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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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aboard this bart train during a morning rush hour. that's a big no, no since bikes are not allowed in front cars ever. and he is doing it in full view of the train operator!! we showed steve the video. he runs bart's bike program. >> what normally happens in front of the train operator? >> that's unusual. >> reporter: he says usually train operator ask bike riders to move cars back. >> it's a learning curve. >> reporter: since the program started in july there have been complaints about bicyclists getting on trains already jammed with passengers and strollers. there have been bumps along the way. >> there's always going to be a few no matter what group you're looking at bicyclists or other groups who are less conscious of the rules. >> reporter: some rules are simple like no bikes on the first three trains during rush hour others vague like don't board a crowded train. that term crowded seems a little bit up for debate. >> it's subjective.
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>> reporter: that's what upsets riders. >> there's not enough room for them on the train. >> if i have enough sense not to get on there myself, what's wrong with them? >> not going to be a lot of room. people are going to get angry. >> reporter: this bike rider admits he gets looks from other commuters. >> same guy. >> reporter: if you are pushing in -- >> having to ask people to move out of the way it's probably too crowded to bring your bike on. >> reporter: most riders do the right thing. many wait for the next train. >> it stinks in the morning but you have to commute. >> reporter: bart will keep tweaking the rules but bikes on the system are here to stay. bart is adding for bike racks in stations. they are making them more visible. they are also adding bike lockers. the goal is to make them more comfortable leaving the bikes at the stations to free up room on the trains.
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>> why won't bart make a bike- only car? >> reporter: right. like caltrain does except those stops are longer. bart only stops for 20 seconds. plus the way the system works, it would not work because the workers, they constantly mix and match the trains throughout the day. there's no way to consistently have that bike-only train be the last one, for instance. >> right. all right, ryan. thank you. it was the most hotly anticipated tech ipo since facebook. shares of twitter soared on today the first day of trading. allen martin is here with how the stock market debuts of these two social media sites compare. >> reporter: the chief operating officer of the new york stock exchange called it a giant poker game as traders kind of set the opening price for twitter. but once trading was under way, the banker who led the ipo sent a one-word tweet. whew! here's part of the reason y the major indices lost big. the dow down 153. s&p lost 23. the nasdaq 74.5. with all of that negative,
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pretty easy to see why twitter was a shining star. [ bell ] >> reporter: yes, the investing world is all atwitter about twitter but should you? financial planner bob goldman doesn't think so. >> i think you should look at this kind of investing as investor-tainment. >> reporter: whether it's twitter, gold bars or comic books, he says they are all interesting to watch but don't sink a significant portion of your assets in it. >> any new company is a risk. any new tech company is probably a double risk. >> reporter: but many call today's rollout of twitter the anti-facebook ipo. twitter started the day priced at $26 a share. it was up 73% to close just below 45. facebook hit the market last year at $38 a share. eventually it dropped to $17. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks says there were a number of reasons for facebook's freefall. >> it was a disaster for the
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company. it started at $38 and fell short of that and beset by a number of problems. first, the nasdaq had some technical glitches that hampered the ipo and the stock getting out there. >> reporter: he said there seemed to be more investor uncertainty about facebook. >> this big social media firm with a high valuation, that really wasn't making much money. it had a lot to prove. those two factors really dogged facebook. >> reporter: so while twitter did a lot of things better than facebook, bob goldman also sees a twitter attraction and why people want to be part of it. >> in fact, we all are part of it because we have so many electronic devices, so, you know, we feel more comfortable with that. it's a lot more exciting with the birth of a new high-tech company than might be with the birth of a new salad dressing. >> reporter: certainly. well, important to note, neither facebook nor twitter have made any money at the time of the respective stock offerings but raising about $31 billion today not only makes twitter owners and employees rich it puts pressure on them
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to turn a profit soon. >> yeah. everybody wants to get in on the ground floor. google is a great example. apple same thing. there is a lot of pressure for the stock exchange as well. >> there was. that was kind of interesting. the nyse, the new york exchange, did not want to suffer the same consequences the nasdaq did when it got crushed by all those facebook orders. so the new york stock exchange actually practiced. they had a trial ipo back on saturday in october to test the system and i would say it passed with flying colors. >> somebody tested their website. >> yeah. >> it worked. >> not the government. >> right. [ laughter ] tesla shares are falling after a third model s caught fire. this time in tennessee. yesterday's fire melted the front of the car. tesla says the fire started after the car ran over a tow hitch. the company sent a team to tennessee to investigate. two other model s cars burst into flames in the past five weeks including this one near seattle after the driver ran over a piece of metal that
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punctured the battery. and this one in mexico after police say a drunk driver crashed into a concrete wall and a tree. shares of the palo alto based carmaker fell 7.5% today to 140 bucks. that's on top of yesterday's plunge of 14.5%. still, the shares are up 312% this year. oakland police say the 16- year-old accused of setting a bus rider on fire told them that he did it because he is homophobic. kpix 5's da lin tells us the suspect is now facing hate crime charges as an adult. >> very sorry for what happened. >> we're very sorry for what happened. >> it was -- he didn't mean it. it was a joke. nothing like that. going to be that. >> reporter: the suspect's family says the teen is remorseful for setting another teen on fire. they say he plans to apologize by sending a letter to the victim. >> he's a good kid a very good kid. >> reporter: why do you think i
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he did it? >> with his friends joking around. >> reporter: prosecutors say 16- year-old richard thomas set a man on fire aboard a bus because the victim was wearing a skirt. they say the two did not know each other and the attack was unprovoked. an oakland police investigator wrote in the probable cause statement, during suspect interview the suspect stated he did it because he was homophobic. the suspect's family denies that saying thomas is not a hateful person. >> it's never -- it was never a hate crime, never, ever a hate crime. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. prosecutors charged thomas with assault and mayhem adding the hate crime enhancement to both counts. the victim, 18-year-old luke fleischman, at the st. francis burn center is in stable condition recovering from second- and third-degree burns to his legs. fleischman goes by sasha, and identifies himself as an agender person, neither male
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nor female. neighbors say he often wears a skirt. leaders in the lgbt community are glad the d.a. is sending a strong message. >> it's not okay to set someone on fire period. we're all human beings and nobody should ever have to suffer that kind of trauma. >> reporter: richard thomas will be back in court on tuesday represented by a private attorney. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the legal experts say if thomas is convicted of both counts the hate crime enhancement will add another three years to his prison term. another lawsuit against the commission that's taking away city college of san francisco's accreditation. this morning the save ccsf coalition filed a lawsuit fighting the recent decision to drop accreditation for the school. they say the commission violated federal regulations in its review of the city college. the two other similar suits have been filed. the college will lose accreditation next july.
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an historic day up on mount diablo. the nonprofit buying land for preservation made its largest piece ever the missing link in the heart of mount diablo state park. ann notarangelo reports. >> reporter: until now what lies behind this gate has been a subject of two questions. first, what's back there? >> this is curry canyon ranch. it's the missing element in the middle of the mount diablo state park. it's really the heart of the diablo wilderness. >> reporter: the land is surrounded by mount diablo state park on three sides. it's been the missing link for four major trails. but it's been privately owned. so the second question is, will it be developed or preserved? we now know the answer. >> with this acquisition, right in the middle of the state park trail system, hikers and bikers can stay right on the ridgeline making their experience much easier. >> reporter: save mount diablo has made its largest purchase ever more than 1,000 acres near clayton that's been on the
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foundation's wish list for 43 years. when the owner died his estate wanted to make a deal. it's a spectacular piece of land. >> it's got six major peaks and canyons. dozens of smaller canyons. but i think up to this incredible ridgeline. >> reporter: keeping the ridgeline pristine is a priority. you may see houses on this ridge? >> they say scars on the landscape. they didn't want that here. >> mount diablo is a very rich biodiverse place in the first place. this is the heart of mount diablo, the most important resource property left in contra costa county. >> reporter: this property is also a biological treasure- trove. there's 730 species of plants and animals, 30 rare or endangered. there are all sorts of neat visual treats from wind caves to knob cone pines majestic oakland trees and deer. >> this feels more like a wilderness to me. anytime you just get out a little bit further away from civilization, you get more and
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more into the natural environment. >> reporter: that natural environment still lies behind private property. so for the time being it remains off limits. save mount diablo has one more big hurled, repaying the $7.2 million loan in three years. they are already bringing bringing donors to inspire them which is what this area is about, a place where we feel free to exhale. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> access not new property is limited because -- access to the new property is limited because it goes through private property but they will begin offering public hikes in the spring. classes saved but it comes at a cost. how the tactic to stop drastic cuts in the bay area university comes with serious consequences. >> transfats being phased out. will you notice? tonight the taste test. >> weather warm dry. 77 degrees today in larkspur.
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this is early november? yeah, it is. 73 in american canyon. palo alto, big game tonight, 72 for a high. there is rain coming. we'll talk about how much when it gets here and when it moves out next. >> coming up at 6:30, the call for a criminal investigation into the deaths of two bart workers on the tracks. why the unions blame the transit agency's culture. ,,
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have wiped out many classes teaching jobs have just been a quick surprising change of course at san jose state university. massive budgets cuts that would have wiped out many classes and teaching jobs have just been canceled. len ramirez reports administrators are planning to save money but in places outside of academics. got to be good news, len. >> reporter: good news for the students. you know, they have been telling me ken that they walk by these construction projects and there are many of them here on campus projects that cost millions on the one hand and then be told there's not enough money for teachers and students
6:15 pm
it didn't make sense but apparently it does make sense also to the administration. for san jose state students just trying to graduate there is once again light at the end of the tunnel. classes and teachers on the chopping block have been saved. >> reaction, utter relief. the fact this came just 24 hours after the announcement of cuts is a complete relief for everyone. >> how can one explain such expenses? >> reporter: it has been a strange 24 hours beginning with an emotionally charged meeting where administrators came to explain last-minute cuts for the spring semester that would have eliminated classes and faculty. >> i may not have a job next semester. >> reporter: making it harder and more costly for students to graduate. >> i don't understand how it works. i don't think it's okay. and i'm not surprised that it's happening right now. >> i'm done with it! this is a glorified pr sem mar! >> reporter: some students were not satisfied with the answers. >> of course. >> reporter: but their questions and concerns did have an impact and today the administration reversed course. >> overnight the decision was
6:16 pm
made to shift some resources that were to go to other projects to these academic units so that we can offer all the courses our students need in the spring. >> reporter: which is exactly what many of the faculty had suggested all along. among any being used for -- >> upgrading telephones, fixing buildings and providing better facilities. we are prioritizing people first. >> reporter: it means removing roadblocks to graduation. >> we don't want to stay here forever. we want to come back as proud alum. >> reporter: teachers were busy taking class out and combining classes putting them back in the catalog. >> officials aren't saying what money will be deferred to save the classes. they say they still have to
6:17 pm
calculate the costs of restoring classes and jobs. prepare to say good-bye to transfats. they are often found in a lot of the fried foods we all know and love. but as our mike sugerman reports, some bay area restaurants have already found some healthier and perhaps even tastier alternatives. reporter: mmm! donuts! >> i got this and a carton of milk and it's the bomb. >> reporter: bob's donuts in san francisco has legions of fans not only voted best coming up donut by some guy who likes donuts but by a magazine as one of the best in the united states. >> to be honest, i'm just coming around the corner from my wellness facility and a little donut afterwards is good for the soul, as well. >> reporter: donuts are fried in oil often transfat oil which makes stuff on the shelves last longer and gives them texture. conventional wisdom is that artificial transfat oil is what makes donut so light and good. >> they are transfat-free.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: the thing about bob's donuts, everybody loves bob's donuts and bob's donuts aren't made with transfat oils. they are made with palm oil. mmm! >> in 2008, california banned transfat oils. >> reporter: going to palm oil a healthier alternative hasn't hurt the taste nor popularity of bob's. >> i didn't know that. i don't care. [ laughter ] i don't care about the whole health thing. >> reporter: they taste so good. >> there is no nutrition to transfats. >> reporter: because of voluntary restrictions and legislation, including a ban in new york city in 2007, the fda says americans use 80% less transfats today than a decade ago. but a nationwide ban now, doctors say, would prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths a year.
6:19 pm
>> i don't think a ban works. >> reporter: says one donut eater. >> if people are warned they can make a choice. >> reporter: the fda wants to remove your choice as a great health risk. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the fda says it will take feedback on the new requirements for two months but then set a timeline for the phase-out. >> all of a sudden i'm starving! i'm so hungry. >> i want a donut! fantastic! >> can we speed up this newscast? it's not going to rain for three days. good-bye. see you! [ laughter ] >> we'll talk about when the rain is coming. what a beautiful evening in san francisco. we have the ferry building, the bay lights and another night with clear skies. another vantage point, a lot of folks would like to be on the over side of the bay bridge because they are stuck on the oakland side for now. look at these highs. this is november 7. you and i both know these are not record highs but this has been day
6:20 pm
after day after day of warm stuff. livermore 78 today. sonoma sunshine 76. san rafael 75. 74 for you in san jose. fremont topped out at 73. and how about downtown san francisco? 71 degrees today. and not a thing on kpix 5 hi- def doppler radar. our temperature trend in san jose is certainly upward not only dry but getting warmer as recently as sunday. you're in the mid-60s well below average but yesterday and today, topping out in the mid- 70s. so what's going on? it's all about a big stubborn ridge of high pressure that's simply not moving. it is very active in the eastern pacific right now. there's lots of energy, lots of juice, lots of rainfall and all of it is hitting a wall in the atmosphere being forced around this ridge of high pressure. northwest is getting a ton of rain. we can't buy a drop of it because the ridge isn't moving. it's not going to move through the weekend so the rain will stay all north of mount shasta. not for us until the ridge
6:21 pm
moves. that will happen. whenever it moves we'll have the next storm diving down toward us on the top of next week. not a ton of rainfall but it will be some and it will get here by monday veterans day. for tomorrow, friday, wrapping up the workweek and school week, another nice mild sunny day. oakland 67. san jose 69. 71 for you in concord. livermore topping out at 73. maybe a weekend up in wine country, napa starting the weekend early with a high of 70 tomorrow. sunny saturday. now looks even sunny on sunday. but monday veterans day we'll see a few showers around. tuesday a couple showers too. then middle of next week we are back to where we started sunny and dry. this is just not the pattern to get a ton of rainfall. we need the pattern to change. we'll see a little bit of rain next week. at least it's a start. >> definitely clear out the dry air and allergies. hopefully. the changes at a bay area high school in the wake of a high-profile rape case. >> how bay area scientists say a particular cooking method could be hazardous to your health. ,,
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today... that incident has d to major changes within the school district. a brutal gang-rape outside richmond high in 2009 prompted national outrage and today that incidents led to major changes within the school district. a federal report released there week accuses the district of ignoring a culture of harassment. but the district says it's turned a corner setting a higher standard of behavior and enforcing the rules. at de anza high school they have installed more than 130 surveillance cameras as well as campus security and richmond police officers. >> everything has changed. just starting with how -- the attitudes of students, how some of the old school, uhm, i think more students they didn't care about academics or school spirit. now they are coming into this new building the rallies are more amazing, teachers are more involved in student lives. >> the year of that gang-rape there were more than 180
6:25 pm
expulsions districtwide. last year, they had 5. federal authorities have accepted the school district's changes as a settlement of the federal inquiry. san jose teenager came up with a cool way to keep birds of prey out of the airport. yeah, that's it. caleb levine built these raptor traps for his eagle scout project and showed them off at the airport today. the usda is now using those traps to capture, band and relocate birds like red-tailed hawks which are often spotted in the airport. coming up in the next half hour the call for a criminal investigation into the deaths of two bart workers on the tracks. why the union blames the transit company's culture. >> expensive electronics accidentally offered for dirt
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cheap. what are your rights as a california customer? ,, woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. one of bart's unions made tt now at 6:30? >> the call for a criminal investigation into the deaths of those two bart workers on
6:29 pm
the tracks. one of bart's unions made that demand today. this as the transit agency's safety policies are under heavy scrutiny. kpix 5's mark kelly on the questions over bart's priorities. >> reporter: for four hours, state legislators heard testimony from bart unions and management. the goal, understand why on october 19th, bart staff christopher sheppard and contractor larry daniels died hit by a bart train in walnut creek. the unions points the finger at bart's culture saying trains running on time not safety is the top priority for management. >> we want safety to be addressed and that was one of our sticking points. >> safety has always been our top priority. >> reporter: bart workers shared personal stories of dangerous working conditions on the job including physical assaults. >> but these rules are only really enforced after something goes wrong. >> reporter: and last months,
6:30 pm
something went fatally wrong. sheppard and daniels were working under a bart process called the "simple approval" practice where workers are responsible for their own safety. since the accident, bart has eliminated the practice for the time being replacing it with a work order practice that management says is time- consuming and costly. >> is your position that bart believers that the "simple approval" process is a best practice and should be continued? >> we are going to have to come to grips with how to do without this procedure and substitute for it a procedure that is going to be more disruptive potentially to the service, may have impacts on our budget. it may even quite frankly impact the hours of operation at bart. >> reporter: over the years bart has racked up dozens of worker safety citations from cal/osha. instead of addressing them, legislators say bart appealed them for years all in an effort to keep from changing their
6:31 pm
culture and policies. >> there's just been a long line of appeals that continue to drag the situation out and have actually forced to be here today. [ inaudible ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the national transportation safety board is handling the investigation into last month's deadly accident. it could be up to a year before there is a final report. eyes up, bones down. san francisco wants muni riders to follow those instructions to improve security. the city is launching a new campaign specifically to reduce the number of robberies on buses and trains. they have already stepped up police patrols on certain lines but say they could use the help of riders. people will start seeing signs and ambassadors advising them to spend less time looking at their phones and more time at what's around them.
6:32 pm
now we're cooking with gas! you've heard that. most chefs actually prefer to cook with gas. but now there's some new questions about the long term health effects for those who work over gas ranges. reporter louisa hodge on the east bay researchers who detected elevated levels of pollution. >> reporter: scientists with the u.s. department of energy's lawrence berkeley national conducted a study based on data from half of the homes in southern california. and they found that during the winter months, households using gas burners weekly without venting range hoods were exposed to high levels of air pollutants. the study shows levels of nitrogen dioxide so high, it exceeds outdoor standards set by the epa for short-term exposure. >> it's really based on modeling and simulation assessments rather than an actual in-home measurement. so it's really kind of an incomplete science. >> reporter: while the study's research scientists agree there is still much more to learn,
6:33 pm
one of the author says, "we don't want to scare anyone away from cooking. we just want them to remember to cook in a safe manner and use their range hoods." something scientists found most californians do not regularly do. carolyn hammersly used her ventilating range hood but after living in her santa monica home for 10 years she is not convinced it's efficient. >> it doesn't pull the air very strongly. when you see steam coming up from a pan. >> reporter: experts recommend cooking on the back burners when you can because they are closer to the ventilation system. while the study may still be in its initial stages, it's opened the door allowing research of what was once thought of as an outdoor problem inside the home. in downtown los angeles, louisa hodge, kpix 5. >> because of cooking with gas burners, they say as many as 12 million californians are exposed to levels of nitrogen
6:34 pm
dioxide above healthy standards. who knew? did you hear about the expensive electronics accidentally shoulder on walmart's website for a few bucks? coming up in consumerwatch, why walmart may have to honor those prices according to california law. >> inside the secret party tunnels buried under california. now in danger of being destroyed. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:36 pm
something fixed on your car. and then you get a notice t een recalled and the with so many recalls on cars these days odds are this may happen to you. you pay to get something fixed and get a notice the part is recalled and the manufacturer will fix it for free. so if you have already paid, do they have to reimburse you? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains, it's a little complicated. >> reporter: yeah. the law requires that they reimburse you if it's a recall. but many car companies get around that by issuing what they call service campaigns instead.
6:37 pm
>> a service campaign is a weaker version of a safety recall. >> reporter: he says service campaigns are not regulated by the government and and carmakers are not obligated to pay for repairs. unlike a recall carmakers who issue service campaigns are not required to track down every affected car owner. so now you know. best buy is rolling out the red carpet to people who are just looking this holiday season. the retailer has unveiled a series of commercials welcoming people who use a store to showroom. that's the term for people who visit stores to check products and then order them online. the hope is that folks who come to look will stay to buy. and as we have been reporting a glitch caused to temporarily sell outrageously low priced items like a $21 treadmill. they said they won't honor but in california they may have to. posts like this one have been
6:38 pm
twilling twitter sphere. i ordered 50 kayaks and 100 speakers and said they better honor it. they reserve the right to cancel any order. but according to california law a retailer cannot charge more than the price advertised posted marked displayed or quoted. and we're told that's what they have inadvertently done here so we sent a copy of the business and professions code to walmart and we are still waiting toker response but i spoke with a number of d.a.s who said this doesn't really apply to the quote intent of the law. they weren't intentionally advertised prices to draw consumers to and away from the competitor. and those prices were so low consume yours should have reasonably expected that they were a mistake. >> but could walmart be legally required to make good on those prices? >> reporter: well, technically, yes. it's unlikely you'll find a california d.a. who would take the case but potentially according to the letter of the law, they could
6:39 pm
be required to. still waiting toker their response. >> they are going to love you. >> still waiting for their response. tunnels in danger of being destroyed. how these secret places buried under california could be the victims of high-speed rail. >> it is all about extremes in weather. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk about the sixth longest autumn dry streak ever right here in the bay area. when it's going to end and i'll show you one of the biggest storms ever on earth. both coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. can you hear that collective sigh around the bay area last night? >> steph curry got hurt. >> we'll update steph curry's status. >> walked out of the living room that night feeling pretty darn good about it. >> jim harbaugh on the rare one that got away. and a local legend's secret. >> i jokingly say, you know, all you have to do is get old. >> see you in a few minutes. ,,,,,,
6:40 pm
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connect the bay area and l-a... we're talking about it tonit because sharon chin discovered... ing right over we haven't heard about the high-speed rail project in a while to link los angeles with the bay area. we are talking about it tonight because sharon chin discovered
6:43 pm
the rail project is running right over some little known tunnels. tunnels that back in the day were places to party. >> reporter: in the heart of fresno's chinatown, from a secret entryway, we descended under the streets into one basement connecting to others. our guide a community activist says in the late 1870s and decades afterwards this was part of an underground chinatown a haven for gambling, prostitution and opium and drinking under prohibition. >> people would always talk about, well, don't go under because there's things down there that's dangerous. >> reporter: as founder of the group chinatown revitalization, she says she has led more than 1500 people on tours into the dark world over the years. under the cobwebs and behind peep holes she shines light on her history. as a boy, her father used to run here with friends. >> they would challenge each other and say i bet i could go
6:44 pm
from here to over here. and see how fast they could do it. >> reporter: almost like a secret maze. >> yes. these are all where they had the cribs. >> reporter: the rooms were hipped end under the streets of family owned shops and schools. historic chinatown once housed a dozen communities including blacks, armenians, greeks and japanese. this fall, archeologists with the high-speed rail authority are digging for remnants of chinatown's history. the rail project could run through the edge of chinatown and the rail authority says it wants to make sure it's not destroying culturally sensitive artifacts like a rumored underground tunnel. moses of the old doors between the basements are filled in and locked up today but families who lived here a long time say they are part of an underground tunnel network. >> so we think this archway was part of the tunnel connectors. why would you have these in a
6:45 pm
basements? >> reporter: fresno's city preservation office says there are basements but a tunnel? >> i define a tunnel as a freestanding subsurface structure and today the city of fresno and myself as a trained historian have not documented any freestanding structures like that. >> reporter: so far archeologists digging in chinatown have found pottery, a doll and fireplace. nothing earth-shattering. but omachi fears the rail line could close the door on an important part of fresno history. >> help us save this historic resource before it's gone. >> reporter: in fresno, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> there are more archaeological digs in the next few weeks. history being made on the other side of the ocean. >> plans the biggest storm anywhere on earth when it comes to the strength and winds. 195-mile-per-hour sustained winds not the gusts, the gusts are 225 miles per hour!
6:46 pm
now, this is video before everything went dark here. recording stations rod, the wind over in the philippines, the central philippines, they are breaking. the weather stations are literally getting blown away. a storm surge in excess of 30 fetus, waves offshore 50 to 70 feet. the name of the storm is super typhoon haiyan. now, a typhoon is simply a different name for a hurricane but this one is a monster with 195-mile-per-hour sustained windsna . couple of days it will be a weaker hurricane going to vietnam in a couple of days. no rain here for 7 weeks once we hit saturday. a lot of traffic into the city on thursday night. here's the golden gate. oakland 69. san francisco 58. san jose 60. mild sunny day and clear evening out there. please enjoy this nice weather. i know we need the rainfall. we'll say that 100 more times
6:47 pm
but it's good stuff to get outside and we'll have more of it through the weekend. tomorrow morning, concord, livermore 46. redwood city 46. fremont 45. and san francisco 50. let's wrap up schoolcast for the week. grant elementary school in petaluma k-6, 405 students, their mascot is a shamrock at grant elementary. here's a shot of the school right there. they had their big book fair this week. the library coordinator did a great job. grant elementary in petaluma the schoolcast school of the day. go to to nominate your school. big ridge of high pressure lots of activity in the pacific, nowhere close to here because of this blocking ridge not moving. all storms have to ride over top of it like the one hitting the northwest today. the rain will make it as far south as shasta and eureka but not for us staying hours to our north. the next storm system the top of next week will make it here. the ridge will move. sliding east. so for you next monday and tuesday, we will have some
6:48 pm
scattered showers. not going to amount to much. but we'll have a little bit of rain by the top of next week. you want to get outside with a soccer match for the kids. trending sunny. showers monday and tuesday, high pressure after that. san jose 69 tomorrow. upper 60s for sunnyvale, palo alto, mid-60s for hayward. low 70s for antioch, walnut creek and danville. 62 for san francisco. and 70 your high tomorrow with sunshine for petaluma. extended forecast we are sunny and dry through the weekend. can't buy a drop of rain. here comes a couple of showers monday and tuesday but they will exit and sunshine is back on wednesday and thursday. chopper 5 over palo alto, where traffic, you know, isn't that great on a normal day but this is no normal day. we have a big football game going on stanford and the university of oregon ducks. traffic was a problem. palo alto police are warning drivers to avoid the area if you can unless you're going to the game. mobile weather's roberta gonzales is at the center of all that craziness now. roberta. >> reporter: hi, paul.
6:49 pm
it's been an amazing night. in fact, let's go ahead and take a look at our mobile weather lab with the current temperatures 59 degrees. it has actually dropped 5 degrees in the last 30 minutes. calm winds. the game is going on but we still have people filtering in. in fact, i talked to one in particular stanford fan. i asked him what's so important about this game tonight. this is what he had to say. >> national championship implications so either team here wins tonight is in the hunt for the national championship. this comes from around the country college football fans to be here for it. >> reporter: here we are at stanford stadium. people are still filtering in. i just met these lovely ladies. what is your name? >> julie. >> nancy. >> reporter: why are you still outside when the game is going on? >> we are on the way in! we have been having fun at the tailgate so we are just taking a little longer to get in.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: that's the truth. it's been some wonderful tailgating parties going on. so far can i say the score? 7-0, stanford up. stanford fifth in the pac-12 division oregon number 3 and we are hoping for a big win tonight for a divisional title. reporting for mobile weather where it's a gorgeous night. roberta gonzales for kpix 5. we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
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there was a time in the baya when everyone was concerned you saw the helicopter up a lot of big doings in palo alto. >> i'm giving robert an update. she said 7-0. dominating at 14- 0 stanford! i know all our viewers are watching this sportscast rights now. there was a time in the bay area when everyone was concerned about joe montana's back. these days it's stephen curry's ankle. more fragile than ken's ego! curry's night was cut short when he tangled upabout the sur repaired ankle he only had a bone bruise but he may miss the friday matchup against the spurs. hawks rookie dennis schroeder suspended a game for a cheap
6:54 pm
shot reaching on demarcus cousins. ironically, he will sit out atlanta's next game which is against the nuggets. >> 49ers defensive coordinator vic fangio says aldon smith will play sunday against the panthers. he returned to the practice after rehab. colin kaepernick and the 49ers offense will have their hands full with the panthers. carolina has allowed the fewest points in the league led by reigning rookie of the year luke who got away for jim harbaugh while he was at stanford. >> so confident and sure that lock welcome back a stanford man feeling pretty darn good about it. >> pretty, pretty, pretty -- pretty good. >> got the tragic news. [ laughter ] >> the following week that he was going to boston college. >> how do you react when you hear that? >> stew.
6:55 pm
>> hear more of the one-liners from jim harbaugh on a special friday night edition of "49er preview" with myself, jeremy newberry and cam inman who just got back from playing saint andrew's. gary galloway was a coach when there were no computers but one thing hasn't changed he still wins football games. guy, spread out. >> i'm kind of an eye to eye guy. everybody together! it's hard to convince them to come out and work hard three hours after school every day when they could be going home making a sandwich and turning on the computers. >> reporter: 61-year-old gary galloway is wrapping up his 30th season as the head coach of the st. vincent high school football team in petaluma. last saturday, galloway notched his 200th career win becoming the 21st coach in the greater bay area to ever reach that milestone. >> all you have to do is get
6:56 pm
old to be in the same group of people up in the north coast it's an honor. >> reporter: he is the longest tenured coach in the section starting as an assistants in 1979. the kids he welcomes today are a lot different than in the 1980s. >> the kids that i had at first were, you know, a lot of ranchers, dairy farmers and kids like that where, you know, they may be thinking coming to practice for football after school is time off. kids these days have so many distractions, they are all so connected and they are all, you know, on their computers or doing whatever after school, it's hard to get them to give out, give up three hours of their day. >> reporter: his legacy speaks for itself. he holds four ncs football championships and won or shared 10 league titles. this saturday a win over undefeated calistoga would give him his 11th. >> cal, cal, receivers, texas, texas, texas. >> if i was stressed out every
6:57 pm
day taking my work home at night, then i know i wouldn't have lasted this long. >> reporter: the newly elected mayor morton walsh better not get too comfortable. if the red sox win another world series david ortiz might take his job. he received a record number of write-in votes and finished third in the mayoral vote. how about that? he would have been the world's first designated mayor. >> dm. >> safety first with big papi always has the crashing helmet on. very smart. >> absolutely. when they had the celebrations, great story though but third. >> awesome. >> what happened to coach? why was he on crutches? >> he hurt his ankle but he was okay. >> hurt his toe. just updated me it was a toe injury. 14-0 stanford. >> feel better, coach. captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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