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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: so when maria saw this week's editorial by mayor quan in the "oakland tribune," she was taken aback. >> insulted. >> reporter: mayor quan said the media unfairly criticized her and praised her own accomplishments and said we reduced homicide by more than 25% year-to-date. oakland's overall economy is the strongest it's been in years. we have a $38 million reserve. >> leadership is not just about your accomplishments but actually it requires some humity on your part. >> reporter: the self-promotion did not sit well with climaco. the mayor never responded to her over the summer after she reached out to mayor quan several times even going to her office and leaving this book, containing pictures and stories of her son. she says all she wanted was assurance from the mayor something would be done to solve the case.
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>> nothing, just silence. >> reporter: the result that she wants is justice for her son. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> oakland police say no arrests have been made in the homicide case. we tried to get a response from mayor quan. her office declined to comment one by one members of a bay area family were viciously mauled by aggressive dogs it. they suffered bites to their arms and faces. a woman was evaluated by paramedics on a stretcher. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us that one of the dogs was killed by police when it charged at them. reporter: sharp scratches on a car are left behind from two stray dogs and this large dent after one victim tried to climb on top of the car to get away from them and these bite marks show the aftermath of wednesday night's dog attack. >> they came at me, got my arms first and then my leg and i kicked it with my other leg right when it was about to scratch it. >> reporter: it started because a man was walking two dogs
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along this trail when he was attacked by two loose dogs and that's when a family nearby heard the commotion. fisher went outside to see what was happening. >> my dad on top of the blue car and i didn't see the dogs behind the car. >> reporter: that's when she was bitten on the arm and the leg. her father came out to help and took a bite to the face. >> my dad, he's on the blue car. she was walking backwards with a gardening tool and she [ indiscernible ] the red dog, okay, and the red dog yelps and she brings it down and the black dog bites him. >> reporter: then her older brother tried to distract the dogs away from his dad but got bitten in both arms. neighbors say the whole thing played out like a movie. >> kind of bizarre like out of the movies. but they were doing what they needed to do to protect their children and to protect themselves because that's why he got on top of the car. >> reporter: when police showed up the dogs charged at the
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officers, that's when they shot and killed one of the dogs and scared the other away. animal control officers were able to catch up to the second dog and it's now quarantined. >> a third loose dog hit under their car during the attack. those who survived are being tested for rabies. new details are emerging about the abandoned castro valley care facility. the "chronicle" reports residents were left on their own for eight days, not three as originally thought. multiple law enforcement agencies including the fbi met today to discuss possible charges in the case. the alameda county sheriff's office says there is a lot of evidence to go through and it will be a lengthy investigation. in the meantime, the search goes on for one of the residents who hasn't been seen since last friday. 65-year-old edmond bascom remains unaccounted for. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station and has been known to wander off. there are some new rules for transit workers following the disof two men on bart
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tracks earlier this month. the california public utilities commission is now going to require transit agencies create a three-way communication procedure. so that's going to involve workers on the tracks, the train operators and central controllers. bart's old policy was supposed to look out with the work crews without necessarily notifying train operators that work was under way. bay area headlines, beginning tomorrow red light cameras will catch drivers making illegal turns at san francisco's busy market and octavia intersection. that has been the scene of many accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists with drivers often making illegal turns on to the central freeway. getting caught doing that now could result in a $238 ticket. a public memorial service was held today in hayward for two victims of the suspected drunk driver. balbir and kamal singh were struck and killed while they were walking their dog in menlo park last week. the couple leaves behind three teenaged children. the driver, 54-year-old
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marjorie reitzell of redwood city, was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and dui. she was supposed to appear in court today but for the third straight day, her hearing was put off due to illness. trick or treaters already out there and so are police officers making sure sexual predator have nothing do with halloween. the department of corrections is running something it calls "operation boo." it makes sure that registered sex offenders keep their lights off and stay indoors tonight. they also cannot put up decorations. lush green yards in the south bay have been trampled and torn up in recent weeks. the culprit, wild pigs. it's an ugly expensive problem and neighbors are sick of dealing with it. our len ramirez on how city leaders are hoping to keep these creatures away for good. len. >> reporter: elizabeth, some people might call this the final solution to the pig problem here at the almaden golf and country club. look at the third fairway here. this is very expensive damage to this golf course. these pigs have been coming in
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here and laying waste to these fairways. there are a lot of shots taken on this golf course, but as part of this problem, the next shots may be right at the pigs themselves. reporter: they're bold, aggressive, wild, hungry. packs of pigs coming down from the hills searching for food, water and grubs laying waste the golf and fairways. but time is running out for the pigs and it may be at the end of a barrel. >> this would allow trappers to just use a gun to dispatch the animal. >> reporter: san jose city council member johnnie khamis is introducing an emergency measure to allow trappers to shoot firearms inside the city limits. the pigs would be trapped then quickly shot on sight. >> this is not a hunting permit that we're talking about. it's the ability for someone to discharge a firearm in conjunction with an animal being trapped. and so this is just a humane way of putting down an animal
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that is becoming a nuisance. >> reporter: the pigs have already caused about $10,000 in damage to the golf course. large swaths of the fairway are now under repair and receding. the country club is also installing a cyclone fence at a spot where the pigs have been coming in and on recent nights the members have been out all night on pig patrol to scare the animals away. but the club favors trapping and shooting as a more permanent solution. >> should the city council come up with a resolution, we would have to resubmit a permit to fish and wildlife and follow their instructions as far as the dispatching of the pigs. >> reporter: in this neighborhood, there isn't much sympathy for the pigs. they are a non-native species and considered harmful to indigenous wildlife and their habitat. >> if you look at the destruction they have brought and the fact that they have come down into the domestic part of the neighborhood out of the hills, that when they run wild like this, that we need to do something to control them. >> reporter: the pigs have been laying low for the past couple of days. there hasn't been any additional damage here. and it is hoped that once the
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weather may change, we might get a little more rain here, the pigs will have no reason to come down here to root around on the golf course. they will have enough to eat and soft dirt up in the hills. reporting live in almaden, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the councilmembers' resolution to allow shooting the pigs will be heard at next tuesday's council meeting at city hall. the tale of bribery and corruption from hollywood all the way to sacramento. new details about the undercover sting targeting a powerful politician and the well known name an fbi agent used to pull it off. >> a card company's christmas carol controversy. how one word change to a popular song is sparking outrage. >> i think everybody can agree that today's weather was an absolute treat. sunshine from start to finish and high temperatures well into the 70s for danville and fairfield. live look outside this evening. we'll talk about trick or treating whether the clear weather will stick around and a pattern change which includes rain. find out when next.
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>> i know it's dinnertime but bear with me. bug parts, rat hairs, it's just the beginning of stuff found in spices. could be in your food and making you sick. ,, ,,,,
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elaborate f-b-i sting targeting state senator ron calderon... he's suspected of accepting 60 thousand dolla some new details tonight in the elaborate fbi sting targeting state senator ron calderon. he is suspected of accepting $60,000 in bribes. turns out he allegedly agreed to hire an undercover fbi agent on to senate staff in exchange for his job for his daughter at a phony movie studio which was being operated by another undercover fbi agent using the fake name of rocky patel, which is the name of a well-known cigar company. these details just released in an fbi affidavit obtained by tv network al-jazeera. >> the fbi alleges that you have accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for supporting legislation. >> that's like i said i'm not
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going to answer anything right know. >> the fbi was investigating calderon for bribery, extortion, conspiracy and fraud. so far no charges have been filed. the white house tapped silicon valley experts to help fix the obamacare website. among the companies lending him are google, oracle and red hat. the website has been slammed by glitches since it rolled out at the beginning of the month. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was grilled yesterday over the problems. she apologized and accepted the blame. the treasury department is pushing the use it or lose it part of flexible spending accounts. employees will be able to carry up over $500 to the next calendar year of unused funds. 14million families use flexibility spending accounts allowing workers to use pre-tax dollars to pay for select medical expenses. gadgets get the green light. the new changes to help you pass the time on a flight and the one thing you still cannot
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do during take-off and landing. >> and usually it's chicken creating salmonella fears. but what about the paprika flavoring it? the scary stuff found in imported spices. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nearly 50 students complained of
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dorm food may be to blame for dozens of sick students on the stanford campus. nearly 50 students complained of nausea and vomiting after eating at the florence moore campus dining hall this week. some were treated for dehydration. the dining hall remains open while the public health department tries to find the source of the food poisoning. and a sriracha shortage is avoided. the city of irwindale filed suit to close the factory after neighbors claimed the chili odors made them sick. the request was denied. sriracha made more than 60 million in sales last year. some other popular seasonings under the microscope. new report finds many spices grown overseas are contaminated. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the rather gross things you would never want to put on or in your food. reporter: they heighten flavor, add tang and heat but is teams many spices contain
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more than just flavor, it seems. a new report by the fda finds 12% of u.s. spice imports are contaminated with insect parts, dirt, rodents and salmonella. the american spice trade association says the report shows only part of the pictures. >> spices are primarily grown in developing countries. >> reporter: she says most spices are grown in countries around the equatedder with favorable climate conditions like india and indonesia. they are then shipped to the u.s. on huge barges where there's more opportunity for contamination. the fda's tests were conducted shortly thereafter. but dean says in most cases, spices get a thorough cleaning after they enter the country. >> once it hits the u.s. shores, it typically goes to either a commercial treatment facility or directly to a spice manufacturer here in the u.s. that's going to treat it for pathogens. they will do extensive cleaning of the product. >> reporter: but that doesn't always do the trick. four years ago, an outbreak of
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salmonella was linked to white pepper processed at a plant in union city. there have been relatively few other documented cases of illness. it comes down to what brand and where you buy. >> consumers should be confident that what they buy on the grocery store shelf from a reputable manufacturer is perfectly safe. >> reporter: what about the other spices packaged overseas or sold in bulk? the fda has no advice on those. cooking kills most pathogens. so that could help if you have concerns but essentially this report is intended to shine a light on this to spice growers to get them to change their practices. one fda says this is a wake-up call. >> so cooking thing to clarify it -- >> reporter: if you cook it to a certain temperature it should kill most pathogens but spices are often added after the facts so they are not necessarily cooked. thank you.
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halloween just about to get going. right? we already have a christmas controversy on our hands. and take a look at this holiday ornament. hallmark changed the lyrics to deck the halls the sweater reads there don we now our "fun" apparel intend of "gay "apparel. outraged customers have blasted the company on social media. hallmark said it's rather surprised by the backlash and has no plans to change or stop selling that ornament. everyone is getting geared up for fun. >> couldn't be better for trick or treating. it's just perfect. late october can be so many things except for perfect and we're just kind of having excellent weather to get outside . i gorgeousa gorgeous sunset. we are showing the sun just about to set behind the financial district. temperatures outside if you are getting ready to go trick or treating the young ones may be
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out early, santa rosa 73 degrees. get any better than that? in the city 67. oakland san jose 70. concord 72. let me show you this time lapse from squaw valley. a foot of snowfall from a few days ago are melting but there will be more snow the next week. you want to know where the low pressure is that gave us wind and snow in the sierra? it is in texas. i have video to show you from texas. a major flooding there. some parts of texas received 1 foot of rainfall. that's flash flooding near austin the area between austin and san antonio floods several times a year but this is one of the worst. lots of people had to be rescued by boat in and around austin. same area of low pressure that got us recently. for us our radar is clear. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing dry conditions and we'll stay dry right on through the weekend. some halloween weather trivia for you. the warmest halloween ever in san francisco back in 1966 where we hit 83 degrees. the wettest halloween you probably don't remember this,
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1934, where we had nearly 3/4" of rainfall. no rain for us. it's all about this big ridge of high pressure. tonight for the trick or treating tomorrow for the first day of november and also saturday, our weather will be dominated by this, big ridge of high pressure, a lot of sunshine, temperatures running a few degrees above average although we will cool off a little on saturday. cooling off a lot on sunday. here comes an area of low pressure. will not bring us any rainfall. won't get that close but will send a front through. we'll be knocking the temperatures down to the 60s coming up on sunday. you notice the breeze increasing as soon as saturday night. and temperatures will stay down into the 60s for a couple of days so another change coming up on sunday with another dry front. tomorrow, warmest day of the week. the breeze will pick up on seattle. we'll be sunny saturday but you notice that wind increasing and next week this time next week, we may be looking at some rainfall. a pattern change is coming about 7 days from now. lots of 70s tomorrow for your friday. san francisco 70. san jose 74. cupertino 73. fremont 71.
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san ramon, pittsburg 75. benicia sunshine 73 on friday. sausalito 71. sonoma 76. clearlake sunshine high of 73 degrees. couple of degrees cooler saturday. we fall back saturday night, you gain that hour of sleep. you're going to wake up sunday it will be cloudier and cooler mid-60s staying chilly monday warming up, dry through wednesday. that pattern change about 7 days away. mobile weather is out tonight trick or treating with kids and adults tonight. roberta gonzales enjoying the festivities in danville. >> reporter: good evening. i ammobile weather joins us superheros tonight. hi, lovely ladies. >> hi, roberta! >> reporter: this is my mobile weather unit. tell me young ladies, what is the air temperature right now? >> 70! >> reporter: how about the wind? >> light! >> reporter: they're light! it is a gorgeous night for trick or treating here in danville. want to come along with me here? take a look at the motley crowd gathering this evening. i want to say hello danville!
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>> hello, danville! >> jerry, thank you so much for having us today. what is your last name again? >> nave. no way nave. >> there you go, roberta. >> reporter: so jerry, tell me, how many years have you been having this big festive night here? >> about nine years. >> reporter: you're just a big kid, aren't you? >> i love halloween getting our community together and i get to scare the kids at night. >> reporter: that's so impressive all afternoon. your neighbors come in with food? >> yes, we have a pot luck before and the adults hang out and kids go trick on treating in the neighborhood and the adults hang here and we have a good time all evening. >> reporter: your neighbors have been coming by one by one telling me how festive your house looks once the sun goes down. >> yes. it's good at night when the lights are down and the fog machine is going and there's a couple of little surprises i have in store for the rest of the kids. it's going to be a good time. >> reporter: i can't wait, much less the kids. >> it's fun. i hope i scare you a little bit, roberta. >> reporter: you have a couple of hundred kids to come trick
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or treating? >> yes, a couple of hundred at least every year and we usually run out of candy. it's going to be a great time. >> reporter: hey, guys. i just want to say thank you for having us and happy halloween. >> happy halloween! whoo! >> reporter: reporting from danville with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> too fun. travel from tijuana to vancouver without paying to fuel up. how tesla is trying to change the way you think of "road trip"!
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unscheduled landing in phoenix hreat. breaking introduce out of phoenix right now. a plane that took off from san francisco has made an unscheduled landing in phoenix after some kind of threat. these are live pictures of the united flight on the ground at an isolated part of the sky harbor airport. authorities are not disclosing what raised the alarm. the united flight left sfo this afternoon bound for san antonio. we'll keep an eye on this
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story. and today a 50-year-old airline policy officially got the boot. airplane passengers can now use electronics during the entire flight. this means you won't have to turn off your ipad or computer for take-off or landing. the federal aviation administration announced today it's safe to use most electronic devices during the flight. >> the committee determined that most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference from portable electronic devices. it's safe to read downloaded materials like ebooks and calendars and also to play games. >> phone calls, however, are still off limits. so it's texting unless you use the plane's wi-fi network. airlines still have to do their own testing and show the faa their aircraft qualify for the new policy. delta says it's already submitted the approval paperwork. well, tesla's trying to prove electric cars are for more than just getting around town. the company is in the middle of
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what it's calling a west coast supercharger route. two electric cars going from san diego to vancouver a 1500- mile trip they are going to use a network of supercharger stations along the way. those stations the electric car version of gas stations. an ad promoting an antisnoring product is rubbing people in southern california the wrong way. the billboard shows an american soldier hugging a muslim woman wearing a burqa with the words keeping you together. critics call it offensive and many don't see the connection between the product and the ad. the company says the ad's inspired by a real-life couple and they just wanted to share their story. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick.
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kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. how technology just landed a river a first-of- i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, how technology just landed a california driver a first-of- its-kind traffic ticket. and on this halloween night how a bay area community says the cultural significance of the day of the dead is being ruined by revelers. take a look at those stories and much must have more tonight at 6:00. guys? >> all right. we'll see you then, ken. thanks. that's 30 minutes away but the trick or treaters heading out right about now. don't you think? >> and the weather could not be better. sunset 6:12. so if you wanted to get out and get the candy and get home before dark, you probably have until about 6:30 with some light in the sky but 6:12 is the official sunset in the city. >> all right. perfect trick or treating time. >> it's going to be perfect. >> thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, we're breaking news on two major fronts. sharyl attkisson has uncovered the inside story of the health care debacle. we'll have the revealing internal reports from the government's war room. there's no denying it now-- elizabeth palmer has the evidence of iranian troops fighting in the syrian civil war, images syria and iran don't want you to see. floods in the south and midwest as a major storm system moves into the east. manuel bojorquez is there. and lamborghini takes a victory lap on its 50th anniversary. ha-ha! "60 minutes" goes along for the ride in the world's most exotic super cars. whoa! captioning sponsored by cbs


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