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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he had already charged through airport security firing his assault rifle several times. he was shot by law enforcement taken into custody and is in critical condition tonight in the hospital. it was sheer panic and chaos inside the airport. hundreds running to get away from the gunman. one tsa officer was killed, several more hurt. teri okita reports from l.a.x. >> reporter: these passengers are finally being let back the property. authorities say this is a very extensive investigation where terminal 3 where the incident took place is still closed and forensics teams are inside. they are learning much more about the suspect. reporter: chaos at los angeles international airport friday morning where a gunman opened fire at a security checkpoint in terminal 3. >> i just saw the gun and i was just terrified and like everybody else was. we're all just on the ground. >> reporter: this is believed to be the gunman, 23-year-old
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paul ciancia, who was ultimately shot by police and is now in custody. >> this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted this individual. >> reporter: police say ciancia shot several tsa employees. one of them a behavior detection officer died. >> unfortunately we were unable to revive a heartbeat, and he expired from severe gunshot wounds to his chest and to his abdomen. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news anti-government and antitsa writings were found in ciancia's bag. officials say he sent a text message to his family in new jersey today threatening to kill himself. the airport terminal was evacuated but some passengers who were unable to get out crammed into restroom stalls for safety. a semi-automatic rifle was
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recovered at the scene. airport authorities say 746 flights were affected. and we are hearing from many disgruntled and angry passengers right now. i spoke with some who just got off a plane after sitting on the tarmac for six hours. in los angeles, i'm teri okita, kpix 5. >> the impact of the l.a.x. shooting was felt right away at bay area airports. security was beefed up and some flights to l.a.x. were grounded. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at sfo. now, mark, what's it like there now? >> reporter: just to give you an idea of what this day has been like here at follow. and what the impact has been like we are going to put two pictures up on your screen of sfo. one shows a quiet baggage area on a typical day, this would be very crowded with passengers coming in from l.a.x. today, much more quiet. the second picture much more crowded terminal. many passengers there had their flights delayed or canceled because of this incident at l.a.x. today these pictures show the
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story much of the day here at sfo. tighter security and canceled flights. reporter: san francisco police deployed their entire sfo police force to calm passengers on a hectic travel day. >> the decision was made to increase some of the patrols around the terminals. >> reporter: doug is the sfo spokesman. even though his police force is amped up on a day like today, he says tsa has and not increased its security. >> as an airport we have been in touch with the tsa and will stay in touch with this should there be any decisions made on changes to security procedures. thus far there haven't been any. >> reporter: 100 flights take off to and from l.a.x. and sfo every, single day. meaning when l.a.x. sneezes, sfo can easily catch a cold. southwest and virgin airlines were hard hit. we found many disappointed passengers like antoine peron who was supposed to fly to l.a.x. and vacation with friends. >> 1:15, my flight got canceled
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and we are scheduled for 3:35 now. >> reporter: these friends traveling from paris together like many others here switched airports in order to get in earlier. >> so we took a ticket with southwest that flies into orange county. >> right now, all the airlines that operate between sfo and l.a.x. can expect flight delays today. >> reporter: the l.a.x. shooting certainly affected sfo. tighter security and canceled flights are just one concern. but for passengers, a killing like this has them extra cautious during their traveling. >> you just look around and just be more aware of your surroundings than usual. >> reporter: late this afternoon the decision here at sfo was made to scale back the police presence once folks decided here that the incident at l.a.x. was an isolated one. that call was made but still they are saying if you have a flight this evening or into the weekend, please check with your airlines before you head to the airport. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix
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5. >> extra security measures were put into place at mineta san jose airport as a precaution. san jose police have brought in more k-9 officers and increased patrols. so far, at least three arriving flights and two departing flights have been canceled. others are delayed. three flights that were originally supposed to land at l.a.x. were diverted to san jose. in oakland, at least five flights to l.a.x. have been canceled. three flights scheduled to fly into oakland have also been canceled. some passengers we talked to said they are choosing to drive to l.a. rather than wait for another flight tonight. we'll have much more on the l.a.x. shooting on the "cbs evening news" including the anti- government materials the gunman was carrying. and trouble on the roads. chaos and confusion as hundreds of drivers had to abandon their cars and walk out of a very smoky caldecott tunnel. a car crashed in the eastbound bore this morning filling that tunnel with smoke. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us,
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a key upgrade in the tunnel is likely the reason everyone got out safely. reporter: all bores of the caldecott tunnel were reopened before noon but it was a traffic mess out here. traffic backed up past the junction of 24 and 13 going eastbound and westbound all the way through orinda. a car caught fire in the eastbound bore of the caldecott tunnel just before 10 a.m. the tunnel started filling with smoke and people just got out of their cars and walked out of the tunnel. >> people were able to evacuate safely. the ventilation system turned on and everybody was out without any significant injury. >> reporter: the ventilation system did kick in but it was still a very scary situation for some drivers caught inside. here's how one described it. >> i just was two cars behind the fire. the car was burning. a chp officer told us to stay in the car, close the windows. and then explosions started. the car exploded. big bangs. so i got out and walked all the way out. it was smoky in there, it was terrible, really. >> reporter: 8 people were taken to the hospital with
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smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. the chp says that was done out of an abundance of caution. in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the last time a major fire happened in one of those tunnels was 2007. commuters were sent running out of the tunnel when this mercedes caught fire in the center bore. it happened during the evening commute. everyone did get out safely. but a far more disastrous fire in 1982 killed 7 people. now, in that case, a drunk driver's stalled car, speeding bus and an overturned gas tanker sparked a fire that roared through the caldecott tunnel. the new fourth bore has significant improvements. that bore opens in two weeks. we know the identity of the construction worker killed on 680 in milpitas this morning. he is 34-year-old frankie jimenez from dixon. police say a suspected drunk
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driver drove his nissan into a closed lane killing him and injuring another construction worker. the crash shut down multiple lanes for the entire morning commute backing up traffic for miles. every. >> there were two construction workers removing a roadwork sign on the right-hand shoulder standing at the rear of the vehicle when this silver nissan crashed into them. >> the driver adrian sanchez was sent to the hospital with major injuries including two broken legs. chp officers arrested him on suspicion of a felony dui but he could be facing more charges. a freak accident in san francisco left a dump truck dangling over a guardrail. this was the scene this morning on 101. the crash near the 3rd street off-ramp also involved two other cars. crews closed the two right lanes for hours while they cleared the wreck. transforming some very old buildings into a modern transit hub. the major job boost from oakland's biggest construction project in decades. >> dude, this is a scam.
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i know it's a scam. >> con artists finding tricky new ways to rip you off. the red flags and what happened when we tried to confront a scammer. >> 71 degrees for a high today at ocean beach. 70s just about everywhere but coming up in weather we're going to talk about when and where. find out when rainfall is going to come back to the forecast and find out where ski season already began! >> i know, it's like where are you? you're all the way over there. i can hear you like you're right in front of my face. >> you have to hear it to believe it! the science project stopping traffic on a busy bay area street. ,,,,,,
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with business. transformation of oakland's huttered army base an area of oakland's waterfront may be abandoned now but it will soon be bustling with business. transformation of oakland's long closed army base is now under way. it's been closed since '99. it will sit just west of the nimitz freeway between grand avenue and 7th street. da lin on the project that's expected to bring thousands of
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jobs to the bay area. reporter: this former army base will be the site of the biggest construction project in oakland in decades. $500million in the first phase. the city will transform these abandoned structures into large warehouses for the port of oakland. the fifth busiest u.s. port has been losing its grip to rival ports down in long beach and l.a. >> it's going to give oakland the ability to draw cargo that would otherwise go through other gate ways. >> reporter: port officials say this project known as oakland global will make importing and exporting more efficient, thus allowing bigger ships and more cargo to come through oakland. state and federal leaders joined mayor jean quan to break ground this afternoon. the mayor says this is a win- win for oakland because it will create 1500 construction jobs and 2,000 operations jobs. >> and imagine what it will be like if i can put 1500 young people and take them off the streets of oakland and put them
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into good paying blue collar jobs? >> reporter: labor leaders say oakland residents will get the first crack. >> it's going to require 50% of the work hours coming from oakland residents along with requirements that contractors hire local residents as a premises on to the project. >> reporter: workers in oakland say they love it. >> the more of us that's out here, less of us on unemployment. and in this day and age, we need every dollar we can get. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin kpix 5. >> the city has set up a job center at the west oakland library for anyone interested in applying for a position. oakland leaders say that port expansion project is going to generate about $3 million in taxes for the city. millions of families face the grim reality of going hungry. how cuts to food stamps couldn't come at a worse time. >> stop, sit and whisper people on a bay area street getting a science lesson never expected. ,, ,,,,
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tentative contract that end the strike last week. it calls for a p right now, bart's 2300 union members are voting on the tentative contract that ended the strike last week. it calls for a pay increase of more than 15%. workers will also start paying into their pensions and healthcare contributions will go up. the results won't be announced until after the polls close at
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11:00. rather harsh reality for about a quarter million people in the bay area. they are going to see cuts coming to their dinner table. today, a food stamp benefit that was included in the 2009 stimulus package expired. that as food costs continue to rise a family of 4 is going to see $40 fewer in federal food assistance. many will rely on local food banks that already see higher need this time of year. >> do i have to tell my 13-year- old, sorry, hold off on that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we have to make that loaf of bread last? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> things could get worse. the republican-controlled house just passed a bill that would cut benefits by $40 billion over the next 10 years. there is a similar proposal in the democrat-controlled senate. a warning tonight about a common scam that's targeting people in the bay area. we warned you about it before but julie watts on the consumerwatch explains, crooks are coming up with new ways to
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pull it off. >> reporter: bill was caught off guard by the call. >> they said hi, congratulations, you won this publishers clearinghouse 1.5 million. >> reporter: but he immediately realized there was nothing to celebrate when the caller told him he would need to buy a money card to claim his prize. >> i said, you know, this is, dude, this is a scam. i know it's a scam. >> reporter: and the scam is thriving. >> it's another easy way for people to get your money. >> reporter: laurie wilson. better business bureau says crooks are calling and texting saying anything and everything to convince people to buy prepaid credit cards. their only goal, to get victims to reveal the numbers on the back. >> once i have given you my card number and you have taken the money, it's -- it may as well be cash. >> reporter: the irs just issued this warning about scammers pretending to be irs agents telling people they oh, back taxes and they have to pay with a prepaid card. >> damn! >> reporter: and people are paying. earlier this year, shirley hill
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lost $1,500 to scammers who promised her a loan if she would buy three green dot cards so she did, for $400, $500 and $600 and she lost it all. >> all i could do was just cry all day long. i couldn't stop. >> reporter: we decided to call one of the scammers ourselves at the number that came up on bill's phone. this is julie. i'm a reporter in san francisco. >> reporter: the scammer was happy to talk. >> where are you located? [ censored ] >> reporter: excuse me? [ censored ] >> reporter: he just wouldn't answer our questions. >> so how much money have you actually received from people who send you these green dot cards? after a profanity filled rant we hung up which is what bill did, as well. >> i came out even. >> reporter: he may not have won a prize, but he didn't lose anything, either. now, bottom line, if you are asked to pay for something via prepaid card, be suspicious. and never hand over the number to someone you don't know. and if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call, 888-
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5-helps-u. >> it's under that umbrella too good to be true. >> probably is. they used to do this with money orders, western union, now it's these prepaid cards and it just gets easier and easier. >> yes. >> reporter: reach out to elderly parents and those who may not -- right, who may not be quite as savvy. >> don't let them go on a tirade. hang up on them. >> just hang up. >> click. >> all right. thank you, have a good weekend. >> you, too. well, paul, a gorgeous weekend sounds like ahead of us. very fall like. >> yeah. we are going to feel more like fall by the end of the weekend but sunshine tomorrow. what a beautiful day today with highs 80 in the south bay. very toasty out there today. this will likely be the warmest day in a while. we'll begin a cooling trend coming up tomorrow. but getting outside this weekend should be a-okay. we'll have details in your seven-day in two minutes. hang on. sfo we have the sunshine you made it to the 70s. san jose mid-70s today. currently santa rosa close to 80 on the first day of
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november. livermore 74. oakland 73. concord 72. san francisco downtown right in the financial district it is 71 degrees. let's not talk about the 70s though. let's talk about ski season. guess what, at one spot it began today! that would be boreal. they had a 16" of natural snow. the ski lifts were running today. believe it or not, this is 6 days later than what they had last year but folks are out there, a few folks out there enjoying it, ski lifts open until 8 p.m. open for the weekend, as well. let's talk about tonight. it will be another chilly one but not as chilly. more 50s than 40s around the water. san francisco 51. san jose 50. vallejo 49 degrees. let's talk about the weekend because it's a weekend of transition. we have another front that's going to move through will not bring us any rainfall. but in the higher elevations, it will bring us gusty winds. there is a wind advisory in effect from tomorrow night flew sunday morning for 40 to 50- mile-per-hour wind gusts above 1,000 feet. we are all going to be breezy but that really will be the
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windiest stuff in the higher elevations. here's the catalyst. it's low pressure moving into the northwest lots of rain lots of wind for them. we'll get a glancing blow. it's going to be cooler sunday in the 60s and that wind will increase coming up on sunday. it's the next system, the one after that, which is still several days away but this one's going to have its sights set on us and we will likely see some rainfall from that by the end of next week. i'm very confident that this time next week it will be raining in the bay area. so the breeze is going to increase tomorrow. you will get the sunshine but it will be breezy. much cooler weather coming up on sunday and that rain chance late next week here it comes. we could use it. livermore tomorrow not as warm but still nice 73. san jose you will hit 70 tomorrow. upper 60s for you in mountain view, sunnyvale, fremont. low 70s in concord, pleasant hill, san ramon, antioch will hit 72. cooler in the city not 70s. it will be the low 60s in san francisco. novato 70. rohnert park 69. cloverdale sunshine cooler with a high of 73. on sunday, we cool down a little bit more down to the upper 60s. and then as we head toward next
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week, look at that change! we have rainfall moving in next thursday, next friday. but it's this friday heading into a weekend, mobile weather lab roberta gonzales at andrew hill high school in san jose for friday night lights. >> i'm so excited. i am at andrew hill high school here in san jose. they are playing host to prospect high school from saratoga, home of the panthers. andrew high school, home of -- where are they home of? what's your mascot? the falcons! take a look at the falcons. they are on the field right now. it's the jv team. and right now, andrew hill is down 6-26 against prospect high. hey, girls, hi! >> hi, miss roberta! >> reporter: let's check the current temperatures. 73 degrees, right, what are the winds? >> light. >> reporter: the winds are light. let kneel you a little bit about this school. andrew high school in san jose, it was founded back in 1956. it plays host to 2400 students including the jv and varsity football teams.
5:22 pm
if you are going to be coming out to tonight's game, let me set the stage for you. the varsity game starts at 7:00 tonight. prospect undefeated from saratoga. andrew hill from san jose undefeated. they are rivals. it's going to be a huge matchup at 7:00 tonight and we want to show you a little bit of the food out here as well because all the proceeds go towards the wrestling team. two bucks buys a hot dock, three bucks nachos, 5 bucks hamburger, then meatball sub. come on out. we'll have more here coming up at 6:00. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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strangers together on san francisco's busy market str. as the song sa th a whisper"... k a strange new science exhibit is bringing strangers together on san francisco' busy market street. as the song says, it started with a whisper. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us
5:25 pm
how a whisper is creating so much buzz. reporter: how are you enjoying your stay in san francisco? >> i am enjoying it amazingly. >> reporter: speaking to somebody 50 feet away on market street. don't you have to yell? where are you from? >> bristol, england. >> reporter: you can still hear me? at the whispering dishes exhibited on market street. >> that's so weird. >> reporter: you can use your inside voice in a decidedly outdoor location. >> i know. it's like where are you? you're all the way over there but i can hear you like you're right in front of my face. how in the world does this work? i don't -- i can hear a-- justin, can you hear me? dude, wow, this is amazing! >> all the sound from my voice is going back to the dish going towards you and then recollected in your dish and focused donatories. >> reporter: that's the science -- down to your ears. >> reporter: that's the science from the $80,000 exhibit put together with grants and private funds. fun science. >> amazing how simplicity is so powerful. >> this is cool. i want this in my house.
5:26 pm
>> i feel like you're in an opera house in surround sound. >> reporter: it shows how science and art can mix. the exploratorium hopes people will mix, too. >> and you. thank you. yeah. i will. thank you. >> it's an invitation for people to play in space and actually be afforded the opportunity to not act in a normal way. >> reporter: not that you need anything special on market street for that to happen. you got to love san francisco. >> i actually do love san francisco. >> reporter: more exhibits are due in the next few weeks. we're all ears. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the only place on the street where you can whisper and be heard. it's so loud. >> i did hear right, $80,000? >> right. >> we'll see more of them. we'll be right back. ,, the great american novel.
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>> tonight, the assault at los angeles international airport. >> all you hear is screaming, chaos and then i ducked down. >> a gunman attacks a security checkpoint. >> right when i heard the shots i looked over my shoulder and he was running towards me saying run. >> at least one officer is dead. many people are injured. we now know the identifying the identity of the killer. a terrorist wanted in the murders of seven cia officers appears to have been killed. margaret brennan on how u.s. intelligence found its revenge. has a tiny american drug company found the solution to the scourge of the meth epidemic. jeff glor shows us how it works. and steve hartman on the road. prisoners who met suellen fried leave prison with a new conviction. >> maybe we're not that bad.


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