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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's not management that asked for a strike. it's the unions. >> this is not a union strike. this is a management strike brought on by absolute arrogance. >> even one of the best mediators in the country couldn't get them to work it out. >> they seemed so close to a deal but after a marathon session, negotiations collapsed. bart and its unions failed to reach a deal on a new contract. >> it's rough on me as a commuter just to, like, you know, not know if i'm going to be able to get to school that day and not being able to sleep. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. tgif! time now is 6:00. breaking news as you wake up this morning. bart workers are on strike. we have team coverage to help get you across the bay this morning. mobile5 is in the middle of
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traffic. chopper 5 is giving us a view from above. and we are in walnut creek as riders try to bus it across the bay. liza battalones is monitoring it all in the traffic center. liza. >> it's been a frustrating friday commute for so many drivers bound for the bay bridge toll plaza. they have been sitting in delays from the macarthur maze at oakland. as we go back to live pictures from chopper 5, perched high above the macarthur maze in the east bay, you could see all the red brake lights there traffic stacked up from beyond the 580/24 interchange. we are seeing the longest delays on westbound 580 towards the bay bridge pay gates. the metering lights are on. and once you pass this mess, it's more slow traffic on the bay bridge. second stall of the morning, just creating long delays again for drivers leaving the east bay heading into san francisco. we are also hearing that in san francisco on city streets close to the on-ramp to the bay bridge we are seeing long crowds for those casual carpool spots. so pack your patience this
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morning. just keep in mind that the san mateo bridge so far is a good alternative. we haven't had any stalls or anything, just a brief delay at the toll plaza. you make that westbound drive at a decent pace across the bridge heading towards the peninsula. now, the altamont pass, kcbs sky 3 says it is slow from the beyond the 205 interchange to the livermore valley. remember, caltrain is on a normal weekday schedule. they are offering baby bullet service this morning which will pick up passengers at the millbrae bart station. you can park there for free. also, extra service on our local ferries, as well. that's a look at traffic. now to the desk. >> all right, liza, thank you. we have team coverage on the breaking bart news this morning. mark kelly is checking with commuters in walnut creek. but first, to kpix 5 reporter anne makovec in oakland on the breakdown of the contract talks. [ loud chanting by union workers in the background ] >> reporter: i have a dozen picketers here at the lake merritt bart station, which is closed. all of the bart stations closed
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this morning. now, these people are not getting paid during the strike. we have no idea how long this will last but that could be a factor in this. this morning, at this point, no new talks are scheduled. >> progress was being made. we were substantially close to reaching agreement. but in the last minutes, in the last part of the bargaining, bart sort of did what we call a switch. they came up with a poison pill. >> reporter: that poison pill not pay, not benefits, but work rules. after finally coming to agreement on economics, talks broke down when management insisted on rule changes in exchange for a 12% raise over four years. >> this contract, this labor negotiation, is all about the long-term sustainability of bart and its contributions to the economy. >> reporter: the federal mediators declared an impasse and basically gave up. now they say it may be up to bart riders to tip the scales. >> tell the board, give them more or will the riders say, we hate this and -- but don't give
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them more. >> reporter: the key to all of this could be arbitration. bart wants to take its full package to an arbitrator and let them decide what the unions should receive. the unions only want to take the work rules portion of the agreement to an arbitrator. so that at this point is where the impasse lies. as for the public reaction to what we're seeing here behind me, we see some people coming past and honking their horns, others sticking their heads out their windows and yell, go back to work! live in oakland, let's check in with mark kelly because the real story this morning is how commuters are going to get around this nightmare. mark. >> reporter: yeah, we are here live at the walnut creek bart station which this morning kind of looks more like a bus station. here we have the buses lined up ready to go for folks going into the city. this is one of eight bart sites with this bus pickup and this is very important. bart is telling us at this point do not come to the walnut creek station to get on a bus. they recommend going to concord
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or lafayette. there will be more buses there than here at walnut creek. about six. 11 buses here in walnut creek have already left. all right. so here's video of this morning riders lining up very early in the morning to try to beat the line. kind of a reminder of the last 4.5 days strikes back in july more people than buses at that point. this time around it's expected there will be enough buses for 6,000 passengers. keep in mind 400,000 people get on bart every, single day. that's a big difference. so earlier this morning we talked with some riders. here's what they had to say about the strike. >> i think that bart, you know, should be held like just like the police officers and firefighters they are not allowed to strike. i don't think bart should be allowed to strike because so many people depend on bart in the bay area to get to work. i mean, i do understand their frustrations, too. but it really puts a whole damper on the whole bay area you know, when they strike.
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so i just really hope they get the trains running soon, ha ha. >> reporter: but not everyone we talked to today feels the same way as her. some people say that absolutely they do have every reason to strike and they should be allowed to do that. so once again the recommendation at this hour is if you can, go to the concord or lafayette bart stations to get on a bus to the city. do not come here to walnut creek. >> mark, that is good advice. you know, hundreds of thousands of people take bart every day especially during the week. because it's friday, do you think a lot of people stayed home? >> reporter: it seems that way. when we first got out other here about 4 a.m., we willly had a good line all the way down the block. -- we really had a good line all the way down the block here. at this point it died down but bart is still expecting a big crowd so if you don't have to go to walnut creek get on a bus, just don't do it. back to you guys. >> all right, mark kelly live in walnut creek, thank you. and extra ferries are
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available to help commuters get across the bay. riders have been lining up in alameda since before dawn to get a spot on one of the boats heading to san francisco. they tell us they are trying to make the best of a very difficult situation. >> it's a change. it makes things difficult. i got here at 5:20 to make sure i got on the boat. now make sure i get on the 3:45 to get to work earlier. >> the san francisco bay ferry is operating 12 boats today instead of the usual eight. the golden gate is operating on a regular schedule. >> hugh to get around the strike this morning, bart offering charter buses from nine east bay stations to san francisco and back during commute hours, free roundtrip tickets first come, first served. if you don't get one this morning you cannot board a bus tonight to get back home. hov lanes hours will be
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extended from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. only various highways and to help you get around during the strike, we have a complete survival guide on our website, the link is on the homepage. the weekend is approach. >> is it? >> we're right on the cusp of the weekend. looking like we are going to see a lot of sunshine around much of the bay area although the sea breeze has kicked back in. that means we are seeing fog along the coastline. a little dense at the immediate coast. but we are expecting mostly sunny skies in places away from the coast as we head toward the afternoon. partly cloudy over the bay right now. the temperatures a little chilly in some spots inland downed to 40 degrees, the cold spot in santa rosa, 47 concord, 51 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine in the south bay some 70s and some 80s there. should be beautiful inland too maybe a couple of degrees warmer. 82 livermore, 80 concord and walnut creek. then inside the bay you will see stronger sea breeze today
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about 71 in san francisco, 76 in oakland, and some 60s out toward the coast. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you. police are investigating a shooting on treasure island. the shooting happened on the 400 block of california avenue around midnight. one victim was shot in the arm. the victim was still there when police arrived. another went to san francisco general hospital for treatment. a three-alarm fire destroyed a home and damaged another in east palo alto overnight. it started about 2 a.m. at this home on lotus way near wisteria drive. by the time crews arrived, flames had spread to the house next door. everyone inside both houses got out safely. the firefighter did suffer a back injury. the fire doesn't appear to be suspicious. twin brothers only 6 years old are being treated for injuries at stanford hospital after being hit by an suv. the accident happened yesterday afternoon at menlo park outside a walgreens store on santa cruz avenue. now, these photos were taken shortly after rescue crews finally arrived on the scene.
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police say the boys were walking with their older brother and a nanny when the suv apparently jumped a curb and then pinned the twins against the wall. this man was among a group of bystanders who pulled the suv away from those boys. >> his he will elbow was crushed. the car backed up a little bit and a couple of minutes the car did back up and i snatched the kid from the car and put him on the side. >> up with of the boys is being treated for injuries considered life-threatening. no one else was hurt. police say it appears the 90- year-old driver accidentally put the vehicle in drive instead of reverse then stepped on the accelerator. happening today, peninsula prosecutors are expected to announce whether they will charge the firefighter in the death of a passenger in the asiana plane crash. a 16-year-old student from china died when a fire truck ran over her. she had been lying on the
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tarmac covered in foam. prosecutors have been weighing whether there was negligence or if it was just an accident. 6:11. it's almost halloween but this prank may have gone a little too far. what neighbors did when they saw this gory display. >> wildfires racing across australia have claimed one life and destroyed hundreds of homes. how crews plan to get the upper hand on these destructive wildfires. low clouds and fog are back. what does that mean for the weekend weather? we'll talk about that coming up. and with no bart service today, we are seeing thousands of drivers hitting the roads making their way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. that's where we'll find mobile5 long backed up leaving oakland heading towards san francisco. i'll have details of "kcbs traffic" still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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workers are once against striking against bart. as you can imagine... traffic is a bigr usual this morning eye big breaking story on this friday morning, transit workers are striking against bart. as you can see, traffic is a bigger mess than usual this morning in the areas that are served by bart over in the east bay. this is the bay bridge and it is just packed with people right now. traffic is barely moving. if you are on your way to work, we wish you the best. bart strike is trending. also victoria's secret. two teenaged girls are held after possible remains of a baby found in a shopping back. melissa mccarthy the elle magazine taking heat for covering up the plus sized actress. tgif and halloween. fog us at twitter @cbssf. this appears to be a murder scene but it's a halloween display near oklahoma city. not everyone is a fan of johnnie mullen's decorations. many thought they had witnessed
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the aftermath of a gruesome crime. so they called 911. yo you can see why. >> then you have the skeleton in the front. >> it's almost halloween. time for traffic. liza, take it away. >> it's a scary scene for bay area roads and most of the delays are concentrated at the bay bridge toll plaza for the commute out of the east bay towards san francisco. now, chopper 5 up and out over the bay bridge, we have been talking about the backups again traffic crowded at the maze may see so most of the delays are in the oakland area on 580, 24, 880 are jam-packed bound for the bay bridge toll plaza. we have had a couple of cars that broke down on the bay bridge. that's the worst commute in the bay bay area westbound towards the city. the rest of the commute the san mateo bridge is also getting crowded. again, leaving the east bay you're going to see those delays westbound 92 slow all the way across the san mateo bridge heading towards the peninsula. now, the north bay drive so far are looking okay.
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we haven't had major problems from marin county. the peninsula commutes also doing all right. if you are heading for the ferries, do keep in mind that there is extra service this morning on the golden gate ferry, larkspur ferry with extra runs. we are hearing of very long lines at jack london square at the ferry terminal there. also very long lines in san francisco getting to those casual carpool spots heading towards the bay bridge. these a look at "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> low clouds and fog have moved along the coastline overnight. a little thick with dense fog at the beaches right now. so stepping outside a change in the works. the sea breeze has kicked in. you see that fog hugging the coastline there. but most of the interior valleys are clear to partly cloudy skies inside the bay. clouds are going to begin to break up and return to the coastline throughout the day becoming mostly sunny with some very mild temperatures, warm inland and then it looks like a beautiful weekend on tap outside as we are going to see some great fall weather, some night and morning low clouds and fog. high pressure starting to build back into the bay area so
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temperatures may actually warm a few degrees inland but you have enough of a sea breeze that will keep numbers cooler at the coastline. still not going to be bad. even around the states. checking in the monterey bay at 72 degrees. 85 redding and 73 in yosemite. the computer models showing the fog and low clouds kind of dancing along the coastline on and off throughout the day and then looks like toward the evening and overnight tonight beginning to move back onshore. but a strong ridge of high pressure overhead so it's not going to move into the interior valleys. numbers around the bay area today under mostly sunny skies, 80 in san jose, 78 in mountain view. 64 degrees patchy fog and breezy into pacifica. east bay numbers moving up into the low 80s. then as you get inside the bay, you'll see those numbers mainly in the 60s and the 70s. next couple of days, we are going to see some sunshine have some patchy fog, and then it looks like some cooler temperatures a few more clouds coming our way toward the middle of next week, guys. nice weekend. >> yeah.
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the massive six-alarm fire that gutted the top floor of this apartment building in redwood city caused neither $4 million of damage. lack of sprinklers helped fires yesterday spread quickly. four people were hurt, two ear justly. no word on what started the fire. merely 100 fires are burning in new south wales and firefighters are struggling to get 28 of them contained. hundreds of homes may be lost and many people are trapped in the area outside sydney. firefighters from other states are being flown in to help. at least one person has died in the fire. get ready for a nightmare commute. this is a live look at the bart buses in walnut creek. some folks waiting in line there. they seem close to a deal but bart workers went on strike at midnight. coming up, how hard it is to get a ticket to get on board one of those buses. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, could the san jose sharks remain undefeated and the tigers and red sox collide to see who gets one step closer to the world series.
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>> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,
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play o' the day... from cole football. nort the winds have shifted directions? >> the fog making a return to the bay area. we'll tell you how that might affect your weekend coming up. >> the bart strike is on! lots of drivers now making the drive out of the east bay towards san francisco. it is jammed at the bay bridge toll plaza. some alternates to the backups still ahead. good morning, everybody. you probably noticed that frank mallicoat is in a good mood this morning because of his baseball team. even though the alcs is tied at two games apiece it was pretty much a must-win for the red sox. the tigers have justin verlander and matt scherzer two great pictures lined up for games 6 and 7. tigers starter anabel sanchez kissing the ball for good luck, the kiss of
6:24 am
death. mike napoli says kiss this! look at her go. 460 feet. boston rolled up four runs off sanchez. five out save popout to end it. boston wins 4-3. they are one win away. >> sharks and dallas fighting to stay unbeaten and the game goes to a shootout. alex chasen rips one, so it was up to burns to keep the sharks alive. no! stonewalled by dan ellis. shark lose 4-3 in a shootout as the stars hand san jose the first loss of the season. >> thursday night football, big game for russell wilson. first drive on the run rice, three touchdown passes. seattle dominates the cardinals for the sixth win of the year. lynch with 91 yards rushing. paydirt from two yards occupy. they are atop the nfc west now with a 6-1 record. three of the victories have come on the road. they are no longer road kill. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:25 am
frank, wipe that smile off your face. [ laughter ] >> i can't! they only need one. play of the day now from college football, north carolina had a field goal attempt that's blocked and a university of miami player taking advantage. the hurricanes with gunther returns the ball 67 yards. no one gets him. that made the difference in the game. the hurricanes won with your play of the day 27-22. 's 6-- and we re keeping you on the roads th as the bart strike gets underway. we've got live pictures from mobile 5s it makes it's way around the bay. 6:25 now. we're keeping you updated on the roads this morning as the bart strike gets under way. we have live pictures from mobile5 on the eastern span of the bay bridge. the brand-new one as we try to get you around the bay. we'll be right back. >> bart workers walking the picket line here behind me. day one of the bart strike coming up we'll take a look at the work rules keeping the two sides apart. ,, ,,,,
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i'm mark kelly live at walnut creek. it was quiet for a bit but the line is back again for the bus rides into city. coming up, the full report. >> running to show them that you can get through obstacles. >> she is training for the nike women's marathon but it's not just about getting to the finish line. only on kpix 5, how this bay area woman is fighting cancer with every step. >> sea breeze is back and so are the clouds. how will it affect the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the bridge commute is extremely slow this morning. we have long delays at the san mateo bridge and at the bay
6:30 am
bridge toll plaza. i'll have details with traffic still ahead. good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 18th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. well, commuters that are trying to get across the bay this morning are running into a bit of a snag. bart is getting close to running out of bus tickets in walnut creek and cbs 5 reporter mark kelly joins us live there. you just talked to a bart spokesman and what did he tell you? >> reporter: i did, frank. the latest recommendation at this hour this has been fluid and changing all morning, but it is if you can do not come to the walnut creek station because of long lines all the way to the end of the block. this just formed honestly in the last 20 minutes. before that it was quiet here. the recommendation now is do not come to walnut creek. go to lafayette bart station, go to the concord bart station, go to another one where there will be more buses. joining me now is one of the riders that's waiting in this long line. is this stressing you out at
6:31 am
all? how are you feeling this morning? >> uhm, it's stressing me out, yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: are you worried you may not get on a bus? >> yeah. yeah. last time i was four days i was in the city at a friend's wound up sleeping on couches and when i tried to get back on a sunday they said i didn't have a roundtrip ticket and didn't want to put me on a bus because i wasn't at the start of the line. i was in the city. so what do you do with those people who live out -- and they did accommodate me because one of channel 4 or 5 or somebody was around and i said, well, i'm going to make a stink about this, no, no, we'll get you on a bus. >> reporter: did they learn their lesson from last time? >> no, they are still passing tickets out at the front of the line. so what about the people that live out here that are already stuck in the city? they haven't accommodated them at all. >> reporter: i hope you get in on a safe commute this morning. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's the situation in walnut creek. if you can go to one of the other bart stations. back to you guys in the studio. >> mark, thank you. it seemed bart leaders and union workers were close to a deal when things collapsed.
6:32 am
the strike was called after negotiations broke down late yesterday. work rules are a key sticking point. both sides blame the other for the impasse and has commuters scrambling to get to work. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in oakland with more on the dispute. >> reporter: you can see a dozen workers walking the picket line outside behind me at the closed lake merritt bart station. we don't know how long they are on the picket line. they are not getting paid. that could cap it at some point. at this point, no new talks are scheduled. >> it's not management that asked for a strike. it's the unions. >> this is not a union strike. this is a management strike. >> reporter: that was the last time the two sides of this dispute met late yesterday afternoon when talks broke down following a 31-hour negotiating session. after finally coming to agreements on pay and benefits, work rules became the sticking
6:33 am
point. >> what is your shift? health and safety issues. what is your assignment? what is your job for that day? >> reporter: bart says in exchange for a 12% raise over four years, management needs the right to change those rules. >> these are work rules that were essential to maintaining the future efficiency and effectiveness of the agency. what happened is the unions decided to -- if they wanted to take the money that was on the table, but not the work rules that were on the table and they forced us to a situation where we needed to put an offer on the table that was black and white. >> reporter: now, federal mediator in this case has washed his hands of this situation saying there was nothing more he could do. one saving grace could be arbitration. the unions say they want to take just the work rules portion of the agreement to an arbitrator. bart says firefighter we're going to go to an arbitrator, we'll put the whole package on the table. that right now is where we stand. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> they are digging in.
6:34 am
thank you. extra ferries are available to help commuters get across the bay. riders have been lining up in alameda since before dawn to get a spot on one of the boats heading over here to san francisco. and even the people who take boats on a regular basis say they got up mighty early at 4 a.m. just to make sure they got a spot. san francisco bay ferries operating 12 boats today instead of the usual 8. bart is offering charter bus rides from nine east bay stations to san francisco and back during commute hours. the free roundtrip tickets are first come, first served. hov hours are extended on five freeways. carpools can use them from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. on stretches of interstate 80, 680, 880 and also on highways 92 and 84. how to get around during the strike? we have a survival guide on ou website, time for weather. we are going to send it to traffic because it's busy on the roads. >> it is busy.
6:35 am
very busy especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacked up solid out of oakland bound for san francisco. chopper 5 is over the macarthur maze. all these folks just thousands of people making that drive towards the bay bridge toll plaza. this is the worst commute in the end tire bay area. 580 slow from beyond highway 24. west 24 is jammed up from highway 13. and those metering lights are slykeling very slowly. now, a good alternative to the bay bridge breakup would be to take the richmond bridge. the traffic is very light for both 580 across the richmond bridge and down 101 through marin county heading towards the golden gate. so that's a good alternate as with the san mateo bridge. now, the toll plaza was jammed up for a little while because of some debris on the bridge. looks like some of that westbound traffic is moving once again. a "update on some of the lines and buses -- a quick update on some of the lines and buses at the bart station. the walnut creek buses, the tickets have run out and we are
6:36 am
hearing, i just got a tweet from someone, they are saying that the fourth bus out of seven has just been filled up at west oakland. head for lafayette or concord if you are looking to take a bus out of the east bay towards san francisco. so far no delays reported for caltrain or ace. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> some low clouds and fog have moved onshore. the sea breeze kicking in today so a change in the weather pattern as we get ready for the weekend. you have those clouds thickening up toward the coastline. some dense fog out toward the beaches early on. i think by the afternoon, though, just some patchy fog continuing coastside. otherwise, we are going to watch sunshine developing in the valleys and inside the bay. looking good as we look toward the bay bridge right now. got some partly cloudy skies into sfo and also into san jose. so some of the clouds have crept inside the bay, as well. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s now but by the afternoon, we are enjoying a whole lot of sunshine away from the coast. you will see some 70s maybe a couple of 80s inside the bay.
6:37 am
80s in the valleys. out along the coastline the sea breeze kicking in patchy fog dancing along the coastline all day long. that's a look at weather guys, back to you. >> thank you. a marathon runner with a message of hope and strength. a bay area mom isn't just training for sunday's nike women's marathon. she is doing it while battling cancer. >> i did not run before the nike. >> reporter: amy is known as a motivator in her running group. >> she has a great sense of humor and also has a toughness about her. >> reporter: she began running marathons when the children of two friends were diagnosed with leukemia. aiden and ashley called the a team. but in july, amy became a part of that team. >> i said, well, i guess they need a team captain. i'm a for amy. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with neuroendocrine gastric carcinoma a rare form of cancer. >> it's aggressive. there's not a lot of treatment for it. the only treatment right now is chemo. >> reporter: even though chemotherapy is hard on her body, amy still trains for the nike women's marathon in san francisco.
6:38 am
>> i'm running to show them that you can get through the obstacles. you can get through the challenging times. and get through it with a smile on your face. >> reporter: her teammate will carry amy's bib until the 22nd mile where she will hand it off to her. >> having the bib with me it will be nice to have a physical reminder that amy is there in spirit. >> reporter: and amy will run the last 4.2 miles herself for the four rounds of chemo she has been through and the two left in her treatment cycle. >> i'm not someone that is going to tuck the tail between the legs and say, oh, life is over, i have cancer. i said i'm going to beat the odds. >> reporter: her fighting spirit is inspired by her husband, two children and the future she wants to share with them. >> i have never felt anything so deep the love for my kids, my family. and i don't want anything to take that away. cancer will never take that away. and i want them to know that -- [ crying ] >> --that i'm doing this fight
6:39 am
for them. for me, for our family and for everyone out there that's struggling. >> reporter: although she doesn't know what waits for her at the finish line, with every step, amy keeps hope. >> got to have hope. >> she truly is incredible and nike is going to shuttle her to the mile marker 22. so we wish her luck on sunday. >> how can you not root for that gal? >> i know. >> she's great. good luck. well, coming up, the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. it's friday we know that. we'll take a quick check of the early numbers on wall street on this last day of trading. we have a bit of a mixed bag right now. jason brooks will crunch the numbers and phil and willie are coming up to talk about bart. back to you. we'll be right back.
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morning from our nation's capitol. lawmakers are workg this morning -- and it's going to take a while to ch some live images this morning from our nation's capital on this friday. lawmakers are working once again. and it's going to take a while to chip away at all the backlog. most government services are up and running again. and that includes national parks and monuments which finally opened to the public again. muir woods in marin county was one of the parks shut down because of the closure. local visitors and tourists there say the re-opening is welcome news. >> for us on our honeymoon, what are the chances that we still got to experience the parks? >> it's been great. >> and if it didn't open, we would have stayed in napa. >> on the san francisco bay boats are once again bringing visitors to alcatraz island which can attract up to 5,000 people a day. one ferry service says all its tours quickly sold out yesterday. >> yosemite national park is
6:44 am
back open. visitors can go to the park. campgrounds and visitor centers are open and ranger-led programs resumed. google stock could get into four figures today $1,000 a share. here to chat kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. could be a historic day for google. its shares are already trading at a record high after topping earnings expectations in the 3rd quarter easily. its profits soared higher by 36% to 2.$97 billion. revenue up 12% to $14.9 billion. its ad revenue went down from the prior quarter a reflection of the ongoing transition of users heading to mobile. mobile advertisements don't fetch as much money but its overall mobile advertisements clicks did increase. google saying 40% of youtube traffic comes from mobile devices compared to 25% a year ago and 6% two years ago. but if google stock can cross $1,000 today it would be only the second company in s&p to do
6:45 am
so after travel sites did it for the first time last month. stock market finished with another record close yesterday. the s&p finishing at 1733. and the market is again mixed this morning. let's take a look at the numbers. right now the dow is down by 4 points. but the nasdaq is higher by of 26 thanks to google. s&p up 6 points. google shares up over 10% at just over $980 a share. michelle and frank, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you, have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too. no bart today. let's check traffic. >> we have lots of delays out there, frank and michelle. good morning, everybody. on this frustrating friday, we have delays for both the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. we'll go on to chopper 5 up and out over what looks like it's the bay bridge, the bay bridge toll plaza where westbound traffic has been backed up through the macarthur maze. 580 slow from highway 24 westbound 24 is jammed up from
6:46 am
highway 13 and the eastshore freeway is crowded from el cerrito. go to the richmond/san rafael bridge to save time and frustration. sky 3 just flew overhead. 580 is fine heading across the bridge in westbound direction and south 101 light through marin county approaching the golden gate bridge. the san mateo bridge has had debris on the bridge and a crash so westbound is slow approaching midspan. if headed for the altamont pass, expect delays west 580 from the 205 interchange approaching the livermore valley. checking local transit, extra ferry runs this morning. caltrain on a normal weekday schedule but offering a baby bullet train and passengers can catch that at the millbrae bart station and park free. , here's larry. >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. low clouds and fog have swept
6:47 am
back onshore. that sea breeze kicking in. high pressure will warm up temperatures in the valleys. patchy fog will give way to mild temperatures. schaub a beautiful weekend. still a sea breeze will carry low clouds and fog. this afternoon sunshine and 74 degrees. around the country a little snow in denver this morning. then they should start to clear out by the afternoon. 77 with showers in houston. mostly cloudy and 54 degrees in chicago. and 67 in new york. clouds flirting with the coastline all day long and this evening starting to make a return so we have cooler temperatures toward the beaches. 60s there. 70s as you head around the bay and some 80s returning to the valleys. next couple of days looking
6:48 am
like a nice weekend setting up a little cool near sunday and monday. cloudy and cooler on wednesday. let's check out your schoolcast for today. this one is parkside intermediate school in san bruno. if you are just getting up getting ready to go a cool start with a couple clouds outside, temperature 54 degrees. by lunch good nice outside 66 degrees and when you get done, hey, looking great on a friday, 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine. if you would like us to do a schoolcast for your school go to we would like to put that on the air for you. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> larry. >> you like that? >> we do. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:48. a strike by bart workers is now under way despite all the marathon negotiations all aimed at avoiding what happened today. so the question where do we go from here, right? for that we turned to political insider phil matier and willie brown. >> can we answer that? >> that's a good question.
6:49 am
it is a mess. where do we go? >> totally in a complete mess. as a matter of fact, the best thing that happened was the fact that the unions said, let's go to binding arbitration. >> that at least has a way out of this. but this is in a complete mess. not only did the negotiations fail, but the entire political sort of infrastructure around labor/management it failed, as well. everybody just -- it just pancaked at the last minute. we have the federal mediate on a plane out of here and we're stuck with what? >> and you're stuck with a group of people who can't settle it even if nobody else was in the room except them. they won't be able to settle it, period. and believe me, we're in, in my opinion, for a strike for a while. >> is that normal? because the executive director came out from the union this morning and said everything was great. they were down to an agreement. economics was the issue and then said bart management gave
6:50 am
them a poison pill. >> that's going to be a big deal of contention. we are talking about work rules. >> we have been reporting here on kpix 5 all week about these work rules. what do you think? is this about work rules? >> no, it's not really about work rules. that's a place to hide. the union out maneuvered management when they said hey we're okay on everything you want to pay us. but submit these work rules to an arbitrator. let that person make that decision because i can't touch the work rules as the union leader. clearly management should have said, hooray, let's go, because once they got inside of arbitration, they could have added stuff. >> so what we have here, however, is a last-minute saying the union leadership saying for possibly political reasons within their own unions because let's not forget they are elected as well and the idea of changing work rules that are unfavorable with drivers could cost them their jobs down the line so they said no, we are going to walk on
6:51 am
this. my question is, is the public going to buy that? are they going to understand that and how will they react? >> for openers, the public is outraged at everybody connected to anything to do with this transit business literally. the public says, you should not strike. just as the public said to mr. boehner and those people with the tea party, this one you should not do. i believe ultimately, phil, that some tall giant is going to step forward and offer a solution that's going to be publicly acceptable. >> getting kind of ugly though because i believe the executive director of the union started criticizing the other side of bart saying they didn't have the skill to get the job done. so what happens there? how long do you think this is going to last? because one day is fine but if we go a couple of weeks they are going to be outraged. >> if we go a couple of weeks we will have managed to live without bart. we would go back to what preceded bart, period.
6:52 am
>> who is going to step in? >> well, somebody is going to step in. maybe we'll do it with the national guard. who knows? when there's a crisis, there's an emergency, we have the spirit to solve it. >> i got to say something about "we." who else but the bay area could out do washington when it comes up to messing things up? only us. washington got an agreement. we have to go. back to you guys we'll be right back. >> bart workers are picketing here behind me in oakland. coming up, we'll tell you what role riders may play in ending this strike. >> i'm mark kelly live in walnut creek. if you are taking that bart bus this morning, i'll have what you need to know before you head out. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow.
6:53 am
so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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get you through the commute chaos. we have liza in studio covering traffic. kp five's mark kelly is in walt creek... with riders t the strike is on. we have team coverage to get you through the chaos. liza battalones is covering traffic in studio. cbs 5 reporter mark kelly is at walnut creek with riders trying to get on board a bus to get across the bay and we kick it off though with kpix 5 reporter anne makovec in oakland with the latest from the picket lines. anne. >> reporter: workers are walking the line here behind me in front of the closed lake merritt bart station at this point. no new talks are scheduled. here's how the director of the seiu described the breakdown. >> progress was being made. we were substantially close to reaching agreement. but in the last minute, in the last part of the bargaining, bart sort of did what we call a switch. they came up with a poison pill. >> reporter: that poison pill not pay not benefits but work rules. after finally coming to agreements on economics, talks
6:57 am
broke down when management insisted on rule changes in exchange for a 12% raise over 4 years. >> this contract, this labor negotiation, is all about the long term sustainability of bart and its contributions to the economy. >> reporter: the federal mediators declare an impasse and basically gave up. now they say it may be up to bart riders to tip the scales. >> tell the board give them more or will the riders say, we hate this, but don't give them more? >> reporter: right now arbitration may be the only saving grace. the union says it wants to take that work rule portion of the contract to an arbitrator. bart says if we're going to an arbitrator we're taking the whole package. that's where the impasse now lies. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. i'm mark kelly live in walnut creek where it's been a very fluid situation. right now, take a look behind me. these are the buses, folks that can't get on bart have to take this bus. you can see a whole line of people just got on the bus. it's just heading out right
6:58 am
now. as far as i see, there's one more bus in the line behind it. but the line has died down at this point. the recommendation at this point, do not come here to walnut creek. this is one of the busier stations. go to the concord, lafayette stations. here's video of folks lining up this morning. people are not happy. >> yes. getting here this early and trying to do a different route, even though you do get there, it's, you know, you're wondering how full the buses are going to be when you come back if you are going to be able to get them on time. but i think everything they have done so far has been generous. i don't know the details of what the other side is going through. i hope it ends soon. >> reporter: so 400,000 people take bart every day but bart can only take 6,000 passengers on these buses. i asked the bart spokesman about that just a half hour ago. he just kind shrugged his shoulders.
6:59 am
there's an understanding they can move everyone across the bay. mark kelly, kpix 5. and folks trying to use the bay bridge to cross the bay have been sitting in delays all morning long. chopper 5 is up and out over the nimitz right now where this stretch of 880 so far is working okay through oakland. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been stacked up through the maze 580 slow from highway 24. west 24 bumper to bumper from highway 13 in excess of one- hour delays leaving oakland heading into the city. a good alternative is to take eastbound 80 over to the richmond/san rafael bridge. so far, it's still doing okay. you can take that down to south 101 over to the golden gate to get into san francisco. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> liza, a little fog moved back in along the coastline looking nice and clear though over the bay bridge right now. but looks like some cooler temperatures on the way toward the coast. still 70s and 80s inland. the weekend looks nice. >> yes. we like that. we are going to keep you updated on the morning's commute. your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
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