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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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francisco international airport may be a thing of the past. the airport is using a protocol that will keep more flights coming in even when the skies are gray. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> touchdown, chicago! ! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. and good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 5, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. we begin there morning with developing news right now on the east coast. a major shopping mall in new jersey is shut down today after a shooting sent shoppers scrambling for cover. nobody was injured last night when a gunman opened fire at the mall in paramus, new jersey. early this morning police found the suspect in a back area of the mall dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. cbs news' jericka duncan joins
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us live from paramus. she has been there all morning and has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the county prosecutor here describes the shooter as someone that is depressed and despondent. he says that that was part of the reason he may have come in here not necessarily inflick harm on others but to draw -- not necessarily to inflict harm on others but to draw attention to himself and kill himself. police say 20-year-old richard shoop walked into the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey, just before closing and opened fire. these women came face to face with the shooter. >> out of nowhere, the guy walks right past the front door and he is shooting shots in the air. >> he paused for a second and just looked inside the store. i just froze. >> reporter: police quickly responded and s.w.a.t. team members stormed the facility. >> the shooter, for whatever reason, instead of staying and fighting, fled deeper into the mall. >> reporter: officials put the mall in lockdown and began a methodical search for the suspect as well as anyone who
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may be hiding, for safety. >> we go store by store, room by room, and that takes quite a while in 2.2 million square feet. >> reporter: authorities escorted individuals out of the store one by one as they cleared each room. >> it's okay to go. >> reporter: the cell phone video shows what it was like for the people coming out. >> let me tell you, it is the scariest thing when you see the s.w.a.t. team coming, waiting at the door for you to come out. >> reporter: shortly after 3 a.m., shoop was found dead. >> one of the s.w.a.t. teams located the suspect in the back room dead. >> reporter: authorities say it appears shoop was on a suicide mission and didn't want to hurt anyone else. everyone made it out of the mall safely according to officials. but there is still a police presence here. there are still barricades around the mall because this is still a crime scene and the investigation continues. the mall remains closed for the rest of the day. reporting live from paramus,
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new jersey, jericka duncan, now back to you. >> do we know where that shooter got his gun? >> reporter: he got it from his brother according to police and really not as if his brother handed it to him. but officials say it appears the shooter stole the gun from his brother and that is the weapon that he used to fire at an escalator, again, not necessarily in the direction of anyone, not to harm anyone, but essentially police are saying that this was a suicide mission that he wanted to draw attention to himself, that he had been depressed and he had a history of drug abuse and law enforcement officials were familiar with him on that end. but there doesn't seem to be any methodical plan that anyone can see right now in terms of notes that he left about coming here and shooting anyone or plans to do anything elaborate but officials still wondering essentially, you know, why did he decide to come in here just to fire the shots, draw that
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kind of attention to himself, only to end his own life. >> you talked about the notes he left behind. what did the gunman say in them? >> reporter: the prosecutor that i spoke to, the county prosecutor, within the last hour would not give specific details. but he said it seems as though this is maybe a note that he wrote a couple of months ago. he also alluded to the fact that the shooter may have had some legal issues and was very depressed about his life and where it was heading. only 20 years old and had had run-ins with the law. so there were no specifics given about what the note said. but it did give more indication into i guess how depressed he was and felt like his life really was going nowhere. >> okay. jericka duncan live for us in paramus, new jersey, thank you. it's 6:04 right now. let's check in with liz on the morning commute. >> it's been rough. one hotspot clears and then we get a new one so this is the accident we have been watching in richmond. it's westbound 80 by the
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central exit. mobile 1 just drove through on westbound 80 to the eastshore freeway saw the pickup truck still on its side blocking a lane of the it's jammed up. you can see it's almost backed up into pinole. not quite but definitely towards those richmond exits. now, all that traffic is gridlocked behind the accident. so it's actually making for lighter than normal traffic over at the bay bridge. still no metering lights and it still looks good especially in the middle fastrak lanes. but the eastshore freeway, that drive time is really beginning to build. also, big delays still through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. we had an earlier traffic alert in livermore which is canceled, that is the latest traffic. here's lawrence. >> a great day ahead weather- wise lots of sunshine all the way to the coastline this morning. temperatures all over the map. a little warm in some spots for this time of the day, 42 concord , 45 santa rosa, 53 degrees in san francisco. toward the afternoon everybody enjoying sunshine and these
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temperatures running a little bit above the average today. warm inland, 74 santa rosa, 70 sunny in san jose. and about 66 in san francisco. enjoy it. we'll tell you when rain is coming coming up. developing news from colorado this morning. about 3 hours ago, denver police arrested two teenagers for breaking into a middle school last night. the teen boys had been seen carrying rifles and s.w.a.t. officers were called in. a short time ago police found those weapons. they are apparently bb guns. police say several classrooms at the school were ransacked. new this morning an ac transit rider is now at a burn center after he was somehow set on fire aboard a moving bus. the driver noticed the man on fire just after 5 p.m. yesterday as the bus was near intersection of macarthur boulevard and hardly avenue. the driver online 57 stopped the bus and called for help. it's not clear how it started. no one he is was hurt. > a high-speed chase ended in a crash in santa clara county.
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the chp says the pursuit began in sunnyvale heading south on 101. the suspects were going up to 110 miles an hour then crashed on the tenant avenue off-ramp in morgan hill last night. at least one person was caught. they were wanted for robbery. happening today a multi- million dollar casino about to open its doors up in sonoma county. the graton resort and casino is near rohnert park off golf course west near 101 a little south of santa rosa. traffic advisories are issued. kpix 5's mark kelly is up there right now in rohnert park and joins us live where not everyone is happy about this, i guess, right, mark? >> reporter: it has been controversial in the past, frank. but graton casino will open its doors at 10 a.m. this morning. they have 3,000 slots here, 13 different restaurants and they are expecting a big crowd. but with a big crowd comes a lot of traffic. graton resort and casino has not even opened its doors yet.
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but rohnert park's bracing for big traffic on its four-lane road. a massive parking lot and five- story garage shows the kind of crowd expected. and signs warning drivers what waits around the corner. >> we're anticipating a lot more vehicles this week and in the next coming couple of weeks. >> reporter: chp estimates 10,000 more vehicles clogging up these roads on opening day. >> be patient. know your alternates. if you don't have to come this area, maybe put it off until next week. >> reporter: as staff puts the finishing touches on this $800 million facility, the general manager is focused on the 2,000 jobs his resorts created. as for traffic, the casino has charter bus service. 10,000 cars is the estimate. how are you going to control all that? >> i'm really pleased to let you know that havingived in california for quite some time now, californians know how to drive. >> reporter: expect graton to drive cars and people to rohnert park. gamblers have to sleep, too. the good night inn sits just around the corner from the casino.
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>> thank you for calling the good night inn. >> reporter: the new casino has been keeping hotel staff on their toes. getting a lot of calls about it already? >> we have, especially today we are going to be busy. tomorrow, also, we're almost sold out. >> reporter: some see more traffic as a nightmare. for this megacasino, it's a sign of success. >> this is a good thing economically for the community because it puts people to work. and i'm very proud of that. >> reporter: now, it hasn't been 100% smooth to get this casino off the ground. they faced opposition at public hearings, in the courtroom. they even switched the location of where it was going to get built. but the doors will open this morning at 10 a.m. live in rohnert park, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> it is showtime today. okay, mark, thanks. 10 years ago, there was talk of putting the casino at sears point but strong opposition from environmentalists there moved it up north to rohnert park.
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happening today, polls will open in two hours for elections in some bay area cities. sunnyvale voters are deciding on measure c a series of gun control laws. issues include reporting of lost or stolen guns, keeping track of ammo sales, requiring guns to be kept locked away, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds with some exceptions. opponents say that's not necessary. >> that law has already been on the books in california. it's no different than what's already in the books so it's completely redundant. >> our community, i'm going to say, is not afraid of the nra. >> the nra has threatened to sue if sunnyvale voters approve measure c. new this morning, the pleasant hill city council approved new regulations on gun sales. the new ordinance requires gun dealers to keep their distance from neighborhoods, parks and schools. they also have to install alarms and turn over employee background information to police. friends and family plan another march today to protest the death of andy lopez, the sonoma county teen shot by a
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sheriff's deputies. lopez's parents filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against the county and the deputy erick gelhaus. the suit claims last month's shooting was reckless and violated the teen's civil rights. investigators have said he opened fire after the teen refused orders to drop a weapon that looks like a real ak-47. an attorney for sonoma county says the lawsuit is premature and, quote, has the potential of interfering with the conduct of the full criminal investigation. time now is 6:11. from grade schoolkids to celebrities, bullying affects everyone. the voicemail and text messages prompting the nfl to investigate a miami dolphins player. plus -- >> the internet never forgets. >> and that means nothing you post is really safe. what you can find out about someone just by looking at social media posts coming up. >> enjoying lots of sunshine around the bay area for today. but enjoy it. we have a major change in the weather pattern coming up. we'll talk about it coming up.
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>> and if the eastshore freeway commute wasn't already bad, we have a new accident in the backup. we'll have your latest travel time there. but first, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask a question or share a gripe with us by e-mailing at or you can tweet me directly at #wengerelizabeth and watch to see if your question is answered on air. we'll be right back. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and then really really take off.
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tweets and photos. they give your exact location. an app lets users know how their locations are being tracked. >> our main goal in the project is not to to prevent from using social media. it's to make an educated decision how to use social media. >> just turn off your app's location services before you post anything. and do not rely on social media sites to especially keep your information private. trending now justin bieber. he is investing more than a million dollars in a new social network for teens. ghost is the latest "call of duty" game out. marsha wallace was the voight of bart simpson's teacher on the animated show she died last month and the simpsons today tribute to her character sunday. amazon a new book about the website and its founder jeff
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bezos, his wife took it too amazon to criticize the book. that's trending. election day voter across the country heading to the polls today. we hope you do, too. follow us at twitter at #cbssf. 6:17. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: towards the bay bridge this morning, finally they turned the metering lights on. took a little while. traffic was backed up behind the eastshore freeway so traffic is really light for a while. unfortunately, you know, we are starting to see delays once they turn them on around 6:15. so that's the drive time right there at the bottom of your screen. it is all backed up through richmond. there is an accident still blocking one lane. cbs mobile 1 drove through earlier. westbound 80 by central. delays again around the richmond parkway. also, new problems this is in el sobrante. santa rita road is shut down both directions at appian way. about 1,000 spilled used needles got on the road. this is a hazmat situation now. fire crews are on scene working to clean up the medicine.
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it's close to san pablo dam road. westbound 580 traffic never fully recovered after that early-morning traffic alert in livermore approaching first street. it had been blocking several lanes big little accident and causing problems over the altamont pass and even towards tracy. once you get through all that mess, things look better towards the dublin interchange but the drive time still heavy. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." with more on your forecast here's lawrence. >> a great day ahead lots of sunshine and the temperatures going to be heating up a few more degrees. it looks like we have some great weather at least the next couple of days. then the whole pattern shifts outside now mostly clear skies looks like got some variety of temperatures out there. a little bit of an offshore wind so 40s and 50s in most spots now. sunny and warmer this afternoon and then changes after tomorrow. that's when we are going to start to see the jet stream dip toward the bay area but right now high pressure remains in control. the jet stream well to the north. we are going to keep things very mild outside and warming through wednesday. and then things begin to change as we get into thursday and the
6:19 am
latter part of the weekend maybe a return of rain. 60s and 70s today into the central valley. 50% chance of showers into eureka at 57 degrees. sunny in monterey bay. around our bay today we'll see a lot of sunshine and 70 in san jose, 66 fremont, 68 san mateo, cool 61 but sunny in pacifica. east bay temperatures up into the mid-70s in the warmest spots and then inside the bay sunshine all day long a very nice 72 degrees in oakland. 73 in kentfield and 66 degrees in san francisco. looking out over the next couple of days we'll warm those temperatures up a little more tomorrow, although maybe a few high clouds drift overhead then a few more clouds coming our way on thursday with cooler temperatures and cloudy on sunday and just maybe, just maybe, guys, we start talking about some rain on monday. i'll be happy about that. >> i bet you will. >> excited about this. >> i can wear my galoshes. >> you'll be in fashion if you do. >> there you go. >> maybe.
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>> thank you. it's not something you see every day. how one kentucky player wound up putting points on the scoreboard for the opponent. and i'm dennis o'donnell no brotherly love in philadelphia last night for andre iguodala and aaron rodgers injures his shoulder on monday night football. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning, everybody. the overachieving 76ers had not lost a game this season. but last night, they had an old friend for dinner and did not get dessert. andre iguodala spent the first eight years of his career in philly and what a show he gave them. steph curry lobbed to iguodala who finishes the alley-oop, 32 points for the former sixer. curry to iguodala on the wing nails one of his seven three- pointers. curry with his second career triple-double. warriors win by 30, 3-1 to start the season. aaron rodgers hit by shane mcclellan lands on his
6:24 am
shoulder. huge play, rogers hit. lands awkwardly on his shoulder. reports are that he has a broken collarbone. the bears down a field goal, 3rd quarter with josh his jeffrey for the go ahead touchdown. bears beat the packers 27-20 but green bay likely lost more than the football game. 49ers have released nnamdi asomugha. the former pro bowl quarterback hasn't played since week three when he had a knee injury and lost his job. texas head coach gary kubiak remains in the hospital after he collapsed at halftime of sunday night's game against the colts. the 52-year-old kubiak had what doctors describe as a mini stroke. for the time being the interim coach is jack del rio. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll see you tonight. will play of the day now from exhibition college basketball. kentucky trying to save the ball from going out of bounds. there he goes. james young
6:25 am
throws it up, but it goes into the opponents' hoop. a free hoop from kentucky but kentucky wins in a big way. your nonchalant not supposed to happen play of the day. don't see that very often. the nfl is investigating claims a miami dolphin bullied one of his teammates teammates. offensive lineman richie incognito is accused of bullying a fellow player. that player left after a lunchroom prank that was apparently the last straw. fellow players didn't notice any hostility. >> i didn't feel like anyone was bullying or hazing. playing with your brothers. >> the dolphins have suspended incognito as the nfl conducts a workplace review. nfl players d agreement yet,
6:26 am
a contract extension. wolffs he's confident the two sides will agree on a short-term extension... as he keeps wog on a long-term goal, to move team to downtown san jose. it's 6-- there are new details this morning about e relationship between randy alana and sandra coke, the federal investigator he's accused of killing. one they behind the killing.. surroug coke's missing dog. reporter ad libs it's election day! from guns.. to real estate.. we break down big measures on the ballot.
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a bay area day care worker under arrest. the odor that had parents calling police.. before 7 in the morning. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's tuesday, november 5. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm michelle griego. tis 6-- developing right now -- new jersey police have foune body of a man, suspected in shopping mall shooting spre the gunfire sent shoppers scrambling for safety.... at gardent state plaza mall in paramus (pah-ram- us). no o was hurt. a short time ago. bergen county prosecutor provided some background on 20-year-old gunman, richard shoop.
6:31 am
"there had been... not comi out." the mall will stay closed a day today, a police investi. today a bay area veteran who served in afghanistan will honored at the white house. nat kreamer is among a dozen veterans being celebrated as "champions of change." it recognizes veterans of iraq afghanistan who working to advance clean energy and cle security. kreamer runs a company called clean power finance... a provider of software and financial serv to the solar industry. new details are emerging on decades-long relationship between randy alana, and sa coke, the federal investigar alana's accused of killing. in a preliminary hearing mo,
6:32 am
alana's nephew testified tho have a 15-year-old daughter together. the two were a couple 20 years ago, and may have rekindled their relationship when alana was released from prison. the nephew also said coke thoug alana had something to do wh cokes dog's disappeareance. coke's body was found in au, four days after she went missing. a bay area daycare worker is accused of showing up to wo drunk.. morgan hill police arrested 58-year old anna l yesterday. parents called police before seven in the morning. they something was apparently wrg when they dropped their kidf at the "p-a walsh child development center" on main avenue. police checked. they detected the odor of alcoho lopez. "no harm. per her inebriati the belief was she was unabo care for the children. no h but it didn't help her being intoxicated." lopez is facing felony child endangerment charges. on the bay area watch... there's a new proposal for fining p-g-and-e over gas
6:33 am
pipeline problems on the peninsula. a public utiliti commissioner is calling for utility to pay more than 17 million dollars. t's more than double the find proposed by a hearing offic. the issue involves san carl gas line records that were late, and misleading. this afternoon the san frano board of supervisors will ve on a universal park closure time. the proposal calls for all city parks toe closed between midnight and a.m. the purpose is to stop vandm and dumping... that reportey cost the rec and park depart a million dollars a year to clean up. opponents of the say it unfairly targets homs people. new landing rules... could significantly cut- down on e delays at san francisco international airport this winter. kpix 5 reporter cate cauguin is at s-f-o to explain the changes allowing more arrivs during bad weather. and what perfect timing. the winter weather will bring t fog and with holiday travel around the corner, we will e happier. on time passengerst sfo. bay area travelers know. bad weather. thick fog are the common culprits to backing arriving flights into sfo. a new f-a-a landing protocol s
6:34 am
to open up both of the airp runways to keep air traffic moving in at a steady pace. right now -- on a clear day. airplanes are allowed to fly side-by-side on the parallel runways. and when the weath outside is frightful. planee only allowed to use one run. flying in one by one creati single-file backup. faa spokesperson says under the protocol . planes still wo' land side-by-side but can t faa will allow stagger land on two runways. meaning an additional one to six planes can land. sfo airport offic say this won't be the end-a- be-all to weather delays, b will help get rid of some oe back up. and you on time tor destination i know a lot of a passengers are wondering - will openino runways in foggy or bad wea be safe? sfo officials say did several years of safety studies before giving this w protocol the green light. we know they implemented thw rule in late september. hast helped since?
6:35 am
september. has it helped si yeah, it's still too soon f them to know how much it he because as you know we had weather throughout all of october. but sfo spokepersoy it could make a big differe because after all we know, delays are weather related. thank you cate cauguiran at s-f-o. time is 6-- let's get a look at weather and traffic. at weather and traffic. he's meteorologist lawrence karn. today is election day in california and in other stas
6:36 am
across the nation.
6:37 am
there are several high profe measures on the ballot... in the bay area and beyond. san francisco examiner colut melissa griffin is here to k down some of the biggest ba items. voters in san francisco are voting on two measures relad to a proposed condo project called "8 washington." what happens if props b and c fa? there's a gun control measun the ballot in sunnyvale. wh will happen if it passes?
6:38 am
are voters in colorado takip a question that some californians may also face, involving secession?
6:39 am
you can find more of melis's segments on kpix dot com slh mornings. mornings. time is 6: from cooking a delicious meal.. to fixing car. the new google tool that cod save you a lot of time... f price. and the market just opened t ten minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the early numbers: (adlib conditions) coming up, we'll get an upde from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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with the end of the summer, slowdown in the growth of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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country. but the year- to- year gaine still in double digits. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. let's lead with the corelog report that shows home pric cooling off in september. wl then preview tesla's earnin due after the close, with investors expecting somethi big. wrap with the big boar. jason brooks from kcbs news. thanks. time is 6-- let's get a check of traffic.
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time is 6-- let's get a check of traffic. google is launching a new service today. c-net editor at large sharon vaknin is explaining what help-outs is.
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you can find more tech watch segments on kpix dot com slh mornings.
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time now for a look at wha' coming up later on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us now fm new york. good morning. thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7 o- clock.
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time is 6:xx healthcare- dot-gov still has some bugso work out. who is in the hot seat this morning on capitol hil. as congress tries to figure what went wrong. reporter ad libs five things to know at the - the suspected gunman in the know at the 55- the
6:52 am
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. shooting was found dead... the mall's basement. swat team members swarmed the ga state plaza mall in paramus after reports a gunman open fire last night. witnesses say the shooter was dressedn black, wearing a motorcycle helmet. police say 20- year-old ric shoop killed himself. no one else was hurt. one of the injured t-s-a officers from friday's shoog at l-a-x is speaking. tom grigsby was trying to prote passengers when police say - year-old paul ciancia shot authorities say ciancia's roommate dropped m off at the airport. a criminal complaint says cia arrived with the intent to t and kill t-s-a agents. one t-s-a officer, gerardo hernz was killed and two others we injured.
6:56 am
the n-f-l is investigating claims of bullying from a mr of the miami dolphins. offensive lineman richie incognito is accused of sen threatening text messages a voice mails to his teammate, jonathan martin. martin played at stanford for 4 years.... and left the team week ago following a report confrontation at lunch. the dolphins have suspended incognito.. healthcare- dot-gov remains under repair. a warning on the website now says betwee1 and five am every day, onli applications will be off lis a tech team makes fixes. and as millions struggle to shor health insurance.. another hearing today will dig into what we wrong. marylyn tavenner, the head of the agency managing website, is in the hot seat again. india launched its first pre into mars today. if all goes to plan -- the mars orr will take around 10 months get to mars once it's there, it will exe the planet's surface and atmosp. if the mission is a success- india will join an elite grp of space explorers. only
6:57 am
nasa, the former soviet uni and the european space agency have successfully operated probe mars. for days, chp has been warng drivers about the potential traffic. it's estimated 10,0 vehicles will clog up the r and 101 around the casino. p spokesperson warns drivers expect heavier traffic poss for the next few weeks. more officers will be patrolling the recommendation is to not drive through the rohnert pk area if you don't have to. pause for traffic!! pause f traffic!! pause for traffic thanks for watching kpix 5
6:58 am
news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26.
6:59 am
cbs this morning is coming next. have a great day.
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today is election day in ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, november 5th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight drama at a mall in new jersey. a gunman sends shoppers running to escape. fbi insider john miller is working his sources. >> cbs news investigates a new problem with is your security at risk? >> plus, the bullying scandal shaking the miami dolphins. player messages filled with racism and threats. nfl insider james brown with the league's response. >> but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. ski mask, all black clothe, assault rifle. >> we have plenty of people inside right now. start getting this place secured on the


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