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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a construction worker. with the skyline changing before our very eyes, electrician alex jones sees a bright horizon in construction. with his own business, he does the hiring and sees starting pay for electricians at $15 to $25 an hour. >> there's a wide variety of construction types. and if you choose the right one that you like, you can make a really good living. >> reporter: in the bay area, jobs in construction have increased more than 5.5% in the past year. he that's a 180 from the grace recession when many -- from the -- that's a 180 from the great recession when many left the area. now students are knocking down the door to get a construction job. bell through in the towel on climbing the corporate ladder for work she truly loves. >> any excuse to get outside, use my hands, anything. i was there. so i found construction to be a suitable fit for myself. >> reporter: she is not alone.
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city college of san francisco's evans center will graduate 48 construction students into the workforce this week. >> we see it growing rapidly. >> reporter: torrence is the school's dean. many of his students plan to be entrepreneurs starting their own construction businesses. >> definitely complete one of our programs in construction, your life is going to be different. i mean, your social economics will change. >> reporter: that's what bell is banking on. first in her family to go into this line of workers she is optimistic about her future. >> i mean, it's booming. you see there's a lot of work out there. >> reporter: some of the students in that piece are part of an 18-week program called, city build. they tell me it was really their open door to the whole construction industry. ken, back to you. >> good to see them out there. we need really good skilled people to do that kind of work, mark. kpix 5's da lin continues our team coverage in san leandro tonight with a project aimed at
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revitalizing that city. da. >> reporter: that's right, ken. you can't miss the big kaiser permanente building driving along 880 here in san leandro. it's located right next to the freeway at the corner of fairway street -- fairway drive and merced street. now, this brand-new hospital is giving the west side of san leandro a big economic boost. case in point, this once vacant business commercial lot here, once vacant, now it is prime real estate here in san leandro. once home to large manufacturers and automobile factories, the west side of san leandro has seen a major transformation. the kaiser permanente medical center is set to open next summer bringing 2500 highly paid medical workers along with patients and their visitors to san leandro. that's a lot of people and money coming in. >> we're all very excited. >> reporter: already, some outpatient facilities have set
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up shop next to kaiser. more are on the way. >> this is actually the treatment area for the dialysis clinics. this is where all the patients will be. >> reporter: restaurants and retail companies are also looking for opportunities here. right now, there's a denny's and mexican restaurant near the hospital. not enough to serve the thousands of people who will need a place to eat. the city is changing its zoning code in this industrial area so restaurants and even high-tech companies can open here. >> people are energized. it's how quick can we move? that's kind of an exciting challenge for the city to see how we can get out of the way and make sure that we allow this energy to come to fruition. >> reporter: existing businesses welcome the new traffic. don hill owns a printing company. >> more business, it's good for manufacturing, more people you have, your needs have to be met by somebody. so it will be us. >> reporter: developers have also gotten permission from the
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city to either build a shopping center or a business complex right next to the kaiser building so these are great times for san leandro. as one person puts it kaiser has put san leandro on the map. live in san leandro, i'm da lin, kpix 5. no movement in washington on the government shutdown but the ripple effect spreads in the bay area. kpix 5 has learned, 6500 employees of the lawrence livermore lab could be furloughed on october 21. the lab stores some of the most powerful explosives in the world. it's the latest local victim of the stalemate in washington. open the government now! open the government now! >> meanwhile, furloughed nasa ames employees showed up to work in mountain view to protest, signs in hand. they made a case for getting back to work on unfinished aviation projects. >> congress may think it's okay to get paid and to do nothing. but we don't expect that. we have always expected to have
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to work for our living and to do good and to do right by the american people who pay for our salaries. >> more than 1100 nasa ames employees are off the job for now due to the shutdown. until the crisis is resolved, san francisco's iconic cliff house is closed again. the privately owned restaurant and bar is on federal land. it shut down for a few days last week, but the owners defiantly reopened it monday. and then the feds got wind and closed it down again on tuesday. just below the cliff house you will find another casualty of the shutdown. this one, an educational tradition 30 years running. until now. >> we put a lot of work into this and now it's ruined. >> reporter: like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of the 2013 government shutdown. >> i was really looking forward
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to it. >> reporter: and it's not just fifth graders at chin elementary school. 24 schools were set to compete in the 30th anniversary sandcastle contest on ocean beach this saturday. >> it wasn't just like playing in the sand. oh, yeah. playing in the sand. >> reporter: no. this was something bigger. but this masterpiece will have to wait after a call from the park service saying the contest was off. >> it wasn't really about winning. it was just really about, like, doing what you worked on really hard. >> reporter: that includes the group that organizes this event. >> this is a nonprofit focused on filling a gap in education. we rely on the sandcastle contest to bring in around 50% of our annual budget. >> reporter: plan b, art- turned-civics lesson. >> i spent the day on the phone talking to teachers and a lot of them are using this as a
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learning opportunity for their children and teaching them to you to write to congress. >> they are arguing about one million something. >> money. >> health and money. >> reporter: of course, the kids are being polite. >> we find it mean, petty and disappointing. >> reporter: so the foundations of our government decay before our very eyes making a colossal wreck of works unbuilt as lone and level sands stretch far away. >> the only chance we could do the sandcastle contest. >> i'm so dejected. >> angry. >> send lots of letters to congress. ocean beach part of the golden gate national recreation area, if you go out there you can walk out on the sand. chances are nobody will stop you. another casualty of the government shutdown had what seemed to be the entire country enraged. death benefits for families of soldiers were not being paid.
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lieutenant jennifer moreno was killed sunday in afghanistan. she a former nursing student at usf and a member of the rotc program. she was honored by that group today on campus. late word that a private group called the fisher house fun days would pay the death benefits came as welcome news. >> thank god the fisher house has stepped up and has provided money for the families to be able to -- [ crying ] >> -- to receive the body and everything. but it's kind of assinine. >> she was killed with three other soldiers sunday. flags will be flown in half- staff in her honor. aldon smith is in hot water. felony weapons charges were filed against him. mark sayre with smith's troubled past and what this means for his future. >> reporter: the 49ers linebacker is charged with three felony counts of illegal possession of an saw.
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-- of assault weapon. >> weapons like this lend themselves to crime. they lend themselves to killing as many people as fast as possible. >> reporter: santa clara county deputy district attorney says the weapons charges stem from a party at smith's home in june of last year. sheriff's deputies located five firearms of which prosecutors determined three were illegal assault weapons under california law. >> weapons like this are frequently stolen, they're frequently used in crimes, and to possess them in california is a serious offense. >> reporter: last months, smith was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. he apologized before taking an indefinite leave from the team and going into rehabilitation. right now... as police investigat >> reporter: new information as well on that unrelated dui case from last month. court documents filed today show that smith's blood alcohol content was 0.15, which is is nearly twice the legal limit. reporting live in san jose, i'm
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mark sayre, kpix 5. several blocks of mission street in san francisco are shut down as police investigate a deadly shooting. trouble started at around 4:15 this afternoon. shots rang out on mission and brazil avenue in the excelsior district. one victim was found laying near the street. witnesses report a male suspect running from the scene. traffic is tied up and muni rerouted buses through the area. [ chanting ] checking bay area headlines, tenants in san francisco's soma neighborhood say they are frustrated. they claim between developers driving up rent and landlord abuse on the ellis eviction act, people are being forced out. the soma neighborhood is home to some of the highest rents in the city. and the alleged mastermind behind the black market drug site known as silk road is going to new york to face charges.
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29-year-old ross ulbricht faces three counts of conspiring to distribute illegal narcotics, hack computers and launder money. ulbricht was arrested october 1 at the glen park branch library in san francisco. the one glaring omission is how a woman was missing for 17 days in san francisco general hospital. >> still a mystery. what happened to lynne spalding? and how did this woman die? now we're hearing from the hospital. >> if you have a tomb, you can go ahead and push that through like that and the magazine drops. >> it's a law to close a loophole on semiautomatic weapons in california. how gun supporters say they can shoot at both holes. >> the weather forecast tonight if you are heading out, a clear fairly mild evening in the bay area. a little bit of a warming trend on track. we'll have the forecast for you after a break. >> still no deal on a bart contract. no promise there won't be a strike. tensions surrounding talks, shows some cracks in the union ranks.
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the coroner confirms it's 5 year old lynne new details tonight about the body found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. the coroner is confirming it is 57-year-old lynne spalding, who went missing nearly 3 weeks ago. kpix 5's ryan takeo says the answers offered today are not enough for spalding's friends. >> reporter: family and friends of lynne spalding want answers. how did the 57-year-old woman and mother hospitalized for an infection disappear unnoticed from her hospital room and turn up dead in a stairwell weeks later? she was found outside a locked stair exit. >> it is alarmed, locked from the outside and exits into the hospital grounds at the very bottom of the stairwell. >> reporter: during the initial search, no one checked the stairwell. but hospital staff insist nurses followed protocol once they noticed spalding was missing. >> when she was not found, hospital staff notified the
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family and the sheriff's department on site. the sheriff searched the campus and did not find her. >> the one glaring omission is, how a woman was missing for 17 days in san francisco general hospital. >> we're not going to take any questions today. thank you all. >> reporter: the hospital chose not to answer any questions. the sheriff's department is in charge of hospital security and will be conducting an unterrible investigation. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> they will review the hospital's alarm and search procedure. weather making news around the state. flooding on a freeway in southern california is causing a rush hour nightmare right now. it was bad enough to close all but one lane in the i-5 north of burbank area. rain throughout the region may have triggered a mud slide. several vehicles stalled in the water. it's unclear when normal traffic will resume since chp has to clean it up.
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and there is snow in the high country. these are pictures from the sierra at tahoe. they got a dusting this morning. it's all part of the system that's also dropping snow in the mountains of southern california. >> i got a call from a buddy at a pass that's closed. >> they got hit. the system that missed us went east and south. san diego is east of reno if you look at the longitude and latitude map. they got hit with it. they will get more tonight. it's mild in the bay area by comparison. 68 degrees in concord. oakland 66. in the city 61 degrees. not bad but still about 7 degrees cooler in some spots than last night at this time. you can see the system spinning into southern california. as the low headed south it had a good deal of rain. they got about a quarter to .75" and at this time of the
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year, that's all it takes in los angeles to clog the freeways because they have accumulated all of the leaves and everything and the gutters over the summer. it will clear out of the southland tonight and the low pressure will clear east. then high pressure comes in. we'll warm up a little bit about three degrees. be clear and cool tonight. warming on thursday and we'll be near 80 inland again by the weekend. warming saturday and sunday in the 70s inland. for tomorrow out to the central valley partly cloudy skies for fresno and 77 degrees in sacramento. 51 yosemite which took a dusting today. lake tahoe. we are heading into the autumn chilly nights. 46 degrees at santa row 47 napa and 54 degrees tonight in the city. san jose will get down to 52. then recover to 72 by tomorrow afternoon.
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livermore is at 76 degrees. it's still cooler than we'red to at this time of year but normal saturday and sunday. fairfield tomorrow hits 77. and san francisco at 67. extended forecast we are going to be looking for a slight warming trend but look at sunday. back to near 80 inland by then. bay in the low 70s to start with. and finish in the mid-70s and as we look ahead into the beginning of the workweek next week, we willly nice. mid-october that's exactly where we should be and it's one of the reasons why we have one of the best climates of the year in the bay area. >> thank you. women in california getting greater access to abortion. what the law signed today by the governor will allow for aborting a baby. >> the automatic weapons ban that will make crime worse. ,,,,,,,,
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even get free delivery! don't miss three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic through monday, columbus day. guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. governor brown has signed al into law allowing nurse practitioners, midwives and access to abortion in
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california is broader tonight. governor brown signed a bill into law allowing nurse practitioners, midwives and physician's assistants to perform abortions during the first trimester in pregnancy. critics argue it puts women's health at risk. another bill on the governor's desk could finally close what gun control advocates call a huge loophole in california's assault weapons ban. allen martin brought it to the foretwo years ago and reports. >> reporter: our initial report on the bullet button, the massacres at a movie theater in colorado, sandy hook elementary school in connecticut have help pushed another version through the legislature. now that it could become law, gun rights advocates warn it will backfire. >> reporter: for years, jay
6:22 pm
jacobson's franklin armory specialized in manufacturingdra . -legal semi-automatic rifles because of this, a so-called bullet button. >> when you press on this device with you finger the magazine won't drop. if you have a tool, you can go ahead and the magazine drops. >> reporter: removable magazines in combination with other features are banned under california law because they allow for faster reloading. but a bullet button doesn't work with your finger. so the magazine is considered fixed and therefore legal. the modification has allowed military-style rifles like this ar-15 to proliferate in the state something lawmakers have said has to stop. >> we distinguish between the responsible and legal ownership of guns for sport, for hunting, for self-defense. that's fine. but rapid fire assault weapons are not needed for any of that. >> reporter: senator darrell
6:23 pm
steinberg's bill outlaws the manufacture and future sale of all semi-automatic center fire rifles that have the capacity to accept detachable magazines including bullet button guns. >> we are not making illegal the existing assault weapons that can be manipulated to allow for detachable magazines. >> reporter: because the bill allows current owners of rifles with detachable magazines to register them as legal assault weapons by july 2015. jacobson predicts that will backfire. >> what i would do is register the firearm, receive proof of that registration, then remove the bullet button and put in a standard magazine release. >> reporter: making the gun even faster to reload and legalizing an estimated 1 million new rapid fire rifles in california. steinberg disputes that and stands by the registration part of his bill. >> law enforcement will know where those guns are. and i think that's the key. >> reporter: meanwhile jacobson
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is playing it safe. he is only manufacturing parts now in his morgan hill factory. the rest of his operations have moved to nevada but says he is not forgetting california. >> we have solutions that will not be a loophole or circumvention. it will be use of the law to our favor. >> reporter: no fewer than 14 gun control bills are on the governor's desk right now. but it's steinberg's bill that has the nra threatening to sue claiming it's unconstitutional. a violation. second amendment. the governor has until midnight saturday to make a decision. so far, he is not saying what he is going to do. >> so much of this is model- specific. you go through the paperwork this whole thing about asking people to register this specific type of weapon, it's like -- that may be achilles heel. >> reporter: just the registration issue itself. senator steinberg is saying the registration of the rifles lets law enforcement know where an estimated 1 million semi- automatic rifles are, the owners are saying those firearms were purchased legally
6:25 pm
by law-abiding citizens they are not criminals and don't want to be charged $20 so the government knows where all these legal guns are located. $20 to let them know where legal guns are. coming up in the next half hour, dissension in the ranks. how unified is the union as bart talks drag on. we'll show you the evidence that some workers are not happy with their negotiations. >> it's not just that she is a woman in a high ranking position. it is the nature of the position. >> a first for the country and she used to call the bay area home. take a look at the resume' of the woman who has been tapped to chair the fed. >> and the happiest place on earth making some unhappy starting today. the policy change targeting the disabled. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from another possible bart strike. kpix five's ph huge leaders warning commuters be prepared. we are less than 30 hours away now from another possible bart strike. kpix 5's phil matier live in oakland tonight where talks are
6:29 pm
continuing but some workers seem to be ready to walk out right now. people getting fed up even some union members, huh, phil? >> reporter: that's right. in the last 24 hours, i have to say the temperatures definitely on the rise. just take a look at video from last night. [ chanting ] >> reporter: emotions are high among bart workers with some already calling for a strike. >> we heard a lot of that last night. the members are ready to go on strike if we don't get the deal. >> reporter: meanwhile steve glazer wants a law to ban strikes by bart and other transit workers. >> if negotiations fail it will be the people who will be punished. no bart for workers, no bart for students or the a's play- off games. >> reporter: as this uc labor expert tells us there's a wild card in the deck. >> there are a lot of balls in
6:30 pm
the air. what we missed is whatever contract is negotiated, the workers have to vote on it. >> we want our safety provisions taken care of. we want our health and medical our retirement and our wages all of those are part of the package. >> reporter: a big question is whether bart is willing to go higher than its last offer of a 10.25% raise over the next four years. >> as an independent director, i would have strong reservations towards doing that. >> reporter: why? >> well, as i've mentioned previously, i feel that we have moved too far too fast based on presumptions that by making leaps the other side would make leaps, as well. and that hasn't occurred. >> reporter: so here we are. no deal and no assurance that the public will get a heads up if the workers go out on friday. 72-hour notice? >> at this point we have not yet made that determination. we want to see what's going on at the table. >> i will say is be prepared. that's the girl scout motto. >> reporter: and that's exactly the advice i'm going to give, as well. because it's really uncertain which way this is going to go.
6:31 pm
as we said, talks continue. and tensions are rising. ken? >> you know, phil, we can reassure viewers that as soon as we know anything we'll have it here on kpix 5 and as well on the website. but in addition to that, are these workers, union workers aware of the polling that's been going on in the bay area that riders are saying, take the deal? we're not standing with you guys? >> reporter: they are aware of it, ken. but they are not buying t and it's not just bart. remember, ac transit drivers said no to two deals. so there seems to be something going on inside the union that is saying, no, let's hold out. i think we can do better. and that's the message they are sending to the leadership as well polls or no polls. >> as i say, we'll stay on top of it. phil matier in oakland, thank you, phil. san jose police officers overwhelmingly rejected the city's offer of a 3% raise. only 2 officers voted in favor.
6:32 pm
get this. 954 officers voted against it. the police officers association wants the city to double its offer to a 6% raise. the city says six other unions have already settled for new contracts with a 2% pay increase. city council will be meeting soon to discuss the dispute with its police officers. it's official. janet yellen is well on her way to become the next head of the federal reserve. today president obama nominated the 67-year-old vice chair for the post. she taught at cal and was head of the san francisco federal reserve. she would replace ben bernanke, whose term is up in january. mr. obama called yellen, quote, one of the nation's foremost economists who understands the struggles facing americans out of work. >> the toll is simply terrible on the mental and physical health of workers on their marriages, on their children. so janet understands this and america's workers and their families will have a champion in janet yellen. >> the federal reserve can help if it does its job effectively.
6:33 pm
we can help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work hard and build a better life. >> if aevidence pro, yellen would be the -- if approved, yellen would be the first woman to head a major central bank in the world. yellen's nomination helped stabilize stocks today. the dow and s&p ended modestly higher, the nasdaq was down again. women's group are calling the nomination a victory, another glass ceiling shattered. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the former cal professor is joining other high- profile women in rising in the ranks. >> reporter: dr. janelle yellen is make -- janet yellen is making history. she is now the first woman to we had the world's most powerful central bank. >> it is the nature of the position being economics and math and these kinds of areas that women are traditionally underrepresented in. >> reporter: "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin-caen says when picking a new fed chair, it's all about the qualifications, not gender,
6:34 pm
but the fact that yellen is breaking the so-called glass ceiling, still a huge victory. >> they are not going to say, what about, you know, motherly duties, what about how are you going to clean house and do this job? we are moving away from that and strictly going to character, it's tremendous. >> i think a woman as head of the federal reserve, a qualified woman, would be a very positive thing for this administration. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer said in a statement, in these challenging times, janet yellen brings the right experience the right perspective, the right temperament and the right judgment to this critical position and she deserves to be swiftly confirmed. >> reporter: yellen is the latest in a line of notable women earning high ranking positions. recently janet napolitano was chosen to lead the university of california's system, the first female president in the uc's 145-year history. and there's also stanford grad condoleezza rice, who is the first african-american female secretary of state. so what's next?
6:35 pm
>> there's only one spot that hasn't really been held by a woman yet. we may actually see that in our lifetime. >> reporter: griffin-caen says gender will be less of a headline, the more women end up in these high-powered roles. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> janet yellen would be taking over at a pivotal time. her nomination could ease concerns over the debt ceiling debate going on in. what. three california poultry processing plants could get shut down for being linked to a salmonella outbreak. nearly 300 people in 17 states have been sickened by the foster farms contaminated chicken. the usda says foster farms has until tomorrow to figure out how to fix the problem or else the agency will pull its meat inspectors. therer no recalls yet. starting today disneyland visitors with disabilities had to wait to get on the rides. michelle gilles on two moms who
6:36 pm
say the rules won't work for them. >> reporter: stacey presley the mother of a boy with autism attempted to drop 40,000 signatures off at disneyland today. it's a petition protesting the change in a program for access to rides at the park for disabled guests. >> it's the only thing that really gets the smile on his face. and -- [ crying ] >> i want him to be able to enjoy the park. >> reporter: in the way of abuse of the system which enabled people with disabilities to avoid long lines by showing a special card, officials rolled out a new system today. the old card has been replaced by a disabillity access service card. disabled visitors who can't tolerate long wait times signed a form and are photographed. then they visit kiosks to get a too many to return to an attraction which is based on the current wait time. the hope is to control abuse which disney admits on its blog was widespread and growing at an alarming rate.
6:37 pm
by went inside disneyland today add met families. while sam cunningham with down syndrome waits in line in his wheelchair for those with behavioral challenges, the new system is proving to be difficult. >> our kids have had meltdowns. under the old system where they were basically offered ability to have very, very brief waits. >> to say to these families now who have such a stressful life that this one thing has been taken care of -- taken away from us? it's absolutely abominable to me. >> and no proof of disability is required under the park's new policy. his life's work is helping people he doesn't even know. >> he truly is a part of my family. and he was a complete stranger. >> we'll meet this week's jefferson award winner. >> and more nobel prized headed to the bay area. we'll met the latest professor to be honored. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
kate kelly reports: the sup earned a north bay man found his calling in some of the worst
6:40 pm
situations possible. kate kelly reports the support he lends in a crisis has earned him this week's jefferson award award. >> reporter: in a crisis, police, fire and sheriff's deputies are on the scene to help. but who helps those first responders? in napa county, it's chaplain lee shaw. >> i'm in a place where there's no greater need. >> reporter: lee was a local pastor in 1996 when the napa police chief at the time asked him to help his officers dealing with trauma on a daily basis. >> i was talking to the officers and i said, our number one goal is to help you go home at night and for life to be better for you. >> reporter: and life is better. lee started a non-profit called law enforcement chaplaincy of napa county. >> hi, we'll see you later. >> reporter: today he and his team of trained chaplains support police, fire and 15 other county agencies free of charge. >> i have been a chief in other places and i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the current napa police chief rich melton. >> he just has a way of
6:41 pm
connecting with people in crisis and being able to help and be compassionate and supportive all at the same time. >> reporter: 365 days a year, leanne his chaplains are on call and on scene when there's a traumatic event, calming emotions, notifying families, supporting the professionals, as well as the survivors. in the 18 years that lee has been serving as chaplain here in napa, he has helped over 1600 families deal with the unthinkable, the sudden death of a loved one. >> my whole life blew up. >> reporter: chaplain lee was there when marie tarap lost her 3.5-year-old daughter in a car accident 16 years ago. >> we couldn't function. i lived through it now and there was no one that's reached out other than the chaplaincy. >> reporter: lee helped her family deal with the grief, funeral arrangements and has been part of her life ever since. >> he was part of my family and was a complete stranger, complete stranger, before the day of the accident.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: it's a story told over and over again. when the call for chaplains goes out, lee is there paying his own way to help at ground zero, sandy hook elementary and hurricane katrina. >> i think the most rewarding thing is just loving people and being able to help them and being able to give them hope. >> reporter: so for bringing hope and compassion to his community of napa and beyond, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to chaplain lee shaw. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online on our website, click the logo at the top of the page, then jefferson awards, to find the email nomination form. >> reporter: stanford continuing to rack up the nobel prizes. professor michael levitt awarded the prompted an officer i see in chemistry today and sharing it with two other men. they developed powerful
6:43 pm
examiner models to understand complex chemical interactions and create new drugs. their research dates back to the 1970s. >> en that of the things we wanted to do weren't fees inand over the years it's been easier to do the calculations with computers. >> levitt is the second stanford meld school faculty member to win a prize this week. on monday thomas suedhof won the nobel prize in medicine. >> reporter: a sierra town's small claim to fame stolen. what the thieves made off with. >> and tonight we're going to be looking at fairly clear conditions and tomorrow, the numbers warm a little bit in the bay area all the way into the mid-70s. and they go north from there. details coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we'll go one on one with jim harbaugh for the latest on aldon smith. >> whether he played football or not, we're all accountable for our actions. >> the a's announce their starter for game 5. and if it's
6:44 pm
wednesday, it's -- >> excited about much day. >> -- yes, our weekly bit from the raider locker room is coming up. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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is dealing with a strange e of its own. the city of auburn put a bronze plaque on the spot wr the town where john travolta filmed the movie phenomenon is dealing with a problem. they put a plaque where john travolta was hit by the white light. but now it's gone. someone chiseled it right out of the ground. auburn police don't have any tips to who might have prieded it up. locals say they will begin fundraising to replace the copper plaque. hate the shutdown? head to starbucks. today through friday, if you buy a drink for a fellow customer, you will get a free tall brewed coffee. it's part of the company's new pay it forward campaign which aims to help fellow citizens support one another in this challenging time. >> if they find the person who stole that plaque they need to take him down to hang town. >> right next door. >> absolutely. >> the way they used to deal with that stuff. i know. >> after that copper. here's how it look in the
6:48 pm
bay area tonight. mostly clear skies and temperatures pretty much in the 60s for the bay area which is not bad as we approach 7:00. sunset tonight was at 6:44. concord right now 68 degrees and in oakland we have 66. san jose 65. santa rosa at 72. yes. warm in santa rosa but it will be chilly tonight. a little hint of winter in the bay area. kenny alerted me to this. cuyahoga pass closed at the summit in anticipation of the first dusting of the season. there are going to get two more inches of snow above 7,000 feet before that low pressure center exits. so tioga pass is closed. you think snow? you think baseball? tomorrow the tigers play the a's clear and mild at game time at 5:00 temperature 67 degrees. here's how it's looking for us. that low pressure triggered showers and thundershowers down south, snow up top at mount
6:49 pm
baldy and rain below, 3/4" of rain in los angeles. now we say good-bye to the low, kicked out to the east. high pressure builds in. not big time but it will build in you know slowly and just in steady little steps so that we will increase the temperatures by steady little degrees between now and the weekend. so chilly overnight temperatures with clearing skies. and just a minor warming trend will begin. we'll be back to near 80 degrees inland again by saturday. so there you have it. futurecast shows the cloudiness that we have will be exiting the region in the south bay replaced with a few low clouds along the peninsula. you can see them filling in along lot peninsula towards sunrise tomorrow and it will be sticking to the shore tomorrow night. but most of the bay area will see a sunny thursday and temperatures a little warmer. still partly cloudy skies out in the sierra tomorrow with lake tahoe coming in at 59 degrees and sacramento at 77. here's the lows that we're talking about. it will be down to 46 in santa rosa tonight. 52 in san jose. so a little bit of an autumn
6:50 pm
bite in the air now as we head into mid-october. still, we're a couple of degrees below average on our forecast highs for tomorrow. san francisco at 67 degrees. three degrees below average. livermore 76. san jose 72. average there, 6 degrees below average at this point. 66 for pacifica tomorrow. it will be a pleasant thursday with numbers in the low 70s in the south bay. san jose 72. out in the east bay we'll be closer to the mid-70s with san ramon at 76 and walnut creek at 76. and up in the north bay, not bad, low to mid-70s. 75 for kentfield and 73 in san rafael. the far north is looking for 77 in cloverdale and 73 in santa rosa. extended forecast we're going to warm up into the mid-70s inland the next three days and then by saturday and sunday we'll be near 80 degrees. we'll top that mark inland by monday and keep it there tuesday and wednesday right around the bay the numbers near 70 degrees. and around the coast, in the near 70-degree range.
6:51 pm
that's weather. all-important sports coming up after the break. ,, female announcer: save up to 35% female announcer: and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the a's and tigers in game five...the big question tod: would the a's start veteran barolo colon, or go with the ? drum roll pl winner-take-all tomorrow night in oakland between the a's and tigers in game 5. the big question today, who would
6:54 pm
the a's start? the veteran or the rookie sonny gray? drum roll, please? [ drum roll ] [ laughter ] >> it will be 23-year-old rookie sonny gray tomorrow night. bob melvin basing his decision on grey's 8 shutdown innings against the tigers in game 2. bartolo colon has not beaten detroit since 2003 when sonny gray was 13 years old. and for the second year in a row, justin verlander will start game five for the tigers at the coliseum. he ended the a's season last october with a four hit shutout but the former cy young and mvp hasn't been his usual dominant self this year. he finished the regular season with his highest earned run average since 2008. why is it that you think you had some of the struggle that you did this year? is it age catching up to you or other things going on? >> nice question. [ laughter ] >> no. and if i could tell you, i wouldn't have had 'em.
6:55 pm
>> no. that's something i don't have in my bag so i was -- >> tomas hertl became an nhl sensation overnight. the 19-year-old became the first shark since 1995 to score four goals in a game. the last one you say right there, kenny, that's crazy! hertl has six goals already this season. san jose is 3-0. 49ers linebacker aldon smith was charged with three felony counts of illegal gun possession of an assault weapon stemming from a party at his home in 2012. smith who is currently in a rehab facility faces up to four years in jail if the convicted. i asked jim harbaugh today about the latest troubles surrounding his young star. >> can this potentially further cloud his return to the field? >> you know, it's very serious. the club takes it very
6:56 pm
seriously. i understand that aldon takes it very seriously. and we all know whether you play football or not, we're all accountable for our actions. whether those are good or bad, you know, there's accountability that comes to all of us. and that's a process that he is going to have to go through. >> patriots coach bill belichick takes it to a new level. tonight's topic the return of tight end. >> it's day to day. >> day to day. >> it's day to day. >> do you feel like he is closer now than he was this time last week? >> he's day to day. >> that means he's days to day. >> i guess so. in alameda the raiders are getting ready to face alex smith and the undefeated chiefs. today's topic had nothing to do with stopping kansas city but
6:57 pm
how to pronounce "hump day." >> "hump day"! >> is it "hump day" or "hump day"! [ sigh ] [ laughter ] >> you messed it up. gronkowski >> y'all have to wait until next week. you have to start -- you did it wrong. mike, mike, mike, mike. you have to go all the way through it. then when you finish it off, wahoo! you messed it up! "hump day" is the day where you just pour your energy and heart into it. you can't just say "hump day." got to bring some excitement into it. you saw the camel on tv. he was excited about "hump day." >> mike, mike, mike, mike, mike. >> that's his day, "hump day"! >> geez! "hump day"! >> wahoo! captions by: caption colorado and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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7:00 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you folks doing? how are you folks doing? how are you folks? hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for the second day from san mateo, california, it's the electona family. [cheering] >> woo! steve: and out of phoenix, arizona, it's the sawtelle family. [cheering] ha ha! everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion right there. let's play "feud." give me kathy,e


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