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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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had ,, your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald finally a deal is made to end the government shutdown. a live look at the big board now. stocks have surged today after senate lead, say they have worked out an agreement. hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. we have live team coverage on
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the senate deal. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks is tracking how this is affecting wall street. and we begin with kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo with what the deal really means. ryan. >> reporter: michelle and frank, the house gop is meet as we speak to talk about the deal. the proposal does not accomplish a long-term solution. instead what senate leaders came up with is a temporary fix. senate leaders reid and mcconnell have finalized a bipartisan budget compromise. >> congress reaching a historic bipartisan agreement to re-open the government and avert default on the nation's bills. >> it's my hope that today we can put some of those most urgent issues behind us. >> reporter: but with all this big talk, you would think senate leaders figured out a long-term solution to the two issues hanging over d.c., the truth is the proposal reopens the government for three months. it also raises the debt ceiling until february. >> this is far less than many of us had hoped for, frankly.
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but it's far better than what some have sought. >> reporter: votes could take place late today and tonight. if congress doesn't pass a bill the government reaches its borrowing limit tomorrow and may not have the money to pay its debt. senate leaders said a plan is in place. >> the compromise we reached will provide our economy with the stability it needs. >> reporter: they hope the house will pass it in the next couple of hours. the senate will meet after dinner east coast time late afternoon for us. ryan takeo, kpix 5. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us with what's happening. >> reporter: there are long term issues in play but we are looking at the debt ceiling deadline tomorrow which could have forced the news default. it sparked a global financial crisis. investors are happy that may not happen as long as we get that deal signed today. as a result, stocks are surging quite a bit higher.
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let's check the big board right now. the dow up by 156 points! nasdaq is up 38. s&p moving higher by 18 points. hopefully we'll lock these gains in by the close today and continue them throughout the week if the deal is signed. >> yeah, absolutely. will today's agreement have any effect on the federal reserve's policy decisions? >> reporter: that's a big issue talking about shrinking their monthly bond purchases but it probably won't have any impact, first because it's a temporary agreement that would last only for a few months. also we are seeing a lot of impact on economic growth from the shutdown. the fed's beige book indicating slowing growth in several key markets also builder sentiment pulling because back of uncertainty. wall street hates uncertainty and the fed will probably keep its bond purchases intact until we have a long-term budget plan in place. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. we have more coverage on the new deal on capitol hill at our website, click on "news" and then go to the politics tab. this just into our
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newsroom. an alaska airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in oakland when the pilot thought a bird hit the plane. flight 837 left san jose for hawaii around 8:30 a.m. the crew thought a bird hit one of the engines. no damage was found and the plane took off for honolulu shortly after. a baggage handler was arrested in connection with the dry ice explosion sunday night at l.a.x. this was the scene sunday nice. three bombs were found. nobody was hurt, a 28-year-old man was arrested. police thought it was a disgruntled employee since the devices were left in areas requiring special clearance. right now, bart negotiations are under way as commuters wait for word on if workers will walk off the job. kpix 5's anne makovec with the waiting game that's starting to wear on thousands of riders. anne. >> reporter: it really has gotten exhausting for people not only the riders but the negotiators themselves. they are back in there again right now and everybody is
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hoping for a resolution in this contract dispute sooner rather than later. >> i'm kind of getting used to it. >> reporter: another day another waiting game for people who depend on bart because while trains are running today, there's still the threat of a strike tomorrow. >> you have to wake up at 3 a.m. and figure out whether bart is going to be moving or not that day. that's kind of frustrating. just not knowing whether you're going to be going in or not on bart. >> reporter: on the way back to the bargaining table at 10:30 a.m. the unions said they understand. >> if we go 24 hours by 24 hours, we appreciate how challenging that is. it's also challenging for our members and their families. >> reporter: last night word that there wouldn't be a strike didn't come down until after 10 p.m. >> can they just tell us in the afternoon? i'd appreciate that. it would make life easier. >> i would recommend people go to bed as normal and see what's going on in the morning. >> reporter: a lot of today's hope rides on this man, george cohen, appointed by president obama as a mediator this is
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fight. >> i can say on behalf of our team that we think he is doing a good job and we're pleased with what's going on so far. >> reporter: there is a gag order on this. we don't know a lot of the details of the proposals right now. but bart has put forth a last best and final offer worth $57 million. so they are picking through that offer and trying to see what they can exchange that won't go over that monetary limit. back to you. >> well, anne, we know bart's chief negotiator tom hock was out of town yesterday. is he planning to return to the talks? >> reporter: we were told that he was going to. but we haven't seen him come in here yet today. of course, the day is still young. so we'll see. >> all right. we will see. anne, thank you. and we will keep you posted on the latest developments right here on kpix 5 also on our website, and some developing news from the east bay. ac transit is now trying to convince the governor to step in and block a threatened strike by its workers much like he did for bart.
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management for the transit agency hand-delivered a letter to governor brown asking for a cooling-off period. now, if the governor agrees, buses would keep rolling for the next two months. some commuters can't imagine the possibility of overlapping strikes by both bart and ac transit workers. >> that would really be bad. it would hurt a lot of people, too. a lot of money would be lost for people who just can't get to work. >> bart and ac transit workers face similar issues, both wanting pay raises to make up for financial setbacks from the last contract. ac transit workers say they may strike at midnight tonight. one of the bay area's oldest traditions may become history. downtown san jose's veterans day parade has been held every year since 1919 and is one of the biggest in the nation but organizers say the 95th parade next month could be the last citing the loss of grant and private funding. a save the parade drive is under way to raise money for
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next year and beyond. donors should contact the united veterans council of santa clara county. in other bay area headlines, huge flames and loud explosions woke up the dove court neighborhood in pleasant hill early this morning. firefighters say a house fire started in the garage at about 1:30. when crews showed up it spread to the cars in the driveway. those cars then exploded. downed power lines also made the firefight difficult. the family inside got out safely. fremont police want to use surveillance cameras to fight crime and where the cameras would be placed is sparking controversy. federal grants would fund the $160,000 cost for those grants specifically earmarked for low to moderate income areas. city officials are looking for alternate ways to fund the program that would not put restrictions on the camera locations. new video, bodies of four women pulled out of the water after a boat capsized near miami. the coast guard found the vessel about 1 a.m. officers say 15 haitians and
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jamaican nationals were or on board. 11 survivors were rescued and taken into u.s. custody. authorities say there are conflicting reports whether more people might have been on the boat. an army ranger injured in afghanistan makes an inspirational salute seen around the world. josh hargis moved his wounded right hand and lifted it into a saluting position when he received the purple heart award yesterday. the cincinnati man was ruinedded by a suicide bomber -- wounded by a suicide bomber. four others were killed in the attack. a lot of time and love devoted to apple's new headquarters. the green light out of cupertino on why this spaceship design will lead to the best office building in the world. plus -- >> i want to aggressive. >> doctors are experimenting with a new therapy to help cancer patients. how [ indiscernible ] may help target cancer cells. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. lots of sunshine out there right now but things may change. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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last night to allow the apple gets the go-ahead for its new headquarters in cupertino. the city council voted unanimously last night to allow the shape ship shaped building near interstate 280. >> designed to be the most environmentally-friendly friendly building of its size. we are going to make over 70% of the electricity that apple campus 2 will use on site through solar and fuel cells. >> apple says it low pressure to start demolishing -- it hopes to start demolishing buildings on the site by the
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end of the year. looks like american girl dolls are more popular. 3rd quarter profits rose 16% beating wall street's expectations for mattel. that boosts the company's stock. the dolls and accessories saw increase of 20% in sales. a chocolatier in concord is quadrupling its staff. instead of the usual paper resume' they want people to show why they are the sweet evidence candidate so dunn chocolates is asking applicants to submit two-minute videos. >> imagine santa's workshop. we're looking for santa's elves. that's actually what we do here. >> i just want to meet the people behind the paper. the paper is generic and black and white. there's no feeling, no soul there. >> the company is looking for holiday help in several areas. some of the people end up working there full time. hey, a sweet job. >> i have been practicing toker
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that job for years. >> i'm sewed very ready to go. >> a lot of that chocolate might melt today, though. we have some warmer temperatures around the bay area. changes coming in the next day or so. out the door clear skies over coit tower. things changing gears in the atmosphere a little bit. i'll show you in just a moment what's off the coastline. 73 degrees in san jose, 76 livermore. 68 degrees in san francisco. and 70 in concord. as we head throughout the afternoon, expecting mostly sunny skies. but we'll notice an afternoon breeze beginning to kick in. then mostly clear skies tonight. just a little chilly, maybe high clouds drifting overhead and maybe a patch or two of fog but otherwise mostly clear and then slightly cooler temperatures for tomorrow. we have been looking at winds moving offshore still looking like it right now. east-northeast at 2 miles per hour into pleasanton. a little bit of a west wind in oakland so we are beginning to see changes in the wind pattern
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because we have a low off the coastline tracking north of us just enough probably to ramp up a few high clouds and bring more of a sea breeze kicking in today. and into tomorrow. that will bring down temperatures. 80s into the central valley today. plan on 76 degrees and sunny into monterey bay. about 76 degrees in redding. temperatures around the bay area again going to be spectacular. some 70s near the coastline. you will see 70s and 80s into the south bay. east bay temperatures sneaking up into the low 80s by the afternoon. and then inside the bay, a little sea breeze blowing still maybe as high as 78 degrees in alameda, 79 oakland and 77 degrees into san francisco. overnight lows not quite as cold. still chilly in spots. 40s and some 50s. but by day we'll notice some changes as we head in toward tomorrow, slightly cooler, maybe a couple of high clouds, then high pressure builds in behind the low warming us up a little bit into friday and saturday. and right now, guys, no rain in sight. i keep looking. >> no, we don't want that. >> nice. >> thank you.
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ovarian cancer is one of to diagnose and treat. in many cases, when a woman finds out she has the disease it's already progressed. in today's healthwatch, vinita nair with the new therapy that's helping patients running out of options. >> reporter: 67-year-old roberta sand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years ago. after surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, doctors said she was not responding to treatment. >> my doctor told me i had a good two years to live. and that had a profound effect on me. >> reporter: so roberta enrolled in an experiment at columbia university medical center that uses heated chemotherapy. it's called hipic. doctors remove the tumor and heat the area treat the warm chemo to the abdomen. >> it sort of circulates on a circuit for 60 to 90 minutes
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while they are asleep. >> reporter: with traditional chemotherapy the drugs are administered at about room temperature. but with this new method, doctors heat the drugs to about 108 degrees enough to make some patients sweat. >> we sort of think that the heat helps make the chemotherapy work better and makes the cancer cells more sensitive. >> reporter: the treatment has many of the same side effects as traditional chemotherapy. >> this is a nasty cancer. i want to be aggressive. >> reporter: roberta's cancer was in remission for five months. even though it's back she said the treatment gave her a better quality of life. in new york, vinita nair, kpix 5. >> doctors report seeing success with heated chemo on other types of cancer. there is something new at the san antonio airport in texas to help ease the stress for all the travelers there. it's a program called puffs in planes. all the puffs -- pups in planes. they hang out in the terminal for travelers to enjoy. >> we asked them if they would like to pet them. we explained the program to
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them and it really brightens their day. >> it's sweet and human in a place that has a lot of technology, a lot of people, a lot of hustle and bustle. and it's just that minute of peace. >> calm down before you get on the plane. san antonio is the fifth airport in the country to offer pup ambassadors. you have to see the results of this dream diet. the healthy results of a meal plan with sausage and beer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breakfast: the countywide 'automated palo alto fire department used an unusual tactic to get the word out of about a charity pancake breakfast. the automated emergency notification system sent messages to 27,000 people about saturday's big charity event. the chief of the fire department says his agency did nothing wrong and there were very few complaints. >> i think there are probably other ways they could have found that. >> supposed to be an emergency system then it might be a bit of a misuse but again, i would have have found out about it otherwise. i didn't mind. >> the city says they will look at using other technologies now to deliver these types of messages in the future and reserve the alert system for emergencies. an arizona man is shedding pounds by doing what most guys and girls dream of, too, eating sausage and drinking beer. >> the sausages come in many shapes and forms. i'm using some beef sticks
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today. >> to me it was a fun thing to do. >> the first year did he this, he lost 14 pounds most of it body fat. his cholesterol went down by a third. >> hm. >> okay. >> i know. he started his diet three years ago. he eats only sausage and drinks up to 6 beers a day. it's a little more than 2100 calories a day. the diet is supervised by a doctor who says his body is responding positively. >> have you heard of too much of a good thing? >> all right. >> sausage on me. fresh grocer tony tantillo shares his tips on buying a very special kind of pepper. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be with cubanelle peppers. i grew up with my mother making peppers and eggs with these peppers. the green and the red and the cubanelle. they have a mild flavor. they cook up beautiful.
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and they're always priced really good. when you buy them, make sure take a look at this right here, no cracking whatsoever. a little bit of shriveling is okay. they are all misshaped but that's the cubanelle. you want to make sure in the crown here it's free from any decaying and the stem is attached. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator, that's very important, but not only are they great with eggs, but you can also grill them. you can saute them with other peppers. on the grill, cut in half, salt and pepper in the cavity stuff some ricotta and sausage, they are fun! and i'm tony tantillo and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,,
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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it's being done in europe a not in the u-s. that story coming up at 5:00 the push to make an iconic serial brand gmo-free. parents want to know why it's being done here and not in the u.s. that and more at 5:00. another look at our top story at noon now, senate leaders have struck a bipartisan budget deal. the plan will re-open and fund the government for three months and raise the debt ceiling for nearly four months. here's what needs to happen next. the senate has to pass the bill and then it goes to the house for a vote. all that could happen by dinnertime tonight. the white house is optimistic the bill will pass. >> here's what's happening on wall street. the positive news on capitol
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hill sent stocks up. the dow is up almost 170 points. they got another hour to go. good news on wall street. now if we can get bart figured, it will be a good day. >> and ac transit, as well. >> that's it. >> small issues to worry about in the bay area. >> at least the weather is nice. >> that's what i was just going to say. >> get out and enjoy it! it's a gorgeous day. take the rest of the afternoon off, how about that? >> wow. >> good advice. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ indistinct conversations ] >> eric: nice. >> rick: we're not even open, and they're already lining up. >> eric: good. you talk to wyatt? >> hope: yes. uh, he's on his way with the diamond. >> eric: under tight security, i assume? >> hope: mm-hmm. and they're gonna come through the back so they can avoid all the crowd. >> rick: and the press. >> eric: oh, speaking of that, thea andrews wants an exclusive with you before the big reveal. you want to do that? >> hope: mm-hmm. yeah. >> eric: hope? are you okay? >> hope: [ sighs ] wedding's off. >> eric: did you know this? >> rick: [ clears throat ] caroline spoke to liam, and he told her about the video. >> eric: video? what video? >> hope: uh, uh, liam made a tribute video for steffy


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