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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 7, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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so we have some changes in the works after those nice days. a mild start to the day 40s and 50s but cooler temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are one of those folks who has to get to work on time in the morning, so far, so good across the bay bridge. there's some upper deck roadwork it looks like or some new eastern span roadwork, i should say, not upper deck. from the incline to treasure island. so we'll talk much more all about your roadwork and your morning drive coming up. >> new bridge, new vernacular. >> i have to get it right. >> thk you. happening today, you can start buying stock in a san francisco tech giant this morning. cbsmoneywatch reporter alexis christoforous on twitter going public. reporter: wall street has a case of ipo fever. twitter goes public here at the new york stock exchange this morning along with more than a dozen other companies. twitter's initial public stock offering is one of wall street's most anticipated events of the year. the popular microblogging site has been priced at $26 a share
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valuing the company at $18 billion. at that valuation, each of twitter's 230 million users is worth about $78. the 7 -year-old company has yet to turn a profit but investors are betting advertisers will pay twitter big money in the years ahead. yesterday the dow surged 128 points to close at a record high. the nasdaq slipped 8. blockbuster is closing its doors. a victim of the digital age. the movie renting company is shutting down its 300 remaining u.s. stores early next year and its dvd by mail business next month. blockbuster's on demand streaming service will continue. if it looks too good to be true, it's probably a computer glitch. some high-end products at walmart's website were priced ridiculously low yesterday treadmills for $3 3. computer monitors for $9. walmart blames a technical error. the company is notifying customers their orders are being canceled and their money refunded although they will be getting a $10 gift card. that's your moneywatch. for more business news, follow me on twitter.
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at alexis cbs news. i'm alexis christoforous. >> pandora is staying in oakland. the internet radio giant will unveil a new sign on its downtown headquarters later today. pandora has been based in oakland from the start. the company says the sign is meant to show its commitment to the city of oakland. san francisco's sheriff apologizes for a series of errors involving a missing hospital patient. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: does this woman look black or asian? those were the first two in a series of epic blunders in the disappearance of lynne spalding. the problem start at 10:25 a.m. when her doctors and nurses who supposedly attended to her bedside grossly misidentified her. she is english. >> twice during that conversation, the deputy was told that the missing woman was african-american and wearing a hospital gown. >> reporter: fast forward 14 hours. the identity problems continue. this time, by deputies. >> miss ford was identified as
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a, quote, asian female in the log book. >> reporter: when hospital surveillance video was finally checked, five days later, it was use less. >> the supervisor also attempted to review the video footage as requested by sfpd but due to hardware problems was unable to do so. >> reporter: nine days after lynne's disappearance her case continued to fall through the cracks of employee competence. >> staffers directed to search the campus. the search did not include all the stairwells. >> reporter: on october 1, now 10 days later an attempt to clean up the lazy search proved just as sloppy. >> only about half of the stairwells were searched. >> reporter: and on october 4, 14 days later, the asleep at the wheel search for lynne could have been cracked only to be ignored. >> there was somebody laying on the landing in the third or fourth floor of the stairwell 8. the communication center staff responded, we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that
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stairwell. >> reporter: it wasn't until october 8th, 17 days after her disappearance, that lynne was found by someone checking locks. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. a mother in sunnyvale is looking forward to having her baby boy returned to her from arizona after he was found safe in mexico. police say henry's father kidnapped him tuesday after an argument with the mother. despite a statewide amber alert, 22-year-old mesut guler made it across the border into mexico where he was arrested. officers say the father threatened to harm himself and the baby. [ speaking spanish ] >> i was really afraid that i wouldn't be able to find him again or see him again of the i was really scared. >> mexican authorities turned guler and his son over to the border patrol in arizona. the baby is reported to be unharmed and in good health. auto thefts are on the rise this year in alameda county. the number of stolen vehicles
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is up 14% since last year. kpix 5's kiet do looked into where these cars end up. reporter: when it comes to stolen cars, this week the small town of san leandro posted big city numbers. the past seven days, how many? >> 21 vehicles have been stolen throughout the city not just in one particular area. >> reporter: this shows the auto thefts since wednesday. 21 in a week in a city with a population of 87,000. six were stolen in one day. most end up in chop shops. some are shipped out of the country and a few are taken for a quick spin. >> we also find just a lot of them that people joyride. leave your car idling to warm up in the morning, someone hops in it, drives it to the next city where they are looking for a ride. we find it a few days later. >> reporter: the number one stolen car in san leandro and the country for that matter, 1990s honda accords. number 2, honda civics. danielle perez says she parks
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her inside a gated area. are you worried? >> a little bit. i have heard that hondas are the number one easiest car to steal so i know that already. but i love hondas, so -- >> reporter: you love hondas. they love hondas, too. >> yes. >> reporter: san leandro police don't know what's causing the spike but they have started undercover patrols and hitting the streets hard with all three of their license plate readers. >> we're seeing it actually the whole east bay and along the 880 corridor is seeing a rise in numbers. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> nationwide, the number of auto thefts rose last year after 8 years of declines. it is 4:36 now. oakland police are trying to determine if hate crime charges could apply in the case of a bus passenger who was set on fire. investigators say 18-year-old luke fleischman was asleep on an ac transit bus on monday night when someone torched his skirt. fleischman has second- and third-degree burns now.
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police arrested a 16-year-old suspect on tuesday. >> started with a lighter unprovoked. even after a career in law enforcement i still find it disturbing. >> fleischman who also goes by the name of sasha is hospitalized in stable condition. a website has been set up to help pay his medical bills. google is finally breaking its silence about that mysterious barge out on the bay. it looks like we were right all along. as kpix 5 first reported weeks ago, the barge at treasure island is indeed meant for marketing and selling products like google glass. the company confirmed it in a statement. up until now, mayor lee said he didn't know anything about the barge. >> i have to admit that, you know, we had a conversation with representatives of google to find out. there is an invitation for me to visit perhaps an understand a little more what they're doing. i might take that opportunity up. >> google says it may use the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology and we're also
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learning there's a possibility of a second barge will soon be under construction on treasure island. >> i think they have one in maine, too, don't they? >> they have. so the mystery is now solved. >> i want my own little weather station barge on the bay! [ laughter ] around the bay area today, we are seeing more clouds outside. looks like the temperatures are going to start to cool down a little more so in the next couple of days. the temperatures will be dropping off maybe we start to talk about rain next week. you see high pressure weakening somewhat. all those clouds flowing across our skies. we are not going to worry about rain today but we'll see cooler temperatures developing especially near the coastline. 40s and some 50s out the door with some cloudy skies. by the afternoon, still about 74 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds in livermore. 73 degrees in san jose. looks like about 60 degrees cooling down in pacifica. all right. let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. outside we go towards the east bay and the nimitz freeway. this time it's overnight roadwork we're talking about various lanes blocked until about 5:00.
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another 20 minutes or so, northbound and southbound 880. southbound is between hegenberger and 98. northbound between 23rd and broadway where it was yesterday. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, no delay at the toll plaza. there is some roadwork in both directions westbound and eastbound 80 once you get on the bay bridge itself. san mateo bridge traffic okay this morning. westbound 92 should be about 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. and check the sensors, the road sensors through the altamont pass and the livermore valley everything is quiet. we'll check the peninsula commute where it could get busy later on tonight. i believe frank has more on that. >> yeah, i sure do. it's arguably one of the biggest football games in stanford history. tonight at 6:00 stanford hosts oregon in a game that could very well determine who may get a shot at the national championship. some fans have already claimed their spots in the parking lot. we found one man who showed up with an rv on tuesday and if you want to go, you better be ready to pay up.
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standing-room-only tickets are going for $90 each. exciting game. >> big, big game. >> it is a sign of the season. san francisco's embarcadero ice rink is now open. it's at justin herman plaza across if the ferry building. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor. the rink opens every day at 10 a.m. >> the lights go on, the embarcadero about a week from friday we'll be there. 4:40. more fallout from the troubled launch of the government healthcare website. who is stepping down amid all the controversy. >> three train cars derail in solano county. why the cargo has environmental groups so concerned. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have liftoff of the soyuz rocket and the tma 11m spacecraft on an olympic leap. >> an out-of-this-world journey for the olympic sport. three astronauts are taking it on the latest mission to the international space station. this is the first time the torch made the trip into space. it will go on a spacewalk and return to earth next monday.
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a train carrying a very dirty by-product of oil refineries derailed in benicia this week and kpix 5's christin ayers heard from neighbors who say, we told you so. >> reporter: the train cars were carrying petroleum coke what's left an valero's benicia refinery processes oil. >> i have to tell you, this has just shocked our town! >> reporter: none of the dust spilled but marilyn a member of a watchdog group says the incident was a wake-up call for benicia at a time when the refinery is fighting to bring 70,000 barrels a day of what environmentalists call some of the dirtiest oil on the planet. >> it's just impossible to clean this stuff up. >> reporter: it's called tar sands and all five of the bay area's refineries have plans to start transporting it from canada by rail even though some experts say the oil carries a higher risk of damaging spills
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and fires similar to the one in richmond last summer. >> pictured a huge funnel coming down from alberta tar sands feeding into my town. well, i don't like that. >> reporter: tonight environmental groups gathered in berkeley to talk about how to fight back. benicia residents will get to review an environmental impact report before the tar sands project goes before the planning commission. and bar day says that's a start. >> this is huge and the refineries are not used to that. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> nobody was hurt in the derailment and police say the petroleum coke that was being transported was contained. the bay area is taking a historic step as part of a climate protection resolution. the air district board wants to reduce greenhouse gases substantially by the year 2050. it wants them 80% below 1990 levels by then. the board has to develop a strategy which it plans to roll out next year. 4:44. we bring in lawrence now. yesterday i guess pick of the week. today we start the little
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downhill slide? >> we start to cruise down as it looks like the whole pattern about to shift gears here. we could use rain. not yet but cloudy now and continuing to stream across our skies. a little mild out the door this morning. 40s and 50s with plenty of clouds this afternoon. temperatures cooler. still some mid-70s possible in the interior valleys. 60s inside the bay. 50s and cooler at the coastline. clouds streaming across our skies. looks like that weak trough diving in to northern california. we are going to stay dry here but high pressure scooting east and as that ridge moves out our temperatures going to start to cool down and we are going to see a few more clouds. the temperatures dropping off around the bay area today. still comfortable, 70 degrees in milpitas, 73 in san jose, 71 mountain view and 60 degrees and much cooler in pacifica today. east bay temperatures running up in the low to mid-70s in the warmest spots. then heading inside the bay a
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mix of sun and clouds. 67 in alameda. 64 degrees in san francisco. a cool 59 in daly city. over the next couple of days, we'll see those temperatures cooling off and more clouds coming our way slight chance of showers tuesday.let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we are going out towards the peninsula. i promised you a check of 101 traffic right now and around palo alto, actually may be east palo alto approaching the university exit, as you can see, everything is flowing nicely now northbound and southbound 101 as frank and michelle said earlier a big football game, oregon versus stanford right in the thick of the evening commute at 6:00 tonight. so people have already staked out their parking spaces. it's going to be a huge crowd. you may want to consider using caltrain. all right. let's go to our maps and check the other live traffic cameras. highway 4 so far, so good in the westbound commute direction. eastbound there is that usual overnight roadwork. they have at least one lane blocked approaching somersville and a check through the macarthur maze, westbound 24 approaching telegraph everything is free and clear through the caldecott tunnel.
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and your major east bay drive times still looking good. everything moving at the speed limit. got any questions about your morning drive once you hit the roads? tune to our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:47. the man who oversaw the launch of the has resigned. tony triningle was chief information officer at cms. critics on capitol hill are calling for another resignation from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she was grilled again yesterday at a senate committee hearing. some lawmakers said some government contractors should be punished as well that plagued the healthcare website. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay. >> we know that lying to congress is a crime but unfortunately lying to the american people is not. >> president obama anticipates the website will be working the
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way it's supposed to by the end of the month. well, we haven't heard about the high-speed rail project in a while that's supposed to connect the bay area to l.a. >> we are talking about it this morning because sharon chin discovered the rail project is running right over some little known tunnels that a long time ago were places to party. >> reporter: in the heart of fresno's chinatown from a secret entryway, we descended under the streets from one basement that connects to others. in the late 1870s and decades afterwards this was part of an underground chinatown a haven for gambling, prosecution, opium and drinking under prohibition. >> people would always talk about don't go under because there's things down there that's dangerous. >> reporter: as founder of the group chinatown revitalization, she says she has led more than
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1500 people on tours into the dark world over the years. under the cobwebs and behind peep holes she shines light on her history. as a boy, her father used to run here with friends. >> they would challenge each other and say, i bet i could go from here to over here. and they would see how fast they could do it. >> reporter: almost like a secret maze. >> yes. these were the cribs. >> reporter: the rooms were hidden the streets of family owned shops and schools. historic chinatown once housed a dozen ethnic communities including blacks, armenians, greeks and japanese. this fall, archeologists with the high-speed rail authority are digging for remnants of chinatown's history. the rail project could run through the edge of chinatown and the rail authority says it wants to make sure it's not destroying culturally sensitive artifacts like a rumored underground tunnel. most of the old doors between the basements are filled in and locked up today. but families who lived here a long time say they are all part
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of an underground tunnel network. >> this archway was part of the tunnel. connectors. because the question would be is, why would you have these and a basement? >> reporter: fresno city preservation officer says there is a series of connecting basements but a conditional? >> i define a tunnel as a freestanding subsurface structure and that date, the city of fresno and myself as a trained historian have not documented any freestanding structures like that. >> reporter: so far, archeologists digging in chinatown have found pottery, a doll and fireplace. nothing earth-shattering. but omachi fears the rail line could close the door on an important part of fresno history. >> help us save this historic resource before it's gone. >> reporter: in fresno, sharon chin kpix 5. >> the high-speed rail project could run through 21 properties at the end of chinatown including businesses, vacant
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buildings and empty parcels of land. high-speed rail consultants plan several more archaeological digs in the next few weeks. it is 4:51. steep budget cuts leading to some painful decisions at one local bay area university. how the cuts will impact students. coming up. >> and a serious warning to a group of northern california teenagers. their clothing could make them the target of gang violence. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. the weather is changing. a closer look, our friends in fremont, we have a lot of cloud out there now. by the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. and mild temperatures, a high today of 69 degrees. >> and not quite 5:00 but we have some cars out there on the road only bridges. so far things are moving at the speed limit and they just opened four southbound lanes in the commute direction across the golden gate bridge. your latest "kcbs traffic" is coming up. san jose state university students are struggling to fill their spring schedules now that the university is slashing
4:54 am
classes. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, the move has left students and faculty stunned. >> i am a student and this is personal! >> reporter: san jose state administrators faced a crowded room full of students and faculty frustrated that more classes are to be cut, more instructors to be laid off. >> i'm done with it! this is a glorified pr seminar. i'm done. [ applause ] >> reporter: late last week, just days before spring enrollment begins, the university told academic department chairs they would have to again make millions of dollars in cuts to stay within their budgets. >> for me, i'm a small department, and i had to go from 20 sections to 17 sections of classes. i had to tell people they didn't have a job. >> reporter: the university is still reeling from a $32 million deficit. although cuts were made over the past two years, $4 million must still be slashed this spring. >> i'm so upset because my funds for college are going away and i planned on attending
4:55 am
a four-year university and it's now looking like i'll be here for five or six years. >> it's not unusual for us to be told to do budget cuts but it's highly extraordinary for us to be told do budget cuts and turn them in by tomorrow or friday. so we have maybe a two-day advance notice to affect the lives of faculty and students that will never be replaced! we have been told these cuts are permanent. >> reporter: they say the way the cuts were handled not only affects students and teachers but also could hurt the university's reputation. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> enrollment for spring semester at s jsu begins tuesday. police are warning students near sacramento their class sweatshirts could be putting their lives in danger. the senior class at an elk grove high school designed this sweatshirt and went with roman numerals to symbolize the class of 2014. only problem, though: xiv is associated with a latino gang with a strong presence in northern california. >> you wear that on the street
4:56 am
you're going to get your [ censored ] kicked. >> it was investigated by a number of people and if those individuals did not know -- and those individuals did not know about the connection. >> students can return the sweatshirts for a refund. 4:56. getting ready to spread its winnings today. what twitter is doing to avoid the same ipo mistakes as facebook. >> reporter: after two workers were killed on the train tracks, bart management will be in the hot seat today at an assembly committee. we'll tell you about it coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald >> have you looked yourself up on the twitter thing? >> it was mocked at first but twitter goes public today at $26 a share. the company is valued at $14.2 billion. >> worker safety issues are the hot topic today as the state assembly committee begins its investigation into the deaths of two transit workers. that incident happened last month on the bart tracks in
4:59 am
walnut creek. >> i want to have an impact on the future for andy. >> that's the san francisco man fbi believes is behind a billion-dollar black market website. now his attorneys say they have it all wrong. >> no matter how we look at it, no matter where people go there is going to be a lot of traffic in palo alto. >> it's game day, stanford takes on oregon. it's considered one of the biggest college football games in years. if stanford wins, it means they are more than likely headed to the rose bowl. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on your thursday. let's get a little weather check with lawrence and i guess we are cooling down a little bit. >> a lot of clouds moving across our skies. we have low clouds near the coastline, some higher clouds stretching across the rest of the bay area. looks like high pressure starting to weaken somewhat. you see those clouds flowing across our skies now even some
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showers in far northern california. we are going to keep things dry here but the temperatures are going to start to come down quite a bit for highs. out the door now, though, fairly mild. 40s and 50s with plenty of clouds this afternoon. we'll see a little sunshine and a few clouds floating by. those temperatures dropping off a few degrees. 74 above average still in live. about 64 in san francisco. and 73 in san jose. let's check out your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> we have a growing problem in oakland westbound 580 approaching the macarthur boulevard exit, three-car accident. one lane is blocked and one person has serious injuries. this may take a while to clear. they are running a traffic break around keller. so heads up you will find some delays right now if you are about to travel in oakland through that area near macarthur boulevard. otherwise, bay area traffic pretty much at the limit if you are traveling through the altamont pass or livermore or up and


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