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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with an assault rifle. a preliminary review of terror databases and watch lists found no connections to the suspected gunman. officials also say he isn't a text message -- sent a text message to a family member today saying he was going to kill himself. police went to his apartment but he wasn't there. we'll have more from l.a.x. in a few minutes, but first cbs 5 reporter mark kelly is live at sfo where security was beefed up and some flights were canceled. mark. >> reporter: many of these bay area airports are warning passengers tonight check your flight status before heading into the airport tonight or into this weekend. it has been a very hectic day for these passengers. they are facing canceled flights and an increased police presence at many of our airports. the mineta san jose security is tight as tsa tries to cut down on long lines passengers anxious to board planes. some passengers got diverted to san jose after being bound for
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l.a.x. at oakland international saw southwest delays in passengers forced to think of plan b to get to los angeles. >> is found out our flight was canceled so we are just going to drive down to -- we were going to l.a. for a wedding. we are going to drive to l.a. as fast as we can hopefully without too many speeding tickets. >> reporter: doug jakel is the sfo spanning. even though his police force is amped up on a day like today, he says tsa hasn't increased its security. >> we'll stay in touch with them should there be any decisions on changes to security procedures. thus far there haven't been any. >> reporter: 100 flights take off from l.a.x. to sfo every day meaning when l.a.x. sneezes, sfo can easily catch a cold. southwest and virgin airlines got hardest hit. we found many disappointed passengers like antoine peron, who was supposed to fly to
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l.a.x. and vacation with friends. >> supposed to be 1:15, my flight was canceled and we were rescheduled to 3:35. >> reporter: these friends switched airports to get in earlier. >> so we took a ticket to southwest that flies into orange county. >> right now, all of the airlines that operate between sfo and l.a.x. can expect flight delays today. >> reporter: the l.a.x. shootings certainly affected sfo. tighter security and cancelled flights are just one concern. for passengers, a killing like this has been extra cautious during their travels. >> you just look around and be more aware of the surroundings than usual. >> reporter: so virgin and southwest airlines were impacted the most and later this afternoon, here at sfo, they have started scaling back the police presence once they determine, liz, that this was an isolated incident at l.a.x. >> all right, mark, thank you. a live look at l.a.x.
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right now. two terminals are just being put back in service. terminal 3 still closed as authorities investigate the deadly shooting. as randy paige tells us, the gunman carried a chilling note into the airport. >> reporter: photos captured by passengers' cell phones show the inside of terminal 3 this morning and we believe this to be the assault rifle used by the gunman in the deadly shooting. airport police chief patrick gannon describes what happened when the lone gunman walked into terminal 3 with a bag carrying the assault rifle and according to the associated press a handwritten note which said wanted to kill tsa. >> an individual came into terminal 3 of this airport, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag an opened fire in the terminal. -- and opened fire in the terminal. he proceeded up into the screening area, where tsa
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screeners are, and continued shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. >> reporter: l.a. city fire says seven victims were treated, six transported to nearby hospitals. we saw this victim wheeled into the ucla medical center. we noticed he arrived under tight security secured by handcuffs to the gurney. we don't know if he is the suspected gunman. we also saw two tsa officers transported by ambulance, according to the union that represents tsa officers, one behavior detection officer who was recently transferred from montana died. three others were injured. police are confident the gunman acted alone. randy paige, kpix 5. >> tonight and tomorrow, police and the fbi will be collecting evidence inside terminal 3 at l.a.x. they will need to document everything there how the gunman opened fire, where he went, hundreds of travelers scrambled to get out of the line of fire. one tsa worker confirmed dead
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tonight. others are injured. they were wounded. stay right here for more with the latest on the investigation coming up at 6:30. all week we have been trying to get to the bottom of google's secret project in the middle of the bay. kpix 5's allen martin joins us now. today you were able to get to the state's top leaders. >> reporter: they didn't have much to say. we are looking for someone who knows what's going on and willing to talk about it. in the meantime, we know the barge is under the direction of the so-called google x division of the company. it hasn't moved. there's no construction happening. yet what's growing is the umbrella of government leaders who don't know or say they don't know what's going on at treasure island. today, we asked the governor. >> there's so many things i want to know but you can add that to the list. do you know? >> reporter: i do know. >> what's going on? >> reporter: it's google's plan to market their google glass. you haven't been informed by the coast guard or anybody? >> no. no, i don't -- there are a few things that don't always get to my desk but i'll look into it now that you have brought it up. >> reporter: then we tried the
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lieutenant governor, who seemed to give a rather tongue in cheek incredulous response given his relationship with google cofound your sergey brin. >> i just talked to sergey brin and i'll show you my email exchange. he won't tell me and he is a friend. i'm so upset. i'm going to figure this out. >> reporter: what kpix 5 has found out through a source familiar with the highly secretive project is that it's being personally directed by sergey brin. the movable showroom for google products most importantly google glass is constructed of 40-foot shipping containers that can be assembled and disassembled anywhere in the world but google was informed by the coast guard the structure which contains three floors of showroom and upper party deck with lanais and bars that it is a floating vessel and subject to all applicable federal maritime regulations. the longer google stays silent,
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the more the rumor swirls. it was supposed to go to fort mason today but it's still at treasure island. >> you were out there last night? >> under the cover of darkness. >> reporter: security is tight but there are more construction pieces that are either extras or possibly looks like there could be enough to build a whole 'nother barge and four- story building and that is a whole 'nother barge out there not being useed. >> you got one, why not build two? >> and a third, four. >> maybe three. >> i love the fact that the governor didn't know anything. [ laughter ] >> he does now. >> allen, thank you for that. only on 5 we have learned silicon valley's commercial garbage will soon be turned into renewable energy and compost. len ramirez got a look at the nation's first greenways facilities of its kind. >> reporter: a lot of people may remember the scene from back to the future where doc comes back to refuel the delaurean and stops next to garbage cans and loads in things like banana peels. that seemed like a clever movie gag at the time but that is now happening and it will be happening at this facility as we see in this exclusive look
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on our very large-scale. >> reporter: this is the newest high-tech landmark in silicon valley but this facility has nothing to do with gadgets or football teams. it's all about turning sloppy kitchen leftovers into clean renewable energy. >> we'll be able to take all the organic waste from the city of san jose and process it so that it will extract the energy in a period of 21 days. >> reporter: that's right. zero waste facility is designed to take the natural process of decomposition and put it into overdrive to produce power now. >> this is a highly controlled highly efficient way to digest the material. this is going to happen in 21 days or less. if we put it in the landfill it's going to take somewhere between 5 to 15 years to do. >> reporter: the largest portion of things still buried in landfills is still organic waste but as the mounds will attest will eventually run out
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of space. this facility called a dry fermentation an aerobic digestion planted will digest billions of pounds of waste. inside the vacuum chamber the material will be treated to make it quickly decompose. when it does, it will produce methanely will be used to run electrical generators. >> the kitchen scraps and yard waste and all that wet organic stuff that no one thought had any value, it's got value. >> reporter: in the near future the methane could also be turned into compressed natural gas to power garbage trucks completing the cycle. with 16 bunkers each big enough to fit 40 truckloads of material nothing this size has ever been attempted in the u.s. >> we really see this facility to be the landmark facility that's going to be replicated throughout the state of california as the way to recover organics from the waste industry. >> reporter: california cities are under mandate from the state to reduce landfill flows by 75% so you're going to be
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seeing more plants like this in the future. this is the first and the largest and it will be coming online here in san jose in the next few weeks. live, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> we did some checking. the average person generates 4.5 pounds give or take of trash every day. that comes out to about 1 1/2 tons of trash every year. hundreds of drivers abandon their cars and walk out of the smoky caldecott tunnel this morning. a car crashed in the eastbound bore filling the tunnel with smoke. one man who escaped from the tunnel went back in to help a family are small children. >> we had dust masks and gave them to people and there was a family with little girls and stuff and we helped get them out and they had a baby in and one of the firemen were bringing the baby out too. >> traffic was jammed in both directions of the caldecott. all three bores were reopened around noon. the last time a major fire
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happened in one of those tunnels was in 2007. commuters ran out of the tunnel when a mercedes caught fire in the center bore during the evening commute. everyone escaped safely. a far more disastrous fire was back in 1982. it killed 7 people. in that case a crash involving a gasoline tanker sparked a massive fire that roared through the caldecott. a new fourth bore has significant safety improvements to help vent any smoke and allow people to escape in case of a fire. that bore is set to open in two weeks. bay area headlines. chp believes the driver of this mangled car was drunk when he slammed into two construction workers on interstate 680 this morning. one of those workers was killed. the crash on northbound 680 by scott creek the off-ramp there tied up traffic for hours. the 20-year-old driver is under arrest. the construction worker who survived the crash is expected to be okay. a big rig was hanging over a garl rail on 101 in san
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francisco this morning. the crash near the 3rd street off-ramp also involved two others cars. crews closed the two right lanes for hours while they cleared the scene. hayward police swarmed the scene of an overnight shooting. police say a woman shot several times outside an apartment complex on sleepy hollow avenue. the victim is in critical condition. the motive unclear. and so far, no arrests. firefighters shot this video of flames and smoke spewing from a duplex in san jose. the fire broke out around 5:00 this morning on north 12th street. no injuries. the cause is under investigation. coming up, how the bay area is stepping up its game to try to tempt investors from overseas. >> how a brand-new bay area casino could have a nightmare side effect on your commute. >> the sunset time is not the only thing that will be changing weather-wise. find out when we will "fall back" temperature-wise and rain in the forecast. we'll talk about when coming up. >> only on kpix 5, blood money.
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tyco integrated security. safer. smarter. tyco. hundred chinese business les to the bay area this weeken some of the biggest names in silicon valley are welcoming 100 chinese business leaders to the bay area this weekend. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo says they are rolling out the red carpet to try to get them to relocated and invest. >> reporter: while many at sfo waited on loved ones the states had its sights set on these potential new business partners from asia. they are meeting in the south bay this weekend. >> the state's foot in the door is a huge silicon valley convention this weekend in santa clara. most will come to see the best that tech has to off. the stage is getting ready for big names like al gore and
6:16 pm
apple cofounder steve wozniak. one of the organizers says chinese and u.s. business relations should be center stage. >> because, you know, this is high-tech center of the world and they should have a place to come from china to the u.s. >> california is stepping up its game in terms of our competitiveness and aggressiveness. >> reporter: he will be the one wooing tomorrow winning them over with incentives like $750 million of new tax credits the state can invest next year but we talked to several businessmen, like [ non-english language ] he owns a chinese construction company. his main barrier to entry isn't money. it's california's strict policies. >> there is no question the regulatory, permitting process in california, often times are more difficult than they should be. >> reporter: but he says the state is working to find ways to make it easier to do
6:17 pm
business in california like making permitting faster and more predictable. that's something he will have to explain when he makes his pitch tomorrow. in santa clara, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> well, tomorrow silicon valley technology innovation and entrepreneurship forum also includes panel discussions and a startup contest. there's a lot of buzz about a new casino opening in the north bay next week. as with any casino, there of course will be winners and losers and for everyone else, there will be a lot more traffic. don ford on the gaming and gridlock. >> reporter: highway 101 running through rohnert park is nearly complete. its first test will be next week when graton opens for the first time. chp says the freeway will be busy. >> probably at least 10,000 more vehicles per day. >> reporter: the chp believes that number will go down in a couple of weeks once the
6:18 pm
excitement wears off. but in the meantime, the casino is busy getting ready to handle the expected crowds. there are 5,700 outdoor parking spaces and a 5-story parking structure. they cost $820 million to build, have 340,000 square feet with more than 3,000 slot and poker machines. joseph holloway lives across the street. he watched it all go up. he says the casino transformed what was once a narrow street with potholes and difference into a safe modern road. >> they say they are going to take care of it. so far, so good. >> reporter: today security was tight. patrols were patrolling and exclusive invitations to a special preview were carefully checked. he says he is happy to wait and then after the excitement he will check it out. >> it is beautiful. >> reporter: yeah. >> and it's in the neighborhood. >> reporter: chp isn't taking any chances. >> next week could be gridlock.
6:19 pm
we are going to try to keep it from happening but give yourself some extra time and be mentally prepared for that. >> reporter: or not. >> or not! that's great. we wake up wednesday morning and traffic is moving at the limit, we'll be really happy. >> reporter: in rohnert park, don ford, kpix 5. >> they plan to have charter bus service to the casino to reduce traffic. all right. you have a first class ticket to the weekend, man. it's looking good. >> rain in the forecast but not saturday or sunday. it's after that. there is some rain in the forecast but your weekend, i know you have plans outside, maybe the kids have a soccer game or tournament you will be fine weather-wise. beautiful evening, golden gate high of 72 in san francisco today. talk about some other highs one spot did hit 80. that would be you in morgan hill. warm down by el toro. sonoma 79. oakland hit 78. in the city 72.
6:20 pm
beautiful sunset time lapse i want to show you. i'm doing this showing you this great time lapse, monday night when roberta has the forecast for you, it will be earlier. we fall back on saturday night so you're going back to work on monday, that sun is going to be down probably before your loved ones get home from work. 5:09 sunset next week. tahi this week big difference between saturday and sunday in the sierra a beautiful fall day in the sierra in tahoe. sunday breezy and colder a high of just 42 degrees. chance of snow sunday morning. big storm and problems for the pacific northwest. no rain for us but we'll see temperatures dropping and the wind will pick up saturday night throughout the day on sunday. breezy and cooler with more in the way of cloud cover. then the next storm system i'm looking like five, six, seven days out about next thursday, this one will dive farther south will make it to the bay area. and we'll likely see our first rainfall in a while coming up
6:21 pm
about this time next week. highs tomorrow saturday, pretty comfy, cooler than today but right around average. concord your normal 71. you will hit 71 tomorrow. oakland your average is 67. guess where you'll be? 67 degrees. low 60s for the city. san jose you will hit 70 and 70 toward wine country. sunday cooler, cloudier, turning the clock back as well as the temperatures. we'll stay mainly clear on monday but highs still chilly mid-60s warming up next week. there's the change. there it is. finally could use it. we're going to get it. this time next week it will likely be raining -- is that how to say the word, raining? >> right on schedule, right? >> mid-november is when we turn the corner. >> perfect. >> everything is normal. >> exactly. >> good. >> thank you, paul. coming up next, a kpix 5 exclusive. wait until you see what happens to all that blood that you donate for free. >> for the first time we are witnessing the graphic use of force on some mentally ill inmates. i love watching tv outside.
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what christin ayers discoved happens to those free donat. nats donation amaka (ah_mah) watson gives blood to help r community >> at blood banks like this one in oakland blood gets separated into products, red blood cells, plasma and platelets. >> get the most out of each donation that way. >> reporter: the red cross's bay area spokesman says it's an expensive process. >> for us to collect, test and
6:25 pm
process the blood and distribute it, we incur great fees. >> reporter: the cost has to be passed on and that's why blood is big business. >> it is one very valuable commodity. >> reporter: arthur kaplan is an expert on blood. >> like oil, it has to be refined and shipped. >> reporter: what about prices? >> i have seen it happen when there are shortages of particular blood products that people just gouge. >> reporter: the red cross and an umbrella group of blood banks called blood systems control the u.s. blood supply. hospitals are their main customers. >> our physicians need it every day really for emergency care as well as for routine medical and surgical care. >> reporter: a unit of plasma runs about $50. red blood cells about $250. platelets are the most perishable and the most expensive, about $525.
6:26 pm
that's per unit. then hospitals tack on their own surcharges. >> they are real costs. in our system we choose to have it here paid as part of hospital bills. >> reporter: then there's the blood that goes overseas. just through july of this year, more than $1 billion worth of blood products was exported to over 100 countries. mostly in europe. the biggest importers, germany, austria and spain. most of the exports are frozen donated plasma. but drugs made out of blood components are also exported. turns out, nonprofit blood banks sell donated blood components to for-profit drug companies. the blood banks we talked to didn't seem eager to discuss that. >> i don't know a whole lot about the financial side. >> do best by saying to people, please make a gift. hope a neighbor. and let me add, i'm a blood donor and i support it. but that doesn't mean that the industry side of this business
6:27 pm
couldn't use a tougher examination. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> now, in the u.s., you can't sell your blood. you have to donate it. the law was created to keep the blood supply safe. i'm teri okita in los angeles. we are learning more about the gunman who opened fire at l.a.x. and we're finding out if passengers can get on their planes. that story coming up. >> for the first time we are seeing how some mentally ill california prisoners are treated and why it's such a key piece in a month-long legal battle. >> and an embarrassment for "covered california." why some who signed up for coverage now have to choose another carrier. ,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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shooter's bag.. that may ho the clues to the motive. c-b-s reporter teri okita at l-a-x... with what authorits say are on those the notes found in the l.a.x. shooter's bag that may hold the clues to the motive. cbs news' teri okita at l.a.x. tonight with what authorities say are on those eerie letters. >> reporter: chaos at los angeles international airport friday morning where a gunman opened fire at a security checkpoint at terminal 3. >> i saw the gun and i was terrified and like everybody else was. we were all just on the ground.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: this is believed to be the gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia, who was ultimately shot by police and is now in custody. >> this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted this individual. >> reporter: police say ciancia shot several tsa employees. one of them a behavior detection officer died. >> unfortunately, we were unable to revive a heartbeat and he expired from severe gunshot wounds to his chest and to his abdomen. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news anti-government and anti- tsa writings were found in ciancia's bag. officials say he sent a text message to his family in new jersey earlier today threatening to kill himself. the airport terminal was evacuated but some passengers who were unable to get out
6:32 pm
crammed into restroom stalls for safety. a semi-automatic rifle was recovered at the scene. it's been the subject of a legal battle in federal court for months. how mentally ill inmates are treated in california prisons. reporter angelie hemphill shows us videos just released by a judge. we warn you some of the what you are about to see is very graphic. >> reporter: this is disturbing video of a mentally ill prisoner being pepper sprayed through his cell door by several officers in gas masks after he refused to take his medication. [ screaming and cursing ] >> they are using crowd control devices in cells. >> reporter: the officers continue to give orders, he doesn't comply and he chains
6:33 pm
his hand to the ground through the door. these videos were release interested in federal court showing for the first time what attorney michael bean has been trying to prove in court that some mentally ill prisoners are subjected to cruel and unnecessary force. [ screaming ] >> somebody help me! >> this personal is clearly in distress, clearly psychotic yet they had no tactical tools available to them other than what they were doing. >> reporter: they wouldn't answer questions but read us this statement. >> what you don't see in these videos are hours of discussions that take place beforehand between the inmate and clinical staff before the cell extraction is ordered. >> reporter: it's a systemwide problem. >> they were doing their job as trained and that's the most shocking. that's the way it was supposed to happen. >> help! >> these guys were doing it according to the book. and if that's according to the book, there's something wrong. >> reporter: in sacramento, angelie hemphill, kpix 5.
6:34 pm
>> the cdcr goes on to say in their statement they are quote revising use of force policies to limit the duration of pepper spray applications. the total applications and the minimum waiting period in applications in nonemergency situations. oakland's abandoned army base will soon be a moneymaker for the area. they broke ground to transform the area to a $1.2 billion project known as oakland global. these abandoned buildings will be large warehouses for the port of oakland making importing and exporting more efficient allowing bigger ships and more cargo to come through. this also means more than 2,000 permanent jobs. >> going to require 50% of the work hours coming from oakland residents along with requirements that contractors hire local residents as apprentices on the project. >> the port project will take five years to complete and generate about $3 million in taxes for the city.
6:35 pm
we should find out after 11:00 tonight whether bart union workers have ratified the contract that ended the strike. hundreds of workers have been voting throughout the day. the new contract includes a more than 15% wage increase. workers will also have to pay more for healthcare and start paying into their pensions. if the deal is ratified, the bart board of directors still has to approve it before it's official. still ahead an embarrassment for "covered california." coming up in consumerwatch, why some people who have already signed up will have to choose another carrier. >> how this bay area street sculpture lets you hear a whisper from 50 feet away. >> roberta gonzales with -- [ inaudible ] >> in san jose for friday night live with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,
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tonight for california's healthcare exchange. as jul watts explains, some people who've already signed up for coverage may have to pick an embarrassment tonight for california's healthcare exchange. as julie watts explains, some people who have already signed up for coverage may have to pick another insurer. julie? >> reporter: that's because one of the 12 "covered california" insurers is not actually licensed by the state to sell coverage on the commercial market a requirement for being an obama car provider. they have removed alameda alliance for health from the exchange. they say it was initially included in the roster of available insurers because it was expected to get a commercial license by october 31. but "covered california" was notified that the state didn't approve the application. it's not clear how many people signed up with alameda alliance. but those who did will be contacted and asked to pick another insurer. con artists are continuing to find new ways to carry out old scams. the irs is issuing a warning
6:39 pm
about scammers pretending to be irs agents. they are calling and telling people they owe back taxes and have to pay with a prepaid debit or credit cards saying scammers use fake names and irs badge numbers, may be able to reciter social security number and spoof the irs phone number to make it appear they are calling from the irs. it's just the latest scheme to get victims to purchase prepaid cards and reveal the numbers printed on the back. once you have handed over that code, the money is as good as gone. >> there are similar prepaid card scams involving everything from publishers clearinghouse to loans. if you are asked to pay for something with a prepaid card, be suspicious and never hand over that number on the back to someone you don't know. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call 888-5- helps-u. >> such a good reminder. if you are not sure, don't do it. >> reporter: exactly. >> i have won a couple of free
6:40 pm
trips ten times. >> did you give them the prepaid card? >> no. >> didn't want to go there anyway. a harsh reality for a quarter million people in the bay area who will see cuts coming to the dinner table. today a food stamp benefit included in the 2009 stimulus package expired. food costs continue to rise, a family of four will see nearly 40 fewer dollars in their federal food stamps. many will rely on local food banks that already see an uptick in need this time of year. >> do i have to tell my 13-year- old, sorry, hold off on that sandwich, we have to make that loaf of bread last? you know? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> things could get worse. the house of representatives just passed a bill that would cut benefits by $40 billion over the next 10 years. the senate is proposing similar cuts. you might be asking, can you hear me now?! how a bay area street sculpture lets you listen to someone's whisper from 50 feet away.
6:41 pm
>> chances are you heard the joyful noise of lots of kids playing outside after school today. for good reason. we are in the 70s everywhere from ocean beach to santa rosa which nearly hit 80 degrees today. the changes are acomin'! find out when we get cooler and wetter, that's next. >> and straight ahead, the a's made some noise regarding their future. a proud brother of a homegrown world series champion. >> apparently he has a duck boat. >> and who is the runner attacking an uphill fight? >> i was having really strange vertigo sensations. >> her story and more coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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market street. its called the whispering strange new science exhibit is bringing strangers together on san francisco's busy market street. it's called the whispering dishes. you can use your inside voice on a decidedly outdoor location. that's the science behind the $80,000 exhibit put together with grants and private funds. the exploratorium put out the exhibit to show how science and art can mix hoping that people
6:45 pm
will too. more exhibits are expected to roll out in the next few weeks. i can't whisper this weather news. i have to somehow it: rain is coming! >> from the top of the highest rooftops you can find. >> make sure it's not a leaky rooftop. >> we'll find out next week. roofers will be busy this time next week. we are going to talk about what to expect coming up in a second but first i want to show you beautiful pictures from outside which will show you a spectacular post sunset for you. over the city of san francisco, look at the colors of the sky. 72 in the city today. another picture i wanted to show you. you may not need a jacket this evening. oakland 71 right now. livermore 71. santa rosa 72. san jose, 70. heading into the city and many of you are. we are in the upper 60s now in concord 69 degrees. temperatures in the 70s highs close to 80. you're thinking about skiing, water skiing? snow for the past couple weeks.
6:46 pm
the lifts were running. they will be running for another hour 20 minutes tonight and they will be open this weekend, as well. it's not much snow but hey it's something and if you love to ski, maybe that's where you will be coming up this weekend. the radar is clear. we are always sending out a signal waiting for a return echo and we haven't been seeing any. we went 0 for october and so far for one day 0 for november. saturday starts at 50 in oakland and san jose. san rafael 46 tomorrow. fremont 45. concord low of 47. let's talk about the first change. tomorrow evening breezy, higher elevations windy and from tomorrow night through sunday morning a wind advisory is in effect for isolated wind gusts to 40 to 50 miles an hour so something has to be causing that. that something is way up to the north and west, big-time storm the first big fall storm. pacific northwest-- the first
6:47 pm
big fall storm for the pacific northwest. breezy sunday, a change between the two weekend days. this time next week it will be the leading edge of a big pattern change. we'll see a few days for chances of rain from wednesday through next weekend. the breeze increases late tomorrow. sunshine tomorrow, much cooler weather sunday. breezy throughout the day too but staying dry. the rain chance won't be here until next week. we could use rainfall. san jose tomorrow south bay right around 70 give or take a few degrees. sunnyvale 68. redwood city 67. it will be a sunny day with a breezy evening for you in san ramon. 71. livermore 73. now, cooler in the city by about 10 degrees. your down to 62 tomorrow. alameda 65. sonoma healdsburg low 70s. clearlake 71, windsor high around 70. sunday 60s as we fall back
6:48 pm
gaining an hour of sleep, losing 5 degrees on the thermometer. monday 60s. rain thursday for several days after that. it's this friday night though in the mobile weather roberta gonzales at andrew hill high school enjoying friday night lights. >> reporter: wow! what an exciting evening for mobile weather to be visiting san jose! behind me here for friday night lights, we have andrew hill falcons and they are playing host to prospect high school out of saratoga. why the excitement? both teams are undefeated! right now let's talk about mobile weather, get down to business. i have my new best friends here, what's your name. >> bianca. >> angel. >> what's your favorite weather girl? >> miss roberta. >> what's the temperature? >> 55.3. >> gosh, 65.3. thank you so much, a lovely evening here in san jose. i have the falcon jv team here. >> yeah! whoo!
6:49 pm
>> reporter: what is your name? >> joe jimenez, ninth grade. >> reporter: and? >> i'm proud to be a falcon football player! >> reporter: yeah! speaking of the falcons. >> whoo! >> reporter: this is the principal of this mighty high school. this school was established in 1956. tell me what strides you made since then. >> since then, we have grown, we're also an ib school, we're an international baccalaureate school, built for 1800 kids. it's a special day. >> jake, coach, varsity team, what's so special about tonight at friday night lights? >> both teams are undefeated in the west valley athletic league. we are playing for the league title tonight. it's going to be a close game, exciting, they pass the ball and we run. >> reporter: it's going to be very exciting. the people coming on in have been paying $6 per person to see this mighty football game. thanks, coach. if you are coming out here, bring your appetite, $2 hot
6:50 pm
dogs all the way up to $5 sandwiches. all proceeds go to the wrestling team. it's a gorgeous night here in the 60s for friday night lights in mobile weather. reporting from san jose with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. >> join us after this! i love watching tv outside.
6:51 pm
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we still have baseball news. >> no getting away from it, liz, no, not at all. this weekend we are delivering baseball, baseball, baseball. the a's have exercised the 2014 contract option for outfielder coco crisp who has really become a clubhouse leader for oakland. crisp hit a career-high 22 home runs this past season and added 21 stolen bases. the a's also renewed pitcher brett anderson. he was the opening day starter but finished the year in the bullpen after spending four months on the disabled list. now, the red sox which won its third world series in 10 years finishing off the cardinals in 6 games, couldn't have done it without the pride of petaluma, jonny gomes here, running in from left field. boston was 10-1 in the post- season with him in the line-up.
6:54 pm
no one prouder than his big brother. >> i have talked to johnny and i dropped a -- you know, i mean, if you are not a household name, you are now. his response, i'm still johny from petaluma and another one is apparent he has a duck boat and he says we are going on my duck boat soon. so i don't even know what that means but that was my tech this morning, we are going on my duck boat. so i'll have to find out what that means and check with you later. you might want to have a camera on that. >> who knows. >> if i know john he will probable jump in and grab a duck, alligator, wrestle a snake for all i know. >> the traditional boston parade vehicle the duck boat, the parade is tomorrow. this week, san francisco's jewel of the public golf courses harding park plays host to the pga championship tour. the season ending charles schwab cup did it show well in front of a national audience. fan favorite fred couples
6:55 pm
looking for his first win in the 2013 season. his putter is working, huh? tenth hole like butter. followed up yesterday's 65 with another two strokes clear of the field at 12-under total. peter senior is in second place. ah yes. mark got a powerhouse taking on marshall at home all galileo on this one. fox great moves. fox light goes 29 yards second of two touchdowns in the 1st quarter before leaving with an elbow injury. the lions scored on all four possessions of the opening quarter and beat marshall 41- 22. now, we'll take a break from the fun and games to the sobering story of amy pearl. if we could all have an ounce of her strength, let's take you to marin county. >> i was photographing at a
6:56 pm
preschool. i started realizing that i was having really strange vertigo sensations. the right side of my face had been going numb for a couple of weeks. and so when i left that shoot, i decided i should probably get myself to the hospital. >> reporter: two weeks later, december of last year, amy pearl a marin county photographer runner mother of two who nine years before had beaten ovarian cancer got the results. >> at first we were told it was most likely brain cancer. so we kind of looked at each other and just went no, there's no way this could be happening. when we heard that it could possibly be m.s. it was a weird situation to be in. but we were really looking forward to the die nosies of m.s. [ laughter ] >> reporter: here's some of the daily medication amy takes for multiple sclerosis. m.s. strikes one in every to in the united states. more than twice as many women as men have it, one in 20
6:57 pm
people. >> there is no reason to give up. you have to keep trying. >> reporter: that is the mantra she will carry november 3rd this sunday when she competes in tiburon's first half marathon. she has been raising awareness and funds to battle this disease along the way. >> it's scary not knowing if in a year i might not be able to walk or any day you can just sort of -- because there's a lot of optic stuff. so i could wake up blind one day. but i think because knowing that sort of anything could happen, that's even more reason to stay positive and stay healthy every day. >> yeah. that race is sunday morning. she gets more strength from her husband. believe it or not, he is also a cancer survivor. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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