. >> reporter: but even howard believes this probably won't be the final fix and industry experts aren't surpriseed. >> this is hard. this is really hard stuff. >> reporter: gary lower is the head of ehealth a private health insurance marketplace. he says online exchanges are a complicated business. >> what we are talking about here in these exchanges is really building an ecommerce business. >> reporter: is the site equipped to handle all the traffic that you're getting? >> well, certainly it's equipped. the site is functioning. some people are experiencing more difficulty than others. but, you know, that's
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expected. >> reporter: howard says if users have a delay, they should simply walk away and try again later. >> or they can call our service centers. we don't expect the majority of people to self-enroll online. however, that is a way for people to do so. >> reporter: and for right now, they can. everyone agrees "covered california" is yet still a work in progress. one of this weekend's upgrades it features a comparison tool. for more information about "covered california," go to if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. two bay area professors are now nobel prize winners. uc-berkeley's randy shekman was at home asleep in el cerrito when the phone started ringing at 1:30 this morning. his wife nancy knew what that meant. >> i heard nancy yell out, this is it this is it! [ laughter ] >> i jumped up. my heart was pounding. i went to the phone. it rang one more time. i picked up the phone, i was
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trembling. >> shekman is sharing the 2013 nobel prize in medicine with thomas suedhof of stanford and jassmin rothman of yale. a surfer was hospitalized up in humboldt county our surviving a shark attack. this is what the man's board looked like yesterday morning. he was bitten on the upper left thigh. the man was able to paddle to shore where other surfers wrapped his wound. it happened at humboldt bay near eureka. another surfer survived a shark attack in the same area last year. a store clerk wielding a machete chased an armed robber out of a convenience store in new york. this is caught on surveillance video here. the masked man holding a gun demands the money. he fired a shot. but the clerk there pulled out that machete from under the counter and chased him off. but police say it is better to give in to the robber's demand instead of trying to fight back. in this case it worked.
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>> right. and can you imagine having a machete handy? >> now, that's a knife. >> well, it worked. don't try that at home, though. [ laughter ] >> it worked. the weather department, we have some changes in the offing the next couple of days. >> feels like fall. >> a little bit as we had a warm day today but that's going to change midweek. right now concord 83, 83 livermore, at the same time san francisco just 66. you can see some high clouds up there atop the golden gate bridge where traffic appears to be rolling smoothly. it's 82 degrees in santa rosa right now. winds which were such a big factor last week are kicking up but now they are coming from a moister direction. last week we had them out of the east. now they are out of the northwest. while that's a drying direction as well, so we are not getting any low clouds, it's not as dry as the easterly winds, even though they are gusting napa elsewhere at 13 and out of the west at san rafael too at 9. at 8:00 tonight as you head out
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it's going to be nice, fair, cool by the shoreline and mild around the bay. inland will be fair and warm and temperatures in the mid- 70s. september, october, some of the nicest months of the year in the bay area. and it certainly is shaping up that way for tonight and the next couple of days. but what's happening is low pressure that's abeam the pacific northwest is slowly going to sink to the south. as it does come down, we are going to have cooler weather wednesday relatively speaking. it doesn't mean it's going to be that cool but not as warm as tailed. still going to be in the low 70s inland so that's not so bad but not as warm as today. temperatures bottom out on wednesday. by the weekend it will warm a bit back into the mid-70s again. and that's borne out in the futurecast over the next 24 hours. going to be looking for high clouds to float in over the bay area overnight keeping overnight lows on the mild side and for tomorrow it looks mostly sunny with a few high clouds from time to time. so plenty of sunshine for the bay area. that's looking good. heading out to the central valley the numbers will be mostly in the 80s for
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sacramento and for fresno. back in the bay tonight numbers look good 54 at oakland and tomorrow's highs in the city 67 degrees. livermore down to 77 and 74 in redwood city. extended forecast, we'll begin to cool down a bit. we have a few clouds on wednesday even the chance for maybe a sprinkle or two in the south bay on wednesday. wouldn't amount to anything. thursday, friday and saturday we get sunshine and then we are warming up towards saturday and sunday so looks good. >> good timing. >> enough to clean up the air maybe. >> thank you. well, finally after years of delays, the new $100 bill comes out tomorrow. the colorful new bill was supposed to reach banks in 2011. but the anticounterfeiting measures embedded in the bills were causing them to crease during printing leaving the bills with blank spots on them. an exclusive social club set to open in san francisco this month is attracting a new generation of high society. the battery on battery street was founded by two social media millionaires.
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the club has five stories featuring fine dining, four bars, a game room and art gallery, and a boutique hotel. but it's not open to just anyone. prospective members have to be invited to join, and then pay $2,400 a year. >> it's only two blocks from channel 5. >> you're in! [ laughter ] the a's and the tigers at the brink of elimination. i'm dennis o'donnell. and what caused the benches to clear in the motor city? listen in when we come back. ,, ,,
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kpix-5 sports director denn o'donnell is here. and in the bottom of the ninth... e was a little d well, big win today for the oakland a's. >> oh, yeah. kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell here and in the bottom of the 9th a little dustup that could have changed the momentum. >> they were flustered not used to being in this position. it was power who your in detroit in game 3 where the a's were looking to seize control in the best-of-five play-off series. tied at 3 in the fifth when moss hit a solo shot off tigers
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starter an chez and the a's took the lead. oakland hit three home runs today then the real fireworks. grant balfour closing it out in the night he and victor martinez starts screaming at the plate at balfour. balfour is known to talk to himself on the mound and martinez wasn't having any of it. benches cleared. no punches were thrown. of course. the a's win 6-3. they can wrap up the series tomorrow. >> we're all very competitive people by nature. so, you know, we all have a lot of pride. so when somebody is yelling, obviously, there's a lot of time in the heat of the moment you might want to yell back. so, you know, i think it's all it was. >> the guy was wound up a little bit. came off yelling at victor and victor took offense to it. and i don't blame him. >> if the tigers hang on to win game 4 tomorrow the series would return to oakland for winner-take-all game 5 on thursday. when we do a post-game show for football, we broadcast in a five-second delay. in the event into that language
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starts going across the air. so i was surprised when major league baseball televised the game today without a five- second delay. all that stuff all that language was on the air! >> they never broadcast the delay? >> they clearly didn't do it today. >> i think that went over -- >> exactly. >> hm. >> thank you. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> how did a 9-year-old boy pass through security and get on a plane without a ticket? we're on the case of the las vegas stowaway tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they've been shut out of the bay area's red hot real este e time... now, i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, they have been shut out of the bay area's red-hot real estate market for some time now. now the pendulum is swinging back in favor of first time home buyers. what's changed that may put buying a house back within reach? and christmas comes early for some bay area schoolkids. what police officers hope they will get in exchange for their giving. and more on our breaking news story tonight. bart unions have decided not to strike when the cooling-off period ends on friday. our phil matier is getting new information right now. we'll have more of that coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, how we caught one terrorñi suspectñi ad why another got away. a man suspected in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings is rlatched off the streets of tripoli, but the seals missedñr their man in somalia. bob orr and david bob orr and david martin report. why are democrats and republicans unable to reopen the government? we have insight from nancy cordes and major garrett. how did a nine-year-old boy pass through security and get on a plane without a ticket? dean reynolds on the case of the las vegas stow away. and we'll talk the future of the n.f.l. with cowboy's owner jerry jones. the commissioner, roger goodell, seems hell bent to start a team in london and i wonder what you think of that.


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