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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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continuing his fight to end strikes. the voice of the riders and commuters is not being heard. >> he's the guy behind ban strikes. >> in labor friendly california and the bay area, the notion is a tough sell. >> when the shift workers struck poland in the 1980s, ronald regan said the right to strike is fundamental to democracy. not as tough as getting an antistrike initiative on the ballot and approved by voters. >> you're very likely to see banning the right to strike such as compulsory arbitration, there, you're not going to have
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unions and bart management opposing it. >> he was joined by a host of east bay politicians who support his efforts though unions do not. >> instead of trying to find a resolution to this dispute, steve blazer told, instead, to exploit the bart strike for his own political gain. we think that's very unfortunate. >> a point made clear to glazer who is planning an assembly run and democrat whose campaign money has come from private citizens and not union labor. >> reporter: now he declined on comment on how many people so far in total have signed at he claims 10,000 people have signed the on line petition. andria borba. >> thank you. we learned governor brown is
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trying to top ac transit workers from going on strike. the last thing we need, the governor said, is another transit strike and announced he's seeking a 60-day cooling off period of the case will be discussed as alameda county court tomorrow. and the bay is on its way to getting back on track, but don't hold your breath just yet, ann. >> reporter: the deal is done but the ordeal is not over. the unions have yet to vote. people are very skiddish about talking about the details in these proposals because they're afraid there's going to be misinformation and some of the union members might vote down these proposal it is. >> at know improve. over the last, best final offer. >> in a private e-mail, bart's attack on our jobs, the union
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outlines the tentative contract to its membership. more than a 15% wage increase over four years, pension contributions begin at 1% and go up to 4% over the court of the contract. employees will not pay more out-of-pocket for medical because bart will pay for it out of retirement fund. and changing technology and equipment, 15 station agent booths will be getting bullet proof glass and changes to the doors on those booths. we asked for reaction, and we're told we're not commenting we don't want to get in the way of the union speaking to its members. former director says this contract has a number of firsts. >> this was the first time in 30 years that bart was able to and did aggressively push to get movement on the best practices and on the 40-hour week, a movement on the technology work rules. this is the first time. so i think that's significant. not all to what -- know me, bart
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management isn't happy. they wanted more. >> bart's fairs are not expected to rise because of this deal, but they were already scheduled to go up in january of the at that time, the average fare will go up 19 sents to $3.78. to pay for the labor cost in this deal, it will likely eliminate some project this is coming year to save $12.6 million. so, who won? >> management isn't happy, union leadership isn't happy. the public got the best deal. >> reporter: elizabeth, sometime next week the unions will start voting on this contract. >> thank you. bay area commuters eager to get back on bart. no train operators and no trains. kpix 5's reporter on why it took
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so long. >> bart trains were supposed to be up at 4:00, but when riders showed up, no one was there. >> it was made public so that was a very short period of time to notify everyone to try to get back into the yards and into the train cabs. >> some commuters took advantage of shuttles and ferries, and others came prepared to wait. katy boyar says better late then never. >> hopefully this afternoon will be better. >> bart did start slow with 25 trains and a delay. a late train still meant no strike. >> i got up at 4:30, checked my phone and bart was running. i did a little dance and went back to bed. >> i woke up at 4 a.m. and looked at my phone and i was so
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happy i couldn't sleep. i was awake all day. >> this sound is music to his ears. >> it was madness. i can tell you it was madness. every car in the freeway was only running about five miles. >> kpix 5. mike sugarman is in the heart of the traffic. mike, i'm guessing there's a lot of sleepy heads trying to get home? >> you got up early because bart may have been running expect you didn't know it. yesterday, i raced one of our photoers. s. today i'm guessing he would have made it. it's much better today, i'm at first and harrison, which is the -- one of the main on ramps to the bay bridge and the traffic, while it looks bad, i understand from some of the parking control
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officers that it's only just the other side of market street. and while there is a sea of lights, it's not bad. it's a half an hour. and you'll take a half an hour when yesterday, it was an hour-and-a-half or two hours. a lot of these people are bart riders, generally, but they didn't know that bart was running today because word didn't get out. this is kind of a bifurcated commute with people that didn't know that bart was running and now they are on their way. and it's much better. it's a normal tuesday, and it looks like we're back to normal in the bay area. looks like it. like what you said, mike. >> mike sugerman. thank you. >> this is what the commute looked like to the bay bridge from the 101 sky way a short
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time ago. the approach the bridge was moving at a crawl. today lines of people waiting for the ferry were much shorter. >> and there were also fewer cars on on the embark darery -- embarcedero bumper to bumper gridlock. pretty much what you would expect right now, that's a live look at interstate 880 through oakland and you can see the traffic moving southbound there just pretty much at a crawl. and today, that's what people were expecting, that it would be tough this morning and slow going on the way home. and hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit better and take a look at the map. take a look at these traffic maps. this is probably the source of most contention, as far as heavy traffic goes. you can see all the red marks, that's where the heaviest points are. traffic going out of san francisco over to the east bay, probably having the heaviest and then also a couple interchanges there over in the east bay as people try to get home. can you check at the traffic
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situation in your neighborhood any time on our web site, and we have new details about the two workers who were killed on the bart tracks. federal investigators took measurements so they could figure out how fast the train was going. bart cars do not have the necessary equipment to capture train's speed. speed is necessary for reenactment. the investigators finished their inspections. there were no defects but they do have a possible clue. >> during this inspection, an examination flat spot on some of the rear car wheels was noted. such flat spots may be the result of the application of brakes on the train prior to striking the two persons on the track. >> it could be at least six months before the ntsb issues a final report on the deadly accident. other bay area headlines, a san francisco park worker accused of running over a woman at holly park is set to be
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arraigned tomorrow. 58-year-old thomas bernofsky was charged with vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. in union city, officers responded to the home on saturn way after someone reported a disturbance when they arrived they say a man was uncooperative and threatened them with a pipe. they were forced to open fire. this is union city's 3rd fatal officer-involved shooting of the year. >> it's sort of forcing to you walk the plank. >> and how some of taking advantage of the confusion of the healthcare law. and to help scientists put out fires before they get out of control. and highs nearly the 60s, and san mateo, 66. hills burg, 83, antioch, 81. will anything change toward the
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weekend? the answer in your seven-day, coming up. >> and a phenomenon, killing thousands of anchovies off the coast. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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is no longer available. when they access the affordable care website, th . some blue cross customers are getting letters telling them their insurance is no longer available. they learn the same insurance is now more expensive on the affordable care act web site. health insurance companies are accused of price gouging. >> i was totally infuriated. deborah was talking about this letter she received from anthem blue cross. >> it's sort of forcing to you walk the plank. >> because of the requirements of the new laws, we can no longer offer your current anthem policy. the letter goes on to say she's being offered a new policy and
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her monthly payment will increase from $292 to $484. >> the president kept saying, you know, if you like your plan, can you keep your plan, your premiums will be going down, but in fact, the letter is completely contradictory to that. >> this is not the fault of the affordable care act or president obama. this is a fault of the insurance company. >> consumer watch dog says major health insurance companies are taking advantage of the confusion surrounding the healthcare law to engage in price gouging. >> this is a handful of insurance companies that have are allowed customers to drop plans that could very easily, with a few a little tweaks, be compliant under the affordable care act and people wouldn't have to leave their plans. >> we reached on out to anthem blue cross for a response. we could referred to a health industry trade group which offered this statement. the facts are, there are considerable new changes under the form that will be beneficial
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to people but those changes -- affordable care act that will be beneficial to some people, we need to continue to have a conversation about the affordability of medical care. deborah's only option is to be forced into a policy she doesn't want and can't afford. >> stop killing us because you are killing us. randy page, kpix page. >> we posted resources to help you understand how the affordable care act impacts you on our web site, after a notice noticeable absence, the blue angels air show will be funded for 65 shows next year. ships never came this year. california's one of its worst fire seasons of the.
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they've got the technology that could prevent these out of control fires. how satellites could help firefighters on the ground. >> launching satellites into space is changing everything you do. now, scientists at uc berkeley's space sciences laboratory want to put one right above california. >> after the oakland fire and watching the misery caused by decades of fire that run out of control, some colleagues and i got together about 15 years ago and said, we need a fire satellite in space so we can see a fire very early. >> it hasn't been built yet but will look something like this, using state of the art sensors and commuting power that wasn't available 15 years ago, an advanced orbiting fire alarm quego. this is three and a half meters
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by three and a half meters. this summer's rim fire burned nearly a quarter of a million acres and had nearly 5,000 people battling the fire. he believes the fire-detecting satellite would help. >> who wouldn't want a satellite that could protect you from space. whose going to pay for that? >> they're not banking on government funding. a private company or space x or virgin galactic, maybe google or yahoo or somebody, because it's kind of -- if you think about it, it's kind of a mapping problem. >> the doctor and his colleagues believe the satellite will cost only a few hundred million dollar, as opposed to his original estimate of a billion dollar 15 years ago. in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. >> they're still working on software to prevent false alarms like camp fires. >> i tell you, it's the endless
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summer in the bay area. >> why not enjoy it. mother nature doesn't give you a multiple choice, so here's what she's dishing. >> we added today, especially from the water, it kind of feels like summertime. where it didn't feel like summertime, places like berkeley with high in the low 60s, look at that layer rushing through the golden gate, the time lapse from the lorence hall of science, a lot of sunshine above that layer. if you caught in it, here's the salsilito time lapse. you'll be fog tow start the day tomorrow. here's the peak of what we have going on outside right now with temperatures topping out -- look at that gorgeous sunset. highs in the 80s in livermore, for concord, and once again, chilly in the city with a foggy start highs only in the mid-to-upper 50s. but no rainfall. none. 0. kpix 5, showing dry conditions. i went back and did some math. since the end of the june,
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119 days, do you know how many days we've seen rainfall? three. it has rained three out of the past 119. i'm going to add about ten more because this ridge of high pressure blocking all the storms from getting here, not going anywhere. it's going to move a little bit but not enough to give us any rainfall. gulf of alaska, 0, even when high pressure moves a bit, the answer's no the ridge is still strong enough to block any rainfall. nice two-word answer, you never get this one wrong, no the answer's 0 rainfall. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. it will be in the afternoon and oakland with a high of 71, all day in concord with a high of 80 pacifica, 62, and sunshine in the afternoon but still brisk with the high of 74. 0 rainfall. we're going to have morning
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cloud cover, afternoon sunshine status quo for the next seven days. 119 days it's rained three of them. >> we'll keep adding up the numbers. still ahead, what's triggering a massive anchovies die off. >> and 15 carat sparkler after her engagement today. ,,,, is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt?
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anchovies have floated theiy to the top of the bay. that's wher . foul smell of fish stinking up the santa cruz harbor, things of thousands of anchovies have floated their way to the top, and that's where our lynn ramirez is right there holding his nose. >> reporter: a real study in con contrast. meanwhile, the water's below, a
6:23 pm
lot of fish floating on the water, dead in the water. this is not a scene from the alford hitchcock killer, the birds. tens of thousands of anchovies have died mysteriously floating to the surface. this cycle of life has been playing out in front of tourists and spectators. >> i've never seen so many birds. >> and fouling the air. >> seeing is only half of the adventure because smelling is part, as well. >> the anchovies may have veered into the harbor to escape a predator. >> there's so many of them they can't breathe and therefore
6:24 pm
there's a die-off. >> clean up crews have been skimming the water filling up buckets and barrels with fish kashg uses carcasuses. the residue with harm boats and the birds pose another threat. that didn't help this young man who came to enjoy the california sun and got something more. >> a bird just pooed right down my back. it's called good luck in england. >> i'm actually a little afraid to look at right now. i open that kid from england got all the luck today. this is an unusual occurrence but it hasn't been a while since it's happened. the last time was back in 1980 and 1984. reporting live, in santa cruz, kpix 5. >> the fish kill is actually generating one on to two tons of
6:25 pm
dead fish. crews are using sanitation equipment there, you saw the aeration to clean up and hall the fish to a landfill. >> the falcon cam has been one up to get ready for condor cam. the oakland zoo, a wildlife society launched a web site showing a live, online feed from the big sir area. the camera is next to a feeding station where the birds eat. the california condor is one of the largest birds in north america and is an endangered species. we have a link to the condor cam at and we're getting our first look at kim kardashian's engagement ring, a 15 carat sparkler. that's west behind her. he rented at the park to propose on her 33 rd birthday. the series of concerts starts tonight in san jose. >> it's a beautiful ring.
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>> coming up in our next half-hour, bart strike is over, but it's still gridlock out on the roads. look in the crunch of the evening commute. >> and why there's a chance your tax refund will be delayed. >> our competition is different. you're confused. >> apple's going on the defensive. you can decide which tablet's best for you. ,,,,,,
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mess right now. still a lot of cars on bay . now at 6:30, the bart strike may be over, but the evening commute is still a mess right now. still a lot of cars on bay area roadways as people try to get home tonight. >> all right. let take another look at what traffic is look from chopper 5. this is just a short time ago. this is what it looked like for some drivers in san francisco back up heading towards the bay bridge practically at a standstill. can you see folks heading out of town. they're moving. nobody's set anything limits. and folks coming into town having a little bit better. >> and it was smooth sailing for driving in the eastern span of the bay bridge. cars were travelling at pretty
6:30 pm
normal speeds. >> going south on interstate 880 over the east bay this is what it looked like near downtown oakland, pretty much gridlock. >> and this is 880 in oakland. a lot of white lights coming through there. still recovering from the bart strike that's now over. >> it's pretty obvious the red going across the bay bridge eastbound red over the maze section heading up the east shore freeway through berkeley and albany, that's going to continue tonight probably for a while. getting in today was okay. getting out, not so okay. can you check at the traffic situation in your neighborhood any time on our web site, come january, you could still be feeling the effects of the government shutdown with the 2014 tax season. the irs says it will delay the start of tax filing season by up to two weeks because the government shutdown right in the middle of the irs preparing its
6:31 pm
systems for the 2014 season. people would have been able to start filing january 21st, but a new date will be announced in december. new details about yesterday's deadly shooting at that nevada middle school. cbs reporter teresa garcia says the community of sparks is trying to make some sense of what happened as police calls and 911 communications can be heard. >> 911 emergency. >> this is a student from sparks middle school. can you please send police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> officers were on the scene in three minutes. >> we're inside the cafeteria where the students have been huddled so they're safe here. we're looking for the shooter now. >> about 700 students were starting the school day with when a 12-year-old classmate opened fire, teachers scrambled to get students inside. >> and we have kids isn't who had a gun pointed at them.
6:32 pm
we're locked down. >> police say as many as 30 children witnessed the violence. >> i have a kid down that's been shot. >> copy. teacher down. >> teacher down. >> the boy shot and injury ed two fellow students and killed a popular 8th grade math teacher and shot himself in the head fatally. >> we have the shooter down from a gunshot wound. >> the shooter made a chilling remark to his classmates. he said you ruined my life and i'm going to ruin yours. >> the boy got the gun from his home, police say. teresa garcia, cbs news. police are not releasing the name and the school is closed for the rest of the week. people calling to complain about the nike marathon ended up getting directed to a phone sex line. sunday morning, there was some noisy festivities leading up to
6:33 pm
the event. those in the union square were told to call a 1800 number but they were given the wrong prefix and got the sex line instead of the complaint line. the city was alerted about the mix up and it appears to have been fixed. potentially deadly mosquito made its way on the invasive species spotted in the central valley. >> biologist holeman is looking to ratify a xhosz mosquito. >> i found 192 eggs in one trap. >> and you have 150? >> that's correct. the who the spotted mosquito can
6:34 pm
spread diseases with just one bite. they were first spotted in june. she found at least 50 in her own front yard. >> can i see her twitching. >> now one has been discovered ten miles away in fresno, so he's leading a crew to warn residents. it nightmare is it gets established and we have locally transmitted disease. >> do you have any guarantee you'll be able to stop it? >> no. >> in at least 12 states and d.c. are, it has innovated. her son came home with bites right around the same time the mosquitos started popping up. >> so far, none of the clovismosquitos have tested positive. >> cbs news, clovis, california.
6:35 pm
>> those blamed for infesting at least 18 people in florida last month, including high fever, muscle aches and fatigue. it is treatable if dealt with early on. apple's new ipad isn't the only new tablet unveiled today. coming up tonight, the tablet war and how to decide which side you're on. >> most people would say, that's not a problem at all. >> why it might be bad for your marriage if the wife is the primary bread winner. ,,,,,,,,
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the tablet wars are heating on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us two otr tablets that were rolled out today to compete with appl' new ipad air. . tablet wars heating up on our consumer watch, julie watts shows us two other tablets that were rolled out to compete with apple's new ipad air. >> our competition is different. >> fighting words from apple's
6:38 pm
ceo tim cook. >> they chased after net books. >> as he unveiled the ipad air. >> on the same day both microsoft and nokia unveiled their new tablets. it's what many are calling the tablet war. >> a war is definitely a good way to put it. the pc market is dwindling very quickly. >> for companies like microsoft, cornering the tablet market is crucial, but he points out all tablets are not created equal. >> for the ipad, for the most part, people who are at home suffering the web and watching movies, but he says apple is trying to offer free i life and i work devices. this comes from on microsoft, too, touted as everything the ipad is not, attaching keyboard,
6:39 pm
many hdmi. >> the next version, they're going after the professional, whose at the office doesn't want to carry a laptop or somebody who does a lot of work on their tablet but also something they can take to the couch and do some web suffering -- web surfing geared towards another audience. >> the nokia is more of a consumer focused device, more casual. he points at the nokia doesn't have the benefit of apple's 60 billion apps. >> ipad is used more than any other in the world. >> an 81% share, not so fast stephens says. >> depends how you look at it. android are close. >> there are more ipads in use than other tablets and the
6:40 pm
market is now shifting towards android. everybody wants the right one. >> there's something sparkly and special about a new ipad. when you need for business you need those usb things and others. ipad has that if you want free shipping from amazon, you'll have to spend more. the prime service costs $79 a year and offers free two-day shipping. this is the first time amazon's increased its free shipping minimum in more than a decade. home foreclosures in the states are the lowest they have been in seven years. there were more than 20,000 default notices filed from july
6:41 pm
to september and that is down 59%, the lowest since the 1st quarter of 2006. the modern family is evolving. when it comes to being the bread winner how that trend is causing relationships to fall apart. and like a river of air flowing over the city of san francisco, here comes the marine layer coming in. it's not july. it's late october. what's going on? we'll tackle the weekend forecast and beyond coming up. >> and the warriors adding something else to their recipe, and on tim lins come -- lincecum's new contract. >> and guess who tops the menu for the most hated athlete in the nfl. coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late because of the governmt shutdown... it didn't measu up. employers added just . not only was september's job report released late because of the government shutdown, it didn't measure up. employers added just 148,000 jobs. well below the projected 180,000
6:45 pm
jobs. it was still barely enough to lower the unemployment rate from 7 point 3 to 7 .2%. this is based on data before the government shutdown, so any fallout from that will show in october's numbers. >> this study shows more women are trading places with their husbands and becoming bread winners. >> while the trend may be good for the pocket book, cbs's reporters marriages, not so much. >> married for 29 years, even though he's the bread winner, he'd love it if the tables were turned. >> then i can be at home and exercise and do what i want to do, but it all has to do with the earning capacity of whoever is earning the most. >> and according to a recent study, 40 percent of women are now the bread winners. of those, 2/3rd s are single, and one are married. compare that to 1960 when only
6:46 pm
11% were the bread winners. the economy has a lot to do with the trend. >> the recession hit male dominant fields heavily including construction and manufacturing. >> it also found family incomes are higher when the woman makes more, nearly $80,000 a year, compared to $78,000 when the husband makes more money. researchers says women are better educated than their husbands. data shows that's not always a good thing. >> a study done by the university of chicago found that within a five-year time period, the divorce rate was 50 percent higher in couples where the woman was the bread winner. kay says he's not surprised. >> most people will say, that's not a problem at all. but in actuality, these marriages indicate less satisfaction. >> communication is key. >> it's important to make sure you have an equal partnership no matter who makes for. it doesn't matter who brings
6:47 pm
home the bacon. >> in my opinion, many women are equally smart. >> and going on three decades together they say that's the right philosophy. >> it's working obviously. >> andrea says women's attitudes are changing. more women want to work full-time instead of part-time or not at all. we need to work on some rain. that needs to happen soon. >> mother nature's been working on too much sunshine around here. >> which has been wonderful and we appreciate it. >> we need the rain. yes, we do. but it's nice to enjoy the sunshine. don't nod just because we need rainfall because we will have more sunshine. clear skies right over top of the oakland bay bridge but just look off in the distance of the television screen. piedmont and oakland and we'll see that fog spread throughout the bay area once again. look at this great view from the pyramid on the marine layer and
6:48 pm
the great colors of the sunset. you're down to 70, livermore, currently 79. look at san francisco holding steady at 54. mid-60s for you in oakland and san jose, and santa rosa. napa a san raphael, 56 in vallejo, and pacifica. any fog with visibility less than a quarter of a mile, 10 or 15 seconds at highway speed, that's den fog and we'll see that not north bay tonight. dense fog likely in our north bay. bad visibility during the morning commute. plan on leaving early to be safe. sunshine will be out and it will be mild. school cast, piedmont middle school in san jose, home of the lancers, the kids will enjoy lunch, recess, and 64 degrees. they have lancer pride in all they do and they recently received a grant from our city
6:49 pm
forest. there's a shot some of students planting some trees. our school cast school of the morning. forward/school/school cast. there are a few spots we look to. one would be down to the southwest moving to the high pacific, high pressure in the way. maybe the gulf of alaska, storm system coming down fr canada, lags has, or the northern pacific, not happening because of the same ridge even when the ridge happens, this weekend we'll have this big storm sitting offshore. not close enough for us. 0-3. 0 for the next several days. we'll get the fog, wide temperature gap, but we'll not see any rainfall. mid-70s, concord 80, napa 81,
6:50 pm
san raphael, 75, downtown san francisco, chilly 64. no rainfall this weekend, highs in the upper 70s inland, low 70s near the bay. i don't see a drop of rain until early november at the earliest. what i see is dennis standing by for sports next. ,
6:51 pm
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free agent market, signing m
6:53 pm
today to a 2-year, $35 milln dollar contract. that's alot of coin for the . tim lincecum is the the most popular pitcher, $35 million contract, two years. that's a lot of contract for the former win who are struggled the last couple seasons going 20-29 with an er adjust under five. fastball isn't as fast. i'm going to give credit to the giants. they seem to be paying him for seven years in san francisco. >> world series will begin tomorrow night at fenway park, boston will host st. louis. the question is will the cardinals fear the beard? >> if they're intimidated by the beards, we're in trouble. >> for the cardinals, their 4th trip to the classic in ten years. despite all its success in october, it is the first world series appearance for 16-year vet carlos beltran, and dreams don't always come true for him.
6:54 pm
>> i had a dream the day before that we lost and we didn't get to the world series and we weren't the team to get in there and he sign with the yankees the next year, and the yankees took him to the world series and he -- and i remember the just of the dream was that he was standing on the podium saying i'm so happy to be a yankee and the world series. i'm like oh, my gosh. it was a nightmare. and daniel navo, by the way, they went to mountain view, st. francis high. johnny gomes, of petaluma will be there, as well. >> sally fields led to one of the most famous acceptance speeches ever. >> i can't deny the fact that you like me right now, you like me. >> one day, maybe these guys
6:55 pm
will have their sally field moment because right now, eagles quarterback michael vick remains nfl fan's most disliked player according to a recent survey by forbes magazine. chargers rookie manti te'o, i should point out two of the top ten went to usc. >> that's just negative. >> one of the great high school performances ever, wood side blow out against cappaccino over the weekend. josh holman, three yards, and 65 yards for a period. and just for a good measure, he also scored a fumble recovery all coming in the first half. last year, warriors guard seth occury and thompson knocked down -- curry and thompson became known as the slash brothers. >> we talked about it growing up, but we never thought it was
6:56 pm
going to be a reality. my parents are proud. it was a big deal. >> after leading the warriors to the second round of the playoffs last season, golden state is hoping to keep curry on the court even more this year. the team signed his younger brother, seth, to compete for one of the final spots. >> the it would be great for me. i can see how he goes about it of coming into work out and get ready to practice and things like that. as with any sibling rivalry, the competition extends beyond the hard wood. that means the family's other sport. >> he's way better than me at golf. i try to compete a little bit. >> he said he wants to beat you in golf. >> that'll never happen. >> that'll never happen. are you pretty good. >> i got a little head start from playing so much growing up. he was out there fishing.
6:57 pm
>> there is one area where stef, who is married and has a 15-month-old daughter admits his younger brother has the upper hand. >> i have a cop out now. i have a baby so i can't practice enough to compete with him so i'll use that as my excuse. >> he's expected to spend sometime in the d league and playing in santa cruz may not be a bad thing for the former duke star as he tries to establish his own identity in the nba. >> somebody was talking to me and i realized he was thought he was talking to stef and hi to correct him. >> seth got injured. he was not drafted, but that could turn out to be something. >> got them back. that's great. >> see you at 11:00.
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