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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> that one is gone! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's tuesday, october 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on your tuesday. and first check of weather, roberta is in for lawrence and it looks pretty good. >> one of the coolest mornings, however, so far this autumn season. good morning, everybody, we have dipped all the way to 43 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. otherwise, mid-40s in napa, sonoma. upper 40s in pacifica, low 50s in the tri-valley. you want to compare today to yesterday? the cooling trend continues. we were at 76 degrees in san francisco on monday. today we're talking about 68 degrees, a couple of degrees below average. livermore slides from 87 to 79 degrees. you will feel the difference there. santa rosa down to the mid-70s. a chance of sprinkles in your wednesday forecast. otherwise, a dry weather
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pattern all the way through monday. that's your pinpoint forecast. elizabeth with "kcbs traffic." >> thank you, roberta. and outside we go, we are just getting word now of what sounds like a small brush fire. it is on the right-hand shoulder but it's westbound 580 right theres ayou approach -- right there as you approach north flynn. in the meantime, our sensors aren't picking up slowing. everything looks good from tracy at 205. san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic picking up out of hayward out of the east bay but so far still looking good over the high-rise all the way towards the peninsula and foster city. and now thatter we at 5:01, all the overnight roadwork has been picked up on the nimitz freeway between 16th and embarcadero. so near the oakland coliseum and oakland airport, everything looks good. also, we are getting word of a crash in san jose at camden avenue and donna lane. we'll have more on this coming up. in the meantime, i'll toss it back to the desk. >> thank you, liz. 5:01 now. a salmonella scare is
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centered right here in california. hundreds have been sickened after eating foster farms chicken but the company isn't pulling the meat from store shelves. mark kelly reports. why is the bad chicken still on the shelves? >> reporter: in cases with salmonella and chicken, the government does not force the chicken company to take its product off the shelves. so kipp foster farms chicken is still on the shelf. but here's a graphic. here's the serial numbers with the infected chicken. according to the department of agriculture, 278 people in 18 states, but mostly here in california, have already gotten sick from these. we found a bay area man with one of the chicken packages. ed says he was just about to cook it when he saw our alert on kpix 5 monday. thank goodness he was warned because getting sick from salmonella isn't pretty. >> most of the symptoms are
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usually self-limited diarrhea, fever, you know, abdominal cramping, pain and after two or three days, they usually go away. you don't need -- for most adults, you don't need to give antibiotics. >> reporter: so our public health expert says when you have hundreds of people get sick like in this case, that usually means the chicken is distributed widely from one centrally located source. frank, michelle? >> so, mark, at this point, what should folks do? >> so really the number one thing is what we said at the top of the story which is check that serial number. then of course as always wash your hands well before preparing the chicken and then cook the chicken thoroughly which is something that frank, foster farms also recommends. >> mark kelly live in daly city, thank you. this just in. the physicist behind the god particle theory has been awarded this year's nobel prize in physics. francois eng letter of belgium and peter higgs of britain have received the high honor. their their rhett tal discovery
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of the "higgs boson" particle is said to explain the exist of mass in the universe. cate caugiran is at the embarcadero bart station in the city. there are more twists and turns in the leadup to a possible bart strike. what's the latest? >> it's always interesting when we're talking about this. they decided not to issue a 72- hour strike notice. they may be closer to an agreement. reporter: as the two sides work out their differences, one thing in common we heard across the board from bart management and its unions, we don't want to strike. the unions' latest move not to issue a courtesy strike notice is an encouraging sign a deal may be on the horizon. but the clock is ticking and bart and its unions still need to settle how far apart they are. >> about $89 million gap that they talk about, it's for all
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the workers at bart including management. that number should be much smaller. >> bart can't look at it just on two bargaining units. you have to expect that the other bargaining units are going to expect the same thing these two get. >> reporter: in the event they can't agree, bart is ready to hire a fleet of buses to prepare for what could be round 2 of commuter chaos. and the contingency plan won't be cheap. now, the bart says they have already spent about $900,000 for a week's worth of buses. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you, cate. for the latest developments on the transit talks anytime, just log on to we're now starting the second week of the federal government's partial shutdown and there's still no end in sight. and while the bickering in washington continues, another crucial deadline is fast approaching. the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is october 17. cbs news' susan mcginnis explains what the two sides are doing instead of reaching
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agreement. reporter: house republicans will meet behind closed doors this morning to strategize about how they will handle the government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling crisis. >> over the last 10 days, we have been through quite a bit. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says the president has the power to end a stalemate. >> the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk. >> reporter: but the president says only congress can approve funding bills. and he is calling on speaker boehner to allow a vote on a no strings attached bill that the president believes has enough support to pass. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is because, uhm, he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment. >> reporter: it's not just the shutdown that the two sides are debating. the government is expected to run out of money to pay its bills on october 17th unless congress votes to raise the country's debt limit. china, america's largest creditor, is calling on the u.s. to resolve the political
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stalemate in order to protect its investments and avoid hurting the global economy. >> work with us to bring about stability around the world. >> reporter: the senate has begun work on a new bill to raise the debt ceiling. the first vote could be as early as friday. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> concerns about the shutdown and debt ceiling deadline are weighing on the stock market. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all fell yesterday. some breaking news out of san jose at this hour. a truck has crashed into an apartment building. this is on donna and camden. the vehicle has a logo there you see. the owner says the driver fell asleep at the wheel hit parked cars and crashed on the lawn. no word on injuries. santa clara county investigators are searching for a man suspected of operating a major drug ring in san jose. sheriff smith announced yesterday her department busted the operation at a home near white and story roads after a two-year investigation.
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deputies seized 29 pounds of crystal meth as well as cocaine, heroin, two handguns and $825,000 in suspected drug money. >> i'm sure that he has someone that he buys from if he is not in charge of processing and this is a big hit to somebody. so it will be interesting. that's why we would like to find him, get him in custody. >> the suspect is 22-year-old jose almos. the street value of the drugs is estimated at $1.5 million. sheriff smith says there are signs a mexican drug cartel may be involved. and san jose investigators say aillegal wiring caused a fire at a downtown home that took firefighters about half hour to douse at 7th and st. james streets last night. police say the man in the home was growing a legal amount of marijuana but was using illegally -- illegally using electricity to do it. one day after he resigned from the hayward police force, a former officer will go before
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a judge today. police say 30-year-old romeo aberin declined to arrest a suspect in a prescription drug forgery case. instead, he is accused of trying to use her as a confidential informant. when she said she did not have any information for him, he asked her for money. the woman gave him $500 but then told police what happened. >> there isn't anything more challenging, i would argue, than investigating one of our own. and that's exactly what happened. we jumped right on it. we handled it very quickly. >> aberin is the second hayward police officer arrested in the past two weeks. richard mccloud is accused of abusing girls while working as a teacher at an after-school program in livermore. fremont police hope to hear from anyone who recognizes this woman. she is wanted for holding up the patelco credit union on mowry avenue last wednesday. they say she demanded cash from a teller and calmly walked out. she didn't appear to have a gun. no one was injured. the a's are one win away from advancing to the american
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league championship series. home runs by josh reddick, brandon moss and seth smith lifted oakland to a big 6-3 victory over the tigers yesterday afternoon in detroit. the a's lead the series 2-1 games and can wrap up the series with a win in detroit this afternoon. more highlights including a battle of explicatives in your morning sports report coming up in just a few minutes. time now 5:10. apparently, alone and without a boarding pass a 9-year-old manages to board a plane bound for las vegas. we are learning more about how this sneaky young stowaway managed to evade tsa security. >> cartwheels and tag. i think it's ridiculous that they are preventing that. >> no footballs, baseballs or even tag. the unusual school wide ban that some parents say goes too far. >> and no sharks this time. diana nyad making another big splash this morning. why the 65-year-old is swimming for 48 hours straight. >> wow. and from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning,
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everybody. a few sprinkles in your forecast. and i'll pinpoint which day to expect it with the pinpoint outlook. >> and our morning commute is so far off to a great start if you are traveling in any of these areas. our biggest most popular spots for this time of the morning, so far everything is in the clear. we'll have your latest "kcbs traffic" coming up. behalf my favorite. i love pink. our te. we race for pink. introducing new raspberry 5-hour energy. from now until the end ofear, a portion of each sale benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. raspberry 5-hour energy is available for a limited time, so get yours now. i ski with pink. i can't get enough pink. come on, everyone. buy raspberry 5-hour energy benefitting living beyond breast cancer. come on, let's support pink. looks good, doesn't it?
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flight from "minneapolis sat paul" to las vegas... withou delta airlines is reviewing its security procedures after a 9-year-old boy got and a flight from minneapolis-saint paul to las vegas without being noticed. airport officials say surveillance video from last wednesday shows the runaway without a boarding pass, darting past the distracted agent and on to the plane. a consultant says he understands how that can happen. >> to see a 9-year-old child who doesn't look like he is lost, doesn't look like he is upset, you tend to assume that he is with somebody that would be required to put him on board an airplane. >> the flight was halfway to las vegas when the crew realized the boy was not on its list of unaccompanied minors and police took him into custody. las vegas is trending on whitter now, also trending amber alert. the amber alert website is back up after being pulled down over the weekend due to the partial government shutdown.
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bill, the new $100 bill debuts today after a two-year delay. iphone 5c retailers like walmart have already slashed the price of the new iphone 5c down to 45 bucks now. and sexiest woman and here she is, scarlet johansson is bringing sexy back to the pages of "esquire" magazine. fan yourself there. she has nabbed the magazine sexiest woman alive title for the second time since 2006. tony award winning actress first to win it twice. this latest news comes just weeks after johansson became engaged. >> she really is, isn't she? >> she can look so different so many different ways. >> she can. >> a beautiful woman. >> she is a pretty woman. >> all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth who has our "kcbs traffic" report. i just want to note, conspiracy theorists say that because the avengers is coming out, that's why she was vote sexiest woman. not to take away from her or anything. but let's go outside and show you what traffic conditions are like. everything is looking good right now. i got to stay at 5:15 this
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morning, been on the air for 45 minutes we have not seen any huge hot spots on bay area freeways. so a lot of the overnight roadwork has been picked up. this is a live look approaching the oakland coliseum, oakland airport once again flowing nicely towards the macarthur maze. if you are traveling golden gate bridge southbound 101, moving at the limit. actually from novato all the way down into sausalito and towards san francisco. here's a live look at the westbound 580 commute. we are starting to see a few brake lights through the altamont pass. but chp tried to locate a small grass fire that was reported on westbound 580 on the shoulder approaching north flynn. they weren't able to spot anything so all lanes are clear. but obviously there are a few yellow sensors out there now not enough to impact the drive time though. that's still about 16 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. we'll show you a look at the road sensors if you are coming down highway 4, looking good past "a" street. usually slowing from "a" street towards somersville.
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past there everything is better towards pittsburg-bay point and concord. bart has more than 30 trains on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." with more on your forecast, we have roberta this morning. >> i don't know. i think you have a little scarlet new. what do you guys think, frank, michelle, doesn't she? >> flattery will get you everywhere this morning. >> great traffic reports! as you step out the door, at the coast patchy fog in the upper 40s, bayside and inland clear start but chilly in the 50s. make sure you grab that sweater or light jacket later today. the gradual cooling trend will continue. we are talking low 60s at the beaches, 70 bayside to 80 degrees a mild day and now a couple of degrees below average for this time of the year. here it is. this area of low pressure to the north of us, gradually sliding to the south taking an inside track nicking the high sierra and leaving us with cooler days ahead and a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles but not until wednesday. so with the full-on sunshine
5:18 am
today, 60s will be common around the breaches. montera, moss, 70s from sfo through san mateo all the way to los altos. then we bump it up to the mid- to high 70s from morgan hill to gilroy. 75 san jose a couple of degrees below average, as is livermore at 79 degrees. outside number today 80 degrees well inland in fairfield and brentwood where the winds will blow out of the west 5 to 10. switching to the northwest later today. and then as you go closer to the central bay, 60s and 70s common. san francisco a couple of degrees below average. 74 degrees from greenbrae through ross into mill valley. mid-70s will be common around petaluma. here's your extended forecast. we'll increase the cloud cover later on tonight. we will call it mostly or partly cloudy on wednesday with a slight chance of a couple of raindrops. and then the dry weather pattern and very mild numbers all the way through monday. if you want to look way out there, we are still saying maybe a chance of rain, maybe
5:19 am
by the 19th. >> okay. we'll take maybe. >> the furlough will be over by then, too. >> don't hold your breath. >> thank you. she made history swimming from cuba to florida without a shark cage. and now 65-year-old diana nyad is taking on new york's famed herald square in a 48-hour swim to raise money for those recovering from hurricane sandy. she is swimming in a specially installed 120-foot two-lane pool. olympic swimmers and other guests are there cheering her on. >> we think she should write a book and relax. >> she should. >> come on. >> she is not relaxing anytime soon. >> still going strong. balls are banned in a new york school in a move to make recess safer. there are new limits on playground activities at the weber middle school on new york's long island. football, that's out. now it's nerf ball. the school is also banning hard soccer balls, baseballs and lacrosse balls, also no rough games of tag and by the way, no cartwheels unless you have a coach on hand. >> some of these injuries can
5:20 am
unintentionally become very serious. so we want to make sure that your children have fun but are protected. >> cartwheels and tag? i think it's ridiculous that they're banning that. you go for recess, you recharge then. >> we are in school all day behind a desk learning. >> some parents say the new rules are less about safety and more about liability and lawsuits. 5:20 now. a rowdy a's fan has a run-in with the law. what happened when three officers failed to arrest him. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a former giant plays hero at chavez ravine last evening and the silver and black a shocking move they released a big name player. we'll tell you what happened when benches cleared in detroit. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we might come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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an a's fan had to be tased after causing a commotion in the stands on saturday. someone in the stands shot this cell phone video at saturday's a's-tigers game in oakland. the man in the sweater scuffled with coliseum security and
5:24 am
police who eventually had to tase him. >> tase him, tase him! >> ah!! >> oh, boy. that got the man into a position where officers could cuff him and take him away. good morning, everybody. i think we can call the a's and tigers officially rivals after what transpired in the 9th inning of yesterday's game. seth smith hit one of three home runs off al e.r.a. leader anabel sanchez. two-run shot in the fifth gave oakland a 6-3 lead. smith has four home runs off sanchez. so grant balfour slammed the door on the tigers and after fouling off a pitch, victor martinez stares balfour down a little too long for his liking. [ censored ] , [ censored ] >> whoa! [ censored ] [ censored ] >> back up. >> whoa. >> that's all on national tv. no punches were thrown even though benches did clear. the a's go on to win the game 6- 3. so they can move on to the next round if they beat the
5:25 am
tigers this morning in detroit. former giants juan uribe is going to get his own hollywood star. his two-run home run in the 8th puts the dodgers in the nlcs as l.a. beats the braves 3-2. it's painful to see brian wilson celebrate. the matt flynn era is over in oakland already. five weeks into the regular season the raiders announcing that they have released flynn and they gave him $6.5 million to walk. that means terrelle pryor is the guy for the long haul at least for this season. so we could be celebrating a little champagne tonight so tune in. we'll see you on the 6:00 news. have a great day, everybody. okay, dennis. sounds good. play of the day, national football league last night, new york jets, an impressive diving catch after a little bit of this and that. he finally grabs the ball like a hot potato. jets beat the falcons in the closing seconds in atlanta. mighty impressive on the road 30-28. and your play of the day. >> you said the falcons should
5:26 am
have won that game. >> they have have. they were up with a minute to go and the jets came back. 5:25. the supreme court hears another challenge to campaign finance law. why supporters say it's time to lift the limit for political contributions. >> it's week 2 of the partial government shutdown. but there's another looming deadline on the horizon. the three things you should do if the government doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >> salmonella tainted chicken still on some store shelves. i'm mark kelly. coming up, what's the brand and what you can do to prevent getting sick. ,,,,
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,, ,,,, good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald one bay area man found he has salmonella-infected
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chicken. what the brand has to say coming up. >> plus, no 72-hour strike notice. what the decision means for bart riders come friday. >> having a little problem waking up this morning? step outside. the cool air will certainly cause a little bit of a jolt. we'll have that full pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. >> if you do have to get to work on time, fortunately there's no big delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have your latest travel times plus check in with mass transit. it's all coming up. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, october 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30 on your tuesday now. this morning, hundreds of people are sickened after eating foster farms chicken and it's all traced back to a california producer. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly is in daly city, where the chicken is still for sale this morning. mark, no recall yet, i guess, right? >> reporter: not at all. but foster farms is saying that they regret that people got sick from this and they are looking into new safety precautions. but they also say it comes down
5:31 am
to cooking the chicken thoroughly. reporter: one of the most popular chicken brands tied up in a salmonella outbreak. and this morning, foster farms is still keeping the salmonella-tainted chicken on store shelves. monday, the u.s. department of agriculture's food safety and inspect service issued a public health alert saying 278 people got sick with strains of salmonella heidelberg in 18 states predominantly california. and that the illnesses are associated with raw chicken products produced by foster farms at three facilities in california. it turns out, ed bought the infected chicken, was about to cook it up when he saw our alert on kpix 5. >> why can they put stuff out that has salmonella in it. if they could check it closer, it wouldn't happen. >> reporter: his chicken had one of the serial numbers
5:32 am
making people sick. it includes p6137, p6137-a, and p7632. foster farms does not plan to recall the chicken. so you are the last line of defense against salmonella. so when it comes to chicken and salmonella, it turns out the government does not force the chicken company to take its product off the shelves. it's up to them. and at this point it foster parents is not issuing a recall. live in daly city, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you, mark. foster farms is saying you should cook your chicken thoroughly to kill the salmonella on it. the the largest unions representing bart workers say they are not issuing a 72-hour notice for a streak that could happen as soon as friday. that's when a 60-day cooling- off period ordered by governor brown expires. the lack of a 72-hour notice provides a sliver of hope that negotiators are making progress, but it is not completely ruling out a friday strike. bart says it's ready for alternate plans just in case. >> $900,000, we have already
5:33 am
secured buses for one week. and so we're working on the possibility of a second week now. so that money has already been deposited. >> reporter: so we've spent $900,000 just getting ready for this? >> that's correct. >> the main points of disagreement are pay and benefits. bart is getting public input for these brand-new seats. this month several events will be held throughout bart's service area where people can try out different seats and give their feedback. there are three different cushions, all are said to be easy to clean. a problem with an old pipe forced an emergency shutdown of a peninsula natural gas pipeline. a judge ordered the shutdown to prevent another disaster like the one in san bruno. line 147 runs right through a neighborhood in san carlos. the problem is, an 83-year-old seam weld on the pipe. that type of weld has been a problem in the past and pg&e says it did not know the weld existed on that pipeline until some crews discovered it last november while fixing some corrosion. >> it was thursday that we were
5:34 am
handed this email from pg&e officials which contain a statement suggesting by one of their engineers suggesting that san carlos may be the next san bruno. >> the same welds were in the pipeline in san bruno that blew back in september of 2010. pg&e told us the pipeline in san carlos is safe but it will keep testing that line. gas service in the area will not be affected. a woman says a farmer took her to a excluded area on a watsonville farm and raped her. 60-year-old manuel alvarez was arrested. the woman says he told her he might give her a job then held her against her will and assaulted her. investigators say alvarez was accused in a similar incident in april. some bay area news. new traffic lights will be activated in the caldecott tunnel at 10:30 this morning. they will stay green as caltrans conducts a 10 10-day test. when they are fully activated later this year, they will be able to turn yellow or red in
5:35 am
response to accidents or traffic delays. a popular music festival in san francisco drew a record crowd this past weekend. organizers of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival say 900,000 people packed golden gate park for the three-day event. that's well above the 250,000 who showed up last year. this year's headliners include bonnie raitt, steve martin and the steve canyon rangers and others. 5:35. president jimmy carter and his wife rosalynn carter head to san jose today for another day volunteering for habitat for humanity. yesterday, the 89-year-old carter alongside with his wife fired up the power saw. the mission, to build affordable homes in one of oakland's poorest neighborhoods. carter says it is a basic human right to have a decent place to live. >> this is going to be wonderful apartments at a fairly modest cost at least for this area. >> carters have been working with habitat for humanity all over the world for the past 30
5:36 am
years. he is 89 and you know what? he still can bring it, working with that arm saw. >> mr. october. >> i wouldn't go that far. [ laughter ] >> it's early, still trying to wake up. >> good morning. >> good morning you guys. thanks for having me back again today. it's going to pan out to be cooler today cooler than yesterday. it's a gradual cooldown that will continue each and every day all the way through this workweek. now, right now, we are at 43 degrees. that's right. one of the coolest mornings so far this autumn season in santa rosa. low 50s in the tri-valley through campbell. 40s in pacifica and the sunset district. today you can expect 75 degrees in san jose, pretty much in the mid-70s across the santa clara valley. morgan hill at 77. maybe a degree warmer in gillvary. 79 antioch, 77 concord, 79
5:37 am
pleasanton, warmer towards brentwood. san francisco average high is 70 degrees. today forecasting 68. and 70 in hayward, sausalito and tiburon. the extended forecast, we have to put in just a chance of rain on your wednesday, otherwise, high pressure quickly fills in on thursday all the way through monday. that's your pinpoint forecast. elizabeth has "kcbs traffic." >> still things look good at 5:37 this morning. it's almost unusually quiet. i don't want to jinx anything but everything looks good if you are about to set off on your morning drive. you can see the headlights, that's the commute direction westbound 580 and it still looks good towards the castro valley y. now, a little farther east obviously we are seeing some delays but drive time is up to 21 minutes from the altamont pass. this is typical for this time of the morning. past vasco road exit everything
5:38 am
is at the speed limit. 4 heavy past "a" street but nothing unusual for this time of the morning. westbound 237 ride at 880 and 238, so far everything is very quiet at the speed limit all the way towards sunnyvale. here's kind of a wider view. you can see all those green sensors. green means speeds over 40 miles per hour out in the east bay and coming 101 through marin county. also, bart now running more than 40 trains and they're all on time. that's what we like to see. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new video this morning of typhoon donna after striking okinawa yesterday, the storm is now drenching parts of japan and southern south korea. the main threat for the duration of the storm will be flooding. and also mud slides. winds have reportedly reached 120 miles per hour. this morning, u.s. officials are questioning one of the "most wanted" terror suspects in the world. a special forces team captured abu anas al-libi in libya over the weekend. he was on the fbi's "most
5:39 am
wanted" list for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of two american embassies in africa that killed 220 people. his son says his father is an innocent former it worker who has done humanitarian work. happening today, supreme court will hear a case that could change the way individuals can contribute to political campaigns. the case involves the obama administration and republicans who now challenge current limits on personal campaign contributions. theythey say it violates first amendment rights to have limits. >> what the court said in the past in the 1976 in the buckley versus vallejo case if you give too much to one candidate that could be corrupting. >> right now, a person cannot spend more than $123,000 on federal candidates, party committees or political action committees within an election cycle. here's a live look at capitol hill now as we begin week 2 of the federal government's partial shutdown. there's still no sign of
5:40 am
progress toward an agreement to end it. republicans house speaker john boehner won't allow a vote on a spending bill until the obama administration starts negotiating. boehner claims there are not enough house votes to pass a spending bill unless it includes defunding, delays or changes to the healthcare reform program. the president disagrees. >> my very strong suspicion is that there are enough votes there and the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is because, uhm, he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment. >> this morning the senior white house official said that the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. really?! >> cbs news has confirmed at least 200 house democrats and 15 republicans would vote to fund the government with no strings attached. that's just short of the 217 votes needed to pass the bill. federal aviation administration says it is
5:41 am
recalling 800 furloughed employees. more than 15,000 faa workers were furloughed last week because of the partial government shutdown. the agency issued a statement yesterday saying the returning workers are from the office of aviation safety. now, the shutdown is about to hit the folks who keep an eye on the nation's 100 commercial nuclear power plants. the nuclear regulatory commission said yesterday it expects to furlough 3900 employees at the end of the day on thursday. they will retain 300 essential personnel. and as we enter theth day of the partial government shutdown -- the 8th day of the partial government shutdown, there's a looming deadline. here to explain the debt ceiling and how it could derail the economy and your retirement accounts, here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill out of the gate, what is the debt ceiling. >> reporter: it is the nation's borrowing limit at $16.7 trillion.
5:42 am
now, here's the deal. when the government takes in money from tax receipts and fees,we really are trying to cover the bills that are outstanding. right? when we come up short, we borrow money. we sell bonds to do that. now, every time we borrow money, we actually have to remain within a borrowing limit that congress sets. that's the debt ceiling. this is not new spending. it's the money we need to pay the bills that we have already incurred. so not new borrowing but it is something that is significant. >> so what happens next week on october 17th? >> reporter: well, that's what's really scary. we don't know because we have never really done this before, right? what we do know is the government has enough money on hand to cover the bills probably through the end of the month. then that's where things get awfully dicey. november 1st, a $25 billion payment to the social security
5:43 am
system is due. then two weeks later november 15th, we have a $30 billion payment due on government debt. without raising the debit ceiling, we cannot pay those bills. we would be in technical default. that would really cause financial disarray. markets would probably freeze up. it would look a little bit, they think, like 2008. but again, we are not sure. we have never done this before. >> all self-inflicted. too. the treasury said a default would be unprecedented and has potential to be catastrophic. so should we be making some moves on our 401(k)s, that kind of thing, or just sit tight? >> reporter: you know, the hard thing is that when you hear catastrophic, you want to do something. right? but the real issue here is that you want to stick to your long- term game plan. you don't want to get lured int selling. i looked at 2011 the last time we went through a debt ceiling negotiation. markets tumbled but then recovered throughout the rest of the year.
5:44 am
if you were lured into selling at the wrong time, you missed the whole recovery. and so really, sitting still, sticking to your game plan and doing nothing is what i would prescribe for most investors. if you want more information on whether this debit ceiling crisis will become a catastrophe, go to i think sticking to your game plan will serve you well. >> maybe they can figure this out in the next week. wouldn't that be nice? >> reporter: maybe. maybe. but, you know, i think it's going to go right to the bitter end. >> okay, jill schlesinger live for us in new york, thank you, jill. it is 5:44 right now. coffee or sex? if people had to pick, which would they choose? >> good question. plus, need to lose a little weight? try the instagram diet. how the photo sharing website can have an impact on your appetite. >> but first, robbery revenge. a store clerk stares down the barrel of a gun. the item he reached for that
5:45 am
sent the would-be robber running. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:46 am
5:47 am
getting away with anything, except his life. we have the surveillance video from deli on new york's long isl. a machete stopped a would- be robber from getting away with anything except his life. we have the surveillance video from a deli on new york's long island. a man wearing a mask walks in, pulls out a gun and demands money from the clerk. well, that's when the employee
5:48 am
pulls the large machete from under the counter and chases the suspect out of the store. it's not what police recommend. >> it's probably best to comply with his demands and give the money up rather than take a chance, which, you know, in this case the clerk was very lucky. >> the suspect not as lucky. he got away with nothing. >> he is a lucky guy that store clerk because that gun was right on him. oh, my gosh. >> police always say, don't fight back. >> here's the money, have a good day, see you later. let's check the roads with elizabeth, "kcbs traffic." >> whipped out his old machete. crazy stuff. let's go outside. we are getting word of another accident. unfortunately, this is our worst one of the morning since we have been on the air at 4:30. westbound 24 it's just past the caldecott tunnel. so we just confirmed that with chp. it's right before highway 13. so we're not seeing any slowing on the sensors yet but i'm sure we will.
5:49 am
it's four cars, one overturned, debris in all lanes. so obviously, traffic is going to start to probably back up from orinda towards oakland. we'll let you know as soon as we see anything unusual. this is our closest camera that's past the accident westbound 24 by telegraph. and so far everything looks pretty good and maybe can see some flashing lights there in the distance or maybe a police car trying to head to the scene. this is a live look from chopper. okay, i didn't realize chopper 5 got there. they are trying to reach the scene of an accident. this is in twin peaks. it was actually san francisco police department, they are investigating an accident and fire involving a car that went over the side of the roadway. this is the first time i'm looking at this but obviously fire crews are on scene. we had heard there were major injuries involved. again, this is san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood near burnett. the accident happened about 4:00 this morning. so we'll continue to keep you updated there. in the meantime, just one more quick look.
5:50 am
traffic moving at the speed limit out of hayward. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast, here's roberta. >> if you are getting ready for school or work, here's what you need to know out the door on this tuesday, october 8th. along the coast some patchy clouds in the upper 40s. you need a sweater or light jacket. clear skies around the bay and inland. later today plan on 62 beaches, 70 bayside, 80 degrees inland. so the gradual cooling trend continues. sure, under the influence of high pressure. low pressure sags south taking an inside track so chance of showers in the high sierra tonight. and that will lead to the potential of a couple of raindrops here locally on wednesday. just a chance. 78 degrees today at the state capital. 63 high sierra. 64 in eureka. and same story monterey bay. 83 degrees, full-on sunshine
5:51 am
fresno through modesto into manteca. so pacifica today, 64 degrees. couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. we were at 76 in san francisco. average high 70 but instead today 68 degrees. mid-70s from the santa clara valley all the way into morgan hill and gilroy. 75 degrees from vallejo through american canyon, and 80 degrees the outside number in our inland areas. here's your extended forecast. we bump up the cloud th that chance. if we see anything at all just a couple of raindrops. that's it. but over thursday through monday a very tranquil weather pattern. hey, kids, getting ready in lake county to head to middletown high school? boy, what is their mascot there, do you know? i know billy knows. what's the mascot. the mustangs. hey, if you have a school that you would like to nominate for our kpix 5 schoolcast, just enter online at
5:52 am
and from schools to baseball, i checked the detroit weather for the a's, very oakland-like, 68 to 72 degrees today. and sunshine. >> 2:00? >> it's either 2 or 4 depending on yesterday's outcome with the red sox. >> who eventually lost. so we'll have to check it. >> all right. thanks, roberta. the next diet fad could be instagram and pinterest. just looking at food might make eating less appealing. people get bored by looking at pictures? i'm not sure about that. >> i don't know about that. >> i see food and i want it. this next study supports the notion people just got to have their coffee in a big way. >> i guess so. according to a survey done by the meridien hotels, people prefer coffee over sex. 53% of travelers asked, say they prefer their caffeine fix and more than 75% said they would rather go without alcohol, social media or endure
5:53 am
a year of celibacy than give up caffeine or a year. more than half of the survey was women. >> i'm not sure i believe that, either. >> okay. it is 5:53. a record rock hit the auction block. how much one bidder spent to own this 118-carat white diamond. >> i thought that shark is so healthy and beautiful. >> and a shark attack on the california coast. what the surfer says he did that sent the shark swimming in the other direction. and you could save hundreds."
5:54 am
people across america are experof finish quantum, shine voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and now it has the good housekeeping seal, giving finish quantum more honors than ever before. finish quantum delivers amazing clean and shine, which cascade actionpacs just can't do. take the finish shine challenge
5:55 am
you can see the bite marks behind on jay scrivner's surfboard... the shark also his thigh. the 45 year old says it happened while a surfer attacked by a shark said it came out of
5:56 am
nowhere. the shark board the board and his thigh. the 45-year-old says it happened while he paddled in a familiar spot up in humboldt county sunday. he says he punched the shark and turned away but he missed. >> i remember swinging at the shark and tried to punch it. i missed. they wrapped a shirt and towel around it. they had stopped the bleeding. >> scrivner got 30 stitches but is expected to make a full recovery. another surfer survived a shark attack in the same area last year. he is very lucky >> you know what he always says, i'll be back out surfing tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> they always say that. a white diamond sold for aid record $30 million at auction in hong kong. >> the 118.28-carat oval diamond was mined in africa. it was sold for $3.6 million after 6 minutes of bidding
5:57 am
selling a new world record. buyer and selling remaining anonymous. we are getting closer and closer to a deadline but the question for commuters this morning, are we closer to a deal? the latest between the negotiation talks between bart and its unions. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, [ laughter ]
5:58 am
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from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. i don't see how it happened in the first place, why --why can they put stuff out that has salmonella? >> it's a salmonella outbreak involving one of the most popular brands of chicken and foster farms isn't issuing a recall. >> this is crystal meth. this is in a very, very pure form. >> undercover deputies make a big bust seizing a drug stash worth more than $2 million. but the suspect behind it all is still missing. >> we do not want to strike. we want that to be made perfectly clear. >> there probably won't be a bart strike on friday the day after that cooling-off period ends. but that doesn't mean bart and the unions are anywhere closer to a deal. >> it's not just the shutdown


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