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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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leaders say another strike could cripple the economic development of the bay area again. >> last time it was really difficult. >> reporter: if you thought july's bart strike was bad, you're not alone. >> we had to carpool a lot. >> reporter: workers at the financial district's [ non- english language ] had to rely on each other. managers rounded up workers in the east bay to carpool. >> mostly all of it. we live in berkeley. >> reporter: it's frustrating. >> crazy. traffic packed. so bad. no, no, no. >> we urge you to help your employees form workplace carpools. >> reporter: business leaders warned prepare for something worse if there's another strike. fall brings more workers, more students, and more drivers so the bay area council and other business groups want companies to think outside the box. how about letting workers
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choose their own work hours, telecommute or provide incentives for carpool? the alternatives are better than the alternative. >> we would be short staffed and it would be pure chaos here without those people. >> reporter: whether you count another strike's impact in loss productivity or the number of commuter headaches, these business leaders hope companies thinking ahead could ease any potential pain. >> healthcare? >> reporter: there's a live look at frank ogawa plaza from the air live video from chopper 5. the bay area council says july's strike cost more than $200 million in lost productivity and a strike now that would cost millions more according to the bay area council. live in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> it's getting down to the wire. we are only two days away from the end of the cooling-off period. our own don knapp is following every step of the bart negotiations. don, any hint as to what is happening inside that building tonight? >> reporter: well, there is some sense of it. now, we were told that they
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were supposed to talk about wages, health insurance and pensions today. and they were talking all day. but if they made any progress, we just don't know because they agreed not to talk publicly about it. but we did get one chief negotiator's opinion. >> things are moving. not very fast. but, you know, just got to play it out and see. >> reporter: bart negotiator tom hock says there's a reason those of us on the outside are not learning much about what's going on inside the meetings. >> we have agreed we won't talk about anything that relates to what's going on at the bargaining table so i can't answer your question on that. >> reporter: so the fact that you've agreed is a plus or minus? >> i think that's a plus. hopefully it makes things more open in the meetings that we're having with nobody worrying about the other side going outside and shooting the other guy in the face for whatever they might have said. so i think that's a plus, yeah. >> reporter: the unions said yesterday it would not give a 72-hour strike notice because union negotiators want to leave open every opportunity to get a deal done but the union also
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said all options including the strike remain on the table. meanwhile, this man suggesting he represents bart riders came to drum up support for orinda councilmember steven glazier's petition to ban workers from striking. >> listen, friday in my opinion, should be bart black friday. there is no -- you know, this is enough. we're -- we have had it!! >> reporter: if the negotiations fail to produce a contract, mr. green, the protestor, wants everybody to take a day off work and hit the streets and demand the transit workers be denied the right to strike. the good news tonight is both sides say they are still talking. don knapp, kpix 5. >> we have put transit alternatives on our website, just in case. also, a good place to stay updated on the latest on the negotiations. just over a week until the rollout of america's health insurance exchanges and a lot of attention has been focused on technical glitches at the
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federal level. today california gave an update on its program and as ann notarangelo shows you the message was all systems go. >> there's been so much continued drumbeat of the doubters and drumbeats of disinformation, we thought let's put this to rest and give you some of the pictures of what's happened one weekend. >> reporter: here are the numbers. in its first five days, the "covered california" website drew almost one million unique visitors. the call centers took questions from about 59,000 people. out of that traffic, more than 43,000 californians applied for health insurance and more than 16,000 applications were processed and determined eligible. >> "covered california" has left the station and is going very strong. >> reporter: it's hard to know exactly what very strong looks like because this has never been done before. >> i think it's premature actually. over time we'll get better
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statistics, more granular information. >> reporter: 43,000 applications out of 1 million website hits means only about 4% of those who went shopping last week decided to buy. a better test of the program may come with time after people test the waters. >> what we're encouraging people to do is go on the website and browse and i think all of us are doing the same thing, see how it looks, see what's up there, see your choices. >> reporter: the expectation is the one million californians browsing in the insurance market are very much interested in buying. they are just not quite ready to pull the trigger. >> this is many californians getting informed. it's great news. >> reporter: the biggest wrinkle was smoothed out. if you tried calling this call center last week, your wait time was 15 to 30 minutes. the average wait time now under 4 minutes. in concord, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> still plenty of time to browse. you will need to apply for a plan by december 15 if you would like your coverage to start on january 1.
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a body found today in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital may solve the mysterious disappearance of a missing patient. 57-year-old lynn spaulding seemingly vanished from her room while being treated for an infection. kpix 5's mike sugerman talked to friends of spaulding who gathered at the hospital after the discovery. >> reporter: san francisco general lost a patient last month. did they find her today? there was somebody found dead in a stairwell that's not often used and this is one of many, many questions that san francisco general has to answer. 57-year-old lynn spaulding was admitted september 19 for infection p the family said she was losing weight not looking too good. two days later she was gone and she left her bed and was nowhere to be found. well, someone was found today
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in a nearby stairwell dead. is it lynn spaulding? no one says. the hospital called the family this morning to say that a body had been found but it couldn't say that it was in fact her. >> it's strange and frustrating and sad. we have yet to hear official confirmation from sf general that the body found this morning is lynn spaulding. if it is indeed our friend, colleague, lynn spaulding, and the fact that she went missing on saturday, september 21, at 10:15 a.m. from san francisco general and now here on october 8 her body was found in the same hospital in a stairwell, i just don't have words for how many questions that raises. >> reporter: lynn spaulding had just finished working for san francisco travel which is the old convention and visitors bureau. how this person died is not clear. she may have fallen. we don't know that. there is some suggestion on her facebook page that other people
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at the hospital always worried about these heavy doors that close and locked and she was on the fourth floor, we saw as the crime scene indicated. so unbelievable, many questions. we have no idea exactly what happened or who this is but there is a family grieving tonight. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. san leandro police think they found the guy who brutally punched a safeway store manager last month. authorities say 39-year-old charlie johnson is the suspect in the gray sweatshirt. police arrested johnson on suspicion of assault after this surveillance video was released, authorities saying tips from the public helped identify johnson. the store manager is still in the hospital in serious condition. a petaluma man is behind bars in sonoma county jail after crews found two explosive devices similar to pipe bombs inside his home on pourry
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street. police responded to calls of an armed man threatening to hurt himself. nearby homes were evacuated and the devices were disabled. pg&e's attempt to re-open a pipeline in san carlos will have to wait. a court hearing was postponed because the judge is on vacation. a court order forced the utility to shut it down on friday but pg&e says the pipeline is safe and wants to bring it back online even at reduced pressure. chevron says whatever was stinking in the east bay wasn't them. richmond residents were complaining of a foul odor. one building full of workers self-evacuated. refinery workers couldn't find the source. the smell, wherever it came from, has dissipated. >> felony hit-and-run -- >> she was stepping in to stop taggers. now she is facing charges. why police say her crime- fighting tactics went too far. >> the asian focusing on
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mechanics as the possible cause of the crash. >> numbers in the 60s tonight and from there, daytime highs falling as much as 10 degrees tomorrow. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> would you believe that this is still on store shelves? >> you're kidding me! >> and tainted chicken sickens hundreds but no recall. the catch-22 that's caught the public's health in the middle. ,, at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video,
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access control, fire and intrusion protection. we'll show you lots of ways to run safely, and operate more efficiently. so your business can perform like never before. running safely, running efficiently, that's optimization. we are tyco integrated security.
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the woman is facing chargesf hit and run. she's a law student turned crime fighter is in serious legal trouble tonight. the woman is facing charges of hit-and-run. she is accused of slamming into a man on 14th and lakeside drive in oakland. don ford on how her attempt to stop some taggers got so out of control. >> reporter: first year law student megan zado is charged with felony hit-and-run and
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assault with a deadly weapon. her car. as she and a male friend were leaving a bar saturday night, they interrupted a group of taggers near the downtown library. the taggers allegely turned on the couple, spraying her car. she drove off but police say came right back trying to run the taggers down. >> it was hectic outside. a gentleman was trying to cross the street and a lady with a mercedes hit him. >> reporter: police say instead, she hit an innocent bystander this man who is now in critical condition with severe head injuries at highland hospital. his friends have set up this website to help pay for his medical bills, but not much has been collected so far. >> when the lady ran away, everybody was trying to chase her to stop her and another guy jumped in his car with a truck and followed her and stopped her two blocks down. >> reporter: oakland graffiti removal teams are trying to remove the graffiti. it's all over the place from this weekend. and police also noted in a
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report that she had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. megan has now posted $90,000 bail and is no longer in custody. meanwhile, the victim is in intensive care at highland hospital. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. >> san francisco police are hoping the owner of a car found burning next to the twin peaks reservoir this morning can help them figure out what happened. this is all that's left of a bmw discovered at about 4 a.m. the car came crashing down and touched off a small fire. there was no one inside and a police search of the area turned up nothing. adding to the mystery, police say the car had not been reported stolen. the a's had one stolen away today. the oakland a's have to wait another day. the tigers win with their backs to the wall. >> 3-0 lead for a while. not quite the ending the a's
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fans had in mind. detroit will have highlights of game 4 later on. but as mark sayre found out win or lose this play-off run has given oakland residents something to scream and yell and smile about. right, mark? >> reporter: indeed, ken. certainly not the outcome fans were hoping for today but here at the new parkway theater at 24th and telegraph in oakland, fans gathered in front of the big screen to cheer on the home team. >> let's go, oakland! let's go oakland! >> reporter: if they couldn't be in detroit, a's fans say the new parkway theater was the next best place to be to see this afternoon's game. >> it's amazing. it's essentially the same as being at the game. >> reporter: fans watched on a big screen from two levels yelling excitement at the big plays and showing their disappointment when some plays just didn't work out. >> oh!! >> reporter: while the giants have had a good run over the past few years, a's fans say they have always known that their fan base is rock solid. >> our fans, yeah, stick
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together. we're always there. we support our team no matter what. they kind of more bandwagon- ish. get on the board -- >> reporter: fair weather fans across the bay? >> fair weather fans across the bay, definitely definitely. not in oakland. we've hard core baseball fans here. >> reporter: and fans say the success of the a's so far this season has been a big boost to oakland itself. >> you know, good things going on here in oakland. this is really kind of helps show a bit -- san francisco gets a lot of the love, the south bay gets a lot of love and, you know, oakland is clearing coming up so it's just a nice positive statement about oakland. >> oakland is a big city and we need to get, you know, our names on the map and says this is oakland a's and we are going to make it happen. we have to take the title. >> reporter: at the coliseum, fans are so confident the a's are going to go the distance that they are already lining up to buy tickets for the league championship series. >> doesn't matter. they're going to win. >> we got faith that the athletics are going to win. >> reporter: so with today's loss by the a's, they go back
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to oakland on thursday for a fifth and decisive game. dennis will have highlights later in sports. reporting live in oakland, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. tonight san francisco residents are celebrating a famous landmark's birthday. coit tower is turning 80. as you can imagine, it's tough to fit 80 candles on a birthday cake, so relatives of lily hitchcock coit and some of the original coit tower mural artists settled with eight candles. during a celebration this morning, the party and art show was under way at a north beach gallery. >> need a bigger cake for 80 candles. >> but part of that was a tribute to the firefighters and so the more candles the better, right? >> that would be a fire hazard. >> give them something to do. [ laughter ] a beautiful day around the bay area today with temperatures still a good deal cooler than they were on monday. right now, at 72 degrees at concord, 62 at oakland, numbers right now are as much as 10 degrees cooler than yesterday
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at this hour. but, you know, as per usual for this time of the year, things will get cool in a hurry and it will tomorrow. the oakland a's are going to play again on thursday. it will be clear, mild at game time, which is 6:00 on thursday night. so the weather will not be a factor in however that game turns out. tomorrow looks pretty good. temperatures will still be in the low 70s inland. and around the bay they will be in the upper 60s. about the same for the coast, too. and it's all cooling counsel because of this low pressure that's coming down from the pacific northwest. it pushes south. the height in the atmosphere falls, the pressure falls and as a result the temperatures come downright along with it. so we're expecting the coolest day of the week will be tomorrow and then slight chance of a rogue shower as that low comes through, it's not much of a chance but nevertheless we must mention these things. and it will warm a little bit after that impulse passes through. by the weekend we'll be back to near 80 degrees. across the coast tomorrow the numbers on the eastern half of the country don't look that different from the bay area. mostly in the low to mid-70s tomorrow. overnight lows on the chilly side, 40s and 50s. tomorrow in the city 69
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degrees. 74 at oakland and 73 at livermore. san jose tops out at 70 degrees. extended forecast will increase pressure and apply a little bit of here, so that by saturday and sunday it will be a beautiful weekend. numbers recover to near normal after we hit those blizzard- like conditions tomorrow. >> oh. >> all the way down to the low 70s inland. >> how will we go on? >> i don't know. but we'll find out. [ laughter ] >> we're willing to try. >> okay. >> thanks, brian. >> good luck. coming up a century old church goes up in flames. a scramble by 100 firefighters to save it and how one may have been injured by the spraying water. >> it's a mystery to me as a professional pilot. >> the man behind the miracle on the hudson weighs in on the asiana crash. what he thinks that the claims by the crew about the real cause of the disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. injured while dousing a los angeles church engulfed in flames this morning. south of downtown l-a, the roof of th several firefighters were injured while dousing a los angeles church in flames this morning south of downtown l.a.
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the roof of this century old church collapsed trapping two firefighters. they were rescued and taken to the hospital. another firefighter was on aerial ladder when he felt a shock. authorities are checking to see if a combination of mist and water from a fire hose carried a charge from nearby power lines. in the south bay a lumberyard fire blanketed the area in smoke early this morning. the flames were spotted around 8:00 at the padula lumber company on monterey road south of san jose. a lack of hydrants slowed firefighting efforts but crews had it out in an hour. three buildings on the site were destroyed. pilots of the asiana airlines flight that crashed at sfo are placing the blame now on part of the plane's automated flight control system. this was the scene at sfo on july 6 of this year. after asiana airlines flight 214 crashed landed injuring hundreds and killing three people. allen martin joins us now with what the pilots are saying and
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how it doesn't align with the findings from federal investigators. >> reporter: it doesn't jibe. what's important here is that the pilot's account is different from the preliminary finding of the ntsb which found no mechanical or electrical problems with the boeing 777. but the pilots are saying the automatic speed control system didn't work correctly. immediately after asiana flight 214 crashed, aviation experts believed the plane was coming in too low and too slow. now a source close to the investigation tells the "wall street journal," the pilots claim the automated speed control system, the autopilot, disconnected without warning and was a major factor in the deadly accident. but four days after the crash, the ntsb explained why even if that were the case, it wouldn't exonerate the pilots. >> the pilot sets what he wants in different modes but then there is a responsibility to monitor that he is getting what he asked for.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: cbs news aviation analysts captain sully sullenberger says you have to monitor it. >> when it's not what you intended you have to quickly and effectively intervene and if necessary take over control and manually fly the airplane and make sure you have a proper flight path. >> reporter: according to the "wall street journal" asiana airlines claims there have been a number of uncommanded auto throttle disconnects with other boeing planes. the ntsb has said investigators initially found no mechanical problems with flight 214 but they are investigating further. sullenberger says the asiana pilots' lack of experience on the boeing 777 has to be considered as a factor in the crash along with what he sees as a lack of team work in the cockpit. >> reporter: it's a mystery how this crew could get within seconds of impact with no one effectively intervening and saying, we're too slow, push
6:25 pm
the thrust up, go around. solve this problem before it's too late. >> reporter: the ntsb had scheduled a public hearing on the crash for november 6 and 7 but that's been delayed because of the government shutdown. most of the transportation board staff has been furloughed until the budget mess is straightened out and the full report isn't due for a full year. so -- >> human reaction, i didn't do it, it was the plane's fault? is that what's going on? >> that's what it appears to be but we don't know. >> we'll find out when that report comes in. allen, thank you for that. coming up in our next half hour -- >> we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. >> a game of truth or dare between the white house and congress. the building pressure to make a deal as the country careens towards a bigger economic crisis. >> california mail carrier stages a personal protest against obamacare. what he was doing with all those flyers addressed to homeowners. >> and tainted chickens sicken hundreds in california. so why no recall? we dug up the answer in decades old government regulations. ,,
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you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... skillet lasagna... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. washington... the back and forth between the white hou and capitol hill...enough to gi reporters whiplash. the rhetoric is getting much turning up the heat in washington the back and forth between the white house and the
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capital enough to give reporters whiplash. the rhetoric is getting much more hostile in washington. congress faces two major hurdles. >> as cbs reporter danielle nottingham reports, still no progress in the quest to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. >> as you all know -- >> reporter: president obama and house speaker john boehner appeared before news cameras tuesday. both offered plenty of tough talk. >> the greatest nation on earth shouldn't have to get permission from a few irresponsible members of congress every couple of months just to keep our government open or to prevent an economic catastrophe. >> what the president said today was if there's unconditional surrender by republicans he will sit down and talk to us. >> reporter: but neither offered much progress. the president and democrats want congress to pass a spending bill and a debt limit increase without amendments. >> we may have our differences, democrats and republicans, but we should not hold a full faith and credit of this great country hostage while we resolve them. >> reporter: republicans want
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concessions on the healthcare law and negotiations to curb future spending. >> we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving to us borrow more money and to live beyond our means. >> reporter: members of both parties were embarrassed by the news that the government shutdown means family of fallen soldiers are being denied death benefits including $100,000 in compensation. >> the i'm embarrassed. all of us should be. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators has asked defense secretary chuck hagel to immediately restore those benefits. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the first lady is canceling her upcoming visit to the bay area because of the shutdown. michelle obama had plans to attend three separate democratic party fundraisers this weekend. two were private events on saturday. sunday, mrs. obama was set to speak at a brunch hosted by house minority leader nancy pelosi at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. and tomorrow, president obama is set to nominate former
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berkeley professor janet yellen to be the next head of the federal reserve. yellen the fed's vice chair would replace ben bernanke whose term ends in january. if confirmed, she would be the first woman to lead the world's most powerful central bank. yellen taught at uc-berkeley's school of business for more than 30 years. a fresno mail carrier is fired tonight after he admitted to tossing out letters about obamacare. he got caught when a man noticed something unusual at an apartment complex. this is a snapshot of the inside of a fresno apartment complex's garbage. it's filled with mail about obamacare. and witnesses say the mail was dumped here by the mailman. >> kept glancing over his shoulder over and over again like he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> reporter: jerry gills was in his apartment and says he saw the postal carrier walk over to a garbage dumpster and dump it. >> it was just amazing. i mean, everyone -- i mean, looked down in there and there was a bunch of people's
6:32 pm
addresses and names and addresses. and right away i knew that this was absolutely wrong. >> reporter: he brought the mail to his local post office and filed a complaint and an investigation began. according to u.s. postal service spokesman gus ruiz, the mail carrier said he was running late and wanted to get back to the post office on time. ruiz says that the mailman was fired immediately and admitted to dumping the mail and that the worker is a temporary carrier hired in august. he says he is happy to hear the mail carrier was fired. >> there is important information. no telling where you stop it. do you stop at one thing or is everything being thrown away every day? what is this person doing? >> it's not just throwing amail away. the man could face federal charges for doing that. the post office plans to deliver the mail that was tossed out. former president jimmy carter and his wife continued their tour of northern california today.
6:33 pm
the couple volunteered with habitat for humanity in san jose. they joined other high-profile volunteers like country singers garth brooks and trisha yearwood renovating and repairing homes and working on community projects. >> it's all about the homeowners and getting to meet the people side by side that you're building with and relations. when you talk about habitat for humanity it's nothing but love. when you hear all those hammers it's the sound of love. when you see all those faces, it's the face of love. these guys do it right. >> country power couple right there. the former first family helped build a home yesterday in oakland. they have been involved with habitat for humanity for more than 30 years. nearly 300 people have now gotten sick from a strain of salmonella traced to three poultry processing plans in california's central valley. julie watts on the consumerwatch tells us why chicken from those plants is still on the market. reporter: it's sickened hundreds of people across the country, chicken tainted with salmonella. would you believe that this is still on store shelves? >> you're kidding me!
6:34 pm
>> terrible, irresponsible. >> reporter: and it's totally legal. but only because chicken is regulated by the usda and not the fda. >> it makes no sense but that's the way the law is. >> reporter: this food safety lawyer explains salmonella is considered an adulterant by the fda which regulates all food except meat. >> if this was an fda product, spinach, spices, peppers, the product would be recalled yesterday. >> reporter: but he says it's the usda which oversees chicken and beef and it doesn't consider salmonella an adulterant and therefore doesn't require a recall when it's found. >> despite the fact that it sickens and kills people. >> reporter: he says it dates back to a decades old court case where the usda was sued over salmonella tainted hamburger. >> the retort by usda in the 1970s was that it's not an adulterant, it's a natural occurring bacteria, and honestly what they said, well, housewives would cook it properly. >> reporter: well, no matter who is cooking it, we now know it's not always cooked properly
6:35 pm
and it can be deadly. yet this chicken remains on store shelves despite a public health alert. state health officials just revealed to us that more than 200 of the nearly 300 cases are here in california. and some of the strains are antibiotic-resistant. the food and safety groups have been calling on the usda for more than two years to classify at least this type of salmonella as an adulterant and subject to recall. if you have a consumer problem give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> you don't get sick from the chicken. it's what it touched from the cutting board to the faucet when you turn on and off the water or -- >> reporter: what you touch after you touched the chicken and yes, salmonella, it really is difficult to get rid of. and i was actually just told that if you had salmonella, if you actually were sick with salmonella, you can be a carrier and give it to someone else even if you don't have symptoms. >> so it's not just something that's passed around the kitchen. you can pass it on to your
6:36 pm
loved ones. >> reporter: yes. and in this case they are seeing some antibiotic- resistant strains. google introduces a new laptop today and while it may be sleek and inexpensive it has one very distinguishing feature. the new chrome book has a charger that uses the same connection as most smartphones. it has a battery life of six hours which is enough for a cross-country flight. the screen is 11" but they are not the most powerful computers. so high-end users may be turned off by this one but experts say they are perfect in a pinch. >> they make great secondary home computers if want a second laptop laying around, an emergency laptop something to take while you travel that if it gets wrecked or something you're okay with that. these are excellent for that. >> and the price tag is perhaps the biggest draw for the new chrome book. they go for just $279. getting tough with trash thieves. >> ist putting something in my garbage -- i was putting something in my garbage and hit
6:37 pm
it by accident. >> plans in one bay area neighborhood to crackdown on people who clean out recycle bins. >> we are getting a first look at the new $100 bill hot off the press. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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usually it's the sound of t garbage trucks that wake usn the morning... but in some neighborhoods -- its the garbage thieves. mark kelly on w epping in to well, usually it's the sound of the garbage trucks that wake us up in the morning but in some neighborhoods, it's the garbage thieves. mark kelly on why police are now stepping in to stop it. >> reporter: right off the l line in sunset is this line of recycling bins. neighbors tell us come nightfall, these cans get pretty popular with some of the public. >> they are pretty regular. they come, you know, looking for the cans, i think, mostly. >> like 3 or 4 rounds, like one person will come and then someone will come later and then someone will try to come later. >> it happens pretty often. >> reporter: neighbors say just pick a night and someone is bound to be rummaging through
6:40 pm
their trash looking to make a quick buck but the police department has had enough and officers will now be on lookout for trash pickers. >> it's illegal. the recycling that's put out for recology to pick up is theirs. it's not for people to come and steal. >> reporter: biggest complaints? noise and the mess left behind from the ones who don't clean up. >> does sort of bother me when they do leave a mess. i think that would bother me more than the sound. >> reporter: as for kelly, it doesn't bother her all that much. she feels sorry for them. she has even bumped into the trash picker a time or two. >> i was putting something in my garbage and it hit him by accident. i didn't mean to. he is like, hey, watch out! >> reporter: police admit on the list of crimes, stealing trash is no homicide. but putting the lid on trash picking can improve quality of life. in the sunset district, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> police say that people stealing trash will be cited if they are caught. the new $100 bill is
6:41 pm
looking a little blue. the federal reserve started supplying banks with the new notes today. the most noticeable change is the blue stripe just one of several changes to stop counterfeiters. u.s. officials say the $100 bill is the most frequently counterfeited bill overseas. hundreds of bottles of booze whose shelf life has run out. >> you are not going to believe the mess made by a tsunami of liquor. >> it is pretty stunning. in the weather department, if you are heading out tonight it's going to be a little chilly. temperatures in the mid-60s inland. and from there the coolest day of the week is coming up. we'll have details. >> honey, you better cancel those dinner plans for thursday night. >> what do you mean? >> jackson to right field, reading coming in, it dropped in front of him. >> what made the stanford coach so upset. >> disrespectful and i think it's unprofessional. >> and the phone call that surprised everyone at usc. i'm dennis o'donnell. it's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a couple lost in the texas wilderness. the it was supposed to be a one- day hiking adventure turned
6:45 pm
into a five-day nightmare for a couple lost in the texas desert. the couple was celebrating their 12th anniversary. they were kicked out of the big ben national park because -- big bend national park because of the government shutdown so they started a day hike at the nearby state park but got lost and spent three days wandering in the blistering heat. exhaustion and hyperthermia began to set in. >> that's when i told him i thought he needed to go and to leave me. >> one of us has to go because if we stay there we're going to die. there was no way around it. we said our i love yous, you know, to each other and she wanted me to tell the kids to make sure to let them know she tried. >> cathy frye's husband set out to find help passing out several times along the way. eventually he did find rescuers. but it took two more days to find cathy. she is now in the hospital recovering. clean-up on aisle 2 and
6:46 pm
bring a lot of mops and tears. take a look at this. a store clerk painstakingly stacking shelves with bottles of a very expensive booze. two women trying to decide what to buy. then it happened. oh, man. >> oh!! crash. >> shelves topple over. hundreds of bottles smash to the floor. not known how this happened. but the video of course has gone viral. >> oh. i would not want the job of cleaning that up. >> a lot of nightmares, man. >> watching that one. >> didn't look like anybody touched the shelf. it sort of just collapsed. >> just meant to be. >> i guess. >> maybe it was a small tremor in the area. >> well, nothing -- where was that? >> can't remember. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> the weather, on the other hand, is gorgeous. >> like being in the courtroom. never ask a question unless you know the answer. all right. let's head outside and have a look at the way things are shaping up tomorrow. we got temperatures in the low 70s for the inland areas. boy, that is 15 degrees back of where we were just a couple of days ago. along the coast in the upper 60s and around the bay we'll be
6:47 pm
in the upper 60s and plenty of sunshine but the numbers do fall. they are 10 degrees cooler tonight than last night at this time. right now concord still very pleasant 72 degrees in livermore it's 72. in san jose 68. in santa rosa 72. here's the culprit or the beneficiary actually. if you enjoy all this sort of thing as we get rid of some of the warm air that's been over the bay area lately that low pressure comes south and that means that things are going to cool down a little bit. coolest day of the week coming in tomorrow. still be sunny for the most part. slight chance of a rogue shower as that low pressure introduces just enough instability to at least have my mention the chance maybe of a sprinkle or two but by the weekend we are going to warm up again so the numbers will go down, they will bounce back up toward friday. but just to kind of draw a bead on this cooling trend, san francisco usually about 70, livermore about 79 this time of the year. tomorrow we won't make those marks. san francisco 69. livermore 6 degrees below average and same for concord.
6:48 pm
san jose unusually cool because of that low that's going to be essentially closer to san jose by the time it gets down to the south bay than in the north bay. so the pinpoint forecast shows us averages off their mark. 73 degrees at livermore. 70 san jose. 69 in the city tomorrow. down in the south bay santa clara comes in at 71 degrees. san jose at 70. milpitas at 71 degrees. in the east bay nice temperatures in the mid-70s for the most part. 76 san ramon. 73 vallejo. up in the north bay, 74 san rafael, 72 petaluma. up in rohnert park 73 degrees. looks good for your wednesday afternoon. then up in the far north ukiah 75 degrees, st. helena good day for wine country if you can swing it 73 degrees for a high. extended forecast is where we see that the numbers dip tomorrow. but then they recover by thursday, friday and saturday. we are going to be looking at increasing sunshine and the temperatures getting back to the 80-degree range in time for
6:49 pm
going back to work on monday. so by way of building suspense, we first cool it off and then in eager anticipation we get numbers back in the upper 70s by the weekend. speaking of building suspense, i have no doubt that's exactly what the oakland a's have in mind. dennis o'donnell has the details after a break. ,, [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university. and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business...
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6:52 pm
university. that's a live look from the helicopter above. police have cordoned off a classroom building. no reports of any injuries. but we do again have reports of shots fired on or near princeton university. and apparently, according to police, that was reported on campus. we'll give you an update with the latest at 11. dennis what a great game today. >> you know, i had my 13th wedding anniversary dinner date planned for thursday night. called my wife tonight, honey, can't go. schedule it for next week. for an hour it appeared the a's were on the way to the american league championship series. then somebody let the tigers out of the cage. dan straily, then lowry 0 for 12 in the series coming in. torii hunter going back to the wall and leaps, gone. lowry heats up. a's 3-0. lowry three runs
6:53 pm
batted in. straily held the tigers hitless through four but peralta ties it with a three-run shot. straily allows three runs over six innings with 8 strikeouts. top of the 7th, matt scherzer, coco crisp with a base hit to put the a's on top. the lead wouldn't last. bottom of the 7th martinez must have had picture grant balfour's face on that baseball, takes it the other way off doolittle the game tying home run. josh reddick claimed it was fan interference but the home run would stand. later in the inning, austin jackson 1-14 with ten strikeouts in the series a broken bat single. kelly scores to give the tigers the first lead of the game. so let's go to the top of the 8th. a's load the bases nobody out scherzer strikes out josh reddick, that would have been
6:54 pm
ball 4. then he blows one pass vogt and then gets the pinch hintedder callaspo. scherzer is fired up. bomb of the inning tigers pad the lead. a two-run double down the left field line. detroit three runs in the 8th so they lead 8-4 and those insurance runs loom large because the a's get the tying run to the plate in the ninth but benoit strikes out seth smith to end it and even the series at two games apiece. >> is there any sense that with the 3-0 lead here, you let one get away in a clinching situation? >> no. they have a good offensive plug. just because we had a lead doesn't mean you win. >> that stuff you dream of, maybe it's not the 9th inning, bases loaded, no out, being able to get out of it, somehow tonight i was able to do it. >> so bob melvin wouldn't
6:55 pm
announce his game 5 starter. bartolo colon is next in the rotation or he could go with 23- year-old rookie sonny gray toesed eight shutout innings in game one. [ screaming ] >> le this fun or what! is this fun or what? this is a lot of fun. >> that's jim hill in the clubhouse. the dodgers celebrating, this is last night's juan uribe hits a game winning homer the ex- giant and there's brian wilson, killing me! it's got to be killing giants fans to see an ex-giants celebrate in dodger blue. the nfl isn't going away easesy. the league announced that the raiders are one of three teams to play home games in london next season which means, i may have to take the show on the road travel across -- can you imagine? the fifth quarter on location from big ben. >> i can see it. >> the news too. it's that big a deal. >> you will be single then
6:56 pm
because your wife not having dinner thursday on your anniversary, you'll be able to go. no problem. washington coach steve sarkisyan has accused several stanford players of faking injuries saturday night to slow down the huskies offense. he even subsequent so far as to claim that stanford's defensive line coach randy hart was instructing his players to do it. >> the way he did it, it made it personal between him and the coach and my staff which is disrespectful and unprofessional. we don't fake injuries. we never have. we never will. i don't allow it. if they have a problem direct it towards me because i run the program. this program was handed to me and i was given strict instructions on how to run it. we do things well with integrity the right way. [ phone rings ] >> wow. >> that's your wife. >> hold on. >> this just in? >> hello? no. usc. am i interested in the usc job? [ laughter ] >> no, no, no.
6:57 pm
i know they didn't send me to detroit but i'm very happy being the sports anchor. >> full of tricks tonight, aren't you? >> very strange. if you get a phone call about being the next head coach at usc, you're probably not talking to someone who is actually affiliated with the school. two people pretending to represent usc contacted jack del rio and tony dungy about becoming their new head coach. the news was broken to trojans athletic director pat hayden, when dungy mentioned on a radio show that he had been contacted by usc. >> oh. >> moral of the story, if that phone rings, don't believe it. >> who would go to that school anyway? >> you know, only the best and brightest, ken. >> oh, my. >> the university of smart children. >> how are the chosen doing this year? i can't remember. >> well, they are -- it's an off year. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. thank you very much. thank you, folks. thank you very much. [chuckles] hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today. this family returning for the third day. from right here in atlanta, georg, with a total of $20,870, it's the jackson family. and from san mateo, california, wherever that is, it's the electona family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a chance at driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion.


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