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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 8, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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this is kpix5 news. e discovered tonight.. >> hundreds of people get sick after eating chicken produced here in california, what we discovered tonight that makes you wonder how safe is the food we buy? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. it's a salmonella outbreak involving one of the most popular brands of chicken out there. we talked to a bay area man who was just about to dig in. >> the number is right there. >> reporter: ed vanick says he bought foster farms raw chicken today and was about to prepare dinner when he saw our report on kpix5 at 5:00. turns out he bought the very same chicken, had the same serial numbers as the ones making people 6p 6137, p6137a
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and p7632. >> why can they put stuff out that has salmonella in it? if they could check it closer, it wouldn't happen. >> reporter: today the us department of agriculture issued a public health alert saying 278 people got sick with strains of salmonella heidelberg in 18 states, predominantly california and that the illnesses are associated with raw chicken products produced by foster farms at three facilities in california. that chicken is still being sold now. we found it on the shelves at a local grocery store tonight. that's because no recall has been issued. >> i don't know why they're not recalling it. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor dr. lee riley specializes in infectious diseases and says yes, cook the chicken long enough to kill bacteria, but it's still the company's responsibility to make sure meat contaminated with salmonella doesn't get out to the public. could be it a problem at the plant?
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>> from what we know that the same thing happened back in the spring, same year, this year, maybe there's something going on at the plant. i don't know. >> reporter: foster farms put out a statement saying it regrets people got sick and that they're taking new safety precautions and they're emphasizing you should thoroughly cook your chicken balls it's still on the shelf in the grocery store. -- because it's still on the shelf in the grocery store. >> that's really the question. why no recall? why doesn't the company step in and remove it? >> that's what's key is because the protocol for the government in apparently cases with chicken and salmonella is to leave it up to the company and so far foster farms said people should know how to cook the chicken. cook it all the way through and they have no plan at this point to issue that recall. >> thank you, joe. it took san jose firefighters about 30 minutes to put out a fire caused by illegal wiring used to grow pot. san jose police tell us the man in a home at seventh and st.
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james was growing a legal amount of pot, but he was using electricity illegally. across town a scene out of breaking bad. the only thing missing was the suspect. deputies tell kiet do this guy started young. >> reporter: as one deputy said, this is big. >> this is impressive. i've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: what is this? >> this is crystal meth in a very pure form. >> reporter: after a two year long investigation undercover deputies with the santa clara county sheriff's office seized a stash that would make breaking bad take notice, 27 pounds of uncut meth more than 90% pure. >> i feel walter white would be pretty impressed if he would see this. >> reporter: there was so much money deputies had to use the dealer's own cash counter to cut down on police overtime. total amount? $825,000, but the grand total for all of it with the cash and 4 pounds of cocaine was $2.3
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million. >> i think there's more than this in the county. what makes me real happy is we have this here and that our investigators did such a good job to take this amount of drugs off the streets. >> reporter: the 1 pound packages of meth were triple wrapped in tupperware containers, foil and ziploc bags, telltale signs it likely came from mexican drug cartels. everything was laying in plain view in the home of this man, 22-year-old jose alonso jimenez- olmos, a fairly high level distributor now on the run from the good guys and the bad guys. >> i'm sure he had someone he buys from if he's not in charge of processing. it's a big hit to somebody. it will be interesting. that's why we'd like to get him in custody. >> reporter: detectives say he better hope the cops find him before the cartel gets to him first. kiet do, kpix5. >> deputies also recovered two loaded guns. one was reported stolen by its owner. we learned late today there probably won't be a b.a.r.t.
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strike friday. the day after the cooling off period ends, but tonight juliette goodrich has exclusive details about a potential hiccup in these negotiations. >> reporter: that hiccup is a third union we really don't hear from, but tonight i talked with union president and she told me they could be the holdout. the other two unions have a gag order tonight. r equal work . for bart managem >> we will be reading a statement. we will not be taking any questions. we do not want to strike. we want that to be made perfectly clear. >> reporter: two of b.a.r.t.'s biggest unions under a gag order tonight, but a third union comprised of middle management and train controllers -- >> the contention at the table is tenfold. >> reporter: talked exclusive to kpix5 tonight. they aren't under a gag order but somehow have been out of the spotlight. >> this is horrible. i have never been in a situation like this. >> reporter: and the president of afscme local 3393, the
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smallest union, says they could be the holdout. >> if we don't come to an agreement, which we hope we do, we could actually go on strike and the other two unions would honor our lines. >> reporter: at issue, safety and equal pay for equal work. as for b.a.r.t. management? >> we're going to continue to talk and we'll talk beyond the end of the cooling off period, if necessary. >> reporter: a lot of riders are saying we're so tired of this. why can't they come to an agreement and some of them feel that the workers are getting fair pay now, it's been negotiated. >> well, i don't blame them. what they hear on the news i would want to believe, too but it's simply not true and we're not on the news flinging mud. .. th sides will be b >> reporter: in july when there was a strike, there was a 72 hour courtesy notice, but it's not required. this time around they're not offering that three-day notice which leads a glimmer of hope that maybe b.a.r.t. workers won't walk off the job friday. in oakland juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> those negotiations have wrapped up for the night, but
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both sides will be back at the table tomorrow at 10 a.m. sharp. in washington tonight nothing is happening, nothing productive at least. we are now in the second week of a government shutdown. republican house speaker john boehner won't allow a vote on the spending bill until the white house negotiates first. boehner claims there's not enough votes to pass it and today president obama told boehner prove it. house official said that the president would rather defat than to sit down and c-b-s >> my very strong suspicion is that there are enough votes there and the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called the vote on it is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment. >> this morning the senior white house official said the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. d 15 republicans.. would vote tod th gs really? >> cbs news confirmed 200 house democrats and 15 republicans would vote to fund the government with no strings attached. that's just shy of the 217 votes needed to pass the bill. tonight natural gas is no
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longer flowing through a high pressure pipeline on the peninsula. line 147 runs right through a neighborhood in san carlos. the problem is an 83-year-old seam weld. that type of weld has been a problem in the past. pg&e says it did not know the weld existed on that pipeline until crews discovered it last november while fixing some corrosion. so a judge ordered the utility to shut that entire line down and that's what pg&e did. >> it was thursday that we were handed this e-mail from pg&e officials which contained a statement suggesting by one of their engineers suggesting that san carlos may be the next san bruno. >> those same welds were in the pipeline in san bruno that blew up in september of 2010. pg&e told us today the pipeline in san carlos is safe, but it will keep testing that line. people's gas service in the area has not been affected. pleaded and
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pleaded" it's one of the most infamous hostage situations in american history. d mind games.. the >> begged, pleaded, pleaded. >> tonight a california woman describes how she survived the twisted mind games the bad guys played. >> a wild fight at the a's game, the dramatic action the crowd encouraged officers to take that they actually did. >> and the new invention that >> and the new invention that could keep you from ,,,,
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general noise someone in the stands took cell phone video at saturday an oakland a's fan has some explaining to do. watch this. game against detroit. the r uy in the beige someone in the stands took this cell phone video at saturday night's game against detroit. the rowdy fan hits the guy in the beige sweater. it's the clear what started this confrontation, but you can clearly see the man fighting police and security. then someone in the crowd shouted tase him and, well, that's what happened. >> tase him! tase him! m away. >> ouch. that got the man into a position where they could then cuff him. officers then took him away. a robbery goes sideways, then 50 people are taken lostage. it's known as the good guys standoff. to this day it is one of the most high profile hostage takeovers in american history.
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tonight one of the survivors tells tony lopez about the moment when she almost lost it and how she survived. ay this is it." it was a feeling the "then-22 yea han a few times that this is the moment lisa joseph thought she was dead. >> so i just closed my eyes and i was thinking okay, this is it. >> it was a feeling the then 22- year-old had more than a few times that day, april 4th, 1991. >> begged and pleaded, i pleaded with that gunman to please just let me go. ostages would be >> reporter: joseph was one of 50 people taken hostage by vietnamese gunmen who stormed the good guys electronic store in south sacramento county. >> once they tied me up then i just started to panic. >> reporter: panic turned to terror as the gunmen tortured the hostages with twisted mind games for nine hours separating them into two groups. then they said okay, we're going to play a gun and if it
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lands on heads, the 20 to the right are killed and if it lands on tails, the 20 to the left are going to be killed and they got a coin and flipped it in the air. right before it landed he'd pick it up and say that one didn't count. >> reporter: television cameras rolled as the hostage takers opened fire. three hostages would be killed. fearing she was next lisa remembers being tempted to force her way to freedom. >> i was thinking let me just take a run for this, but then he had that big gun and i was thinking he's going to shoot me. i'm not going to make this. >> reporter: she didn't have to run thanks to the sharpshooter's aim. >> i heard american voices saying we've got some more over here and they were pushing us and we were all tied up and like on top of each other. >> reporter: but they were out no longer held hostage. three of the four gunmen were killed. >> i just remember when i got untied, i was looking at my hands and i was in a state of amazement that i was alive.
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>> reporter: in sacramento tony lopez for kpix5. >> the hostage takers also made some crazy demands during the whole ordeal including being taken to thailand, 50 troop military helicopter and ancient ginseng roots. a would be robber learns the hard way don't mess with a man and his machete. take a close look at this surveillance video from a new york deli. a masked man walks in, pulls out a gun and demands money from the clerk. that's when, wait for it, yup, he pulls out a machete from under the counter and chases the suspect out of the store. oy. rlines is reviewin tight airport security check points were apparently no match for a 9-year-old boy. >> delta airlines is reviewing its procedures after the boy got on a flight to vegas without a ticket. from the baggage carousel. im to the "hot airport officials say the 9- year-old made two trips to the terminal. last wednesday he took the train to the airport, lifted a stranger's suitcase from the
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baggage carousel and took it with him to the hot dish restaurant. he had lunch, dropped the bag and skipped out on the check after telling the waitress he was just going to the bathroom. after that officials say he went home, but surveillance cameras picked him up again the next day being screened at the tsa airport checkpoint. steps away delta flight 1651 to vegas was boarding. airport officials tell cbs news the surveillance video shows the boy without a boarding pass darting past a distracted agent and onto the plane. a security consultant for several major airlines says the situation is not unimaginable. >> you see a 9-year-old child who doesn't look like he's lost, doesn't look like he's upset. you tend to assume that he's with somebody that would be required to put him on board an airplane. >> reporter: the flight was halfway to las vegas when the crew realized the boy was not
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on their list of unaccompanied minors. they called vegas police who met the flight and took him into protective custody. the tsa insists the boy was properly screened, but it's looking into whether a different sort of barrier might prevent another stow-away episode. a surfer attacked by a shark says the great white came out of nowhere. you can see the bite marks left behind on jay scrivener's surf board. the shark also bit his thigh. the 45-year-old said it happened while he paddled in a familiar spot up in humboldt county yesterday. he remembers trying to punch the shark and missing, but the shark turned away and fellow surfers ran to help him. >> boards were thrown to the beep and everybody was sprinting down to help -- beach and everybody was sprinting down to help him out of the water. the primary concern was stablizing him, getting emergency vehicles and getting him to the hospital. >> signs were put up to warn other surfers. another surfer survived a shark
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attack in the same area last year. >> are they prone to attacking people in the fall or summer? is there any season for it? >> i know they come out around christmas time to the farallon islands. we were shooting eye on the bay and saw an attack in full progress that took place about 100 yards offshore. >> on a sea lion. >> a little appetizer for them. we'll start out with numbers around the bay area, fairly mild, still in the 60s in parts. concord is 61 now, livermore the same and the wind is coming from a direction promising cooler air filtering into the bay area, but in general the winds are light. for strong winds head to the tropical pacific where we have tropical storm narda nudging to the west a little bit. it will be a hurricane by tomorrow. it's heading in a very general direction can of hawaii, but it will be -- direction of hawaii,
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but it will be downgraded before it gets in our vicinity. tomorrow low pressure comes out of the pacific northwest and sinks south. that means we'll have temperatures beginning to cool off tomorrow. as that low gets even closer to the bay area, it will be much cooler by midweek. as an example, in livermore which was well above average for the early part of the weekend and today, the numbers really come down tomorrow. so the tuesday and wednesday we're back about 8 degrees below average by the middle of the week. so a cooling trend begins with the temperatures bottoming out wednesday and then we get a warming trend by the latter half of the week. for tomorrow san francisco is a little below average for tomorrow with 67 degrees. out at livermore 77 and san jose 73 degrees is about 6 degrees below average. we begin the cooling trend tomorrow. it will still be pleasant, temperatures in the mid-70s for the most part down to the south bay 75 degrees, morgan hill, 77 at livermore, same for napa.
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the best of the best, we do this story every year, three college professors, two from right here in the bay area, one the 2013 noble prize for medicine -- won the 2013 noble prize for medicine. professor james rothman of yale recognized for cells that transform hormones. >> all i could say because i was so shaken was oh, my god and then i went speechless and couldn't say anything more. >> uc berkeley's randy schekman
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the champagne is on ice because the a's are one win from advancing past the first round of the playoffs for the first time since 2006. brandon moss and the a's were tied at 3-3 in the 5th until moss plants a no doubter into the seats and gives the a's the lead, one of three home runs the a's had off the american league earned run average leader anibal sanchez. bottom of 9th tempers flared. after fouling off the pitch victor martinez stares down the batter a little too long and there we go. yeah, yeah. >> [ bleep ]. >> martinez and balfour had to be separated, benches cleared, no punches thrown. when it all settled down, the a's win 6-3. they can move on to the alcs with a win tomorrow. >> it was the greatest closer in the game. i'm not a rookie to let me be intimidated with [ bleep ]. i
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couldn't take that [ bleep ]. >> he was staring me down. i said why you staring me down? what's your problem right now? you got a problem? come out here, so he came out. whatever. >> reporter: can you give us a little play-by-play on balfour/victor squabble? >> i was in the clubhouse. >> that's unbelievable. uribe can't get down the the 3rd base ach former giant juan uribe was asked to but to third base. he failed. the third base coach tells uribe do what you did three years ago with the giants, boom. he launched it into the hollywood night. he put the dodgers into the nlcs for the first time since 2009. they take down the braves 3-2 and the winning pitcher for the game also a former giant, the beard, brian wilson. >> he's a strike throwing machine.
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it's to center field. leads the series 2-1 >> yeah. it's a walkoff against the red sox to force a game four. tampa winds 5-4. boston leads that seer -- wins 5-4. boston leads that series two games to one. last time pirates fans celebrated a playoff, series win was 1979. they're series is pushed to a game five as the cardinals beat the pirates 2-1. the $6 million man was a bust in oakland. matt flynn was cut by the raiders today after just five weeks. he was beaten out by terrelle pryor and bobbed in his only start and op, yeah, it cost the raiders -- oh, yeah, ,,,,,,,,,,,
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female announcer: female announcer: save up to 35% and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ closed captioning brought to you by sleeptrain mattress centers. warriors haven't won an nba championship since 1974/'75, but they're talking about that and now a crowd close to 18,000 at oracle. >> fantastic. >> warriors beat the kings 94- 81, but 18,000 for a preseason basketball game. they're fired up for that team. it's going to be great.
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>> letterman is next. >> got to ,,,,,,


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