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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 12, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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this is kpix 5 news they're done for the night with no done deal. bart and its union say they're committed to reaching a contract agreement. what we're learning about the talks that just wrapped up. good evening. >> i'm elizabeth cook. our sharon chen is live. they were at the table for almost 13 hours today. any signs we're closer to a deal? >> well, talks ended for the day about 45 minutes ago, and they are promising to come back tomorrow. both sides say these meetings today were positive. >> the word today, and we're meeting tomorrow. we met today, and we're meeting tomorrow at 9:30. >> the pressure was onto reach a
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deal before sunday night at midnight when bart's union threatened to strike. the main difference today, bart's general manager grace has been at the table all day, and the meetings have been face to face, no longer separated on different floors. now, we get to both sides. first, the union say the presence of several other elected officials is helpful, but bart's chief negotiator says having the other elected officials there is counter productive. >> how much is that helping just having her there? >> well, i think that she at least is getting both sides of the story and that is important because we don't know what's actually being filtered to her, but when i know she's sitting at the table, we know this is what we're telling her. >> it doesn't help the process at all. if anything, it delays it a little bit because they spend a lot of time in the other room talking to them. >> most of the day was spent with her listening and asking questions. now, she's expected to be back here at the negotiating table at
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9:30 tomorrow morning. neither said would confirm bart actually gave the latest contract offer to the union. we do know earlier to be the the tonight the union was expecting it by the evening. we also know they are also expected to talk about it tomorrow morning, but no specifics on that tonight. >> not a lot of details, sharon, but hopefully the meetings again tomorrow will prove some progress. >> yep. >> all right. sharon, thank you. bart ridership fell today by 20,000 compared to an average friday as many people anticipated a strike. we will be monitoring bart negotiations all week ebd. look for updates on our web site and, of course, right here on kpix 5. another suspect is on the loose in a brutal attack and robbery of a 70-year-old woman of a parking lot in fremont. they arrested 18-year-old alberto solano this be afternoon. they are still looking for a
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woman with him. the crime happens in the distance near the top of your screen there. the victim was slammed to the ground as the robber snatched her gold necklace. people ran to the scene as the suspects ran away. now days it seems you can't go more than a few hours without accessing the internet. as kiet do reports people addicted to everything from social media to porn now have a place to get help. >> a man we'll call danny knew he hit rock bottom when he spent 30 hours a week watching intersnet porn. >> i would have breakfast, watch porn, go to work, get back from work, watch porn a little bit, watch a movie or, you know, have dinner and then probably watch more porn before bedtime. >> danny didn't want to show his face. we also altered his voice. all that porn meant he never left his apartment. it affected his sex life so danny broke up with his girlfriend. >> how much did technology and
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the internet contribute to this problem? >> it was a huge contribution. >> experts say the collection, the privacy and convenience of the internet combined with the powerful chemicals that form in the brain from watching porn has created a whole new gin ration of addicts, people with no history of addiction before. >> we're seeing, again, millions of people that never would have had a problem back in the -- the magazine days. >> dr. e lain brady has opened the bay area's first treatment center dedicated to so-called internet adeks. along with porn it also includes online gaming and social media, which can be just as addictive. long-term porn addiction can cause problems in the bedroom. >> and they can't perform normally in relational sex because their brains are so conditioned to these really intense very specific images and sounds that they're used to seeing. >> as for danny, he's attending
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meetings, installed porn filters on his computers and has a new girlfriend. he's been clean for a year. >> you have to look at yourself and look at how you're affecting other people. >> in san jose, kiet do. >> unlike drug and alcohol abuse, an internet asdeks not officially recognized by a medical illness. an orange county man pleaded not guilty this afternoon to charges he was trying to help al-qaida. 24-year-old man was picked up this morning at a santa ana bus station. he is accused of lying about his name and other information on a passport application. new rules tonight for california gun owners. govrper brown crosswalked down on gun control approving 11 new laws. those include a ban that convert regular guns to shoot at higher capacity.
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a better praking of guns lost or stolen and new restrictions for the mentally ill owning guns. >> people who are known threat of violence to themselves or others would now be prohibited for five years, and that's very very important. >> governor brown ve toed banning the sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines. he said it goes too far, and he didn't think it would curb violence. if he passed that bill, california would have had the toughest gun laws in the nation. california limousines will be safer thanks to another bill the governor signed today. several limo fires like this deadly one on the san mateo bridge sparked a new law that now requires two emergency exits in limousines in addition to two toors. drivers will also have to educate passengers about safety features of the limo. the new requirements take affect in july of 2015. a lot of talk but still no deal yet in the end of the government shutdown. meanwhile, the debt ceiling is
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fast approaching. cbs's danierle nottingham looks at the proposal made today by republicans. >> senate republicans said they disz covered a plan to end the government shutdown and prevent a default. it would reopen the government immediately. democrats would have to concede a couple of changes to obama care including a repeal of an unpopular tax on medical devices. the plan's architect named senator susan collins. >> the president listened carefully. he said some of the elements were issues we could work on, but he certainly did not endorse it. >> the senate's plan wasn't the only offer to cross the president's desk as members of both houses look for a way out. earlier, the president called house speaker john boehner. the republican-led house had its
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own proposal to extend the debt ceiling for six weeks. the white house rejected it. >> we cannot have a situation where the debt ceiling is extended as part of a budge oat negotiation process for only six weeks, which would put us right back in the same position we're in now. >> talks between both houses of congress and the white house will continue through the weekend. danielle nottingham cbs news capitol hill. >> tomorrow will be the 12th day of the government shutdown, and we're six days away from the government running out of money to pay its bills. that could result in an unprecedented default. well, the government may be closed, but it's not going to stop lady liberty from welcoming her visitors. the statue of liberty will reopen to the public tomorrow. new york state will pay more than $61,000 a day to reopen the landmark. san diego will pay just over $15,000 a day to open mount rushmore for a 10-day period starting on monday. also tonight people on twitter are fired up against air canada after a mixup at sfo that
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left a dog missing. fliers of larry the greyhound have been posted near the airport. that dog was let out for a potty break on monday and then ran off, disappeared. kpix 5's bryan webb is live at sfo tonight with the latest response from air canada. bryan. >> tonight the airline is apoll jiegz for the incident and insisting they're still looking for the lost dog. they're probably looking for a way out of this public relations blunder that has offended pet owners from san francisco to saskatchewan. an international airport is an intimidating place to be lost and all alone, especially if you're a naturally-nervous little dog. >> the way these dogs are, they're very skittish. >> cathy with her two italian greyhounds has been looking for larry for four days now and despite a few supposed sightings, she's about to give up hope. >> what do you think happened to little larry? >> i think he just ran down the street and got hit by a car.
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>> this is where larry was last seen a few blocks from the terminal. crews say instead of going to the bathroom, larry took off toward the employee parking and 101 freeway. >> we received one call. by the time we arrived, the dog was gone. it's a scary situation. >> what's worse than the case of a missing dog, air canada's response to this man in an e-mail about the american media accidentally sent to the american media. he wrote, "i think i would just ignore it. it's local news on a lost dog. their entire government is shut down and about to default, and this is how the u.s. media spends its time. for duncan white of british columbia who is about to give larry a new home, it's all a dog gone shame. >> i was totally shocked and very very upset. you look at their web siechlt they say they take great care in shipping animals and obviously
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it's not true. >> what the airline hasn't said is how this happened, how the dog got away and why it was in that open area when they were warned he might try to run. leave at sfo bryan webb. >> today the air canada spokesperson behind that e-mail told toronto star newspaper, quote, i guess i'm the poster child now for be careful with your e-mail. we mailed him asking for an interview, but we did not get a response. elsewhere, a pilot flying a private jet was midair when he noticed something pretty important was missing, the door to the airplane. you think? the beach king airlines jet took off yesterday afternoon. wasn't long before the pilot noticed door was missing, and turned around see if he could find it. as for the 75-pound door, well, it literally dropped out of the sky and landed on the roof of a motel. nobody in the motel was injured. the ntsb will be investigating how the door fell off.
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shelling out millions, what facebook's founder is buying up to protect his privacy. foster farms under the microscope for a salmonella outbreak, but you may want to check other brands of chicken, too. 's south san francisco location is pullin and weir starting out with some low clouds around the bay area tonight. we'll be greeted by low clouds tomorrow morning and then a ,,ttle bit of warming trend for
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may be contaminated with salmonella. costco south san francisco location is pulling thousands of ro tisz ree chicken products
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that may be contaminated with salmonella, this after the usda found foster farms responsible for distributing contaminated chicken that may have sickened as many as 300 people. foster farms isn't the only brand associated with the outbreak. we found other chicken on store shelves with the same lot number as the contaminated meat. be sure to check the eating right, o organics and value best brands, as well. mark suker burg went on shopping spree for houses. the facebook found you are brought four homes that surround his current five bedroom pad in palo alto's pricey crescent park neighborhood. as kpix 5 shows us, the billionaire isn't afraid to pay a premium for privacy. >> today was a pretty normal day in upscale suburbia on palo alto's edgewood drive. it was trash day. cindy walked dogs in the neighborhood. with one look at facebook founder mark zuckerberg's
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estate, she knows he treasures privacy. >> it really does show. there's, like, a lot of bushes that cover the toorway and a big gate. >> it seems the multibillionaire is taking that to a new level. he recently spent about 30 million bucks buying up neighboring houses. he bought one for 14 million. that's half the size of his house for double the price. >> this is probably an a typical situation when it comes to real estate transaction. >> realtor james says this probably won't affect the crescent park's neighborhood home prices. he says the median palo alto home price is heading up already. it's a seller's market, and in this case it's true even if you're not looking to sell. >> if you're interested in a very particular piece of property that maybe isn't on the market then, you know, going up and knocking on somebody's door and saying, you know, what do you want for your property, that's very different than a seller that has a reason to sell. >> the mercury news reported zuckerberg heard a developer wanted to build a mansion and
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marketed as being near the ceo. the paper also says the billionaire does not have plans to build a larger pad and the families he bought them from are still living there. >> they did a really good job keepg the wraps on everything. >> it's not uncommon for sellers to have nondisclosure agreements. that was evident when this former homeowner who told his house to zuckerberg told us he better keep quiet. what else would you expect when privacy is at a premium? the realtor added the median home price in this neighborhood is about 3 million bucks so it seems the sellers got a good deal, and they can stay in the homes for now. in palo alto, ryan qpix 5. people trying to ride cable cars in san francisco today were out of luck when the hide street line had to be shut down. the cable cars themselves were being pulled by tow truks this afternoon after a mechanical problem forced the closure. char trolley cars were down for about three hours. that would be cable cars.
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it was enough to disappoint eager tourists. >> the trolley experience is what we came here for. we rhode one down and wanted to ride another one up. >> they're cable cars. some people had to resort to riding buses or just walking the steep hills. an offshore earthquake jolted parts of northern california today. the magnitude 4.9 quake struck just after 4:00 this afternoon. the epicenter was off the coast about 32 miles northwest of eureka. we talked to the editor of the tribune who said people reported items falling off their shelves, but there was no serious damage or injury. it's feeling more like fall outside these days, but changes are coming. >> here's bryan hackney in for paul with our forecast. bryan. >> well, we got a little bit of warming trend on track for the bay area. tomorrow we'll have highs in the mid 70s. i promise there's a bit of a bite in the air today. we'll start out pretty much the
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same as we did today with low clouds, but by the afternoon we'll be near 70 degrees right around the bay. here's what's happening that low pressure that plagued the southland and the desert southwest and us a little bit has moved completely out of the state. high pressure begins to build in until we get a warming weekend. a warming weekend doesn't mean it's going to be warm everywhere. the numbers will be a little bit better than we had them today. the high pressure builds in. we get northwesterly winds. that's drying direction. we'll still have a few low clouds along the shore line. we've got temperatures sinking into the 40s in the coolest locations. it'll warm up a little bit tomorrow, near 80 greece inland by monday. we'll look at mid 70s at sacramento. 80 degrees fresno, 63 down at monterey. if you're heading out of the bay area weal be looking at sunny skies and westerly 25 miles an hour. los angeles southland looks good but chicago has got thunderstorms. back in the bay area tonight, santa rosa 46. san francisco 64.
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about six degrees lower than average this time of the year so going to take us awhile to climb back to near average. for tomorrow morgan hills 74 degrees, san jose 72 and 69 at fremont and east bay looking at nice, mild numbers, mid 70s for the most part. 75 walnut kriek and up in the north bay upper 60s to low 70s. 72 in san rafael and lots of sun at the usual low clouds. extended forecast a great day. that's all we ask. going to look at numbers to recover 80 degrees inland by monday and look at the rest of the week it pretty much stays there so we have a very pleasant and sunny week ahead so enjoy the weekend. some bay area kid who is have dreams of competing at the scrip's national spelling bee have new hope now. kpix, kbcw, kcbs radio we've all agreed to sponsor nine northern california counties with the cooperation of area school officials. last month the san francisco chronicle announced it will no
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the south bay. a federal judge may have been a split decision, but san jose is claiming victory in its effort to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. a federal judge tossed out the city's antitrust lawsuit against major league baseball. its accusation that mlb interfered with its contract to put land aside for a future ballpark will move forward. the city and team made the deal, but san jose decided not to put the stadium before voters because it was expecting a quick decision from baseball on the a's bid to relocate. that was four years ago. neither side has said whether they will appeal the ruling. runners in this shund's chicago marathon will see extra security measures in the wake of april's deadly boston marathon bombing. about 45,000 runners will be hitting the paechlt in chicago. today some picked up their packets along with clear bags being handed out. come sunday, there will be
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plenty of uniformed and undercover officers along the reyes course, as well as bomb-sniffing dogs. >> dedicated athletes right there. >> you got it. you got it. we've got a shot of somebody you know >> uh-oh. >> everybody, who wants to see dennis get wet? ,,,,,,,,,,
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too big. too small. too soft. too tasty.
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[ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant league championship openers. dodgers, baseball up top >> yeah.
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they' playing for the pennant. >> you got it. this is the big one here. one step closer to the world series. how about this for openers post. the league championship openers dodgers, cardinals, it started at 5:30, and by the time it was over, we were all saying good night now on the 10:00 news. what a show in st. louis. juan uribe the one-time giant, bases loaded number here under the glove and through. that will tally two for dodger blue, and it goes extras tied at 2 in the 10th. watch the gun down by carlos beltran. just needs to apply the tag or does he on mark ellis, the one-time a? could have been the go ahead. and ellis is called out. bottom 13 is beltran. actually, it's carlos beltran but a moment scoring the walk off is st. francis mountain view lancer danny. beltran a one-time giant plays
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hero. cardinals win it 3 to 2 and take a one-nothing nlcs series leechld oakland a's business. what now? they're 0 and 6 in alds game fives dating back to 2000. tough off-season decisions to make as the team can pick up the option or the guys in the right column. apparently general manager billy bean is going to secure coco crisp. in the left column, which pitcher do you keep if you can only keep one, grant balfour or bartolo colon? us a soccer fans, plenty of reasons to be happy. out the toor with a chip and later in the second half. u.s. beats jamaica two nil and the world cup qualifiers. friday night top five. we begin with dennis o'donnell. takes a lot to surprise him. >> oh my god! we got sprinklers. >> wait till after the 11, i
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think. >> the sprinklers got him at the coliseum. no. 4, defensive effort to double off john jay. to no. 3 >> whoop there it is. >> kyle points captured by mark's camera phone. love that. no. 2, spot shadow islanders john taveris going to need a dentist. takes a puck to the mouth and look what he does, pulls out his own tooth on the bench. no. 1. >> beautiful. watch this. >> oh my gosh! >> incredible! that's the goal, folks. that's a goal for mexico against panama. mexico wince it 2 to 1. one more time. boom! that is how you end a friday night top five. >> that's the first shower o'donnell has had in a week.
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>> you said that, i didn't. >> he neede,,,,,, mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?


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