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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  November 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> axelrod: tonight, why did he do it? >> i just saw the gun, and i was just terrified. >> axelrod: charges now against the man accused of fatally shooting a t.s.a. officer at alexis. carter evans and mark phillips lead our coverage. was the mayor of america's fourth largest city smoking crack? don dahler takes a closer look at a defiant and rather colorful politician. >> get off the property, partner! ♪ god bless america ♪. >> axelrod: boston stronger it's extraordinary parade that showed the character of a proud city. and we're going to introduce you to one of the toughest, strongest, fastest women on the planet. >> i want to be even better. i want to be even faster. i want to really push this
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sport. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod with the western paul ciancia now faces federal charges that could lead to the death penalty. ciancia is in critical condition at a hospital in los angeles. this afternoon, the head of the t.s.a. and the widow of officer gerardo hernandez appeared at the airport to remember the first t.s.a. officer ever killed in the line of duty. in los angeles, carter evans begins our coverage. >> reporter: moments ago, federal authorities announced the man who opened fire on t.s.a. officers at l.a. international airport carried with him multiple assault weapon magazines and a message. >> in the note that was handwritten that we found from the defendant that was signed by the defendant, we found a
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statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple t.s.a. employees. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the widow of it, say officer gerardo hernandez spoke about her husband, the first officer in the agency's history to die in the line of duty. >> we are all heartbroken and will miss him dearly. >> reporter: at lax, more than 24 hours after gunfire disrupted thousands of flights, many passengers remain stranded, their belongings still inside the terminal they were fleeing from. >> i just want to go home to hug my wife. >> reporter: paul harris was trying to get home to missouri. >> all my stuff was on the conveyor. >> i heard pow, pow, pow! the next shot, so we all took off running and you could still hear shot going off. >> reporter: police say 23-year-old paul ciancia shot his way through the security checkpoint killing t.s.a. officer hernandez and wounding two others. >> you were taking off your
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shoes. >> yes. >> reporter: and you started to run bare foot. >> yes. >> reporter: that's when he slipped and hurt his leg. >> the t.s.a. guy told us you have to run, run, run, run. >> reporter: the shooter continued down the concourse, firing along the way before he was finally subdued by police near the food court. today lax police chief patrick gannon praised his officers and reassured passengers. are passengers going to notice a different? >> absolutely with an attempt to make our presence felt here and for people to people safe. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents confirm ciancia was not a ticketed passenger and believe someone brought him here to the airport but they will not say who dropped him off. >> axelrod: christmas eve at lax for us tonight, thank you. investigators looking for a motive won't appear to get much from the people of paul ciancia's home sown of southern new jersey. although he was raised there,
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ciancia was very much an unknown. >> reporter: as the town of pennsville, new jersey, continues to ask what allegedly drove paul ciancia to violence, police chief allen cummings had no new answers tonight except what his family is going through. >> you know, they're confuse. they don't know how it happened. they don't know what caused it. >> reporter: all day, his family's neighbors were asking lots of questions. >> it's hard to believe, i guess, you know, coming from a small town like this that somebody could do something like that. >> reporter: trainer johnny crawford works at the local gym. >> nobody knew who he was. he was kind of like this mystery kid from this town. >> reporter: paul ciancia's alleged actions friday are baffling to those who did know him. a graduate of a roman catholic high school in delaware with no criminal history, the 23-year-old moved to los angeles a year and a half ago shortly after his mother died of a long-term illness. josh pagan grew up across the street from ciancia and went to school with his brother. >> when i, you know, had any
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interaction with him he was a friendly guy and there had to be something horrific to go on for him to go and do something like this. >> reporter: federal authorities are piecing together why ciancia sent his younger brother an apparent suicide text, one that led his family to alert police. authorities sale us the elder paul ciancia remains here at home. no word yet on when or if he'll fly to los angeles to be closer to his son. mark phillips, cbs news, pens vm, newñi jersey. >> axelrod: the federal health care web site is going offline this evening, this time on purpose. the government says will be unavailable from approximately 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow while a tech team works to improve its application and enrollment functions. the pakistani government today accused the u.s. of sabotage, peace talks by killing pack taken taliban leader hakimullah mehsud inñi a drone strike yesterday in a tribal area near the afghan border. elizabeth palmer joins us now
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from london. liz oone hand, the pack taken government exprex anger. on the other, people inside the government glad to see mehsud go. so which is it? >> reporter: well, it's a bit of both. pakistani government officials truly don't like the fact of drone strikes. they see it as an infringement of territorialñr sovereignty and the pakistani public agrees. on the other hand, they were very glad it see the end of mehsud. he was young, he was aggressive and smart and most of the operation he's planned were against pakistanis, very disruptive to the government.çó although, let's not forget he also had the smart to, security officials believe, be behind the failed bombing of times square. so somebody who was clever and deadly. >> axelrod: liz, pack taken taliban leaders are saying for every drop of mehsud's blood spilled, they will seek vengeance. do they have the capacity to back those claims up? >> reporter: yes, they do.
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they're well armed. they're hardened guerilla fighters and they have a lot of experience. some security officials hope there will be some in fighting inside the taliban and that disreal estate will weaken them as they try to decide who will succeed mehsud. the worry is as the u.s. withdraws through fact stan from afghanistan next year, pulling a lot of equipment through the taliban area near the border, the taliban will declare war on those supply routes, but that's a year off. we'll have to see what happens? >> axelrod: liz palmener london, thank you so much. they held a parade in boston today. all season long, the rs said they were playing for the city that suffered in the marathon bombing, and the today the cityd thanks. bree sison of our boston station wbz reports on a dave inspiration and gratitude for the world champions. >> reporter: in a gesture of solidarity with all of boston,
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rs outfielder jonny gomes placed the world series trove oat street right at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> boston! >> reporter: cheers and rap songsongs from mvp david ortiz,o rallied his team, and today thousands along the parade rou route. fans sang their signature tune "sweet caroline"... but it was at boylston street, the traditional site of the boston marathon finish line that baseball fans and runners celebrated the team's historic win while remembering a different race six months ago. >> it should be boston strong in every city and town. >> reporter: bob balfour ran the boston marathon last april. he didn't finish. after twin bombs exploded along the route, three were killed, hundreds injured. balfour vows t vows to run agai. >> i haven't talked to one person who will back down and not be here in april. it's what the world needs, really, is pull together more.
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>> reporter: red soxxd fan brent agrees. >> it's a time to celebrate not only a world championship but the fact we've come through so much here in boston and this is the spot to be.ñi >> reporter: in a city filled with pride and stronger than ever. ♪ my home sweet home ♪ >> reporter: bree sison, cbs mayor under fire for allegedly smoking crack cocaine on camera. she's a wheelchair marathoner going for a record in new york tomorrow. and a scary moment in denver. a stunt goes wrong for the denver nuggets mascwot when the cbs evening news continues.
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america's fourth largest city is
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defending himself against accusations he smoked crack. rob ford is the mayor of toronto. he denies the claims but as don dahler reports, police say they've got video. the mayor may have a hard time explaining. >> reporter: just three years ago, toronto's nuclear applicanted mayor, rob ford, was enormously popular. his larger-than-life personality and boisterous nature made the conservative politician seem like a fun guy to be around. >> he walks down the street and people reach out to touch him. >> reporter: michael cooke is editor of the "toronto star." >> he's instantly recognizable. he's a big man in all meanings of that word. >> reporter: but a series of bizarre incident and anti-guy statements have left people scratching their heads. >> his behavior has been extraordinary. over the last two or three years he's been caught in florida smoking marijuana. he denied it. he's been caught at a sports haven't in toronto attacking other fans and been thrown out of the stadium. he denies it. >> reporter: then in may, this photograph appeared.
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that's ford standing outside a known crack house in toronto. >> he was pictured with three other men clearly having a great time, having a great party. >> reporter: turns out toronto police had been conducting surveillance on their own mayor. on thursday, police chief bill blair held a press conference to describe a video showing ford allegedly smoking crack. >> no one has been treated differently because of who they are or the position they hold. >> reporter: so far, ford has not been charged. but he is showing signs of strain. >> would you get off my driveway, please? can you, please? can you get off my driveway! >> reporter: the video will be presented in evidence in the extortion trial of the mayor's friend and sometime driver. >> i have no reason to resign. >> reporter: ford has repeatedly refused to quit despite mounting calls to do so. >> he's gone from that, which is slightly comedic, all the way through to tragedy. this is a terrible story for this city, and an international embarrassment. >> reporter: ford's attorney doesn't deny that is the mayor in the video, but he suggests
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ford might be smoking something other than crack cocaine. jim. >> axelrod: don dahler, thank you. upçó next, pulling the plug. egypt's top tv comedian off the air. are his targets targeting him?
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to the day egyptian president mohammed morsi was overthrown by the military, a prominent egyptian tv host has been yanked off the air. clarissa ward is in cairo for us tonight, reporting on new concerns about free speech there. >> reporter: he has been called egypt's jon stewart. a wildly popular satirist with a biting tongue who is not afraid to mock those in power. during mohammed morsi's rocky years as president, youseff
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frequently took shot at the gaffe-prone leader and his unusual head wear. in this part of the world, comedians just don't do that. >> a joke -- >> reporter: the real jon stewart was impressed. >> the satire gets you into trouble. but the love we get from the people. >> it doesn't get me into the kind of trouble is gets you into. >> reporter: after a four-month heightus, during which egypt's military overthrew morrissey, ejiptionzs were curious to see if youseff would be as caustic with the new guards. his first show appeared to be testing the waters, poking fun at the cult of personality emerging around abdel fattah al-sisi, the defense minister and man behind the military takeover. in one skit, a baker is trying to sell youseff cakes baring sisi's image. he asked for a quarter pound.
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"what's the matter, don't you like sisi?" to which youseff replies, "i'll take all of them." the jokes were not to everyone's taste. angry viewers filed lawsuits and last night his network pulled him off the air, suspending him, they said, because he had not followed editorial policys. egypt's military and the interim government said they were not behind the move, adding that they supported freedom of expression. but the suspension raises questions about freedom of speech here in egypt, coming on the heels of a massive crackdown on supporters of morsi. tonight, a small group gathered to protest youseff's suspension. nobel peace prize laureate, mohammed al baradei, who supported the military takeover wrote this on twitter, "freedom of expression is the mother of all freedoms. if it is limited to those we agree with, then it is a hollow slogan." the show released a statement tonight saying its employees were saddened by the suspension
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and that youseff has done nothing to violate legal or professional standards. they promised to continue taping episodes and said that there will be more details to come soon. jim. >> axelrod: clarissa ward in egypt, thank you. no, you're not seeing double or even triple for that matter. this is what people in a part of china saw yesterday. the sun appears to be surrounded by a halo, and two more suns are reflectedt edge of the halo. the illusion is caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere. still ahead, a scary moment for rocky, the mascot for the denver nuggets.
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scene we want to show you from
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the world war ii memorial in washington today. former kansas senator bob dole who is now 90 took part in one of the final honor flights of the year. dole, who was wounded in world war ii, greeted other veterans who were flown to washington free of charge to visit of the memorials. a little house cleaning for oprah winfrey today-- actually not so little. oprah auctioned off more than 300 of her possessions -- art, furniture, even three exercise bikes -- to raise money for the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls in south africa. the mascot for the n.b.a.'s denver nuggets sure meat mead an entrance last night. during a pregame stunt, roak the mountain lion passed out, and at first it appeared he had strangled himself, especially when he was lowered lifeless looking to the floor. rocky recoveredded but the team did not, losing by 15 point. coming up, the wheelchair marathoner rolling in to some big-time cash. next.
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new york tomorrow. the new york city marathon returns a year after beingicanciled in the wake of superstorm sandy. more than 48,000 people are entered, each with their own reason to race. but none of the stories will inspire more than tatyana mcfadden's. sometimes she wins by a lot. >> tatyana mcfadden is absolutely flying down here. >> axelrod: others obamacare añi whisker. >> mcfadden is coming back! >> axelrod: however she does it, 24-year-old paraathlete tatyana mcfadden is on a literal roll no wheelchair racer has ever been on before. >> she's a superstar. she's a brilliant athlete. >> look being back at my y it's been an unbelievable year. >> axelrod: that may be an understatement. so far this year she's won the boston marathon. six days later, she won in london. three weeks ago she took chicago in course record time.
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and if she wins tomorrow, that would make it all four major marathons in the same year. no one else has ever won three. >> i want to be even better. i want to be even faster. i want to, you know, really push this sport. >> axelrod: this grand slam would be another boost for disabled sports, coming off record ticket sales and tv ratings for the 2012 paralympics in london. do you see a change in american culture about how paraathletes are viewed? >> they are finally understand, the sport. before, they used to say, "oh, you know, what do you do? what is paralympics? i don't understand what you do. what do do you?" with the media coverage, with social media like twitter and facebook and instagram, i mean, it's bloomed i have the drive and the have the will. >> reporter: companies like b.p. and coke are feature paraathletes in their ads, which
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agents say allows his clients to bank for themselves, in some cases more than half a million dollars a year in endorsement income. >> fundamental thing that they're finding is that the parlimpians as a whole have more interesting, more compelling stories. >> i lived in an orphnanl for six years. >> she was living in a russian orphanage until she was adopted. >> living in an orphanage, especially having a disability, they don't want you to-- they don't want you to live. >> axelrod: 20 years later, her determination is still evident in her nickname-- "the beast." earned from her unrelenting road work through midwestern cornfields and her brutal gym workouts at the university of ill no a training center. the school is the indid you sputed leader in disabled athlete ibz, sending more
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athletes to the 2012 paralympics than many countries did. >> we have stories and we've overcome barriers in our lives, but yet, we're so powerful in what we to. i mean, not just for sports in general, but just for life. nothing will stop us from livi living. >> axelrod: tatyana's skills are not limited to road race will. she recently started crosscountry ski racing and is now expected to make the u.s. paralympic team and compete in sochi, rush,a bringing her story full circle. and finally a reminder that daylight saving time end at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. clocks should be turned back one hour. that is the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york. for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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owner had at "other" homes. new details on the bay area nursing home where patients were left to fend for themselves. the history of problems that the owner had at other homes. >> authorities said he had enough rounds to kill everyone in the terminal. the information uncovered today about the gunman in the l.a.x. shootings. [ singing ] >> and a singing monk in oakland. his mission as he travels the world. kpix 5 news is next. ,,,,
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