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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. how about your holiday forecast? find out what's going on. got some high clouds moving in. a system sitting off the coastline. going to keep things dry. going to bring a chance of showers in the bay area for tomorrow. dry. cloudy skies to start out. the temperatures running in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon a mixture of sun and a few clouds, temperatures as high as 72 in livermore, 68 in santa rosa, 64 degrees in san francisco. time now for your kcbs traffic. >> getting our first reports of what could be a bad accident in fairfield. westbound 80 by that north
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texas exit. up to 10 cars involved. initial reports coming in. one may have overturned. not sure about -- heading to the scene now. meantime sensors are not picking up any slowing. sometimes it takes a while to catch up. so just a heads up. maybe some delays in that area. rest of the bay area quiet, headed toward the toll plaza. no problems. a lot of transit not on a holiday schedule. there's no train service on the veteran's day holiday. that is your latest traffic. back to you guys. developing overnight, smoke covered parts of three counties. firefighters on the scene of a plant fire for more than 15 hours. the fire triggered advisories for people in san ma day yes, santa clara.
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alert still in effect right now. mark kelly is on the scene. >> reporter: michelle the fire is under control. it was a big one. shut down this main drag here in redwood city for hours. it has since reopened. the two alarm fire, as you said, broke out at sims center near redwood city. . thick smoke and the smell of burning metal and plastic filled the air here. the smoke got as far as the south bay, which prompted authorities to put out alerts, telling people, if you see or smell, it's best to stay inside. we found some who were not listening. >> they said it was pretty dangerous, like if you breathe it in, it might cause cancer, something like that. >> what were you guys doing outside? >> reporter: now unfortunately
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sims metal had another incident a few years ago. had to do with water quality. the epa found toxins, like mercury and lead seeping from the yard in the bay. mark kelly, kpix 5. there was another smoky fire at the same recycling plant back in 2007. that fire burned for 24 hours before it was put out. the smoke drifted much of the bay area. following some developing nows from southeast arabia, typhoon hayan killed 5 people in vietnam, made landfall with 75 miles per hour winds. hayan has been downgraded to a tropical storm now headed to southern china. meanwhile the marines among the first to arrive in the philippines to help in the wake of the typhoon. one who flew over the area said devastation is just
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everywhere everywhere. survive are now struggling to get food, water. >> reporter: typhoon hayan came ashore this morning as a category i storm, far weaker than the potential record-breaking typhoon that crashed into the philippines friday. tens of thousands are feared dead, but getting and accurate count is hard. communications systems down in many areas. jim ed is a photographer from florida who was in one of the hard-hit areas. >> complete chaos. a mass of people trying to get out of there. for security reasons, because there's no food, no water. >> president obama said his thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by the storm. he ordered the pentagon to deploy marines to assist in recovery efforts. >> got airplanes and helicopters, got airplanes that can look for people. >> food, water, always a bakes that they need.
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>> a relief worker from boston headed to the philippines. >> my home country. i've seen a lot of -- it's emotional, but it's part of the job. >> reporter: the devastation is so severe, people are digging through debris to find food as they wait for the much-needed help. >> officials fear as many as 10,000 people may have died. they confirm about 1,000 deaths. bay area has one of the largest fill pee know communities in the u.s. a lot of people are sending aid back to their home country. church members are praying for the victims in the philippines. a big effort to gather items they need. donations are piling up in san bruno. >> got my son here with me today, trying to teach him the importance -- definitely they need help. >> the local chapter of the national alliance fill pee know concerns is collecting
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money to help with efforts. for a link go to here this morning, police are called in to break up a possible side show. dozens of cars followed by this police car there at about 10 last night. up to a hundred cars may have been involved in suspicious activity before officers came rushing in. some drivers sent away while others left on their own to avoid police. today is veteran's day. could be the end for parade, one of the oldest, one of the largest in the country. the united veteran's council says it's losing funding needed to keep the parade up and going. campaign to raise money is underway. opening ceremonies begin at 11 this morning at the plaza cesar chavez. the parade starts at noontime yesterday downtown san jose was the sight of the third annual san jose national
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veteran's day run. a half marathon, an 11k, a 5k, a one-mile walk. the proceeds go toward scholarships to support education for military families. other events were held yesterday, including a parade in san francisco. the event had plenty of flags, marching band. there could have been more spectators. many veterans working hard to give active service members the welcome home they deserve. >> really nice -- it would have been nice 40 years ago. you know what? i'll take it any way i can get it. >> other events include a parade in ant i don't care. that begins at the marina at 11:00 a.m.. most government offices will be closed for veteran's day. there will be no regular postal service today. most libraries, schools, banks will also be closed. several offering discounts or free services to vets here on veteran's day. among them, the doctors express urgent care center
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in knew wash. the facility is providing checkups at no cost to veterans, lab work, prescriptions. >> i have a lot of family members that have been in the military, a strong connection. my son fought in both wars that we're currently involved in. and we thought, let's do something a little special. this is our business. so we thought let's use the business, give back a little bit. >> members need to have some sort of proof of service to get those free services. state lawmakers about to look into the trouble project to build a new eastern span of the bay bridge. getting repairs more than two months after it opened. in addition safety issues, the project cost billions of dollars more than expected. wednesday a committee will hear about the lessons that can be learned. >> so wednesday we have experts from europe, from the east coast, from the big dig in boston, from california to talk about why most of these projects come in so over budget.
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but this sort of was the poster child for that. >> state senator mark mathali from concord one of the biggest critics of the project, also the chair of the committee holding the hearing. coming up next, people getting sick from chicken salad. the massive recall from a company. >> also ahead. >> i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. >> the player at the center of a scandal speaks out for the first time. his explanation for the scathing words he left on a recorded message. by far the lowest fee in the united states. lot of clouds. that could change tomorrow. >> pete just told us all lanes are temporarily blocked with fairfield. a multicar crash. a fuel spill westbound 80 approaching north texas. . the rest of the morning commute coming up.
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pre-packaged salads and sandwiches. federal health officials say it's because of a possible e-coli outbreak. 26 people in california and two other states say they got sick afr eating the products. some of the recalled brands incle trader
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joe's, super fresh foods...d atherstone. you can check out the full on kpix-dot-com, under "news links." salad recall is trending on you can check out the full list on water table 5 now trending. >> salad recall trending as well on twitter. a falling satellite, 2,000 pound satellite ran out of fuel, crashed into ant act caw. that's trending. miley cyrus smoking pot while accepting an award. tom cruise, fighting back against a report said the actor likened his job to fighting a war, veteran's day. . because it's veteran's day maybe light traffic this morning. >> we were hoping for that. several different accidents. this one out in fairfield. fortunately traffic is light. the backups are not huge. all lanes are temporarily
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blocked. a crash westbound 8. sensors starting to turn to yellow, which means speeds under 40 miles per hour. right now, it looks like minor injuries. traffic getting by on the right- hand shoulder. going to start to see some delays, up to 10 cars reportedly involved in that accident as well well. rest of the bay area pretty quiet. bart regular schedule despite the holiday. it is a bart parking holiday. you can park for free today as well for veteran's day. a live look outside. this is san ma day owe bridge. looks pretty good, 13 minutes out of hayward. not much roadwork to talk about. there's some on highway 4, eastbound and westbound, highway 4 pushing railroad. right now not seeing delays. up coming off the ant i don't care bridge, toward concord. as you can see it's approach free-flowing across the golden gate bridge. no delays in either direction between sauce lee toe
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and san francisco. east bay similar story, 16 minutes between 238 and maze. no roadwork headed toward your oakland exit. if you do have a question, got to get to work on time. 7:40:00 a.m. they have traffic every 10 minutes. also have weather, too. you can get your weather forecast. here is warren. >> a ride here. got a lot of clouds. no rain just yet. that could change tomorrow. at least there's a slight chance, a few showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. plenty of clouds to start out the day, low clouds stretching on shore. the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s this afternoon. the clouds going to peel back. high clouds moving in. see a mix of sun and clouds inside the bay, 60s there, mild temperatures, low 70s inland. keeping a little cool toward the coastline, partly cloudy, too, highs in the 50s and the low 60s. so as we look out toward the pacific, high pressure sliding east. we've got -- working its way
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toward the bay area. unfortunately for us, most of the energy going to ride along the jet stream up the north of us. we're going to catch the trailing edge of system. tomorrow looks like showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. models picking up pretty well. high clouds moving along through. then as we get in toward tomorrow morning, see that rain line staying well to the north, maybe starting to make its way in the bay area later on in the morning. other than that, keep things dry for now. plan on temperatures mainly in the 60s, a couple 70s inland, 50s, 60s toward the coastline. toward the next couple days, a couple rain drops out there. that's kind of nice. wind kicking in on wednesday, temperatures heating back up, staying dry, but cooler into the weekend. by the way, sunrise begins today. 6:45. not too bad. net comes early. 5:01:00 p.m., guys.
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>> not good for the kids. >> driving home. get home around 4:30. like really? . >> thanks so much. a suspended lineman says he knows he went too far with some of his messages to a teammate. as marly hall tells us, richey incognito is telling his side of the story. >> richey incognito said he's embarrassed by the language he used. the offensive lineman admits to using the n word. >> i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. >> reporter: incognito said his actions came from a place of love. >> no matter how bad and how as a rule bar it sounds that's how we communicate. that's how our friendship was. those are the facts. >> reporter: martin left the team two weeks ago after accusing incognito and
5:18 am
others of harassment. incognito gave more than 1100 text messages he exchanged over the last year, one of them sent by martin three days after he aabruptly left the team. says "just know i don't blame you guys at all. it's just the culture around football, locker room got to me a little." . >> taken stuff too far. i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: martin has not spoken publicly about the issue. both players expected to discuss the case with nfl special investigator. marly hall, cbs news. >> players are defending incognito up to a point saying he is not a racist. martin left the team last week and saw counseling. voters may soon decide whether to repeal a law giving trance gendered kids in public schools a choice. the law allows student to choose whether to use the boys, girls restroom. others say they've collected enough signatures for a
5:19 am
ballot measure. groups called privacy for all students say the law violates the privacy of nontransgendered kids. a law would make it tougher for students to get financial aid. the college system's governing board approves the plan, students would need the maintain a c average. there are 2.4 million students attending the state's 112 community colleges. about 40% currently don't pay anything. 5:19. coming up, forget a wrong turn. >> coming up the rays look to snap their 10-game losing streak in the eastern time zone. there would be no capper nicking yesterday. carolina's defense flexing its muscle. tell you all about it. >> you can e-mail your nomination to us at cool school at we may come out, feature your school on the show. ,,
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surveillance video caught t red sedan going backwards f more than a mile... zig zag along the emergency lane. other cars and trucks were to dodge it. police identified caught the sedan going back wards for a mile.
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others cars, trucks were able to dodge it. police identified the driver. now she'll have to take a training class, pass a written test before she can drive again. appears the team's offense did not clear bus on the return trip home. don't need the entire minute to show you. deanglo williams the only one to find the end zone. the two teams survived field goals. now san francisco's 5-game winning streak. the raiders weren't much better. oakland up 20-14 late in the 0th. giants up for the go ahead ore. prior failed to throw a touchdown out. andre brown ran for 150 yards
5:24 am
and a down. the raiders fall to 3-10. jaguars pick up their first win. they go on to tennessee. they beat the titans 29-27. late in the third to force overtime. took their only lead of the night in the shoot-out. beat the sharks 5-4. san jose is winless now in their last 5 games. one big issue, concussion to 49ers. veteranny davis went down. eric reed went down. we'll update that for you on tonight's 6:00 news. have a great day, everybody. got more football. cincinnati at baltimore, and the ben gals trailing 17-10. there are 2 seconds to go. here's how out finished. >> in the air.
5:25 am
how about that? not quite over yet. that tide it up. the ben gals went on to lose in overtime 20-17, but quite an end to a first quarter. >> no kidding. great. a family got a double surprise during the indianapolis colts game. >> both parents are on active duty in the army. just this week, their only car woke down. pat mcafee gave them a brand- new car he bought. inside was their dad, sergeant first class jeremy edo. the colts collaborated to make the event possible. >> so nice. 5:25. the postal service getting extra work. the new join venture just announced with and devastation in the philippines. the death toll rising in the wake of one of the most powerful storms in history. coming up a look at the after the, where the typhoon is headed next. >> i'm mark kelly. this road just opened up after
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a fire shut it down for hours. . coming up the latest on that blaze. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news. a massive fire shut down. coming up the very latest traffic conditions. >> plenty of clouds. could rain soon be on the way? a traffic alert issued after a multicar crash. big rig overturned in fairfield. the latest kcbs traffic details coming up. good morning.
5:30 am
nearly 5:30 on this monday. developing right now, the smoke so bad, people in three bay area counties stay inside their homes. a fire started burning yesterday afternoon. still gong on this morning. mark kelly is at the scene. thousands have been told to shelter in place. >> reporter: they have. authorities say that the fire is under control. there's smoke you can see from far, far away. a big one. it shut down the boulevard here for many hours. recently opened up for the morning traffic commute. this fire broke out at sims metal management. that is a recycling center near the port of redwood city. here's what the peninsula looked like sunday night when this fire was in its prime. thick smoke and the smell of burning metal and plastic filled the air. the smoke got as far as the south bay prompting authorities to put out an alert, if you see or smell
5:31 am
that smoke, it is best to just stay inside. the warning went out to parts of san ma day owe, but we found some who were just not listening. >> they said it was pretty dangerous. like if you breathe it in. >> what are you guys doing outside? . >> excuse me. >> unfortunately sims metal management had another incident a few years ago. that did not have to do with air quality. the concern was water quality. the epa found toxins seeping from the recycling yard into the bay. live, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> officials tell us the fire is burning under a pile of scrap metal. take time to put it out. fill pee knows facing total devastation and a grim struggle. the u.s. military there says about 950 are known dead, but officials say the total could reach
5:32 am
10,000. could take weeks to learn the full extent of the destruction. the pentagon is sending the marines to help. >> i've got airplanes and helicopters, airplanes that can look for people in areas that are stranded. food, water. always the basics they need. >> the situation so dire, some people are digging through the debris to find food as they wait for help. a minor breakthrough in the effort to control iran's nuclear capabilities. iran has agreed to allow united nations monitoring at its nuclear sites, including the site of a new reactor. the deal was struck during talks in iran with the nuclear chief. comes after disappointment in switzerland. john kerry said the u.s., partners agreed to a plan, but iran would not sign off on the deal. >> there's a gap still between what language may be
5:33 am
appropriate that they're prepared to accept. >> today's progress could help push forward talks between iran and world powers. those meetings are scheduled to resume next week in geneva. officials in pakistan say they are banning a member war from teenage activist mulala yusefsi. they say the book does not show enough respect for iran. rose to fame last year after the taliban shot her in the head. she criticized the group's interpretation of islam, which limits girls' access to education. police looking for a man who's been exposing himself on campus. female students reported three incidents in two separate housing buildings last week. two happened in a women's bathroom and one in a workout room. the suspect is described as a male in his 20s, early 30s, about 5 feet 10 with a medium build, short, dark-colored hair and an unshaven face. americans will stop to
5:34 am
honor those who have served in the u.s. military. a story of a veteran from san jose whose life was changed. >> reporter: last week we got the honor of meeting that war veteran who told us he joined like others before him to serve his country. little did he know he was giving the gift of freedom in return. . >> reporter: specialist alex rodriguez of san jose, musician by talent, computer whiz by hobby, american hero by profession. >> when the reality hit, it changes your entire demeanor. your personality -- with the memory that -- can be erased. you can erase all the memories. >> reporter: rodriguez joined the army 7 years ago. in 2007 was deployed to camp clark in afghanistan. his first week there, a bomb
5:35 am
exploded near camp. >> at the moment, your mind goes all over. you don't know who's going on. >> reporter: there were more days like that for rodriguez. said as soldiers, they were targeted a lot. >> thinking today's my day. >> reporter: one of the most dangerous tasks -- his team suffered a major loss when one of their own, specialist john walsh was killed after a rocket exploded near the base. >> was walking in. . it was hard to see the reality of it. >> reporter: there were things about the war he didn't want to talk about, things he wished he could forget. >> changes your entire
5:36 am
demeanor. you come back with memories that can be erased. you working out. you can not erase all those memories. >> reporter: now rodriguez is four months away from completing his computer friends i can degree. reporting live from golden gate national cemetery, kpix 5. most government offices will be closed for veteran's day. no regular service today. most libraries, schools, banks will also be closed. decent weather. . a slight chance of rain. >> a -- usually when that happens it's a bad sign. this system looks like it's going to hold off until at least tomorrow. then there's not going to be much to it. outside a lot of clouds, mostly low clouds stretching on shore. off the coastline. you can see the storm we've been talking about. most of the energy is going to stay well north of the bay area with a slight
5:37 am
chance of showers for tomorrow. out the door we go. a cool 37 degrees in napa, 53 degrees in redwood city, 53 in san francisco. by this afternoon, looks like it will be a mild veteran's day. a mix of sun, a few clouds. low 70s. 64 degrees in san francisco, and 69 degrees in san jose. it's traffic time. for that we go to kcbs traffic reporter elizabeth. >> on this holiday, we are seeing gridlock out there. it is definitely our hot spot. local 5 stuck. the accident's closer toward the travis section between airway and travis. right now need to reopen some lanes. only one lane remains blocked right now with. three other lanes back open. having to use the shoulder. this is a multicar. we've been watching, up to 10 cars. . looks like it's jamming up
5:38 am
right around north texas. so it is backed up for a couple of exits. the good news, they were able to reopen some lanes. there's also a big rig leaking fuel. minor injuries continue to watch it. but there's a traffic alert in effect there. continuing down the freeway, toward the carhinas bridge, looks like our camera is updating. everything looks good. an 18-minute drive time. and here is a live look at sensors coming through the atmont pass. typical stuff this time of the morning. a touch light. it is the veteran's day. the dublin interchange, things improve. things at the speed limit, past 680. take a look at mohidas. that is kcbs traffic. 5:38. the cash strapped postal service trying out a new
5:39 am
partnership with staples. certain locations like this one. customers will be able to find stamps and mail packages like they typically do. service includes mailing items out of the country as well. staples the first retailor to take part in the program. amazon is trying out a delivery. will be delivering packages on sundays in new york and l.a. next weekend. will begin in new orleans next year. postal service calling the deal a win-win for all. officials are now exploring similar agreements with other retailers. gas prices are down 15 cents nationwide. average far gallon of regular is $3.19. wow. drivers in oklahoma are paying under 3 bucks. san francisco still the highest all the way around at 3.74. statewide average in california, 3.62
5:40 am
>> always higher here. the dow is on a roll starting the week after reaching a high on friday. >> this week about the future of the federal reserve. what the fed is hoping to hear. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. during janet yelling's confirmation hearing, any indication that the fed will soon start scaling back its program. the dow closed friday at an all- time high up nearly 168 points, the nasdaq gained almost 62. later wall street will mark veteran's day. the floor here of the new york stock exchange will pause for a moment of silence when the bell. you can honor medal of honor recipients with new stamps offered by the u.s.
5:41 am
postal service. include historical photographs of the last living recipients. a special honor. you can buy a maximum of five at a time no china, the 11th day of the 11th month is not about veterans. on line shopping. singles engage in online retail therapy. ally back back, close to $5 billion in sales. taking you into the future this morning for a world of driverless cars. the university of michigan has announced its hometown of ann arbor will be the first american city with a fleet of cars that drive themselves. hit the road by the year 2012. a professor working on the project said the reason to move toward driverless cars is simple, no more car crashes. >> yeah. i'm not so sure. we've been reporting on it. why don't you give more information on a recall affecting people in the bay area? >> reporter: that's right. finality tons of prepackaged
5:42 am
salads, sandwiches produced by a company are being ruled because of a link of a strain of,coli. glass onion catering recalled the food. the food was produced between september 23rd and november 6th and was shipped to various centers including in california. the company has supplied food to trader joe's. >> wendy, cbs thank you. 5:42. a new look for your iphone. the rumor mill swirling about apple's next upgrade. the cost of having a baby. having twins doesn't just double the cost. why it could cost you 5 times as much. >> watch your head. a 2,000 pound satellite came crashing down to earth this morning. why no one knows where it actually ended up when we come back. ,, people across america are experiencing the amazing shine
5:43 am
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it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. earth. the olympic torch landed yesterday in kazakhstan... on board a run soyuz capsule. three astronauts brought the torch back. the torch was on board the international spa station, where two russian crewmembers took it on a spacewalk. russia is hosting the upcoming winter games in so-che. the space station trip is part of the traditional "torch run" that leads up to olympic games.
5:46 am
uch rougher the space station trip is part of the traditional torch run that leads up to the olympic games. not very traditional. appears to be a rougher landing for a 2,000 pound satellite. >> the european space agency said the satellite ran out of fuel last month and gravity pulled it back to earth. reentered the atmosphere last night somewhere over antarctica. experts say most of it incinerated. the rest likely landed in the ocean. the chances of someone getting hit by the debris was very slim. >> estimate that the odds of getting hit by a piece of space debris are about 1 in a trillion. >> the satellite's mission is considered a success. it was sent into or bit in 2009 to map the earth's gravitational field. a holiday. >> mobile 5 is stuck in some of the backup right now. they're about a mile, mile and a half out. it's in fairfield. a multicar crash. you can see it is very stop and
5:47 am
go right now. westbound 80 approaching travis, between air base and travis where the accident is. fortunately just one lane now remains closed, but it is causing a bit of a delay. for awhile all lanes blocked. quickly jammed up. go to maps, show you the sewn soars. there it is. there's the bottleneck right there. once you get past travis boulevard, everything looks good. now we're just getting word of a new crash. this one coming out of san francisco. three cars involved, middle lanes are blocked, and already we're beginning to see slowdown. pretty busy holiday monday outside right now. toward the bay bridge toll plaza, everything good. hopefully see lighter conditions today around the toll plaza. not a regular commute day. a lot of folks have the day off. to the maze, transit not taking much of the day off.
5:48 am
everything approach on a regular schedule, including bart systemwide. ferry also on a regular monday schedule, caltrain. no ace train service. they are taking the veteran's day holiday off. that is your latest kcbs traffic. here's warren. >> no ace train today? i love the ace train. >> i know. >> exactly. >> had to walk today. folks around the bay area, got a lot of low clouds stretched on shore this morning. looks like we'll see those clouds begin to peel back. then clouds rolling right back into the bay area, 40s and 50s right now by the afternoon. partly cloudy skies. see 60s inside the bay. 50 and low 60s. high pressure moving eastward. impressive cold front off the coastline. most of the energy from that system is going to stay north of the bay area. showers tomorrow morning.
5:49 am
that's about it. for now more clouds. keep us dry for today. a very nice day around much of the state, 74 degrees sacramento, 74 degrees in yosemite. around the bay, see 60s, low 70s in the south bay, 50s, 60s toward the coastline. east bay temperatures moving up to the 60s. as you head inside the bay, 67 degrees in oakland today, 64 in san francisco, and should be a pleasant, partly cloudy skies, 68 degrees in santa rosa. over the next couple days, a slight chance of showers. doesn't look like much mainly north of the golden gate bridge. offshore winds as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, rolling down. looks like it will stay dry, guys right over the weekend. nice. it would be nice if we get the rain going. nothing happening yet. >> thank you. apple may be planning big changes for the next
5:50 am
generation of iphones including a curved screen. company is working on displays that curve at the edges. apple is also reportedly developing sensors that can tell the difference between light and heavy touches on the screen, but that likely won't be included in the next model. new phones expected to be released in the second half of 2014. new data shows exercise can help a baby's development dramatically. on the other hand, the cost of having a baby in the first place is going up. today's health watch. >> reporter: as little as 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can enhance the brain development of a newborn baby. researchers at the university of montreal said the head start could have an impact on the child's entire life. a new study finds the average cost of having a baby in the u.s. is $21,000. the cost of having twins skyrockets to 105,000, and pregnancies with triplets or
5:51 am
more cost 20 times as much. philadelphia researchers found bills add up, because women with twins or more may have more preexisting conditions, and hospital stays are usually longer. new research at the dana farver cancer institute in boston finds poor women are more likely to delay seeing a doctor after finding a breast abnormality. researchers hope their findings will put a new focus on lowering copayments and costs for patients, including fees and child-care expenses. that's a look at some of the day's top health stories. cbs news, new york. coming up next, lady gaga taking her wardrobe to new heights literally. the grand entrance at her album release party. and all work and no play. the vital skill these pandas are learning from their human handlers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet!
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licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. of her new album, "artpop" wearing what she calls the world's t flying dress. the singer recently split from her lone manager over creative differences. gag wearing what she calls the world's first flying dress. looks a little dangerous. the singer recently split with her long-time manager overcreative differences. called her newest work a big- bang record. . >> now you come to visit me brother. why? . >> this looks pretty good. when you look at the polls. the answer was an easy one for movie goers or hammered the competition. took in more than $86 million.
5:55 am
. ''ender's game" rounded out the top 5. >> i was asleep 30 minutes into it. , of course, it was friday night. it was a grueling day of training for a group of giant panda cubs in southwest china. they learned to climb a tree for the very first time, a skill pandas need to learn to survive in the wild. pretty cute. researchers say it will likely take a couple months to figure it out. not all were interested in the lesson. some liking being at the movies. honoring those who served. we'll introduce you to a bay area soldier on this veteran's day. hear his story of war and of loss. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i usually go to your mom.
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a fire at a recycling facility sends thick smoke into the sky. complete chaos. a mass of people trying to get out of there for security reasons. there's no food, no water. >> typhoon hayan hit the philippines, left a path of destruction, like nothing officials had ever seen before. >> nonperishable items. >> a desperate situation for many people as food and water supplies run low. now bay area communities are coming together to help. >> and the u.s. honors its veterans today with parades and even some special homecomings. from across the bay, around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning.
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. veteran's day monday. good to have you with us. >> time now is 6:00. developing news this morning, huge clouds of smoke covered parts of three counties, made the air dangerous to breathe. firefighters had been on the scene of a plant fire for more than 16 hours. the fire triggered air quality advisories for people in san ma day owe, santa clara, alameda counties. their shelter in place alert is still in effect right now. we are live on the scene with kpix 5 mark kelly. mark. >> reporter: michelle, the fire is under control, according to authorities. this was certainly a big one. it shut down sea port boulevard several hours. the two alarm fire, as you said, broke out at metal management, a recycling center near the port of redwood city. here's what the peninsula looked like suay


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