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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now it looks like her body s a woman vanishes from a bay area hospital after two weeks ago. now it looks like her body was there the whole time. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. joe vazquez is at sf general. you've got to wonder how a hospital could lose a patient and not notice a body. >> reporter: liz, they're taking these one case at a time. the case of the missing woman, for example, she walked out of her hospital room in all indications. she had her purse with her, but left her cell phone behind in the room. that sort of thing does happen in the hospital. what's highly unusual that has never happened at san francisco general is that a body was found. the body of a woman in the external staircase of the woman that is -- in a staircase that is hardly ever used.
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>> there's a lot of strange things about this case. i don't know what to tell you about a dead body in a hospital is not at all strange. >> reporter: the discovery was made at 10:00 this morning. the employee found the woman's body just outside the fire emergency door on the hospital's 4th floor. her body was on a rarely used outside stairwell, but still not clear whether she fell or how exactly she died. meanwhile david perry, the spokesman for the family of the missing woman is still looking for answers. >> i'm sure to the people at sf general, they are working very hard to find out what happened, why it happened, and to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the 57-year-old lynn spalding battling an infection. two days later a nurse checked on her at 10:15 a.m. and she was fine. when the nurse checked back at 10:30, spalding was gone. lynn reported feeling disoriented from her medication. hospital officials said they searched the entire medical center here. friends and neighbors posted flyers throughout the city, set up a facebook page, but never
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found her. perry said that lynn's daughter got a call earlier today telling her that the body had been found, but tonight the coroner told her that the office still has not been able to determine the identity of the body. >> the message is that i wish we could give you certainty, but we cannot right now. lynn's daughter is obviously, and i don't use this word lightly, traumatized. >> reporter: and in fact family members and friends are confused and horrified. by the way outraged because you know what, they spent some time now. 17 days looking for her and to find out that she may have been right outside the hospital in the internal area here has a lot of people upset and raising a lot of questions. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the hospital says its reviewing their policy on how they search for a missing patient. the salmonella outbreak linked to chicken in louisiana is worse than what we first thought. the outbreak involves several strains of salmonella that are
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resistant to antibiotics. that's why the cdc says that so many people have needed to be hospitalized. almost 300 people got sick after eating foster farms chicken. more than 40% of the patients ended up in the hospital and the usda has put out a public health aall right, but the chicken has not been recalled. tonight a famous bay area restaurant has learned the hard way. it's not easy to take on uncle sam. julia? >> reporter: well, the house is privately owned, but sits on the federal property. so they decided to reopen a few days after the federal shutdown, but tonight the feds said no way. they were setting along ocean beach. and people inside the house were taking in the views. but looming overhead is a dark
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cloud. a federal order to shut down tonight. >> the government shutdown happened, the house went above and beyond to stay open. they were closed over a very by sigh weekend. they came up with an idea to reopen. >> our owners, they decided that it was worth a shot to get everyone back in the building. >> reporter: and so yesterday and today, the kitchen was bustling again and business was booming. the chef's special of the day. >> i have always had that for half price. >> reporter: and all was good again until they caught wind and ordered them to close. >> do you think that you're going to fly under the radar? >> you are hoping to. we mostly tried, but we didn't really know. >> reporter: sunset dinners were canceled. a first in chef weber's 35 years here. >> we have gone through floods here and it has never happened. >> reporter: until the government shutdown is over.
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long-term customers will have to wait to be seated. >> it is just devastating. it's a big operation that so many employees are affected. it is a tremendous and natural loss to them. >> reporter: so as of tonight, the house is officially closed until the shutdown is over. they have so much food in the kitchen that they don't want to go to waste. come tomorrow they'll be donating it to local charities. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the first lady canceled her upcoming trip to the bay area because of the shutdown. she was suppose to be in san francisco this weekend for a couple of democratic fundraisers. well tonight we learned at noon tomorrow president obama will nominate a bay area woman to one of the most powerful jobs in the world. the head of the federal reserve. janet taught at cal and was the head of the san francisco federal reserve. currently she is the vice chair of the fed. for and so what will this mean for things like interest rates
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on mortgages and savings accounts? we found out. >> i thought it was terrific. she's the single best qualified person in the entire world for the job. >> reporter: in her early years as a professor in the 1980s, not even her closest friends saw her taking the national stage. for >> she is shy, extremely smart, very thoughtful. >> reporter: professor andrew rose who has worked alongside her for 28 years says that she has had her credentials here over the decade. she has risen here from winning excellence in teaching awards to being named professor at meredith. her colleagues say she is more than ready to head the feds. she has been second in command to ben bernanke since the federal reserve in 2010. now she could be the first woman in the top of the 100- year history. >> i think that the woman is the head of the federal reserve, a qualified woman that would be a very positive thing
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for this administration. >> reporter: her colleagues say it is likely that she would do what they have, keep interest rates low and focus on growth and unemployment. at a time when the economy will continue to rebound. >> and i think that it will help the economy along a little faster. >> and if she gets confirmed by congress, she will have her work cut out for her with the economy. the dow has fallen more than 900 points since hitting the all-time high justly weeks ago. the cooling off period will end on thursday night. that means that bart and the unions will have two more days to resolve their differences. just about an hour ago, the negotiations ended for the furlough deal as we don't know much of what is going on because of the gag order. earlier bart's chief negotiator gave us an insight. >> things are moving. the numbers are very fast, but
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we need to play it out. >> reporter: all options remain on the table, although that they have stopped short of giving them a 72-hour notice of the strike. today they rally for a support at the plaza in oakland. the man is in custody on a $1 million bail after finding the live pipe bombs in their home. the street has been closed for the better part of 24 hours. the family members called them late yesterday as they told police that the 30-year-old was suicidal. the sheriff deputies convinced them to come out finding the explosives when they went in searching the house. two were detonated, two others were taken away. the 25-year-old megan zadow and a friend left a club on saturday night in oakland. they tried to stop a group of people spraying graffiti near the downtown library. the taggers then turned on the
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couple spraying her car. she then took off and returned to run down the taggers, but instead she hit an innocent bystander and fled. >> it was hectic outside. a gentleman was trying to cross the street and the lady with the mercedes hit him. >> this is the man hit. he's in critical condition with head injuries. she was arrested and posted bail. coming up, when is beating a child not child abuse? well, the court just sided with the bay area mom because she had a good reason. your tax money wasted on a dummy. why the state is explaning the $100,000 deal. the father of the 9-year- old who snuck on the plane admits that his son is no angel. the other crazy joyride just last week.
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with a bay area mom. using a wooden spoon to beat her daughter is a perfectly fine . kiet well the court agreed with a bay area mom. using a wooden spoon to beat her daughter is a perfectly fine form of discipline. we'll walk you through what
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happened. >> reporter: at her home in san jose, veronica gonzalez was at a wicks end with her 12-year- old daughter. court documents released that the girl had decided that she did not have to do her school or homework, repeatedly lying to both of us and started showing interest in game culture. they tried grounding her, even spanking her by hand, but it didn't work. finally one day when the daughter didn't do her schoolwork and came home late, gonzalez decided to spank her daughter who was fully clothed with a wooden spoon half a dozen times on her behind. the spoon left bruises. her school found out about it calling the county. the santa clara county department of social services reported it to the state's department of justices, child abuse data base. the case went to the appeal's court where they decided that she did not intend to cause bruises and wrote, "we cannot say that the use of the wooden spoon to administer spanking necessarily exceeds the bounds of reasonable parental discipline." >> violence is the last resort.
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if we are not competent as parents, then we do resort to parents. >> they're the psychology dean at santa clara university and says that spanking is a short- term solution. >> the parents, when they spank their children, there's a sense that it is out of love. but what's happening, you're pairing love with violence. if you pair love with violence, what you're teaching your child is that love and violence goes together. >> reporter: parents we spoke to, reactions were mixed. >> i'm a firm believer in that there. but there needs to be a limit. >> there's no need for it really in this day and age. it is probably something acceptable when all the family was there. >> reporter: both of them had no comments. in san jose, kpix 5. police think that they found the man caught on this video last month, punching out a safeway store manager.
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the 39-year-old charlie johnson was arrested as he is facing an assault charge now. the release of the video lead to numerous tips and ultimately their suspect. the store manager is still in the hospital. how the government wastes money, but this one really caught our attention. the california department of veterans affairs spent $100,000 on a dummy. a life-like manikin that has never been used. >> reporter: these are second- year med students. and the patient is a plastic man. the high-tech manikin that breathes and cries, even has a heartbeat with the video monitors. they walk from that nearby room as they could set up the emergencies to see how the students will react. >> why am i here? where am i? >> reporter: these manikins are
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not cheap, costing anywhere from $30,000 up to $250,000 for the most sophisticated model. >> a lot of folks with very well intentions have gone out there to buy one of these simulators and have not done any kind of long-term strategic planning for support. and they end up in a clast gaining dust and they don't really help anybody. >> the point? the california department of veterans affairs. an insider is blowing the whistle on california's newest v.a. home in west los angeles. where they have what is known as a manikin purchased with your tax dollars in 2010. the price tag? $120,000. but instead of being used to train medical workers like at uc davis, sources say the manikin has been gathering dust in a room with a v.a. home since the manufacturer set it up. no one knows how to use it.
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>> reporter: not only is governor brown refusing how they are spending their money, but they are also keeping quiet. saying that they will not speculate on the reasons for that purchase, and that they are reviewing their use. allen par tin, kpix 5. >> they assured us that they have plans to use it for training as we requested it to video for one of the training sessions, but they never got back to us. the new york city undercover cop is among those arrested in that motorcycle road rage attack. another suspect, craig wright seen here covering himself under a blanket was arraigned tonight. wright was one of the men in this video pounding on that suv when the motorcycle rally turned violent last tuesday. and the driver of the suv was beaten in front of his wife and baby daughter. police are looking for two other bikers that they consider a person of interest. the 9-year-old that flew to
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vegas has been in trouble before. last week the boy stole this delivery truck in his hometown of minneapolis and took it on a joyride. he took out a number of cars and two trees before crashing into that squad car. and a day later, he snuck past the tsa and bordered a flight to vegas. even the parents didn't notice that they were gone. >> they are not bad parents. >> reporter: tonight the boy is still in protective custody for them in vegas as the parents say they have been asking for help with their son since he was 5, but has not gotten any. >> okay. and we are kind of showing you what is half way through the week. >> yes. >> that is kind of leveling right through the 70s. it's kind of nice. >> a cooldown tomorrow morning as you can notice that big bite in the air as you head home tomorrow night and in the bay area as we are cooling down temperatures tomorrow and we'll bottom out and warm up as you get to the weekend. the 80th birthday party for the san francisco icon.
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a great thing for them on top of the hill. and they were formally presented to the city 80 years ago today and they celebrated with the birthday cake. they had some of the original artists and quite herself. >> actually, we're on hand this morning. so good times there on telegraph hill. out the door this morning, temperatures are only in the mid-50s with the high clouds for them there and the low pressure center that moves down from the pacific northwest. right now the numbers are mostly in the 50s of the bay area. 57 degrees at concord with a few high clouds up top. that's about it. just by the way of making it exciting, the a's, they're deciding to extend that series to the fifth game for them taking on detroit thursday night at 6:00 and the game time conditions should be clear and mild. temperatures about 65. that's at 6:00 on thursday night. here is what we are expecting with a little pressure over the next 24 hours. then pretty much set up over the eastern bay, the eastern california area as they head south. we're going to be looking for
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numbers to calm down just a little bit. because it is coming over the sierras, they're going to get some snow at the yosemite. for us it means that the temperatures will be coming down with a little chance of the shower or two over the diablo range, that'll be about it. then towards the weekend, it's going to warm up a bit. they are dealing with the relatively cool temperatures tomorrow. at this time of the year san francisco should hit 70. tomorrow will be at 69. livermore will be 6 degrees cooler than average and san jose 8 degrees cooler than average. overnight lows tonight near 50 degrees in most spots. san jose tomorrow at 70 degrees. 73 at livermore in the city. south bay looks good. temperatures mostly in the low to mid-70s, but morgan hill down to 69. out in the east bay, 73 at livermore, 72 at pleasanton. numbers will be in the mid-70s as well as we are looking for temperatures in the mid-70s. the seven-day forecast is
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calling for things to cool down and then they're going to warm up. temperatures will get to about 80 degrees again by monday. so stay tuned. ken? >> all right. coming up, it's freaky stunt that has gone viral. so how did they do that? ,,,,,,,,
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that's cheap. really cheap. the new h-p chrome book 11 s for 279 bucks. and the batty google unveiled a new laptop today. the new hp chrome book, selling for $279. and the battery life lasts for six hours before it needs to be charged. earlier this year a lot of us were surprised to learn that the chrome books had about one quarter of the sub-$300 laptop. that's larger than what anybody had expected. so in that case they are very good for google. >> reporter: the new chrome book is on sale now. i bet you've never seen the movie promo quite like this one. >> a theme from stephen king's book was brought to life at a new york coffee shop. >> just get away from me. yikes. hurling a man up against the wall, moving tables, launching books across the room while
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customers look on in horror. a fake wall was behind the movie stunt, drawing attention to the movie remake hitting theaters this month. well, it could use a little magic like that in detroit, huh? >> home run. >> exactly. they make the catch. okay, now i've got to give you the low lites and we're also going to give you some highlights as you're not going to believe what a teenager, see this kid? he can't even get a drink. you won't believe what he did next. ,,,,,,,, [ yodeling plays ]
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a's clubhouse..and if it ner opens, the a's will look bat the champagne is going to remain here until the a's do something. center yeah -- yeah, hopefully tomorrow. but the a's will look back at game four, a huge opportunity missed. it was tied at 3 in the 7th when coco crisp rips a single up the middle. they knocked it out of the bullpen in this must-win game for detroit. a's up 4-3. coco could taste the bubblely, but not so fast. victor martinez gets it, due to the fast ball and scores for
11:29 pm
the home run. explaning that the fan interfered. take a look at it after the extensive reviews, they confirmed that home run and the game was tied at 4. later in the inning, austin jackson was 1-14 with 10 strikeouts. look at this. a broken bat facing them here and the tigers, they lead 5-4. the top of the 8th, loading up the bases, nobodying out. striking him out on what would have been ball four and a tiedgame. then he strikes him out on a fast ball and he lines out to the center field. bases loaded, nobody out and the a's did not score. tigers without insurance end up winning 8-6, setting up the stage for a winner takes all game five. they went ahead. >> that's stuff you dream about pitching, you know, bases loaded, no outs, able to get out of it. somehow tonight i was able to do it. >> the ruling that i understand is once it goes over the yellow line it is anybody's ball.
11:30 pm
and it clearly was over the fence. there is nothing that i could do, but be mad. i hope that victor martinez doesn't take it lightly. >> and he is undecided about who will be pitching game five. jim leyland will give the ball to justin verlander whose numbers were down this season, 3.46 earned run average. game time 5:00 p.m. why is it that you think that you had some of the struggles that you did this year? is it age catching up to you, other things that's going on? >> nice question. no. and if i could tell you, i wouldn't add them. >> it'll be a long evening. >> yes, it is not a big thing for them to come for the red sox against the rays. and for the wild pitch as they were tied, the game. they beat out the infield single to go there to score to make it 2-1 as they need to hold on 3-1 and they advance to the alcs. the sharks scored nine goals tonight against the rangers, almost half of them by the 19-year-old kid, drafting the 7th overall last year.
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look at them. they had about 11 minutes to make it count near the goals to get the hat trick to make it 7- 2 and there is the hat. now, they saved the best for last. look at that goal in front of their mom and girlfriend. and he's the youngest to score four goals in the nhl since 1988. the sharks win 9-2 for the big hurdle remembering his name. because right now he's the hottest name ever in hockey. >> yes, what a great shot. >> more of that shot, you know, might end up being the goal of the year. >> called the hurdle at 19. >> that's perfect. >> i love it. >> yes. that's why you're the anchor man. >> never seen before. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. setm meyers up next. >> i know a lot of you are upset with the a's. don't be. they're coming home. all green and gold. >> got them right where they want to. >> there is always? >> tomorrow. thank you.
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