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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 7, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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this is kpix 5 news. what was going on inside this bay area hospital? the unbelievable errors after a patient went missing. >> andrea taks us through the series of mistakes that happened. andrea. >> well, lyn spalding's body was found in a stairwell about two weeks after she went missing from san francisco general hospital, but, of course, she should have been found on day one, but a series of errors kept that from happening. >> does this woman look black or asian? those were the first two in a series of epic blunders in the disappearance of lyn spalding. the problem started at 10 25 a.m. when lyn's doctors
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and nurszs grossly misidentified her. she's english. >> twice during that conversation, the deputy was told that the missing woman was african american and wearing a hospital gown. >> fos fore ward 14 hours. the identity problems continue, this time by dem deputies. >> this ford was identified by, quote, an asian female. . the supervisor also attempted to review the video footage as requested by sfpd, but due to hardware problems, wasn't able to do so. >> nine days after lyn's disappearance, her case continued to fall through the kraks of employee incompetence. >> staff was directed to search the campus. the search did not include all the stair wels. >> on october #1s, now, ten days later, an attempt to clean up the search proved just as sloppy, and on october 4th, 14 days later, the asleep at the wheel sej for lyn could have
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been cracked only to be ignored. >> there was somebody laying on the landing in the third or fourth floor of the stairwell 8. the communication center staff responded, "we'll take care of it." there was no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> it wasn't until october 8th, 17 days after her disappearance, that lyn was found by someone checking locks. in san francisco, andrea, kpix 5. tonight a mom in sunnyvale is weight for her newborn son to come home. police say the baby's dad kidnapped him last night after an argument. 22-year-old made it across the border into mexico where mexican police eventually arrested him. >> i was really afraid that i wouldn't be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. >> work to transfer him and his son back to the united states.
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still no word on when the baby will be back with mom. >> are you sure you locked your car tonight? car thooefs are busy all over the bay area. in alameda county alone, the number of stolen cars are up 14% since last year. >> we're live here at the mall where they, too, have been hit by car thieves. these considers cars can end up in mexico. a lot of times they are cut up and sold for parts. san leandro police are going public with this because they do not want you to be a victim. >> when it comes to stolen cars, this we can the small town of san leandro posted big numbers. >> 21 vehicles have been stolen throughout our city. >> this crime map shows the city's auto theft since last wednesday. that's right. 21 in a week in a city with a population of 87,000. in fact, six were stolen in just
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one day. most end up at chop shops like this one where the cars are cut up and sold for parts. some are shipped out of the country and a few taken for a quick spin. >> we also find a lot that people joyride. someone hops in it, drooifs it to the next city. they abandon it. we find it a few dais later. >> the no. 1 stolen car, 1990 honda accords. no. 2, honda civics. she parks hers inside a gated area. >> you worry? >> a let l bit. i heard that hondas are the no. 1 easiest car to steal so i don't know that already, but i love hoven das. >> you love hondas. they love hondas, too. >> yes. >> san leandro police don't know what's causing the spike, but they have started undercover patrols and hitting the streets hard with all three license plate readers. >> we're seeing a rise in numbers. a bus passenger lit on fire.
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tonight oakland police are look into whether that was hate crime. 18-year-old sasha asleep when police say this 16-year-old suspect set him on fire causing severe burns to the leg. police say sasha was wear ago security at the time. >> start a fire with a lighter and really unprovoked. even after a long career in law enforcement i still find something like that disturbing. we learned tonight a train carrying a very dirty by-product of oil refineries derailed in the nation this week. christin ayers heard from neighbors who say, "we told you so." >> some environmentals are saying just imagine if that train had been carrying tar sands and exceptionally dirty form of crude oil is richmond refinery and all the others want to start transporting by rail.
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environmentalists are saying no way. >> the three train cars derald monday afternoon carrying a powdery black by-product called betroll yum koch. it's wh's left at refinery processes oil. >> i got to tell you. this has just shocked our town. >> none of the dust spilled, but a member of the valero watch dog group says the incident was a wake-up call. >> it's just impossible to clean this stuff up. >> it's called tar sands, and all five of the bay area's refineries have plans to start transportding it from canada by rail even though some experts say the oil carries a higher risk of damaging spills and fires similar to the one in richmond last summer. >> i peckture huge funnel coming down from alberta. well, i don't like that. >> but tonight environmental
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groups gathered in berkeley to talk about how to fight back. residents will get to review an environmental impact report before the tar sands project goes before the planning commission, and says that's a start. >> this is huge, and the refineries are not used to that. >> christ in ayers, kpix 5. >> police say the petroleum koch that was being transported was contained. google is finally breaking its silence about that barge out on the bay, and looks like we were right all along. as kpix 5 firgs rortd weeks ago when we broke this story, the barge at treasure island is indeed meant for marketing and selg its products like google glass. the company confirmed it in a statement today but would not elaborate. >> i have to admit that we had a conversation wrep senttives of google to find out. there is an invitation to me to visit perhaps and understand a little more what they're doing. i take that opportunity up. >> up until now, san francisco
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mayor ed lee claimed he didn't know anything about the barge. we're also learning there is a possibility a second barge will soon be under construction on treasure island. less than eight hours ago to hashtag ipo. twitter goes public tomorrow morning. the $26 share price values the company at about $18 billion. it will trade on the nyse, new york stock exchange, under the ticker symbol twtr. well, here's a good sign for oakland. pandora is there to stay. the internet radio giant will unveil a new sign on its downtown headquarters tomorrow. pandora has been based in oakland from the start. the company says the sign is meant to show its commitment to the city. we are all paying more sales tax in california because voters approved prop 30 last year. that money was supposed to help public schools, including the state universitys and colleges. so tonight lyn ramirez is asking
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why is san jose state suddenly cutting lots of klasses? >> i am a student, and this is personal. >> san jose state administrators faced a crowded room frustrated more crasss are to be cut, more instructors to be laid auchlt >> i'm done with this. this is a glorified pr seminar. i'm done. >> late last week just days before spring enrollment begins, the university told academic department chairs they would have to again make millions of dollars in cuts to stay within their budgets. >> for me, i'm a small department. i had to go from 20 sections to 17 sections of klasses plus tell somebody they didn't have a job. >> the university is still reeling from a $32 million deficit although cuts were made over the past two years, $4 billion must still be slashed this spring. >> i am so upset because my funds for college are going away, and i planned on attending a four-year university, and it's now looking like i'll be here
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for five or six years. >> it's highly extras ordinary for us to be told do budget cuts and turn them in by tomorrow or friday. we had maybe a two-day advance notice to affect the lives of faculty and students that will never be replaced. we've been told these cuts were permanent. >> the way these cuts were handled also could hurt the university's reputation. in san jose, lyn ramirez, kpix 5. >> spring enrollment begins on tuesday. a fire ball lit up the sky from phoenix to la to as far north as fresno tonight. paul as that has video. >> these reports came in all over southern california. they hit twitter and spread like fire. the thought a fire ball could be from a meteor shower. it was. this brief video, watch closely, shot north of los angeles in the san fernando valley. see that bright glowing ball falling toward earth and disapeerg. that was a meteor, foeks. that shoir actually continues
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right here in the bay area through the weekend. of note, this particular meteor shower doesn't produce that many meteors, but many have a history of being bright and we saw that in southern california, arizona and nevada earlier. we'll talk about if rain shoirs are in our forecast in a few minutes. this na code breaker said he tried to break the scandal, but the fbi pointed a gun at him. the secre,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he tried to expose governme spying on everyday americana ells mary long before edward snow den, a former n sa code breaker says he tried to expose government spieg on everyday americans a decade ago. he tells our sister station in baltimore no one would listen, then one day the fbi showed up and pointed a gun at him. >> after 9/11, william and a small team created a computer program constantly scanning data from cell phones and e-mails aimed at finding terrorist activity. >> you developed a program to do what? >> the idea was how can you look into ter bites of data going by every minute and see what's important in that data that you need to pull out to look at to analyze and figure out capabilities of potential enemies in the world. >> but binney soon became concerned the government was spying on average americans. >> the data being taken in was all about the united states
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citizens. >> you think this goes way way beyond pursuing terrorests? >> absolutely. >> controversy went public earlier this year when edward snowden leaked classified documents, however, wjz learned congress may have had a warning about this years ago. that's when binney says he first raised concerns this program had been turned against americans. >> the government can't admit a mistake. they have to cover up everything. >> binney resigned in protests and that's when really start. >> that was 2007 when the fbi raid. they came, pushed their way in with guns drawn. they took computers and all the electronic equipment we had. >> the government thinks you overstepped the boundaries and possibly put the country at risk by coming forward and exposing some of the things you think are wrong. what do you say to that? >> i say they are violating the foundation of this country. the thing that makes this country strong, the rights and
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freedoms we have in the constitution. >> not everyone thinks the government has gone too far. both presidents bush and obama have said the program is necessary and doesn't violate citizens rights. tonight we learned the guy who oversaw the launch of is resigning he claims not because of all the glitches but because of restructuring. the meantime health and human services secretary got grilled again on capitol hill today. sochl lawmakers called for her to resign. others said the government contractors must be pun irked. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay. >> we know that lying to congress is a crime, but unfortunately lying to the american people is not. >> today, president obama said that he anticipates that the web site will be work the wait's supposed to be by the end of the month. we have not heard about the high speed rail project in quite awhile, you know, the one that's supposed to connect the bay area and los angeles.
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>> we're talking about it tonight because sharon chin discovered the rail project is running right over some little-noeven tunnels, tunnels that back in the day were place to party. >> in the heart of china town from a secret entryway, we descended under the streets into one basement. our guide committee activist is in the late 1870s and for decades afterward, this was part of an underground china town, a haven for gambling, prostitution, opium and drinking under prohibition. >> people would always talk about don't go under because there's things down there that's dangerous. >> china town revitalization, says she's led more than 1500 people on tours into this dark world over the years, under the cob scombebs behind peepholes. she shines light on her history. as a boy, her father used to run
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here with friends. >> they would challenge each other and say i bet i could go from here to over here and see how fast they could doit. >> almost like a secret maize? >> yeah yes. >> the rooms were hidden under the streets of family-owned shops, schools and temples. historic china town once housed a donz ethnic communities including african americans, greeks and japanese. this fall, archaeologists are digging for remnants of china town's history. the rail project could run through the edge of china town, and the rail authority wants to make sure it's not destroying culturally sensitive artifacts like a rumored underground tunnel. >> most of the old doors are filled in and locked up today, but families who lived a long time say they're all part of an underground tunnel network. >> so you think this archway was part of the tounl tunnel? >> uh-huh. connecters. because the question would be why would you have these in a
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basement? >> fresno city preservation officer says there is a series of connecting basements, but a tunnel? >> i define a tunnel as a free-sthanding sub surface structure, and today the city of fresno and myself as a train historian, we are not documented any free standing structures like that. >> so far archaeologists digging in china town have found potteries, a doll and fireplace. nothing earth shattering, but fears the rail line could close the door on an important part of fresno history. >> help us save this historic resource before it's gone. >> in fresno, sharon chin kpix 5. >> high speed rail consultants plan several more digs in the next few weeks. all right. check your weather right now. yeah, it's that time of year where we can start to expect a little change, huh? >> we need the change, yeah. we're going to see it. it is coming. just a matter of time. late in getting here. we have been bone dry for the
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past six-and-a-half weeks, which is rare for us, but i think we're going to be turn tg corner soon. let you know exactly when coming up in a couple minutes. what a beautiful shot right now from rooftop looking over the san francisco bay. oakland in the background and clear skies tonight. some clouds earlier. little bit of cloud cover overnight tonight will keep us somewhat mild in the past several nights. oakland you'll drop down to 50. san jose down to 50. natural pa, santa rosa, petaluma in the low 40s overnight tonight. how about this, been talking about it nearly every day, but this was staggering when i looked this up earlier today. rain fall here in livermore just over two-and-a-half inches, which is less rain fall than death valley. death valley has gotten more rain fall this year than livermore. that's going to change soon, but that is pretty staggering considering it's november. already science have changed today. did you notice that cloud cover in the afternoon/evening. that tells me this big ridge of high pressure, which has been blocking all the storms is slowly moving to the east. it has to do that in order for
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storms to get here. high pressure moving away but still strong, still close. all the storms pass by to our north. big storm for seattle and portland tomorrow. we don't get a drop of rain from it. but by the top of next week, high pressure does move enough over arizona and new mexico. the storm door if you will will open and the storms that were just hitting the northwest will now hit northern california giving us much-needed rain fall. when does this happen? likely sunday night into monday. next couple days sunny. more sunshine, the clouds exactly what you've been getting. still be dry. rain fall is coming. it begins sunday night after a dry weekend. it'll last all the way through tuesday. tomorrow, yourz thursday, friday eve. livermore tomorrow 73. san jose 70. sunshine in sunny vail with high of 68. big football game in palo alto tomorrow. high of 68 degrees. walnut kriek, san ramon 72. vallejo 71. mill valley 69 degrees. alameda 68. sunshine in cloverdale with a
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high of 73 greece. sunny on friday and saturday. little bit cooler. nice 60s. here we go on sunday with increasing clouds. rain moves in sunday night. monday and tuesday finally looking foggy. video -- the sign of the season? the ice rink embarcadero center. oeched today for the first day, 10:00 a.m. daly for your ice skating pleasure. >> i love it. >> tis the season. >> tis the season. >> sgo with the rain. >> thanks, paul. coming up,,,,,
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for a refund. with little warriors news. >> yeah. well, you hold your collective breath when they take the court because they stay healthy, they're in good shape. the warriors did get one star back tonight, but they lose a bigger one. >> ten seconds to launch. you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool,
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season..but everyone knows's predicated on the health of there is enormous optimism for the warrior playoff prospects this season, but everybody knows it's predicated on the health of point guard steph curry. curry tweekd his right knee on this inbound play tonight. minutes later he came down
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awkwardly on his left ankle. now, curry said to reporters he'll play friday night. here's barns. how about that. scored 14 points off the befrm in 14 minutes. fourth quarter clay thompson went off six of nine from beyond the arc. 19 in the fourth quarter. game high 30 points. warriors win 106-93. we'll have to wait and see on curry. 49ers get back to work this sunday when they host the panthers. san francisco won five straight. carolina won four in a row. quarterbacks came into the nfl. colin kaepernick and cam newton at the same time. newton has the better numbers, but he has 25 more starts. turns out there was a family feud in the harbaugh family over who the 49ers should pick in that draft. >> is it true your father wanted you to draft cam newton? >> father-in-law. >> yeah. myrle during the draft says you have got to draft cam newton. jack harbaugh, colin capper
2:08 am
nishg. he was champ yovening colin kaepernick. jafk harbaugh was championing colin kaepernick. >> niners did not have the no. 1 pick in the draft that year year. that's jonathan reportedly checked himself in when he left the dolphins after being bullied by richie incognito. martin is home while his teammates continue to defend incognito. >> off the field, they went out together and hung out together. they did a lot of stuff together so if he had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it. >> whenever i saw john and hung out with john, it was usually with richie because they were friends. >> the nfl is investigating the bullying allegations. now, we all know jim harbaugh is a big fan of judge judy, but has he gone overboard? coach starts the top five. >> i got to see the episode that i was listening to that one day.
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>> you tivo all of her shows? really? >> yeah. >> he should be tivoing the pacers. they are 5 and 0 after beating the bulls tonight. no. 3, the rocket carrying the olympic torch lifted off tonight in russia on a flight to international space station. will be the first carried on a space walk. no. 2, who says you can't do anything from your rear end? that's cameron wright sitting down half court. fwhochlt 1 in between injuries, steph curry was well enough for this pass between his legs while he was slowing it to harrison barns for the put down. but, again, the warriors go as far as curry can stay healthy. >> right. >> and because of the history of his ankle, he always -- >> him and bogus, man, below the knees. >>,,,,,,,,
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