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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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possible toxins from the fire potentially falling into the bay right next door. >> and these chemicals are known carcinogens and can cause harm to any of the species. >> they have fined and sued the company for past problems like toxins leaking into the water and another fire back in 2007. but you don't need to be an air quality expert to know when something doesn't smell right. >> it is important not to have these things pass them. there is no execution for it in my opinion. >> simms sent me a statement that said in part, they have added more hydrant and are using more scrap piles. tonight, they are still looking for the cause. brew the january webb, kpix 5. >> that fire considered under control at about 8:30 last night, but the health advisory was not lifted until about 6:00 this morning. the bay area is helping
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mobilize victims of a typhoon. authorities say at least millions of million in 41 provinces have been effected. so far the philippine military confirm 942 dead. because of limited access to communications and transportation, final death toll is still just days away. officials say it could be closer to 10,000. the storm weakened as it made landfall in northern vietnam. it was downgraded into a tropical storm as it made its way into southern china today. >> the typhoon destroyed everything in its path, leaving families to find shelter wherever they can. survivors are greg desperate, even painting science for rescue helicopters. >> we want water and medicine for the injured. we don't need money. we just need your help. >> u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies for
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the millions. >> we are working hand in hand with the philippines. armed forces and national police. we will help them in their needs. we have 75s standing by. we are working closely with international relief organizations. >> witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the aftermath of a tsunami. >> i don't have the words for it. it is horrific. it leveled houses and other buildings. store owners are cruising guns to fight off looters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the typhoon tore through a hotel. tens of thousands are feared dead. but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. in the lard-hit city, medical supplies run low at the city's
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only hospital where doctors had to stop admitting patients because there simply wasn't enough room for more wounded. a sign of life came today in one of the hardest hit villages when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. >> in the midst of all this devastation, ryan takeo found a bay area group that helped raise more than $50,000. >> when disasters like this typhoon hit, caring people like burt step up. he and his wife p brought canned food to the west bay fill phone service center. it has been difficult and emotional. >> he still has not heard from his siblings who live 100 miles away from the open by center. >> i am hopeful they are okay.
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>> alfredo thinks the destruction is the worst he has ever seen. that's saying something because this world war ii veteran is 89 careers old. >> so, please, donate. help our country. help our countryman. >> donations at west bay are still modest but continue to grow. this husband and wife from the philippine bar association brought more donations today. >> trying to get all of the schools donate. >> they stress there is still time to help. >> what we need to focus son it is not just a one they thing. it is not two day event. this is weeks of collecting and donating. >> near market, volunteers for the national alliance for philippine concern ask for money. they have already raised $506,000 online. the money provides flexibility for whatever victims need. the plan is to get the first batch of goods to the philippines by the end of the work week. west bay is relying on caring
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couples like this to continue to donate and inspire others to do the same. in san francisco, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> and, kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for typhoon victims. we will have a phone bank this thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can also find information how you can help on our website high clouds over the bay area today, but these are not rain clouds for us. california's on track for one of the driest years on record. meteorologist paul deanno tells us a little rain may finally be on the way but up north huh? >> reporter: yeah. basically forth golden gate. this is the closest that we have had with any rainfall in weeks. clouds are getting thicker. the rain is getting closer. kick 5's high def doppler showing moderil rainfall a couple hours west of eureka. down here over the b not much rain aside from a few sprinkles
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offshore. it is close but here is the problem. the jet stream is not pointed toward us. it is not moving west to east because of that big ridge of high pressure all of that rainfall is lifting to the north rather than heading toward us. there is a lot of rainfall moving in the wrong direction. most of us will actually end up staying rain free. we will talk about who will actually see the rainfall tomorrow. that's coming up in a few minutes. veterans day tradition in jeopardy. may be one of the longest celebrations in the country. live with how organizers are trying to make sure it's not their final salute. len. >> reporter: that's right, ken. organizers said this very well be san jose's last parade due to increasing cost and lack of financial support. hundreds of veterans came out.
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groups came down to march. organizers say it cost about $100,000 to put on the parade every career out of the veterans council of santa clara county's account. in years past the city of san jose has supported the parade in terms of police and fire personnel, but not anymore. those costs have gone up significantly. >> for example, it's about $18,000 for the police department alone. i gotta pay for the fire department. you know, and that's what dirt comes up to 100,000. we want floats in there. we gotta pay for floats. you know, nobody donates. they all say they are big heroes, but i don't see it. >> reporter: later this week, organizers will be meeting with the fund raising specialist to try and raise 100,000 dollars for the next five years to make the parade reach its centennial celebration in five years. so they need half a million dollars over the next five years. they're asking people in the community as well as businesses
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and organizations to chip in to help this parade keep going to keep honoring veterans here in san jose. reporting live len ramirez kpix 5. the history of a bay area company that could make containing the outbreak difficult. the bribery scandal of ladygga reaches the navy's highest ranks. >> you're pretty much going to see me in the gym everyday now. a new reason for exfecting moms to get moving. hexereis could make your baby smarter. ,,,,,,,,
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sick. and as julie watts on the consumerwatch tells us, some worry it could get worse. they're quick and convenien- i think most people think 's a grab and go healthy alternative. but over 180-thousand pound ready to eat salads & wraps ...are being recalled in 8 states.. due to possible eci
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contamination. - pop dressing top they were sold in california under a variety of names including traderjoes brand . super fresh sold at whole f. and delish salads sold at walgreens. so far. 26 people are sick - some as young as 4 years ol- and two have gone into life threatening kidney failure. i would expect to see these numbers rise food safety lawyer bill marr says s contain ch over 180,000 pounds of redty to eat 158ed as and rats are being recalled in eight states due to possible e-coli contamination. they were in variety under variety of names, including trader joe's, super fresh at whole foods and delicious salads at walgreen. so far, 26 people are sick, some as young as four and two have gone into life threatening kidney failure. food safety expert says hail most of the products cop and the chicken, it is unlikely that's what is making people sick. because this particular strand of e-coli is usually linked to cattle. >> look at the cdc's report, not all the people who became sick rouletting this product. >> she is concerned the contaminated ingredient could be something widely used in
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another product like the lettuce itself. the 2006 outbreak was from locally grown spinach nearby. >> where did they get the vegetables and the 158ed a. >> we attempted to get those answers from the richmond company that manufactured the product. >> we are closed today, ma'am. >> they didn't answer our question but did recruit a statement. >> at this time the investigation is in process. we are also working with our customer toss retrieve any and all possibly contaminated products. >> so it's still unclear what is making people sick or if it is in other products. but they say the good 000 is it's unlikely you'll get sick, at least from these 158ed as. >> most of this result has been eaten and is off the market. >> reporter: the cdc and fda say they are investigating the outbreak most of the reported cases in in california. for a complete list of the recalled products, head to
5:12 pm watch. >> it's scary because people don't realize it could be another thing. different companies get the same lettuce from the same grower or the same chicken from the same farmer. >> reporter: right. that is the concern here. they don't know which ingredient is making people sick. until we know the ingredient, there is no other way to tell. >> thanks, screwly. we lived through the horrors of war nearly seven decades ago. >> this american veteran is 107 years old. >> house a tribute to this man became the stand scout moment from today's veterans day ceremonies. first, the post office tried to cut saturdays. now it is doing a 180. a deal to speed up delivery just in time for the holiday season ,,,,,,
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join us at and thrive. cemetery today. in the midst of reminding americans e sacrifice our president bay area ma made veterans day remarks at arlington national cemetery today in the midst of reminding americans about the sacrifice our tributes made. he paid a special tribute to the oldest nope world war ii veteran. >> richard 58 betterson, this american veteran is 107 years old. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's ask richard to stand
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again because he can stand. >> he served in an all black army unit. he received two standing visions at today's services -- ovations at today's ceremony. before speaking the president and vice president had a ceremony. bay area veterans were honored today aboard the uss hornet. >> ♪ at the twilight's last bloodstreaming. >> ceremonies included the traditional toss other the ship. there was also a ceremony on the hanger deck of the aircraft carrier under the museum. the navy sex and bribery scandal expanding. two more high-ranking officers have been placed on leave.
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being investigated for allegedly accepting bribes including lady gaga concert tickets and prostitutes. investigators believe the officer steered navy ships to ports where the company operates to receive services like fuel for their ships. >> it is a worrisome case. we're deeply concern canned about this. we have indications that several navy officers and even some civilian employers were taking bribes. >> so far the officers have not been charged with a crime. three other navy officials were arrested earlier charged with classified information in exchange for prostitutes and gifts. other bay area headlines. s.w.a.t. teams took up position this afternoon in a neighborhood. they chased a burglary suspect in backyards. the man eventually hid inside a home for several hours before surrendering to police. oakland police fed up with the popular trend of side shows in the city, a bus last night
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involved about 100 cars near the port of oakland. witnesses say they saw as many as 200 cars blocking the road before police got there. some drivers sped away. others were stopped and cite. an emergency drill today. one of the last steps for the grand opening of the tunnel. it took place in the new fourth floor which is expected to open later this month. new emergency procedures and life safety 178s were being tested. >> typically, an action will happen somewhere in the middle of a tunnel. or a fire will happen somewhere in the middle of the tunnel. that creates problems. this is a big improvement safety-wise. >> more drills will be conducted all week. the target date is this saturday if it doesn't rain, which would delay late striping. bay area scientists have found a first sign climate change may be having age pact on rainfall patterns around the you recalled world series. this study done shows human activity is now the primary
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cause by creating heap trapping zone depleting gases. research shows increasing temperatures are making regions wetter and try regions drier. scientists also say changes in atmosphere circulation patterns are expected to push storm tracks more toward the north and south polls. we were certainly hoping it was going to rain today and tomorrow. but, boy, this ridge is stubborn. >> it kind of stuck out to allow us to have cloud cover. but we need that rim to high tail it to new mexico to let the full brunt of this storm move through. we will just get a ambulancing blow. we got clouds today. even kind of smell like rain outside. we are also cloudy over the city post-sunset. temperatures in the 60s for you. monday evening, that holiday weekend for you to every veteran out there, thank you for your service. concord 646789 oakland 63. livermore 66 currently in the city where it is 60. san jose, santa rosa, currently
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63. for a long time, we have something on the ray dammit all up to our north and west. that's where most of it will stay. a few areas that may see showers tomorrow morning. that will be you in santa rosa. lake county, sonoma county, you have the best chance of seeing showers. that will be a change because today is 51 consecutive days without rainfall. that's now number four with the four longest fall dry streak ever i. will take it another week and a half to get to number three, and we certainly hope it won't do that. western arizona. it is not far enough away. still directing the storm track farther to the north. even though there is all of this stuff moving west, it is not moving directly stardust. it is lifting up toward north. if you live north of the golden gate, a decent shot you'll see a few showers tomorrow. i gift about a 50/50 chance that in san francisco we can end this dry weak.
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all it would take is a few drips. after tomorrow, that ridge goes right back to where it was. the storm tracks goes right back to where it was. that lockridge meanest zero rainfall for us. if we're looking for rain, it's got to be tomorrow. our computer forecast model says no. san francisco will not get rainfall. nor will you in redwood city or san jose or even napa. it is saying the rain line is somewhere near santa rosa. i am hoping that no rain shrine a little bit farther to the south. the best chance for showers is tomorrow morning. that moves out, here comes the ridge. the get out and enjoy the rain. it is not usually this dry or this sunny in november, but it is now and will be for several days after torment tomorrow's high, actually still above normal. in fact, we have that tiny rain chance. campbell, 72. haywardings 66. best chance for you, san
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rafael, you will be in the low 70s and it will rain tomorrow morning for you in leak port with a high of 69 degrees. the sunshine on wednesday. once it is b look at what happens. all of that sunshine right through the weekend. low 70s inland. right around 70 near the bit. we could use the rainfall, but after tomorrow, more great weather to get outside. beautiful. >> graph thanks, paul. retail giant amazon is partnering with the u.s. postal service to deliver packages on sunday. the seattle-based company says service will begin this weekend in new york and la. it will expand to dallas, houston, new orleans and phoenix some time next year. if the program is successful, postal officials will likely explore similar agreements with other retailers. we usually spend thanksgiving day shopping or eating turkey. more retailers have a plan to open earlier than ever. the latest is target which will welcome shoppers at 8:00 p.m. on turkey day and close at
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11:00 p.m. on plaque friday. toys-are-us, jc penney, kohl's will also be open. what is apple 77 to. they may be designing curve screens. the phone would feature a larger display. now, samsung is already ahead of the curb, no pun intended. the company released the gal lax signed documents round with a 5.7 inch curved display last month. working out during pregnancy is not only healthy for moms to be. how it could give your baby's brain a head start. ,,
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fit pregnant women could be giving their baby a big boon life. teri okita explains in today's health watch, physically fit pregnant women could be giving their baby a big boost in life. >> we explain how just 30 minutes of exercise a day may have a tremendous benefit on a
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baby's brain development. >> 25-year-old melinda williams thought she had to quit her daily work scout when the she found out she was pregnant. >> my doctor told me i was highly already physical and already in the gym that i shouldn't stop it. >> now, new research is back her doctor's orders. canadian scientists have found low impact work outs like swimming and walking actually helicopter a few born's drain develop faster and could have even more positive effects the as a child grows. >> exercise has been shown to have numerous benefits. it makes sense that it may improve and enhance baby brain function. >> scientists place caps on babies eight to 12 days old and measure activity as their brain responds to different sounds. they say newborns with more physically active mothers have more mature brain function. for most pregnant women, at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended on most if not all days of the week.
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>> it is the time they can start an exercise program and healthier life style modification. >> pretty much going to see me in the gym everyday now. >> williams is due in van and says it is more fuel to keep her moving. researchers have been tracking the baby's cognitive, motor and learning gulf of mexico at aim one to see if the benefits have a lasting effect. scott pelly is in new york for the cbs evening news. scott. >> great to be with you in the b. as you have been reporting, this historic typhoon has left probably thousands dead. the strength of the disaster is only now becoming clear. ourset dohn will report tonight. plus, it turn out that serious security flaws in the health care website were known to the government before the site wept
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live to the public. shall at kinson -- cheryl at kinson will have more after the kpix 5 news at. ,,,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can and soon - california voters will weigh in on another l-t issue. the new new at 6:00, tonight first it was prop 8. soon california voters will weigh in on another issue. the new battle for gay rights. and how a tattoo created by google could be used as a lie detector. >> thanks for watching.
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the cbs evening news with scott pelly is next. >> remember t news and the latest always on k leave thousands dead. the scope of the typhoon disaster only now becoming clear. seth doane reports from the philippines. >> we don't need pity! we just need your help. >> reporter: barnaby lo rode out the storm's fierce approach. the major security failure was known before the health care web site went live. sharyl attkisson breaks another story on how went wrong. in a first, the pope asks american catholics what they think about contraception and divorce. elaine quijano reports. and on veterans day, the shortest war stories ever written. michelle miller on a project for troops to tell their truth in only six words.


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