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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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hospital, afte this is kpi x 5 news. >> first a bullying scandal in nfl, now, a cow football player winds up in the hospital after a locker room fight. >> andrea is at memorial stadium in berkeley with more on the bay area football fight. andrea. >> ken, liz, the fight happened last last week inside the football locker room. tonight, the injuries are healing, but an investigation is undersway into whether or not a crime occurred. the cow band is getting tuned up, and the football team is doing the same. inside memorial stadium for this week's matchup versus usc. while uc berkeley police are investigating the team's off field antics. on friday afternoon, beaten during a fight in the locker room. the freshman was first taken on campus before getting sent to medical center to get his ear stitched up and be treated for a
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concussion. the fight was quick, less than two minutes according to sources, but long enough to injure hail and draw an investigation but not an arrest yet. >> in this case, more than likely what we'll do is prepare the case and submit it to the district attorney and student conduct for review. >> c al athletics being equally tight slipped choosing not to post coach sunny's weekly pressure online today where z he was asked about the fight instead releasing the statement you see on your screen, which doesn't say much of anything. the golden baers are in the middle of abysmal 1 and 8 seasons. some cal stunts is the fight a symptom of that. >> it kind of shows the team is not doing well. they're taking out frustrations on each other. >> hail is recovering with family in santa cruz. it's not known if his attacker is back on the field. cal athletics is punting questions. >> meantime new video surfaced
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after recently suspended miami dolphins lineman rich chi incognito. >> u found out. >> tmz got this video show tg probowler shirtless and an pro fanty-laced tirade shouting the "n" word at a bar with his teammates earlier this year. he's accused of bullying stanford grad jonathan martin so badly he had a breakdown and quit the team. well, a man set on fire, an ac transit bus in oakland is being treated for second and third huff degree-degree burns on his legs. 18-year-old was sleeping at the time. he woke up, found his clothes in flames yesterday. well, today police took a 16-year-old boy into custody at oakland high. oakland police used surveillance images for the bus and talked to witness to catch the suspect. our brian webb tried to get an
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answer from the teenager. >> tell us why you did it, sir. tell us. why would you do something like that? >> well, the suspect said nothing. to be the, an election stunner. voters have said no to the plan to build expensive condos on the san francisco water front with 100% of precincts roorting, proposition b, the 8th washington development, has been defeetd. 62% of voters rejected the plan. voters also rejected prop c, this would have allowed for taller buildings at 8 washington streechlt the 8 washington project had been in the works for years and fieblly got the board of supervisors' approval. that is huge defeat for mayor ed lee and former mayor who actively campaigned for the development to be built. now, in light of tonight's vote, the waterfront alignment wants city leaders to reassess the
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warriors pavilion proposal. in sunny vail tonight, measure c gun kroul laws is move forg ward. a hundred pore sent of the precincts reporting, 66% of the people in sunnyvale voted yes. the nra threatened to sue the city should that measure pass. some people want the district attorney to file charges against the deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. he's a 13-year-old boy whose gun turned out to be a toy. >> it was like a -- a knife to the heart at first, and then -- then i found out what truly happened, and it seemed like -- >> protesters started the day at the board of supervisors meeting and then later marched to the da's office. meanwhile fairfield police shot and kill add man who had just stabbed his girlfriend more than 30 times. officers responded to a call at an apartment complex on pennsylvania avenue and found
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the woman they say the suspect charged at them with the knife they had to shoot and kill him. the woman is hospitalized in critical condition tonight. the shooting and investigation shut down highway 124 12 for several hours. the parking lot was full in no time. the lines railroad were so long, this feisty woman couldn't wait to get in, and she didn't get away with witt. is just woefs 101. we heard a lot about this place the last few days, but joe asked how do they treat the people who work for them. joe. >> liz, it's still pretty lively oud out here tonight. you know, the fact is those casinos as they've created some 2,000 jobs, a lot of people out here have been wondering about those jobs, are they sustainable, you know, is it minimum wage or can you make a
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living, are there any benefits, et cetera. so i actually spoke to some labor leaders tonight who said they're pleasantly surprised at the answer to those questions. >> >> will you make any money at the new casino? it's a gamble. as for blackjack does he recall keith prime, he feels like he won the jackpot. >> whoever wants to make a career here, it's possible. >> dealers like keith make an average of $40,000 a year plus tips that can make up another 50 to sa hundred per sents of their salary. >> i'm happy. you know, i'm stable. you check me with my new car the next month or two. >> according to two labor leaders i spoke to today, the man in charge here tribal chairman has gone well past their expectations, specifically committing to having the casino staffed with a mostly full-time work force making wages that are
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well above the market value here in sonoma county. >> it's beyond wages. it's benefits and planning for retirement in the future. >> tribal chairman shared many stories with us where he had friends who are now nearing retirement age, and they have no retirement savings, and he wanted to make sure that there was dignity in the workplace as well as in the future for all the employees. >> so management has made essentially a verbal commitment. labor leaders say, you know what, the next step is get it in writing. the only way to do that of course would be to unionize, but workers have not yet decided whether that's what they want to do. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> if they do decide to unionize, it's a process that could take month ifs not yets to complete. sound of gunfire will shoon be heard in parts of saven hose. it's part pof a plan to trap and kill wild pigs.
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those pigs are roaming neighborhoods, tearing up lawns and the golf course. kiet do, walk us through what is sgoing to happen and when is all this going to start. >> first, you got to get a permit from the department of fish and wildlife. second, you actually have to catch and trap one of these pigs. it is not easy. once you have one of these pigs in your possession, you can put it down with a bullet starting right now. >> just to be clear, the two council members who pushed for the guns say this will not be a free for all or killing spree. >> it's not my intention to go out and commit a pig genocide. we're not talk about hunting season here. weir talking about licensed trappers, controlled environment, and protecting the property and the safety of our residence. >> tonight, the council vote today make an exception to its ban on firing guns within city limits and said that, yes, trapped pigs can be shot.
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you still need a so-called permit from the state to trap and youth niez them, pu trappers have another option besides using lethal drugs or transporting 300-pound wild boor. >> tas drastic tool. >> for two months, dry conditions forced as many as 40 pigs down where they tear up lawns in search of grub. the the pigs cost $2,000 in damage at the country club. said that if to be the's vote didn't pass, the problem would have gotten much worse. >> just really would have progressed to the fact that we would have been overwhelmed with the pigs. we're surrounded by homes, and there's no way we can fence up the -- the whole golf course. it's impossible. >> kpix 5. >> those trappers can only shoot the captured pigs until february
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5th. that should give the city time to come up with a long-term plan. the old bay bridge will stay up a little longer. efforts to tear town the bridge were supposed to begin tomorrow, but the start day has been delayed until the debris containment system is in place. the entire demolition process will take about three years. and remember those bolts that threatened to delay the new bridge's opening? well,'re learning crews are moont behind on installing the permanent fix. over the summer we got up-close look at these saddles supposed to solve the problem. the installation should be done by the beginning of january. coming up, a helicopter pilot deskriebs the life and death struggle to keep a passenger from jumping. it's in the your typical kitty cat. the new pet obsession that's a little on the wild side. plus, we'll test out the new tool that lets parents track their kids. we're back in 80 seconds. the great american novel.
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promising her a puppy. but dr. phil: one of the cleveland women kidnapped by arielle castro says he lured her in by promising her a puppy, but michelle knight tells dr. phil, the next thing she knew, he was tied up and locked up. >> when he came back through the door, what did you think was going to happen then? >> i thought i was going to get killed. >> and what did he do when he came back? >> instead, he unties me, takes me to the basement, and he ties me up to a pole with chains wrapped around it. the chains were so big, and he wraps it around my neck. he sits me down on the floor,
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and he says, "this is where you're going to stay until i can trust you." now, if i do it too tight and you don't make it, that means you wasn't meant to stay here, and wanted to take you. so he proceeded to put it around my neck, and then he ties it around my stomach and he took my hands and bound it behind me. he took a motorcycle helmet, and he put it over my face where i couldn't breathe at all, and later on, i didn't remember a thing because i had passed out. >> ariel castro held michelle knight captive for 11 years before she was freed earlier this year. there's a new tool that lets parents track where their kids are and if the child goes off course, an alert goes off in seconds, but does it really work? christin ayers tests it out. >> march 16th, 2012, 15-year-old
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lam arcr leaves her own and vanishes on the way to school. her mother doesn't hear about her disappearance until hours later. >> when i hear about these child abductions, i can't help but think about my own kids. >> tech entrepreneur was inspeiered by a similar story, the absdpuks murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgway in colorado so last month he launched an app. it lets you map your kids' route to school. if the child veers off track. >> immediately that's when mom and dad get that notification that says, hey, your kid is off course. >> to test it we created a picture and profile for us and set up a preordained route. >> let's see what happens if i walk off course. once i get about 30 feet off course, that's when alerts start going off. >> there we go. there's my alert showing she's off course now. >> it's another that point the
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kicks in. if the parent can't reach the child they can hit escalate and an entire village of neighbor social security notify today start searching. >> we wanted the ability for a parent to press the button and have the world essentially around them stop and say, hey, we're going to help you find this kid. >> technology that might have saved lamar and others like her. >> the app is taking off. in just over a week, the last see project has registered people in over a 00 zip codes nationwide. a man who booked coastal helicopter tour for two but showed up alone jumped to his death. 61-year-old gregory mcfadden leaped from the chopper about 500 feet above newport beach as the pilot struggled to stop him. the pilot was too shaken to speak. his father says mcfadden suddenly took his seat belt off and threw open the door. >> the die guys started to kind
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of struggle. the aircraft kind of pitched off. my son had his hands on his shirt. his shirt ripped and the guy just went out the door. >> the tense scene all played out in front of dozens of people on the nearby pierre. meanwhile passengers ran to safety after a plane caught fire at the montreal airport. about 250 people were on board royal air 767 thad just landed. five passengers were injured sliding down the emergency chutes on to the tarmac. a conveyor belt overheat and had ignited while luggage was being off loaded. for some cat lovers it's the latest status symbol. an exotic-looking kitty that costs anywhere from up to hundreds to $30,000. shows us the cat that is can go wild. >> hey, babies. hi, babies. >> at p. j.'s exotic cat ery, a touch of the wild is up for sale. these are no ordinary house
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cats. they're hybrids, the offspring of a domestic cat bred with an exotic wildcat. you can't privately own one in california, but you can take home a hybrid. >> it is very surprising how many people want this. >> they include sa van nas, jungle bobs and bengals. >>itis it's a whole lot of cat. >> the earlier the generation, the wilder the cat. an early-generation jungle bob jumped our camera. >> they may be a smaller version of the lion and the tiger and the leopard, but they still are wild. >> breeder phyllis wright warns these cats are not for everyone. >> it's a whole different world to have a cat like this, but you have to know what you're getting into and be prepared for it. >> case in point, king tut. >> he was starving to death. >> tut is a pet sa van na abandoned by his owner chltd >> when they get to be two or three years old, they start spraying urine all over the house to mark their territory. that's when people get rid of them. >> tut is too wild to be
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handled. he sprays, bites and scratches. he'll live the rest of his life in a wildlife sank chu ware. not all throw away hybrids are so lucky. >> a lot of them do end up being youth niezed. >> marlin owns several and is an expert on cat behavior. she says these cats can be trained, that they're smart, lively and loyal, but they need lots of mental stimulation and attention. >> a lot of people unfortunately get them for the wrong reasons in that they're beautiful cats, but they're so act i havive. >> if you're not home. she won't sell her early-generation cats to just anyone. >> if somebody wants the wild and they want that big cat or that exotic cat, go for it, but if you have little children, do not attempt it. >> and don't attempt to keep them cooped up in a tiny apartment. these cats need room to roam.
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michelle, kpix 5. >> well, a cat specialist told us that choosing a breeder is just as important as choosing the cat. you want a facility that socializes the animals early on. you're going to want a cat whisperer in the neighborhood, that's for sure. my cat bob, probably hold his own in there with those wild guys. >> yeah? >> the stories i heard about bob, i think bob is a hybrid. >> part lion or something. >> maybe from another planet. >> yeah. well, around here kind of a hybrid of sum and her fall because where's the rain fall? haven't seen much over the past six, six na weeks. golden gate tonight, no fog, no clouds, no problems. upper 40s for you in san jose and campbell. union city down to 45. vallejo 49. napa, petaluma lower 40s for you. sunrise tomorrow 6:41. we are drier than miami. tell me something i don't know. 60 inches of rain fall for miami. we're at less than 4 inches for
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the entire year. wernd be at 16 inches of rain fall. we're not. we've had less rain in san francisco than the deserts of arizona. phoenix has more rain than us so far this year. the next couple days two more sunny days for you. east palo alto sunshine tomorrow. high of 70. sunshine on thursday, little cooler, high of 67 degrees. big ridge of high pressure taking all the storms, i'm talking the last 15 or 20 of them and shoving to the north protecting most of california including the bay area from getting even a drop of rain fall. that will change but not until next week. it'll take two or three more fronts until likely vet an eels day. that front will actually be able to make it down here because that ridge, that deflector shield will move. once this happens, several fronts down here. it'll take several more days to get there. tomorrow will be warmer than today. mildest day of the week will be tomorrow. the front that gets here first will only cool us down. not going to get rain, but it will be keerl by the end of the week. long-range forecast are calling
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for wetter weather. tomorrow, please enjoy the sunshine. 70 in the city. san jose tomorrow 73. sunnyvale sunshine 71. union city, hayward right around 70. pleasantville, 71. looking at high of 76 in cloverdale. your extended forecast, highs in the 60s starting friday but the rain will hold off until sunday night. rain is likely sunday night through tuesday morning. that is your kpix 5 forecast. coming up, a bay area foster mom of 90 gets a special surprise from queen latifah. ,,,, when our little girl was born,
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we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the united states population is going to grow by over 90 ovemillion people,ears and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and then really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities. so we are now working in chicago and in washington, dc and newark.
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it's amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society. claudia asprer afrments bay area mom and jefferson award winner got snot one but two surprises on today's queen la tifah show. >> claudia of novato has fostered 90 kids. >> how does it feel to have that kind of impact on their lives? >> it feels great. it feels that i have actually accomplished something in this world. i came, can die tomorrow, and i will be accomplished. >> you've done it 90 times. >> yes.
11:25 pm
>> yeah. she was reunited with nearly a dozen of her foster daughters, but that was just surprise no. 1. >> no matter how bad some of our grades were or how much trouble some of us got into, you believed in us, and taught us to believe in ourselves, and without that, we wouldn't be here so thank you for everything you've done for us. we lo you. >> surprise no. 2, a $10,000 kitchen makeover. the queen latifah show cares weekdays at 2:00 right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ,,
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buffalo sabers have the worst record in the nhl, and it should have been worse tonight except for one bad call in san jose. tied at 4 in overtime. tyler kennedy shot. cranked off the post. the puck rebounds under the goalie ryan miller. tommy got it over the line. the officials said we didn't see it. they never even reviewed it, and they waved the play dead. sharks should have won the game, but it ended in a shootout. cody scores in the fourth round of the shootout, and the sharks
11:29 pm
lose 5-4. when 3rd ranked oregon faces 5th-rapged stanford on wednesday, it will be the highest rated football game ever played in bay area soils. in 1991, no. 7 lost to no. 3 washington. two years ago no. 6 oregon crushed then 3rd-ranked stanford te spite only scoring 13 points last year, the ducks are expecting fireworks on the road. they don't talk the talk. they walk the walk. >> can they hold you to 14 points? >> uong so. i feel like, you know, this team wernd at least put up 40. >> do you like the confidence to be able to go out and say we always score 40, doesn't matter who we play? >> i really like conference. i don't like talk. you back everything up with what you play. we should be really confident, you don't talk about it. >> right. >> how about this, michael crabtree spotted in the locker room after he was clear today
11:30 pm
practice for the 49ers today. meanwhile smith practiced today. unclear if he'll play sunday, but sounds like the time away was productive. >> taking it one game at a time, being back here, getting around the guys and getting my life back at home. i got a 10 month old son so i'm doing the father thing. i'm just trying to, you know, make sure i'm all ready to go. >> yeah. he'll play sunday. time for tuesday night top five. tiger woods hit a golf ball from europe to as i sha along a bridge in turkey. it would have made it except it hit a birdie. thank you very much. everyone was so upset when ellis got traded. he's in dallas now. he did score 38 points. at no. 3, iceberg right ahead. not exactly the atlantic, but, oh, that looked like that hurt. no. 2, heat and rap tors grabs its own miss and puts it back falling to the floor.
11:31 pm
miami beats toronto with that beauty. no. 1, ken, i want you to keep your eyes on demarcus cousins. why is he in such pain? the rookie dennis sloeder grabbed a little more than he should, and the hawks beat the kings. cousins was heltd held to 11 points. when asked about the defensive effort given to him by the hawks, he said, "next question." >> wow. in boxing they call that a low blow. >> yeah. indeed. nkt in fact, may weather was court side for that. he screamed low blow. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. letterman is next with cathy griffin. >> our next news cast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll all be there. come on. it'll be great.
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