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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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opens for business. >> the navy may have had its share of secret operations here on treasure island, but no better kept secret than what's going on on that barge. it's out in the open for all to see, but no one wants to talk about it. from the office. >> i don't know anything about it, honest i don't. it is a complete mystery to me. >> to the treasure island development authority which gave us a no comment as did the coast guard. the man at the hanger three building next door and so far google. there has be speculation that google is building a water. they tell us the barge and four- story structure are a floating marketing center for google g the wearable computer. >> sources tell kpix 5 that the plan is once it is complete the barge will be towed from here off treasure island all the way across the bay to san francisco. >> but as mysteriously as the
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barge and container structure began to appear several months ago, several weeks ago workers say work suddenly stopped. here is the reason why. google doesn't have a permit for a floating anything. today the san francisco bacon service and development commission confirmed it has had several discussions with google about hypothetical operations on the water. the executive director of bcdc tells me google can build whatever it wants. but in order to use it google has to say what it's going to be used for. the bcdc says it told google stop keeping it secret and specifically asked the tech giant what is the purpose of this vehicle. >> reporter: here is the thing. google may end up with floating structure that it can't even use. because in order to get a permit t company would have to prove that whatever is going to go on on the water out there couldn't be done on land. >> the bcdc already facing heat other the warriors' plan to banal arena on the san
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francisco waterfront says the law is crystal clear in this case. the bay is not to be used for something that can be built on land. >> part of the secrecy, of course, is the money. easy to see millions of dollars have been spent already and to have it fall apart because of a lack of permit would be a huge embarrassment to the executives. >> this is strange. it is a back. could google even do this without the proper permit. >> that's the thing. it is not like going to the city building department if you were remodeling your kitchen. you can't do and pay a fine. they can't go back in this process. i think what has to happen is google has to convince bcdc that this project cannot be replicated on land. i think that's going to be a hard sell. >> they will have to give up the secret tex plain why that s. really interesting stuff. allen, thank you for that. we want to update you on this breaking new story out of roseville. police swarming a neighborhood after at least two officers
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were shot and wounded. it happened at around 3:00 this afternoon. officers have gone door to door searching for that person. we are learning they have found a man barricaded in a home. s.w.a.t. team is now on the scene. now, as we mentioned, this hand in the city of roseville, a suburb of sacramento. the city took to twitter to warn residents to stay inside during the manhunt. police say the suspect is around and -- around and dangerous. a spokesperson says the officer is at the hospital in stable condition. new details in the fatal shooting of the 13-year-old boy by sonoma county sheriff'sd. we have lend minutes ago the fbi is going to conduct an inspecte independent
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investigation. this comes as hundreds filled the streets of santa rosa to protest that shooting. the boy had a plastic g as you know. experts gave kpix 5's andrea borba has more. >> reporter: late this afternoon, just about 30 minutes ago, we got word from sonoma county sheriff that the fbi was going to do an independent investigation into this case. >> santa rosa pd, the agency investigating the shooting death of the 31-year-old andy lopez at the hands of the sonoma county sheriff's department says the teen was hit by seven bullets fired in just 10 seconds. >> we want justice. >> how many times did they have to shot him. >> for retired trouble makers sergeant, that they enforced training. that number isn't shocking to him.
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>> average officer can fire anywhere from kind of, you know, four five rounds in the time that it takes to make the decision to stop shooting. >> he says once an officer's mind reaches the point of recognizing potential lethal force, it's hard to turn the mechanism off. >> it's why we see so many multiple rounds fired in these engagements. it's just science. >> he says the encounter between lopez and deputies may not have hand but for two reasons. a, the federally mandate orange tip missing off the replica air soft ak 47 he was carrying tuesday. >> for all practical purposes it's an ak 47. i know it's a pellet gun or a bee bee gun, but the red plug that is generally in the front, it is virtually impossible at the normal distance to tell the difference. >> and b, the shooting at a middle school in sparks, nevada making officers extra vigilant.
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>> i think maybe if the sparks shooting hadn't occurred, maybe the officers driving around wouldn't have even seen an individual walking with what appeared to be a weapon. >> reporter: we're back out here live in santa rosa. take a look at some of the signs that were held during that march today. we are live out here. crowds have been gathering sense tuesday night to remember andy and to honor his family. the community, of course, still very much in mourning here. reporting live in santa rosa, an the korea borba kpix 5. >> another march in santa rosa is planned for next wednesday. new at 6:00, the son of san francisco gardener accused of running over and killing a woman is facing hit and run charges of his own. on the same day that he was arraigned for the fatal accident that happened, his 19- year-old son jonathan was arrested. police say he was making a right turn on san jose avenue when he struck a bicyclist and
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continued driving. the bicyclist suffered minor cuts. jonathan is now free on bail and has not been charged the. also new tonight, an invasive pest with an appetite for all kinds of fruits and vegetables has been found in south bay. two oriental fruit flies was discovered this week in cupertino. authorities the started employing traps today to get rid of the injectest. fruit flies are commonly found in southern asia and the hawaiian islands. a judge ruled in favor of a billionaire property owner who was blocking the only road that leads to martin's beach near half moon bay. for decades, the popular beach had remained open to the public. a lawyer representing the surfer says he plans to appeal the rule. now to oakland. chopper5 showing a group of occupy protesters downtown where a large law enforcement
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convention is underway. law enforcement says they are ready for any possible problems. kpix 5's da lin has been at that protest all day long and fills us in. >> reporter: yes, john. police presence this afternoon. as we speak, they are watching over a group to have protesters marching to the police department on broadway right now. they were here in front of the marriott hotel which is hosting the 3-day urban shield convention. those protesters in the last two or three minutes marched down on broadway to the police department. so far, things have been fairly peaceful about 5,000 public safety officers from the bay and around the world will participate in tactical field exercises this weekend. occupy protesters say those same tactics were used against
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them in previous clashes with police. >> militarizing a police state makes us less free. we already have legislation rights. >> about 03 protesters, including oscar grant's uncle spoke out against urban shield. >> we're going to see more young children being killed at the hands of these police officers. >> oakland police brought in every available officer to work, fearing vandals will strike. unlike previous protests where officers were told to stay back, even if they see people smash windows or set fire, oakland police say this time they'll move in immediately. >> do any types of acts of van dame or assault anyone, any criminal acts, we have zero tolerance for. >> we asked why have the convention in oakland on the second anniversary of the occupy oakland. the sheriff's department says they have done it before without problems. >> it is good for the city of oakland to sell out the oakland
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marriott which is completely sold out and the courtyard as well. >> protesters say delay intend to spread their message in a peaceful manner. >> i would never get in the way of anybody's free tom. if they want to smash the win dorks they have the freedom in this country to smash a window. they also will go to jail for it. >> reporter: that small group of protesters from there afternoon has grown to a large group they are going to march back this way back up to oakland city hall. they will be doing some talking there. they will be having some chanting there as well. a lot of plans there tonight. again, they are hoping to have about 200 people over at that protest tonight. we will continue to monitor the situation. live in oakland, i'm da lin kpix 5. checking bay area headlines. the homemade explosive device blew up in san francisco.
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it happened around 1:30 at golden gate and jones. a homeless man who was collecting recycles was hit. police are still checking the area for clues. in santa rosa, four people hospitalized after head-on collision between a car and a city bus this morning. the driver of this mangled vehicle is recovering from serious injuries tonight. rescue crews pulled him. from the car using the scraws of life. no word on what caused the crash. a work we are serious burns and another with smoke inhalation. it the fire started just before 11:00 this morning in an underground parking garage. fire officials say the man who suffered smoke inhalation was trying to rescue the other man. exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. a family in grief a bay area couple walking their dog is killed in suspected dui crash. tonight, the troubling thing that we've learned about the driver. i'm don ford inside the new
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tunnel. it's almost done. i'll tell you when it's going to open, coming up next. the skies opened up today, much less fog. 15degrees warmer for some of you. a live look outside in san jose tonight shows you a fantastic friday evening. so what's next? we going to get warmer or chilly again? the sans both. coming up at 6:30, why every yelp user who has ever written on the website just might get a paycheck. ,,,,,,
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parents ...who were killed yesterday by a suspected drun three menlo park teens are grieving loss of their parents tonight who were killed yesterday by a suspected drunk driver. they were walking their dog when a driver struck and killed them from behind. it happened shortly before 7:00
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last night. kpix 5's len ramirez is live in menlo park. len, we're hearing it is not her first dui arrest. >> reporter: that's right. the suspect in this case has a history of dui right here in menlo park. in fact, according to the dmv, she was arrested and convicted of drunk driving last year. she had her license suspended, but apparently was able to get that license back and had the valid license with her when think terrible accident happened here last night -- when this material accident happened heard last night. >> they were the parents of three teenage children and walking their dog last night when they were struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. >> we lost both of them. >> the couple's children and extended family members gathered throughout the day planning for funerals while still in shock. >> this is so sad losing someone that close to us. it's just simply unbearable. >> it happened just blocks from
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the family's home in east menlo park. >> the suspect some how lost control of the vehicle, hitting the two pedestrians, killing them immediately. she then struck a car that was coming the opposite way and then eventually ended up striking a tree and that's where we located her. >> according to dmv records, the driver had been convicted of drunken driving last november following an arrest for misdemeanor dui in september. her license had been suspended. last night, she was still on probation but legally behind the wheel and allegedly driving while drunk again. >> this current suspect in this case had a valid license. >> that's correct. >> she was arrested for suspicion of felony dui as well as two counts of suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. >> very good people. honest, hardworking, always had a smile. >> neighbors say the couple and their children were friendly and were active in their neighborhood. they went for nightly walks with their dog. >> just to know that two
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people, you know, went away together hurts, but leaving the kids behind and for them to make that transition without their parents must be tough. >> reporter: family members have been returning to the site here where their loved ones were killed almost 24 hours ago here in menlo park. the victims in this case, the couple that were killed as well as the dog that was injured, they weren't the only ones that were involved in this. there was another car coming when the car jumped the embankment here i. struck another car with four people inside. those people were all okay. reporting live in menlo park, len ramirez kpix 5. >> the suspect is likely to be arraigned on monday. if all goes according to plan, the bay area's next major transit project could be open in less than month. today, our don ford got a sneak peek of the tunnel project. >> it's almost finished.
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it's almost done. it's almost complete. >> we have made excellent progress. we're right on schedule and tentatively slated to open by the morning of november 18th. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> it looks good, but cal tran says this is one of the most advanced understand the in the nation and everything must be tested. >> it's really the tunnel for the future. it is high-tech. >> there are heat sensors, carbon monoxide, dozens of cameras a special radio transmitters that can interrupt your car radio with messages and several very friendly message boards. >> that was recorded for let's say 20 seconds. >> it all comes back here to the new operation center tunnel employees are learning how to run the new tunnel. told tunnels are being upgrade, too. one feature is decidedly low tech. special steel plaits on the --
6:19 pm
plates protect the concrete from fires, like the gasoline tanker that exploded and burn over 30 years ago. it killed seven people. >> one of the worst tunnel fires in the history of the united states. and it really prompted revision oflagsal tunnel fire safety standard. >> the engineers are taking their time with this testing. so far they say everything is still on track. >> reporter: with heavy construction there are always a lot of variables. but if all goes well, they have a tentative date where they could possibly get this thing open on time. don ford kpix 5. >> the tunnel is expected to cost $417 million. it appears to be on budget and not having it has cause canned numerous headaches for years. >> i was going to say paul is doing a little happy dance over here ready for that thing to open. >> reporter: actually for folks doing the reverse commute in
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the morning, they just back up for a couple miles. it will be great both directions. we may not have a drop of rain when that thing opens the rate we are going. when you see 27 day forecast, we may need it. here is the time lapse. look at the lack of fog. you were so foggy yesterday with a high in the mid 40s. a lot overshine. cloud cover in the afternoon. you will have a great weekend anywhere near the bay. not much fog and a gorgeous sunset from our oakland airport cam looking back towards the city. highs today, we did make it back to the 70s. livermore, 79. sonoma 72. concord 71. san rafael, you hit 70. up ther 60s close to 70 for you in san jose and oakland. san francisco officially 62. almost officially season for mavericks. starts coming up on friday. video from earlier today, chopper 5 was up and about. the season begins on friday, november first. all the surfers out there are getting ready to do their thing for about five straight months
6:21 pm
when conditions warrant. opening ceremonies for mavericks earlier today getting ready for months of good competition. radar looking clear. we will stay clear through the weekend. there is rain a couple hundred miles offshore, but nothing that will impact your weekend at a. overnight lows tonight, upper 40s. 51 for the city. oakland, you will start your saturday at 52 degrees. speaking of the weekend, boo at the zoo. san francisco's zoo this weekend will be chilly but you will have mainly sunny skies. low pressure stays offshore. high pressure still in control. we get the lack of fog as the atmosphere is getting mixed up. we will not see any rainfall. next front moves through. kind of like we're dodging bullets here. there one will drag down colder air. once g it will not give us rainfall. here is a direct forecast for you for saturday. great to get outside. concord 77. san jose 74. 65 in the city tomorrow. sunshine and san rafael with a high of 73. both saturday and sunday. close to 80 inland.
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70 near the bay. we're going to cool off rather dramatically on monday and tuesday, but no rain. we will warm back up just in time for trick or treating on thursday. >> oh. it's here. >> reporter: yes. i can't believe almost november. >> going by sofas. thanks, paul. till ahead, how bay area bickerers getting revved up in the battle against -- bikers are getting revved up in the battle against bullying. friday night lights with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5. >> [ cheers and applause ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. a school in the east bay.. r sharon chin shows us how motorcyclists sent a messag students today: don't judge a book by its cover. motorcycle bike versus bullying. we see how motorcyclist spend a message to students today -- send a message to students today, don't judge a book by
6:25 pm
its cover. >> motorcyclist are revving their engines in the battle against bullying. they rode through oakland today with this lesson for students. embrace diversity. hundred stereo types. >> we get labeled on the road. we want to come here and show you know what, your first impression is not always correct. get to know people first. >> the bay area coast site is kick starting a campaign with the national nonprofit called not in our school. >> that's an ongoing pulleying prevention campaign to get students to learn to be up standard, to speak up and stand up for themselves and others, to stop bullying and to build a safe inclusive and accepting school where everybody gets along. >> the director of that organization, hopping on to a hawk herself, symbolizing the joint drive to teach the dangers of prejudice and bullying. >> it creates damage that can last a lifetime i. can vallejo serious consequences. >> like the recent suicide of a 12-year-old girl in florida and
6:26 pm
awe tree pot, the 15-year-old -- pot, the 15-year-old who took her own life a year ago. the u.s. department reportest students report being bullied either in person or online. >> students need to know that by standing and not doing anything about bullying does not do anything but continue the cycle of bullying. >> that lesson not lost on these students. >> what did you learn today about bullying. >> um, to not bully and stand up for people who get bullied. >> it's not okay to bully. if you d usual you should notice it. but if you know someone is being bullied, you should tell the person to stop bullying. >> karen chin, kpix 5. >> today is the start of a year- long anti bullying rally. a large group of occupy protesters marching in downtown
6:27 pm
oakland right now to protest against a law enforcement convention. coming up live in a report. why the families of the women killed in this bay area limo fire are now taking legal action against a half dozen companies. and how online crickets are pushing to get paid for writing reviews on yelp. ,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way,
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[s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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[[gun shots]] that want to get back to that officer-involved shooting in roseville. >> that's the sound of gunfire being exchanged between police and a man suspected of shooting and injurying at least two officers. this is in the city of roseville, a suburb of sacramento. happened around 3:00 o'clock today. a s.w.a.t. team had gone door to door looking for the man, but now they have him cornered inside home. one of the injured officers works for immigration and customs enforcement for i. c. e. he is in stable condition. cbs reporter maria medina has
6:31 pm
more. >> you told us his sister lives a couple doors away from where the gunman was. his sister actually heard the initial gunfire. she actually saw the officer being shot. can you tell us. >> she said she witnessed the officer being shot and that the gunman actually smiled and was taking it like a game ran off. for a minute there, she believed that they were across the street directly from her house, and then she saw him jumping if he wantses in her neighbor's backyard and at they are neighbor's house. right now, they are safe, but i'm just getting as much information as i can soy can tell them, you know, any time there's going to be gunshots so they aren't scared. >> let's get back to the live pictures of the standoff. suspect has been barricaded in home about the last hour or so. he is considered armed and
6:32 pm
dangerous. obviously, the hostage negotiation team is communicating with the suspect, calling on him to surrender. of course, we will keep you updated on this story. now to oakland. police are on high alert tonight. occupy protesters are marching right now as part of a demonstration against a large law enforcement convention. we go back out live to kpix 5's da lin has more. >> reporter: they are basically in front of oakland city hall. they are protesting against urban shield which is the three- day law enforcement convention being held hat the oakland downtown marriott. let's show video from chopper 5 shot earlier around 6:00 when the large group of protesters started marching to the oakland police department. after, that delay under the around, basically got back to the marriott hotel and now they the oh ear -- and marched other
6:33 pm
to the plaza. traffic was pretty messy here in downtown oakland. but overall, things were pretty peaceful. a lot of police officers watching over these protesters. they want to make sure things stay peaceful. unlike previous protest where oakland police officers were told the stay back, even if they see people smash windows or set fires, this time delay say if they see any kind of vandalism, they will move know immediately. we are going to send it back to you for now. pretty peaceful. we will send it back to you. >> thank you,d.
6:34 pm
there are lawsuits against six different companies over the deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge. five women got trapped inside that burning limo and died. families of the victims have named the limo company, the company that modified the lip contown car, even ford motor company. chp concluded the fire started when the limo suspension system failed. coming up in tonight's consume r. watch, we have some interesting news for you. you might be entitled to some cash if you yelp review. more details coming up. >> it was like a dream come true. proud college graduate rose above a childhood surrounded by violence and fear. ,,,,,,,,
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men from eastern europe... running an on-line car-sellg ideas plenty of people research cars on line, but actually buying a car cowberries kentuckyed to u.s. prosecutors charged seven men from -- online. u.s. prosecutors say between 2011 and 2012 seven people placed phony ads for nonexistent cars on well known sites like epatience, auto trader and other sites delay created swindling innocent carbides out of about $3,348. and, manufacturers could be in for changes. the fda is imposing new rules imposing to make pet food and animal food safer. they require manufacturers take steps to prevent food from becoming contaminated. it could take effect next year. this comes on the heels of a stepped up investigation into possibly tainteddier key treats imported from -- jerky treats
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from china. do you think you should get paid for writing yelp reviews? well, the people behind this class ax lawsuit claims viewers are actually employees under the federal fair labor standard act and therefore should be paid. now, they site the same law that prevents interns and volunteers from working without pay. the lawsuit was filed by the yelp class action law firm which apparently specializes in suing yelp and describes yelp as, quote, colt like, rewarding nonhe wage paid writers with badges and titles like duke and duchess, king or queen in lou of monetary compensation. the suit also alleges that reviewers may lose their yelp account if they write bad reviews about it isers. yelp calls it a textbook example of a frivolous case. if you are yelp reviewer, we would like to know what you
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think about this. >> strange. >> it defeats the purpose of yelp. the whole purpose is that you go on that site and you are hearing reviews. >> an unbiased review. >> although i am sure they would love to see cash from all the reviews they posted. >> thanks, julie. growing up hearing gunshots on a regular basis. >> to me, i worried about like me making it to the age of 18. >> how his mother's strict guy dance helped this student rise above. what a difference a day made yesterday. what a difference a day makes today. a lot milder out there. a lot sunnier for you. these were your highs. vacaville, 78. mid 60s in hey ward and palo allen martin tome look -- palo alto. what is the weekend forecast looking like? that and trick or treating, too. coming up. straight ahead in sports, the warriors have gone super
6:40 pm
sized. jim harbaugh channeling churchhill. >> history remember -- will be kind to us because we intend to write it. and cannons will go wild in south florida. >> don't move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more people who had been sh
6:43 pm
than people who graduated fm we will have tonight's students rising above in just a bit a. guy who knew more people who had been shot than people who graduated from college. >> but first here is paul deanno with a look at our weekend weather. paul. >> reporter: any outdoor plans for the weekend, you will be smiling by the time the weekend is finished. it will be excellent outside. here is a live look at how we're starting off our friday evening. what's missing there? not the city. it looks nice. got the bridge. looking good. no low cloud cover. no marine layer. we will be likely fog-free for the entire weekend. also looking a lot of folks trying to get through. very slow if you are paying the toll. beautiful friday night you will have, though. current temperatures in the upper 60s. san jose at 64. pair of 6s for you in santa rosa. the warm spot continues to be livermore. 72. let's fast forward all the way to next thursday.
6:44 pm
i know moms and dads out there are getting the outfits ready, the costumes red difficult weather looks good. it will be -- ready. the weather looks good next thursday night. between now and then, perhaps a trip to tahoe. if you're on the fence, let me push you over. it will be a spectacular weekend. lows near freezing. but we will have sunshine both saturday and sunday. highs in the mid 60s for both weekend days up toward tahoe. now, what we have going on, a lack of low cloud cover because of low pressure off to our west, but we did have clouds rolling in the afternoon because of the same low pressure area. gave some mid-level cloud cover and that spectacular sunset. but these are not rain-bear clouds. all that moisture will stay several hundred miles off to our west. high pressure which has been in control for the entire month will continue to be in control the next several days. it's going to be moving around a bit and will slide back west. it's almost november. it will open the door for cold air. now often it stops in
6:45 pm
washington or missouri. this time lit make it all the way down to northern california. you will feel a chill in the tear coming up on monday. monday night, away from the water, lows will be down into the 30s. so the weekend, sunny, mild, chilly change starts on monday. we will get a bit more cloud cover in here but still not drop of rainfall. highs for you tomorrow, beautiful day in the city. sunshine 65 degrees. san jose 74. back to normal. palo alto, 71. hayward 68. napa 77. cbs evening newsfield, 72. sonoma 78. cloverdale sunshine warm with a high of 81. here is your extended forecast. equally as warm on sunday. then we cool down by a dozen degrees coming up on monday. we will stay chilly tuesday and wednesday. just in time for halloween, we will warm bang and keep the sunshine as we say hello to november. mobile weather lab, roberta gonzales in pleasanton for a special friday night lights.
6:46 pm
>> yes. we are here at foothill high school where they are planning their rivals from livermore grenada high school. can i show you the crowd tonight? >> [ cheers and applause ] >> it's not just friday night lights in pleasanton, we are out here for a very good cause tonight. this is pink october. we have principal cade. >> it will be a good ballgame it is rivalry because it is livermore. >> yes absolutely. >> we're here for another reason as well. the band marchs through here. talk to me about pink october and what it means to your school. >> unfortunately we lost one of our beloved staff members. she was a teacher here since 19996. this was the students' idea.
6:47 pm
they-- 1996. this was the students' idea. >> students came up with the idea. >> . i walked through your campus earlier r. today. i saw the posters say wear pink for mrs. k. >> she was really something special to us. she will always be remembered at foothill high school. >> if you can take a look at the students around me right now, they are wearing pink. take a look. and look at the crowd here at foothill high school. they are here in pink as well. it is currently 70 degrees. it's beautiful night at foothill high school. reporting from mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> thank you, roberta. our student rising above today group in the sunnydale projects where his mother worried everyday about whether he was safe. >> inspiring students for 15 years we have been reporting. i can't believe it's been that long. she has been following tyree elizabeth son since he was in
6:48 pm
high school. that long. >> right. that was five years ago. and now, to find him, you would have to go to pittsburgh where he has landed a prestigious fellowship. >> hey everybody. i am in pennsylvania. >> the tyree is a long way from the sunnydale projects in san francisco where tyree grew up. from january to june this year, there were 22 murders in the district where he lived. that was tyree's reality. when we first met at burton high school that was his reality at 17. >> in a community like mine, i just worry about making it to the age of 18. >> to prepare him for living in that environment, what have you told him? >> continue to pray.
6:49 pm
continue to pray. >> in sunnydale, tyree knows more people who have been shot than people who have graduated from college. his own cousin was shot and killed when he was only 19. to keep tyree safe and on track, his mom set down the law. >> i might be strict and have my ways, but you'll be better off listening to me than winding up in the system at another age it's repurr cushions and consequences behind anything and everything that you do. from crime all the way down to sex, there's repercussions and consequences. >> that lecture got him to uc berkeley. >> it is the best public university in the world. >> tyree ellison speaking at the school of social welfare last year. >> it was like w big deal for me because i didn't really hear about too many people graduating from college.
6:50 pm
i guess being one of the few who had that chance to do that, it was like a dream come true. >> i'm strong because of the obstacles in life. >> i remember what his football coach at burton high school said about him. >> one out of every 4,000. i will get a kid like this every four years or every five years. >> the kid who never missed football practice and took advanced placement classes. >> he will be successful. what i would like for him to do for me is to hire me one day and maybe i can be his publicist, manager. >> and now we all get to see what happens next. >> i want to take the time to give everybody a shout out back home in the bay area. i'll be home soon. love y'all. peace. >> if you'd like to help more kids like tyree go to college, go to our website look for the get involved
6:51 pm
section. tyree is actually luck i can because he has both parents. in most students in rising above, they are greg up without their parents. >> he has risen above. >> he has. he's a man. >> he's way above. >> he's way above. thank you. >> wendy, thanks. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,
6:52 pm
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they do something, they go big... center andrew bogut... ...signed a 3 year, 36 milln dollar contract extension today...if he hits incentives, he could earn when the warriors do m they go big. center andrew bogus signed a contract extension today. he could earn 43 million. it was formally announced a short while ago. he missed 50 of 82 game last season, mostly because of sore - his surgically repaired ankle. but 7-foot big men are hard to fine. he really shined big time in the playoffs. >>seth curry, the undrafted free agent out of duke to get shipped to santa cruz for d league ball. he was slowed a bit in training camp by off season knee surgery. some good news here. former giant third baseman matt
6:55 pm
williams about to be named the new manager of the washington nationals replacing the retired davy johnson. winding down for the 49ers in their northern london-based site. so what does a team favorites to beat the jaguars do now? they go sightseeing. where? ask ask the coach. >> we have it scripted out. going to go to marble average, park lane, hide park corner, buck ham palace, parliament square. >> you think you're hitting the right spots? >> got as much as i can soak in about winston churchhillments he is my favorite figure of all time. hopefully see his war room. that would be one of the highlights of my life. history will be kindtous because we respond -- kind to
6:56 pm
us because we intend to write it. >> newton and steve scared by the tampa bay buc cannon which goes off after the score. it didn't goof that much last night as they lost to carolina. final 31-13. last night, my middle son jake and i attended the final warriors preseason game and were overwhelmed not by the loss to portland but by the other highlight throughout the building. >> any given night at oracle, when you check out the warriors, its fan base is going to get a sample size of what the new ownership is bringing. court side seating, for example, got a second row. that's as close as 12-year-old jake glen is going to get. just ask dad. >> everything we're doing here and everything that we're designing into the building in san francisco really is to acceptly kate this amazing
6:57 pm
atmosphere for the -- replicate the amazing atmosphere. >> court side club has been pumped into the building over a two-year span. up a couple levels, check out the brand new theater seating. so new, it's still wrapped in plastic. 16 boxes each with four seat capacity. >> if i were to stay you were looking for a wow effect, would i be accurate? >> wow. maybe double wow i think. double wow would be accurate. >> you'll love the new vip club. >> 3,000 square feet and there's 11 flat screen monitors all over the place. >> that's a fan experience you can drink to, even if it's over a couple of shirley temples. >> actually shirley temples. it was a boy's night out. >> it knows how to roll. >> that's right. >> see you at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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