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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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kidnapped the child because of a recurring argument that the mother was having with him about wanting to move back to new york. authorities issued the statewide amber alert about 10:30 last night. the message was broadcast statewide on highway signs and the search for the baby and the father was on. the first real clues came when the suv that guler was driving was spotted in the san diego area. at some point he tried to cross into mexico and was stopped at a checkpoint by mexican authorities who alerted the u.s. he is now being transferred to u.s. authorities. san francisco boaters gave 8 washington a resounding no. opponents of the warriors arena project down the street are hoping to use that to their advantage. phil matier is on the waterfront. >> reporter: you know, it's a big question about views, who gets them, who uses them. this view of the waterfront, this is how it looks now. the question is and the debate,
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is how is it going to look in the future? >> we do not want height limits busted through. we do not want bulk limits broken. we do not want this space used for people only with the biggest bank accounts. >> reporter: new battle lines were drawn today for san francisco's war on the waterfront as high-rise opponents fresh from the victory to stop the towering condos planned at 8 washington turned their sights on the next big target: the proposed golden state warriors waterfront arena. >> we're not nimbys. we're nim-bays. not in my bay. >> reporter: it was much the same argument used in tuesday's defeat of the multi-million dollar condos plan for 8 washington. >> i call it a trojan horse that's disguised as a basketball gym but really it's much more. >> reporter: and in fact, to help pay for the arena, the warriors are also asking to build a 17 story condo tower and a luxury hotel across the
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street. >> we are concerned about the disturbance to bay waters, the traffic congestion. >> reporter: like 8 washington, the debate over the arena is giving voice to a growing anxiety among some in the city that its bursting building boom is squeezing out the middle class. >> people understand we need to preserve a place to live for all of us in this city that contribute to it and call it home. not just those with huge bank accounts. >> reporter: the 8 washington vote also landed san francisco mayor ed lee the first ballot box defeat of his administration. >> i respect that vote as wide as it is. i will respect it. i of course was a little disappointed. >> reporter: so is the arena still a slam-dunk? >> oh, no. no slam-dunk. maybe more like consistent three-pointers. >> reporter: what do the warriors say? >> art agnos won a game of ping pong and thinks he is a wimbledon champion. we held an election tomorrow,
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the warriors arena would win overwhelmingly. >> reporter: but it isn't tomorrow. it isn't even on the ballot yet. and it remains to be seen if it goes on the ballot but as we know in san francisco, just about anything winds up in a fight. and whether this one is fought out in the ballot or at the board of supervisors in the coming months, it's still going to be a fight. elizabeth? >> realistically, phil, how much leverage will arena opponents get out of the 8 washington defeat, any. >> reporter: yes, because wall street watches stock prices. politicians, they watch election results. and the fact that this one went down in such a landslide defeat against growth on the waterfront, against the billionaires, the members of the board of supervisors are going to look at that and some of them are going to feel rather heated in their seats and it will be interesting to see how they react when the
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arena and condos comes before them for approval. >> speaking of elections, find full results from around the bay area and nationwide on our website, a little like squeezing blood from a stone. but google finally had something to say to us today about its mystery barges out in the bay. allen martin joins us. no big surprises from what i could tell. >> reporter: not on our part because that's what we said all along. after refusing two weeks of commenting, google finally said what we here at have reported all along: it was october 25 when i reported that our sources were telling us that the barge is google's and it's for marketing new technology. reporter: as kpix 5 reported, the mystery barge docked at treasure island is meant for marketing and selling google products specifically products such as the wearable computer called google glass. the company's statement says, "google barge a floating data center, a wild party boat, a
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barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? sadly, none of the above. although it's still early days and things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology. google didn't respond to our request for elaboration and clarification of that brief statement. and up until now, the mayor of san francisco has claimed he didn't know anything about the barge. now he says google has extended an invitation. >> i have to admit that, you know, we had a conversation with representatives of google to find out. there is an invitation for me to visit and perhaps understand a little more what they're doing. i may take up that opportunity. >> reporter: there is a possibility of a second barge that will soon be under construction on treasure island. fencing has been moved from around the pier to protect additional cargo containers and other construction materials that appears to match what is used on the nearly completed barge project. and there is an empty registered barge beside the one that's almost complete, a ramp
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connects the two. but google could be in the hot seat over another issue. the longshoreman's union today told me, google may be in violation of its jurisdiction if the company used nonunion workers to move the cargo containers. the union president says any containerized cargo loaded or unloaded on the west coast is under the jurisdiction of the longshoreman's union. google has never contacted us about assembling the current barge. and the union president told me that he is going to press to get a closer look at the barge and have a conversation with google. there's also speculation google may tow that barge or barges to los angeles. it might move the entire operation south to avoid the strict environmental regulations in place to protect san francisco bay. >> you got to love this thing because google can say anything it wants. it can be a landing pad for aliens for all we know. they can tell us anything they want. there's no holding their feet to the fire on this. what about permits, though? >> reporter: they still haven't. no. i did speak with the head of
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the bay conservation and development commission today. that agency would be the one to issue a permit. bcdc has to be convinced what google wants to do can only be done on the water that they can't do it on land. >> the next sound you hear is the chain coming up and them heading to l.a., guarantee it. thank you. in other bay area news, a two-alarm fire this morning in san francisco's inner richmond displaced eight people. the fire started at about 3:45 a.m. in a building on clement street between funston and 12th avenue. no one was hurt but we are told the business that uses the building was destroyed. in blockbuster store -- this blockbuster store in san pablo is closing for good. it's one of the remaining 300 orr so blockbuster stores in the u.s. that will shut down next year. it's also ending the disk by mail program.
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what happens to miss spalding should never have happened to anyone. >> how almost nothing went right in the search for a bay area hospital patient later found dead in a stairwell. >> tesla stocks plunge. why they blame a battery shortage. >> what were you doing on september 21? maybe searching for your umbrella? guess what. that was a month and a half ago. it hasn't rained since but there are two days now with rain in the forecast. we'll show you the updated seven-day next. >> coming up at 6:30, how a bay area city is breathing new life into this empty historic building. ,,
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plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ there were a series of erro before lynne spaldin the search for a missing san francisco general patient was not much of one apparently. there were a series of errors before lynne spalding was found dead in a hospital stairwell
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last month. ryan takeo is at the hospital with how this was botched from the beginning. >> reporter: there were a lot of mistakes along the way including medical staff getting basic patient information wrong. >> it happened to miss spalding ford, it should never have happened to anyone. >> reporter: san francisco county sheriff ross mirkarimi listed all that went wrong in the search for lynne spalding. first, hospital staff identified her as african- american. logs later listed the 57-year- old caucasian woman as asian. >> it's more and more troubling that now they are looking for an african-american or asian woman. they don't seem to know who their patient was. >> reporter: spalding family attorney doesn't think hospital staff or sheriff's deputies took the situation seriously enough. the doctor told police he was about to discharge spalding when she went missing september 21. >> the physician said but she is very confused and not safe to be on her own. >> to say she wasn't at risk in one sentence and then to say
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she was confused and shouldn't be by herself, in another sentence, is just to me extraordinary indifference. >> reporter: hospital staff continually asked deputies to search the hospital. when deputies started to search nine days after spalding went missing, it was not thorough enough. the sheriff said the deputies only searched about 50% of the stairwells. >> staff was directed to search stairwells only about half of the stairwells were searched. >> reporter: hospital staff even called emergency dispatch to report a body in stairwell 8. >> the communication center staff responded. >> we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> reporter: it wasn't until four days later that spalding was found dead in that stairwell. >> vow to make sure something like this never happens again. >> i think it's just the kind of rhetoric that you expect to hear. >> sorry, we're looking into it, it doesn't help the two kids that are left without a
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mother. >> reporter: sf general just cents us a statement. in it, officials say that they are cooperating with investigations and considering adding more private security to the deputies who are already here. today by the way the hospital started retraining and reorienting deputies with the hospital campus. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the lawyer representing the family also wants to know how or when spalding died. we called the coroner's office today and someone there told us that they are still looking into it. shares of tesla motors fell for the second day after word got out the company is experiencing a battery shortage. the ceo said there aren't enough lithium ion battery cells to meet demand for the model s and there won't be any relief until next year when a deal to get more batteries from panasonic kicks in. the palo alto--based company's stocks tumbled during extended trading yesterday following a disappointing earnings report. bay area is taking an
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ambitious goal as part of a climate protection resolution. the air district board wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially. in fact, they want them 80% below 1990 levels by the year 2050. they now have to develop a strategy and implement it and it will be unveiled in next year's clean air plan. thinking of climate? ours is about ready to get a big makeover next week. >> much-needed makeover, as well. this has been about the driest start to a fall season as you can get. but most of the rainfall is back loaded in fall so if we can makes thing up over the next couple of weeks i think we'll be okay. the on switch may come on for some rainfall. by the end of the extended forecast. we'll look at what happened in san jose. you may have noticed a change not rain but cloudy. cirrus clouds streaming in from the west is a sign that things are slowly beginning to change and by the top of next week we may actually see a little rainfall around here. let's talk about our high temperatures for today. they did -- wow, look at that
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traffic trying to get into the city! that's an issue right there. i believe i heard on kcbs the metering lights are on and there's the reason why. gilroy 81 degrees today. 80s in november. oakland sonoma you hit 76. san jose 74. hayward's high temperature today 72. half moon bay 62. with all that traffic heading into san francisco, the city did hit 69 degrees for a high today. nothing on the radar. we will not see that change until the end of the weekend into next week. how about this? livermore you have had about 2.5" of rain for the year. your average is about 9. death valley, california, has seen for rainfall this calendar year than livermore. that's very rare. thankfully that's going to change coming up pretty soon. the reason why we had the cloud cover move in today was because high pressure is slowly moving to the east. it's still going to be strong enough and big enough to keep rainfall away for several days. it's a strong ridge of high pressure we have had for several weeks so a big storm moving into the northwest tomorrow. all we'll see is a slightly cooler temperature not a drop of rainfall. next week, the high moves far
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enough away, i'm talking utah, arizona, new mexico, to open up the storm door and now these storms instead of moving up to the north will dive down toward us. so rainfall is coming. likely beginning sunday night and monday morning. i know veterans day is a holiday for many of you and likely will be wet coming up for the top of next week. highs tomorrow though with more filtered sunshine right around 70. oakland 69 degrees. san jose 70. fremont 67. vallejo and napa your high tomorrow 71 degrees. extended forecast, 60s for highs starting friday. now, the sunnier choice over the weekend will be saturday. cloudier on sunday. i'm holding out hope, crossing the fingers, although it looks very, very good, monday, tuesday, we may see rain both days. some computer models say a half inch. >> i would check the models. that's what i would do. >> look over and over. >> cross fingers, toe, everything. we need a little rain. >> everything you can cross, cross. >> thank you, paul. still ahead we're hearing exactly what went wrong that delayed payments to thousands of the state's unemployed and why there's still no permanent fix for the problem.
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>> and it's the hottest ticket in town. how stanford's biggest home game in history is expected to jam tomorrow's evening commute. ,, ,,,,,,
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join us, and thrive. lately. we're learning more about the massive glitch th delayed unemployment checkso the obamacare website isn't the only disastrous rollout we have seen lately. we are learning more about the massive glitch that delayed unemployment collection to thousands of californians. they were mistakenly flagged as ineligible for benefits when a new computer system went online back in september. today, state employment officials and representatives from the software company admitted to lawmakers they didn't do enough testing beforehand. >> you don't know when it will be fixed? >> we -- we have, uhm, uhm, have a plan in place right now that it should be fixed within the next few weeks. >> edd says it's found a way to get around the problems for now. starbucks announced plans to hire 10000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years.
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this comes after former defense secretary robert gates was appointed to the company's board of directors last year. the seattle-based chain will open five stores on or near military bases. stanford will be the center of the college football world tomorrow night. they host oregon one of the biggest games in years. but kpix 5's john ramos tells us getting to the game could prove to be the biggest challenge of all. >> reporter: at stanford stadium today, you could pretty much forget about buying a ticket for tomorrow night's game. she told me off camera she was able to buy standing room only for $90 and demand has driven up the prices on the resell market to ridiculous levels. >> it's the rose bowl for us. if we win it we go to the rose bowl more than likely and if we lose it, we don't. >> reporter: but this game is being played on a thursday night at 6:00 right in the
6:21 pm
heart of the evening commute. this is the corner of embarcadero and el camino. the stadium is across the street. at 2:30 traffic is already starting to back up here. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: to end up here anyway. >> no matter how we look at it, no matter where people go, there's going to be a lot of traffic in palo alto tomorrow. >> reporter: gary may have the best idea since stanford allows seton ticketed holders to tailgate in lot 2 up to two days gift game he has been living here in his rv since
6:22 pm
tuesday. >> how do you get off work and make it to a tailgate for a 6:00 game? >> reporter: that's a terrible problem to have. >> the solution is some of them take vacation for a day. >> reporter: if they plan on driving home, they may want to take two days off instead. in palo alto, john ramos, kpix 5. >> of course, dennis o'donnell will have a matchup preview a little later on in sports. coming up in our next half hour, the new clues in the case of a young bay area bus rider set on fire that makes it look more like a hate crime. >> absolutely modern and fresh and exquisite. >> how new life is being breathed into this historic bay area building that's been empty for years. >> because it's bad in any box that's on somebody's shelf. >> what you won't find anymore in some of the most popular mac and cheese products. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and find your career success in the bay area. visit your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald even after a career in law enforcement still find something like that disturbing. >> the cases of a teenager set on fire on a bus. tonight, looking more like a hate crime. it was a horrific crime but it
6:26 pm
did spark an heroic act. tonight, police are looking for two good samaritans they say helped put out the flames. why police think the victim may have been targeted for being different. reporter: tell us were you did it, sir. the suspect wouldn't tell us why he reportedly lit another teen on fire when cops arrested him yesterday. we're blurring his face because he is only 16. the police chief says his age elevates the severity of the crime. >> even after a career in law enforcement, i still find something like that really disturbing. >> reporter: cops took the junior into custody at oakland high school. they say on sunday he set 18- -year-old luke fleischman on fire while he was asleep on a bus. fleischman goes by the name sasha and was wearing a skirt at the time. police say the two don't know each other and are looking into the possibility this might be a hate crime. >> started the fire with a lighter and was unprovoked. >> reporter: sasha is at the
6:27 pm
st. francis burn unit suffering from second-and third-degree burns on his legs. he is in stable condition. a website set up to raise money for hospital bills received more than $21,000 this afternoon. his parents weren't home when we went there. neighbors say the victim is a great kid. >> he always say hi to me, very polite. >> reporter: neighbors say they often see him wearing skirts. on his google plus account he identifies himself as an "agender" person, neither male nor female. many neighbors are outraged by the crime. >> can't even fathom what would be going through the head when they do it. it saddens me incredibly. >> reporter: we'll find out from the d.a. tomorrow morning whether the teen will be charged as an adult and whether he will be charged with a hate crime. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> police are not releasing the suspect's name because he is a minor. he is now facing at least two counts, assault with a deadly weapon and mayhem. and some good news tonight
6:28 pm
on the statewide amber alert out of sunnyvale. the two-week-old baby has been found safe. the father accused of kidnapping the infant has been placed under arrest. the amber alert was first issued last night after the mother called sunnyvale police and said 22-year-old mesut guler had kidnapped her baby. he was then reportedly spotted in san diego this morning. the ordeal came to an end when mexican authorities found him at a checkpoint and called the u.s. border patrol. >> the suspect was stopped at a checkpoint within mexico. mexican authorities based on their interview with the suspect decided to call the u.s. border patrol in arizona, provided his name to them. they ran him in the computer system and determined that there was an arrest warrant for him for the child abduction. >> authorities say both the suspect and the child are now back on the u.s. side. police say that guler may have kidnapped the baby because of an argument with the mother about wanting to move to new york. central market street in san francisco is experiencing a
6:29 pm
renaissance of sorts. today the newest addition a renovated united nations plaza was unveiled. and soon hundreds of workers will fill it. as kpix 5's mark kelly tells us, its workforce is just the overhaul this stretch of market needs. >> reporter: for years, 50 united nations plaza has sat empty. staff moved out when the new federal building opened in 2007. like much of this stretch of market street, this depression era building has been in dire need of some tlc. and that wish has been granted. 50 u.n. plaza just got a $122 million face-lift thanks to stimulus money from the american recovery and reinvestment act of 2009. >> we are going to demonstrate that when you give it a little bit of stimulus, we take it all the way in san francisco. >> reporter: political heavyweights turned out to anoint the renovated building. [ applause ] >> reporter: 50 u.n. plaza has
6:30 pm
been a witness to san francisco history. take the name itself. honoring the united nations founding which happened in san francisco following world war ii. and its conner stone was laid during the great -- cornerstone was laid during the great depression. >> that even at some of the bleakest moments in history, america would not surrender its future. we would do great and beautiful things to inspire and endure. we would keep our eyes on tomorrow. >> reporter: 50 u.n. plaza is being called the workplace of tomorrow. >> absolutely modern and fresh and exquisite. >> reporter: michelle mccracken's firm designed it a combination of historic and modern, it boasts a green roof and a goal to cut co2 emission 67%. >> absolutely maintain the historic fabric and still at the same time create 21st century workplace. >> reporter: soon more than 500
6:31 pm
federal employees will fill these halls for work every, single day adding more life to central market street and ushering in a new chapter in the history of 50 u.n. plaza. >> demonstrate what the workplace of the future looks like even within a historic building such as this. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> with its new green design, 50 u.n. plaza hopes to get a leed platinum certification. it's already on the national historic register of places. >> if you want a piece of twitter you will have to pay $26 a share. that price is above the earlier ipo range of 23 to 25 bucks a share. san francisco-based social media outlet will raise $1.8 billion in the public offering. most investors will get to buy the stock starting tomorrow morning. a monumental day on wall street today. the dow jones industrial average hit an all-time high. the dow closed the day out at
6:32 pm
15,746 points gaining 129 points to surpass its record high from last week. solid corporate earnings reports helped to rally the market today. the s&p closed out just below its record high. the nasdaq slightly dipped. yesterday was election day but fewer than 10% of the voters in antioch actually went to the polls. but those who did voted overwhelmingly in favor of raising their own taxes. ann notarangelo explains why. reporter: this young man waited hours to talk to an antioch police officer about a burglary. there are only 85 sworn officers in the city. that's the same number they had in 1990. but that's going to change because voters approved a half cent sales tax increase which will bring in nearly $5 million a year. it's been promised to the police department. in 2010 voters rejected a similar proposal. but in the last few years it's become abundantly clear that police resources have gone down and crime has gone up. >> the light bulb went on in the community. >> reporter: vice mary rocha
6:33 pm
says voters didn't believe them before when they said the city was out of money and cuts would be drastic but last year violent crime went up nearly 31% and property crime went up almost 23%. >> even my family has been personally affected by the increase in crime in the city in the past few years. >> reporter: in a year and a half, antioch will see 39 more police officers on the streets, 22 of those because of measure c. the department's first priority is to fully staff police patrols. >> after that, we are going to get officers back in our schools. we're going to get our traffic division reinstituted. >> reporter: critics of measure c complain legally the city can spend the money any way it wants. the council promises it will go to law enforcement. >> one gentleman said last night, i like all of you, city council people, but if you don't carry this message correctly, i'll be the first to recalling you all. >> reporter: this city's lost a lot because of difficult economic times, most of all a sense of security. voters have said they are willing to give more with the understanding they will not accept being robbed by the politicians.
6:34 pm
in antioch, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. still ahead, there's something you won't find any more in some popular mac and cheese products. in tonight's consumerwatch, why kraft is changing the ingredients. >> it's time to start thinking about turkey again. it's the holiday season. mobile weather takes you to pleasanton and we'll tell you how you can donate as the news continues on kpix 5. 50% less fat...
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those extra protection pack that "supposedly" save you big repair bills. away, tonight to car buy -- a warning tonight to car buyers about the extra protection packages that supposedly save you from big repair billings. as julie watts says, be careful before you buy it.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: many car companies say to buy the big service contracts. take the case of denniese myers she paid $2,500 for the service contract on hereford escape and 10 days later her catalytic convert broke down and wasn't covered. according to the department of insurance that's not unusual. >> what catches people by surprise is what's not covered and often things one would think are covered aren't because maybe they are told it's bumper to bumper or comprehensive coverage which leads the consumer to believe it covers everything and they don't. >> the state department of insurance says dealers push these contracts because they are highly profitable and are often sold on commission. consumer advocates suggest putting money aside for repairs instead of spending it up front on these contracts. california law does allow consumers to cancel service contracts within 30 to 60 days. the tide may be turning against gigantic cruise ships. the italian government has announced it is cutting the
6:38 pm
number of ships to be allowed to pass through venice next year by 20% and will ban all vessels that carry more than 3500 people. the megaships are change the nature of venice and bringing in too many tourist. the move comes in the wake of the deadly costa concordia shipwreck off the italian coat last year. kraft macaroni and cheese is getting a makeover. next year they will no longer use artificial dyes like yellow 5 and 6 in its mac and cheese meals. ones that come in shapes like monsters and spongebob squarepants for kids. two years ago the fda found artificial dyes may exacerbate problems in children with behavioral disorders. kraft does not plan to them out of the elbow mac and cheese not yet. remember, if you have a consumer story call us at 888-5- helps-u. it's a lesson a bay area
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woman learned while visiting the poorest villages in quake- shaken country. >> without any access to electricity, you are locked in grinding poverty. >> so her single visit to haiti became a regular trek. how she is transforming the lives of thousands. >> drumbeat is getting louder, when is it going to rain? >> when is it going to rain? even ken bastida is curious! you know the level is high when that happens. mid-70s and find out when, ken, next, the rain is in the forecast. >> the harbaugh family torn between two rookie quarterbacks. >> newton, jack harbaugh was champion colin kaepernick. >> and quarterback the big worries for stanford against oregon tomorrow night. >> with marcus there is nothing he can't do. >> and the latest in the miami dolphins bully saga, where one player checked himself into a hospital. the latest is straight ahead. ,,,,,,
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the former paralegal and mo of three is now dedicated to improving the lives of fami a business trip to harley- davidson changed the life of a pacifica woman. the former paralegal and mother of three is now dedicated to
6:43 pm
improving the lives of families by bringing clean energy and the hope of a brighter future. kate kelly introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> the poverty is so extraordinary. it just doesn't seem possible. >> reporter: michelle couldn't believe her eyes when she visited rural haiti for the first time in 2009. >> there was something inside of me just said i have to do something, just something. >> reporter: so from her home in pacifica, michelle started a small sustainable biofuel program to help haitian farmers. that was just the beginning. >> a major earthquake hit haiti. >> reporter: january 2010, a major earthquake devastates haiti. using her contacts, michelle helped organize the largest earthquake effort in the bay area. it spurred her on to tackle one of their country's biggest issues. >> energy is a huge problem. only one in eight people have
6:44 pm
any access to electricity so without any access to electricity, you are locked in grinding poverty. this is a slowly lar generator 1.5-kilowatt solargen rater array and that equipment is designed to charge portable battery packs. >> reporter: each generator placed in aville large could charge and recharge 100 battery packs. each portable pack can charge cell phones and light a home for five to seven days before charging. that's 100 homes of at a cost of just $6 a month when an average haitian family spends now for kerosene. >> watching a child turn on a light bulb for the first time is an astonishing thing to witness. >> i think it's nothing short of miraculous to be honest. >> reporter: volunteer jennifer shedd marvels at the impact
6:45 pm
michelle has had. so far her nonprofit is operating 14 generators and battery packs serving 7,000 people. >> she is giving them the ability to make their entire life better. long term. it's not a short-term thing. >> reporter: so for creating long-term sustainable changes that are improving lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to michelle lacourciere. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> she named her companyto nominate your hero go to speaking of going above for help and doing the rain dance. >> is this coming ken? >> i think something is coming. >> you hadn't done your rain dance the other night. >> it happened last november. we got a half foot of rain. maybe do a tap, not the full dance. >> i don't want to bring that out unless i have to.
6:46 pm
>> tonight at 11. >> only in emergencies. >> save that for the special moment. leave 10 minutes earlier for a dinner reservation unless you want to hear a lot of complaining because traffic is heavy getting on the bay bridge. ken is warming up the dance. if only you could see what's off screen during the weather. we are 65 degrees in the city once you get here. san jose 65. concord santa rosa at 63. with a little bit of cloud cover that we had this afternoon, it won't be as chilly tonight but we'll still see the 40s in fairfield, vallejo, concord, danville, livermore. mid-40s for redwood city. 51 low tonight in san francisco. garfield elementary school san leandro, schoolcast time. sun and clouds for lunch recess tomorrow. 61 degrees. final bell 66 degrees. they are the gators, they call
6:47 pm
their school gator school. 10 different languages are spoken by the schools there. garfield elementary school schoolcast school of the day. let's get your school on television. head to our website, here's the satellite and radar. we had cloud cover this afternoon. that is the first sign that things are finally beginning to change beginning to break down a bit that big strong ridge of high pressure is moving. it's leaking off to the east by about next monday over arizona and new mexico. the next several days it's blocking the storms. another big windstorm for seattle and portland. cooler friday and saturday sunny and dry here. once that ridge moves that's when the rain will begin to come. we are looking at rainfall moving in on monday. the storm door will open next week. we will see some rainfall. but it's going to hold off. you will have a dry weekend between now and then. what to expect, more sun than clouds for several days good weather to get outside. cloudier on sunday but we'll stay dry. we'll be dry both days over the weekend. rain moves in sunday night and
6:48 pm
monday and tuesday we carry a good chance of showers. the rain is coming but not within the next couple of days. 63 for the city tomorrow. cooler. san jose down to 70. livermore 73. upper 60s for mountain view, sunnyvale and cupertino. morgan hill 73 degrees. some sunshine for you in pittsburg tomorrow. pleasant hill 71. san ramon, vallejo, low 70s. mill valley 69. cloverdale high tomorrow 73. cooler friday. cooler still saturday and dry. sunday cloudier but still dry. it's monday veterans day that's when the rain moves in. monday and tuesday rain is likely clearing out a bit next wednesday. the rain is coming but we have four more dry days. thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks and people in the tri- valley already getting a head start on it. mobile weather's roberta gonzales with one group's plan to help the hungry. >> a lot of people are getting ready for dinner but here at
6:49 pm
ridgeview commons, it's a senior center here in pleasanton. they just finished dinner. it's a lovely night. currently 64 degrees. but we came indoors so you can meet all my new best friends. hi, guys. >> hi, roberta! >> reporter: thank you so much for having me here tonight. and we are here. linda with open hearts kitchen, tell me, this year we're already beginning the drive to collect turkey. what is the need like this year? >> we are going to need over 1500 turkeys just for thanksgiving alone this year. it's a large need so we would appreciate donations. >> 1500 by thank. i'm looking around at all my new best friends, you guys eat a lot! [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right. so tell me what else is needed and how do we help? >> we can use canned vegetables, all the fixings that you would want at home. the gravy, the stuffing, lots and lots of vegetables, fruit, anything at all we can use it.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: you help seniors and you come to the commons and help out but you also help the homeless in the tri-valley. >> absolutely. we do over 263,000 meals a year here. >> reporter: not just in pleasanton. where else? >> dublin, livermore and pleasanton. >> reporter: so the tri-valley. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we can help, made it so simple, just visit us online at and go to "links and numbers." and we hope you hook up with the open heart kitchen. boy, the holiday season already! reporting from pleasanton with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. you guys want to say good night. good night.
6:51 pm
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the 49ers get back to work host the panthers.. san francisco has won 5 straigh carolina has won 4 in a row. ks came into the 49ers get back to work sunday when they host the panthers. san francisco has won five straight carolina four in a row. both quarterbacks came into the nfl at the same time. both regarded among the best in the game. cam newton and colin kaepernick were drafted in 2011. newton has the better numbers than colin kaepernick thanks to 25 more starts but wonder how things would have turned out if the 49ers had the number one overall pick in 2011 is it true that your father wanted you to
6:54 pm
draft cam newton? >> father-in-law. >> yes. >> merle fearborn says you have to draft cam newton. jack harbaugh, colin kaepernick. he was championing kaepernick. my father-in-law championed cam newton. jack harbaugh was championing keep keep. jonathan martin reportedly checked himself into a hospital for emotional distress last week when he left the dolphins after being bullied by richie incognito. his teammates continue to defend incognito. >> i have been here long enough to know off the field that they are thick add thieves and they went out together and did a lot of stuff together. so if he had a problem with the way the guy was treating him he had a funny way of showing him. >> i get in fights with my girlfriends in texts because they sound worse than transcripts talking on the phone. it's hard to take things out of context. when i hung out with john he
6:55 pm
was usually with richie because they were friends. >> the nfl plans to investigate. it is being billed as biggest college football game ever in the bay area. 5th-ranked stanford will host 3rd ranked oregon down on the farm tomorrow night. >> if you have any kind of heart you should know what's at stake on thursday. >> reporter: there's plenty the astake. if the ducks win they will be in the driver's seat for a spot in the national title game. if the cardinal wins it will keep their national title hopes alive and at the least puts them in position for a return to the rose bowl. >> over the years that i have been here, i feel like stanford is the only team that we go back and forth with. it makes it a lot of fun that there's an opponent that we really know that has our number but we have theirs. >> long enough for sure and good. stanford takes down oregon. >> reporter: last year, stanford went into eugene and held the high-flying quack attack to a season low 14 points as they handed oregon their only loss of the year.
6:56 pm
>> the game slowed down a little bit, seemed not to go the pace they wanted and it was tight in the 4th quarter. they are not used to that a lot of time with big-time leads and blowouts and they seemed shocked by it. luckily we made enough plays to win last year and i think it's what will help us win this year. >> reporter: the cardinal defense will have their hands full again. oregon's explosive offense is led by heisman front-runner marcus mar iota who has zero interceptions. >> definitely watching the film probably the best overall quarterback i have seen so far. just his athleticism, being able to run the offense to a t, offense definitely runs through him. >> when you talk about great players and great quarterbacks with what they can't do. there's nothing he can't do with marcus. >> reporter: the ducks are known for striking quick and apparently they have already
6:57 pm
landed their first shot courtesy of anthony thomas. >> can they hold you to 14 points? >> i don't think so. this team should at least put up 40. >> down south ed has wasted no time changing the culture at usc after taking over for lane kiffin. he has the team playing with more heart and everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. >> we got a little drink today for your hard work. drink up, guys. yo! >> in and out burgers this after allowing cookies and ice cream at the trainer's table. is it working? u sc has won three of four since kiffin was fired. elizabeth cook went to usc. >> right on. >> animal style? >> whatever is working for 'em. double, doubles. milkshakes. >> maybe they were just hungry. >> go! captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
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